Sunday, November 22, 2020

Holiday Transitions

 Saturday still.

Tommy is just now getting around to taking all the meat off the turkey. I took off the breast meat and it is in the freezer for Thanksgiving. The dark meat will be frozen, too, since Thanksgiving is a bit off from here. 

Before you ask and admonish, No, I did not save the carcass for broth. 

Taking the meat from the bones is easier if the turkey is still warm. This was torture to get the breast meat with a knife instead of grabbing it and pulling the breast meat off whole. Getting the rest of the meat off the bone is a job I absolutely despise. Tommy wore clear gloves to do the job so he was not so nasty when he got through and so the meat was still clean.

I have been asking Tommy for a week to help me sort of get food out of refrigerator and to help me find the leftover pork loin. I can bend but am in pain. So, I bent and pulled things out while he took it from me and put it on the stove or in the trash. I must say that we threw out too much food, mostly ends of salad bags. I did manage to sort of organize stuff. But, much was left untouched, never removed. sigh

Now, I may have remembered where the pork loin is--maybe in the space for the crispers.

Just now, I asked Tommy what else he would like for Thanksgiving. His request does not have to be typical Thanksgiving fare and can be savory or sweet, snacky or meal time food. He said he had not had a mincemeat pie in thirty years. So, that is on the menu and so easy to make. I have several blocks of mince meat--Nonesuch. 

So, that makes three sweets for Thanksgiving Day eating--peanut butter cookies already made, pumpkin pie and mincemeat pie that are yet to be made. 

I don't put an egg in my mincemeat. I put less water and a cup or more of applesauce and bake a two crust pie. I may get ambitious and make the applesauce since I have many apples. 

Two chunks of cream cheese came home with me. I have no idea how I will use them. I have not decided what to use them to make. What is your favorite way to use cream cheese? I like it on crackers with cayenne pepper jelly. Of course, I love cream cheese cake. 


I forgot. My favorite way to eat cream cheese is with savory spices and on a cucumber sandwich. I took these to school for a tea party for ninth grade English class. The boys politely took several. When they came back, one guy took a huge handful, just used his hand like a claw and took a dozen of so, little round cucumber sandwiches. 

Sunday, I needed a prescription. When we went to the pharmacy, it was going to take over an hour before it was ready. I suggested we drive around a bit. We found lots of Halloween decorations up. Halloween in some cases had transitioned to Thanksgiving. In some cases, on of the two holidays also had Christmas decorations inside. Some houses had gone full Christmas. It was interesting to see three holidays up at once. Do you see houses with two holiday's decorations up at the same time?

Holiday Transitions

 Saturday still. Tommy is just now getting around to taking all the meat off the turkey. I took off the breast meat and it is in the freezer...