Monday, December 9, 2019

Happy Birthday

Today, Tommy is 66. He had scheduled a teeth cleaning, so I decided to go along with him. I had not been up long enough to take my pill and eat, so we got a sausage and biscuit at Hardee's.

Since we were down IN Vestavia, I asked to go to the SAS store In Hoover, my present to me. I managed to get a pair of sandals for winter, black ones. These are so comfortable that I wore them out of the store. Just before Thanksgiving, SAS had shoes bogo. Rats! I need to remember that. These shoes have four buckles, including one around the back. I like that. And, I really hate Velcro.

Then, I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Glass was just inside the door. That stopped me dead in my tracks. Most of it is cheap. But, I have found two pieces of Waterford Crystal, one piece for $7 and another for $9. !!! I spotted them from across the huge room and my hands were trembling as I tried not to run to them. Yes, they were marked and I knew what to look for. I made money from those purchases. No such luck today. I bought an antique glass cake plate, a newish Christmas tree shaped plate, a piece of Corelle. I checked purses, clothes and coats. Kitchen baking and cooking utensils were down to a candle snuffer. No luck. Both were in Hoover. This was the nicest Sally I have ever seen.

I saw a sofa I would use. And, lots of nice brown furniture. I love brown furniture! People generally hate brown furniture and I hear it is out of style. So, people buy it cheap to paint. GAH! What a travesty in my book. However, some is best painted.

The holiday season is when stores sell more used glassware, antique and just old stuff. So, if you need a serving piece, now is the time to get it at thrift and antique stores.

I think there were dealers buying for resale. Or, maybe the woman just liked all the stuff she was buying, a whole two carts of home furnishings. The workers were polite. At other Sallys they are sort of rude and hard to find. The cake plate was $1.99. In another thrift store the same type plates are priced $14 and up, antique store prices.

I was going to buy Tommy a $10 gift card for coffee and a fast food place, then decided I might be with him, so was going to make it for $20. As we were headed home from Hoover, I asked him if today would be a good day to eat at Bright Star, a restaurant in Bessemer. It is famous, owned by two Greek men, one of whom just died. I asked him if he wanted the $20 to put toward lunch. He did.

It is a place full of history. The walls were covered with pictures of the famous who have eaten there, newspaper articles, and all sort of interesting stuff.

We got home just in time for him to watch Jeopardy, his favorite show, so it must have been a good day so far. I have plenty of leftovers, so dinner won't be a problem, thankfully.

I forgot to say that I told the waiter that today was his birthday. At the end of the meal, she gave him his choice of pit. He chose cream cheese pineapple. It came with a lit candle. She had heated it and it was gross to me, since I would have preferred it cold. I only took one little bite even though she brought two forks. At home I sang "Happy Birthday" to him. So, it is complete.

Happy Birthday

Today, Tommy is 66. He had scheduled a teeth cleaning, so I decided to go along with him. I had not been up long enough to take my pill and ...