Sunday, May 15, 2022

Twitching in the Kitchen

 But, first.....

Saturday night, I decided to finish loading the dishwasher. I had loaded all the dirty dishes before the guys came, but it was only half full. I wanted to wash a load Saturday night so we could start another load Sunday morning. I don't know why I told Tommy to come help. I had loaded a very nasty cup into the dishwasher and he saw me do it. It had a measuring spoon in it. I could tell it was coffee and figured he used the spoon to measure coffee. The underside and outside of the cup was nastier than the inside. 

Well, he threw a fit, snatched it out and said he did not want it washed, that no one had drunk out of it and no one would. I told him the bottom was filthy. He said it did not matter--"It don't matter." I tried to explain that we had the shelves clean and should only put clean things on them. The bottom of the cup, the part that touches the shelf was absolutely filthy with great gobs of dirt of some sort on it. He was talking about the inside of the cup!

He grabbed the cup and told me to smash it into his face and come on and do it. Do it. Well, I told him I was not going to do any such thing. He just turned around and rolled off. ??? I finished emptying one box and took the box to him to throw outside after I started the dishwasher. I asked him why he had the tsp measure in the cup. He said he used it to measure coffee, that it took six teaspoons of coffee for the coffeemaker. That is bizarre. No wonder there is so much coffee all over the counter around the coffeemaker. I bought a coffee measure for my own use, so I will put that in his cup to measure. 

He said this was his stuff and if we were not going to be using it, we did not need to wash it. The plates felt like they had sat in the carport and gathered grime. He screams the most bizarre things at me and then sits down like he has done or said nothing mean or crazy. Then, he talks first and is so mild mannered that I am baffled. He bullies. I don't give in to his bullying. Then, he just ignores what he has said and done.

Okay, my twitching.

I have this great urge to close the cabinet doors when I see one open! They are all open to let the cabinets dry. I just end up walking along twitching when I remember not to close them when I am reaching for the doors. I laugh at myself. Most of the time, I never actually reach, just twitch as I think of closing a door and barely move and then don't. Tommy said the title of this post sounds weird.

Sunday night, I cooked the two bacon, onion and cheese burgers. I had one squash that I needed to cook. I ended up losing part of it by waiting one night! I sliced rounds about 3/4 inch and laying them down in the skillet with the burgers. The result was delicious. We drained the burgers and squash on paper towels and mashed them with the towel to removed some of the grease. Tommy put his in sourdough bread for a burger. I ate mine plain. He had Romaine salad and I had butter lettuce salad. We both had about a dozen grapes, but Tommy had more.  We forgot the tomato, but I ate it alone.

We cannot put the shelf paper on any but the bottom shelves, so hopefully, the guys can come back to do those. Monday, I will call them. Neither of us can get on a ladder. On Sunday, we got the dishes from the dishwasher. It has taken all day, with time off for other things, to get another load ready, stuff from the cabinets and our own dishes. 

Things are still pretty crowded and hectic, but getting more organized. It is like most decluttering, I suppose. But, the last time I took everything out of my kitchen cabinets was in 1977 when I moved to my house. Then, all was clean to put things up--shelves and dishes.

It is Sunday night. I asked Tommy to wipe of the counters from the stove to sink. I pointed out the roach poop and told him to clean out the bowls there and anything, including the crockpot. These are things I did not cover when the guys cleaned, all my fault. So, he has been in there for almost an hour. I thought it would take 15 minutes at the most. He is using Lysol Wipe on everything! 

What do you think of his bizarre behavior? His nastiness, lack of cleanliness? (You can see why this house is so nasty!) Do you ever take absolutely everything off all the kitchen shelves other than to move? How arduous is that task? 

Twitching in the Kitchen

 But, first..... Saturday night, I decided to finish loading the dishwasher. I had loaded all the dirty dishes before the guys came, but it ...