Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday Doings

On Monday morning, I awoke at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep.

The first thing I do is to go and check and see if the last four things have been stolen--huge wire chicken, swing and frame, huge swing frame, and old rocker. I think my metal wheelbarrow is gone, too.

Today, it really dawned on me that my house had been ransacked as soon as he city left. Things were missing inside.

Today, I went to two different stores and presented my dilemma and received $25 in gift cards from each store and promptly spent it all. Now, I am not spending all this on food. I got paper bowls, storage bags, and Dawn, in addition to milk and other food.

I cancelled Spectrum internet. But, I had to call and get a letter stating the house was no longer standing. Tommy is coming tomorrow, so he can drive me there.

I looked for clothes to no avail. That tired me out.

I called about someplace to live.

Three more times, I checked my yard.

I forgot to check the mail, so I will go do that even though it is 9 pm. I will go tomorrow to have them stop the mail.

This is my second post today, so you can go backc and read the other.

A place to Live

I go to places and call people I am told can help me. I talked to woman who takes care of getting homes for the homeless. I must be in the condition of not having a place to spend the night that very day. I can get no confirmation until Wed afternoon. That frightens me.

Nothing else has been taken, I think.

My foot feels a little better. I have two opioids left and do not dare use them as long as I can stand the pain. Of course, back pain is always there.
I may have to go buy boots if I sit out in the rain and watch my home carried off. Maybe I will get a sheet of plastic to sit under, just throwing it over me. It is supposed to rain. I think I have a broken umbrella in the car, so I could use that and put the plastic over the umbrella.

Speaking of umbrella, my umbrella and base were stolen, too.

It makes me so mad and sad to realize what is gone.

I know there are other things that have happened, but I am so tired. I can barely see. I will rest now, first time all day and write more later, maybe.

Sunday, August 18, 2019


Last night, I took an opioid for foot pain and it did a number on me. The doctor did not want to give me any last year. But, I betted for a few. The prescription bottle has '5' written on it. So, I got five pills. two were gone. I am not a druggie type. And, I do not take otc pain relievers.

The only thing left in my yard was a swing set, a tall swing frame where the swing broke, a fire pit, a two foot metal chicken, live trap, and old rocker. I went by today and got a chair, metal that is used in sewing factories. I used it for commercial serger I had. Tomorrow, I will put it in the unit if I can find someone to help me. if not, I will put it in this room. Then, I will get the chicken. I cannot lift the firepit.

United Way gave me a coupon to PANDRA EXPRESS for two egg rolls. They were hard, small, and nasty. Last night, I baked a potato in the microwwave for way too I am needing real food. I got a box of cookies from a food bank and have been eating those.

Red Cross has done nothing.

Medicare would under no circumstance help me get more med for diabetes. The lady pharmacist from Wsalgreens spent hours explaining what happened and got me more vials. Now, I need all the other supplies. I actually went to two doctors on Friday trying to get this. All the talking and explaining is exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically. I am drained.

As soon as there was light in the sky, I went to see if things were gone in the yard. I think everything that was left was still there.

also, the pressure cooker Patti gave me and CUISINART ICE CREAM MAKER THAT WAS A GIFT, AND A JEWELRY BOX WERE GONE.

I WENT TO Dollsr General and got pants and one tdhirt to sleep in. A customer helping me said she would wear the pants out. So would I. They were nylon and big legged. Cute.I asked her to help me since I could not hold onto the cart for dear life and get things off crowded racks. She said I was too picky and it was hard to help me. If I had not needed help, I would told her to go away. She thought long sleeves would be fine. it was 98 today, I think. No, I did not want a camo shirt or a purple shirt or a very, very sheer shirt or a tank top that would show side boob! I also got a dress of knit that I would neve wear as a dress as it is short. I am using it for a gown and am wearing it. I hate it is not laundered first. At least, I can step outside to caror drive somewhere without being indecent.
The only gown at Belk's was $30 on sale, and I got it so I would not have to sleep in the one outfit and wear it in the day, too. I am taking it back tomorrow. Cute but too expensive.

I need someone with me when they load the rubble. I need moral support and soeone to yell to get things I see going away. Tommy cannot walk, cannot sit in chair, and is not assertive enough. He would say in a soft voice,"Excuse me. sir..." I would bellow, "Hey, I need that..." I guess he is nicer than me. He has a deep voice but always softens it and his words and it never turns out well. NICE guy, though.

I need to cut off internet! Spectrum has no way of knowing I am destroyed.

Dedee, tried 3 times to email you.

More later.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

More Stolen

I went to my house and looked in on the yard. My large glass table and small bistro table are gone. Two metal benches are gone and the matching table for one of the benches. My PLANTS in pots are gone. My turtle pot is gone. This is along with three chairs from yesterday and other stuff.

I am sick about this.

I actually know the chief of police, so I called him today. There are lots of places with cameras near me. Anyway, a policeman let me on my property, on this morning and one tonight. Now the two swing sets are the only things left besides my expensive picnic table. Plus, someone took my sterling silver, about $5000 worth. Think what I could have done with that. It was for my oldest daughter, but not now.

I still have the clothes on that I had on Tuesday, only with a shower! A woman bought me two pair of pants and four blouses. None fit. I went back today and picked out four more things and brought them here. None fit.

My foot is killing me. I awoke at 4 am and did not want to take one of the narcotics I had for the foot. I would still be groggy did during the day. So, I will take it early tonight. The doctor did not want to give me anything strong, so I got maybe 8 pills. I promised I would not ask for more. I told him that if I stayed awake with pain, then the foot would never heal. I don't take otc for pain because I like my liver and kidneys. It is almost 8 pm and I am exhausted from being out and the heat. It was 98 here today but with low humidity. I am not complaining about the heat.

This morning, I went to a food bank. I got eggs I can scramble and cook in microwave, potatoes I can microwave. When I told them what happened, the woman rushed around and the man said he would help. I got forks, bowls, plates, and plastic red cups. So, this is better. They let me come into the food room and I asked for Miracle Whip in the squirt bottle. It was out of date by six months. It was okay tasting. She kept piling stuff in my box. Other than canned stuff, I got milk, eggs, and bread.
I went to another place and only took the tuna and was happy, then I was sad and said to no one, "but I don't have a can opener." He said, "Yes you do." and went to the church kitchen and gave me one of theirs. `

I went to the Farmer's Market and called for my favorite guy and the only person who I know by name. I asked to buy one tomato and told him what happened. He did not have tomatoes but went to another farmer and got me one. I made it clear I wanted to pay. He said, "Just come back and shop with us."

So, I had tuna mixed with MW on bread and tomato sliced on it. I guess I will bake a potato and put cheese on it for dinner.

When my diabetes injection froze, the pharmacist said not to take it. I decided to take the pill morning and night since I did not have morning injection. The doctor wholeheartedly approved and the pharmacist suggested I do so after I had. It took hours and an act of congress to get it replace. The pharmacist yesterday tried. The pharmacist explained about my house and how it froze. So, I got the Victoza. I went to two doctors trying to get my med. The first would not write a Prior Authorization which led me to second who did write it. Even then, he and I talked to people on the phone forever!

I need fruit. I will have to go through the one box where the woman just kept adding things. Oh, I asked for a roll of paper towels, which they readily gave me. I guess I am set for a few days.

This was something I never told you--every time it rained, water came through and onto my bed. So, I spread plastic there and sometimes slept under plastic. I did turn and put my head at the foot of the bed where I did not have to use plastic. I try to be tough, but it is hard. It is humiliating, but I would do anything to have my own place. I had not had hot water for almost two years! The new dishwasher could not even work!

The house was appalling when the guys came in. However, one guy came over to me and said he could tell how nice I decorated it at one time because of all antique chairs in one room and the pictures on the wall. I think maybe his opinion of me rose.

Everyday, I take laptop to a business and they charge it. Now, they come out and get it and bring it back out because they have seen how I am limping.

Well, it is about 8:15 pm on a Saturday night. I think I will take that pain pill and turn off the computer. I am going to eat and then maybe come back and read blogs. My day has been hard, very hard.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Adding Insult to Injury

People are stealing my things. They took my three nice lawn chairs! Next night--the lawnmower. I left here at 9am and got home at 9:30 pm, and I am dead. Finding food is hard and am out of money. My left foot hurts soooo bad. I went to two doctors today trying to get my meds for diabetes. No luck. Injection froze in motel refrigerator. Milk and water were frozen, which meant injection pen was, too. Pharmacist said it would do no good. When I complained about the stained sheets, I got a set of sheets with different stains. Complaining about the mildewed shower curtain got me a shower curtain with new mildew stains. I had to listen to more platitudes today. I actually started crying right in front of the person and another time on the phone when a platitude was offered to make me feel better. I want to read blogs now, and then go t bed.

Thursday, August 15, 2019


This is hard. I have been homeless for 24 hours. So much of my past is gone--my toybox Daddy made me that holds my childhood, pictures, My son's little coat and cap, toys, furniture. I feel gutted. My daughter's silver baby cup. A jewelry box holding memories. Gone. My silver. The house is rubble. And, someone came and stole lawn furniture. That makes me sad. I imagine the lawn mower and other things will disappear by morning. I don't know how to handle all this. No, I don't need advice because I know the sources of help, but I don't fit the categories. Well, I need a house rebuilt on the lot that I own. I cannot sleep even with melatonin and valium. Consequently, I face hard days and near wrecks. Plus, I have been diagnosed with another condition, even worse to me than a heart attack would be. Later.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

! might as well get it over with!

There will be no correctins on this post. maybe no caps. you  will see why.

My house has had the roof collapsed down into the house for about five years. The roof was below ground level in the three foot crawl space.

Monday about 6 pm or so, I heard a rumble. I went out the side door to the front yard and found that the whole front of the house had fallen off. Yes it did.

Tueday, Tommy was here and we had just come from Sportsman Lake. the police called me and asked

...are you okay
The polie and the fire department are at you house.
where are you
they cannot get you on the phone
they have been calling you
when are you coming back
where are you
your car is in the driveway
where are you

I was six or less blocks and we went home just like we were going to do.

There is a I live on the corner and we drove up the side of the retaining wall and turned in front of my house.

Tommy yelled DAMN!

There was big fire truck, fire chiefs car, eMt ambuance, there were people from water, electric comp, gas company, altogether 2 doz men. Cars and city officials continued t come. The chief of police wwas there, along with fire chief,

They assured me they were going to take down the house, and no, I could not get anything out or go inside.

Tommy let me go home with him and spend the night.
Back up, at lunch some one from the city took our ordr for food, and brought some sort of cirle fried things. Tommy ate them. This was from Arby and he thought they were potatoes.

It took forever to get to his house because I was exhausted. He always sleeps in his recliner because of his hip. I slept in his bed.

Let me tell you, he is not neatest person! But it looked like a castle.

We got back here about 9; 30 and saw no onc until 11:30 when the guy brought us unch.--big mac, drinks, and an order of fries to share. I ate two fries and don't think Tommy finished them off.  They called and asked us what we wanted.

Then, the one piece of machinery moved in, on tracks and brought  by a special vehicle/

Because I was so upset about using laptop, my baby pictures and everything, they did let me go in. I will have to tell you about that later.

My stuff is on two open trucks, locked up, I hear. In the morning it will go to a storage unit I had to rent.

They went outside the kitchen and cut a hole about 7 feet wide and 8 feet tall. I was resigned to all this by now. They physically stopped me from going toward the bathroom to show them what I needed. They would not let me find my pictures!

Finally, I did though. The trusty from the jail were good about getting things the men in charge said, NO to.

They told me I could not get washer, dryer, stove, or refrigerator. The refrigerator  was left behind. But, they put everything out the hole in the kitchen. The floor of my kitchen is about 6 feet or more off the ground.

I am in a fleabag motel. and had to argue with a guyfrom India. It is hard to argue when I cannot understand him. I told tommy where to park and he came out an d told him another place to park He cam and showed me where emy room was like I could not see the letters even after I was pulling in. THEN, he was motioning with his hands as to how I need to park. I got out of the car and yelled at him--I am doig just fine and do NOT need your help! He went away.

I am shaing, trembling all over I was sweating so I had to lie down before I took a shower. If I shower while I am still sweating, I continue to sweat after I get out of the shower. I don t knw what I hit to make this code stuff show up! I lost everything in cabinets, all dishes, all recipes, and they were leaving behind things I need! I wore these clothes a bit on Monday and decided to wear them Tuesday. I had to put them on today, Wednesday. I lost my vitrola, and antique chairs. I am homeless and so sad. Gotta go and close the curtins since it is getting dark. NO, do not say you are praying for me. Today there were about 16 vehicls at my house. Okay, starting to cry. NO, DO NOT SEND SUGGESTIONS ON WHO TO CALL FOR HELP. I HAVE GOT IT AND NOTHING SEEMS LIKE IT WILL WORK FOR ME. nO PRAYERS! there IS ACTUALLY wifi here!

Monday Doings

On Monday morning, I awoke at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep. The first thing I do is to go and check and see if the last four things...