Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Dr Kildare or Dr Ben Casey? Remember This Shirt?

Simplicity4640 c1963
NOT my pattern!

Do you remember the popular doctor shirts? Were they Ben Casey or Dr. Kildare shirts? I want to say they were Dr. Kildare. I wore this sometime between 1960 and 1963.

The red shirt is not the one we had. The white shirt pattern is the only one worn in our school. When I see something ridiculous on kids today, I remember things we wore. This was probably the most bizarre thing I ever wore. I hated the high collar. This is not my pattern. It is a picture I found online

The reason I used the pattern for the picture to show you is that the details are difficult to see in the photographs on the internet.

I am so proud of myself for not eating more marshmallow crème beyond the first teaspoon. Do you remember this fluffy white stuff in a brand called Hippolite or Hypolyte?

The opossum has not managed to get into the trash for ten days now. Success! All it took was a bungee cord to attach it to the porch! Often, I hear something at night and laugh.

Okay, did you wear this doctor shirt ever?

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

What was wrong with the squash?

Slide 31 of 31: This colorful dessert from the Volcano Bay water park at Universal Orlando not only looks the part, it has all the flavors of a fruit salad with layers of banana, blue raspberry, orange and strawberry ice cream. So if the water slides don’t cool you down from the Florida heat, head to the ice cream stand near the entrance as this certainly will.

Read more: From Starbooks to Duffin Dagels: world’s most cheeky fast food knock-offs

From Orlando. Does this look delicious or not?

Today, Tommy came. He picked up a mattress pad for me at WM. Actually, he bought four and I kept the one I wanted. He took the other three and something else he bought that needed to be returned tonight as he went home.

When he arrived this morning, he called and I went out. He took me to Belk to return the purse. I love the purse, but it is not quite large enough. I asked him for his credit card in case mine did not have enough left or the purse was more expensive. I returned the purse and chose another. Because the clerk was totally clueless and did not have a lot of sympathy for my back problem, I told her I would buy it in the shoe department. I can sit there.

I got to the shoe dept and changed my mind after using my card and Tommy's to buy another purse. I told the shoe lady I was sorry, but to refund this purse because I just did not like it. And, would she please get the original purse and sell it back to me? She did not complain or sigh or anything. I will find another purse another time and still have this one I can use on certain occasions.

The whole time, I hurt so bad I could hardly think. Tommy is not the type to get impatient, thankfully for Oh, he knew I would pay him back what extra I needed to put on his card. In the end, I did not use it. Well, I did and then got a refund for both our cards.

For lunch we had the spicy chicken pieces and butternut squash cut in spirals, cooked in a bit of olive oil, maple syrup, and one dash of cinnamon. It still had a texture to it. And, I forgot to give him some to take home, so I will freeze it for him. Apple pie was the other thing we had. He loves apple pie. this must have weighed three pounds! I sent the rest home with him.

I finally made the squash casserole for dinner, and the squash was tough! After an hour in the oven, it was hard around the skin. Tommy said it was the texture of squash in a salad. Who knows why some of these squash were so tough? I took the rotisserie chicken and tried to remove the legs, but ended up removing the thing and leg. The other was wrapped for him to take home. I had eaten the breasts. He had chicken, squash casserole, and tomatoes.

Everything except the dash of cinnamon, squash, the two Tablespoons of olive oil, real maple syrup, butter came from a food bank. I used a coupon to buy the squash from the Farmer's Market. We ate well and cheaply. These meals were a little high on carbs, but not our usual low carb count.

I bought the squash last Saturday. Do squash get tough when that old--4 days? Help!

Oh, a blogger friend sent me an Amazon card just because. I am going to use it for something I want for my September birthday.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Free Food

Yep, food bank time. It is embarrassing to admit I go to these. The people stink so that it takes my breath away. When the back door was opened to let people out, the front door was obviously opened too for people to come in. The stench of the unwashed was breathtaking. A worker came rushing in and sprayed some sort of air freshener right in front of me. It looked like an industrial applicator.

My chest started tightening. I was light-headed, and I started coughing. I went straight to the woman who runs this food bank and told her what happened and how I was feeling. Then, I took my empty cup and plate to the trash near the snack table. The woman who did the spraying was there and heard every word I said. She apologized and said she understood because she had allergies, too. I was dumbfounded and could not find words. Then, why would she endanger people? I should have asked her about her allergies and brought something to her next month and sprayed it on her.

Of course, I did not have inhaler or Epi Pen. It is late at night and my chest still hurts.

This is where there is a list and we pick 15 items. Sometimes, I choose things and then will not use them. So, I have to give them away. For example, pepper. I can only use McCormick's pepper. Other brands, so far, have caused my lungs much distress.

An X will indicate foods I will not eat even though I chose them. T means Tommy get it.

X frosted cereal....the list just said "cereal"
T  saltines
candy...bag of fun-sized bars
X Aim toothpaste
Blueberry muffin mix
BBQ sauce
X peanut butter
Vienna sausage
Kraft Marshmallow Crème... pray for
Crest toothpaste
paper towels
T peas
green beans
X tomatoes
everyone got the following
16 hotdog buns
12 hamburger buns

The blueberry muffin mix says it has imitation blueberry bits. That means bits of dyed and flavored apples. I will sift the bits out and add the frozen blueberries that were given to me by a friend. Tommy says he loves blueberry muffins. The Vienna Sausage will be an emergency food for blood sugar control when I am out of the house. I will eat a bit of Marshmallow cream with my pb that is only peanuts and salt.

Okay, I just ate only a tsp of each of marshmallow and pb; carbs in both together were 6 carbs. Then, I drank 16 oz. water.

The other food bank is one where I choose items from a shelf. Plus, they read off what is in refrigerator and freezer and I tell them what I want.

.98 lb. package boneless breast cutlets... $8 originally
apple pie, large two-crust bakery pie
vanilla wafers
Danimals--six pack Yum, they were good.
Reynold 25 foil sheets
T 2 sleeves saltines
X pb
chocolate choc chip cookie mix
14 oz. container butternut squash circles, like spiraled vegetables
cream cheese with chives
Johnsonville pork breakfast sausages
32 oz. bag of frozen chicken strips
Vienna sausage
White Mountain Bread...big round loaf with flour on top
I was given two things beyond what I chose--slaw mix and something else. everyone could have these beyond the choices we had.

I cooked the butternut squash circles with a bit of cinnamon and maple syrup, dash of salt. The chicken was formed chicken pieces and "spicy hot." But, they were not so hot. I will make celery sticks with cream cheese with chives and grape tomatoes on the sticks.

It is Monday and I still have not eaten anymore marshmallow crème. Pray for

I will put the breast cutlets in the oven for tomorrow when Tommy comes.

Questions? Comments?

Sunday, July 28, 2019

I Heard a Voice on the Radio

It seemed familiar. But the radio was low. Between songs I listened more closely. Did you realize that Casey Kasem is on the radio? It was bizarre. Of course, there were lots of old songs, all the good ones. He introduced "new" artists that are well-established now. The whole experience of hearing him is somewhat bizarre, but the repeat of older broadcasts gives a very good perspective on the history of the music industry that his countdown covered. This was on 96.5 FM.

I didn't realize he was in movies, network tv, and radio dramas, in addition to voices for many cartoon characters.

Saturday night, there was a segment on 48 Hours  that mostly covered the fight between his children  and his new wife

I have found no bargains, but since I have not been in a store except for milk and have driven little, I am not surprised. I do plan to get more milk while I can get it for $7/gallon.

The urge to stop at yard sales was not strong enough even though I promised myself that I was going to stop at one yard sale each week.

Have you heard Casey Kasem on the radio lately? Did you enjoy his program in its heyday? I assumed everyone knew Casey Kasem is dead, but Anne pointed it out.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

A Few Bargains | Christmas in July

Friday morning, there was only about a half cup of milk in my last half-gallon carton of milk!!! That was so annoying. I had seven half gallons in the refrigerator last time I counted. Friday night, I went out and got two half-gallons. They are usually $4.59 for a half-gallon. They were $7 for 2 half-gallons. Tuesday, this sale goes off, so I will buy four more cartons by then.

While I was perusing the sale rack at Publix, I found cultured buttermilk blend reduced to $2.98, original price--$5.99. This beats keeping buttermilk all the time, going out to buy it when needed, or doing without. The powder is easy to use and this has a use-by date of 2022.

Last weekend was Christmas-in-July on my favorite radio station. Christmas songs were played Friday through Sunday. It was a fun ride in the car when I went out. Did you have Christmas music on your radio?

That's all folks!

Friday, July 26, 2019

I Found Two Dongles and Foiled the Raccoon

When I stopped using the old laptop, I took the dongle out of it and it disappeared. The same thing had happened last summer when I tried to get the laptop to work better. Sooo, I bought another (3rd)wireless mouse. Of course, it had its own dongle.  One day last week, I spotted a dongle on the floor. This weekend, I found the other. I had searched for each of these for months and finally bought the third! Isn't that the way it always goes? Now, where did I put the two useless mouses?

I read wireless mouses were $50. Wow, these were about $12.

Since dongles are so tiny, they are easily lost. They fit into a usb port of the laptop and have only a tiny bit of plastic showing, and they just disappear into thin air when dropped. I know the two wireless mouses are in a bag, so when I find them and make sure the other two wireless mouses work, I will take back the very new one.

Wednesday night, I had the slice of Strawberry cake as a snack and then had chicken to offset the carbs. The chicken did not go into my stomach and trying to get it to go down with water only complicated the matter. I actually thought I was going to die. SERIOUSLY!!!  I could not speak to use the phone. I was ill, throwing up and having it come out my nose and aspirating water or chicken. My esophagus hurt for hours. It was horrendous. This was what my appointment Tuesday morning was all about.

Okay, picture this. The garbage can has four sides. The handle/wheel side, the opposite side, and two shorter sides. The can is against the porch where the steps go up. On the handle and wheel side, I have tied a bungee cord leaving two equal lengths. The opposite side is against the porch steps. The looped cord goes across the lid and hooks onto the railing, the vertical part of the railing. I don't think the raccoon can get this loose.

I went out at about 5 pm and the raccoon had pulled out a tiny bag the night before. When I went out at 7pm to put the bag in the can and put the garbage in for tomorrow, the tiny bag was in a different place. Actually, it was a possum.

Tomorrow, I will ask Animal Control to come set my trap. I usually only call them when I have a raccoon, but this will change. At least I am not asking them to bring and lend me a trap. I have my own trap. Okay, I did nothing today. So, I will call Monday when my favorite Animal Control Officer will be working. He is the brother of one of my daughter's friends. Nice guy.

I will make a salad for dinner and get some stuff out of the floor in the front seat of the car. I have low expectations for the rest of the day. I will not disappoint.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Well, That Went Sideways!

Yesterday, I arranged to have the garbage men come to the garbage in the backyard and carry it out for me and bring the can back. The arrangements went smoothly and everyone was nice.

This morning I looked out the door about 7:30 and the garbage was still in place, strapped to the porch railing. However, the can with recycling was empty! Oh, NO! I had tried so hard to do the right thing and now all the recycling was going to the dump! I actually was depressed, well, disheartened.

So, I called the office in the city and explained how things had gone wrong. He assured me the garbage men would get the trash. He had talked to recycling guys and they were going to get the recycling for me, too!

Whew, I felt foolish. Not only that, relief washed over me, knowing the recycling had not gone to the wrong place. Still, I wondered. I doubted.

Barry Manilow is on TV (8:30 am) singing 'Copacabana." The kids and I turned this song up on the radio in the car and sang along.

As I hung up the phone, I heard something outside. I got to the door and saw the empty trash can and saw the guy disappearing around the corner of the house. Feeling foolish, I called the guy in the city and told him it had all happened like he said it would. This was 8:15.

There have been mornings that I have tried to take just one light bag of trash to the road at 6:30 in the morning and the garbage can had been emptied, either mine or the neighbor's. So, today was an anomaly in terms of time.

When I awoke at 6:15 and went to the bathroom, I looked out the door window. I saw a possum tail disappearing under the house. The hole he went into once upon a time had a cute little window. One day, the window was blown out like it had been shoved out. I put the wooden window back together and tried to repair it. Repeatedly, something shoved the window out until I gave up and the window was just bits of wood and mangled screen.

So, I am up and did not get enough sleep.

At least my efforts righted without much effort and a lot of worrying on my part.

One of Tommy's neighbors saw him struggling to get the garbage can to the road while using his canes or the walker and now the guy takes his can to the road. Of course, the can now sits right in front of his house. He can drop things in without going down stairs or ramp.

Once again, yesterday I kept my blood sugar under control. Well, I did not check it but I did not have the fading away feeling and did not sleep at all during the day. I ate chocolate cake with milk and followed it with a chaser of chicken breast.

I just returned from the fourth Thursday night free dinner. We had pulled pork on a bun, container of bbq sauce at each place, green beans, mashed potatoes, potato chips, unsweetened tea, and apple pie. I did not eat the bun or chips. It was delicious. The pulled pork was in large chunks, making it taste better.

A trip to the pharmacy will quiet my cell texts.

Did you get lots of things done today? Doe your garbage service help seniors with disabilities?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Majorette Boots--Remember? Sale Food

Image result for majorette boots for little girls to wear in the 1950s

Ah! I erased, somehow, this post. I hate to start over.

When I was in third or fourth grade, my heart's desire was a pair of majorette boots, white with a tassel. Lots of little girls wore them just because. Mama finally got me a pair and I tromped around in school in majorette boots. Lots of little girls were right with me. It must have been a horrible noise. We wore them in the schoolyard, too, running, swinging.

Do you remember this shoe trend? Did you own a pair of majorette boots even though you were not wearing them as a majorette.

Yesterday destroyed me, physically and emotionally. So, nothing got done today.

Oh, my friend who takes trash to road and brings it back to the house has overstepped his bounds. I have a life decision to make and he wants to order me around. He badgers me when he is here. I told him I wanted someone to wash my dishes, to pay them. He volunteered to wash the dishes and harassed me "to decide, Now! listen to me, what are you going to do?" He offered other alteratives like I did not know anything. The 4-hour harangue made me determine to find other help, even if I have to pay for the help. He never charges me to do anything...just little chores neither Tommy nor I can do.

Since that kind of emotional harassment distresses me to the point I am lifeless and depressed for several days, I made new arrangements to get the garbage can to the road. It turns out that the city will get a garbage man to come get the garbage from the back yard and bring the empty can almost to the same place. I will have to move the empty can about 15 feet. I can do that.

There are still dishes!!!

I found Idahoan mashed potatoes on sale, the single serving plastic container. I bought two @$0.49 each. For lunch the other day, I made one in the microwave and only ate about one-third of it because of the carbs. Then, I had the rest of the squash and onions. I suppose the potatoes will be for tomorrow and maybe the next day. This will be $0.33 for each helping. It is probably not all that healthy, but beats other things I could eat. This is my first time trying this product.

At this same store, there were good prices on Enfamil and Folger's Coffee. Since I don't consume either, I had to move along.

Do you ever see great prices on things you don't use and wish you had a reason to buy and save money? Silly, I know. Today, I have eaten very low carb--rotisserie chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, milk, boiled egg with Miracle Whip and called it egg salad. Oh, I had M&Ms.

Tell me about your majorette boots. Maybe your mother had them.  Surely some of you had them.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Beautiful Tuesday

This has been a glorious day, around 80 and breezy. The skies are blue and the clouds few. It's a rare summer day. Of course, I got hot. 

I set the alarm for 7:30 this morning so I could get up and wash my hair and get to the doctor by 9:30. Since it is only 3 blocks away, I don't worry. However, I set the alarm for pm instead of am, so I suppose if I don't turn off the alarm it will go off in a few minutes. I left wit wettish hair.

Since today is Tuesday free lunch, I did not want to be long in the office. I told Tommy to come and sit at the curb instead of my driveway, and I would just pull in the driveway and come to the car. Since I did not have lipstick in my purse, I ran in and got it and we left for the church. We got there sooner than usual and I applied makeup in the car. 

Tommy really liked my purse. It is too small, so I am going to get a larger one. I cannot carry my Epi Pen, diabetic tester or diabetic shot. Of course, if I left my makeup out, I

He thought the shoes were pretty and was shocked at the price. But, he knows how many shoes I have bought since I met him in 2006. I thought it over and remembered buying two relatively inexpensive pairs that were leather and cost $39. They were not well-made. 

For lunch we had baked spaghetti, bread, and a salad of lettuce. tomatoes, cheese. I had small piece of pie. The guys were there playing guitars. My friend who had colon cancer was declared free of cancer and had lost 30 pounds since the surgery three weeks ago. 

There was a prescription for shoes awaiting me at the doctor on the country road, so we left to go out there even though I knew the office was closed for lunch. I had a plan.

My best friend who died in May 2001, was buried on the way to the doctor's office. I cried over the names of him and some of his relatives. John had a beautiful stone commemorating his 100 missions over Vietnam, his title--major--and a portion of the poem "High Flight." 

I cried over his cousin's daughter who died too soon as a result of a doctor getting her hooked on opioids and then refusing her more or a way to get off them. Sad. I called her mother and cried more.

We took a little more time to drive since the doctor's office was still not open. The cows and goats looked happy. One yard full of junk held a trolley and an old train engine, the kind with little protection from the elements. It was all pleasant and calm, no rain or forecast of rain. 

We went to a food bank. Frozen fried chicken in a deli box, frozen deli rotisserie  chicken, frozen 3 lbs. ground turkey, 2 apples, 2 oranges, small bag of baby potatoes, wonderful strawberry cake. There was a lot of other stuff that I won't list. He got all the fried chicken and half the fruit, more than half the cake. He got half the garlic bread. I have only listed about half of what I was given.

He got two of the tomatoes from Farm's Market on Saturday and enough greens for two salads. I would give him more but he says he does not want salad every day. I do! 

I cooked 2 lbs of ground pork, added ginger and a bag of slaw. It worked great in the crockpot, and I put the crockpot in the refrigerator overnight. I did not want to buy or eat soy sauce and could not figure out what I did with the rice vinegar. He said it was good, that he would eat it again. I put horseradish on mine. We had green beans and strawberry cake. I ate the cake filling only. 

There are plenty of choices of food here that are not fattening, so I need to eat lots of salads. I have lots of Romaine and market tomatoes. I love salads with a bit of protein. 

I cried too long and too hard today, so feel drained but content.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Saturday Farmer's Market | Sunday Shopping

About 8:15 am. Saturday, I rushed to Farmer's Market and bought a fried peach pie for $2. Then, I bought $6 worth of squash and $6 worth of tomatoes. I used the coupons from the program for low-income seniors. I didn't think about it, but I may make the squash fans for Tommy next time he comes up. He hates basil, but I can hide it and then he  never complains, or I can tell him it is parsley. Basil is growing right out the side door.

Then, I went to a food bank. I have not seen all that was in the box, but some of it. Potatoes--3 lbs., gallon of  milk, eggs, loaf of bread I hate, loaf of rye I love, Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup. can of strawberries, box of generic cereal Tommy will eat, one roll tp, 2 cans green beans, 2 cans mixed vegetables and one of peas--all three he will eat.

I went out later in the day and brought in the rest of the box. Things neither of us will eat--2 cans Spaghettios, Siracha pork and beans, boxed pasta dinner, mac n cheese ,can Great Northern beans. So, I will offer those things to someone else.  Usually, I will only use half of what is in the box. This time was exceptional.

At Walgreen's I used almost all of the gift card from return merchandise from a few days ago. CVS is next door, so I went in to raid the coupon machine and got a $2 off anything  coupon. I needed nothing so I grabbed two of the packages of the 2/$1 potholders. Then, I remembered I did need something and could have just used the coupon on that. Oh, well.

When I left the house Sat. morning, it was 75F degrees. Sounds nice? The humidity was 89%. Not nice. The least exertion left me sweaty, like going down five steps and walking to the car.

I see a BLT in my future. I may make that for dinner when Tommy comes. He is sooo happy to get a BLT. The squash casserole will go with that just fine. Well, it won't be like squash and creamed corn that I was going to serve the other day. I had cooked all the other squash and will make this ahead so I don't have to heat up the kitchen.

Yes, I comment on heat, but I really do much prefer heat to cold.

I remembered Medicare recipients can get one pair of shoes per year if the doctor prescribes them. I am quite sure sandals are not approved but I can get some closed-toe shoes for winter. By the way, Medicare is for all those 65 years. My friend who had more money than God got her free/reduced shoes from Medicare. Or, maybe they were 80% off. It is still a good deal.


As I said earlier, I am getting shabby looking. I needed a purse. I asked Tommy if he had noticed my purse was getting worn looking. He exclaimed, "Yes!" Then, he described how it was looking worn. Now, for a man who just doesn't notice these things, this was a surprise.

Belk was having a back-to-school sale, so  I went fearing the crowd. But, I did find the next to last cart to lean on. I described the purse I wanted and the clerk found it. Perfect! It was $220. I passed on that. The only other leather one I liked was a SAK, $169. Now, that was still too high, but it was on sale.

I went to the shoe department to rest and look at shoes and ask if they carried SAS. No, they did not, but I saw $55 Clark "rubber" sandals that would be perfect for house shoes in the hospital. They could be washed off so I do not have to wear germy shoes. They were reduced to $34, still too high. Then, I saw a sign about 15% off and a 20% off coupon.

I asked about this and found out I would get an extra 15% off all purchases today and a 20% off coupon for next week. I also got a percentage off if I updated my cc. I went for all of it. I probably will use the coupons for a bra next week. Maybe I won't use it.

Then, I started thinking none of this information was given to me for the purse. I asked her if she could return it and redo it with the extra percentage off. The other clerk lost that sale. In the end, I paid $22 for the Clark's sandals. The purse was $89. I know those are outrageous prices and I should not put it on a cc. BUT, I did the best I could on the prices. Before I pay it off, the charges will be minimal. Purses were not included in the no tax weekend.

No, I cannot shop at a thrift store. AND, purses that are not leather wear out very quickly. In 1985, I bought a purse for $100 and used it for ten years. Then, I gave it to a friend who cried because she had been praying for a purse because hers had torn up. In church, she showed it off as she testified up front. She used it for at least three more years.

When you cannot walk far, you will see the problems with shopping. In the past I have found clothing, purses, and shoes in yard sales and was not too proud to buy them and wear them. I am selling things, so maybe I can pay this off next week.

purse $169, final price $88
sandals $55 final price $22
original prices $224
sale prices $111

Maybe you disapprove my spending so much? Hey, I have cut my hair four times now!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

I Finally Figured it Out

It is embarrassing to say so, but I have been making myself ill--not the uti, the horrible feeling of illness and having to sleep all day. Until I got the ac adjusted, the heat was a real problem. However, there was/is an element I can control.

The plague of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome at still in place. I cannot control these conditions. However, there is one element I can control--diabetes.

After I went to the doctor and he found no uti, I started wondering what was the problem. Diabetes was the answer. And, I can do something about diabetes--control my food intake. Usually, I keep chicken in the refrigerator and occasionally pull off a piece and eat it--no plate, no fork, no sitting down. But, I had not cooked chicken. Before that, I would take a plastic spoon and dip a spoonful of pb and eat that.

Saturday was the first day in weeks that I did not fade away in a deep and long sleep. Along with the sleepiness, my vision was distorted. Plus, my eyes seemed gooey always. On Saturday I did not try to control carbs, I upped my protein and fat.

Don't get me wrong, I still fade away due to fibro and cfs. Surprisingly, I can tell if it is diabetes or my conditions.

One day, I bought expensive turkey jerky in the store to help me. It worked! It was great  not to succumb to that sinking feeling.  But, I need another solution.

Usually, I don't eat peanut butter many times a day. Once a day is about all I want to eat it. I don't get bored with pb or sick of it, I don't want to eat that much of a fattening food.

And, there are spells when I don't have chicken in the refrigerator. Or, I am in the car with nothing but suckers from the bank. So, I am trying to figure out what to eat instead. Well, I may have something in the car but not a protein-rich snack. I don't need meal ideas.

I turned to cheese. I love cheese, but I can eat an 8 oz. chunk in one day. But, I don't need so much of that, either! It seems like eating baked chicken is my best bet. I keep boiled eggs to eat, too. I love those.

Right now, I am looking forward to a second day in a row when I am not feeling comatose. I still need to rest, but it won't be because of my blood sugar rising so precipitously.

Exercise would help, but my back is against that, even walking farther than car to house. I do lift soup cans. But, that leads to needing to wear my brace!

Do all you can not to develop diabetes!!!

My only plan is to eat cheese, pb, and an egg once a day for control. I may eat an egg at breakfast and one for control.  I won't continue to eat pb all day, or cheese all day, or boiled eggs all day, just mix it up. It is too bad chocolate is not something to help me control diabetes.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Grilled Squash Fans--Recipe

Remember this?

I am not sure if this link directly below will get you to my blog post.
or, copy and paste

Don't worry! Here is the recipe:+ I know how to post a link, but this is not working. On the next three links, just click and get nothing but a white page with the link among an error message. Sorry.

http://grilled squash fans/

I shop carefully for the right size and shape squash. I also make sure the tomatoes are Roma and the right size. And, I have sometimes put these in the oven rather than on the grill. if you are picking vegetables from your garden, use the sizes and shapes you grow. These are prettier and better if the squash are smaller. Be careful not to cut the squash too far into the neck or the squash will split.

Adding two things--The color of the picture copied from my blog is not as vivid as on my old blog. And, if you try this recipe, will you respond here or email me at and tell me how it turned out, if you like it, and how it was received by others. Thanks.

Friday, July 19, 2019

New Shoes

The last time I bought shoes was in 2006. My favorite brand of sandals was being discontinued and were on sale. So, I bought eight pair. Tommy knew I bought three pair but I kept the others a secret. Oh, I eventually told him. It all puzzled him, but it was my money. Over the years I got out one pair after another. Now, the last pair looks really scuzzy. AND, I found out they were flat, hurting my feet.

J, the meth addict, gave me two pair of leather sandals. One pair is soooo comfortable. The other pair is comfortable except for hurting my big toe. Both pair are light colored and are starting to look less than nice.

Since I sold something, I splurged on two pair of SAS sandals. I had heard these were pricey, comfortable, and long lasting.  They are pricey and oh, so comfortable. We will see about the durability.

I found a pair that I wanted in black, so I ordered those. They will be here in August when I can afford them. They will be my everyday pair. The others look dressy, one black and one white. My feet don't hurt.

My feet suffer without good shoes. Now, I have to find a closed pair for winter.

I have become shabby looking. When I feel so sick, I just don't care. When I do care and feel bad, I do not even feel like doing anything about it, shopping anywhere.

Today, there were about ten parking spaces in front of the store and on the block on the highway that runs through town. I knew that was a sign I should

The traffic was terrible today. I could not figure out why. I was driving on the two highways that cross in this town. And, it is Friday. But, still....I finally figured it out. The woman gave me the total on the two pair of shoes. I asked how much it was with tax. She reminded me it was "not tax" for back-to-school-no-tax weekend. Good deal for me.

EDIT: I forgot to say that I immediately took my shoes to the shoe shop and had tap-like plastic pieces put on the heels so I won't wear the heels off so soon.

So many people tell me they wear PayLess Shoes. I cannot. Do you have to spend more for shoes? Are you the lucky who can wear anything without pain?

Have you worn SAS? What is your opinion of them?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

BOGO and The Price of Celery

Special K Breakfast Cereal Red Berries, 16.9 ozSpecial K Breakfast Cereal Red Berries, 16.9 ozSpecial K Breakfast Cereal Red Berries, 11.2 oz

Special K Breakfast Cereal Red Berries, 16.9 ozSpecial K Breakfast Cereal Red Berries, 16.9 ozFor a while Wednesday, I thought a nap was going to win. But, after going to pharmacy, the feeling passed. I still need to wash the dishes before they become unmanageable.

Yesterday, I left off one of my BOGOs.

Kellogg's Special K Red Berries were bogo. I got two.

Today, I washed  a dish and my hair. That took the wind out of my sails. I thought I had another uti and went to the doctor.

My A1C was 6.8. My blood sugar was 214, so I know why I felt so ill. My blood pressure was 170/73. I was annoyed because I had struggled to walk down a long hall, was weighed and immediately had the cuff put on while she swiped this thermometer thing over my forehead and hooked the oxygen thing on my finger. When my bp was so high, I told her I was supposed to sit for five minutes and not talk or have other things done to me while the cuff worked. She has a bp cuff that she tightens and it does its thing while she is annoying me with other stuff and questions me.

How does she annoy me? Taking the bp wrong!

I asked her to take it again in a few  minutes. She agreed. My bp was 120/63. Much better. Do you ever have bp taken amid a flurry of other activity and talking and questioning? Do they think we do not know how bp should be taken?

I went to Publix to get their ad and a Weekend paper.

Celery was $1.29 at Publix. Can you believe that? I will make tuna salad and potato salad and freeze the rest as it is gold right now.

I went to another store and got chicken and cheese. Neither were on sale or even a particularly good price.

What is the price of celery where you shop? It was $3.99 at some stores and $4.99 at others here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Busy Day and BOGO Bargains

Tommy picked me up and we were off. I thought my new universal remote quit working or the new TV finally died. This is my third in a year.

This was the Tuesday free lunch that we pick up and take to the park and sit facing the lake to eat. Today, we had two hotdogs, really good slaw, baked beans and a bag of chips, and two cookies. I gave him my baked beans. We had water from home.

At the store where I had two rain checks, I found the Suddenly Salad stocked but so high that I had to get help to get five down for me. I showed a checker the other for Brussels Sprouts. She got five for me. Suddenly Salad was $2.29 marked down to $1. Sprouts were $2.09 marked down to $1.

When I was putting up the Brussels Sprouts when I got home, I discovered she gave me the baby Brussels Sprouts that are much more expensive and not on sale. I am not complaining.

Publix sales were going off, too, but I had nothing on sale that I needed. I did need bananas and got those. however, at any price I needed/wanted Miracle Whip. Lucky me, it was on sale bogo. So, for 5.99, I got two jars of MW. Then, I thought I would really stock up. I came home with four MW, plum tomatoes on sale, and strawberries on sale. I forgot the prices and I don't want to get up to find the receipt.

There was only one more little bit in the MW jar that would involve extensive scraping, but I forgot to put it back in the refrigerator. I was panicking about paying full price for MW.

Tommy left me at Office Max and went to WM and got a new universal remote. Since I had to wait my turn, he arrived at OM just after I finished my chores. We got home and I used a utility knife to slit the packaging, you know the kind only a gorilla could get into without a sharp tool. Well, Tommy was sitting there clicking the old remote that I thought was broken. I forgot that when the remote seems to quit to punch the button--TV. He did not forget+. I felt foolish. But, the new remote can be returned.

While in OM I had a photo that was in the paper in 1975 copied. It was a picture of my two older children and me with the baby inside me. So, all three are there. I was soooo skinny then even though I was pregnant, not showing. I lost the dongle to my wireless mouse, so I got another wireless mouse to keep my hand and arm from hurting. Plus, it is so difficult to copy and paste with the pad on the computer.

At Walgreen I had bought a face cream that I obviously am allergic to. I got that price back on a gift card.

We had fresh squash, Brussels Sprouts, and tomatoes for dinner. Tommy said it was really good. Then when he finished he said it would have been better with a protein. YEAH! Sorry, I did not get protein thawed. I suppose I could have opened a can of chicken, but I did not think.

Today, I got a perfect and extensive back rub, so life is good.  The harangue from my neighbor is still making very exhausted. Neighbor ripped the picture I had copied, and I still cannot find the text of the article with the picture.

Monday, July 15, 2019


After the problems Tommy has had with his extremely low blood sugar, I begged him to go to his doctor. He had an appointment for today for a regular checkup with doctor who manages his diabetes. Tommy told him about talking to a friend who said he was talking crazy and making no sense, so called for a welfare check numerous times.

Tommy takes an insulin shot morning and night and a pill morning and night. The doctor took him off the evening pill. Hopefully, this works. I call him several times a day to check on him, but I don't tell him why or what I am doing.

The trash my friend put in a new bag was full and very heavy. I was suspicious and went through the trash. Yuck! Not only did I get the wide-mouthed pint Ball jar out, but I found other things. I had a 5lb bag of oyster shell sitting on a far counter, away from where I cook. He asked what it was and told me I no longer had chickens. I pointed out I would again and wanted to keep the bag, not to throw it away. It was in the trash!  It cost about $8.

I need bananas so I will have one in the morning. Maybe I will go to Publix to get some. Maybe I won't.

This morning, I thought I had forgotten to pay a bill. I yanked on clothes and combed my hair. This is the only bill I pay with cash or use  a debit card instead of paying over phone or internet. I was explaining to her how I had been sick and forgot. She said I had come in on July 2, and paid it. I suppose it is better to forget I had made a payment than forget to make a payment. I broke out in a cold sweat when I thought I had to pay a late charge.

I can barely keep my hees open.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Doldrums and Nothing Interesting except Celery

A two hour harangue will wear me down faster than a beating. I did survive yesterday! But, I hurt today--bones, muscle, skin.

However, I was not defeated mentally. I did a bit in the kitchen, more than I am usually able to do. The friend who said he was coming back, did not. The woman who was going to work for pay cancelled. CRAP!

The weather was a mix of everything but snow. The skies were sunny and blue with few clouds, then completely high cloudy, then severely overcast. I could see the storm approaching on radar with lots of lightning strikes. When it arrived it was just mild rain, a few sprinkles and no lightning in hearing or sight. The weather is ruled by Barry, and I must say, we are little affected, thankfully.

I went to gas station near the little flood with the car in it. The car was towed from the water according to the guy who owns the station.

At the storm drains there were toys, chairs, trash cans, and all sort of debris that had been washed down in the fast and heavy rain. One near my house looked like a trash heap.

Laundry never ceases. Somehow, I was down to only three nightgown. I found four more to wash. Things fall behind the clawfoot tub! So, they are hanging all around in doorways along with many pairs of panties. I could not have unexpected company. Even when Tommy comes, I take everything down most of the time.

I have so many nightgowns because I get hot in my sleep and need a new one often. I don't normally get sweaty, just uncomfortable and itchy. Plus, having more means I wash less often. And, since I always hang gowns, they don't dry fast as if I put them in the drier. Since I have so many in rotation, I won't need gowns for ten years. Most were on sale.

Kitty spends less and less time here. Her voice, the inevitable meowing, has grown weaker and less demanding. She stays far away from me. It might be my accidentally stepping on her twice that makes her keep her distance. Tonight, I started talking to her and she was right back to her loud demanding and running too close beside me and stopping short in front of me. I fed her and she seemed happy.

One goal this summer is staying hydrated! Thankfully, I love water due to my mother's not giving us sweetened drinks as a matter of course. Now that I can drink what I want and do love Kool Ade and Cokes, I still stick with water or plain tea.

I have so far refused to pay $4.99 or $3.99 for a head of celery. But, I have reached the end and will buy celery tomorrow even if have to trade Kitty for it. Why is celery so high right now? I want tuna salad with celery. I want potato salad! I want celery for flavoring in meats. The base of the celery will grow more for me. I will not be dehydrating it as usual, but I can flash freeze it and then dump it in a bag so I can use just a bit. I will not be able to use it for the crunch.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Washing Dishes, Grocery Markdowns, Rain Checks

I have been saying to my male friend/neighbor that I am going to pay someone to wash my dishes, some of which may have been here for over a year. (no judgment) I complained mightily. Today, he said he was going to come over and wash my dishes. Well, okay.

He brought a huge pan in which to heat water since I still have no water heater. He brought a gallon of Dawn. I have at least that much so I insisted he use mine. He worked for about two hours and went home for lunch. I was ready for a nap when he called since I had been up since 4:30 and had gone to Farmer's Market and to grocery.

I was lying down while he worked. When he left, I fell asleep. He came back and washed more dishes and left. All the while I was sleeping, oblivious to everything. I called asking him if he was coming back. That's when he told me he had been here. I was sleeping soundly!

When I opened the door, I told him I would rather he mowed the yard. He said he just mowed his and it was hot out. Oh well. No, he wanted to convince me of something.

He exhausted me trying to convince me to do something for my own good!

Oh, when he came, I told him to put any trash on the counter into a garbage bag. Now, I do not keep trash, but a zip strip opener on packages sometimes falls in between dishes, so I expected a handful of stuff. I went in and it was nearly full and heavy. I peeked in and there was a wide-mouth Ball canning jar in what he called "trash." I asked him why he put a canning jar in the trash. He said it was icky/nasty inside and he figured I had a million jars. I said I do have a million jars and never throw them in the trash. So, my project now is to hand sort the trash!!!

Earlier, I went to the store to redeem a rain check. The item was still not in. I also wanted to get something in the current ad that also had not come in on the truck. sigh... I asked the asst. manager about the two items. I also asked what I could do about the rain check expiring. So, he extended the expiration date on the coupon.

While I was there, I passed a cart with Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup on sale at $1/4. Tommy said he would take two. I got two. The expiration date is the end of August. The only time I eat chicken noodle soup is when I have a sinus infection.

A cart right net to the soup cart had hotdog buns for $0.50. I put those in the freezer. That is cheaper than the bread store.

My car had splashed mud on it. The wheels were so black (new) that I took it to the carwash to make the car look good, too. The carwash is one of the kind that a wheel, only one, has to go into a track. The guy showed me the sign--take foot off pedals, put it in neutral, hands off steering wheel. It was so loud it was nerve-wracking. I remember my babies being terrified of car washes. This was worse. I only went to the car wash once with my son because he was so terrified and crying unconsolably. I can see

There were so many brushes and floppy things hitting the car. And, the soap was so thick and all was blue. That was eerie. I usually have my car hand-washed by me, person I pay to wash it in driveway, or some school car wash by Auto Zone.

The trunk under the spoiler did not come clean when I had it done several months ago. So, this time he used a long handled brush and it is now shiny like the rest of the car. I really think a car wash will ruin the finish.

UGH! I need to transfer wash to dryer. And, I am soooo tired.

How do you wash your car? Do you think the carwash can damage the finish on a car?

Friday, July 12, 2019

New Tires and Grocery Shopping

My car drove like a dream before. Now, the ride is unbelievably smooth. And, they are so black! I love that about new tires. I made an appointment to have them mounted. Just now, I figured out why I did not wake to the alarm--I set the alarm for pm.

I was so tired from the stress of yesterday that I slept until 12:15. So, I rescheduled for 3 pm. By the time I got out of there, the traffic was horrible. It was 96F here.

My computer was acting up, so I made a rush trip to Office Depot only to have the guy say he could find nothing wrong. Of course not, it will give me fits at home.

Needing bananas drives me to the grocery. That or milk are my two needs. So, I faced rush hour at Publix. After I got their ads, I went for a free cup of water as I was parched and it fell over in the cart, forcing someone to come and clean it up from the cart and floor. ugh

Reading the ads in the grocery store is not my thing. So, I got the bananas and saw Kelloggs Red Berries on sale--cereal with freeze-dried strawberries. I am so crazy about this stuff that it will be gone by Sunday night. BOGO is the only way I will buy some items, but I only got one box. A bag of Tillamook Turkey Jerky forced me to throw it in the cart. I got the box of salad greens and called it quits. I will read the ads for another shopping trip.

I made a conscious decision not to do anything that anything else when I got home, things I planned to do. Otherwise, I would be exhausted and in pain for three or four days. I accidentally took a long nap this evening.

Because of my lack of ability to stand or walk for long or without pain, I made a decision. Someone is coming to help my by washing the backlog of dishes and disarray around here! She came for an hour yesterday after she got off from work. I will restore order somehow. Well, someone else will restore order. I will tell you about her in another post.

Your turn
Do you have something to eat that you acquire and know you will eat too much, too fast? Like me do you just avoid buying it at all? I know you do!

Personal Crisis, Spending Money, Saving Money

I lost the remote. I know, not in your world. Tommy offered and got down on his stomach to look under furniture where I suspected it skittered. Then, he went to WM and bought me a universal remote. I could not make it work, woman friend could not, but guy friend did. I was drained.

Tommy drove up to attend a East Cullman Senior Baptist Fourth meeting. I took slaw which was mostly eaten. The patriotic music was wonderful. The food was great. There were more desserts than savory dishes. I regretted I could not taste them all. Preaching was at a minimum.

We drove out to the Dutch Oven Bakery, the place I get my chickens. Well, the house is next door. There was a chicken walking in front of the bakery/deli. Soooo cute. I spent $1.25 on three pieces of candy. There was a lone hen by the front door. I wanted to chicken-nap her and bring her home.

I had to deliver a urine specimen to the lab at the hospital since I could not produce one last week. The valet person got me in a wheel chair and then walked away with me sitting outdoors in the mother of thunder and lightening. I really feared I would die in the metal chair as I sat under the canopy.

Then, the new tires with paid for early in order to get a $70 rebate. Thursday was the last day. one of the tires is split, I am told, and continually leaks. The tires on the car were ten years old in 2018. However the tread is perfect. Michelin Defender tires should last 80K years, , but I typically get more miles from tires than is expected. Tommy lent me the money. MAKE THAT 80K MILES NOT YEARS

As we neared my house, we saw blue lights in the distance. Tommy was turning to avoid the area as I was begging to go closer to see the wreck. He pointed out that the car was in a flooded area. That makes me nervous. Two blocks west and two blocks north. But, I am higher.

Since I had on new sandals, I dreaded walking in the house. I tied bags over my feet and waded in picking up limbs so Tommy could get in with his two canes. I was soaked and had to change my clothes. At one point, water was three or four inches in some places. I have never seen such a rain and accumulation. Barry has made himself known.

Tommy is so slow. He said he got out an umbrella and figured he could not hold an umbrella and two canes. So, he got a blanket and wore that in. It is soaked still..

The squash casserole did not get made again. But, I cooked squash and onions to take home, along with cream style corn, ham, and slaw. At this point, I wanted him to leave so as not to get into more rain along with rush hour. on the trip to B'ham.  Without being to able to get the radar channel, I could not tell where the storms were.

Just before the store closed, I thought I would beat the Friday crowd to get  Pict Sweet Frozen Vegetables. The only vegetable I wanted was Brussels Sprouts. And, there was only one bag left. I already have a rain check for $0.99 Suddenly Salad. I got the one bag and forgot to get a rain check. The only other vegs on sale were various iterations of corn.

I am washing clothes and hanging them in the house except for sheets. I believe the dryer uses more appliance than any other. Of course, the ac runs non-stop, but that is medically necessary.

Ordinarily, I don't waste food. But, meat sealed from the factory was put in a freezer bag. When I retrieved the cheese for the squash casserole, it was sitting in a leak from the meat. So, out goes the cheese. I hate that.

A banana beyond redemption for most people was mashed and stirred into a glass of milk. If my grown children were here, they would try to get a drink of this. When they were little, I tried to sneak and drink this. Of course, ripe bananas are hard to hide due to the sweet smell.

Is the rain from Barry hurting your area? Do you have Pict Sweet frozen vegetables? These are the best frozen foods in my opinion.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I should be elsewhere

All the fixings for a squash casserole are waiting patiently for my attention. Then, I need to mix up slaw for the church dinner. But, I would rather waste time. 

However, one problem has been solved.  A friend gives me leftovers from a restaurant where her son works. She told me she had creamed corn to give me and blueberries from her bushes. It looks to be about a quart. THEN, she said she was giving me two tiny pieces of ham left over from a ham she cooked for son's birthday. 

When I was putting it away, the pieces of ham were each larger than my fist. I expect one piece will be more than enough for a meal for both of us. YAY! Tommy wants creamed corn with his squash casserole. I may give it all to him. I think I will open a can of green beans. Two yellow vegetables and two carbs don't really go together, but he wants it. Both will be good with ham. Plus, I bought on sale plates that are divided, so the corn will stay away from my other food. 

She said her husband just picks any blueberry and may have gotten some small ones that are not sweet and juicy. Maybe these will be cooked for pie filling with a tiny bit of sugar. I bought blueberries to put in the freezer. I try to keep blueberries in the freezer all winter by buying them in store or markets when they are cheap. 

I also should be making slaw for tomorrow. 

My hair is washed and air drying. I hate to use a blow dryer. I will put sponge rollers in the top when it is dry and sleep on them. I will get curly  hair that will fall to fluffy hair during the day  because I hate to use hair spray. Any kind of volume works for me. 

One of my floor lamps went kaput last night. So, I had to enlist another lamp in its place. I suppose I need to carry lamps to the lamp store and have them rewired. It seems electricians around here don't want to do that. Besides, one has a $90 charge to pick up and will not allow drop offs. NO WAY!, lamp,The lamp store is in another town 25 miles from here!

People tell me to just buy cheap lamps somewhere, like a thrift store. These are 100 years old. I did. buy them second-hand. 

The grocery ads came out. The only things I see that I know I want is white grapes for $1.39/lb.  Oh, and I have not gotten Vidalia onions to dehydrate as I am not up to it, and they are on sale. 

I suppose I should start washing and slicing squash. 

Do you ever procrastinate just as long as you can and push yourself into a corner? This is one of my times, although this is not my style. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Squash Blossoms, Grocery Deals, Pesticide You Can Drink

Today, it was 93 F at 5:30 pm. I have no idea how hot it was earlier. However, it was nice. I was sitting/lying in front of ac.

The free lunch we pick up was today. Both of us forgot it, so Tommy did not come up, opting to go to some Baptist event on another day where there is music and food. We have to bring a side. Cole slaw seems like a cheap, nutritious, and easy thing to take. I was going to take a pasta salad, but I will have to boil and stir. With cole slaw, I only have to stir. What do you think? There will be ample refrigeration for either one.

Suddenly Salad was $1/box. The usual price if $2.29. So, actually that is cheaper than slaw since it needs 1/2 cup of mayo. I use 1/4 and some milk.

I did get my free sandwich at Chic-Fil-A. I had not had one in at least 4 months, maybe longer. Tommy and I usually go there about noon and the place is packed. Kids and babies outnumber adults. Today, I went about 3 pm and there were very few people and only about 6 little ones.

I did dress like a cow. I cup four spots from and envelope, taped them on the front of a black tshirt. VOILA! I was a cow.

My cayenne pepper plant has one little nub of a pepper. The squash plant has a couple of blossoms. Everything is still in the nursery pots. I need to repot.

The basil plant is getting eaten by something. One plant died and then revived itself. It is all a mystery to me. because I have never grown this herb before. I even forgot what it was.

I caught the sales before they go off tonight. Cool Whip, 8 oz. was $1. I got 2 of those. I believe that is about half price. Suddenly Salad was $1 and the Ranch was gone. So, I have a Rain Check or five. I do have a couple of SS here, so I have enough for the church dinner.

Since I will not use commercial pesticide on my food plants, I got the stuff from the produce department to make pesticide tonight---jalapeno pepper. I have the rest--onion, garlic, Dawn, cooking oil. That will show the bugs. In aa blender put two cloves of garlic (not two bulbs), half an onion, a couple of jalapenos, in about  a cup of very hot water, blend. let sit. Pour into jar and leave in the refrigerator all night. In the morning, strain well through cloth,  Then pour about 1/4 cup in a sprayer and a pint of cold water, Tbsp. Dawn , 1/8 cup cooking oil, NOT olive oil. Shake. Now spray your plants. Keep it in the refrigerator. Remember, this must be strained through cloth so it won' t clog the sprayer.

Notes on this recipe: I don't remember the exact recipe, so if you use more of less of any item, it will be okay. The first  time I made this, I sprayed the plants about 6 times each day. About 4 days later, everything was dying. I sprayed them too much. So, beware. they recovered once I quit applying so much homemade pesticide.

The good thing about this pesticide is that you can put this in your home blender, wash the blender and use it for smoothies or food. Plus, if this pesticide is drunk, it will not kill you or poison you. Later, you can touch the plants or eat the harvest with no worry about what you are eating.

Tomorrow, I am making eggroll in a bowl. I have ground pork and coleslaw. I did not want to buy large quantities of an ingredient, so I got a sample of rice wine, little pouches from a condiment rack. I bought  nub of ginger. I had gotten a sample of Boar;s Head Horseradish, liked it and bought the bottle.

Also, I must make the squash casserole. It is not what I would chose to eat with eggroll/springroll, but that is the way it is. The squash have been here too long to delay this longer.

Okay, it is about 11 pm and I have items that need to be in refrigerator. ??? Oh, another thing I bought--field peas and snaps.

This post was unorganized. Okay....

Monday, July 8, 2019

Green for Us But Devastation for Others

We are destroying the environment and thus, lives, with our attempts to be "Green." This BLOG is on my old blog--Practical Parsimony.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Happy Birthday, Christmas Socks and Dr. and Genomic Cancer Screening for You

My daughter, Lisa is 49 today.

Christmas socks in July? I was straightening a bathroom shelf and found them, putting them with my socks.

I was going to the service desk in Walmart a few months ago. An employee left the desk and another employee she talked with looked puzzled. She asked me if I wanted the socks for a quarter. We talked. It seemed an employee had found the socks somewhere.

Well, who am I to leave cheap socks behind? I would not wear them because these socks are always too tight for me. So, Tommy was my next thought. I showed them to him and was met with a puzzled man. He could not understand why gingerbread men would be using light sabers.

Finally, he understood there was no reason, just cuteness in someone's opinion. He said he would wear them. Since he will lose them before Christmas, I put them in with my socks. Well, he won't lose them; he will just forget to wear them. Yes, he might lose them!

Okay, it is still Friday. I went to doctor and more blood tests and urine tests show there is nothing wrong with me. Yes, there is, you have just not found it yet. Now, I have two appointments with specialists.

It seems games of strategy help ward off dementia. Hearts was one of the games the article mentioned mentioned. After I read the paragraph, I told Tommy we were playing a game each time he came. He seemed disgruntled. However, I insisted. When I asked him what card games he had played, he called off a half dozen games he played in college and with co-workers during his working days. It turns out Hearts is a favorite card game. He relented and said the people he played with had a firm understanding--leave all guns and knives at the door. So, he likes this game. Now, I have to find my decks of cards.

When I first met him, I told him I liked to play board games and cards. He played with me and won my heart. Since then, he has refused to play any game with me.  He tricked me. So, it looks like I finally get my way on the games front.

There is coverage for genomic cancer testing for those who have Medicare or have a history of cancer. I suppose that means cancer in the family. Check Here.

My a2milk that is usually $4.79 for a half-gallon was 3 for $10, so I bought 3. A jar of Alfredo sauce was $1.25, so I got one. I never buy many because I find bottle/jars of spaghetti and other sauces for 1/2 of the regular price at least every six weeks.

Funny thing: Tommy shies away from mushrooms and I dislike bell peppers. One day, I mentioned the sauce I was serving had mushrooms and bell peppers in it. He gave a small growling grunt=displeasure. I assured him I had picked the mushrooms from his serving and the bell peppers from mine, putting them on each other's plates. We both laughed because each of got about two pieces of peppers or mushrooms.

Your turn
Would you be tested for cancer with just a mouth swab? How is your weekend?

Friday, July 5, 2019

The 4th

I did not even open the door all day, nor did I even go to the picture window to look out. I slept most of the day. This morning I feel like throwing up and my knees buckle with each step. Yes, I am getting sick again.

When I get meds, I need ten days to get well. I got seven days of antibiotics. That was not enough. I suppose it will be Monday before I go to the doctor.

Another sign things are wrong with me. I struggle to type, so this has been heavily edited for it to even make sense.

Yesterday, I had chicken, slaw, tomatoes and chocolate ice cream with banana sliced over it. Tommy ate leftovers--chicken, slaw, green bean casserole and fruit. I slept part of the night and then ten hours during the day. That's not good.

I am dismayed I am so sick today. I will go to the grocery store for milk and come straight home. Okay, I might buy sale or reduced items while at Publix.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Fourteen Vials

Three different doctors wanted blood tests. One doctor gave me the orders about two months ago, one two weeks ago, and another three weeks ago. It was time to get these done. Two doctors will not treat me/give me a prescription until they get the results. I am glad they are not guessing at my problems/conditions.

Today was the day. Tommy drove back up here and took me to the hospital to get the tests. They took 14 vials of blood. The nurse was superb. I always watch the needle go in. It had a huge bore but she did not even hurt me. I did not feel the needle go in my arm at all! Nothing! Not even a little stick. Another nurse helped her by handing her a vial and taking a full one.

Now, it has been more than seven hours and there is still not a bruise or mark. After the removal of blood, there was a tiny red mark where the needle went in. Now, even that is fading.

On the way up in a wheelchair, wouldn't you know it, I saw people who were shocked at the wheelchair. One very good friend always thinks it is my knee. No, it is my back. She asked me why I was on that horse. I don't know if she was kidding or could not remember the word "wheelchair." I suspect the latter. The other grabbed my hand, forcing the guy pushing me to stop. I have known her for thirty years but not well at all, yet she always wants to know all the details. Both have my telephone number, but probably won't call me.

Tommy and I used a coupon and got a $2.99 sandwich--Grand Turkey Club from Arby's, got a fifty cent Coke from a machine, sat in the car under some trees by a walking trail and ate. He is good to me and runs the ac. Later, I thought he was going to come in and wait and have dinner and the squash casserole. No, he was heading home. Whew, I was so glad.

He said he only slept two hours last night which was about a half hour more sleep than I had. I gave him a bag of food I had for him and was able to come in and rest.  He calls me to tell me he arrived safely, so I will not go to sleep until I hear from him.

Today, grocery ads come out, so I cannot wait until the mail comes to see what is on sale. I saw something about a free bag of makeup at CVS, did not understand the concept, so I need to study that. I need milk, but it probably will not be on sale this week. There is nothing I really need other than the milk, but this may be a good week to stock up on sale items.

July 9 is Dress Like a Cow Day at Chic-Fil-A for a free sandwich. Okay, I will be there in cow spots.

Tommy left here at 1:15 and said that the traffic was very heavy. So, I suppose the holiday traffic has begun. One year on the 4th, I stayed here in town, right here at the house. As I came from the grocery store a half mile from home, I was almost broadsided from the left by a car that ran a red light AND was speeding. My tires screeched, my car turned sideways as I braked. I was left shaking three blocks from home in a residential neighborhood and almost hit by a crazy person. I was shaken.

I suppose it is true that we become our parents. I never want to go anywhere to celebrate. However, for about fifteen years, I did go to a block party at a friend's house in Birmingham. Be Careful!

I am up from a short nap. Hopefully, I will be so tired I can go to sleep tonight.

Yesterday, I boiled a dozen eggs so I can have a protein source when I need it. However, I just love boiled eggs. I never put salt or pepper on them anymore. I can have a couple of deviled eggs, egg sandwich, egg salad, or just plain egg. When they are hot from the boiling water, I have one egg with a bit of butter.

Okay, the ads came out. Suddenly Salad and Cool Whip were the only things I could want. I don't need either. Maybe Publix will have an ad with things I want. I really want Miracle Whip, but so far see none. Lots of mayo is on sale. Boo!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Rough Tuesday

Nothing bad happened, I just did not sleep one minute the night before. UGH! Nothing excited happened, as you will see.

Free lunch was pulled pork with bbq  sauce on the side, baked beans, potato salad, roll, orange sherbet with two very thin and large cookies. It was a very good lunch. Since I don't eat baked beans, I gave those to Tommy. He gave me his potato salad.

The program was about, very interesting.

When I got home, I was going to make squash casserole but was too tired. I made a green bean casserole because I know he loves it. We had baked chicken and cole slaw with the green bean casserole. I had vanilla ice cream with bits of strawberry pieces in it. Later, I had cherries.

When he picked me up, we went to Aldi where I bought blueberries for $1.49, Cherries for $1. 79/lb, and red grapes for $0.79/lb. That was almost $12 and all for him.

We went to bread store where I found a $0.50 loaf of bread for the bread in the squash casserole. The woman showed me where the least fresh bread was located. Tomorrow, I will make squash casserole for him.

After lunch we went for a ride around our city lake. As soon as he drove where the shade was deepest and it became cool and dark, I just wanted to nap. I would have enjoyed being driven around while I slept. lol

It's almost midnight. I've slept a bit. I hope to sleep a lot more! Tomorrow, I have blood test orders from three doctors, that  I must fulfill. Plus, a raccoon somehow got a bag of garbage out of the can andripped it up and spread it all over the yard. The can has two bungee cords still in place. ???

My Belk credit card bill came today. I only owe $1.26 or some small amount. YAY I rarely use it. I know it is not much to pay off, but it is a thrill nonetheless.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Losing Weight or Not Gaining

Let's not focus on the fact the hotdogs I ate were unhealthy and fattening. I know that.

When I eat a hotdog, I never manage to bite it straight across. It seems there is always a bit of the bun left on the backside, the fold of the bun, sticking up. I always just take my fingers, pinch off that part and put it on my plate. I don't relish just a bit of bun. I put little mustard and a little more Miracle Whip on the hotdog.

Monday, I put the bun pieces together in the shape of a bun. It turns out that I made two hotdogs with two buns, but I ended up having eaten only one bun. There was a whole bun left on my plate, albeit in pieces.

Many times, I do little things to avoid eating extra calories. I pinch off the outer bun when I eat a plain hotdog.

I like butter on different food items. However, trying to slice butter straight from the refrigerator would mean I used much more butter than I intended. I use a paring knife and am able to slice a very thin piece of butter from the stick. It is not much of a saving of calories, but I figure every calorie counts.

Obviously, I could do better, like not eating hotdogs and buns. But, this works for me.

Do you have any unorthodox ways of saving calories?

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