Friday, April 30, 2021

Grocery Shopping, Gas Prices, Nothing Happening

 This week, I spent $22 for groceries.

5 bananas

3 tomatoes

bag of salad greens bogo

3 1/2-gals milk

 ice cream bogo

dozen eggs

This will be it for April. The milk was $10 for 3 half gallons. So, on Tuesday, the last day of the ad, I will buy at least 3 more, maybe six, probably six.  Nothing was for stock up, just things we will eat the next week. 

Tommy bought a full tank of gas in Cullman for $2.38/gal. instead of paying $2.47/gal. here. He keeps an eye on gas prices.  So far, gas is cheaper there for the last two months or so. 

Last year, I found some marked down hair color in my brand. I bought several colors that were nearly the same as the shade I buy. This week, I tried one of the different colors, still dark brown, and I think I have found my new favorite color! And, I saved several dollars. 

Everyday, we hear or see the doves at Tommy's house.  They make us happy. We believe they have a nest in the tree next to the house instead of over the drain from the gutters, like last year. It would be nice to see a baby dove flying around. Have you ever seen a baby dove?  

Today, Thursday, I made a list and successfully completed all on the list. Well, one thing was not done, but it is on the list for tomorrow. I was not feeling like doing that one thing. The rest were calls I needed to make. If I don't make a list of phone calls, I forget what I need to do. I love a list. 

So, I have my Friday phone calls ready to go. Okay, now, Friday, I have made three calls. Two were successful, one, not so much. Now, I need to start on a new list. Of course, phone calls will be for Monday. But, there are things that need to be accomplished this weekend. 

We see a sign for a "Food Truck Corner" and wonder what is going on. And, I want to check out a church yard sale.  We may not eat at the food trucks and we may not even stop at the yard sale. Luckily, both are very near each other. 

We are back to hand-washing dishes! Tommy helps but at some point, he says his back hurts. I was ready to stop anyway. 

Today, as I dressed to go out for a bit, I decided to wear my floral outfit. As I got in the car and looked down, I had on the nice floral pants and a grungy, floral top that I wear when I will never leave the yard. Aaagh! Thankfully, Tommy had not even started the car. So, I changed. Is this old age? lol Yesterday, I wore panties inside out.  

For three days I have managed two minutes of my "marching exercise." And, I have new exercises. 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

I Can Barely See Outdoors, Cataracts


That is when I am outdoors. I asked the retinal specialist. He explained that it was the new lens put in place of the cataract-clouded lens. Without a cloudy lens, I naturally receive more light. When I am in the car on a barely sunny day, my eyes hurt. When the sun is bright, my eyes are in such pain that is unbearable. I actually have to close my eyes! 

I believe it has been five years since I had my cataracts removed. From what I have read at first too much light is a problem to which people slowly adjust. This problem has only been evident for the last 6-12 months.  Supposedly, this too much light problem is only in those new cataract surgery patients. 

I will have to purchase prescription sunglasses. Oh, I furrow my brown very often now when outdoors, so I need to quit that. 

Now, the reason I even mention this is I wonder if anyone else is having a problem with eyes sensitive to light years after cataract surgery. ??? Have you had cataracts removed?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Doctors and The Chocolate Lounge Found and More Exercises

Tuesday, I had a long neglected appointment with a retinal specialist. Fortunately, this last year has not caused further damage to my macula. He kept reassuring me, but I still have to perform an Amsler grid test everyday without fail.  It is scary, but I have to determine if my vision is worsening with a graph. 

My macula started to pucker about thirty years ago. The doctor is talking surgery which I will not resist! The macula is scarring my retina. For me macular degeneration is scarier than heart disease. Not being able to see is a nightmare for me. With heart disease, you just die. 

This is just the beginning of doctor appointments that I have delayed. People keep telling me I don't look my age, that I look much younger. I suppose this proves you don't have to look old to have old people  health problems. 

Wednesday, I am off to see endocrinologist. Okay, back.

There was lots of good news and a little bad news. My AIC is up a tad. My cholesterol is down to where it should be, but he wants it lower. My blood pressure was 110/63. Thyroid level is finally okay. I have an ultrasound scheduled for nodules behind my thyroid. I believe more have developed. So, maybe this is all uninteresting. 

I did go to The Chocolate Lounge and (Tommy)  bought two chocolates for a total of $7.15.  It is located in a business that says "Art Camp" at 1925 29th Ave in Homewood, Alabama. The chocolate lounge is an old-fashioned looking candy counter and on a table with chocolate truffles on  footed cake  plates with covers. The guy said they order these from Texas.  I know, I know. I go to the doctor about diabetes and eat chocolates!

The bread store was on the way home. My favorite bread that is usually $3.59 was $1.09. The two loaves had dates of May 5, 2021 and May 9, 2021. So, none of it will be stale. If I can get one loaf in the freezer, I will put it there. 

Today, I did my sitting marching for TWO MINUTES! I felt no worse than the first day I exercised for 30 seconds. A blog friend sent me a page of similarly easy exercises, so I will add those. I must be a bit more fit. 

Monday, April 26, 2021

Ten-Minute Dinner, Chair Rehab Continued

 We came home on Saturday and I needed a nap. So, I took a one hour rest/nap, never slept. I told Tommy to let me sleep until 7:30 and I would have dinner done in 15 minutes after I got up. Well, I had dinner on the table in ten minutes. I sliced and heated a chicken breast, used Asian slaw mix and made regular cole slaw the night before, and heated a can of green beans in the microwave along with the chicken. I had two-thirds of the beans because Tommy does not want half the can. If I do say so myself, dinner was delicious. So, leftover chicken, leftover slaw, and a can were dinner. 

Sunday night, I put a Stir Fry bag of vegetables along with the tiny packet of sauce, another two tbsp of olive oil, and two tbsp of water into a cooking bag along with two healthy hotdogs and put it all in the oven for 30 minutes. We each had a hotdog and he ate most of the stirfry vegetables. This was a 30-minute dinner with 25 minutes of that in the oven.

The two bags of produce were very fresh and bought at a good price before the expiration date. The chicken was the last of the expensive package I bought instead of eating out. I do have one more frozen breast. The hotdogs had been open for about a week. So, things were eaten and the refrigerator is not so stuffed. I can see in there again. 

I have a whole chicken I will put in a cooking bag with potatoes and onions for three days eating this week. And, two boneless, skinless chicken breasts will go into the cooking bag, maybe with the whole chicken, maybe not.  There is a cabbage I will cook. There will be other vegetables, maybe peas for Tommy. A can will do for him for two nights. We still have bananas, apples, strawberries, oranges, and lots of canned fruit. Plus, onions, potatoes, plantain, cabbage. 

We woke at 7 am Saturday morning to go somewhere. The cable was out, so we could not determine whether to go or stay according to the forecast and storm locations. The cable was not restored until afternoon on Sunday. We were very annoyed to say the least. It seems the storms had disrupted the services of Spectrum in multiple places in the area. 

I had Tommy take one of the free chairs we rescued from a trash heap. He put it outside, unscrewed the top and ripped off the upholstery and the original upholstery. Now, I can have new bottoms cut. I called a friend who is building a house and he assured me he had plenty of scraps. So, the chair restoration started in the fall, resumes. I will have to buy padding and upholstery for the four chairs. Everything else was or will be free. I think I have padding, maybe not. Hopefully, I can find a remnant for the upholstery. 

The Hosta I bought last Wednesday is in a 7 inch black pot. I watered it when I brought it in and just sat it on the floor. It is thriving. I suppose it thinks this is a shady tree. There is a shaft of sunlight that comes in the fanlight in the front door and cast a bright light right beside it. I have never heard of Hosta as a houseplant. But, I suppose this Hosta will be for a bit. 

I am not a houseplant person, but this will be here for a bit. Do you have houseplants? What kind? Do you have a piece that is in rehab at your house? 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Friday Bits on a Saturday Now Sunday

We have had no internet or wifi for the last 30 hours. It seems the storms tore up multiple places and ripped up Spectrum's system. However, we have no idea what happened or where, just not here. So, it is Sunday 
At least twice a day, I do my 90 second exercise. I no longer feel like I will die at the end of 30 seconds and am sure of dying after 60 seconds.  And, the push to 90 seconds is easy. But, instead of going for more time, I hope to go for more repetitions during the day. 

Having adjusted my medicine times, it appears I can still sleep for 8+ hours...sometimes. I no longer take the Claritin at night. Plus, I make an effort to take all of it by 9 pm instead of midnight or later. And, I take the Melatonin at least one hour before bed instead of when I go to bed. Also, I go to bed when I first become tired. I still need a nap or two some days, but I limit my sleep. I am not sure if this helps or not, but it seems I can take a four hour nap and still go to bed two hours later.

The new blanket, Vellux, feels so gross to my hands. It's yucky. But, it kept my feet warm on the two cold nights I used it. I still may return it. 

When we were listening to the lecture/book talk, we kept hearing a bird call. Tommy mentioned the fact to the people who work there. It turns out that there is a wild peacock in the woods behind the pavilion.  

Those pine woods are all planted since the 70s. We passed them on the way to the bowling alley when I bowled in a morning league. My youngest was not walking when we first went there for my league. She was the cutie with the bunny at Easter. 

I showed her the cows and she fell in love with all cows. She liked cows more than cats, dogs, or bunnies. When I was trying to get her ready the morning we bowled and she was not eating or cooperating with dressing, I reminded her we were going to see cows. Before she was a year old, she would cooperate in the morning if she heard we were going to see cows. So, that spot and the woods reminded me of her baby predilection for cows in the morning. 

Friday, we took bananas to the neighbor whose father died. She has two little boys. So, I supposed someone might like bananas. I only kept five of the reduced bananas and gave her about six.  Her little boy is so cute and friendly. There is nothing like cute smiles from toddlers. He is the little boy I saw standing in his yard looking at our Easter Egg tree. So, I suppose we are friends.

So, with the storm damage to Spectrum, we are back. 

Did a child of yours have a special feeling for an animal other than cats or dogs? 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Phones and Me, Vaccine, Nightmare

 I love my flip phone. Most of the time when there is a problem with it, the problem is an operator problem! I love the Rugby phone from Samsung. But, I suppose it is phased out. I did buy my last one from Etsy or somewhere online for $100 and it is now broken from dropping it. 

The android was stolen two years ago, so I bought another cheaply for coupons and such. Finally, it quit working before I could get things set up. Since last summer, I have fretted with it and nothing works. Well, they tell me at ATT it has not been paid for since May 2020. I thought I had it on autopay, but obviously not. 

That leads me to having to shop for a phone! Just kill me now!

First, I usually consult my friend, Charlie. He knows everything about anything computer-y or phone-related. 

However, commercials do catch my eye. I saw the prettiest, blush Android or iPhone. It was so cute. -you know I like pink. When I was in the ATT store, the woman did not know what phone I was looking for. Well, I saw it over her shoulder. She said it was $1100.00. Yeah, I will be buying that. 

Finally, the young woman said they had a phone for me, but it was $70 so go to WM and get it for $30. Usually, the guys get tired of talking and their eyes glaze over since they only want to sell a phone. 

So, now I am in the market for phones. No criticism of owning more than one phone. I have kept phones for years. When a feature quits working, I find a work-around so I won't have to buy a new one. I have trouble holding an Android, so that is not a good phone for everyday use. But, the little flip phone won't do any thing but call. The trouble of texting on an Android or iPhone is just not worth it. 

Okay, about the Covid vaccine. I woke this morning with little pain at injection site, only when I touch it. Tommy's site is very painful and he cannot use his walker without extreme pain in his arm. So far, not a bad reaction for either of us.

Last night I had a nightmare. I had a very high temperature and my head hurt so that it felt like my head was too heavy for my body to hold. The whole ordeal was very frightening.  When I really awoke, I was much relieved not to be so sick. 

The woman at ATT suggested a tablet or something like that. I forgot what. What would you suggest in ATT version? I only use ATT. Like Samsung products.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Strawberry Fields Forever and Rivers and Second Vaccine

 Dinner Tuesday night was sliced, baked chicken, sweet potato, cabbage. Getting two sweet potatoes into the oven was the hardest part. 

I finally got all the strawberries capped, washed, and sliced. Now, there is a huge bowl of strawberries ready to eat, freeze, or cook. 

Tuesday night, I did not get enough sleep but was happy I slept four hours. I wanted to get up and 8:30 and leave by 9 AM. But, unfortunately, I awoke at 7:30 and, left by 9 AM.

We had plans for Wednesday: 

*Get second Covid vaccine. 

*Pick up lunch at church.

*Eat in park at lake with friends.

Attend a lecture about rivers  under a pavilion. 

Well, as I left the house, I turned back to get  a sweater. It was frigid, cloudy and so blustery. When I got into the car, I told Tommy I was doing nothing outdoors, that if we could not hear the lecture from the car, we would just miss it. Or, he could get out and I would sit in the car. And, we were not sitting at the lake with friends. He had not even brought a light coat! 

We both now have the second vaccine. The woman pushed me right in to the table to get the vaccine. It was over in 45 seconds or less. I did not even feel the needle go in. Tommy had to walk the length of the building pushing his walker. When he finally arrived, it was time for me to leave, the end of my 15 minutes to wait for a reaction. 

We had plenty of time to get to the church as it is right near the hospital. So, we headed over to the site for the lecture--Peinhardt Living Heritage Farm. We were able to pull right to the pavilion. With both windows down and the guy using a handheld microphone, neither of us had trouble hearing. Lectures are right up my alley. Tommy like them, too. 

We both took our walkers out to walk in the pavilion and talk and browse. Tommy does not spend money on books, but bought one here--Alabama Rivers--A Celebration and Challenge. So did I.  Right now, he is reading. 

There was a table with items for sale. I chose a turtle that looks like it is carved from stone. Plants were on sale, 1/2 off. Now, I have the Hosta I want. Both items were a total of $3. I think this must have been the remains of a garage sale. 

The friends we were meeting had a pair of wooden birds for me. We picked up those and talked for a minute. By this time, the sun was coming out.

THEN, I asked to go to the farm to buy more strawberries. It is a long way, but he was okay with it. The sweet potato farmer directed me to go the strawberry field where they were picking. The farmer's kid got us a fresh basket, we paid and were on our way. This added another 20 miles to the trip home.

On the way back through town, we dropped off the papers for the attorney. 

The clouds were almost all gone and the sun shone brightly the rest of the trip. Of course, we ate strawberries on the way home. We are happy people. 

Others have complained about the cold, but we got it today. Today, a package was on the porch when we arrived. I got a new blanket as it was on sale 50% off. The trouble is the blanket is foam, sort of. It is Vellux. I can barely stand to touch it. Tommy was sort of surprised it was foam. It feels yucky, but maybe it will not touch me with the sheet between me and the blanket. 

After feeling ill, coughing, and running temp, I awoke feeling like I was okay with no fever or cough. But, I knew I had been sick. I went to get the second vaccine and eight hours later feel only a bit where the needle went in. I will get a test to see if I made antibodies after a few weeks, whenever my doctor says to do so.

Have you ever had a vellux blanket, with brushed nylon over foam? Are you as cold as I am? 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Strawberries and Two Pennies

 Dinner on Monday night was a ground chicken burger with feta cheese and red bell peppers, slaw, and tomatoes. I diced two three inch tomatoes on top of the slaw. The burger was delicious. We decided not to put it in a deli bun since we had brownies, too. Dinner involved putting the burgers in the oven and mixing slaw and dicing tomatoes. I could handle that much "work."  I think I might try to make some. 

I had bought slaw mix. But, when I mentioned slaw, Tommy told me he found  part of  a bag, so I used that Monday night. If he had not found it, I would have opened a new one and wasted the old one.  So, it is finished.

Finally, even though I was weak, I did exercises, two 30 second sets. It just about killed me. It was not hard, just made me faint and weak. 


Tommy got up earlier and showered. I got up at 8:30, washed my hair, and we were out the door by 9:05.  My hair is dry by the time we get there. When we got to Cullman, I was so anxious to get my birds. I paid for them and then realized they were wrong. Then, to the PO. I returned the birds and got a note saying I had paid and they needed to be fixed. 

I went to my lot and found a hose from the house next door to my yard. WHAT? Last week, there was a gas can and a load of rotten wood. The week before that, the guy decided to use my yard for his own and had parked his car in my driveway. I really don't know what it takes to make him understand this is my yard not his. Okay, maybe I am overly sensitive, but I have had so much stolen from my yard. Plus, this family always pushes boundaries. I dragged his hose to the road. 

At the farmer's market, I found strawberries for $16/gal. Yes, we bought a gal. They are the best and sweetest strawberries I have ever had since I was a teen and we bought strawberries from Alabama. This guy is my favorite farmer, the one who grows sweet potatoes. He told me why these were so sweet, juicy and red all the way through. He is a great guy, a great farmer! 

We started eating strawberries and came home with fewer These were sandy, of course. But, we did not let that stop us. So, now I need to get out the colander and wash them well, and trip top. Tommy only leaves the green leaves. I do leave a bit more. 

The main reason we went today was so I could pick up more records to save me paying $175/hour to attorney. Well, the word was the records would be brought to Cullman so I did not have to drive a 130 one-way trip to Huntsville. But, the records were not there. Later, I got the news that a courier had been sent with my records. We were getting on the interstate in 5 minutes, so this was good news. 

When Tommy got out to pump gas, I saw a penny and got out to get it. He had stepped right over without seeing it. However, the penny he saw was close by. He has to hold onto the luggage rack to walk around the car. At the back of the car, he just leans on the tailgate. I DID offer to pump it. 

So, we arrived here about 4:15.

Do you grow sweet strawberries? Or, do you buy them from the market? How much do you love strawberries. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

At the Dentist

At the dentist office I went to the bathroom before I sat down to wait for the receptionist to invite me back to have my teeth cleaned.  As I came to sit down, I spotted a coin--a dime. I sort of exclaimed--Oh, a dime as I moved to pick it up. A woman sitting closer to the dime said that dime could have been hers if she had seen it.  We both laughed. But, I had it. 

After my cleaning I received two toothbrushes instead of one, tiny container of dental floss, and a small tube of toothpaste. The dental floss is mint, so I am saving it for my Pink Purse project. I think the toothpaste is what caused severe gum pain. I am so thrilled with two toothbrushes since I cannot find these for sale--Soft GUM. One was a pretty lime color and one was a pretty yellow.  

Tommy was sort of insulted I wanted the sink washed AGAIN. But, around 11 pm Sunday night he wandered off and scrubbed it. When he got back I asked him if he didn't feel better about having done a good job. No, he said his back and hands hurt. But, the sink shone mightily. He does enjoy what I cook. I suppose buying a pizza or hamburger would keep the sink clean!

Sunday, I did my marching exercise twice in two hours. Here, at the end of the day, my feet are barely swollen.  Now, I just need to do it more often each day like my plan was. I am still at 90 seconds of marching. So, keeping my feet up, exercising, and getting more sleep helps. My sodium intake is low, so lowering it is probably not possible.


Only one of us did any work today. And, it was not me. I awoke at 8:30 after a long, good, hard sleep. By 10 am I was exhausted from sitting. By 11:15 I was back in bed, telling Tommy to wake me at 1 pm. He did. And, he woke me at 1:30 and 2 pm. Finally, I got up at 2:30 pm.

While I was watching TV when I awoke, I was so cold. So, I picked up a heavy fleece jacket and zipped it up. When I went to bed, my intention was to take it off. Instead, I got into bed with the jacket on and covered up with a quilt and a comforter. When I finally got up, I was having chills.  98.9F temp and my normal is 97.2. It is just enough to make me feel yucky. 

But, we went into the driveway and I cut his hair. I cut it sitting on my walker, and the first thing I did was to completely cut off one side burn, clear to the skin. I left a stubble on the other sideburn. About halfway through, he said it felt so good to get the weight off. lol 

I know what my illness is--my chest. I have had a dry cough and then productive. I know this will be gone in three days, but I hate it. 

After I got up from my lengthy nap, Tommy started telling me all he did--washed my clothes, put some in dryer, and got them out, watered my plant that was not looking too healthy, made his lunch (cheese sandwich), got the mail and something else. Now, I have dinner to make and clothes to either hang or fold. 

So, This probably means I cannot get the second Covid shot. But, I was told it should be done before six weeks, so all is not lost. 

I did 30 seconds of my exercise just to keep it for another day. I am afraid I will regress if I don't exercise at all.

The weather is beautiful today, mid 70s, sunshine and few clouds. Is your weather pretty? Do you ever use clippers for cutting hair? I think I need to watch a video again. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Stupid Frugal Purchase

 Bananas are at the top of the grocery list most days I go to the store. Actually, bananas were the only thing on the list today. I wanted to go to a store I rarely shop. As I went in, I glanced in the reduced cart where I saw Community Coffee, 12 oz. bags for $1.50.  The catch? It was about 2 weeks past the best by date. I called Tommy who was in the car and he said to get it. So, I did, 3 bags. 

It was whole bean, not ground! I have no coffee grinder, nor does he! I had a nice KitchenAid, and want another. 

Then, I came to bananas. There was a five-pound bag for $1. Yes, I got it. They look pretty good, not many black spots. Slaw mix and pasta shells were the only other things I brought home. 

I can barely tell my shoulder was sore. At this point I am still petting it along a bit. Tommy said he could tell it really hurt me. I can now turn my head. 

Today, we play barber shop in the driveway. Tommy's hair looks like a hippie's. While there is nothing wrong with that, he is not the hippie type. So, he procrastinated! A haircut is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Dinner tonight will be leftover baked chicken and carrots along with cabbage that is cooking.

Have you gone back to your hairdresser and shop for a haircut yet? 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Shotgun Houses

 Some days, when I go into the refrigerator, I can barely tell what is in there. But, sometimes I go look and everything is organized. Tommy gets in there and really does a good job making it neat and where we can find things. It is always surprising to find an organized refrigerator. 

Today, my ear is not hurting but my throat does not fee normal. The top of my shoulder is not quite as stiff or sore. I put a cream on the shoulder last night and today that is for the age-related arthritis in foot and thumb. It seems to have helped. Lying down helps, too. I put a wet and hot washcloth in a plastic bag and wrapped in a handtowel and applied it to my shoulder. And, I have napped. That seems to help since I don't have to hold up my 

The day is brilliant and sunny with temps in low 70s, so it is a wonderful day. We took a ride and took the rest of a pie to the park. I used a plastic spoon to cut and drag out a piece for each of us on paper plates we took with us.  We prudently threw the rest of the pie in the dumpster. The price was right to bring it home, but we do not need a whole pie, EVER. 

Before we left, we watched Mighty Joe Young...fabulous film. At 11 pm we will watch Mogambo, another great movie. 

I forgot to thaw anything, so it seemed like a good Whopper day. However, I wanted chicken and real food, the vegetables I have to prep. I will put the chicken, carrots, potatoes, and onions on a pan in the oven. Talking about makes me hungry, ravenous, actually. 

We took a ride in Bessemer and saw shotgun houses. The only SHOTGUN HOUSE I have ever seen was singly and dilapidated. One day we saw six in pristine condition. Of course, we never saw inside. They were all painted the same gray color. The yards were immaculate, just grass. So, we figure one person owns them and maintains them as rentals. 

Today, we saw three and not all the same and in poor condition. Bessemer is a city with huge homes, historic ones. It is an interesting drive. 

So, I need to go in and check the package of chicken thawing a pan of water, get Tommy to scrape carrots, and I need to peel potatoes and slice onions. 

Have you had a beautiful Saturday?  Have you ever seen a shotgun house?

Friday, April 16, 2021

I cannot believe what I did to myself!

Friday,  I was sitting on the sofa with the laptop on my lap. The laptop was nearer to my knees than the top of my legs or my waist. I had my legs stretched out so that I had to look down more than usual. When I moved to get the laptop up and to stop typing, my shoulder near my neck wrenched into a knot. It is not a crick!

As the day progressed, the pain became worse and spread. Riding in the car, I could feel every thing on the road. It did not take a pothole to make me wince. Finally, I could not turn my head at all to tell Tommy if the road was clear. I came home and lay down. Well, then my head weighed a million pounds and hurt when I tried to get up. 

Now, the side of my throat hurts like there is an infection. 

I had a baby aspirin last night and will take another one tonight. So, I took two baby aspirin. I need heat on it, so must find Tommy tried to massage it, but is clueless. I am on my own! After resting for an hour, it feels like an infection. My ear that does not hurt, now hurts. Just kill me now.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Rest and Productivity

 When we get the dishwasher loaded, I tell Tommy it is time to scour the sink with Barkeeper's Friend. Once he did not get up and scour the sink. I was mildly complaining to him. He told me from now on, just tell him to do it. So, I do. 

Well, the last time I told him, he said, "Why does it have to be washed EVERY time?" He sort of wailed like he was in distress. I laughed so hard! I mentioned being clean as one of the reasons for cleaning it at least once a week. When I pointed out that it is easier to clean and takes less time if it is not horribly gunky. I think that may have made an impression on him--the part about not taking so long.  The sink is completely emptied about every five days. So, he is not ruining his hands scouring. I do not demand excellence every

Monday and Tuesday caught up with me on Wednesday. I did nothing except ride to doctor's office and go in and buy two cookies at Cookie Fix. That finished me off. 

For Wednesday dinner I put about 8 Brussel's Sprouts and 8 meatballs out for Tommy to microwave along with salad fixings. Then, I went to bed for an hour. When he called me, I told him I needed another hour. But, in 30 minutes I got up, never having slept at all. Still, I did not eat dinner. Then, I only slept from 1 am to 5:30 am. So, here on Thursday, I have no plans to do anything except making potato salad with all this celery I bought at Easter for $0.99. We will have leftover chicken, sliced tomatoes, and potato salad. 

Of course, since he won't eat cold potatoes or eggs, this will be tricky. Now, it is 6:20 pm on Thursday, and there will be no potato salad. Whatever. 

I have done one minute and 30 seconds of marching and may do another set. 

We went for a ride and got ice cream. The sun was so bright that I could not keep my eyes open! Although I did nothing physical, I did manage to make five very productive phone calls that should have been done earlier. Now, it all the people I talked with do their job, it will have been a super-productive day. Do you ever have just phone call days that are worth every minute you spend as opposed to days when you cannot reach the right person or get a positive reaction? 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Exercise

 Monday, I needed to go to Cullman to give my gift of an azalea plant and a birthday card to my friend turning 90 on Monday. I did not get a card out in time, so I just had to bring it and gift to her. I knew she was going out to lunch with her children, so we went there first thing after calling first. When we arrived, her yard was full of azaleas of all colors in full bloom. So, I knew she would appreciate another azalea. There are plenty of spaces in her yard. 

Another friend gave her a gardenia, so she has new flowers. She received so many visits and phone calls that today, Wednesday, she is just recovering. 

I went to the PO to get my mail and found my box locked. When I went to the proper counter to find out for sure and fix the problem, the attendant used his outdoor voice to tell me I could not break in line and pointed out "all those people are standing in line and you can too." I then used my outdoor voice to tell him I did not ask to break in line! I left just furious! 

I found a guy to make me new birds and took scraps of 2x6 and 2x4 to cut from. Some boards had the bird pattern already traced. Well, he is charging me an exorbitant price just to cut them. But, I will get a few as I am going to sell them. My friend's other bird rotted, too, so she is having two made for me and two for her. 

While there, I went to Publix to see if I could buy a azalea for me. No, all gone. 

Tuesday, I called about my PO Box and was told it is still available if I get there first to pay for it. I tried to pay it online, but that failed. I do have a USPS account but the site said--NO. So, I went to local PO and was told I could not. Yet, last fall, I was told I could. So, I asked Tommy if we could go to Cullman. We just left and drove there, paid for PO box, went to my lot, returned four pair of pants to Belk where I looked for shoes for Tommy. No luck. 

The price is high enough on my box, but I was charged and extra $23 late charge. Believe me, I have noted the date due on my calendar. I have not paid late charge, interest, or any extraneous charges for years. I hate to pay extra charges. 

I called dentist and asked if they had an opening to get my teeth cleaned. Surprisingly, they had an opening at 1 pm. I had my teeth cleaned and discussed my teeth and future work. Remember the place between two teeth where I thought I had a cavity causing pain, and I used clove oil? Well, there is no cavity or sign of one. The pain is from receding gum between those two teeth. 

Fluoride was applied to my teeth. That stuff is nasty. I have a fluoride rinse to use from now on. The plan from here forward is to removed huge amalgam fillings tht are cracked and falling apart on two teeth  and replace with crowns. The dental hygienist is soooo nice! 

Today, Wednesday, I went to appointment with endocrinologist. A person was coming to push me in, someone I was paying. Well, I am two weeks too early. So, I have to pay the "pushing" part of today's cost and next time's cost, too. I was and am so frustrated. 

I struggled to get the wheelchair out of the bedroom and down the ramp. So, I will be frustrated to put it back, knowing I have to do this in two weeks. 

As we left the office, I suddenly saw a sign on a building in Homewood that said Chocolate Lounge. The only thing I can find on the internet of the same name is in Dubai. Anne, have you seen this? If it is a lounge as we know it, I am not interested. I hope is is just a name for a place that sells chocolate. 

Exercising has been slow. I managed to do three one-minute sessions on Sunday, one on Monday. On Tuesday I was not shocked at how long 30 seconds was. At the end of 1 minute, I told Tommy to keep time still, but tell me when another 30 seconds beyond the one-minute target had passed. Wow, I marched for 90 seconds and did not feel like I was literally going to die. Wednesday, I did the same as soon as I woke. Since we have been gone and it is almost 6 pm. I plan to only get one more 90 second session done today. 

Tuesday night, I went to bed at midnight and awoke this morning, Wednesday,  at 10 am. And, my feet were barely swollen. Hopefully, my stamina with marching, feet less swollen, and adequate sleep continue. I realized I was headed down a path with a dangerous end. 

Tonight, Wednesday, I am exhausted even though I only rode to the doctor's and back. It looks like Monday and Tuesday caught up with me. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Try This


I am too tired to think. But, I want to share this. Go to the blog and see the rest.

I stole this from another blog at HERE.  Never mind, that link does not work. 

It appears this cannot be enlarged. Just read it on the blog--

Monday, April 12, 2021

Sunday Searcher

 A friend turns 90 on Monday, so I wanted to get her a gift. She loves to garden, so I decided to get her an azalea bush. Well, I should have thoght better! We left here and drove a bit to get to Lowe's where there were no working electric carts. So, a guy got a wheelchair and I was pushed erratically though the garden center. One employee just wagged a finger and said "over there." Another, thirty minutes later, said, "on the rolling stands." 

The young guy who was pushing me kept showing me roses and petunias. It was not his job to know the plants. Finally, after great tribulations and insults, I called for a manager. The manager of the garden center came and wondered why I could not find the azaleas. Well, I did not want Encore Azaleas, the kind that are supposed to bloom for 8 months. They don't and were $29 or some outrageous amount. 

As it turns out, Lowe's does not carry regular azaleas, Coral Bell, the color I want or any color of that sort. I left after the manager helped me and went to another big box store. Just the thought of searching for an electric cart made me ill and more exhausted. I could not stand being in the parking lot, so we left. 

Next, I went to Publix where I knew the plants would be much more expensive. We sat in the car for 30 minutes waiting for a cart. Why do I try to shop on Sunday afternoon? I went in and only found some three inch pots of plants. I had settled on those on sale 2/$5. And, they were not flowers. Then, I saw a plant up high, a red azalea. Aha!

More than half the buds were dead. The manager of the floral department came and I asked him if they were reducing it or could they dead-head it for me. He said, "How about I give it to you for free?" FREE? He said yes, and I was happy!

My friend loves to dig and plant flowers. I knew this would fare better with  a little neglect than flowers and still she would have flowers to make her happy. That is why I did not settle for something else when searching for azaleas. 

I took it to the car and went back to get Tommy's cereal. Luckily, Cheerios were bogo. And, they were heart shaped. Tommy ate the last of his cereal Sunday morning and only told me after the box was empty. I have asked him to tell me ahead of time, but he doesn't. I decided that a package of expensive chicken was cheaper than eating out and better than eating meatballs again. So, I brought home a small package of expensive chicken. 

We arrived home 3 hours after we left and I was exhausted. I deadheaded the azalea, watered it and put it out for an hour in the late afternoon sun. It looked much better when I brought it in. I have addressed the card and will take this to my friend tomorrow. I will put it out in the morning and transport it in a sunny place in the car on Monday. 

I waited until the hour and did my one minute of "marching." Then, I just went to bed for an hour. I was going to cut Tommy's hair, but was too tired. When I got up from the rest/nap, I did two more sets of one minute and an hour apart. 

Right now, I am waiting for the chicken, potatoes, and onions with dry Italian Seasoning to bake. We will also have a salad. One breast or less will be dinner. Another portion will be here for Monday night. I may make a chicken sandwich for our lunch when we go out on Monday. At any rate, I won't have to cook until at least Wednesday, I hope.  There were three breasts and we might have eaten half of one breast. 

To finish my Sunday, I will load the dishwasher. I suppose I will wash my hair before setting out for Cullman on Monday. 


I slept almost 6 hours last night. I only had a one hour nap on Sunday. Sometimes, a short nap does not work. I just get more tired and cannot sleep. I also took a good slug of my liquid melatonin before bed last night. 

The azalea has been watered again and is outdoors once more. The tight buds are now showing a bit of red. I don't know if it will bloom more before I can get it to her. There are actually two plants in the pot. I hope she will separate them when she plants them. 

This post is way earlier than I wanted to post, but it is either now or evening, so it will be now. 

Just being out exhausts me! Do you find that the older you get, the less you can stand shopping?

Sunday, April 11, 2021

New, Minimal Exercise Goal and Plantain

Per the plan, I did nothing at all on Saturday. And, I did it well. I actually slept for almost six hours on Friday night. Amazingly, my feet were barely swollen when I awoke. I sleep through all the storms with thunder. 


The elliptical exerciser did not work out. The pedal exerciser was not right. So, I figured out something I can do with no equipment. 

I push Tommy's walker against the front door and "march" in place. He uses a stopwatch on his phone and times me. When he said "30 seconds," I was shocked. I already felt like I was going to pass out from the exertion. I could only last one minute. That was Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

My next goal is to do one minute on the hour each day and at least five times. Don't snicker or belittle. It is hard for me. And one minute five times each day is more than I have been exercising. 

There are two egg cartons here, waiting for recycling. We are trying to find places to recycle cans and plastic bottles. I hate putting them in the trash. 

Every time we go to Cullman, gas is ten cents cheaper per gallon than it is here, so Tommy is eager to save money and we stop. 

I have a plantain and now cannot figure out how to cook it. Someone said, "Just bake it like a potato." I see so many recipes on the internet and need to know how you cook it and like it. I am not looking for a recipe with a dozen ingredients. And, I don't want to waste it. This plantain is huge. One of the things that confuses me is some recipes are for "plantain bananas."  Is there such a thing? 

Okay, I am off to my 10 am one-minute exercise. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Groceries Last Week

 2 Campbell's Cream of Mushrooom

2 Campbell's Cream of Chicken

 Marinated Artichoke Hearts

Dawn Fresh Mushroom Steak Sauce

1 can Coffee Coke

10 bananas

1 small can Underwood Deviled Ham


jerky for car eating for Tommy

red grapes

tricolor rotini 

Heinz Ketchup

Italian Dressing

1 Hamburger Helper

I suppose the strawberries, bananas, grapes, and the jerky were the only things we need. Okay, maybe not the jerky. 

The "cream of" soups have a 2023 date on them, so possibly will not be used for a year or more. They were $0.86/can. I don't know the total price, but think it is less than $20.  

I bought my first and only HH in 1971 when they first came out. Okay, now,  50 years later I have bought my second one. It was on sale! 

We don't eat a lot of salad dressing on our salads. and each have a separate bottle of our favorite. I refuse to buy huge bottles anymore because they take up too much room. I have determined that condiments can only live on the door! And, that means smaller bottles of salad dressing. This one was 16 ounces, so not so small, but not the size of the one I bought for Tommy.

Friday night, we had for dinner--steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and meatballs. I put nothing on my vegetables and they were delicious. I know Tommy surreptitiously salts his very well. 

Friday, April 9, 2021

First Bicycle

 Tommy and I were watching "Frasier" where Niles and Frasier learn as grown men to ride bikes. I told Tommy I got my first bike on my sixth birthday. I asked him when he got his first bike. 

Unbelievably, he said he was a senior in high school. That was shocking as I knew they could well afford a bike when he was younger. And, they were kind, caring parents. Well, this led to more shocking revelations. His father did not want Tommy and his brother, one year younger, to ride bikes because he was afraid a car would hit one of them. 

I thought this was bizarre. However, he had ridden the bikes belonging to friends. But, he was always blocks away at a friend's house. He rode in the street and never died. I was amazed that he never had a bike until he mowed yards in high school and saved his money to purchase a bike. 

He then told me his father bought Tommy and his one-year younger brother shotguns when they were ten and eleven. I was shocked! However, Tommy said they had been shooting his pistol and over and under rifle/shotgun since Tommy had started school. I was reeling with all this. 

The story I was telling Tommy was that I fell off my bike one day and hurt myself so badly that I left the bike in the big rocks in the road and walked home, crying loudly. The street was in a paved area, but it was a loop off the main road and had no pavement. The rocks were irregular and the size of golf balls or larger. It really hurt to fall off into that road. Daddy had to go get my bike from the road. 

As a teen, I loved to ride my bike along a country road. I would ride fast and loved the wind in my hair. When I was pregnant the first time, I rode on the isolated area along a road of a not fully developed area. When I went to the doctor for pregnancy checks, he told me my neighbors told him I was on my bike when I was eight months along. He said they told him to tell me to quit riding a bike. I asked him if he thought I should quit and he said he did not think so. I rode my bike until the week before I gave birth.  

My first bike was pink and I got it for a birthday present when I was six. All four of my younger siblings learned on my little pink bike. I never got another new bike, but did get a used bike that Daddy painted blue. I rode that bike into my 30s. 

When did you or your child or sibling get a first bike? Tell me your bike stories if you will. Did you ever fall and hurt yourself?

Thursday, April 8, 2021

 Since I needed to have lab work done for an upcoming doctor visit, I decided Tuesday was the perfect day to go to the lab. Well, these plans are worrisome things, apt to change for whatever reason. 

While washing my hair Tuesday morning, I got an inordinate amount of shampoo in my left eye. I grabbed a towel and used the towel, and obviously a few fingers, to wipe it out of my eye. I don't think I have ever felt so much pain in my eye from shampoo since I was a child. 

On the way up, I called a doctor with whom I had an appointment for an eye exam that day and they made me a medical appointment. Before I could have my aching eye seen, I had to have an eye exam. I passed with flying colors. I need an increased prescription. The macula has not wrinkled more. No signs of damage by diabetes was apparent. 

He tried repeatedly tried to turn my upper lid inside out. At one point he said,"If you keep your eye closed so tightly, I cannot turn the lid up." I was not aware of what I was doing. Having nothing to eat all day and having so many stabs that were all unsuccessful at the lab had drained me. 

First, I went to the lab where the young woman tried in vain to find a vein that did not roll away or blow out. I think she put five holes in me in vain. The vein she spent so much time twisting and turning the needle had a big bruise the next morning. She had to throw away the two vials. We made plans for Wednesday. 

I thought I could have nothing to eat or drink! No, I could have water. So, I was dehydrated. Plus, I took a diuretic on Monday. So, I was just dry as a bone. 

On Wednesday, I went straight to the lab as I did on Tuesday. I think she made four stabs, getting blood from two veins for five vials. I left with both arms in bandages. I was shaking. We got a burger and I just managed to make my appointment with the dentist for a crown. Plus, it was apparent that a bit of filling had fallen off. Well, it had not. I was told I had an appointment for a cleaning. I was so confused and tired. Plus, the tech for cleaning needed about 15 minutes to get to me. I just had to leave. I will make appointment for the cleaning and crown. 

I am not fond of dental appointments or blood draws. My veins rolled away on Wednesday. And, I had to fast after midnight two nights in a row. Oh, I was having palpitations all day and had not slept much on Monday or Tuesday night.  It all took its toll on me. 

Thursday, it should rain all day, and I will stay home! Tommy took down the plastic eggs from the tree in front. A woman visiting across the street said the children really enjoyed the tree. 

Thursday, I made a nice dinner to make up for the dinner of peas and hotdog on Wednesday. 

Does the phlebotomist/nurse have trouble drawing your blood? Putting in an IV? 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Eyes and UV Light

 I have been telling Tommy for as long as I have been here that this bare curly bulb was not good for my eyes. I already have a wrinkled macula. But, he was yelling and adamant that the bulb would not be replaced and he liked the bare bulb and no shade for his lamp beside him. 

When I told Tommy that the eye doctor said to avoid fluorescent bulbs and wear sunglasses outdoors, he did not say anything.  That was Thursday. I placed an led bulb on his table. 

Friday, when I went shopping, I bought a shade and did not take it out of the bag. I asked him when he was going to change the bulb. He said "later" and finally did. Late Friday night, I brought the shade in, put it on the lamp. He said nothing. Much later, I asked him how he like the shade. He said it looked really nice. 

When he makes such a fuss and takes a stand, he does not know how to change his mind. He just hangs in there with his mean attitude, willing to die on every hill. 

By the way, uv light even from bulbs contributes to cancer risk. 

I wait until after dinner to expose him to new ideas or items. 

So, why all the caution with ultraviolet light? It can damage retina, cause cataracts, macular degeneration, alter DNA and cause cancer. Besides protecting our skin, we need to protect our eyesight. I worry about school children studying under fluorescent lights. Some people cannot learn under school fluorescent lighting. Yes, the last bit is true. I have read the research. 

Speaking of lights, I bought another cheap floor lamp to move about the dining room so I can see food and can sort the junk in there. He did not say a word when I put it near him and asked him to put it together, but no hurry.  Well, he did say, "Okay." 

I am writing this early Saturday morning, 5:30 am. Friday night, I went to bed at 10 pm. I even willingly missed the news. Then, I was awake at 4 am. I was too hot to sleep, so I got my laptop. We have to get up at 7 am, so I do need to sleep. 

Yes, this did not get published when written.

Do you avoid fluorescent light?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Chocolate can be good for you

 Don't give up the chocolate. CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU!  So, read the link for 15 ways chocolate is good for you. Go ahead and eat that Easter candy. Of course, dark chocolate is the most beneficial.  And, don't eat too much!

After you have read the article, can you see any ways chocolate consumption has been beneficial to you?  I can fr me. 

Sunday night, I was so exhausted that after I went to the bathroom about 10 pm, I just got into bed and went to sleep. I always comment to Tommy that I am going to bed, but not Sunday night. 

Monday, we had a long day. Well, five hours is too long for  I went into multiple stores to try to find shoes for Tommy. All the ones I find online and in the store that have velcro straps are wide. There is no way he can wear a wide shoe! He does not want a sport shoe, just a black pair. He cannot tie his shoes, and he uses his can to loose the velcro and then push it down after he gets his shoes on his feet.

I did buy another pair of SAS sandals for me, identical to the ones I bought in the fall of 2019. I wore the same pair of shoes for that long. I now have a pair to alternate wearing each day. I found a pair for him that was $187, but he will never buy them even if they save money and his feet in the long run. sigh

At Publix I found the Lindt for half price and bought that, plus a pink bunny PEZ dispenser for me. 

Since I have been sleeping a bit better at night, I have not been taking several naps a day. But, Monday, I did take a short nap. I suppose I dreamed the whole time. I also suppose I heard the Rod Stewart cd end, because I called out, "Tommy, did the TV go off?" I suppose I then awoke. It was all so confusing that I just went back to sleep. 

Monday, I had to hurry and get dinner done because a Hemingway documentary was coming on. Tommy had a piece of ham and I had two boiled eggs. I made a small green bean casserole and we had leftover slaw. 

I really enjoyed the Hemingway documentary, part 1 of 3 parts. I was pleased that every sample of his writing and composing they showed onscreen, I recognized the work of his. I have read most of Hemingway's writing during and after I studied his works in a burdensome 12 week course and Kentucky Wesleyan. I did not hate Hemingway for 12 weeks, just other courses. Now, I want to reread all of Hemingway. 

Are you a fan of Hemingway? Did you purchase sale Easter candy?

Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter Meal and Easter Outifts Long Ago

On Friday, I baked 6 sweet potatoes. We ate1 each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I ate my sweet potato with a bit of butter, nothing else. Tommy had no butter on his. I seve them in the skin. 

On Saturday, I made a small green bean casserole. We ate half on Saturday and half on Sunday. 

On Sunday, I made cole slaw. And, I made a sort of glaze for the piece of ham and shoved it into the oven. I could not figure out where the brown sugar was so I used 2 Tbsp honey, 3 Tbsp real maple syrup, and a tsp of yellow mustard. Tommy was concerned about what I was using but thought the ham tasted fine. 

If you are keeping up, for Easter meal we had ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and slaw. We had no bread or pasta salad since we don't need those carbs. 

Our meal was sort of like a progressive dinner, only different. It progressed from little each day to a full meal on Easter. 

I could never had gotten all that on the table if I had cooked it on Sunday. Yes, I hurt that bad and am that exhausted all the time. It was delicious. We still have half the slice of ham for another day. I can make another green bean casserole, another small one. I will bake more sweet potatoes and we have slaw leftover. 

When I was a child, we wore little bonnets, sometimes straw for Sundays and especially on Easter. I remember a pale blue dotted swiss Easter dress I had when I was about seven.  

Easter morning may be a little chilly at church time. Since I had cute, new pastel home sewn dresses for my girls, I hated to ruin the precious look with a coat or jacket. I had winter coats that were only for church for them and very dressy, but I did not want that, especially when the coat would not be needed, most likely, by afternoon. To be frank, I wanted pastels and spring clothes. I know--shallow. 

But this problem was solved. I bought the first daughter a white, crocheted cape with fringe and arm/hand holes/slits. Do you remember those? Do stores still carry these? The white cape went with everything. And, my girls wore it other Sundays than Easter. The one I bought my first daughter was rather long but she soon grew into it and out of it. That year I got her a larger cape, the younger daughter was ready to wear the first cape. She was proud to wear her sister's cape. They both had white, dressy sweaters, so if it were too cold, I was prepared to have them wear a sweater over their dresses and then the cape over that. Oh, if it were that chilly, white tights were necessary, too, not the white socks with lace and colored embroidery. 

Tommy said he and his brother wore blue and white seersucker suits every year with the short seersucker pants, and a tie. He said girls wore a pink or white sweater. 

What do you remember about your Easter clothes or those of your children. Do you remember the white knit or crochet capes with fringe? 

Okay, I have lost the little tip that plugs into  my laptop and the power cord, so I will be back when I find it or buy another one. Just comment and I will answer

Saturday, April 3, 2021

1977 Easter


Yes, you have seen this picture before. This is a rerun post. 

The picture above was taken on a cold, drizzly March day. We went to a Craft Show in town just before Easter. She was dressed  warmly in shoes, socks, jeans, and a shirt and sweater. When I saw this cute picture-taking event, I remembered the new outfit I had just bought her, one of her few ever bought pieces of clothing.

I went out in the rain, got the bag, and changed her for the photo. All the other kids were told by the parents to stand beside the giant bunny and the photo was snapped. It was a one-shot deal. I thought I could do better, so I said, "Alana, hug the bunny." She did as she was told and this was the precious photo. You know what I love the best?....her precious, curled little toes as she stood on tippy toes to hug. Ah, and the slight smile is so cute to me. Other mothers were wishing they had changed their children's clothes.

The way she followed directions impressed me. She did not try to wrestle the gigantic bunny  into  a bear hug and obviously was not capable of giving it a full-on hug. She just put her hands around the bunny only as far as she could and kept her face visible. When I took her picture, she always seemed very natural, not forcing a smile.

I never told her to smile! 

What are your favorite pictures of your child?

Friday, April 2, 2021

Easy Easter Salad Recipe and Eye Appointment

This salad can be for anything, not just Easter. I often make it for company. But, I will not touch it. 

can green/English peas, well drained
diced cheese, I use cheddar
diced tomatoes or grape tomatoes cut in half
Tablespoon of Miracle Whip or Mayonaisse 

Put all in a serving bowl and stir, chill or not, serve. Use more or less dressing or another kind of dressing if you prefer. This is always eaten. 

I hate peas and have found I am allergic to peas. So, this is just an easy dish for company. I dice the cheese, but you could as easily buy diced cheese. I always make this the day of the meal. It is best that way.  However, it is not so complex that you even have to think. A sous chef who is ten-years-old can probably make this, but maybe not opening a can or dicing. Don't overstir and mush the peas. You can even mix other three ingredients and add peas last.

From my oral surgery, I had hydrocodone pills left, five. So, I took one Wednesday  night and slept from 10:30 pm  until 8 am or so on Wednesday. Don't worry, I only have four more, so there is no danger from opiod addiction. 

Thursday morning, I went for eye exam and a medical eye appointment. My vision has barely changed. But, I am getting new lens since I can tell I do not see as well. And, I am to wear sunglasses outdoors and avoid uv light as in bulbs for the sake of my macula, I think. Now, I have an appointment with a Retina specialist. Oh, there are no changes in my eyes due to diabetes. I am thankful for that.

I could not go and look at frames because of covid. Two other people were ahead of me. Since I did not want to just sit, we came home. I can buy frames anywhere. 

I may not have mentioned it, but I had a little swollen place near the inner corner of my eye on the top lid. It interfered with my vision at its largest. The doctor said a year ago that it was a sty. Nothing seemed to help. Well, as soon as I got the medical eye appointment, it started getting smaller. The doctor said it was hard to diagnose when he could not see it. When he stretched my eyelid, he said he could see something. So, that is that, except for the fact it has receded before and then become larger.  

Even though I had the glasses inserts after having my eyes dilated, the sun was too bright on the ride home. 

Now that the second covid vaccine is in sight I am going to make appointments that I have postponed for a year. I have two lined up already.

While I was in Cullman, I found out that someone I have known for a long time, but not well had a stroke, is blind in one eye, and had to move in with his mother. That is sad as he was about 20 years younger than I. Hopefully, he recovers and can resume life. But, I suppose going bling after a stroke means he will not recover his eyesight. 

Dinner is in the oven--meatloaf in bell pepper and cooked in tomato sauce with diced tomato. Tommy will have peas and tomatoes. I will have a bit of salad greens. 

Does the salad above sound good to you?

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Hard Wednesday

 Wednesday, Kim came to clean. After 3 hours, she still had not finished the kitchen. So, she will work on it next week. She uses 3 paper towels at a time! Eeek! I had plenty of cleaning rags. But, next time, I will put them closer. 

I had turned on the dishwasher before she came. However, there were items on the counter that should have gone into the dishwasher.  Oh well. Happy day anyway!

There are lids for the pyrex that I did not want in the dishwasher or for her to wash. So, there are plenty of dishes for me to take care of tomorrow. The kitchen looks neater and brighter. 

Tommy's little breakfast table did not get cleaned. The floor did not get mopped. However, the window sill, walls, and wall behind the stove is sparkly clean. She cleaned the crisper where blood from chicken ran. I took all the vegetables out so I could store possibly leaky 3 package of chicken in a place where blood would not ruin everything. 

One day, Tommy put a package of frozen chicken on top of everything on the top shelf in the refrigerator. He said there was no room on the bottom shelf where I told him to place it. Thankfully, I found it an hour later. He did not think it was a big deal where he stored it in the refrigerator because it was frozen. ???

After she left, the guy from the study in which I am participating came and wore me out! But, it is all over. He thought I misunderstood the fact he wanted me to squeeze a grip. No, I just cannot squeeze much. 

So, from 11:30 until 4:30, I was up and on my feet or sitting which hurts my back, too. 

Wednesday, it has rained hard on and off. Now, it 50F outdoors. And, it feels chilly.  Tonight, we are having baked chicken and a salad.  Tommy wants bbq sauce on his chicken. Okay, I could not find a chicken breast for me, so I had salad only. I put too much Russian Dressing on it and kept But, it was delicious.


Wednesday night,  I slept from 10:30 pm until after 8 am. I will explain tomorrow. Right now, I am off for an eye exam. I srongly expect I will need a new prescription.

Doctors and a List

My allergist called me for my 1pm telemedicine visit. I had talked to him a week ago when he gave me the nose drops. He was astounded at my ...