Sunday, February 28, 2021


Sleeping late and multiple naps is my modus operandi and my modus vivendi. Once again, I had two naps. And, my fever was 101. I know it has been that high, but I just never got up to measure it. 

We needed disposable plates and something else, so I ran into a small store and got disposable plates and bananas. Well, we had plenty of bananas, so we have an excess. No telling what the other thing was. 

For dinner, I told Tommy to get cabbage and carrots and heat it along with frozen meatballs I left on the counter. He dd. Why he left the meatballs on the counter after eating half the bag is beyond me. I didn't even ask him why. 

The cleaning woman is cancelled. I hate that. But, right now, it has to be. 

When I took my first nap, the guy next door mowed Tommy's front yard. Since the guy that had his company mow Tommy's yard died, we will have to find someone else to mow and pay them, I suppose. 

Sunday, it was 80F and seemed to have low humidity. The skies were sunny and a few clouds, altogether a great day to take a ride, which we did. Now, it is 9 pm and I have to go. 

Saturday, February 27, 2021


 Saturday was an exhausting day for me. We had planned a trip to Cullman about three times, and each time, I just said, "no" to the prospect. Since we knew the mail was piling up, I just went today. First, I started an antibiotic. 

I had to pick the mail out of the PO box. It was packed so tightly. It took several minutes to extract all the mail sometimes, one piece at a time! Once sorted, half of it was junk. Isn't that always the way?

Then, we got some DQ and sat in the park for a bit. There were many newly hatched ducklings looking like leaves on the water as they paddled along. It is always so relaxing there. 

My lot is still We headed home. I felt like doing none of the things I usually want to do. 

Once home, I wrote a reply to Kim and went to bed for a 2.5 hour nap. And, here I am. There are things on the agenda, like cleaning in the kitchen before the woman who cleans gets here. I keep telling Tommy that we can do some stuff or pay her. These are things we do anyway. 

I discovered I need more red items in my wardrobe. I had only a dressy red tee and it had to go in the washing machine alone. Usually, it gets washed with black items, but it was getting dingy looking and little black balls of fuzz on it. No more. 

My head quit hurting. Then, nausea started. Now, just exhaustion. Chest and head congestion are worse and coughs are productive since I started guaifenisin.  I am pretty sure this is not Covid 19. But, I need to get better so I can get the covid vaccine and have it be effective. 

Friday night, we had salad and meatballs. Saturday night, same menu. 

Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Naps

Two naps each seems about right. Well, my body thought so today. 

The food boxes we picked up went mostly to my neighbor whose father died. She is raising two little boys, about 4 and 2. She was happy to see milk and hotdogs and meatballs from our box, plus a whole box of her own with hotdogs, meatballs, milk, 12 yoplait yogurts, two quarts half and half milk, pound of mozarella, two bags salad, doughnuts, oranges, cabbage, potatoes, onion. 

Tommy is going to wash the poop off my blue bird. For three days now. He is dallying. So, I put it on his sink. Do you think he will remember now? 

After my last nap, I wanted a tomato for the salad, so we went to Publix and I bought two tomatoes, grape tomatoes, one navel orange, can of chicken broth, on half gallon milk, and a piece of carrot cake. 

I have not had a navel orange in ages, and I love them. However, I don't buy them because I don't need the fiber. The broth is to drink tonight, maybe instead of dinner. And, the carrot cake was there. 

I am limp, so I have to go. 

Stocking Up


 There were no bananas here for Friday, and I was going to run out of milk before it quit raining. So, I went to Publix. There I found Miracle Whip BOGO, so I spent $3.25 for each of two jars of MW. GREAT DEAL for me! 

I use lots of Kraft Parmesan Cheese in the green shaker can. Usually, it is $4.19. Today, it was $3/shaker AND there was a pad with 50 cent coupons. Of course, I got coupons and bought 4 shaker cans for $2.50 each. That has been my best price in the last few years. 

This sale for these two items will be good through next Tuesday. Some other stores might have the pads of coupons displayed. Maybe coupons, too. 

For use now, I bought bananas and one half-gallon of a2milk. There is no room for my usual 4 or 6 cartons. The guy asked me twice was that all I wanted. Usually, he hauls 4 or 6 off the shelf and puts them in my cart. 

There may be other Kraft items on sale. I need to check that before next Tuesday when the sale ends.

Okay, it is 3 am Friday morning. On Thursday morning, I awoke around noon, having slept fitfully. I took two naps and went to bed at 10:30 pm Thursday night.  At 12:30 pm, I awoke shivering. Obviously, I had a fever!

10:30 AM Friday

When I went to bed at 10:30 pm, I told Tommy to wake me at 10:30 If I were not up yet. So, he did. My head hurts and head and ears are ringing. I am so ill. But, my fever is not too high! I feel feverish, but have not taken my temperature yet. 

Gotta go.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

What is Happening with Tommy?

 It is hard to believe what Tommy just did. It is so out of character. Maybe I have had a good influence on him. Or, maybe not. 

I went to the bathroom and was going to throw the tp into the little trash can I keep for just that purpose. But, it was not there. I asked Tommy where it was. He had just emptied the large kitchen trash can, so I figured he had emptied the bathroom one into the kitchen one in order to take both outside. So, I asked where the bathroom trash can was now. He said, maybe on the counter and went to the bathroom and said he emptied it and forgot to put it back by the commode. Okay. 

Then, I heard lots of rattling around. I let this go on for about ten minutes before I cared enough to see what he was doing. Well, he had a box of coat hangers from the hall linen closet. He was trying to separate them but I could see no order. I suggested he bring them where he could sit and have more room. He did. 

This is the box of coat hangers I wondered about when I came here. He was saving them. Of course, all his clothing is on hangers. So, he ranted a bit back then. Today, he discarded more than half of them. We could toss them, give them to thrift store, or put them out with a FREE sign. Neither of us wants them in the trash. He said the thrift store will not want them. I am for a sign in the yard. 

I had to convince him to keep four wire hangers. I think they are useful and he thinks they are worthless. Then, I heard more noise! Oh, I asked him were he was going to keep the "keeper" coat hangers. He said in a bedroom. I asked him why he did not put them back into the hall closet. He said he thought I might want to keep things in there. Well, last year, he forbade me to put anything in the linen closet, but I put four jugs of ALL on the floor and he never said a word.  

After another ten minutes, I decided to see what was happening for the second time. He was in the bathroom with his reacher dragging things from under the sink. He threw out a huge bag of things, maybe 10 gallons of stuff, including a small bucket. I would have gotten the bucket but since it was a cheap one and probably 20 years old, I figured it would crack with use. 

Earlier today, he headed out the door with his reacher. I asked him where he was going. "Outside to pick up trash." That was a shock. When I first came here, there was dryer lint all over the yard and in different states of decay. He said that is where he wanted it and I should not worry. I told him I would pick it up when he threw it down. Suddenly, there was no more lint in the yard.  I did not question. I still don't know what he does with lint. 

So, it is still Wednesday night as I write. I got everything done except for the Strawberry Poke Cake. I baked ten thighs and froze nine thighs for meals for Tommy. I also froze about 20 meals of meatballs for us. There is enough cooked cabbage for another two meals. 

Today, I wanted to go to an independent drug store for something on sale. The place was 90% gift shop and very nice. As I left the store, I noticed a bulletin board with cards and notes for services. I took down the name of a woman who cleans homes. So, she is coming Monday. 

Since she is coming, maybe I can convince Tommy to declutter under the kitchen sink. I was forbidden to touch anything there. Of course, he did throw away lots of what the plumber removed. He realizes what he does, he does not have to pay someone else to do. Of course, paying someone to clean has nothing to do with what we do not want to do, just what we cannot do. Decluttering is something we mostly can do. 

I am not sure what engendered all this decluttering, but it all occurred spontaneously and before I contacted anyone to clean this time. Maybe this is turning around. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Poke Cake and Other Stuff Today

 Loading the dishwasher hurts me so. I have been washing dishes about every three days. Yes, I allow them to sit in the sink. But, now, I have both sides of the sink to use, so I still have a side to use everyday. This may seem lazy to you, but I don't care. I got them all loaded in one go, but could not bend one more time to put the capsule in the door. 

I folded clothes, put them away, and ate lunch. That is it so far. The rest of the day will be devoted to:

freezing bags of meatballs, meal-size portions--16 meatballs each. 

I need to cook 4 lbs of chicken thighs after marinating them in Italian dressing.

Cook cabbage and something else to go with the chicken. 

Take tops off a gallon of strawberries frozen whole and given to me this last winter. I would not have left the tops on, but they were a gift. 

I am going to make a strawberry poke cake. Tommy thinks it sounds gross. But, he will love it. Who does not like jello poured on cake? I mean, it is 75F outdoors! So, the cold cake will be great. My older daughter loved this cake. But, I mentioned it several years ago and she thought it sounded gross. She just does not remember. 

There is a nail just below the light fixture in the back bedroom where I go to store food. I keep catching my hand on it, so I spied a hammer and carried it to the door. 

Hang wet clothes--panties and nightgowns.

Water tulips.

I bought a shamrock to hang on the front door. Today, I am going to make a pattern to have more cut from thin wood. I told Tommy how I could afford such things once upon a time. I would take something and make a pattern, have the item cut, and sell it. I may not sell the new ones since I don't have the market I had then. 

The urge to sunbathe is overtaking me. Of course, I will fight this urge! It is so beautiful out today. Yesterday, there was not one cloud in the sky. Today, I have not checked. We will go out in about 30 minutes, so will see then. 

I have another two packages of meats that really need to be cooked tonight. We will see.

The money I spent yesterday on food was all for stock-up at low prices. I found Stovetop stuffing for $1, so bought two. 

Have you ever had a strawberry poke cake? Any other kind of poke cake? 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Conversations and Cooking

We have had conversations about three things.  These did not happen in the same context or at one time. These three conversations were over a few months. 

1) I mentioned last Fall that I would like to have a Big Berkey water filter, the small one, one that sits on the counter. Tommy acted like I had lost my mind. I remained calm and started a little research. (Some people can water to fill the canner. Then, there is that to use in an emergency. )

2) Since I lost my gas grill, I have missed it for peace of mind in emergencies. He was adamant that we did not need a grill. I was going to catch one on sale last Fall. But, I missed the sales! Last week, I was lamenting how awful it was for people who could not keep warm and could not heat anything at all. He said if we could not heat anything, we would be building a fire on the ground. His strong reaction really surprised me. So, now I am looking for the right grill. He will be open to buying it.

I really want gas, but can use charcoal or wood. 

Lost with my house, besides the grill, was an old gas grill that I could have burned wood in. I had plenty of wood in my yard, even if it had to be cut down. But, limbs fell all the time. I guess that would work. Also lost were tiny, one-time-use grills that I came by for free with rebates. Some are still in my storage unit. 

3) On Sunday, I asked him if he kept cash in the house. No. I told him he should get at least $100 in small bills. He, again, was adamant that he never needed cash for anything and he was not going to keep any here. I could have been a Martian. Monday, we went to Hardee's for his sausage biscuit and coffee. Well, they could not take cards, only cash. He just looked at me and I pulled out $5 bill for $4.07 while he got in his penny stash. 

When we left the eye doctor's office on Monday and went out the parking deck, a man was waiting and told us the card machine was not working. Only cash would work. Tommy looked at me again. I pulled out a $10 and he gave me back the $5 bill. 

That gave me the perfect opening to talk about keeping money here. Of course, money in the house would be of no use today. But, you get the idea. 

We also discussed bathroom problems and solutions and water for flushing. He liked the idea of putting a plastic garbage bag in the commode. He cannot sit on a five gallon bucket. I probably could and would just fall off trying to get up. Also, we talked about having water to flush. We both agreed that two liter bottles would be perfect for storing water. But, we never use that size. I don't trust milk jugs not to leak.

Friday night, I put 16 meatballs in a tiny casserole and put spaghetti sauce and mozarella cheese over it and served with a salad. 

Saturday night, same meal. 

These are tiny meatballs, about one-inch. So, enough but not overeating to eat eight each, hence sixteen meatballs for our meal. One night, for some reason I only counted out ten and we ate five and were satisfied. 

Sunday night, I absentmindedly left the spaghetti sauce in the refrigerator and opened a new jar. Why? That night, I put half a can of mixed vegetables in with his meatballs and put sauce and mozarella cheese over his. I put these in two tiny casseroles so I did not get any mixed vegetables.

Monday night, I put 16 meatballs in the square casserole and put raw spinach in the dish! Spaghetti sauce and mozarella cheese finished it off. 

Tommy liked all these iterations of meatballs/spaghetti sauce/mozarella cheese. However, this is the last I will serve these for a long time. 

After dinner, I used two small square glass casseroles and put 16 meatballs in each. I took the newly opened jar of spaghetti and emptied it on these two casseroles. I sliced the last of this package of mozarella cheese and put into two snack bags. I will freeze the casseroles and then add the tiny packages of cheese. Score two meals (meat, anyway) frozen and ready for other nights. 

There are still 321 meatballs to be frozen and put in the freezer! Obviously, there is still work to be done!

Besides all the packages of meatballs I froze two weeks ago, there are many packages of cooked poultry. This week, I am baking a huge packages of thighs, so I will be prepared with protein!

What meals have you put into the freezer lately? Do you ever freeze the meat only?

Monday, February 22, 2021

These Foods May Weaken Covid 19

 These three foods MAY WEAKEN COVID 19.

I am just too tired. It is 7 pm and I still have to fix dinner. Since lunch was late and heavy, this is going to be something light and simple, like  a salad, maybe some plain meatballs.

These three things won't be hard to find or eat.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Community Wood Banks

 The idea of a WOOD BANK is a wonderful idea. This article talks about the formation of wood banks in Maine and other states near there. 

Do you know people who need wood to keep their homes warm? I don't, but that may say more about me than the people around me who do need wood.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Bananas, Pillows, and Roaches

 Friday, I bought bananas, five green ones and one slightly riper but still greenish. It was gross when I ate it this morning. Bad signs are green tint, green smell that is stronger when the banana is peeled, green taste, and I can hear the peel coming off. 

My goal in a few minutes is to find an apple and a paper bag and put the banana and apple in the bag to ripen the banana where I can eat one. I refuse to try to eat a green banana. 

Today, I was going to go to a church nearby to see if they were having a yard sale. They never advertise, just start slowly putting items out for sale on lots of tables. This works for me. But, since it is only 45F, I doubt they are having a sale today. 

A few minutes ago, I heard a soft "plop" outside the door. I knew it was my pillow. It was and it was in a heavy plastic bag with a zipper and handle. Of course, there was a white packaging over the handy bag. This is my new, favorite pillow on sale for 50% off, so I bought two. It seems my advanced age requires more pillows!  I bought one when I came here with no pillow. 

Plus, I bought a cheap pillow for the living room for my head. It has just about disappeared because it never fluffs up again. Right now, it is about three inches thick if I hand fluff it. Now, I need pillowcases. I have a couple of extra pillowcases so this won't be a problem. 

I ordered two pillows on the same order on the same day and only one was delivered. The other is still listed, so I know it is on the way. How is this efficient? 

Tommy suggested we throw out his toaster when I asked him where to put it. I had told him that if one roach had been on the counter, they had gotten into the toaster. He never wanted toast again. That was easy to get rid of it! Right now, I am going to clean some of the junk off his small table in the kitchen so things are easier for both of us. 

He has finally agreed I can spray for roaches. I did furtively spray when I first came here and he never knew. Now is the time to do the job right. I hate roaches. I have called him to kill them lately, so he knows how many I have seen all along. I have washed everything before I used it! He has just used dishes/utensils without a care. I know! It's disgusting!

When I came here, they ran freely all over the place. I had driven them back, but now is time to eliminate them. 

It appears the temperatures are going up slowly to almost 70 by Wednesday. Hopefully, the people in Texas will start to recover.

This is not the way I have lived or ever aspire to live. Have you ever had an infestation of roaches? 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday Stuff: dinner, eyeglasses, groceries

Dinner Friday night was meatballs that were thawed put into a casserole with spaghetti sauce over the meatballs and mozzarella cheese on top. Everything was cooked previously, so this just needed heating to bubbly goodness. We had a Romaine and tomato salad. Tommy then had a meatball sandwich on a croissant.  

There is about half of the casserole left. I suppose we will have that Saturday night along with another salad. The meatballs were cooked before being frozen, so heating is all we need. Good! 

Maybe I will prepare three more of these and put them in the freezer. There will be nights I appreciate thawing and heating. Even slicing the mozzarella was a chore today. You know there are days like that. And, this was so good, I cannot wait for another.  

At The Pig I bought bananas. I still have not had one today. I will. I also bought bologna, three cans of Starkist tuna, one pineapple Mexican-made carbonated drink, and maybe something else. I cannot locate the receipt. That makes about $11 I have spent this week. I know I did not need the pineapple drink. The tuna and bologna are for stockup. 

I tried to make an appointment for an eye exam, sorely overdue. This was Tuesday. But, NO. I must wait for the "scheduler" to call me. That was annoying. So, she called yesterday and cheerfully told me that insurance, Medicare, will not pay again until 2022 since I just had new glasses in 2019. Or, something like that. 

After I thanked her, she seemed so happy to give me bad news and do her job. While I was waiting outside Tommy's doctor office this morning, I called back. I explained it all to her and how I had not had new frames since 1998, and that I had NEVER had an eye exam at this business. She checked and said I had been there in 2018 and 2019 but both of those were a medical problem. Finally, she got it right. 

So, after three calls on three days and 20 minutes today, I am having an eye exam. Scheduling should not be so complicated. Right?

One eye doctor has already defrauded the government by submitting a bill to Medicare for glasses in 2014 that I never got. I know this call was only 30 minutes out of my life, but these encounters are stressful. 

What is the longest you have used glasses frames? This makes 23 years for me. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Food that Built America, Amazon Return, I DO NOTWANT TO COOK!

 On the History Channel we watch documentaries such as "The Food that Built America." This is fascinating. Last year, it was about people like Heinz and Nestle. This year, it about the 20th century and Reese, Hershey, and others. I suppose the last episodes we watched were all about chocolate. At any rate, the viewing is superior to murder shows. 

If we are going to be forced to veg out, these documentaries are a better choice than most television, not that I don't enjoy a good Young Sheldon. Have you seen these food history documentaries?

After I ordered two assistive devices, I was informed the package had been put in the mailbox. No, it was not there. Since we waited until the next morning after the 7 pm delivery, we are not sure whether the deliverer lied, if it was put in the wrong mailbox, or was stolen. At any rate, another was sent out. 

On Tuesday, we finally received a package that was "delivered" on Monday. I suspected it was the original. Then, on Wednesday, I received the order again. Today, when I called to return the duplicate order, the woman immediately said, "YOU HAVE RESTORED MY FAITH IN HUMANITY!" Since I was puzzled, she had to explain it to 

I could not keep that order and sleep at night. What kind of people would keep a duplicate order? She told me to use it or donate it. Well, we can use the duplicate. 

Earlier today, I tried to make an appointment for an eye exam but the woman took my number and said I would get a call from the scheduling department and no I could not talk to them now. Is this the way appointments are made now?

Unfortunately, it appears I may have to cook tonight. bummer Maybe if I search the refrigerator, I can find something to eat without cooking! Do you ever not want to cook and must? If I were not feeding Tommy, I would scramble an egg and have some green beans later and eat applesauce. I am afraid he now expects food!

Have you seen these food documentaries? 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Thermometer and Cravings

 While it is still below freezing, the temperature Wednesday should rise above freezing later this afternoon. I have not stuck my nose out of the house since Sunday. No thanks. Tommy lets in a lot of air and leaves the door open every time he goes to washing machine or to the mailbox. But, it is my choice for the door to be open as I wish to hear him if he falls and yells for me. This is my choice in the summer, too. 

Wednesday morning, all seven of my tulips have bloomed, but some not fully. They are red but appear to be a deep pink, almost red. I would rather have pink, anyway. I brought them home on 2/14 and they are all bloomed on 2/17. It is fun to watch them. 

Like I have said, there are no windows to place things to get sun. So, these have been sitting under/beside an incandescent bulb in a lamp. Obviously, this works for blooms. I wonder if seeds would germinate. 

I am going to try to make a better pizza crust tonight. I will read the directions on the pizza crust We need to use the open container of Prego Pizza Sauce. Tonight, we will have meatballs, bell pepper, and onions on top along with the sauce and cheese. I may let Tommy cut the meatballs into small pieces if I don't want to cut them. 

Even though it was bitterly cold last night, the temperature in the house was uniform and warm. Of course, the bedroom I sleep in is always colder except in the summer when it is torrid. 

I said I had used all the dishes. No, four of the glass dishes that I use in the oven were still in the dishwasher. I just could not see them in the dark! The tongs that Tommy said were not in the dishwasher were in there, hiding in the dark. When I ask Tommy to get something from dishwasher or off a shelf, he sees how difficult it is to function in the dark since he needs to get a strong flashlight and still cannot find things.

Amazon brought my pedal exerciser today. I finally got it put together as there were minimal instructions or pictures. This item weighs only 8 pounds, so it is infinitely easier to handle as opposed to the 28 pound elliptical. 

After finishing this post, I tried my new pedal exerciser. The motion of the pedal does not hurt my knee like the elliptical. Within one minute I knew two things. The pedaler works. Doing it without shoes hurts my foot.   So, I need to wear shoes when using it. The elliptical had a flat pad where the foot sat. This cost $110 less than the elliptical.                                                                                                  

Another package was reported by email to have been left in the mailbox. But, it was not there, so the two assistive devices are being sent again. I suppose someone stole it. 

I finished loading the dishwasher in record time and with an enormous number of large and heavy items. While it hurt my back to load it and took forever with my breaks, I still hurt less than I would have. I am also dry. Washing dishes with my elbows on the edge of the sink/counter left me soaked. 

Hopefully, everyone is warm and safe, forgoing using generators inside or any other heating means that can kill with carbon monoxide or flames. Three days without heat, electricity, or water in subzero weather is a terrible burden and danger. 

I am glad we are having pizza since we are watching a documentary on pizza in America. 

I am craving two things: chocolate anything and chicken. What am I going to do about it. First, I am making brownies. As for the chicken, I may thaw one of the pieces of breast. In the meantime, a 6 lb. package of chicken thighs is thawing so I can cook that for Tommy while I eat the breast. 

What are you craving and what are you going to do about it?

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Tulips and Snow

 When I awoke about noon, Tommy said there was snow on the ground at 8 am but not falling. By the time I looked out, there was just a little deep in the grass around a small tree. So, I missed that. 

I put the vase of tulips near my lamp beside me, sort of under the shade. I suppose they like that light because they grew taller so that I could not scoot the lamp over. One tulip started blooming then another last night. This morning, four are in the process of blooming. Of course, I check on them every ten minutes! 

There is no bread, so I just had cheese and a diet Coke for breakfast and then banana and milk. I won't die without bread! I might make pancakes or biscuits or something bready. I need something hot. Hot chocolate?

I think every dish in the kitchen that I use is dirty. I just did not feel like washing anything as long as I had something else to use, I  At any rate, they will be easy to wash with the dishwasher. 

Amazingly, the temperature is still below freezing--26F. Tommy took my laundry out and now must go out again to retrieve it. 

Yesterday, I received an email informing me that my delivery of the pedal thing was delayed. Okay. Then, about 8 pm, I received an email saying an assistive device was in the mailbox. I decided it was too late and cold to go out. 

Tommy went out about 2 pm, and there was nothing in the mailbox. So, I called and the assistive devices are somewhere according to the cs person at Amazon. They may have been stolen or be in someone's mailbox, just not ours. I really wanted those. But, I was assured that if they were not here at 7:01 pm, that they would automatically be reordered and redelivered. 

The sun is shining brilliantly, so the cold does not matter at all to me. Of course, if I had no heat or food or means of surviving, the sunshine would not thrill me. 

What yummy foods are you cooking up to keep the cold at bay and your tummy warm? I think we will have leftover roast, share the one potato left, green beans and Suddenly Salad Ranch and Bacon with grape tomatoes. Temperature at your house? 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Is it cold yet? Good News

 Bananas are within arm's reach. Since it is wet all over the northern half of the state, the roads will freeze tonight. Thankfully, I have bananas. Otherwise, I would now be out getting bananas if I did not have any. 

First world problem? Yes, I have so much more than bananas. 

Last night, amazingly, my feet were warm. So, I slept well. Now, my feet are almost skinny again. I need to keep them skinny for my comfort. And health. We still keep the heat at 64F, so I am not sure how I kept them warm. AND, I keep my feet on the ottoman.

However, I am still barefoot and in short gown. Tommy dresses more warmly. I have a light, soft, knit jacket I often slip on so my arms will not get cold. It is going down to 14F tonight, so Tommy has gone out to hang a bulb in his washer so it won't freeze. 

Good News

My allergist has been approved to receive the Moderna vaccine! I have had my name in for a month. This vaccine will be for those who are patients of the allergist. So, now the doctor must receive the vaccine. I am much relieved he is approved since I had a bad reaction to a vaccine and so did my infant daughter 4 years later. 

How cold is it at your house? What is the projection for tonight?

Is anyone having a vaccine at an allergist office?

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Into the Freezer! Grocery Shopping, THE MOST AMAZING SIGHT

 Once again, I erased a whole post! I finally figured out that when I managed to turn anything blue and then try to type, the whole shebang disappears. I am a fast typist if not entirely accurate. So, the inaccuracy causes me to hit a key (and I don't know which) that causes me to erase it all! 

Saturday, I froze meat for 25 meals in pint bags. Each bag held a meal for two, so 46 portions. 

2 packages one chicken breast.

23 packages of 16 meatballs in each pint.

I had 3 4-lb. bags of Armour Meat Balls that were thawed. So, I heated/cooked them and re-bagged them in meal-size portions. So, 12 lbs of meatballs are resting for me to thaw at mealtime. I am so happy. 

Earlier in the day, I went to Publix for bananas and carrots. Just before I got out of the car, I asked Tommy if he wanted to buy flowers for me. He said, "How about candy?"  

I purchased both. I found a bag of Lindt truffles, dark chocolate. As I looked over the flowers, I found a 11" vase with tulip bulbs not yet blooming. Green leaves are about 6" above the top of the vase. The idea is to watch them blossom. That appealed to me. So, I spent $16 on his card and came home deliriously happy. 

The huge vases of roses were $25. But, those did not suit me. 

It was like Christmas crowds up front. The candy, and flowers were on extra shelves and the bakery section near the candy and flowers was loaded with all sorts of hearts, red, and pink confections. It was all so tempting. 

THE MOST AMAZING SIGHT--In a cold case were clamshells in the shape of a heart with a thick steak cut almost in half and opened to fit in the heart clamshell. It was very impressive. Refrigerated sides were present with this meat presentation. I forgot what kind of steak it was. But, there was something for everyone.

So, I bought the bananas, carrots, Lindt truffles, tulips, and a reduced can of apricot filling. The apricot filling goes into stockup. 

So far, I have spent $105 this month. 

Have you put meat into the freezer? 

Happy Valentine's Day

 Saturday night, I needed bananas, carrots. I asked Tommy if he wanted to buy me flowers. He said how about candy? So, I went in and decided to get flowers and candy for me. 

I chose a bag of dark chocolate Lindor truffles. I always get the milk chocolate because he does not care for dark. Then, I looked over the flowers on display. I chose a round, clear 12" tall vase that had seven tulips growing in water. I could have gotten ones with blooms, but this one spoke to me. I can watch the blossoms unfold. I can also use this later for tulip or paper white or other bulbs. 

In the bottom of the vase is a plate type thing that has spikes to hold it off the bottom of the vase and spikes to hold the bulbs. Supposedly, this produces a superior position for growing tulips. 

Approximately $16 was spent on his card. A big arrangement of roses or something red in a vase was $24. I know the money does not count and the thought does. But, he would never think of these tulips or even mean it. So, I got my candy and flowers, maybe not what others would call ideal. But, I am very happy.  

The front of the store had been dedicated to all things Valentine. There was a heart-shaped clamshell with a very thick steak cut almost through and opened into the heart clamshell. Of course, it had been trimmed a bit to be a heart shape. The end of the bakery nearest the front display had all sorts of heart and red treats and pink confections. It was all quite festive. 

The crowd in the store was like a Christmas crowd! I have heard sales on things Valentine are up, supposedly because there is not much going out or traveling. 

Dinner today will not be special, just food. 

How was your Valentine's Day? 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

My Book Recommendation

 This book answered questions I have had since I was a small child. Why did Aggie not eat at our table? Why did she eat in the dining room while we ate at the kitchen table? 

Coming of Age in Mississippi is a powerful commentary on race, sexism and other issues that faced Anne Moody. It is the autobiography of Anne Moody. The link is a whole page of sites. Choose what you like. 

This was not an assigned book at the university, nor was it recommended by anyone. It just appealed to me because I was born in Mississippi. 

Is this something you might like since it explains the sociological influences that informed how blacks should act that she lived with? Can you put this on your reading list?  Have you read this book?

Friday, February 12, 2021

This and That on Friday

 It is cold and rainy, much better than many parts of the country. But, I don't have to like it. However, last night, Thursday night, we needed the ac for the overpowering heat and stifling condition. The cold and rain will last a bit longer, and it appears our trip to Cullman will be toward the end of the week. 

I returned the elliptical and found I was losing about $26 on the return. And, the guy showed up today to pick it up! Of course, we were not here. 

When I called Amazon to figure out why I did not get all my money, it was because I chose "I did not need it" when I should have chosen that it was "Not what I expected" which is true. So, now I get the whole price returned to me. And, now I have another pickup date for early Monday morning. 


We are very slowly throwing things out of the house that have been here for decades. At first, he refused to get rid of anything. 

When I was putting something in the freezer, a tiny bag slid into sight. It was a portion of cooked pork loin from December that I had saved for another day. I just love having cooked meat and can add vegetables for a meal. 

About 3 pm as we came home, the chic-fil-A truck was parked near the taco truck in a church parking lot. We had a sandwich and that is the last one I will get there. The chicken was no longer crispy and mine had two pickles. gag. And, it was too expensive.

Tonight, we had a spinach salad in a bag. We divided it--baby spinach, raisins, bacon, almonds, and sweet onion dressing. The spinach/carrot/cabbage salad had five shreds of carrot and maybe six of cabbage. LOL Tommy had a small potato from the oven last night and a bit of chicken. I had just a bit of spinach and a bit of chicken. 

I love raw spinach, but I had to take off the stems, so it was slow going. 

I love the miracle of a dishwasher! We are actually using real dishes. However, we are still using plastic utensils and plastic to drink. We will get there.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Small Economies for Tommy

Today, Tommy's supplies came. He was sort of flabbergasted by the volume of the razors. I ordered 72 for $18.75. I was confused because there were 15 packages of 6 each. But, I counted packages!  There was no way that was correct. Finally, I realized there were only 5 per pack and he got 15 packages instead of the ordered 12 packages of 6, so 75 razors. In other words, he got more packages with fewer in each packages. That would have been 26.04 cents each for 72. By getting 75 razors, he paid 25 cents each. His savings is over 75 cents. It is not much, but that money is still his. 

He will usually not buy two of anything, much less 75. He thinks the dozen containers of Gillette Shaving Cream will last him several years. I am corrupting a good way. 

He only wanted to order one box of needle pens for his insulin. If they are okay, he will buy several boxes. He pays $13.88 for a box of 100. For these pen needles, he paid $6.99 for 100 ($13.98 for 200), a real saving at 50%. He will order another 4 boxes if he likes these. 

The main savings with the pen needles is he does not have to traverse the cavernous Sam's Club to purchase the pen needles he must have to administer life saving medicine. The last time we went, I convinced him to buy 5 boxes. So, he will be set for over a year with the next order. I don't suppose there are best by, or use by dates. I will see.  Mostly, he is not exposed to people. 

He is not in the mood to take the time to program his new answering machine. Plus, I would have to endure the muting of the TV. Okay, he took time and it works. I wanted to know soon. It works.

Today the forecast is 100% rain. Right now, at almost 3 pm, it is 63F and barely sprinkling. The ac has been on since last night. Okay, he said no precipitation. He said it was noisy, raining, stormy last night and early morning. 5 pm and still 63F.

Last night, the chicken did not make it into the oven. I thawed a chicken leg and thigh for Tommy. He had the biggest salad I have ever seen him make. I had scrambled eggs, milk and  a banana. Then some cheese.  Tonight, I suppose I must cook. I really want chicken. Carrots, potatoes, and onions will go in the bag with the chicken breasts. He really loves the new Italian Blend I sprinkle over chicken now. Maybe I will find some other vegetable to add to the chicken. 

After I was converted to being an Amazon fan, I finally converted him. I was a hard sell. How long did it take you to become an Amazon fan?

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Someplace Different

 A week or so ago, a new Buccee's opened in Leeds, AL. We wanted to go there but not when they opened. Today, was the perfect day. They had 120 gas pumps. Oh, my. I was not needing to go inside just to look at the layout, which I hear is filled with baked goodies and such. 

Tommy only needed about $12 worth of gas. Gas was $2.08, less than the $2.12 here. So, that was it. We drove around reading the signs about picking up after dogs. There were even stations with bags in case you forgot yours. 

This is only the second Buccee's in AL. So, this was hyped as a big deal. Even fudge inside could not get me inside. I did not want to go in if Tommy could not.

Buccee's was huge. 

I took a picture of my bluebird before sunset. I have done nothing else to upload it or post. Sorry. I need to find someone to cut it out for me for pay. First, I need to find scraps of 2x4s. I have everything else.

The day's news/TV coverage has been upsetting to me. I do want to hear and see the scenes that we have not seen. 

On the way back from Buccee's to continue watching the trial, I did stop at The Pig to buy two pints of ice cream for $1 each. While there, I found a eye of round roast. I will probably cut this into two pieces of freeze one. Maybe I will just cook the whole thing and freeze half of the frozen meat. I love round steak because it is so lean and usually so thin. 

The next four or five days, we will be housebound. The rain on Thursday (100%) will keep us indoors. There is plenty to be done--loading and unloading dishes from the dishwasher, maybe loading it again with his stuff in the cabinets,  folding clothes, sorting items that get put down when I am under the weather, sorting more food and getting it placed where it belongs, baking a poke cake. Remember, I am slow. 

Yesterday, when I washed my hair, I managed to get a lot of shampoo into my left eye. Now, it feels like an acid burn. It hurts so bad. 

Right now, I must put chicken breasts and vegetables into a cooking bag. 

Have you been watching the trial? 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Bluebird of Happiness

 Okay, I have a bluebird and I am happy. I saw this one hanging in a tree at my friend's house when we ate in their backyard two weeks ago. She was going to get the pattern for me. But, her friend cannot find the pattern. I am going to make a pattern and then make a bluebird or two. I think I might just sell these. I intend to use free scraps of 2x4s. Then, and eye for the top for a piece of wire and a spray of blue and it will be done.

Tomorrow, come hell or high water, I am going to learn how to post a picture on here. 

So, we went to Cullman today. I got my mail, picked up the bird, ate lunch and watched my feet swell. That is always fun. 

The sky was broody looking on the way up, but the clouds cleared and it was the most beautiful day with a dark blue sky and white fluffy clouds. It was day to make my heart sing. 

Since I need a bed and have had no luck finding a used one, I went online, decided I could look in an Ashley store, and did just that. The iron bed was $100 less in the store. I will not quit looking for a used bed until the day I buy the bed. I also found a comfortable chair at a reasonable price, but I am sure the quality is low. 

Trust me, I can find plenty of beds, but not one with a footboard that comes above the mattress. My sheets and blankets fall/slide every which way without a footboard to help hold them in place.  I am too old to deal with this. I cannot give a sheet or blanket a flip to get the sheet or anything else across the bed. But, I am still looking for an old, cheap used bed to use as is or paint. 

I went into two no-name stores and found nothing. Who likes a bed with only a headboard and no footboard? Not me. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Today's Stuff

 Today, we went out to the hated big box. I now sit in the parking lot and wait for an electric cart to come out. I no longer go into the store, walking too much, and fretting, sitting, or coming back to the car without  an electric cart. We just start off roaming the parking lot and then sitting and watching. 

Today, we spied an electric cart and went to the other end of the parking lot to snag it. As we got there, the woman on the cart was not moving. I asked for the cart when she was through with it. She told me to meet her at the bus stop. We drove behind her to keep someone from hitting her as she did not bother to move to one side. 

She was an elderly, black woman with four bags. She was not big as a minute. I got out of the car and stood by her and watched for cars. I helped her get her rollator out of the basket of the electric cart. A woman near the store had helped her put it in the cart. 

I rescued her coffee cup full of coffee, lying in the cart. She was upset it had fallen over. A young woman on the bus came out and helped her. The elderly woman told me to help her I could put her bags in a seat on the bus. I had to tell her I could not get on the bus. She assured me they would let me on. She looked me up and down when I told her I was not capable of getting on the bus. Well, I could but not with four bags and one holding a cup of coffee. Someone would need to help me! She was in disbelief, but I told her it was my back. 

The young woman got her and the walker on the curb and up the bus steps. I drove back to Tommy's car  in the cart and got a Publix tote bag and rode back to the bus, waving the bag so someone would see me. The driver did see me and must have sent the young woman out to me. I told her the woman needed a bag, so give this one to her. 

It felt good all over to be able to give her a bag to help with her purchases. When you think you have problems, just consider having to ride a bus with bags and walker. Hopefully, someone back home watches out for her. Maybe not. 

I bought little. 

The Ball regular lids and bands were on the shelves, so I purchased one box of a dozen lids and bands. The Ball leak-proof, black lids were on the shelf, so I bought a package of four. Well, I thought I did. What I bought was four 4-oz storage jars and the leak-proof lids. 

For storage, I bought one can of petite-diced tomatoes and a can of Armour chili, no beans. And, there was chocolate in heart-shaped boxes that found their way into my bags. At another store we bought Dasani water and one package of bologna for the freezer. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

I Changed My Mind

 Using the elliptical was never comfortable or natural. Finally, I caught on to what "elliptical" meant. I knew the meaning of the word but not in relation to the machine I had or the machine a person sits on. I know, pretty dumb. 

The motion of the elliptical was not working for me because I was trying to pedal. Like a bike. At times, it seemed I stalled even though I was trying. Then, when I stalled it was as though the machine was trying to back pedal. I was hating the whole thing--the elliptical motion.

One day, somehow I hurt my ankle. So, the elliptical motion was painful even though walking was and  no problem. I solved all this. 

I am returning the elliptical and getting a machine that pedals like a bike. The upside of that is the pedal machine is about $100 cheaper!

For some reason, the last two orders from Amazon have not been successful. One order was for grandchildren, so I suppose I am in trouble!  

Some of the dishes in the sink were in a dishpan that was so coated and nasty. I was afraid Tommy would want to keep it. There is nothing wrong with it. But, I was not going to stand and scrub it. I asked him if he wanted to keep it. "No." Good. 

Has anyone used an elliptical and found it unsatisfactory as far as the motion?

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Hiccups and other stuff

 On and off all day Friday, I had the hiccups. They would come and leave just as quickly. I might hiccup for fifteen minutes one time and only five the next. One time, my father had hiccups for two weeks. I am not enjoying this and cannot imagine how he managed for two weeks. So far, this Saturday, I have had hiccups after taking one pill. 

It is noon and I am waiting to be able to eat for the first time today. Of course, I have only been up for about two hours. The kitchen needs attention, but trying to work when I am famished makes me feel sick. 

He does not know it yet, but he is going to clean the sink after we clean off the counters. He will not argue at all. He cleaned off the whole counter on one side of the sink last week and used a Clorox wipe after is was cleaned with a paper towel. He actually cleaned it better than I expected.   

By the way, one commenter accused Tommy of beating me, among other ridiculous claims. He has never hit me or threatened to hit me. I am amazed the things people decide to believe without a scrap of evidence. Do you even read what I write? 

Okay, it after 6 pm. I mentioned work we needed to do and he said, "Well, this is not off yet" indicating something that came on at 4 pm! So, I told him the extent of cleaning, tossing, organizing and spraying. He is okay with it. 

We went out only to pick up a prescription ready for me. It was test strips for a blood sugar tester that I do not have, never have had! 

Today has been drizzly, cloudy, wet, cold to the bone, 40Fs. I could have napped all day under the blankets. I think I will have hot chocolate. 

Lunch for me was a banana and milk, snack was one piece of bread with peanut butter and jelly, 1/2 cup milk. 

A Krystal was needed when we went out. 

Dinner tonight is chicken leg/thigh cooked in tasty tomato broth, cooked cabbage, sweet potato, strawberries. 

later, I will have applesauce and yogurt.

What makes a person have hiccups more than a dozen times each day? Do you ever have hiccups ofte?. Before now, I only had hiccups every couple of months. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

Thread and a Bird

 Wednesday, everything Tommy has left for years in the sink was put in the dishwasher. He even had plastic carryout items in the sink. The huge stack between the stove and refrigerator was dish items he stored in the refrigerator. He sorted and I put them in the dishwasher. Tomorrow, he is going to clean the sink since standing and bending at the angle needed really hurts my back. I will tell him tomorrow. 

Some of the items were mine! When I came here, he yelled that they were his. No, there is a dish from my Corelle and several Tupperware dishes. He has calmed down this last year and accepts they are mine. Remember, I sent food home with every week for about 12 years. 

Also, there is a bunch of trash and a box we are going to move so I can vacuum the carpet, just a little area. I can only vacuum the carpet I can uncover. The box and contents are headed to the trash, too. 

So, those are two goals tomorrow: clean sink and counter and move tiny, nasty box and vacuum the bit of floor where it looks like a disintegrated box or something. 

Thur. lunch

bologna sandwich, banana, milk

Thursday dinner

zucchini, squash, and onion bake, chicken in StoveTop stuffing

snack in afternoon, chocolate, applesauce; after dinner, strawberries, milk

I bought the canned chicken bogo and opened one can to see if was something we would eat in the future. We opened it, tasted it and stored it. So, it was time to eat it. After I decided it was good, I went back and bought four more cans, of course, only paying for two. 

Friday, I have been exhausted! Not much has been done, but the emptying of the dishwasher and vacuuming a tiny space and throwing out a box is still on the list. 

Friday morning

Banana and milk

Fri afternoon

oatmeal, raisin cookies, strawberries

Friday dinner

two scrambled eggs, cooked cabbage, sweet potato, salad, apple and Halo for me

some sort of chicken stew with vegetable for Tommy

Later applesauce I need to finish the jar.

Tuesday and Wednesday had not a cloud in the sky. Friday, gloomy and no sun all day. Maybe this is why I have been so tired. I slept 1.5 hours in the car listening to bird calls. 

My black thread for the serger arrived Friday. The day I was going to call and complain mightily, a representative called and asked me, "Do you still want the black thread you ordered?"  "Of course, I do!" So, it is here. Happy dance!

A friend invited us to eat with them next Thursday in Cullman and outdoors. That will be something to look forward to for next week! I will make a pattern from a bird she has outdoors so I can make some birds for us. I am excited to finish the pattern and get on to crafting the bird. I do intend to find free wood to make it. Only a can of spray paint will be needed for this project. YAY!

Do you have a project in the works that will make you happy?

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Things and I made pizza dough

 Wednesday, I was supposed to go to Huntsville to pick up documents to give to my attorney. When Tommy woke me, I said okay. Then, the came back and I moved and groaned. I think he came back a third time or either I got up. But, I told him I could not go, that I was too exhausted. So, we did not. An hour later, at 10 am, I told him I was tired and going to bed. I awoke at 3:45. Yes, I was exhausted. 

We went for a ride. I made spaghetti for dinner, using the seasoned meat from Tuesday night and dumped in the green beans. It was delicious until I dumped all but the first few bites onto the carpet. It was in a pile, so I used my hand to remove the top of the pile and left all the meat and the rest of the spaghetti and sauce on the carpet. A dishtowel amazingly removed it all. Not even a stain was left. 

After the spilled spaghetti, I was too disgusted to eat the leftover sweet potato! Wednesday night--a bit of spaghetti,  two granny smith apples diced, sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and butter in the oven. 

So, spaghetti with meat and green beans, baked apples. Lunch was a bologna sandwich eaten at 4 pm, so I suppose it was breakfast and lunch about dinnertime. banana and apple. The spaghetti had red bell peppers and mushrooms in abundance. 

Speaking of carpets, the dishwasher guy unloaded the rest of the undersink items. I had a tub of stuff I bought and dragged it out before he came. Tommy had complained about me touching his stuff. So, his stuff was removed by someone else. The guy did not put it back which was okay. I told Tommy to let's go and see what needed to be kept and what needed to be thrown out. 

The four things the guy removed were all for carpet cleaning. Tommy said to throw them all away as I showed him one at a time. There is more of his stuff under the sink, but I was not going to deal with that right now or then, as it were. From the way he talked, the carpet cleaners were at least 30 years old. Things that needed to be thrown out are slowly being thrown out. 

A day later he laughed and told me when he first got the new carpet, he got down on his knees and cleaned every tiny spot on the carpet. He was laughing because he does not care now. Well, he cannot get down on his knees or use a carpet cleaner. He said he even rented a carpet cleaner!

I was so exhausted after the dishwasher installation episode, I did not even wash dishes. The next night, I put in a few things and ran it. Thursday, I will start washing the dishes from dinner tonight and the stacks of dishes that were here when I came here. I predict that our consumption of paper plates and plastic forks and spoons will decrease dramatically.  

The plumber managed to stab his index finger with a screwdriver as he inserted the little plastic screw to attach the toe piece on the dishwasher. He jerked back and sort of moaned as he snatched off the thin glove he used. He sort of rocked back and forth on his knees. He was shaking. I think he was trying to keep from crying from the look on his face. Or curse, or scream. 

He jumped up and put his finger under the faucet and I came and asked to see it. It definitely could use at least one stitch. He let it bleed with water running on it. I gave him a clean dishcloth and he wrapped it up. I didn't know where a band aid was located. I gave him Mupirocin to put on and then just gave him the whole tube. He was grateful and expressed it many times. I need to find the band aids!

Several months ago, I finally found pizza dough mix. I decided I would make pizza dough and a pizza. Tommy said sauce and cheese were find. He would prefer other ingredients, but said he wanted just cheese. 

If I had followed the directions on the package, it would have been perfect. But, no! Why follow directions? 

I bought a second brand to compare, so I may make that later because I need to eat or freeze the pizza sauce. It took a third of the 14 oz jar, about 4 ounces. So, I will freeze it in two half pint Ball canning jars. It is so expensive that I am going to make the next batch of pizza sauce and freeze the homemade one. I have found pizza sauce recipes on the internet. Does anyone have a recipe or advice as to how you make pizza sauce. It cost $2 for 14 oz. 

When my brother was about 12yrs old, he was a bottomless pit and my mother fed him all the fast food he wanted and all she could cook of healthy food. I had gone to school and learned from friends to make pizza. Maybe I was married. I told her how to make the pizza dough from a little mix, dress it, and make them in her oven without cost and leaving home to go buy food for him. Now, I forgot what I bought or did that I taught her. 

Now, I am going to the kitchen and load the dishwasher with things that are recently dirty and dishes that have been sitting here for at least a year before I arrived. Hopefully, he will allow the chipped and cracked dishes. If not, he can wash them himself. I don't want them breaking in the dishwasher. I have told him he repairs the dishwasher if anything breaks and messes up the new dishwasher. 

No, I am not making dough from scratch. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Double Coupons, Refund, Dental Appointment

I had my Ronco spaghetti and coupons on the belt at the grocery store. I mentioned to make sure the coupon actually doubled.  There are times at The Pig that the coupon does not double on the pasta and it should. They always rectify the problem. Well, Tuesday, the manager said he got an email that there are no more double coupons. Bummer!

This was the last good deal. All the senior deals are going away. I hope The Pig still has the 5% deal for seniors. Have you found any of the special deals of any kind that help cut costs are disappearing? 

Tuesday, I went to Cullman for a dental appointment. I had two fillings on two teeth right next to each other on the bottom. The cavities were just little lines at the gum line. I was in and out in 25 minutes. I was shocked the time was so short. 

I know I brush well and often, always at least twice each day. Often, I do brush more often each day. I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come as far as cavities forming. The last cavity I had healed itself and just sits there. 

I took my boombox and the bird call cd and listened to that while he worked. I did ask first. Yes, I know a phone and ear things would be less of a hassle. The cost after insurance was $96.

When I arrived at the dentist office, it appeared I was going camping, running away, or something. I had my purse across my chest, a throw blanket for my feet rolled up and under my arm, and this clunky boom box.  

The money was in my account because I had just gone to the store where I bought the dishwasher. I was refunded $100 back to my account, a refund for installation. It worked out well, going straight to the dentist. 

Tuesday Lunch--Whopper Jr, fries, tiny Coke

Tuesday Dinner--hamburger without bun, sweet potato, green beans, butter on my sweet potato

I put a package of onion soup mix in the ground beef and used the meat masher to stir in the dry soup mix as the ground beef cooked. It was so delicious! 

Tuesday night, Tommy and I were talking about food and eating. He exclaimed he could not believe how much I ate. I asked him if he noticed I was fat. He said, "but you never gain weight with all you eat." He was not being mean, just astounded. I weighed a pound less on Wednesday than on Tuesday. 

He brooks no discussion when he is wrong. Just yells at me. 

Are you finding good deals are passing away?                                                                                                                                                     

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Ottoman in the House!


The ottomans above are not like mine. They are part of what shows up in ads once I had search for "ottoman."

A very generous person offered to send me an ottoman from Target. All I had to do was choose one. I did. The one I wanted was cream because the garnet one was out of stock. I mentioned I would cover it with a throw since is was white. She sent me a garnet throw, too, and warranty on the ottoman. 

If you want to see more of these fantastical ottomans, CLICK HERE. Since they are around $800, they are out of my league. Of course, if I had the money, I would not buy them. I might copy the top one. 

These are from Mackenzie Child's. 

My ottoman:

She also sent a garnet throw and it is beautiful. This was definitely a wise choice, I think. I am using it and it is perfect! 

Have you ever noticed if you do a search for an item that your home page is full of ads for that item? 

Monday, February 1, 2021

Synching, Saving, ETC UPDATE UPDATE

 Walgreen's offered the chance to synch my medications, making all of them due for refill on the same day. This will save many trips to the pharmacy. Sometimes, we sit for 30 minutes to get one prescription. At that same time, I am denied the opportunity to pick up a refill on a different medication until the next day. That is so discouraging. 

Just now, I received a call, saying the name of med and asking if I wanted a refill tomorrow. This is an upgrade from the mysterious calls saying a have an unnamed prescription and to please call. I let them know my displeasure when I get a call and then they do not know what to refill. !!!

Going inside does not shorten the wait! Nothing helps, so you have to go with the flow. This opportunity at Walgreen's will provide relief. Does your pharmacy offer this service?

Going into the thrift store looking for an ottoman cost me. My back has been hurting ever since that foray. Well, it got better Sunday. 

Using the elliptical pedaler has helped my feet not to be so swollen. Getting an adequate amount of sleep has helped, too. 

It is Monday morning. The plumber was to be here at 9 am to fix plumbing to install the dishwasher and finish the installation. It is now 10:20 and he will "be here soon." This is making me nuts. 

Do you have synching with your prescriptions? 10:30 and still not here. You can see how this is going!


Dishwasher installed and cost $389! I am horrified at the cost.

Doctors and a List

My allergist called me for my 1pm telemedicine visit. I had talked to him a week ago when he gave me the nose drops. He was astounded at my ...