Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Chicken Pen

As you know, my hens lived in a 10'x10'x8' dog pen with a tarp over the top. I always used small, cheap tarps that didn't cover the pen completely. Once it got too many holes, I would replace the tarp with an equally inadequate tarp. The last time I got a thicker tarp that covered the pen and was attached down on the walls.

After a rain I noticed a small pool on top of the tarp as I looked out the kitchen window. After a few days I noticed a sag that was about the size of a bathtub. A few days later when I walked out, the chain link fence had collapsed. Well, the frame is mangled. I think the chain link will survive.

The water weight destroyed every thing in the pen--table, two new Rubbermaid boxes for living and laying, an old box for hens to get into when the wind blew. I think the water heater will survive. It appears the whole thing was made of foil since it crumpled so easily.

I only had one hen in the pen. Everyone asked me where my hen went. There were three options--a raccoon got in the broken cage, she got out and a raccoon got her, or she hid somewhere until she was found by a raccoon. Four days later as I came to the steps to go inside, I found a pile of chicken butt feathers. If you don't know, chickens have very fluffy butt feathers--very distinctive++. So, she lived for four days and was coming to me when she was found by a cat or something in the afternoon.

Tuesday, I had an endoscopy done. Since I am exhausted, I am not responding to comments. I cannot even see where the iv was put into the back of my hand. For the first time, a huge red band was attached to my wrist--"Fall Risk." She said they put these on people who have had anesthesia.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Blood Sugar, Bargains, Pollen

Okay, it looks like I am in business.

Since Nov. 27, 2018, lots has happened. I have found some great bargains and my problems with the meds for diabetes is over. However, the early and intense spring  blooms have caused me constant health problems.

This is my second laptop this year and I love this one. I can no longer use a black laptop keyboard. It's just too hard to see the keys. This one is silver and has lights under the keys that can be tuned on for better viewing at night. It was on sale! Of course, there are sales all the time.

Now, I have to retrieve the money from Paypal  to pay for this. Thank you so much.

Two weeks ago (Tommy says it was two months ago) I had a brilliant idea. There is an event every year that has awful food. They use a processed turkey roll, nasty dressing, and a Little Debbie Christmas tree for dessert. I think  they used a slice of sweet potato, and tasteless veggies--so forgettable!  I suggested  I pack those divided dishes with a lunch and we take them out in time for the dinner. He exclaimed that it was a great idea. So, it is settled.

I called Tommy yesterday/Friday afternoon. I thought I had awakened him. He was lippy and, hurting my feelings--terse. I told him I was going to call the police if he did not talk to me right. Yep, they made a welfare check and got his blood sugar up to 60 by feeding him from his refrigerator.  When I told him what he said to me, he was shocked. He said they questioned him about lots of things and left only after they saw him eating cereal and milk. He scares me so.

He has no awareness of the fact he is slipping away. I am aware of my problem if my blood sugar goes too low. I asked him to come into the exam room with me when I went to an excellent doctor, endocrinologist. Finally, I said, "I think I sound like I am drunk." Tommy agreed. I know when I slur my words. He is not aware.  I don't know what is the difference between our awareness of our own states.

He remembers my calling at 10 am and then the police were at his door around 5 pm. Actually, I had called him three other times before I had the welfare check done!

The other times I called were short calls because I thought he was napping, and I thought I disturbed him. I also thought he might be watching something on tv and was terse because he wanted me to go away...lol.

No, I have never drunk until I slurred my words, but I have heard others slur words.

Publix had 10 oz. packages of Ghirardelli dark  chocolate chips for $1.50 each  The regular price was over $4. I bought six packages. I would have bought more if I had had more money.  I eat a few chips when I want chocolate. It is much cheaper than other iterations of chocolate.

None Such Mincemeat in the little boxed, concentrated chunks were marked down to $1.50, so I got six of those. The end of 2021 is the use-by date. Original price was $3.49.

Do you have problems with someone who is not aware of the fact their blood sugar is falling or too high? What do you do?

I will be here until I can get back into my blog!

What? How?

I am not sure how I got here or if this will post, so, this is a test post!

Monday, April 8, 2019

I am here!

I don't know what I did, but I am posting somewhere. Can you hear me?

Doctors and a List

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