Thursday, October 31, 2019

Onward to Thanksgiving

There was not much going on for Halloween. Tommy ate all the candy corn! We got candy in little bags at a church dinner. I am certainly not missing anything tonight since I am so ill. I think this is going into my lungs! The day I get through with this medicine, I am going back to the doctor if I am not 100% better. This feels like walking pneumonia.

Cooking anything for Thanksgiving will involve buying cooking utensils. There is nothing here, not even a measuring cup or a bowl for mixing. I need to make a list and see if I feel well enough to stagger into a thrift store. It is usually easy to shop for things like measuring spoons because they are in open containers. I will see.

Hopefully, I can find on sale all the foods I had in my stash, all ready for holiday cooking. Then, I have to figure out the recipes I had from Mama that I still enjoy. This still breaks my heart.

Okay, it IS cold now, in the 40s. I still don't have socks or closed shoes. I am wearing the light jacket over my nightgown. I am not cold when sleeping. I am not cold lying on the loveseat with a light, small throw over waist to legs.

Yesterday, I kept getting warmer in the afternoon. I thought my temp was rising. Finally, alarmed by the apparent state of my health, started discussing with Tommy the fact I was so hot and the furnace never cycled off. . Tommy said the heat would cycle off. He kept turning down the furnace thermostat, but it kept running. Finally, he turned the furnace off for about 10 hours. I have no idea what was going on nor does he.

There will be temps below freezing in the morning. That will not last long and will have no effect on us. Every day the heat will get a little higher until it is in 70s next Tuesday.

I think that Jimmy Kimmel's piece about parents telling children on video That the parent ate all the child's Halloween candy is very cruel. My children warned me not to eat their Halloween candy because they knew me well. Would your child that you had eaten all the Halloween candy for a joke? Have you seen this bit he does every year?

Since I have been here, I only bought a small package of chicken breasts. I am cooking all in his freezer instead of buying food so that I can put cheap turkey breasts in his freezer. I did buy two pork loins, one of which I will cook tomorrow.

Tonight, we had very spicy pork, gotten already cooked and from a food bank. So, pork, baked sweet potatoes, and Pict Sweet Crowder peas. Also, a halo.

Tomorrow, if it kills me, I am getting that dusty table and cpap machine cleaned. Both are behind the bed. Well, I am not cleaning the cpap, just dumping it in a plastic bag. That is my one goal. I cannot get behind the bed, so I will have to lie across it and work. The house looks so much more roomy with the projection television gone and all the other stuff in his room.

Someone is giving me a rollator like Tommy's. I will not use it often, but will at least have it. A guy at his church was donating it, so Tommy spoke up after I told him to claim it.

I want chocolate ice cream.

What is the weather like in your area?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Victory, Smart Source

The Foundry donation truck just left with lots of donation. He let go: 4.5 foot wide projection tv from dining room, speakers; small tv; 2 gal plastic cooler/jug with spigot; some sort of electronic device that he thinks plays cds; computer, tower, speakers, keyboard; metal, rusted tv tray tables; two chairs; box of stuff he filled himself when I was not present. There may be more I cannot remember.

I wanted him to get rid of the computer desk. He refused. It is made of pressed board and sat in my basement until it was green with mold. I asked him to take it to the road one day knowing someone would get it even though the garbage would probably not take it. So, it sits in the room where I sleep. The top sags so I imagine it will fall further one day! wink

He wanted to donate the cpap and was a little irritated I did not give it to them. Well, he wanted it in the trash 3 days ago. Plus, I cannot get to it or unplug it. AND, it is covered with dust I do not want on my bed.

Since he told me the first day or second to not get into things, I just stack things I buy in the kitchen on top of things, including the TV in there, just stored.

He really cannot get some of these out, but he could years ago by asking friends that he had helped.

I really would have liked to have one of those TV trays, but I did not desire to interrupt the peace and explain while the men stood and waited to go to the road. I am quite sure Tommy would have objected.

I could not sleep last night and took a Benadryl. I hate to take it. So, I didn't wake until 12:30 pm. He had full-blown blood sugar drop and was not coherent and kept telling me he had just eaten. Yes, he had. But, this is unusual for him to eat cereal for lunch. Okay, now we are arguing about that. He says now he had cereal for breakfast and peanut butter on pita bread for breakfast. sigh

For weeks I asked what the pink plastic bag in the driveway contained. He said, disgusted, "Oh, just ads." So, I never walked to get the bag. His driveway has a slight slope that is hard for me.
That pink bag has grocery ads! Smart Source newspaper inert is also in the bag!

This is not just a victory to me but for him, too.

He has an orange 6 gallon bucket sitting by the commode in order to have somewhere to put a plunger. He did have two buckets there with all sorts of things. I would have liked to have a waste basket in the other bucket, but I didn't want to ask for it, because the plumber was carrying it out quickly because I said to the plumber that I did not understand all that stuff and wanted Tommy to get rid of it. I make sure everyone knows this is not my house and I just got here. I am going to find an ice cream lid or $1 item from Dollar Tree to replace the orange bucket. I will put it in the utility room.

I forgot to look in his other bedroom for stuff to give away. But, much of that is boxes I asked him to bring here years ago. I need to go through those.

Things in my house were in use or usable. When I got a new tv, I got rid of the old one. I did not use the heater in summer, things like that stayed out. I did move it to another room, but moving it was too hard the last two years.

He has a tiny stick-type vacuum with no bag or filter. Using it will just stir up dirt. So, I have no idea what I will do with the dirt and dust left behind. He will buy a projection TV but a cheap vacuum. ???

There were three guys from the Foundry. One drove and was in my bedroom getting the computer stuff. I told Tommy to go and get my two prescription bottle offs the table. As he left, the guy unhooking the computer said, "Yes, those guys are in rehab." Whew! He understood. He was not in rehab, an office worker. We waited all day for this pickup. Fortunately, we did not want to get out today.

After the news, I needed to go shopping to the tune of $54. When we got home, I could barely stand, did fall down trying to get groceries in that he demanded I get up and carry. THEN, he stood in the doorway, fussing at me in a loud voice. he enjoys public displays of argumentation. I hate it. When I told him to come in to argue, he cursed and said it was what he wanted to do. I tried to explain my hands were shaking, but he said I had to get the groceries. Well, he had the bags in his hands and the cart on his walker had one little thing in it.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Kudzu and

Sunday night, I slept little as I was drinking water, going to bathroom, and then I was wide awake, drank more water, went to bathroom...on and on. The cortisone made my blood sugar rise. I am not sure if I just got it down or also prevented it from rising. I had to take a nap on Sunday, but slept little. So, Sunday night, I slept like a rock once I slept. Then, about two later at 9 am Monday, I took a nap with melatonin.

I scheduled a Foundry pickup. I thought it was today, but it is tomorrow. I convinced Tommy to let me call him. He has a 50+ inch projection tv, whatever that is and his old computer, the fat kind, and all that goes with that. I will broach the subject of donating the broken desk chair, the computer table, and another broken chair, all in this one bedroom I sleep in. Foundry is a mission that helps men and women in addiction. I just hope they do not reject all this stuff.

I asked him what he wanted to do with his cpap machine, throw it out or donate it. He was throw it out! He has not used it in 12 years or more. I can hear him from the other end of the house, snoring and gasping all night long. The table it is no next to my bed holds the cpap. The table has wicker on the top and cannot be easily cleaned. He is not angry at me for all this. He did get ticked off when he thought I threw away his coat hanger.

The rest of the day, I intend to scour the house for other things. We had a huge argument with him denigrating me for trying to give away his good desk chair, the one he took from my house because I was falling as the chair failed. Just now, he said it was the worse of his two chairs. Yes, we have these awful altercations when he is slipping into low blood sugar. I told him how he argued, and he just turned away, back to tv.

I am running a fever. Since I lost the thermometer in the house, it will be a long time before I get another. Right now, I feel like a furnace. Soon, I will be freezing. The ac is on but gives me no relief. Tommy has never owned a thermometer! I doubt will even price one since I have no money and a big dental bill coming up.

There was a weed with a pretty flower trying to get in one of the crawl space vents. He said it is kudzu, that it is all over the neighbor in small clumps. I read in a horticultural magazine that they experimented on a patch of kudzu. After 20 years the kudzu remained despite all measures take to eradicate it.

I forgot what the other thing I wanted to say was!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Church, Doctor, Shopping

Sunday, I could barely walk and Tommy was going to take me to the doctor instead of going to church. But, I pulled myself together and got ready and went to church. Instead of singing, I put my purse on the end of the pew and rested my head. These are the type pews that has a huge solid end with no lower part to rest and arm. I washed my hair about 11 pm and went to bed with it wet. I only teased the crown and did not try to curl it before I left. And, I wore no makeup.

At the doctor's, I got two prescriptions and two shots. I saw a new doctor that is really nice. I hope he will be there when I need a doctor next.

I got a gray sweater like the orangish one. So, the black outfit now has four looks! My nice sweaters, even the cheap ones, last me for years because I take care of them.

At the store I found a pan for $8 and just did not want to spend that much. I was complaining when I spotted a Salvation Army. Tomorrow, we are going back so I can see what is there that I need for cooking. Of course, I will look at clothing as long as I can stand or use Tommy's walker/rollator. I have found and bought utensils and cooking items at SA in the past. However, ne of their trained" pricing persons began to fail. I saw a pretty vase and picked it up. It was priced $3 right next to a Dollar Tree sticker for $1. I have bought antique planters for $3--no consistency or knowledge. So, I wonder how this one will be.

I think the preacher believes in original sin--we are born in a state of sin. I believe we are pure at birth and learn bad ways. What do you believe? Whether you are religious or not, maybe you have an opinion.

Upon several hours reflection, I do not want this to be a controversial post. Neither should people attack each other. You can have an opinion of whether babies are born sinful or pure even if you do not believe in God or the concept of sin. The two people who have replied so far have been polite.

My hands are trembling, so I will quit now.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Soggy Saturday

It is almost noon on Saturday, and I need to eat breakfast. I have a med to take and then wait an hour before eating. I am way past the hour mark. I may eat my last banana in a sandwich and peanut butter and Miracle Whip. Now, I am hungry just writing about it.

Tommy turns on ac during the day and heat at night for the last few days. Last night he left the ac on. Of course, it rarely comes on, but at least I get a fresh breath of cool air. My lungs are grateful.

We continue with the list for shopping. Even at my house, he was the writer of the list of what food I was sending home with him. Too many times he drove off without what I had for him in the refrigerator or the freezer. Sometimes, I had him give me his keys which I put in the refrigerator with food.

Friday night, I slept 4 hours. I tried to nap Saturday afternoon, but sleep would not come for very long. I think I slept an hour and finally got up before 5 pm. Thankfully, Tommy has the ac on, so I am not sweaty and suffocating.

Today was so rainy, even all the way up to my home and definitely to the site of Rollan's funeral. I decided the prudent thing to do was to stay home.

We had a salad with Romaine, whole tomato for each of us, carrots for him, our own dressing, and chicken. I had Ranch dressing and he had Italian. I also had Kraft Parmesan chees sprinkled on my salad. It was delicious. For dessert we had a miniature Moon Pie. They had a box of 12 for $1.50 at Publix. Okay, truth--we had the Moon Pie first.

The man who mows Tommy's and several other neighbors yards had a stroke or something and was carried away in an ambulance, so probably no more goodness-of-the-heart yard mowing. Or, he may have one of his workers mow for everyone. He has paid others to mow the yards of people who cannot on this street.

So, that's all I have today. Vertigo is bad, still. I am giving it October to get better. October is the month I am always ill. This condition is much better than other years. I will wait until November to try to get rid of this.

okay, 10 pm and I am officially ill. Going to doctor tomorrow. I became more ill in about 30 minutes.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Decluttering and Thrift Stores

`It is almost noon on Friday and I have covertly and overtly cleared out a few things. I carried a very heavy bag of newspaper from a dining chair to Tommy in living room, asking him was there a reason he needed this. He said, "No, it was when I was saving paper for you." I said I would throw it away for him, and he grunted out "okay." Now, there is an empty chair in the dining room. I am going to try it out and make sure it does not fall over or down. It seems rickety to me. But, I am accustomed to wooden chairs, not vinyl and metal.

He got a new garbage can last week from his former company, and this week they took it away for good. A new company delivered their can, so we now use it. Where it is located is easier for me to use. Before, I had to lean on the ramp to get the lid open. But, I am sure this is easier for Tommy. Where he leaves it is up to him.

Since it is raining and I have to go out the front door, down the winding ramp, beside our cars and to laundry room, I decided to brave the back door. It is two brick steps to carport floor. Oh, his house is all brick. Brick steps are harder for me to navigate and there is no railing to hold onto. I had Tommy come to the back door and hand me the laundry after I was safe on the carport. It worked out well, so maybe I will never go out in the front yard to do laundry! I can safely get back in the house by myself.

On the way to the back door, I spotted an empty bandaid box on the floor and half a bottle of shampoo. I threw away the bandaid box and asked him about the half-empty of shampoo. He said he just never picked it up. So, I suggested I could put it in the bathroom. He agreed.

Both my mums were on the way to becoming crispy, so I put them out last night to get a good soaking. Dead-heading them will help them, too. Mama gave me a cast-iron pot that the thieves did not take because it was cracked. Well, now it is more cracked and paint is fading. I thought it was cast iron but the paint confuses me. At any rate, it makes a very good place to display my other mum.

I am now down to one nice outfit to wear to the dinners and church. I purchased a sweater, sort of faded, darker orange, nothing very orangey. I wear the black top and pants purchased separately but the same brand and the orange sweater. I have gotten more compliments! I have a black sweater and a long red sweater to wear with it. So, three looks, one with necklace. I either need more sweaters or more outfits! LOL. The other two nice outfits are summery, but they will come out at the first hint of spring. Both are sleeveless, so a sweater won't make me too hot.

Thrift stores

When I said I cannot stand to shop in thrift stores, I did not mean I have an aversion to shopping in thrift stores, I mean I cannot stand up that long. I have borrowed Tommy's rollator, the kind you can sit in for a few short trips in stores. Mostly, clothes in thrift stores are crowded on the racks and the space between racks is narrow. So, I hated the crowding before this condition of mine. Now, I cannot get the hangers off and back.

Last Sunday, I told Tommy we had to go to thrift stores so I could find a lid for this skillet. Well, it is a Teflon skillet that I hate using and I think I ruined it. So, maybe I don't need a, just a skillet and lid.

About thirty-years ago, a friend and I haunted thrift stores. I bought most of my throw pillows in a nasty thrift store on Bessemer highway. It may not be there now. I can tell by feel which pillows are stuffed with chopped foam or fiberfill or really nice fiberfill or feathers. I bought the pillows and put them in a bag in the trunk. At home, I carried the closed bag to the washing machine, put the bag head first in the washer, pushed them out, and took the bag out to the trash. I was very unsure of what I was bringing home with the pillow stuffing. After I dried the pillows, I cut off the cover and the cover on the stuffing. From old scraps of white material, I made a new cover and sewed on three sides. I slipped the fiberfill in the new cover and sewed up the fourth side on my machine. Shortly, I had a new pillow form! Then, I made decorative pillow covers with envelope enclosures for outdoors. When I had company, I had pillows. When I brought them inside, I took off the yard covers and put covers on to match my indoors.

The point--I am not afraid of thrift stores. However, I have bought clothing that odor never came out of like I thought it would. My house and yard were filled with junk store, antique store and few new things. I knew how to paint, use a table saw, use my clamps and screwdrivers. So, things were made nice and whole. There was a point where I could drag things into the trunk and into the house. If I could not, I had John, best friend, help me. I had other friends, male and female, who were always willing to help me. I helped them, too. One woman called me first to help her move a twin mattress, so when I needed to move one, I called her. Luckily, she lived around the block. The guys were from National Guard and sent by my friend who worked there. They came on lunch hour to take a clawfoot tub from the bathroom! I probably picked up too many heavy things.

When I went into thrift stores about ten years ago, I leaned heavily on the grocery carts and spent lots of time. This time, I will lean on the cart and not spend so much time. Remember X sizes are not found much in thrift stores! But, I have a mental list of things I can look for in other sections and are on table, not hanging on rack.
I have bought bread machines for $3 or $4 and made one loaf of bread. Then, I would sell the bread machine for $10 more than I paid for it.

So, no one need mention thrift stores. I know about them and used them for many years. During those years, I made all my outer clothing, panties, and bras. I did not make I cannot wear acrylic at all, and much of what I find in Belk's and that I did find in thrift stores has been acrylic.

As I go into the kitchen to get lunch, I will find something to toss, like empty box or lid under a table. All the junk plastic he took from the refrigerator and stacked by the refrigerator is gone. Yet, he has never mentioned it. I wonder if he is really okay with it, but he is not saying anything so he won't have to admit it is okay. I found a cup with the handle broken off in the other side of the sink, the crowded side. I asked him if it was okay to throw it out. He wanted to know how it got broken. And, could I find the handle. I told him I had not seen it and he could look for it. He just said, "never mind." And I threw it out.

He has the nastiest two pot holders I have ever felt, slimy feeling. I cannot take it. I had just bought 6 when I had to leave them behind. Tonight, I told Tommy I was going to throw these nasty ones out when I got more. He said, "NO, those are MINE!" So, I will leave them here when I go.

For dinner we had baked chicken breasts, two really small sweet potatoes, salad with Romaine, carrots for him, and a whole tomato each chopped in the salad. Even though we only ate half a breast apiece, it was plenty. So, I have Saturday's dinner done. I bought tomatoes Tuesday back home from my favorite farmer. Dinner was delicious. He has never had so much good food since I met him.

The sweet potatoes need to cure more as they are not as sweet as they can be. The guy who owns the sweet potato farm warned me to let them cure for a couple of weeks in a room with temperature over 55.

We have not left the house all day long and will not leave until it quits raining, maybe Saturday evening. I have a list going of things we need. He writes the list as I tell him what to put down.

Is it rainy around your area? It seems there is rain everywhere except in California where they need it.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Peace and free Thursday Dinner

Of course, I had to stay ahead of Tommy. I carried the Atkins bars, opened one and asked him if he wanted half. Yes, he did. Good, protein while he was driving. We had homemade BLT for lunch and I was afraid he did not have enough protein to keep his blood sugar up with the carbs in the bread. I also carried pb crackers, water, and oj.

I had things to do in Cullman and there was a free dinner. This was one of the best dinners they have served. Each month, a different church is in charge of the menu. Some are not very good. Thursday night's meal was spectacular, so delicious. We had chopped barbequed pork on a bun, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and banana pudding. We filled out our order and the women who are overcoming drug problems got them from the serving table. I told Tommy to order all and I would, too.

He hates potato salad, I hate baked beans. So, we scraped food onto each other's plates. When I had finished two-thirds of my sandwich, I offered him the rest. He took it eagerly and ate it. He will not eat bananas, so he ate all but the pudding and cookies. I ate my bananas and his, trying to avoid the cookies and

Belk's was on the list of places to go. I returned a purse. And, I found a pair of earrings for 50% off and another 25% off the balance. Now, I have a silver pair and a gold pair.

I had no mail in my PO Box. But, I grabbed a bunch of coupons from a table in the lobby.

My lot is still there and so is my swing frame and my picnic table. It felt good to be home.

Tommy ate half the Atkins bar on the way up, and the pack or pb crackers while we were there. When I gave him my bbq sandwich, I was trying to make sure he had protein after the pudding. I talk to him, asking open-ended questions so I could keep track of his ability to talk sensibly. I did not talk nonstop! Thankfully, he was okay up and back.

The other day, I bought jump rings to convert the earrings, the skeleton hands. So, I cannot find the earrings. Well, since I have a lamp on my side of the rooms, tomorrow I can convert both to clip on.

My friend's funeral is Saturday at some church out in the country. I want to go; I need to go. However, the weather might not cooperate, making driving unsafe. Tommy will not go even if I drive his vehicle or mine. I am torn as to what to do.

I bought two bottles of Kraft salad dressing bogo at Publix. Oh, I also bought a small, one-serving bottle of Publix chocolate milk, drank half and left the rest for him. Yes, it has sugar but protein, also. He drank this about two hours before the dinner.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Another Plumber Visit, a Death, and Other Things

Tuesday, the volume of water coming from the sink in kitchen and bathroom suddenly decreased. I told Tommy and he called the plumber back. I thought it was the aerator stopped up. Of course, it could have been a water leak. Anyway, it was both aerators failing at once. I could not unscrew them and Tommy didn't seem interested. So, over $200 later, we have two new aerators!

I finally got a lampshade for the lamp I brought to put next to the loveseat where I perch. Maybe I need a lampshade two inches longer. The harp shows. Maybe if I sit up, it will look better.

Speaking of lamps, when the light in the ceiling in his bedroom blew out shortly after I arrived here, he went into another room to get a lamp. It was one of my lamps! When I was recovering lampshades and selling them to antique shops, I had about 20+ extra lamps in the basement and sewing room. One day when he was at my house putting the mower back in the basement, he came in and asked me if he could have/borrow one of the lamps as his had died. He either took two lamps at once or took one, needed another and took a second one. Either way, I was shocked when he brought out 'my" two lamps. So, I am using a familiar lamp. It is not one I would choose to use, but it is not bad.

He is annoyed I bought Fire Ant Bait since everyone in this neighborhood has fire ants and cannot get rid of them since they just move elsewhere. Yes, they do since fire ant killer just kills the ones who get into it. Amdro Bait or another bait is made to be carried back to the nest, killing all the fire ants. Fire ants got on my leg up to my panties and up to my knee on the other leg. I jumped off the bank and into the ditch by the road and ran toward our house, screaming and crying. My little brother chased me down, grabbed me, got me down in the road and took his hands and scraped them off me. Fire ants bite down with mouth and sting with rear end. So, they don't just fall off. We had gone through the bushes to pick plums on our ten acres. I was the one of the four children who stood in a fire ant bed.

Now, I am terrified of any ant. Several years after this incident, Daddy told me to get in the kitchen and wash the dishes. There were dishes all over because Mama was ill. I protested because there were ants all over the dishes and counters. I cried and bawled and refused. Daddy was livid and threatened me. I told him there was nothing he could do to me that would make me get into the ants. My little brother, one year younger, came into the kitchen and killed every last ant for me. I was forever grateful. I am not afraid of snakes, but I am terrified of ants.

In a few minutes, I will be applying Amdro Bait to the yard, about two feet from the ant mound and all around it. There are about a dozen in the yard, but I will treat one today unless my back is not hurting me too much. Okay, I waited too late today.

It is only in the high 60s and maybe in 70s and the humidity is low. The skies are blue, so it is a good When it was 62 degrees, the sun shone so hot on my bare arm that I had to use my cloth I got to cover my arms--the one that is satin-backed crepe. Shorts and tank top are still very appropriate for the weather now.

I finally asked him if I could use garbage bags in his kitchen garbage and he agreed. Before, I said there was not one waste paper basket in the house. Well, I just could not see them in the dark! He still uses a bag hung onto the living room door. Having a kitchen waste basket means I don't have to walk to the living room with trimmings from squash or sweet potatoes or tiny pieces of anything. The stack of lids and plastic containers is slowly disappearing. I wonder where?

There is another waste basket sitting on his little table in the kitchen. I have plans for it as he said "it is just sitting there" when I asked him if there was a reason it was on the table.

I hadto have the Burger King tater tots with cheese inside. But, a serving of four was $1. I loved them but will never purchase them again. Have you tried these?

Today, I heard the name of a long time friend. He was one of the victims of a triple shooting in Cullman. He was 75, former principal. Tragic and another friend gone too soon.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Refusing to Change Furnace Filter, Halloween, Earrings

There is more than 1/4 inch dirt on return filter for the furnace and he is adamant that it is not time to change the filter. He pointed out that the day after he changes the filter there is that much dust/dirt on it, so why change it.

I have tried to reason with him and read cautions from the internet. He is immune to reason. He just yells which I have not done. His yelling consists of an hvac neighbor telling him it is okay to only change the filter once a year. Anecdotes are all I get otherwise.

When my little unit filter was washed and vacuumed, the unit did run colder and the air smelled fresher, not that I noticed it smelling stale here.

When I went to bed the air was stuffy and dusty smelling. I used just a sheet with a comforter over my feet. Eventually, I had the comforter over me. I was awake until 4 am. !!! Finally, I took one of his Benadryl. Now, I feel groggy still and it is about 2 pm Saturday.

It is warm enough for the ac, but, no, we have to have the heat on. A breath of fresh, cool air would be nice.

He calls it a furnace. It is a heat pump outdoors. Maybe that is still called a furnace.

Last night, instead of the chicken fingers, we had a sausage patty with the sweet potato and field peas and snaps. The frozen patty is quite large and very mild. I was in heaven eating the sweet potatoes. I expressed the same often as I ate. I only had a small one. It was disappointing not to be able to eat the skin. My chickens would have loved to have the skin with bits of the sweet potato still there.

It is gloomy looking outside. Tommy said it rained just a little this morning. Rain of some sort is predicted for the rest of the day. I loved the heat and dry weather we had for so long.

I did buy one pair of sweat pants for the house. They are too hot for me.

I don't know where my earrings are. I bought one pair, but since I do not wear pierced earrings, I had to convert them to clip-ons. In my tool box and jewelry supplies, I had a total of five pair of needle-nosed pliers, maybe more. Yard sales yielded most of those. They are so expensive. Tommy has none. I bought a pair of the jewelry pliers, but they are so short and tiny, I returned them. Now, there are none here and there are Halloween earrings to convert soon--Silver skeleton hands.

What do you know about furnace filter changing?
Do you have Halloween jewelry you wear?
Do you have to convert pierced earrings to clip-on?

Monday, October 21, 2019

Computer down

Saturday my computer had a virus or something. I was too tired to do anything about it. Besides, it was game night at the church.

Sunday, I had an even scarier experience with Tommy and his low blood sugar! I will talk about that next time I post. He was driving crazy and at home trying to hurt me, screaming obscenities.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Thursday Shopping and Friday

I went to three stores--The Pig, Foodland, and Publix. I was particularly looking for six-packs of Minute Maid Orange juice for Tommy's dangerous hyperglycemia. I am not buying the Atkins bars since it cost $7 for six and we eat them. I want to get Frito Lay Munchies peanut butter crackers. They taste better than other pb crackers and the ingredient list and the nutrition facts are better. He likes these too, but at least they are more easily replaced. The Pig had the juice, but I could not find the crackers.

On Friday I want to return something to Belk's. Tommy hates one top I bought, so I am returning it. Normally, this would not happen. But, he gets so angry when I ask him not to wear something torn or faded and states his right to wear what he wants to wear. So, I am giving in on this. I had two outfits I was considering for my reunion. I really wanted to wear one he hates and did not want to wear the one he liked. After he gave me no fight on what he wore, I decided not to wear the outfit he hated of mine. No problem. He rarely has any opinion.

So, onto what I bought today:

The Pig aka Piggly Wiggly

Concord Roasted Potato Seasoning $1.15
Uncle AL's Stage Planks $0.24
Ragu Pasta Sauce $2.27 (wrong price!)
3 MM Orange Juice $3.47 x 3

Now, I will have to go back tomorrow to rectify the wrong price. It was supposed to be $1.70. Those two cookies, the chocolate stage planks, are delicious!

Food Giant

Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.79


Kraft Parmesan Cheese 2 for $6
Publix Cooked Bacon $3
Ronco Spaghetti $1.69
Cracker Jack 3-pack $1.50
Romaine $3.50
a2milk $3.50
Blueberry Muffin Mix $1
Strawberries $3.99
Classico Spaghetti Sauce 2for $2.88
McCormick Maple Smokehouse Seasoning $2.19
Black Cherry Jello $1.19
Carrots $0.99

Total spent was about $72.

Everything was BOGO or on sale except for the Jello and the McCormick Seasoning. I still have meat in the freezer, so I need to see what is there before I buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Thursday night, I did not sleep a wink. Sleep would not come. I got up and straightened up things in the bedroom, trying to be quiet. About 7 am, he awoke to a nasty alarm and I went in to sit n the sofa. We left about 9:30 to go to Belks for me to return something I did not like. I found a cheaper sweater whose price I liked better.

Friday--I slept three hours this afternoon. Now, I must bake sweet potatoes, wash clothes and figure out how I am going to keep from freezing to death without clothes to wear in this weather. things I bought were summer clothes but not everyday-bumming-around-the-house type of things. Maybe you do not understand.

Tommy turned on the heat last night. But, it did not come on until this morning. I spent the night barely able to breathe without ac, but still chilly. I would keep the ac on until at least Thanksgiving. Does anyone get this?

I found the Frito Lay pb crackers--6 for $2.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Exhausted with Pleasure Thursday

For weeks I have spent nights tossing and turning, wracked with pain in my stomach and reflux. For the last two days, I have taken my med for reflux. I have tried not to take it because it is implicated in dementia. I finally gave in. When we went to Cullman yesterday, I had had maybe four hours sleep. Last night, I slept ten hours, making up slightly for weeks of sleep deprivation.

I usually eat before I go to bed. I am very erratic in what I eat at night and when. Last night and the night before, I ate two pieces of bread and milk. I dip the bread in the milk. As a child, that is what I ate as bedtime snack. You know how kids are always hungry for something at bedtime. It may seem like a heavy snack. I am going to cut down to half the milk and one slice of bread.

It worked. Other nights, I had real food not bread and milk. Last night, I had NO reflux after going to bed. I went to sleep fairly easily after I quit wondering what the noise was. I woke once to go to the bathroom and slept until 10 am. Oh, I had taken Melatonin as I do every night. Because of the pain, I just lay there sleepy and unable to lie still.

Just now, about noon on Thursday, we saw a Roto Rooter commercial. I asked Tommy if he had managed to call a plumber. He did not become angry or show any negative emotions. He just reached for the phone book. This is new, not negative emotions about the tub problem and solution.

Last night, I put the sweet potatoes in a bedroom, the one nearest to kitchen door for ease. This morning, I went into the room. There was a corded phone on the floor in a corner. I carried it back in the living room and asked him if it worked. He said no. He watched me drop it in the trash and did not say a word. !!! He is now talking to a plumber.

The plumber on the phone said he would be here in a few minutes as he was at BK, just a short distance. I feared this was a plumber who could not keep work and was not very good. No, he arrived in a huge box truck. He had been "at the lake" giving an estimate." They pointed out the woman two doors down worked in their office. And, he said he had dated the daughter of the guy across the street, a friend of Tommy's. So, I guess we are in good hands. They are now trying to plunge out the tub and will replace the commode that is broken, to the tune of almost $900.

They asked if he wanted a taller commode. YES! And, he wish aloud it were even higher. So, I will show him the riser things for commode tops. I might not even be able to climb on top of it. He did not care if it is a round or elongated bowl, so I asked for round. Elongated bowls are a pain to me.

I am tall with long legs, but it seems that my lower legs are shorter than normal for a person my height. My feet will not hit the floor in some chairs and all booths. It is strange to me and other people, yet my legs do not look strange or misshapen because I am shorter from the knees down. At any rate, the round bowl will be better for me and makes no difference to him. They could not get the drain fully draining. They have left to get the commode and will be back.

Okay, the total is $1094.00. Now, the tub can be cleaned. I told Tommy, he needs to get a cleaning service to do the job of cleaning the bathroom. The floor is disgusting. Today, I asked him if the black spots were poop. He nodded. My back and body cannot clean a dirty floor, much less a floor of tiny tiles that are going to need lots of scrubbing. There are large tiles, abut 6" in shower and half way up the bathroom walls. The tiny tiles cover the vanity top. I hate tiles. Anyway, progress! I always wore shoes into the bathroom!!!

A banana and glass of milk was my breakfast an hour after I took my reflux medicine. For lunch I had one breaded chicken tender. Tommy had one breaded tender on a pita. He did not stick the chicken in the pita. He had it wrapped up like a gift. I asked and he knew it was pita, but he could not find the slit, so he just wrapped it.

Usually I have to pee often, sometimes every fifteen to thirty minutes. But, get a new, clean commode installed, and I have no urge at all. I started to just go sit to feel it. When I did go, it was so easy to get up without having to hold onto the nasty tile vanity.

Dinner is frozen fried chicken, Romaine, carrots and tomatoes. I forgot to put any sweet potatoes into the oven. sigh

We went grocery shopping and I found sales. That is for tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Happiness Wednesday

Except I got about four hours sleep. I was ready to go by 9:30. Tommy suggested we get a Hardee's sausage biscuit. Mmmm. As we headed north to my house, the overcast clouds disappeared and we had a beautiful, glorious sunny day. The wind was a little brisk, but my hair held up because I colored it last night. It blew enough to blind me sometimes as my hair is long enough to wrap around my face.

I mentioned to Tommy he had time to call and get a new garbage can. He said he already did.

At the PO, a blogger send me a surprise--gloves, scarf, and Williams Sonoma dishtowels. There were older and wonderful embroidered pieces, too. There may have been more, but I am too beat to look.

We went to my house and the guy who said he would rescue my rocker from sitting in the dirt and being rained on, finally did. I paid him to do it, so I expected it to be out of rain and mud. It was! Two weeks later!

I went to a food bank and traded most of my food for frozen chicken fingers ready for microwave or oven. I gave them all they wanted, not just even trade. The people were a young homeless couple.

The bank had to order new checks since mine went to the dump. Either that or they are buried in a bag with disparate items.

The last time I went to Belk's. I bought a pretty pink blouse two sizes too small. I have no idea how that happened. Now, I have to find the receipt to determine the sale price I paid.

I got no help and left miffed. Actually, I could stand no longer hanging on to the cart.

However, as I was leaving, I spied a beautiful yellow tshirt, originally $39, now 50% off. Since I had two $10 coupons, the blouse was free! Sweet! The tshirt is silky and a bright lemon yellow. I hate the pale buttery yellow or a yellow with a green cast. Earlier, I had bought a skirt that will require me to shave my legs. It is floral with uneven hem and every bright color on the color wheel. The pink an yellow were what I wanted to match.

Lunch under the picnic tree was Burger King's meal for two for $5--Whopper, Jr, fries, and drink. I gave Tommy most of my fries.

Then, we went out to the sweet potato farm and got 80 lbs of Beauregard sweet potatoes. You may remember Beauregard is my favorite variety, My heart was singing.

We went to my storage unit and while we were there used their very clean bathroom. I saw someone from the near past and we talked for almost two hours.


At some point during the day, I went into CVS, Walgreen's, and Publix on a quest to find little bottles in a six-pack, Minute Maid OJ for Tommy when traveling. I cannot remember where I found them.

Then we had to drive back here bring in all we got, 80 lbs of sweet potatoes, and my free yellow blouse.

The new garbage can was in place!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Progress? See what I am dealing with?

The trash can here has to be one that the trash collector prescribes. Well, the one he has now is the second he has had since 1985 when he bought this house. It is full of cat- and possum-sized holes, not to mention they would accommodate a rat or raccoon. At least a dozen times, I have mentioned he should get a new one. So, today, after mentioning getting a new one delivered, he says he will call tomorrow.

Plus, when I arrived, the tub had water standing in it, about a half inch. Now, it is closer to two inches. I am disgusted and refuse to get in the shower, much less take a bath. I bought a tub for the kitchen sink which is only used to wash my hair and body. We tried to unclog the tub with vinegar, baking soda, boiling water and a plunger. After a week or more of that, it became apparent it was not going to work. I did not want to use a strong bottle of drain cleaner because it can hurt the plumber who may have to come out. The water has been standing in the tub for several years, taking days to completely drain from the tub. Oh, yuck!

He gets in there daily and stands in it to shower. He has diabetes. There is no telling how much toxic soup of germs he is exposing his diabetic feet to each day.

Today, I asked him WHEN he was going to call a plumber. His excuse? He did not want to make an appointment when I had something planned. Well, I have one thing planned out of the house in the next two weeks. So, he said he would call tomorrow.

I sit facing a curly bulb that blinds me. He has it about three feet from his face! I mentioned the danger of the fluorescent bulbs on eyes, and he said he was not worried. I am for my eyes. Several weeks ago, I said I was going to get a lamp for the table by me. He said to me in the most threatening voice, "Well, YOU will pay for the lamp!" I had a lamp sitting in the front of the storage unit and got it the next week.

Yesterday, he gave me a bulb. I have a box of bulbs in the unit! I keep forgetting to buy bulbs when I go out.

He is very frugal, which I like. But, he carries things too far.

There is a half bath that he refuses to let me pee in that is closer than the full bath. He refuses to tell me why I cannot.

His bedroom that I sleep in without him, is hot, stuffy when not hot, and full of crap sitting around and dust. I think he thinks if I am uncomfortable, I will leave sooner. No, the stress is not good for me and hinders what I can do. He has two other bedrooms where the doors must stay closed and the vents are turned off. They were so hot when either of us opens the door. I have heard that closing off the vents is not good for the units. Anyone know more about this? Years ago, he brought a few boxes here for me. I suppose I will wait until it is cooler to get into those two rooms.

A very nice end table next to love seat is my area of operations. That is where I have the lamp I brought here.

I was alarmed when I saw things I have mentioned. Yes, I am trying to change things at his house. He has a little table in the kitchen where he keeps his diabetes supplies and crap. I keep picking things up and tossing them--lid from some random food product, paper towel wadded up there for three weeks. I saw two D batteries corroding that I have spirit to the trash. Hopefully, the table is not damaged. He has a dining table in the dining room. But, he warned me to never touch the paper on it--tax stuff. Yet, two feet away is an empty file cabinet.

In his bedroom is a computer and all that entails, printer, broken down computer desk and broken chair. At least all my furniture was used and usable. There is also a canvas chair in there, sort of like a director's chair with boxes of clothes that he swears he can wear, just gathering dust. The dresser and chest of drawers are full of clothing and so are the three closets in the house.

I had to go buy my own towels and washcloths because he has three of each and he did not offer me any or show me where they were.

This place is being improved in the most basic of ways, nothing fancy or unnecessary. I am not asking for new faucets or carpet. This is basic stuff people should have, conditions they need to live. Things like a whole trash container are free! Throwing out corroded batteries in necessary. He has no flashlights!

I know he is nice and is doing me a favor, so quit telling me that as though I am unaware or forgetful. I cook one or two meals a day, so I am helping him, too. I just want him to do a few things for his benefit, like making phone calls!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Hard to cook with no victuals!

I end up spending more of my money on food when I have to go out and buy food. Or, Tommy spends more of his. I cannot just look in the cabinets and find food. It is not there. I had plenty at my house.

So, we have to go out too often and buy something I had bought dirt cheap and pay more for it now. I try not to go too often. But, it is frustrating to have to pay so much! When you only buy on sale/clearance or use a coupon, after a while there is just always food. I then buy fresh fruit at a good price and milk. I cannot force myself to stock up at full price!

There was a plastic bag in the end of all the driveways in the neighborhood. I asked what it was and Tommy dismissed them with, "Oh, only ads that I throw away." So, I just dismissed them, too. Finally, after weeks I told him I was going to get the bag. There were grocery ads. There were drugstore ads. There were inserts like in the paper. I could not believe what he dismissed. So, out of the gutter, I got a $3 coupon, amongst other goodies.

Okay, frustration reigns in the food department.

Since I got the gastroparesis diagnosis, I am also frustrated by what I cannot eat! White bread, pasta, and cooked and peeled fruits and vegetables are a disappointment. The doctor said people usually lose weight with this condition and noted I had not.

For the last three nights, I have not been able to sleep because of the severe stomach pain, reflux pain. AND, I still have vertigo every time I turn over, sit up, stand up, or lie down. Tommy begs me to go to the doctor every day. Actually, he says, "Let me take you to the doctor in the morning." At least I have not fallen down again.

Someone, please bring me chocolate ice cream! I really, really want it.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

What's going on?

One day last week, Tommy asked how long it had been since I had driven my car. About August 24th. He said we could get it out and drive it somewhere.

So, on Friday, I mentioned it. He seemed confused but finally got it. I suggested he move and park his car and then I would pull my vehicle close so he would not have to walk so far.

He did a slow, loud, controlled explosion. "Why do you say 'vehicle'? JUST SAY CAR. It is a car. Why do you say 'vehicle' all the time. It is a CAR!"

I just sat here, in shock. After a few moments, I calmly said, "You re crazy."

Then, he seemed to be okay with everything while I was hurt. He does this to me all the time.

Of the two of us, he is the one with a speech problem from childhood. NO ONE has ever complained of my speech, except him.

Because of the continuing vertigo, I stayed home from church again. The members were relieved. A woman with mental challenges fell at church this morning. A woman who fell in Publix parking lot last year has continued in therapy and she fell in therapy. So, the church members were glad I stayed away since they had enough of falls and news of a fall today.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Handicap Accessible Motel Room Problems

When I booked a hotel room for the reunion in Memphis, I booked a handicapped room. It was anything but.

Good points
The shower was a roll-in shower. The access was very easy as I did not have to step over any barrier. The housekeepers asked me if we needed a shower chair. It was bought immediately and placed in the shower. The chair was about three feet across. Great! I did not have to worry about balancing on a narrow bench.

Then, it gets worse.

When we went in to check in, we were directed to the end of the hall. The walk was going to be brutal and both of us complained. They had the answer--park at the end of the building and enter that way. "There are only a few steps to get in." !!!

We were going to leave at 5:30 and come back after dark. So, going in the back door while we both would make good victims was not suitable.

Tommy could not access the ac, refrigerator, or coffee pot. So, I had to pull a heavy wing chair away and nearer to the bed so he could make a pot of coffee and get into the refrigerator. As soon as I got into the room, the lady who brought our luggage into the room was still there. I go straight for turning on the ac when I go into a motel room. I could not get it to turn on. She told me to flip the switch on the wall first. I searched behind the drapes, looking for a wall switch. Finally the lady came to help me. She was puzzled, also. Finally, she found it low on the wall, the furthest away from the unit switches. This was hard for me and the woman looking for the switch.

Usually, in a motel I get the side of the bed nearest to the bathroom. However, even before I moved the wing chair, Tommy could not have gotten his walker behind the bed. He would have had to leave it at the end of the bed and use his hands on the bed and wall to get to the bed where he could get into bed. Naturally, I took that side of the bed. The other side had ample room for his walker to turn so he could maneuver himself into bed.

In the middle of the night, I got up to go to the bathroom and fell headlong trying to get past chair and bed. The woman at Hilton to whom I complained asked me why I did not call front desk. What were they going to do?

If he were walking from bathroom past bed and to the coffeepot, I had to get out of the way. That is how little space the handicap accessible room provided!

Then, Tommy hung up his clothing in the closet that was a mirrored door that opened by folding the door in half. There was no light to help me see myself in the full-length mirror door.

The rod was so low to the floor with a safe underneath that my pants could not hang straight. I called and asked if there was a way to raise the bar. The maintenance man came and showed us how to use the safe. I told him the bar needed to be raised for long items. He took my pants and hung them on the short bar where they could not hang straight. They were across the safe and hanging where they would get a crease. What if I had brought a long dress? I finally threw the pants across the wing chair. The maintenance man left the folded mirrored door open and we could not close it. So, it stuck out where Tommy could barely get past it.

We asked for two beds, were assured we would get two beds, but got one king bed. He cannot move once he gets onto the bed. I do not move at all. So, it worked but he was bummed he had to sleep with me.

We were given two washcloths for two people who might take a shower at night and then again in the morning. Well, I had to call for a washcloth. A maintenance man brought it down. Housekeeping should have been sent. The woman at Hilton to whom I complained said maintenance should not have been sent, but housekeeping. I was complaining about the lack of adequate number of washcloths, not the maintenance man.

When we checked out, we decided to have Tommy pull around so the walk for me with out things would not be so far. I was shocked to see there were about 6 or more steps to get down from the building. THEN, there was a one foot curb for me to get from to get to the car. The motel front desk sent someone to help us after Tommy went down to check out and turn in his key. He told them he was going to get me from the other exit.

The front desk sent a maintenance man (again) to help me. Luckily, he was a big, strong, tall guy who helped me off the one food curb where Tommy was parked. After we turned to leave, I saw that I could have traversed a side walk to a place with two steps to the asphalt. But, there were no railings. This is where they were sending us to come and go from the hotel.

This is not my first stay in a handicap accessible room. Once, there was only a handicapped room left at a motel. I took it. The room and bathroom were huge and roomy. It was astounding. Another time, I asked for a handicapped room and had to walk the length of an even bigger hotel, taking an elevator. The room was handicap accessible, large and more than adequate. But, after getting up there, I had them bring a wheelchair to get me back to my car from the room. I complained mightily on the spot since I had no water for the stay. That part was a nightmare since it was at my last reunion and I had planned to wash my hair and shower. I made them bring me bottle water. I never did get my hair washed!

You may think these are minor issues, but the woman at Hilton to whom I complained was shocked at most of these problems, especially the lack of room, maintenance men serving as housekeepers, and so few washcloths.

In the end, I was told the motel management would call me. Since they did not, I called today. The woman at Hilton told me the charge was removed from the card. Tommy was really happy. I still have a bruise, pain, and swollen mark on my thigh.

By the way, I did not complain about the maintenance man coming to the room, just said things like the "maintenance man brought the washcloth right down."

Have you ever had a problem with a handicap accessible room? Or, what is your worst hotel/motel experience?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Shopping and Cooking

Wednesday, I slept not a wink. I got up when Tommy awoke at 6:15 and watched TV with him until 8:30 and went to bed until 12:30. I still cannot walk We went out to Belk's and Walgreen's I took back a pair of pants that did not fit and bought a sweater--long black duster, but not very heavy. The black and white buttons are ugly, so I will change those. I looked at many items. Coats were too heavy and too short and sporty.

I cannot bear looking at gloves and scarves. My best scarves were from yard sales. My gloves were bought on deep sales, really cheap. Walmart gloves do not fit. They hurt in between my fingers. All my umbrellas went to the dump, too!

We passed Nature's Own bread outlet. I bought bread for $0.99 instead of the $4.05 I spent for the same loaf at Publix. I need a small freezer. If you spend $7, you get a free loaf. There is not enough room in his refrigerator freezer. There never was in mine, either. Before my big freezer broke, I only bought bread/buns about every six weeks. I only want a 3 cu. ft. upright. I will check Craigslist first.

Then, we went to Walgreen's where I used Tommy's cc and my coupon for $1.50 off three boxes of cereal that were $1.99, making his Cheerios $1.49 for each 10.8 ounce box. I need to check this price to see if it is a good bargain. I bought a box of parchment paper, a 25 sq. roll for $1. I am not sure that is a bargain, but it works for me. Having to buy everything all over is stressful, expensive and impossible.

We had every intention of going to Lowe's and another store, but I was busy getting a bit of sleep. We both agreed we wanted to be back by 3 pm to avoid traffic. The Galleria where Belk's is located and the roads leading to it were not busy at all.

For the drive I brought little bottles of Minute Maid orange juice in case Tommy needed it as he sat in the parking lot. You cannot leave him along with oj because he is sure to consume I had him go get us a cheap hamburger to keep his blood sugar up. I did not have Atkins bars, so even though this cost, it is better than scaring me out of my wits.

I am off the make the taco casserole in the crock pot. I will cook the meat first and save part of it to put in spaghetti that I am craving. Tommy gets to grate cheese.

It is so wonderful having a light over the sink in the kitchen. Imagine only having a dim light over the stove to cook. Tommy said it was nice, too. The ugly round fluorescent bulb is either blown or the ballast or starter is not working. That is my next project. No, getting an LED bulb and a shade for my lamp I put in the living room is next. That is what I was going to Lowe's to purchase. Tomorrow.

When I was making the taco casserole/soup, I discovered the rice was rancid, so no rice in the dish. I could not find the grater which was six inches from the crockpot, so I sliced it thinly and put it on top of our servings. When we both finished, I realized I forgot to put the taco seasoning in the dish. Tommy said it was good and he preferred it that way.

Tomorrow, I will have to call the doctor since I seem to be getting worse by the minute. sigh...

Does anyone own or has ever owned a tiny upright freezer? I wonder if they freeze as well as a larger one. I cannot lift things out of a chest freezer.

High today was 82F with beautiful clouds in a blue, sunny sky.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Now, there is light!

Wednesday morning, I awoke about 10 am very tired, exhausted. I was back in the bed by 1 pm, feeling a little less exhausted. By now, 10 pm, the antibiotic and decongestant are working.

However, the vertigo is still a problem. Last week, I fell, or maybe I told about that. I did everything I could to overcome the dizziness. I almost hit the 50 inch TV then almost fell on Tommy in his recliner. I repeated that move tonight but recovered and did not fall.

Tonight, I felt like I could trust myself to replace the starter and fluorescent tube over the sink. I stood on a stool and had to use pliers to get the starter in correctly. Then, I put the bulb in wrong and corrected it. Thank goodness I have light. I washed the stainless steel sink several weeks ago, but it was filthy, not even halfway clean when I had light on it. ugh

Tommy has a new job. He dries the crockpot and the canner and lid. He very willingly does it.

When I first came here, he took all the dirty plates out of the refrigerator. He complained I used one skillet and did not wash it immediately. I told him I would wash all his dishes on the counter when I had light. I washed that skillet the next ay. Well, now I have light but a filthy sink. He uses dishpans, so that will work when I get one clean! He is not entirely lazy, just cannot manage lots of things. And, then they pile up!

I don't know what was said on Tuesday, but he said to someone, "We take care of each other." I almost cried. `

The yellow mum has no intention of blooming, so the store gave me another, saying I did not have to bring back the first. I chose pink in full bloom. Just now, Tommy took out the garbage and offered to water both mums. I took him up on that as I don't want to fall off the porch!

Tomorrow is the day I will make the taco casserole. I would do it tonight, but Tommy goes to bed by midnight.

The plastic containers from cottage cheese are disappearing daily. He has not noticed.

Today's high was 84F. I am getting a little panicky about not having a light coat and sweaters for everyday. The one I wore yesterday is not enough coverage. AND, I do not have scarves. Bare arms are better than bare neck and upper chest. I was once very ill and since then, my neck and chest need covering. I usually just wear a one layer nylon coat just to keep the wind off. Everything I have found has been too warm for my nature.

I am loving the Halloween decorations across the street. Do you have any Halloween decorations up? Do you love Halloween?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Fun Day, Hard Day, I Did Not Win

Last night, Monday night, I did not color my hair. I washed it and went to bed with it wet. I had some interesting little kinks in it this morning. A few turns of a curling iron, and it was fine. The kinks combed out to be nice fluff. I got up at 7 am and managed to leave by 8:15.

We went to the Cullman Power Board Customer Appreciation Day or something like that. Since it started at 10 am, we arrived early enough to go get my PO mail, visit my lot, and go back to PO. My mailbox at the house was stuffed with mail. So, I had to address that issue at PO.

The people cooking burgers started at 10 am. So, we ate early. Then, we ate again about 1 pm and took another burger home. Actually, we had a bag lunch--cheeseburger, chips, and a sweet I have never had, sort of like uncooked chocolate oatmeal cookie. There was water to drink. Other years were soft drinks. The water was fine with us.

A Christian/Country singer was the entertainment. At intervals, door prizes were given out. I won nothing. One year, I won a 7.5 quart Crockpot. I cannot safely lift it empty, much less empty, so I have not used it yet.

Different agencies were represented. Each representative gave a short talk about the agency's role in social services.

TVA had a booth. I missed getting a canvas bag. I got two pens and two little measuring tapes. Bosom Buddies, a cancer support organization was present, selling t-shirts.

Pre-k and K students entertained us with songs with hand motions. They were very cute, a plus for the day.

Then, we went to Belk's where I returned three things and bought two more. One does not fit, so it will go back. I also replaced my mum that does not want to bloom. This time, I got a pink one in full bloom.

That was our day. Fun and interesting. Being outdoors was refreshing.

I wore a sleeveless outfit but eventually had to put on the light sweater I brought. The day was overcast. Before noon, the sun came out and the sky was bright blue and no clouds, plus the light breeze died down. I had to removed the sweater.

The drive home was uneventful except for the fact I could barely keep my eyes open.

When we arrived home, I put out my new mum, put the burgers in the refrigerator. I quickly changed to a nightgown and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. That was about 4:30 and I awoke just before 8 pm.

The high today was 80F. People were rejoicing they were not melting like last year. On hot, humid days, I look as though something dumped water over my head. The sweat drips from my bangs and the ends of my hair. Hairspray does not help at all!

I did not win a door prize. A 55" TV was the grand prize.

The 90s are gone, I fear. But, I will not have to wear a sweater unless I sit out on an overcast day with a light breeze. Thankfully, the weather was by noon sunny and warmer. How was the weather in your neck of the woods?

Monday, October 7, 2019


I am writing this at 10 am on Monday.

Tommy told me he had a doctor's appointment today, a regular one every six months for last ten years. I would have gone with him "just for the ride." But, my hair is in no condition to leave the house. Besides, I am still ill, have vertigo, and cannot take it.

I asked him if he wanted me to make him a pb sandwich. He deliberately acted like I was stupid and said, "Why?" I reminded him his diabetes was not under control and he could not depend on how he felt or thought. And, that I did not want to see him get hurt of kill people.

Last night, I did not sleep a wink. I was worried and felt terrible. I heard him up about 6:30 and came in living room to watch tv and wait for him. I asked him again if he wanted me to make a pb sandwich. Did he want to carry oj? Well, that got him. I reminded him that the oj would raise his blood sugar but that the blood sugar would plummet without some protein. He looked interested and said, I will take one of those Atkins bars. I got both for him. He likes the Chocolate Chip Granola Bar. It is the only one I have bought because I know what he likes.

He had told me it was a short visit, just tests, and he would be home before lunch. I reminded him there are accidents, it is raining, and he might be delayed. That is when he asked for the Atkins bar.

So, I am counting this as progress!

Just now, as I typed, I ate one, too. I must find something cheaper for me to sit and eat.

I had a friend that was an alcoholic. NEVER a boyfriend! I told him one day that he was an alcoholic after discussing his drinking for about six months. He yelled and screamed at me and hung up. It only took about ten years for him to check himself in to a place to dry out. Yes, I discussed his drinking and driving every day. Persistence paid off. I was not mean, just reminded him that his wrecks were because of alcohol.

There are only a few instances where I am persistent about another's problem...well, not ten year's worth of talking about it.

Tommy came home about ten minutes after I went back to bed. We went out eventually to buy groceries since he needed milk. Since I only slept about 3.5 hours, I am still beat. I cooked all the squash. None had started to rot, thankfully. We had chicken, squash, and sliced tomatoes. Since pints of ice cream were $1, we are going to have ice cream when I get off the laptop.

I need to put color on my hair to go somewhere tomorrow.

Have you ever cooked squash in a pressure canner? It appeared to not be done, but the slices were still intact and the squash was cooked. `

Sunday, October 6, 2019

A Little Scare, Pressure Cooker, Bargains, New Stores

It is a little past midnight, Sunday night still to me. The high was 86 today, but still warm. It really rained, not just the occasional sprinkle.

My yellow mum liked the rain and sun since I put her out from under the porch. She was getting five hours of sun, mostly afternoon sun. This afternoon when we left, the whole plant had little yellow flowers starting to open. Hopefully, the whole plant will turn yellow soon.

Today, I went to the doctor for sinus and uti. Uti is not much according to doctor. I got a prescription for the sinus problem and a cortisone shot. I started feeling better in a couple of hours but knew it was the injection.

Then, my blood sugar shot to 320 and frightened me. I chugged bottles of water, exercised, ate green stuff and nothing seemed to help much. Then, about 1 am I remembered the shot. The blood sugar is coming down slowly, too slowly for me.

About ten years ago, I bought a 6-quart stainless steel pressure cooker. I had been using the huge aluminum pressure canner to cook meals and decided I did not want to eat from aluminum. I put the canner together and about that time, the House of Usher started having problems. So, it was one of the stored things I brought here from the emptied storage unit. I had to put it together again. This is not the large, new-in-the box canner that was stolen.

Tonight, I cooked whole, peeled potatoes in it in 10 minutes. We had chicken, potatoes, and broccoli. Tomorrow, I must cook the squash we bought last Tuesday if there is any not rotten. We will have chicken, squash and tomatoes on Monday.

All the spices I have are fresh onions, head of garlic and salt. At home I had different spices for chicken. So, the chicken is rather bland, not a problem for me, but I would like to do better. Tommy's black pepper is nasty to me. He only had salt and pepper when I got here. I bought the onions and garlic.

I bought a Sunday paper here for the first time. $3 is out of my league, especially when coupon inserts were missing. As I was in Walgreen's getting a prescription, I bought two cereals for Tommy for $1.99. I got home and found a better deal in the ad of another store and a coupon. While we were out, Tommy showed me two stores, and I looked them up on the internet. I found two deals at one store, and the other does not have ads instore or online.

I should have checked online for the coupon insert guide and then gone through the paper to make sure they were all present. But, I was feeling so ill I just bought the paper. That won't happen again! I went back to the Pig on Saturday and got 5 more $0.72 cent Starkist Tuna, my favorite.

Today, on the way to the doctor, I was excited to find my favorite brand bread outlet. I asked Tommy how far we were from home--13 miles and in an area where we would not frequent. So, I will have to find another one closer. Bummer!

One store, forgot which, has Pict Sweet frozen vegetables for $1. I will stuff the freezer with those. I paid $1.17 at the Pig last week for PictSweet, or some price like that.

Do you ever kick yourself when you screw up and buy something, only to go home and find it cheaper elsewhere? What do you do to try to recoup the loss? I take the receipt and coupon and ask for the difference back. With the Pict Sweet vegetables, I am just buying more at the better price.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Saturday Vertigo | Vitamin D

It's Sunday, but I barely had a Saturday. After I got up about noon, I staggered around and lay on the loveseat. Than, I went back to bed and may have slept, but mostly not. I am going back to doctor on Monday.

Lunch was chicken sandwich for Tommy and banana, pb, and Miracle Whip for me. Dinner was chicken and broccoli. Tommy did not complain.

The people across the street and two doors down have a magnificent Halloween display, all huge blow-up things--witches, dragons, pumpkins and other great stuff. I was thrilled until night when it lit up and moved and I was more than thrilled.

The vertigo is abating, but even a bit of vertigo can be disastrous. I am not going to church tomorrow. Too risky. Besides, I have not been up to washing my hair.

Today, the high was 98F, and it rained in the evening. I wanted my mum to get rain, so I took it out of the chicken and put it on the ramp. Before I moved it, I bought it in to deadhead it. There is not one place to sit outside his house, not even front steps because the ramp goes over the steps! I knew I would topple over if I tried bending to do it. I brought it in and asked Tommy if he had something like a sheet I could deadhead onto so as not to get it all over the floor and sofa. Well, he brought me something that was about 15x 20 inches. I told him I needed a sheet, that what he brought was not large enough. He huffed around and said he did not have anything else that he did not mind being ruined. I explained I was only pulling all the flowers off and could shake the sheet outside.

I wonder what he thought I was doing every day when I told him I deadheaded the mum before I watered it. Now, it is green. Maybe tomorrow it will be more yellow than it has been. It has never reached its true potential.

So, nothing happened and no shopping.

One thing--I looked over test results from several weeks ago and found out I am severely deficient in Vitamin D. It can cause bone aches, fatigue, and other things I complain about. I am not sure what kind of vitamin to take, so I will call the endocrinologist on Monday. Does anyone have any experience with this? I get sun and eat foods loaded with Vitamin D, so I don't know yet why this is happening!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Necessarily Low-Key Friday

When I awoke Thursday, I hurt all over like I had been beaten. Joints, muscles, and even skin were aching and throbbing. That was the result of yesterday's ordeal. I told Tommy to wake me t 10:30. When he did, I just told him to let me sleep. I awoke from a deep sleep at 12:45 pm.

I did nothing today. Well, I did hang up two pair of panties from the clothes I washed on Wednesday.

Thankfully, Tommy can feed himself. He had cereal for breakfast and was making a pb sandwich shortly after I lay down to watch TV when I awoke. The chicken, potatoes and a salad made up dinner which I did heat and bring to him. Frozen vegetable will accompany chicken tomorrow night.

Today, I needed to get milk, so I will have none for breakfast. grrrr I need to return something to Belk's and another chore on a list. I hate to do this on Saturday in Birmingham. I hate doing anything in Birmingham. What I could do in five miles in a loop in Cullman takes a 40 mile loop in Birmingham!

When Modern Family is over, I have to hang the rest of the wet clothes. Having such a case of vertigo makes movement difficult.

Do you ever reach such an exhausted state that the next day you are worthless? Do you ever get vertigo so bad that you can barely walk?

Thursday, October 3, 2019


I sat for 2.5 hours in the car in the parking lot waiting for a wheelchair to get me into office for blood tests at a hospital. THEN, the doctor had not called in the tests, AND he was not in his office today. Talk about mad and discouraged! Tommy was just hurting from sitting in the car too much this week.

103F on 10/2/19, yesterday
101F on 10/3/19, today

It is raining a bit somewhere near here, so I am watching for it and will put my mum in the rain. Okay, it was just a bit of rain, and it is gone. Did not rain here.

I bought enough to cook 8 chicken breasts and taco casserole. Have squash, potatoes, and bags of frozen vegetables. So, this will keep us fed for a week and have enough to freeze. The taco casserole is more like taco soup when I get through with it. We both love it.

Right now, I have to go and wash the new crockpot I got yesterday. I have peas left over from yesterday and will throw potatoes in crock pot with the chicken.

I am exhausted! The heat is wonderful here.

How is your Thursday going? Weather? What are you cooking or have cooked for dinner?

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Adjusting Costs on Several Items

Before the house destruction, I had moved many things to a storage unit, books, sewing material, clothes, small appliances, etc. Anything that belonged to the children was boxed and labeled with the proper name. Once the destruction was imminent, rented a larger unit to use for that stuff.

Yesterday, we went to a free lunch. We had a huge piece of baked bbq chicken, fried okra, blackeyed peas, yeast roll, chocolate cake, unsweetened tea. I immediately scraped all my okra onto Tommy's plate. When we were ready to leave, I noticed he left most of the peas and did not offer them to me! I ate them since he was slowly going to bathroom before he got the car.

We had an appointment to meet a guy to help us get everything from the old unit to the newer larger one. Both the guys assured me it was impossible. I insisted it was! We did it. I say "we" because I heavily supervised. I gave tarps to the guy, threw out lots of empty boxes I had tossed up high to use later, brought home a tiny pressure cooker, not capable of canning, but good for quick cooking, a lamp to use here, and other stuff. So that monthly cost will be avoided.

Tommy sat at one unit, and I used my walker to travel in between to say what to bring and what I did not want and what I was bringing here. All three guys assured me the stuff I chose to bring here would not fit in the Rogue. Yes, it did.

I took four pieces of bread, jar of pb, spoon, and one container of oj for Tommy. I asked him to make me a pb sandwich about 4:30. He made him one, too, and drank the oj. On the way home, he said he thought he should drink the oj before he had a problem. He like oj...a lot. I drank water. He is not becoming more aware of his state, just not wanting anything to happen to him, like his blood sugar dropping. I feel a little less stressed when he drives.

I plan to hire the same guys to help me reduce the unit to a smaller one by throwing out or selling some things. I think the washer and the mattress are going! I had four floor lamps in the old unit and four that worked in my house. I am going to sell some of those. I can bring boxes and stuff to Tommy's house. I may not be able to empty even a small unit that I get, but, I will give it a good try.

One morning, I was wakened by the TV at its loudest. I was very annoyed. I just lay there, trying to recover from the shock. Since Tommy prefers the TV volume around 20 and I can barely hear at 50, I worried about him eventually. When I got to his recliner, he was staring and obviously not aware. I called his name six times, the last time screaming his name. He startled and seemed not to know what was happening. When I yelled about the volume, he seemed more aware and muted it or turned it off, cannot remember. I was frightened.

I asked him to eat. He ignored me. I told him loudly his blood sugar had dropped. I asked him if I should call EMTs, sort of a veiled threat. I offered to get cereal and milk for him. All of a sudden, he got up and rushed as well as he could to the kitchen. He ate and gave himself insulin. I offered half of one of the Atkins bars, saying I wanted one. I did not, but he ate his half and I saved mine for him later. Whew!

Since the traffic incident, I had tried to stress to him that somewhere inside his brain he must realize I know something that he does not--that he is unwell. Maybe that is working. Yesterday, I suggested he go to my endocrinologist. He asked how that would help him. He has been going to this doctor for about 40 years and I do not believe he can help him anymore.

One thing I brought back to his house is all sizes of Ball jars. I am not going to keep buying the small sizes of juice. I can use the hal-pints to take oj for him in the car.

Yesterday, I also had to go to two offices in the city. I intend to only go for business when there is a free

I am exhausted so am not going to edit this. I don't need any reminders of how expensive storage units are.

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