Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Plans Deferred and Shopping--NYE

Since it was NYE and I had lots to do, I suggested we leave early because many places will close at noon. We went to two dollar stores where I found a great buy on Christmas cards at the second one..
8 cards for $0.30 x 4
32 cards for $0.90 x 1
I will not need to buy cards for years! Dollar General has a great supply of cards. They are marked 50% off, but, the $.30 cards (8 in a box) were $1 originally.

Publix for milk and other stuff that I am too tired to think about.
McD for free apple pie, but they gave us two with me saying over and over that I only wanted one. Finally, I left with two pies and we did not have to share.
We went to a place that sells mobility carts and lift chairs.
Walked into Walgreen's to get diabetes pens and needles and shopped. I used a coupon that gives me 5000 ($5) points for buying $20 of merchandise. I did well. One item was reduced, and I had a $2 coupon. Miracle Whip was also reduced--$2.99 and I had a coupon for $0.75. Forget what else I bought. I walked into CVS and left immediately. I meant to go into Walgreens, so I got an ad and left.

We were gone for 3 hours and it took three trips to get everything out of the car. We bought 2 half gallons of a2milk, crackers, leaf lettuce, freezer bags, and other stuff I have forgotten. Oh, a trip to the bread store for $.99 bread with Jan 4 date on it. We had turkey sandwiches with leaf lettuce and halo for lunch.

At 2 pm, I took a nap and got up at 7 pm with a fever. Tommy was watching tv. When I told him how sick I felt, he went straight to the kitchen where he gathered his own dinner--turkey, potato, leaf lettuce and a halo. He may have had a tomato in a salad.

I have not cooked the carrots in the crockpot, nor have I frozen the leftover turkey. Since I did not cook it until Friday, today is the last day to save it. I haven't even cooked black-eyed peas. There is some kind of seasoned pork I have thawing in the freezer that will be ready to cook tomorrow.

It was a gloriously beautiful day, so I got my quota of sunshine. But, the wind was so high that it was cold out even though it was in 50s, I think. All the windows in this house are covered ad MUST stay that way.

It is 8:20 pm and folk around here are sporadically shooting off fireworks.

I had planned to make nibbles for later tonight, but scratch that thought. Even if it kills me, I am waiting up until midnight to see the ball drop. In the meantime, I having a replay of lunch which I loved.

It appears we are in the midst of a Big Bang Theory marathon.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Monday Chores

During the weekend we talked about going to Cullman this week. This morning, Tommy said we should go today, Monday, or Tuesday which happens to be NYE, Since I want to be home and not on the interstate on NYE, I said we should go today.

He asked me if I could be ready in an hour. At 8:03 we were in the car. The day was beautiful, cloudy when we started but a brilliant blue sky with little whispers of clouds by the time we arrived. Traffic was normal on the trip north, but unusually heavy on the way home.

Before we left, he said he needed to get his license renewed Monday or Tuesday and thought it would be easier at my courthouse. There is a room where there are seats and more places to sit in the central hall of the courthouse. In Birmingham there is a line standing in the hall with fifty people in the line, especially this late in the month. There were two or three ahead of us and we could both sit. More importantly, there is a ramp. In Birmingham, there are two sets of steps to get to the long line. We got that chore out of the way first thing. As we left the courthouse, hoards were coming in the doors to get their DL.

When we went to my house, the whole end of the driveway was dug up from the road to the property line and filled with red mud, muddy mud. I called my go-to guy and told him I had had the sewer dug up before and only a line where the drain was had been disturbed and there was gravel put in the dug place. He called and for some reason, the city had dug up and capped off the sewer. He explained why, but it made no sense, so I just thanked him. Oh, they will put gravel on today or tomorrow. I assured him there was no hurry.

I attempted to return something to Belk's but there was a glitch. Tommy had tried on the Gold Toe socks and they were too long for his taste. He wants socks that hit about five inches above the ankle bone. Good grief! I forgot to take them back. Hopefully, they have shorter ones. The ones I got him were about six inches below his knee and too long for his taste.

There was a package for me at the PO. It seems that the free garden supply time is upon us, so that seniors in the program can grow vegetables. I have not looked over the stuff I have to do. I get $40 for giving them a stool sample, fingernail clippings. I let them weigh me and fill out a questionnaire. This way, I can at least get some of my gardening things replaced. Now, I just have to haunt yard sales to try and find chairs and stuff for outdoors.

When we got back to Hueytown, I came in and took the Apple Blossom Amaryllis back to Lowe's. If you are not familiar with them, they are a lily, sold with a disc of dirt to rehydrate and a pot. They are a beautiful pink blossom on very long stems. Well, when I brought mine home, one blossom and stem was attached, growing prematurely. The usually green stem and pink flower were a ghostly white. I cut off the stem with blossom and tried to grow it anyway. Well, the only other stem evident grew about 2 inches and just stopped. So, I got $12 put back on Tommy's Lowe's card.

We got Tommy's mail and there was a package for me. I ordered a red nylon coat just liked I had and lost. YAY! It is way too small, size-wise, but sort of fits. I feel like I look nice in it, anyway. Tommy has seen my old coat and thought this looked nice on me. It was only $14. !!!

Tommy and I have been talking about rainwear for him. He was adamant that he hated ponchos and was not going to wear one. Well, as it turns out, he has an Auburn poncho and wore it working at Sam's gas station and hated it. Sooo, he is just stubborn. I reasoned with him about not being soaked using his rollator. Now, he tells me he got this in the 70s when he attended Auburn. He went to closets, trying to find it. We will find that. I really cannot understand why he is so evasive when he needs to stay dry. It is not like I am trying to get him to wear it and suffocate and sweat, the reason he hates to wear a poncho.

I cannot find Christmas cards on sale. They must have all sold the day after Christmas. I will find them in the next few days.

I stopped in and shopped in Cullman--black-eyed peas 1lb @ $1. So, I am ready. I bought more, but that is for another day.

Two potatoes are baking in the oven. Tommy will have turkey, potato and tomato tonight. The potatoes will be done in ten minutes, so I have to go. Then, it is back to ebay for me. I just googled the brand and color coat I wanted and it popped up.

What do you have planned for NYE or NYD? My plan--black-eyed peas and staying home.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Gunshots at Church

Christmas Eve, went to communion at the church. It was set up as a "come and go" occasion between 4 pm nd 6 pm. Tommy wanted to go about 4 pm. I wanted to get there at 4 pm. So, we left here abut 3:30 and got there a bit before 4 pm. I suppose we left by 4:30. At 5:20 shot were fired somewhere in front of the church. This happened three times and the minister finally called the police. This is scary!

Today, I went into Sunday School and sat down. As I did, this woman started screeching for me to "get up." I had slept only 3 hours Saturday night, so I was confused and slow. She must have ordered me up about six times. I asked why. She said this is where I always sit. Well, I have been going there and sitting in that seat since August. She sat in that chair one time about two weeks ago. Then, she demanded the seat today. I was annoyed and embarrassed that everyone was taking her side in this. THEN, she started whacking on my arm with both hands, hurting me in what she assumed were gentle pats. No, fibromyalgia causes these hard pats to cause me pain. Plus, I whacked my arm into a door facing and it was bruised.

She went on to explain that she had been coming to that church since she was nine-years-old. So???` She was smiling and laughing like it was all so funny, and I should understand. No one has ever told me I was in their seat in church, but I have heard of newcomers never coming back when a long-time member has told the newcomer to move. Does anyone think this is uncalled-fpr? Rude? Un-Christian?

We are eating the second turkey. Tommy had turkey, sweet potato, dressing, cranberry sauce, and a tomato-cucumber salad for lunch. We are out of dressing and baked sweet potatoes, and just have a bit of cranberry sauce left, so the rest of our turkey meals will be other iterations of turkey. Of course, some will be frozen.

I only saved about two cups of turkey broth. Tomorrow, I am going to use that to cook carrots and new potatoes in the crockpot. Tommy and I both love carrots. I cannot have them raw anymore.

The weather forecast bad weather today, but I doubt it from the radar. Anyone else getting stormy weather?

Tommy has had the ac going for the last few days. Today, I asked him to turn it up so I could bathe and wash my hair without freezing. He did. Then, he turned the ac back on. As I sat here getting ready, I was warm, but he assured me the ac was on. When I went to the bathroom, the vent was blowing heat. He just turned it all off. Hopefully, he will call a technician. But, he keeps saying he does not know what is wrong. Well, that is why he should call someone!

Today, I wore an old "new" look to church. Since I found my plastic boxes of jewelry, I wore my pearl necklace with many strands and gold chains and a pearl bracelet with the outfit--highwater pants, sleeveless top, and black sweater. Of course, it is all costume jewelry. I wonder how long I can keep this going.

On the way back from church, I made my first return, an item at Walgreens. I have more returns to make, so I am rounding up things and the receipts. Several months ago, Tommy threw away receipts. But, since then he alerts me to receipts that escape me.

Friday, December 27, 2019

It's Over

The tree is down and all cards on the doors. Unfortunately, or not, there is Christmas chocolate. The temperatures have been in low 70s and high 60s and dry. I like the temperature and lack of humidity.

I thought the thing Tommy needed most was protection from rain. But, that was not to be. Even at full price, there was nothing that would suit him. I knew this from discussions. He is like me in that he gets too warm using anything water repellant with a flannel lining. Or any lining! Still, I will try the thrift store where there are guys who will actually help with looking.

About two weeks before Christmas, I saw Rubik cubes in the store. I knew he would like that and got us both one.

About a week before Christmas, I picked up a sock from the floor near where I sit. It had a hole in the heel I could put my fist through. So, I knew what I could get him he could use. At Belk's are Gold Toe socks, prohibitively expensive. I counted on their sales. Three pair were $20 but $6.99 on sale. Gold Toe lasts forever.

He liked the Rubik's cube and really liked the socks. He said most all of his socks had holes in them. I bought a Rubik's cube last year that I could barely twist. I suppose it is dying in the dump. I checked the cubes I got and they twist easily.

His present for me was huge and in a large white garbage bad with a piece of green tissue paper lying over the top and two red pieces of ribbon just lying on top. He said he tried to get me something I needed. He chose a plastic dresser-like thing, three drawers and about a foot wide. He said maybe it would help me in the bedroom. Yes, it would.

We have not been out of the driveway since Christmas Eve. It's Friday night and I have a turkey in the oven. Once again, it took both of us to get it out of refrigerator, into pan, and into the oven.

For dinner we had grilled cheese sandwich, tomato and a halo. We are so exciting.

My children had rubik cubes. Now, I have one. Did or do you? Have you ever had experience with Gold Toe socks and their durability?

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Ugliest Christmas Sweater and $1200 Expense and Christmas Eve

At the Christmas party and lunch last Tuesday, I saw the cutest ugly sweater. Of course, my camera battery was dead. However, you can do the work and google "Gorilla sweater ugly Walmart" and see it. Sorry. I know how to cut and past, but the link ending up being about six lines long.

Tommy went Monday to the dentist for a crown replacement at the tune of $1,200.

I think it quit raining Tuesday. Maybe the drunks can keep it on the road.

Christmas Eve

I wanted to go to Cullman for a few things, so we did. However, we are back safe and sound. I did not sleep at all Monday night, so I am dead at almost 3 pm. I wanted to get my mail and return something small to Belk.

While at Belk I had to look around. I found a rack with everything marked $2.49. I found a beautiful, long skirt with every color in the rainbow for $2.49. It is floor-length. However, it is a medium, way too small for me. Since it is so long and a circular skirt, I can just cut off the elastic waistband and turn over the top for more elastic. I can buy bias seam binding. Or, I can use contrasting solid fabric to make a new waistband. The original cost? $58.00

Most of the people shopping at Belk looked very grim!

Since I had no sleep, I did not feel like going to any stores up there to look for the kind of coat he wants. There is a thrift store where the guys will help find things. I was hoping to go there. They may have been closed. But, I was not getting out of the car.

We went to my unit to see what I could find. I cannot work for over two minutes. Tommy holds up longer. I found a Rubbermaid tub I have had for 30 years. Three plastic bins were in it where I sorted my jewelry into the little partitions. I found my only Christmas jewelry--the holly leaves dipped in gold. You may remember that was a thing 30 years ago. Well, I only wear them once a year. I am going to wear them Sunday since it is still holly season. right?

In the bin was a colander and a jar of Barilla Creamy Alfredo that I bought bogo at Publix. I paid $1.38 for the 14.5 oz. jar. It says it makes 7 servings, but we will make it into 8 servings. I cannot believe the disparate things the guys put in the bin. I laughed. I was worried they would just dump those three plastic partitioned boxes into one of their huge bags and everything would spill. The bin is one of the short ones, but it will now serve as storage for my panties, nightgowns, washcloths, and towels. I had determined I had to buy a bin after the New Year. Now, I don't have to.

At the Farmer's Market there was one farmer there, the one where I always buy tomatoes. So, Tommy paid for tomatoes--$6.00.

While he was putting the Rubbermaid box and Barilla into the back of the Rogue, I took the jewelry and got into the front seat. I heard him yell, "OH, DAMN!" It alarmed me, so I quickly put the boxes down in his seat. He yelled that his rollator rolled away. I jumped out and hurried after it. He told me not to run. Later, he said I actually ran--yeah, about six steps. The rollator rolled into traffic. Thankfully, it was in the outside of three lanes going one way! I was waving at cars all the way with Tommy yelling for me to be careful. By the time I got to it and rescued it, I really needed it to walk up the hill/slope of the driveway.

The box on top of the bin held a Christmas house. I have quite a collection of them. I could have put this one out. I suppose I have about 20 of the huge houses and stores and churches. Most of them were bought at yard sales for $0.25 up to $3.00. I did buy one new one. I know none of the Christmas houses were destroyed because only this one was left in the house.

We went to the store where I won the $100 certificate and bought things so we could both enter. There was a bottleneck in front of me. After a few minutes, I asked if there were a wreck since several people were bent and bobbing up and down. When traffic cleared, we saw a full buggy of Christmas candy. Hershey and Reese's 8.5 oz. were steals at $0.99 each! We both bought two bags. I chose Kisses in the holiday foil and Crunch Bells. He bought Hershey Miniature Bells and Miniature Reese's cups.

After we arrived at his house this afternoon, I was going to take a nap before we go back to church. But, he said he needed to go to WM and get milk and some things. He better be getting me something for Christmas. He has two gifts under the tree and I have none.

It is 5 pm and he can get his own turkey leg and mashed potato from the refrigerator since he will not be hungry until I am taking my nap.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Such a Rainy Sunday

This is the second day of rain that will end some time tomorrow. So, three rainy days...ugh. On Saturday, we went out early enough to get home before the first drops. Today, we went to church, rain or not.

Usually, Tommy puts my purse and water in the basket under his seat on his walker and tosses it into the front seat when he gets to the car. Today, I bore the pain of my purse and water so as not to slow him down one second. As he walks he pulls his jacket up over his head to keep head and glasses dry. Then, his whole back, waist and bottom of his pants are soaked. Since I do not have a coat to ward off the pouring rain, I put a plastic bag over my hair.

I really hate he gets so wet. He cannot jump in the car like I can or hold onto a plastic bag to shield his glasses. No, he doesn't wear a hat. The short nylon windbreaker/coat he wears is shabby.

When it was going to rain, I just told him not to come to my house, or I told him to sit in the car and I came out to him, sparing him the long, laborious walk up my driveway and into my house. It hurts me to see him so unnecessarily drenched.

I have gone everywhere to try and find something so he won't be drenched. I even tried Dollar General. He hates the flannel lining when he only needs rain protection since it makes him too hot. Places like Belk's have short raincoats/windbreakers that are at least $40 and lined or hot. There is another problem. He thinks medium still fits him. He has developed a spare tire around his middle. It is not unattractive, just medium coats no longer fit him. So, I am out of ideas as to where to find a nylon raincoat!
.on me did not leave me soaking and cold. I did get very wet, but compared to Tommy, it was nothing.

Today, I turned a very summery outfit into winter wear. I wore the sleeveless blouse with the key hole in the back and slight V-neck in the front. The pants are highwater pants with the slit up the front. I wore a black sweater that covers my behind. Both are the same shade of black. Then, over that to be warmer, I wore a capelike thing with a ruffle around it. Actually, this is a rectangle with an opening from neck to hem in the front. When I pulled it up around my neck to keep me warm, I could feel the rain pelting me, but the rain never penetrated to my skin to soak me. It was not too hot to make me uncomfortable, either. The plastic Publix bag kept my hair dry except for the very bottom. No problem there.

I hope this one outfit lasts me until I can find more lightweight clothes suitable for church...lol. I wear it lightly and wash it in cold water after two or three wearings. And, I wash it alone and in cold water. Tommy kept his cool when I told him I was washing it and nothing else. He know I don't wash clothes alone, so he said nothing. Yesterday, I washed a load of clothes containing 16 pair of panties along with my towels and washcloths.

Spring clothes are now appearing on the racks I pass while shopping for something else. So, this post took a different tack, but that's okay...lol.

We are having spaghetti and salad tonight, so I had better get back to the boiling water. I keep boiling most of the water out and have to refill the pot.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Scariest Christmas Movie

Several years ago, I watched the most frightening Christmas movie ever. Well, it is the only truly scary Christmas movie I have ever seen. I know "It's A Wonderful Life" is very dark. "A Christmas Carol" is sad. I know lots of Christmas songs are not pure joy.

But, I have only seen one Christmas movie that truly frightened me.

THE POLAR EXPRESS left me a nervous wreck with the reckless train running into snow, sludge, and finally water. Does it frighten you?

After I finally got my body out of bed about 10 am, sat around and tried to wait for the Benadryl to wear off, I washed my hair, bathed and got dressed. We went out to get Christmas things, like pie crusts and batteries...lol.

When we got home Tommy refused to lock the front door. So, here we are around 10:3o. He cussed me thoroughly and told me how I should talk and how he likes the door unlocked until he goes to bed. He turned red in the face cursing me with words I will not repeat. He said he did not care if I felt safe or not. Well, anyone can walk up to my bedroom window and look in. And, they can come in if they decide. He knows how to kill a Christmas mood. He has made it quite clear I will get no presents from him, not even a small token.

He also refuses to let me plug in the Christmas tree if we leave the house and I unplug it. "We are only going to be gone a few minutes, so nothing will happen." He refuses to give me permission to turn on the Christmas tree, then refuses to allow me to turn it off and back on once in the house again. Do you think I mind his demands? NO. I just plug it up and unplug it when leaving in the car.

Do you unplug Christmas trees or turn them off when you leave the house?

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Dandelions, Snowflake, Star

It is 50F today. When I awoke, the house was too hot so I turned the thermostat down from 66F to 64F. At 2:30 pm, I finally put in the turkey we brought home last Thursday. Then we put the other turkey that was in the freezer into the refrigerator. I had hurt my right wrist, so not much fun. You should have heard the two of us grunting getting one turkey out and on the counter, into the turkey bag, into the oven and then getting 2nd turkey out of freezer and into the bottom of the refrigerator! Whew! We were a grunting pair, doing things that hurt both of us. I think I will stick to bought turkey breasts in lieu of free turkey.

With 50F temperatures and even warmer in the past two weeks and expecting more heat next week, it was not surprising to see dandelions everywhere when we went to the PO. I suppose my daffodils are blooming back home. I have tulip and daffodils bulbs to plant in pots here. I just need Santa to bring me a bag of dirt...lol...potting soil?

I received the last of my three cards from the card exchange. It was from Canada. I got my white Christmas on the card, all white and sparkly. Inside was a wonderful surprise--a white crocheted snowflake. I kept talking to Tommy about the star I got. NO, it is a snowflake. I bought a couple of crocheted snowflakes once and used them to crochet another. I know what the crochet shorthand means. But, it is easier for me to follow a crocheted piece than the directions! Crazy, huh?

Since I badly sprained my right wrist, I won't be crocheting any time soon. My sprained wrist is why my last Christmas cards had poor handwriting. Plus, I was writing on my leg. And riding in the car.

The oven was set on 250F yesterday and it was almost at 400F. I will need to keep an eye on the oven while I have the turkey in there. Brussel Sprouts and baked sweet potatoes will finish off our dinner tonight. The sweet potatoes will barely fit on the shelf beside the turkey. Tommy said he did not care about dressing, so there will be nothing to raise blood sugar overly much. We can probably turn the heat off. Or, it won't come on with the heat from the oven.

Together, we finally threw the pumpkins into the trash can. My chickens would have liked them. I miss chickens.

I knew I could not get a turkey from the sink to turkey bag sitting in a pan beside the sink. So, I took the two dish drainers stacked on the left side of the sink and put them in the two crispers from the refrigerator that he said had been sitting there for five years. I had already thrown in the trash some of the junk in there, including a coffee maker carafe that he said had been there for years. Then, I had to scrape of the dirt, stains, and roach poop from the counter. ICK! Now, I have about 3' on the left side of the sink. It is a relief. He did not fuss. I told him I could not get the turkey in the pan with so little room. I suppose if it means he eats better, cleaning and moving are allowed....lol.

Only one gift is under the tree. It's for Tommy. He noted it was the perfect size for the tree.

When I removed the turkey from the oven, I had to have a taste. It is delicious. Tonight, I may go to Dollar Tree looking for pans to bake banana bread. I may even get disposable ones.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along? Any dandelions blooming?

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Boy only wants Christmas cards for Christmas

On Channel 13 in Birmingham, I saw a piece about a young man who is pretty far on the Autism spectrum who is nonverbal and only wants Christmas cards for Christmas. So, I am sending a card. They did not ask for money, but I am putting in a one-dollar bill. It is not much, I know. They just want cards.

Maybe you could send him a card, too.

Marty Mendoza
419 West Avenue C
Belton, TX 76513

Last night, I was more ill than in a few days. I coughed for a long time and went to bathroom four times. I finally awoke around 1:30 pm this afternoon. About an hour later, Tommy asked me if I noticed the locks he put on the door. YAY! He has lived for several years without the ability to lock his front door. I now feel more secure. His commode had not worked for five years!

Won't you send a card to Marty?

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Almost Finished

The last three cards went to PO today. I only need to wrap one gift to send. Of course, it will be late arriving to the recipient. So will the card overseas. I had the addresses of other bloggers so I could send cards. Some went into the dump. Some are just lost around here.

After I got Tommy a new doorknob for his birthday, he did not install it. Finally, he said it would have been better to get one with deadbolt and a doorknob and both used one key. I may have said that. Today, I have been so ill, getting the same sinus infection as last week that cleared up with antibiotics. Allergies do this to me. I awoke from a long, long nap, feeling awful. He asked anxiously if I wanted to go to the doctor. That will come after I have the blood tests done that two doctors want done.

I told him I wanted to go to Lowe's. We did as soon as I could get ready. He did not realize he was going to go in and get the lock set. He found what he wanted and paid for it, bemoaning the fact we did not bring the other to exchange. As it turns out, the deadbolt lock does not use a key on the inside. It has a twist thing to lock it.

Then, we went to get another baking pan. The one I have has a small lip, about one inch. I figured the huge turkey would flip out of that since both of us would have trouble handling the pan with a turkey in it. I also got a coffee scoop since I like to have a scoop of some sort in the flour and sugar. I had bunches of them, but they are in the dump! Even a small plastic coffee-type scoop is good to use.

I did get Tootsie Rolls to pull out fillings! I keep it in my pocket prior to eating to soften it some. And, I forgot Vicks Vaporub for my head congestion. Two jars of Vicks is in the dump.

After ruining my stick-on light switch when it fell off the brick next to the front door and landed in water, tonight I bought a 4-pack of the tap lights. One is for the front door and one for the laundry room. So far, Tommy is not kicking about lights or locks. I have simple needs, so far. And, I did not buy batteries for the lights! Yes, my batteries are in the dump!

Today, he finally changed the filter for the furnace. He had to lower himself to the floor and lie down flat to lift the heavy grate and place the new filter in the space. It hurt me to see the way he had to work. He would not let him help because the grate was too heavy and the filter too dusty. I doubt this will have a great affect on the dirty air blowing around, but it should help a bit.

Tomorrow, I may get up the pumpkins from the porch and throw them in the garbage can. I wish I knew someone with animals that would eat pumpkins. Tommy might hurt himself bending that far and falling off the porch. I think I feel to awful to try to decorate at all outdoors.

We are watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas". This is so much fun from 1965. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and whole Peanuts crew were my son's favorite. He slept with a Snoopy dog. I just love Snoopy dressed as Santa and the little boy confronting him because he did not bring the right things for Christmas last year. So funny!

Monday, December 16, 2019

This and that

I write this as I watch The Great American Light Fight because I love Christmas lights. One year, I entered the Christmas light and decorating in the town where we lived. I spent hours making elves, sewing and stuffing them and covering my son's swing set with foil, put up lights. The man who won had money and put the backside of Santa sticking out an upstairs window. So many people in town were upset I had not won. I was very disappointed with the unfairness of it all. However, I was greeted by practically everyone in town who told me how good mine was, and that I should have won.

Last week, I had to buy a set of cheap plastic measuring cups after I had bought a two-cup glass measuring cups. Do you know how difficult it is to measure 1/4 cup in a two-cup measure?

When I went to stores looking for None Such mincemeat, no one had it. Last year, I found it at Publix, but this year they said they were not going to carry it anymore. Well, I went in after Thanksgiving and accidentally found the boxes, AND on sale. Usually, the box is almost $5. It was on sale 2 for $6. YAY! Tommy cannot wait to eat mincemeat pit. I can eat pie without the crust. But, Tommy has to have the crust.

After staying in bed for almost all of three days, and Tommy wondering aloud why I am so sick and why I cannot hear, he finally bought 3 filters for his furnace. Do you think he can install them in a timely manner? No! So, I may start getting ill again.

Today, it was 72F. At 5 pm it was 70F in the house. HE thought it was stuffy, so he turned the thermostat to cool and 67F and cooled the place. Since he had the heat on 64F all day, no air was blowing all day. At least my two-hour nap was pleasant. We are paying for the nice weather in the state with predicted tornadoes. At this point, there is no rain or bad weather where I am now. However, the radar shows the storms coming closer. How is it at your house? Storms?

I have two cards to mail to my kids, one card for overseas, and one gift to wrap and mail. I have been feeling so ill that standing in line at the PO is not something I am looking forward to doing. But, tomorrow I will even though rain is predicted all day. There was not one drop of rain today, but he insisted it was going to rain, so we got nothing done.

Today, I watched The Age of Innocence, the original and the remake. I had read the book years ago, studied it at UAB, and saw the remake when it came out. So, I was very happy for a few hours. The original was not as good as the remake. That is highly unusual.

The 15 lb turkey is waiting for Tuesday night to go in the oven. I told Tommy he would have to help me since I cannot put it in the oven. That should be fun...lol. NOT But, I can freeze most of it and have the next Turkey ready/thawed to put it in the oven. I am glad I figured out that the oven heats 50F over where it is set. All the baking bags were bursting for the first time ever. The sweet potatoes really burned when the insides melted a bit and ran out. Since I oil the sweet potatoes, all the oil was burning. I thought I was leaving things in too long. It took me too long to realize it was the heat being wrong. I wrongly blamed it on me.

The last time we went to the store, I bought a string of 100 lights. I was going to put it around the kitchen window. Since Tommy has no outlets outside, I cannot put it outside. So, when we go into the kitchen, we will be greeted by Christmas lights in the window. At home I had lights around my picture window. AND, I had a small leg lamp, bought for $1 and never used. It was about 18" tall if I remember correctly.

His dinner--baked potato, two deli chicken legs I had frozen, Romaine and tomato salad.

Do you enjoy the Christmas lights?

I don't know why, but you will have to scroll down a mile to see comments.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Free Phones or iPad

At a program last week, I received information that will provide a free phone, cell phone, tablet/iPad, and various other pieces of equipment for people with hearing or vision problems. There is a means test, but an income of $48K will still put you below the maximum income required.

This program is under the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. My friend, a professional who needs glasses came to the platform to further explain how she qualifies. She has income under $48K, and cannot read without glasses. How many people can read or see to drive only with glasses? And, you do not have to be blind!

A couple can have a higher income and both receive free equipment. Other specialized equipment includes amplified phones, phones with caption. corded home phones, and cordless home phones are n the log list of equipment available. The program is Alabama Telecommunications Access Program. From what I can see, it is available in all states.

In Alabama the phone number is 256-383-3503. I cannot find a website for this particular program. It is more than TTY services. People who need glasses to see or have even a mild hearing problem are eligible.

Maybe the fact I am so ill is the reason I cannot find a website for this particular program.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Sick Friday and Door Knob

After the hard day/night on Thursday, I slept until 11 am and went back to bed about 4:30 pm and slept until 7 pm. Tommy woke me at 11 am at my request. I only awoke at 7 pm from my nap because I asked Tommy to wake me up. I am still sick, feverish but maybe getting better.

We left about 4 pm to do chores for both of us. It was so rainy and traffic was getting heavy. I told Tommy my chores could wait. Maybe I will have him wake me early to do things in stores.

On Thursday I asked Tommy if he could put on the new doorknob on Friday morning. He said he wished I had gotten a different kind. I have never heard of what he wanted. It seems there is a deadbolt without knob and door knob kind to put on the door same door that used the same key instead of needing two keys. I told him we could go exchange it. That was one of the chores, so Lowe's is on the list for Saturday.

It is almost 10 pm. I want brownies and macaroni and cheese. I probably won't make either.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

One Problem Solved

I had Tommy call the guy about getting the trash as part of the deal of giving him things from my yard. He then called me. He told Tommy he did not agree to that. Tommy heard all that happened. He whined and repeatedly told Tommy he did not want to go to jail. Then, he called me and I told him I did not want to hear anymore, just do it. Then, I hung up.

Neither of us threatened him with jail. We used words like--judge, court, subpoena. I did tell him if he did not come to court after getting subpoena, he would be arrested.

About 5:30 when we were in Cullman tonight, he called me. He said he had to go buy garbage bags and he went on and on about me coming to see it now. I told him before we left Cullman, I was going to check. Finally, because I had to go out in the cold to hear him, and my back was hurting, I hung up after telling him I had to go.

We went by and all the trash was gone. Tommy pointed out he did not need garbage bags because there was one of the orange fences in the box that would hold all down with a few of the pieces of wood on top. So, it is done and I can move to the next train wreck.

On the last post a blogger pointed out I could move on to someone else and have the next one be unreliable, too. YES!

We had things to do in Cullman, today. So we went to a Christmas Party and Dinner. There were at least 30 door prizes and we did not win one. Oh, well. We had a dinner of ham, green beans, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, yeast roll, pound cake and lots of unsweetened tea. We each got a turkey and box of food to make a Christmas dinner. I got one turkey in the freezer and the other wrapped in a blanket. I need to wash the large flat pan to put it on in the refrigerator so it can thaw and not bleed all over the refrigerator. The two boxes of food not cold or frozen will live in the car until tomorrow. I saw a Stovetop Stuffing and a cookie or cake mix in one box and a bunch of cans. So, I will see that soon.

After the dinner and checking my gutter by the road, we went to Publix and to another store where I made a purchase, and entered the $100 grocery giveaway that I won last year. I had nothing in PO Box. rats. I suppose since I get few bills and they don't put junk mail in the PO box, there is rarely anything there. I do get Christmas cards in Tommy's mailbox. YAY!

There was a full moon last night, so the sky should have been really full of light, but it was cloudy. The temp was about 47F, so it was pleasant.

NOW, to the shoes. I bought 2 pair of sandals this summer. Then, I posted I bought a pair of SAS. I know that seems indulgent, so I was trying to explain those were dressy sandals, not ones for support in walking around. I had save to buy the sturdy pair I just bought. That is all. I am not calling the manufacturer. I am not unhappy with any of my sandals. Remember, I tend to buy sandals when I find ones that fit and wear them for years and years. I figure I am set in sandals for quite a few years.

After the meal and Santa and two turkeys, it was a pleasant drive. We listened to Christmas music. Tomorrow, I go to get gift cards for the four grandchildren and take to the PO. My tree is so pretty after putting on all the tinsel/icicles. Tommy said I could tape the Christmas cards to the door, so it is looking more like Christmas.

I am tempted to go and get tiny light to decorate my window like another blogger, forgot who. Speak up if it was you!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Taking Two Men to Court

By the way, the sandals I bought this summer were little sandals without a good base to stand. You know the kind I mean. I needed shoes for a high school reunion. They are not shoes a person wears everyday when she needs something solid to stand in and walk. So, I saved for shoes I can wear everyday, not just to church. They were worth saving to get them. I am not just buying more sandals like the ones I had. These are sooo comfortable.

I saved for something else I needed, not clothing. The guy made me pay for it before he ordered it. When I got my purchase two weeks later, I rushed out of the store to another chore. Then, I did not feel like using it. When I finally took my purchase out of the box, it was wrong, looked identical on the surface, but still wrong. When I went back today, he was mean and said he knew I would not be happy because I am always unhappy about everything when I come into the store. Funny thing, I make him laugh and he makes me laugh. He flat out refused to do anything about the purchase. He said I was there when he called in the order. I said, yes, and I was telling you the correct item number and you changed it to the man taking the order. He said he would do nothing. He said the item was too expensive for him to purchase again. So, I have a question.

Do I go back by and tell him that I will take him to small claims court and he will miss work and have to pay for court charges AND give me a refund, or should I just do it. Tommy says to just do it!

The guy who cleaned up my yard and set out three Rubbermaid things on the street was supposed to carry it off. For his cleaning up trash in the yard and carrying it off, I gave him lots of things he could take to get money at the salvage yard. He asked for the small swing frame for his grandchildren. He also got an electric grill that was practically new and a tank of propane. That was two weeks ago. He said he would get it on a Friday if the garbage men did not get it on Thursday morning, my usual garbage day. Well, we went back and garbage was still there. So, he said he would do it later. Manana (with the tilde) is his favorite word.

So, we went back today for something I had to do, and the trash is still there. I called and he said he had to work today and I have bills to pay and I cannot work and make a living and do things for you. Yes, and he forgets I told him I wanted trash off the yard and he could have a load of stuff for salvage yard. I told him if the garbage is not gone by tomorrow and I have to pay the city, I am taking him to small claims court and he will have to pay court costs and repay me for what I had to pay to get the garbage carried off.

When a person does not pay utility fees, water, sewage and that stuff, they have no more city services. Someone on here told me my taxes paid for trash removal, but I knew better and knew I could never convince that person. But, he still insists the city will get trash for me.

I also told him he would never get the chicken pen if he did not do what he said he would do. Well, the pen is his when he brings the picnic table and large swing frame to me! He now thinks it is his when he gets the trash, and he can get the chicken pen aka dog yard.

He said he cannot get the trash and work to make money. I told him he could get the trash after dark and work. Or, he can get it before work. He said he would come at 5 am and wants me to be there. AAAAAGH!!!

He would not answer my calls after I hung up because he went on and on and would not listen. I used Tommy's phone in order to get him to respond.

As someone remarked in a deleted comment that I was trying to get people to serve me. NO! Both these men did not keep up their end of the bargain. I just want them to treat me like I was a guy they respected and do what they said they would do.

Okay, I did not mean this to be a rant, but you must understand.

Today, I went to the doctor and maybe have solved some problems or at least am well on my way to finding answers.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

One More "Gift"

Since I came here, Tommy's front door lock has not worked. He never locks the door at night. One day when I panicked, he showed me it would lock. It took him ten minutes to jiggle it and twist the little knob to get it to work. I was incapable or locking it. It could probably been jiggled loose from the outside, too.

So, yesterday, I bought him a new door knob. I did not give it to him yesterday so as not to have him blow up on his birthday. I told him I had something he would receive today. That annoyed him. I was going to wrap it, but I could barely move this morning. So, I tossed it in the bag. He opened it, examined it and okayed it. Whew. He will install it this afternoon.

He does have a deadbolt but refuses to use it when we are in the house. I do understand being locked inside in case of fire, but I would leave a key in the lock. We use the deadbolt only when gone from the house.

There is no light at the front door or on the carport. So, going to the laundry I have to use a headlamp and a flashlight to see to get to the laundry. Plus, the light in there does not work. None need bulbs. All need a new socket. He refuses to spend money.

I stood outside at the front door in the pitch dark, frantic to get to the bathroom and tried to get the key in the deadbolt. I had to screech at him to come in a hurry. He had to get out of car, get walker out, and slowly get up the ramp. I was humiliated by the experience and furious he would not take care of the lights. I found a light switch that ran by battery and was led. It hooked to wall by magnets or Velcro. The only place to put it was on the brick. The wood was not wide enough and would get wet. Well, when we left today the "switch" was lying in the rain by the door. So, now I have to figure out something else. I may put this in the laundry room/utility room and get another for the front door. It is dangerous without light outdoors. He says he can see fine.

Earlier, he would have yelled at me and not allowed the new doorknob or light.

Before Thanksgiving I asked him how long it had been since he had had a light in the oven. He said he had never had a light in the oven. When I asked why not, he said there is no place to put one. Well, there is an empty socket! I told him so and he denied there was a place for a light bulb/lamp. Now, I have to figure out how to get down on my knees and get a light screwed in and get up. He cannot.

The other day, I asked him where his backscratcher was located. He gave it to me. I had one big, thick, long fuzzy sock that I stuck onto the backscratcher, used Endust onto the sock and dusted the tv table and tv. I also dusted the little table he moved to use for the tree. No reaction.

Monday, I had a very restless night. Sleep was fitful. I awoke today with bad earaches and congestion, sore throat, body aches, just feeling awful. I left the Miracle Whip out a few days ago. It was almost empty, but still a waste. Plus, I miss it. We went out today to PO to mail Christmas cards, such as I had ready. I got my Miracle Whip!

Now, 4 pm, I am home and ready to have a cup of chicken broth. At least, I have a dr appointment tomorrow. Tonight is an easy dinner, casserole with turkey leg and chicken breast, can of cranberry sauce, green beans, and a halo for after.

I need to finish Christmas cards and one gift to mail after dinner. No I will mail it tomorrow, not after dinner.

There are still cards to be addressed and mailed, and at least two gifts to be wrapped.

If anyone has anything critical to say about what I write about Tommy, save it because your comment won't be published even if you are my favorite commenter! Other bloggers criticize ad nauseum other people, yet no one says a word. You do not know the whole story. And, NEVER bring my ex-husband into any discussion. I will start a new blog for that...lol.

This is posting early today, and I am going to start dinner.

Today, I needed a box to mail one thing. After finding nothing sturdy enough or small enough, I went to UPS. The box was about 9"x6"x6" and was $4.50. !!! I passed on that. I can do better by making a box or looking elsewhere! I was trying to cut down on postage costs, but I can use a larger box and pay the excess postage if worse comes to worse.

First thing I do before cooking dinner is try to stand long enough to put icicles on the tree. I like only white for a tree skirt. At home I would grab a piece of white material from my stash, fold it and cut a circle. Here, I used a white towel to look like snow. I know we will be wearing icicles until the tree comes down.

How are your plans for Christmas coming along? Mine are almost finished, just tying up loose ends.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Happy Birthday

Today, Tommy is 66. He had scheduled a teeth cleaning, so I decided to go along with him. I had not been up long enough to take my pill and eat, so we got a sausage and biscuit at Hardee's.

Since we were down IN Vestavia, I asked to go to the SAS store In Hoover, my present to me. I managed to get a pair of sandals for winter, black ones. These are so comfortable that I wore them out of the store. Just before Thanksgiving, SAS had shoes bogo. Rats! I need to remember that. These shoes have four buckles, including one around the back. I like that. And, I really hate Velcro.

Then, I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Glass was just inside the door. That stopped me dead in my tracks. Most of it is cheap. But, I have found two pieces of Waterford Crystal, one piece for $7 and another for $9. !!! I spotted them from across the huge room and my hands were trembling as I tried not to run to them. Yes, they were marked and I knew what to look for. I made money from those purchases. No such luck today. I bought an antique glass cake plate, a newish Christmas tree shaped plate, a piece of Corelle. I checked purses, clothes and coats. Kitchen baking and cooking utensils were down to a candle snuffer. No luck. Both were in Hoover. This was the nicest Sally I have ever seen.

I saw a sofa I would use. And, lots of nice brown furniture. I love brown furniture! People generally hate brown furniture and I hear it is out of style. So, people buy it cheap to paint. GAH! What a travesty in my book. However, some is best painted.

The holiday season is when stores sell more used glassware, antique and just old stuff. So, if you need a serving piece, now is the time to get it at thrift and antique stores.

I think there were dealers buying for resale. Or, maybe the woman just liked all the stuff she was buying, a whole two carts of home furnishings. The workers were polite. At other Sallys they are sort of rude and hard to find. The cake plate was $1.99. In another thrift store the same type plates are priced $14 and up, antique store prices.

I was going to buy Tommy a $10 gift card for coffee and a fast food place, then decided I might be with him, so was going to make it for $20. As we were headed home from Hoover, I asked him if today would be a good day to eat at Bright Star, a restaurant in Bessemer. It is famous, owned by two Greek men, one of whom just died. I asked him if he wanted the $20 to put toward lunch. He did.

It is a place full of history. The walls were covered with pictures of the famous who have eaten there, newspaper articles, and all sort of interesting stuff.

We got home just in time for him to watch Jeopardy, his favorite show, so it must have been a good day so far. I have plenty of leftovers, so dinner won't be a problem, thankfully.

I forgot to say that I told the waiter that today was his birthday. At the end of the meal, she gave him his choice of pit. He chose cream cheese pineapple. It came with a lit candle. She had heated it and it was gross to me, since I would have preferred it cold. I only took one little bite even though she brought two forks. At home I sang "Happy Birthday" to him. So, it is complete.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Small Economy, Grocery Shopping, Church Program

As you know, or maybe you don't know, I never pay full price for Christmas cards. I buy them on sale, rock bottom reductions, at yard sales and at thrift stores. They cannot be musty.

Well, Tommy's niece has a small economy I would never even think to use.

She used a PANTONE color chip to send him a birthday greeting. One side is blank. So, she wrote "Happy Birthday the L*******S", his address and her return address. And, there is a postcard stamp.

I think this small economy is very clever. Now, I would never just collect free color chips to do this, but, nonetheless, it is clever. These chips are postcard sized, not the tiny chips I usually see.

Clever and thrifty? In my book it is.

I used a $.75 coupon on Ronco Spaghetti. It is my favorite brand and the brand we had at home growing up.

Ragu spaghetti was bogo at Publix, so I got only two.

I had a $.75 coupon on two half gallons of a2milk. I have another to use later.

I think I saved $5.46 at Publix.

The European cucumber was cheaper than elsewhere--$2.50. I need it for the cucumber sandwiches after church tomorrow. Tommy said he wants me to go, so I am.

I have never had Nutella. I may be the last person on Earth who has not tasted it. I found a tiny 1 oz. bottle for $1. Even though I am allergic to hazelnuts, I will try a bit of this. It is the first time I have tried a nut that I am allergic to since I found out about my nut allergies. It is several hours later, and I am not having a reaction. I do have a headache on my eyebrows, but that is allergy-related but not from nuts, just dust.
and took the bread from the freezer. Tommy had some of the European cucumber in his dinner Saturday night. When I went to bed, I told him to wake me at 7:30 so I could put the sandwiches together.

He woke me after 8 am on Sunday, and I had been awake until 4 am. I had him slice the cucumbers for me--1/8 inch. Well, he was slicing them thicker than 1/4 inch so he "would not slice his fingers." I had him slice the thick ones in half, and I told him to be careful. The butter was not soft enough to spread, so I had to microwave it. He spent the rest of the time using a fork on the cream cheese mixture to get it soft enough to spread.

I no longer have a biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter. So, I spent time in Publix scouring the shelves for something with a narrow diameter to use to cut bread into circles. I settle on Beechnut Baby Food in jars. I know a glass makes a good biscuit cutter, but this glass jar was wide glass even though the jar was tiny. So, it was really hard on my hands and fingers to cut the bread. Plus, the circles seemed rough.

We needed to leave at 9:30 am to get to Sunday School by 10 am. But, at 9:40 I finally got the sandwiches on a dish and covered and in a bag. I hurried though my preps and we got to the church by 10:30.

As it turns out, the church provides the fried chicken and sliced ham. I cannot eat much at one time, so I brought home my ham, cheese, and a roll. I noticed Styrofoam boxes had been brought from the kitchen. All the women were getting meals for themselves, mothers who could not attend, and for themselves. I brought a chicken breast for me and a thigh for Tommy. He also wanted more ham, so he has that, too.

There was no preaching service, just the choir singing and then lunch. We have been eating Kisses and Miniatures today and watching Christmas movies.

Tomorrow is his birthday and I have gotten him nothing! He changed his attitude Saturday night. He finally took me to stores. So, tomorrow will be spend shopping for him and making him a dinner from the leftover turkey legs and chicken breast. They need to be eaten tomorrow. So, he loves the casserole with Stovetop Stuffing, cream of chicken soup, eggs, and dried cranberries. My dehydrated cranberries are in the dump and I will not use Craisins. I might make a green bean casserole since he loves that, too.

At his church there is a board with slots and everyone's name. It is for Christmas cards. That way, there is no postage. I was going to get ours because our names are together on one of the slots. He told me to leave them there until the Sunday before Christmas. So, I put them back. A woman walked in and did not hear what he said. She brought the cards to me. I asked him in front of everyone who heard him make me put them back if I could keep them. He said I could.

At home I got into my box of cards. It was a chore finding envelopes that fit the cards. I need about 30 cards and have found 17 matches between envelopes and cards. I have more here because I brought them with me. None of my cards were purchased full price. So, this is not costly. First, I took out cards for three bloggers, and some bloggers whose addresses I know, and for my children. My goal is not to buy cards until they go on sale. Dollar General always has had cards marked down 25% before Christmas. They are some of the prettiest cards I have bought.

I need to go to bed because I am exhausted.

Do you like cucumber sandwiches? They are labor intensive to make, although simple.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Christmas Party Games and More

This is the game we played at the church lunch.

Check this site out for lots of game if you need an activity.


After I answered the two comments implying this might be my approach to getting Tommy to do things, I became angry enough to speak to him. I said, "So, you are not going to fix the tree so I don't have to get over there and make my hands itch." He had his eyes closed. He raised up and said, "That is the best I can do. I don't see anything wrong with it."

"Well, if you look at it from this angle, not straight on, you can see that the back branches all point up and are close to the tree, and these (next to them) are straight up with some hanging straight down. And, there is a gap where you pushed a bunch down with your arm."

Him "I don't understand what you mean." All this was said in whiny voice or strident tone.

"I cannot believe that you are an engineer and cannot see what is wrong." He had already gotten from the chair, but did not say another word, just worked on it.


I made a pumpkin pie last night. Like Kim, I eat pie continually. Both were gone before bedtime. The recipe did not taste like I usually make, so I can tweak it one day this week with another two pies made next week. The crust was burned to a crisp in ten minutes. So, an oven thermometer is needed to see what is wrong. Tommy was so upset that the oven did not work right. I suppose he thought this called for a new stove...lol.

Finally, he has consented to shopping trip since I have not had milk in two days and have complained at least a day. I think we are going because he just ran out of milk this morning. He was too eager when I told him to move his car so I could search for Publix.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Recalcitrant Child

Well, Tommy did put the tree legs in their slots and move a table and pull some of the limbs slightly out. Other than that, he has only succeeded in making the Christmas tree look like shit. He left some of the limbs flat against the tree trunk. The others are not fully in place. He showed me in the air that "I pull them out straight (with two fingertips at end of branch) and they just pop back up." Idiot.

I intend to take it down since he made an attempt to "fix it for me." He put his forearm into the tree and against the trunk and held onto the very top. Then, he forcibly pushed down the dozen branches and left a huge gap in the tree. No tree ever grew anything like this. I am not looking for perfection! Just give it a good try, and honest try and cut out the passive aggressive actions.

I will not make the cucumber sandwiches for the Christmas dinner at church. I will not go to church with him on Sunday. If he tells them I am sick or don't feel well, I WILL tell them the whole story. I am sick and tired of putting on a nice public face after abuse!

He does not mind I spend time this afternoon making pumpkin pies which he will eat or that I washed dishes that were used to cook or serve him food. He has informed me I will get nothing for Christmas even though he knows I always get him something. He cannot fix the tree where it looks like a tree. The top is bent, but he cannot see it, looks straight to him. Passive-aggressive shit makes me furious.

You would think that as much as I love Christmas, I might inspire someone to actively join in. He has never thought up one thing to do, even going to eat lunch at the lake. I think of everything. He joins in mostly, but Christmas is not a time for his cooperating, not costing him a dime.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Too Tired

I just cannot bear to type a post. I will tomorrow. But, in the meantime, I need to know something about buying Legos. I asked Tommy if he had ever had Legos. No, he has not. I said I thought that would be something he would enjoy. He did not say anything, sort of a good sign. He did not yell or refute what I said.

So, where do I start? Are there different kinds? Best places to buy. I know they are abundant in Thrift stores. But, now might be a bad time to find them. I am going to look. I love thrift store toys because they are so cheap. As for new ones or old ones, give me some tips, please.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

a little of this and a little of that

I opened the bag of Weight Watchers Candy made by Whitman. These are called Pecan Crowns. They are round wafer-like candies. And, there is not enough pecan to turn Tommy off. He does not like nuts or pecans, forgot which. They taste off which I suppose is the artificial sweeteners. They are 53 calories each with 3 grams of sugar in each piece. Neither Tommy nor I would buy these. So, now you know. Do you like these artificially sweetened candies?

The guy who was going to meet me in Cullman tomorrow has backed out after saying Thursday would be fine. To be fair, he needs the money from the temp job at the cemetery. We are going anyway to do some things I need to do. This guy is so annoying. He was coming by once at 1 pm and showed up around 8 pm. I yelled at him and he said, "But, I was talking.
Over and over, that was his excuse that day. The only hold I have over him is that I am going to give him my crushed chicken pen. He wants to wait until Friday, but it is going to rain on Friday!

Last night, I could barely wait for bedtime...lol. But, we waited until almost midnight to retire. I told Tommy to let me sleep until I awoke. I went to sleep after about five minutes with toasty warm feet. Twice during the night I went to bathroom and did not awake until about 11:50. I was still tired. I lazed about a bit until I could eat. I have this pill I take and must wait an hour to eat.

We went to pay a bill, and I stopped by CVS. Nothing exciting there.

Today, the flannel sheets were washed and dried, and my black outfit which I hang to dry. It is late, but I am going out to put another load in the washer.

In a few minutes, I will bag the breasts and turkey legs and put them in the oven for dinner. Oh, sweet potatoes will be baked and Tommy can have the rest of the English peas. I will have Romaine lettuce leaves with mine. He can have them, too.

The freezer was finally empty enough that I could put the large loaf of bread in there. Last week, I put a dozen large hamburger buns in. I use 2 gallon freezer bags to freeze bread. AND, I reuse them. I still have the dinner rolls I got for buying bread at the bread store. Can I freeze those?

I do need to boil more eggs and maybe scramble some to heat up for breakfast. Tomorrow, there is no lunch, so I will take two chicken sandwiches, 2 halos, two oj, and pack of crackers. Every time I leave Tommy in the car, I take a drink of oj and eat a cracker beforehand, and he finishes it off as I am not very hungry. So far, no low blood sugar.

That's it--nothing exciting today or even very interesting.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Free Lunch, Games, Lot Cleanup

Today was the lunch at the pretty church. We got there ahead of the appointed hour and there were lots of people there. All the tables were decorated by separate people. This year, their were no table with over-the-top decorations. Those were beautiful last year as were the ones this year.

A woman played her guitar and we all sang Christmas songs. It was fun since she was good at leading singing.

We first had a little worksheet to figure out as we sat and waited. There were pictures representing Christmas songs.

Then, we played Bingo. We won nothing. However, after we used the same card for three wins, we were told to clear the card. I did by dumping the lima beans. Then, they continued for four more wins. I complained that she told us to clear out card. They gave me a consolation prize, sort of mocking me. But, it was not too bad. I don't mind 50 people laughing and me and being called disgruntled...lol. The woman was nice and said things like to everyone. I got a little Christmas note pad and pen in a cover that closed with a magnet.

Afterwards, two door prizes were drawn. One was a birdhouse. We cannot think of the other prize.

The lunch was a buffet that was not in the kitchen, just finger foods: chicken salad, another with nuts in it, a huge cheese log, ten kinds of crackers, giant crudité tray and dip, sausage ball, chicken fingers, meat balls in bbq sauce, pigs in a blanket, grapes, blueberries, fresh pineapple chunks, sandwich strips of some sort, salsa and chips, best chocolate chip cookies ever. I only ate one!

I had business inside my bank, and another two offices, went to a food bank, and Belk's.

I did not get much at the food bank, but it was a bonus to be there on the right day and the last of 37 people who were left to be served before me. I never wait, I just sign up and go somewhere. I got ground pork, a huge Black Forest ham on a bun with dressing and green something, Pepperidge Farm oat bread, jelly, new potatoes, six donuts (could have had a chocolate cake), cream cheese with chives, peanut butter, canned tomatoes, Weight Watcher's Pecan crowns. At the end, someone told me to get anything I wanted from a huge box on the floor. I could not reach that far and dig. They pointed out candles but I told them "no candles." Someone said there was a wooden trivet, so I got that. This plastic table cloth will not hand warmish food.

I had a $15 off coupon at Belk's if I spent $75. This was even on clearance items. Kim Rogers clothes were buy one, get two free. I was too tired to care. But, the Kim Rogers I buy is always nice unless it is acrylic. So, if you bought $75 worth at this bargain, it would be $60! I didn't. I bought blue flannel sheets, red hair dryer, and a white bracelet. All were reduced.

We were exhausted. But, a friend with a truck came to my lot and picked up garbage left by someone in the city! It was right on the corner and not dumped by the public because it was there when we left. My friend picked all this up, brought things from back of lot (trash) and put it in the gutter. He assured me garbage men would get it. If they don't get it on Thursday, garbage at my neighborhood, he will get it on Friday for me. He put it all in Rubbermaid containers that were ruined, not just loose in the gutter.

I gave him a twelve-foot pipe thing that supported the roof over the basement door. It is not a pipe, really, just a heavy support. There were two water pipes or something that I used for plant supports/stakes, and other things he will take to recycling. I gave him bbq grill with good propane tank, and swing support. The metal swing was stolen! He is going to bring my big swing thing and picnic table and a few more things to me here. He is going to bring the stuff to me and it am giving him the 10'x10'x8' dog pen for his chickens. The lots looks so much better without trash all over. I brought home two small things today. He was thrilled to get the swing for his grandchildren.

On the way home, I had to go to bathroom soooomuch. Tommy brought me home and we both visited the bathroom. We got right back into the Rogue and went to Dollar Tree. I found a star that was meant to go on a small tree. It's all glittery gold and has a coil to go onto the top of the tree. I got a commode brush, two Christmas glasses, Pirouline. Oh, yes. I bought a Christmas pickle for the tree. He has not seen the commode brush and may blow up.

A woman in a hurry asked me to buy a Christmas card for her if she gave me the money. She gave me a dollar bill and a quarter and told me to keep the rest of the quarter. As soon as the cashier rung it up, she held out her hand and nicely demanded it. The cashier looked sort of shocked but when I nodded, she handed it over. I thought I was going to complete the transaction and give it to the woman, but she was in a big hurry. She was very nice and looked stressed.

Socks on my feet last night afforded me a great warm feet sleep.

So, that was Tuesday.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Christmas Decorating

This morning Tommy pulled out the branches on the tiny 3' tree and took a table from a corner and put it up and dug out the extension cord and plugged it up. That was sweet, but some branches are still up against the trunk. I told him to fix it, but so far, he has not. It is weird looking, but I bought 20 ornaments even though it needs more. He WILL fix those branches. I was not going to spend almost $4 for a topper. Maybe the Dollar Tree will have one. Otherwise, I will make one of cardboard and cover it with foil. Icicles will fix the lack of ornaments. The tree is sort of in a corner, so the back does not have to be completely decorated. Well, the only thing on the back is lights. I was surprised I bought one with lights. But, thinking back, my 3' pink tree had lights, too.

I found socks for bed! I don't have shoes yet and these will not fit in my sandals. At least I won't be kept awake by cold feet. They are Hanes Men's Big and Tall, size 12-14. No, my feet are not that large. I cannot stand tight socks at all.

Groceries today: Romaine, halos, bananas, tea, salad dressing mix, one dill relish and one sweet relish--Mt Olive 8 fl. ozs. These will last me a year since I do not use much at all in my tuna.

I also got a round Christmas tablecloth--red, white, and green check. I had these at home, but all are in the dump. Tommy had told me that I could not decorate. After I put the tablecloth on the table, I needed him to help me find something in the freezer since it is dark inside plus there might be an avalanche. As we went into the dining room, I said to him, "Doesn't it look festive?" He agreed in tone like he liked the look.

My outdoor decorating consists of a can of red paint. I have a cast iron pot given to me by my mother. After a few years black paint faded, showing white paint. ??? But, it is cast iron. I decided I would spray paint it red and fill it with bought of evergreen. I am going to do other things to it, but that is the start.

My wire chicken fell over in a strong wind and spilled pumpkins and flowers. They pumpkins will go on the curb. Maybe someone will want them for their animals. Do you think my wire rooster would look weird painted red? I do. But, Tommy thought it would look okay. I think it needs to be white.

Inside, the kitchen tablecloth and the little Christmas tree are the only decorations that I am planning. But, I could get carried away...lol.

The Amaryllis in the kitchen window is slowly recovering. Hopefully, I will have a Apple Blossom Amaryllis by Christmas. Apple Blossom is white and pink. They usually have six blossoms on each stem.

Tommy is generously sharing his Andes with me. He is welcome to my PEZ. I have not bought Christmas candies yet, because I am a pig out of control. I still have not found Cella chocolate cherries yet. I hope they are not discontinued.

I addressed three Christmas cards and need to find the Scotch tape I bought so I can seal them securely.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday Breakfast

We had a Minister's Appreciation Day last month, so the minister had a `Congregation Appreciation Day today. The minister and his wife bought ingredients and made breakfast for the congregation.
They prepared bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, grits, sausage gravy, pancakes, syrup, butter, cantaloupe, coffee, orange juice, cake, tea and milk.

I took my own milk and ate scrambled eggs, milk, bacon, pancakes, and syrup and butter. And, I did not go back for seconds even though I wanted more...lol. The bacon was crispy and eggs solid without white showing. So, all I got was enjoyable. Tommy had much more and ate the biscuit I put on my plate but did not want.

Then we played Bible trivia with prizes. Tommy won Andes mints, and I won a Pez dispenser with three flavors of Pez. They would not let me answer more since I had won something. So, I whispered the answer to the elderly lady next to me who did not raise her hand for any questions. Who came and asked for the body of Christ? Joseph of Arimathea! She won a box of Tootsie Rolls in lots of colors and flavors. She was very happy as she kept candy for her grandchildren. I was pleased I could help her. One woman won a small Snowman and Tommy said he mainly remembers candy being won. One person won a glass cannister type thing with Hershey's Miniatures.

Since I had only slept 2 hours with something to help me sleep, I came home and was ready for a nap. I only slept three hours this afternoon, so I hope sleep comes easily tonight. Saturday night it was warm outside, so nothing came on. We both got up at the same time to use the bathroom, so I noted I was suffocating. He turned on ac and it is still on at 10 pm.

Tonight, I got out the three foot tree I decided to bring here. Tommy will pull all the branches out since that makes my hands itch and break out. I was thrilled to see I had bought a prelit tree. When one light goes out, the rest stay lit. I need to buy ornaments for it. I bought the artificial Christmas tree several years ago, either 75% off or 90% off, forgot which.

Then, I addressed a few Christmas cards. I have boxes of ancient Christmas cards, most notable Black person on a whole box of cards. I would rather sell these. They are from 50s or 60s. And, there are many Christmas postcards. I suppose stamps are still cheaper for postcards unless things have changed. I bought the stamps a few weeks ago, so there is no crunch to buy them this month.

We ate the last of all the Thanksgiving dinner today except for Tommy's Jello salad. I took out turkey legs to thaw and need to find the chicken breast packages to thaw and then cook turkey legs and breasts in one cooking bag. I need to cook more sweet potatoes so we can eat off those this week.

That was Sunday, very quiet and we spent nothing. This weekend has been beautiful and mild, with temperatures in the low 70s. Okay, Tommy said it only got to 69 today.

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