Saturday, November 30, 2019


Auburn won the Iron Bowl. Every time this happens, most Alabama fans pass it off as a fluke or say it was just a ball game. But, if Alabama wins, it is glorious. Oh well!

I did nothing today. Thursday wiped me out. Friday and the hours at two doctor offices and the stress of it all left me extremely exhausted. So, I did nothing except eat chip and dip, turkey sandwich and Jello. I have been in my nightgown all day.

There are still most of Thursday's dishes to wash. Plus my hair needs washing to go to church tomorrow. If I had done much today, I would not have been able to go to church tomorrow. I am no longer a powerhouse.

Sunday morning is Member Appreciation Day. The minister and his wife will prepare a breakfast before church services for the members. I will take my own milk. I do not want to be unable to attend breakfast, so late night night dishwashing and hair washing will be my goals at 7 pm today... lol.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was usually when I put up the tree. But, that did not happen today, and I did not even plan to do so.

We have plenty of hen left, but this will be the last of the sides.

I am going to try to keep track of money spent on groceries this month. Don't hold me to it.

Tomorrow, I will start addressing Christmas cards to mail on Monday.

That's all folks!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday Scare

I had Tommy wake me at 9 am. I was up late. After I stumbled into the living room, I sat and finally had Jello with fruit. Then, he was soon ready for lunch of turkey sandwich and a Granny Smith apple. Ooops, I forgot to give myself the injection for diabetes. Unfortunately, I had very little left in the vial, but I injected it anyway.

Around 2 pm, I decided to take the night pill since it basically does the same thing, I guess.

From noon until about 2:30, I tried to get my endocrinologist but his office manager would not give him the message because he will not prescribe unless I am in office. I was fit to be tied. So, we headed off to urgent care where I go. I left the first office after signing in because they said they would not help me. We went to another who let me get temp and all that stuff done, THEN they could do nothing. Once again, I was much miffed. My blood sugar was 91 and going down.

Finally, I called the office back home, and they called in the one other prescription. Yet, none of the same offices down here would call Cullman, offices with same headquarters.

When my blood sugar was 91, I had a nurse get Tommy. He came in and had drunk the orange juice and the pb crackers. Rats. This young, frightened woman said she could not give me anything because I might be allergic to it. She will not get far in health care. Sure, she has to be careful. She told me to find a vending machine. I staggered out and found four pb crackers in the car.

On the long trip to the pharmacy, I just knew something would happen and I would not get the injection I needed. I did. But, since I took the night pill about noon, the pharmacist told me to wait until tomorrow to start the injections. Two of these vials last 13 days, and I get two prescriptions per month. It makes no sense.

We stopped by Piggly Wiggly and got a few things for the Iron Bowl and more six packs of orange juice. Sometimes, we take a bottle or two with us and can bring them back if he does not drink them.

When we got home, I rested a minute or ten. I made us a plate and microwaved it. I ate too much. Now, I feel like I need a nap.

I was worried about the traffic at rush hour on a Friday night, and a Black Friday with shoppers at that. The traffic was light. Tommy surmised it was because so many businesses were closed. True. And, I supposed most everybody that was going shopping was already there. I was stressed at the prospect of so many people on the road, but obviously I was just borrowing trouble.

Since I spent my pumpkin pie baking time on the road and sitting in doctors' offices, I will bake during the Iron Bowl.

The weather has been so beautiful here. And, the temperatures in 60s.

Oh, today, I received a huge package, the third from a blogger. Inside there was a nice warm coat, a cute green and a cute pink dress in the same style. I haven't tried them on yet, but I know they will fit. There were lots of items, including a dressy sweater that has lots of pearls, beads, sequins and decorations. It is very tasteful, not gaudy. There is so much more. Thank you so much. I received it before I left for the doctor, so rushed through it and am now going though it again. This is fun.

My medicines, two of them for diabetes, would have cost me $820!


For some reason my back hurt so I could not stand to mix the pumpkin pie. I decided I would just sit at the table. But, the process called for my new hand mixer. So, I nixed that. We ate about 5:30, much earlier than Tommy likes to eat, but on Thanksgiving he was eager to eat early. It was all delicious if I do say so.

I ended up buying two little cartons of McCormick gravy. Two diced boiled eggs made it better. Some of the dark juice from the hen made it taste almost homemade, right down to the lumps. The hen was cooked in a cooking bag which requires flour in the bag, so the flour and juices were almost like homemade.

For some reason the cooking bag broke and juices were stuck to the pan. Those were brown, hence the brown gravy taste. The hen was well-done and juicy.

Even though we both ate moderately and did not have seconds, I was stuffed. And, I did not go back for seconds, a first for me. And, we had no dessert.

Yesterday or the day before, forgot which, he got all his papers off the table. I cleaned it with soapy water and then with vinegar. It is a round table with smoky glass which made the room gloomy. Plus, he had the table located under the light fixture so that the light would shine on one person's head, creating a shadow for eating. I asked him to help me move the table where it would be located right. He said the table was in the center of the room like it should be, that the fixture was not correct.

Then, I pointed out that he would not hit the table or have to go around it if the table were under the fixture. He denied this was the problem. He never thinks things through. So, I got in there Wednesday night and moved it myself. Maybe that is why my back hurts. I washed and dried one of the blankets we got at the dinner last week. It was a light blue buffalo check in a rough weave. Now that I put it on the table, it actually seems more like a tablecloth than a blanket even though it has fringe on two sides. I was going to get out his Blue Willow dishes, wash and use them. But, he had a screaming fit about something else, so we just used paper plates.

Thanksgiving was pleasant until about 4 pm, then it disintegrated. I did not yell or raise my voice. He went from pleasant to screaming in about 3 seconds. We did have fun watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. He has asked me what I want to watch lately, but I know it is because he wants to watch the Iron In Alabama I would never try to come between a man and the Iron Bowl. He probably has a whole lineup for Saturday.

Just cooking a hen instead of a turkey was the best decision I have made. I had to half throw and half drop it into the oven. Tommy had trouble getting it out. His walker had to be in front of him and between the stove, so he had a reach to even grab it. He can pick up four pounds. I cannot.

At Publix, I needed baking powder in case I got the energy to bake a chocolate pound cake, but was searching the shelves in the baking aisle when an employee asked if she could help me find something. I said, "Yes, I need, I need ...." "Baking powder" had fled my mind. "Leavening," I said. She and two other employees declared they had never heard of that and doubted they carried it. My mind pulled "baking soda" from its recesses. Then, they did not know if they carried that brand. UGH When I explained "leavening" was used in baking to make things rise, they were amazed.

Then, they asked why the one I chose was better. I explained it had been implicated in dementia but may have been disproven. At any rate, the aluminum leaves a bitter taste in biscuits.
So, this was my little lesson.

Today, we are going out to find a mattress cover that will keep allergens from my face and being breathed by me. I have problems every day with allergies.

Did you watch the dog show after the parade. I did and had my favorites. What was your favorite dog breed? Mine is always a Border Collie.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


While I was making my Jello yesterday, I forgot how much water I had added. Did I only put in the two cups of hot water? Or, had I used the two cups of hot water and the two cups of cold water? If I had added both hot and cold and added cold again, I would have sloppy, half-firm Jello. If I had not added cold water and did not add it, I would have very firm! Jello. So, I had a decision to make. I ended up not adding more cold water. Consequently, I have very firm Jello.

Then, I was making Jello for Tommy. He hates bananas; I love bananas. Since I put five bananas in mine. I made one package for him, two for me because I like it more. I put in two cans of mixed fruit in his, one can of fruit cocktail in mine. Remember, I have lots of banana in mine.

I bought Red Delicious apples to peel and chop into the Jello salads. But, do you think I could find them? Noooo! Of course, when I had both made and set, I found the apples...sigh.

While I was looking in the car for apples, I found the sweater Tommy said he did not take with us yesterday. He refuses to plan for the weather getting cooler and maybe having wreck and having to stand out in the cold. He does carry small blankets. When I came inside, I asked him why he had a checkered shirt on the back floorboard, he questioned me about the color. He explained that after he showered yesterday, he put his dirty underwear in the bag under his rollator seat, forgot to take them out when he got to his dirty clothes. So, he found them while getting out at the church and using his rollator. He just threw them on the back floor of the car. Well, maybe you don't think so, but I thought that was funny.

Progress report:
I need to put hen in oven and bake pumpkin pies. Okay, I just put six chicken drumsticks in the oven. The hen will go in tomorrow morning. It will soon be so late that Tommy cannot see to get meat off bones of hen. He can eat chicken and drumsticks and sliced apple for dinner. Okay, he had drumsticks, applesauce, and English peas. And, I slept five hours. I got up after two hours and within ten minutes I went bck for another three hours. So, the hen will go into the oven early Thanksgiving morning. I am not worried since I do have things done and it all won't be left for Tday.

Thanksgiving Day--bake hen and make pumpkin pies. tada...feels good.

I never make deep dish pies, so both these will be regular pies. Pumpkin pies were always in a regular crust at home. Two crust pies were deep dish pies. Do you make thick or thin pumpkin pies?

Have you had any "mishaps" so far like my Jello problems?

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Why I am Thankful

As I watched the news tonight, I was thankful that I do not live in snow and ice country. My one trip to New York when we were in a seven car wreck, cured me from traveling anywhere there is snow in the winter. Then, I saw fires and earthquakes and was so grateful I am not in country where fires are common. Plus, I am thankful we got to Cullman and back safely.

We went to Cullman for Thanksgiving lunch at the church that has music during lunch. It was delicious. I got one to-go plate and thought we would share it. Well, they gave me three times the dressing and turkey I got on my place, lots of sweet potatoes and green beans. One roll was soggy and flat when I ate it, but it was still delicious. It has been great having a day since I did not have to cook anything. Tommy got us a sausage and biscuit on the way up.

We stopped at PO to get my mail. Then, in Hobby Lobby, I got the little rings I needed to connect earrings to clip on part. I wore them. I sat and used a shoebox lid to hold all while I worked. Of course, we sat in my driveway for a bit. I got a refund on things at Belk's and got gifts for kids and grandkids--cheaper and nicer than Walmart! Then, I spent an inordinate amount of time at Office Depot trying to get my Practical Parsimony blog working! We bought some food at the grocery where I won $100 grocery certificate last year. Maybe we will win again. If Tommy wins, he will probably spend it all on chips and snacky foods.

That was my day. He was pleasant and did not have a low blood sugar episode.

Cooking schedule:
Jello with fruit cocktail and bananas. I thought I had apples.
I made the green bean casserole and put it in a casserole ready to cook. I will add rest of onions as it is in last few minutes in the oven.

Bake at least a dozen sweet potatoes, maybe more. I like sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving, not sweet potato casserole. I do eat it at other's house and love it. Next week, I will make it.
Make Stovetop Stuffing. I do not have iron skillet to make the cornbread, cannot lift an iron skillet, and I am tired already. So there!

Make 2 pumpkin pies in bought crusts. I just hope Tommy gets some on Thanksgiving before it eat it all. He has been warned.
Bake the hen and have Tommy take it off the bone. I hate doing that part.

Open cranberry sauce and heat dinner. EAT.

Actually, I am going to try and find a tablecloth around here or a cheap one from Thrift store. I might make one. I would like a centerpiece. Maybe. I should have gotten pine cones from my yard.
What are you thankful for other than family and all the ordinary stuff people list. Surprise me.

Monday, November 25, 2019

No Sunshine, Roses, and Butterflies

I did not sleep one wink Sunday night and got up when his alarm went off, went into the kitchen to wash two dishes, and make oatmeal. Then, the plan was to go to two stores. Well, the store I planned to shop at was not one he wanted to go to, so he took me to another where I searched and searched and the cart died, and I was beside myself with pain and tiredness. He finally got it after wasting an hour of precious time. So, he finally took me to store where I found help and found what I wanted.

He was more than happy to take me to store to get his Diet Pepsi. Of course, he was paying for it.

Back home, I was in no condition to cook, so I took a three hour nap. We had been gone six hours! And, I purchased 6 items!

I mentioned that the table needed to be cleared. He had to watch Dr. Phil and two episodes of Jeopardy. The night before he said he wanted to clear it while it was still light. So, today he was letting it fade away. I only slept 3 hours, not enough. But, the table was clear and I cleaned it with soap and water, then with vinegar.

When I got up from the nap, I did not make dinner because I told him before the nap to get the rest of the pulled pork and tomato and lettuce to make salad. There was also bbq sauce. I had tuna, Miracle Whip, and tomato.

Afterwards, I made the Jello salad for me and green bean casserole. I will make him a Jello salad with no bananas. It is 9 pm and I am going to make the stovetop stuffing. That will leave baking sweet potatoes, bake hen, and make gravy. I told Tommy the only thing he had to do was take the meat from carcass. He agreed, but it remains to be seen. I am quite sure he will nibble a bit. I don't care.

The other thing I must make is two pumpkin pies. I was worrying about a recipe because I wanted to make it just like Mama did. I found her recipe on the Libby site. There was one only one substitution she made and I made another change, too. So, that is solved.

Tonight, I told him I could not find a pan and would he look. The tv was very loud. I called out and asked him if he found the two pans. I got a two or three sentence answer that I could not understand. I said, "yes or no?" This went on and on. He can never say yes or no. So, he berated me until I just did not want to live because obviously I am so flawed I do not need to mar the earth. I have never ever been so brutal in my assessment of him. Actually, I rarely say much and not in a berating manner.

I will not be able to cook tomorrow because I will be gone. sigh. So tired from my "cooking". lol You know how exhausting making jello, opening cans, and slicing bananas can be. I do understand my mother's exhaustion.

What all have you prepared?

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Reluctant "Helper"

As you know, I have been ordered to not touch anything. Well, the table in the kitchen is covered with his tax papers from April. I have not touched one thing. I did put something new and clean on top of the papers after warning him I was not bothering his papers.

Three days this last week, I have mentioned I want to get the dining table cleared so we can eat at the table. He has muttered "okay" and agreed in other ways. Tonight, about 9:30 pm, I told him I want him to help me get boxes of food in boxes and the chairs on which they sit out of the way and against the wall. I put food I buy in boxes in chairs. His response--DAMN. He did not say he would not, so in a bit, I will get up and mention it again. He said he thought we were going to wait until it was light. He knows the tiny bulb in inadequate and dusty fixture is not enough light! I told him he could move the papers tomorrow.

He told me that the papers had to be kept in stacks before moving. So, he recognizes there is a mess and a problem. I chuckle inside. I have told him I refuse to struggle to cook with six inches of counter space and need the table so I do not have to stand. He understands, but keep procrastinating.

This will be fun--NOT. Why is there six inches of counter space. He has the largest microwave I have ever seen. OLD And his had two drying racks for washed dishes on the counter side by side with no sign of the drain pan that goes underneath to direct water back to sink. That is on left side of sink. In the right half of sink is another dish drainer. THEN, there is a coffee pot. That leaves about six inches to the left side. Then, there is the corner and stove is six inches on the next leg of counter with 8 inches to the other side of the stove. This kitchen is quite large with just a smidgen of counter. He has a table on the wall opposite the sink.

In the dining area is another table. That is what I want access to.

Today after Sunday School, we had a service where Chrismons were placed on the tree. Then, there was a chili and soup lunch. Thankfully, there were sandwiches, too. The best sandwich has a recipe that I will share.

It was nice to come home and not have to heat up leftovers or cook. Then, I slept!

The next hour should be interesting.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Saturday in the Rain

We headed off to Cullman in the rain. I ordered some Rada products from a friend and needed to pay for it and pick it up. I lost all my knives, so needed to replace them. This is a slow process. Tommy has one cheap, blunt knife.

These are Rada knives and are sold by the church as fund-raiser. Through their site, I learned Barkeeper's Friend cleaned stainless steel to a briliant shine. I ordered another paring knife or something short, a longer knife, and a sharpened for stainless steel, these knives in particular. And, most importantly, I ordered a tool for peeling vegetables. I need it for carrots, one of the few vegetables I can eat as long as they are cooked.

This is at a church with food bank which I used. I wished aloud to Tommy that I wished I could go on the Cullman. He agreed. We went to PO, my yard, Publix and Belk's. I stopped at the Festhall where the Farmer's Market is held. I asked what festival was taking place. A very loquacious man told us all about the events that started on Friday and go through Sunday. "Since we are a German town" we thought we would have a German festival. Finally, because he seemed well-acquainted with the history of the town, I asked him his name. WELLL, He is the mayor. I was surprised and much embarrassed.

I decided to go to Publix since I know the people and it is less crowded. I only bought BOGO items. But, I cannot find the receipt, so maybe later... I did find Stovetop Stuffing and the best price so far. Quite frankly, this shopping trip was less costly than coming back to Birmingham and having to fight the store location, find an electric cart that works, AND find the specials. I also have cranberry sauce at a good price, cream of chicken soup, and other things I needed. The salad wall was almost bare due to e cColi, possibly in lettuce.

Then I went to Belk's and fund I had forgotten I something I wanted to return. I did find a nice red purse reduced to $29. Okay, you may think this is extravagant, but I wanted a red purse, especially a leather one. We did not eat lunch, just junk food that was delicious from the food bank. It was Publix fare, I opened some of and had a sip before I went into Publix. I took out pb crackers and told Tommy that he should help himself. He ate and drank part of both. After I came out of Belk's he had finished both. Hypoglycemia averted. Now, I have to buy more of both out of self defense.

We went to my storage unit and went to their very clean bathrooms before leaving. When I got to the car first, I got behind the wheel and offered to drive. He let me. But, I was on the point of nodding off, so I pulled over in Fultondale and let him drive. Then, I slept sitting straight up, thinking I was awake Upon arriving at home, I brought in bananas and celery. I dropped the bananas twice and stepped on the celery. I could hear it

I was seeing double as I staggered down the hall and into bed. I think it took me ten seconds to go to sleep. After all, I did not sleep one wink on Friday night. Then, I only slept three hours, so I am ready to go to bed again. UGH, so tired.

The rain and clouds dissipated and the afternoon and evening were glorious.

Oh, a pretty red sweater mailed to me earlier, fits me. It is too pretty to be a house sweater, but maybe too warm to wear out. Seeing it fit made me really happy.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Scissors, Store Comparisons

The sewing scissors I purchased cost too much to let this mistake go by. The guy gave me the wrong pair! I did not want serrated scissors. So, I have that to straighten IT out. I am not looking forward to the confrontation. Not that it will be confrontational, just hate to go back for this.

Like I said, I bought a pair for everyday use, paper and plastic stuff. Well, I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to have a pair of scissors at my fingertips last night. Usually, i ask Tommy to toss the scissors across the room to me. I lean the other way and he tosses the scissors behind me. There is a spread on the sofa so there is no fear the upholstery will be ruined. Now, I don't have to get up or ask. Small school scissors for the bedroom is the next goal.

The swelling in my leg has gone down and most of the swelling in my foot. I am not going to ignore this problem. NOW, my earlobe is swelling to the point of hurting. Weird.

I am baking sweet potatoes and will have most of the pulled pork with bbq sauce for dinner. I don't think i can have slaw, so i will open a can of green beans. Dinner solved! And, easily.

It is dreary out and raining a bit somewhere. The dreariness does nothing for my sense of well-being. When i get color on my hair, i am sure my outlook will improve. I am off to do more dishes. Standing for more than two or three dishes is painful, so this is a long, drawn out process.

I have been meaning to mention this about Aldi's. There is a roll shape of goat cheese with blueberry and vanilla on the outside. I have forgotten the ounces, but is $7.49, Last year in Aldi there WAs a smaller size at lesser price. I do not have the figures in my head, but the Aldi product was cheaper per ounce than the Publix product. if you like goat cheese and blueberries, the cheaper price is Aldi.

Nothing was accomplished today!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sleep, Weight, Doves

I am not sure whether I go to sleep easily lately or I am just passing out. Sometimes, it tales me less than 30 seconds to sleep. However, I sleep long and well, and awake feeling like I have not slept in days.

When I went to the doctor on Tuesday, I had lost another five pounds in about a week or two. Now, that bothers me. I have fears of what it could be. I don't think I am eating so much less. And, I do remember I am weighing on different scales each time. Scales are on my wish list now. Maybe in December.

A little before dusk today, we left to pick up a few specials. There were four doves sitting on Tommy's fence. I wonder where they sleep. For twenty years, I had a pair of doves that sat on my scuppernong arbor that was 9'x18'. They would sit in the yard with wings outspread. I also miss the cardinals that I could see right outside my picture window.

I have never heard doves here, so I wonder where they live and coo.

Even with all the sleep I get, I have no energy after eating. I am going to get a new gastroenterologist and have the colonoscopy I am past due having done. When I went to the urologist this past Tuesday, he assured me I had no bladder problems or kidney disease. So, he did not know why my foot and leg were swelling.

Tonight, I am going to make the blueberry muffins I promised Tommy and myself. I now have the ingredients for Jello salad and green bean casserole. I will get it done!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Beautiful Weather Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we both went into the store where I won the $100 grocery certificate. I was looking for something in particular and told Tommy to buy it. The manager found it and we asked where it was since it appears to change locations often. She said, "over where the $1 items are." Tommy and I both went to look at the $1 items. He looked happy as he found huge tubes of Pepsodent for $1.and bought two. I had him buy two of the covered dishes with 3 partitions...$1 each.He loves a good bargain. I guess that is cheap, but I never price Pepsodent toothpaste. On the regular soap aisle, I found a very small pink Dove for $0.79. I bought it and looked at it later. The Dove was made in Germany and had Farsi writing. I suppose it was Farsi. At any rate, we are both in the running for $100. Keep your fingers crossed.

At Publix I found glass storage containers by Pyrex that had the snaplock lids. These storage pieces were bogo. So for $8, I have two nice storage containers. The ad was going off on Tuesday, so I got two round ones with the lids for about $7. There are no containers here that I consider safe to use. Now, I have four in two sizes. Or, they are at least two shapes. You cannot beat these prices for glass.

On Wednesday, I was in CVS to purchase Melatonin, the brand I like, Natrol. As usual, I checked out the $1 aisle. There and up front in bin was the same huge tube of Pepsodent reduced to $0.50. You might check this out as there were two more buggies back in front of greeting cards were there were more $1 items reduced to 1/2 price. oh, I did not find Natrol Melatonin.

The weather has been mild neither hot nor cold, in mid 60s. Going out has been pleasant. The nights are not too cold at all, in 40s. My feet are not cold but my upper body still gets too warm. A sweater is even too warm.

The doctor visit was not good news except I have no kidney disease, much less a uti. So, it is off to more doctors to find out why my swollen ankle suddenly turned into a swollen leg. But, I lost more weight! That is either good news or bad news. So, I will find out. I am more exhausted than usual.

My clothes are getting too large. Well, not all of them are too big, just enough to make me look like I am wearing someone else's clothes. Of course, shoes are too tight. I turned over the top of pants I bought. Then as I was walking, I thought they had come unrolled. So, I rolled them over once more. Then, I could not get my hands into my pockets.

The clothes from Saturday, the ones given me do not fit. Rats!

I bought Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, just one can, for $1.38. I still believe it will be cheaper. But, this stuff disappears quickly and I do not want to be store-hopping at the last minute. Still, other things are not on sale that I want.

Since I am not supposed to indulge in fiber, I am torn between buying and eating celery! But, it is not on sale anywhere that I have found.

Tonight, Tommy had the rest of the soup, and I had the rest of the spaghetti. I had no pasta like I thought I did, so toast subbed. I knew it didn't taste quite right. I had forgotten to put Parmesan cheese on it.

Now, I am going to check on online ads and make a list.

How are your T day preps and shopping coming along?

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


I had a doctor's appointment and things to do in Cullman, so we set out in time to eat lunch at the church where we pick up the lunch. Well, that was a bust since they changed it to last Tuesday. So, we had to buy lunch. I would have packed a lunch if I had known.

We made six stops other than the doctor's appointment. At least I accomplished a few things. I used my rollator for one of the stops, the longest one. Tommy has to get out of back the Rogue, hold onto the roof rack to get to the back to get my walker out for me out and then to put it back. He never complains.

Monday evening, I got up to plug in my laptop that had come unplugged in the middle of the two part power cord. I tried to turn, had vertigo, stepped on my foot with the other foot, and thought I was going to Step on my laptop and almost hit the tv. Instead I fell with my head about 2 inches from the table on which it sits. Tommy was by me immediately, wanting to know if I was okay. I felt lucky I did not land on my knee. However, I felt beat up all day today, Tuesday. I felt thrown to the

The reason I fell was I was trying to avoid stepping on my laptop. When I got up to plug it in, I did not want to put a knee on the laptop. So, I leaned it against the loveseat. In the meantime, it slid flat onto the floor which I noticed after I started moving. If I had not been trying not to step on the laptop, I would not have stepped on my own foot!

I went to a food bank and got a cooked and frozen slab of pork. ??? We carry a cooler in the car. There was a loaf of bread, so I do not have to purchase that. We eat little bread, and I refuse to buy it full price.

I had all presents ready for Christmas. Today, I started over purchasing things. I got two Christmas presents and need two more. My children may not get a gift this year, just the four grandchildren. If so, I am halfway there. I have two boys and two girls. I bought Christmas stamps. So, I am closer to Christmas.

We bought stuff at the store where I won the $100 worth of groceries. We both put our names in the box in hopes of winning this year. At this moment, I do not know what I bought, not much. This week, the ads will be better.

I picked up my scissors I ordered. I purchased cheap scissors for everyday that are just not going to work. I cannot get them off my hand, so back they go. Three pair were $5.98 or something like that. I thought there were two pair. So, the search goes on for everyday scissors. Somewhere, there is a pair for paper that works.

When we got home and had brought everything inside, it was about 7 pm. I told Tommy to wake me at 8 and went to bed. He woke me at 8am and I got up about 9 pm. It took me thirty seconds to go to sleep and about 30 seconds to go back to sleep. We ate dinner very late.

Last week, a package mailed to me was returned. I have n clue as to mailed it. Nothing should be mailed to my address. My PO box 1902 should be used. Better yet, mail things to 2711 Clyburne St, Hueytown, Al 35023.

There is a pink package of store ads that lands in the driveway that also has two of the inserts that are usually in the paper--Retail Me Not, Smart Source. The Sunday paper is $3, so I can look online and see it is worth buying s paper. Do you ever get coupon inserts except in the newspaper?

Monday, November 18, 2019

This and That

*on Saturday, toward the end of the event described yesterday, a man took a great interest in us and offered to carry our loot to the car. Remember, we already had two plastic bags and two blankets in the car. We told him this and his daughter brought more. Leaving, he gave us another blanket and two more plastic bags of stuff. He was very jovial and overly friendly. While Tommy was still getting into the car and I was fully seated in the car, the man really scared me. He had his head and part of his body in the car and I saw his hand coming up on the left side of my head. Picture that. I startled and moved forward a bit, just my upper body and head. I turned and his face was about three inches from mine. I said, "NO, and he moved back but still was engaged with my body. I said to him, "First of all, we don't know other that well, and second, you are hurting me." He had his arm behind my back and fingers around my neck and shoulder. It was absolutely creepy. He backed out of the car and said, "I'm sorry." I slammed the door.

These assumptions from "Christians" that they have rights once you come into the church or into nonphysical contact really offends me. NO, just because I am friendly inside your church and you have given me something, you have no right to take liberties.

Tommy does not remember telling me I could "throw out any crap in the kitchen" that needs it. He also did not remember I showed him the sugar container. Like I said, I will do the throwing away slowly.

Today, I went into the bathroom and there were two dingy raggedy (mostly string) washcloths on the bathroom vanity. He barely squeezes the water out of them. Later in the day, I bought him two mint green washcloths, the color of the one-inch tiles on the floor and vanity top. I knew he would yell because I spent my money on them and say if he needed washcloths, he would buy them. NO, he won't. I just folded them and put them on the corner of the counter that I knew he would need to touch. Finally, he went to the bathroom, pushed them back a little and never said a word.

Next, I am going to buy a new commode brush with holder. The one he has is absolutely black in the bottom of the holder. That is either poop or mold--disgusting. No, I am not going to wash it and clean the black stuff out of the bottom. And, neither will he. I don't think he has used that brush in years. I am the only one to clean the new commode. He may explode.

Thanks to Anne, I bought butter at Aldi's for $1.99/lb.

I got sleepy during the writing of this post, then on Monday felt bad, not ill. So here is what I promised another blogger. It is about ways to get meds taken by seniors. I think she has the problem solved. But, here goes.

from Bottom Line's secret 67 Special Reports:

There are medication dispensing devices that signal the person, even remotely. They remotely signal a provider or family member if a pill is missed. That is about all about this subject. Sorry I was so long getting this on the blog.

I asked Tommy about how he like the washcloths and he exploded. Then, he threw them on top of my clean towels in my bedroom. His bathroom counter is disgustingly dirty, so he caused me to have to rewash the towel I use for hair coloring. I put the washcloths back on the bathroom counter and he screamed he would keep putting them back in my room. I told him in no uncertain terms how filthy his counter was and not to put them near anything of mine, to just throw them into the kitchen trash. So, this is Monday and the cloths are still there in the bathroom. I never use his sink because he has a big bowl in the sink and it is usually so fully of nasty water that I just go to the kitchen for brushing my teeth or washing up. Ready to kill the man on Sunday. Unfortunately, I cannot sustain an argument that long, so we are back to civility, even friendliness.

Right now, I am using the crockpot to cook ground sirloin, potatoes, carrots with savory and a can of diced tomatoes. All this was given to me. So, pretty much a free meal.

I had peeled all the potatoes and decided to take some of the diced potatoes and make potato salad for me since I had four boiled eggs left. I put the diced potatoes in my one Corning Ware casserole left and did not put water in it . Then, I put water in and forgot to go back and check, so they boiled dry and scorched. I had six little diced pieces that were not stuck and scorched. I told you I did not feel well.

It is an hour past Tommy's dinnertime and he keeps asking when it will be done. I just did not start soon enough. Earlier, when I realized I was going to be late getting this done, I asked him about having a hamburger with lettuce and tomato on it. He agreed and then got upset when he realized I meant So, I dumped the ground sirloin into the crockpot. Now, we wait.

Okay, it is done and we both enjoyed a delicious meal. Then, I wanted chocolate, but there is none here. I am afraid I have eaten too many sweets tonight.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Oh, This Is Good

Friday afternoon, Tommy cut my hair an inch. He was adamant he would not, but softened. I wanted the length right, so I trusted him more than a beautician I did not know.

Friday night, I told Tommy to wake me when he woke on Saturday morning. He said he had to get things ready and then wake me since it was a long way down the hall. I tried to sleep, but daylight came before I could sleep. I cam to the living room when I saw his light go on. It was 6:15...ugh! I got on the computer for a few minutes after I turned the heat to 70 F.

I washed a few dishes and happened to spy something under the little table in the kitchen and got it out. It was one of the glass sugar containers with the little flip lid that allows sugar to pour out when the container is tipped. It was pretty grungy and the sugar looked yellowish. The lid had a chunk of something on it. Yuck.

When I first talked to Tommy, he was either still groggy, hung over, or suffering low blood His blood sugar was low. There was no use mentioning it since he was going to eat cereal with milk. I just went about what I had to do.

I bought the sugar container with two fingers and asked him, "What is this?" He muddled around, trying to talk. You know how someone who has had too much to drink talks and tries to hold their head right and gesticulates? Well, he sort of waved his hands around in a manner unnatural for him.

Oh, that is forty years old. What is it? "Oh, that sugar is forty years old. I tell you what--just throw away any of that crap you find in the kitchen. Just throw it out." He kept saying this over and over. "That sugar is over forty years old."

Okay, I have permission to throw out "all the crap I find in the kitchen." I will do it slowly in case he objects. Tonight, I asked him if he remembered what I brought in this morning. He has no clue. Happy Dance here.

So, Saturday morning I washed my hair after I washed dishes. Then, I boiled six eggs had banana, milk, and a boiled egg.

We left about 7:30 Saturday morning, headed to Cullman. My hair dried on the way as I fluffed it. He wanted sausage/biscuit and coffee from BK. I hate BK sausage. But, it was cheaper than Hardee' biscuit sausage. Then, he stopped and got me one from Hardees.

We drove north of Cullman to a food bank I had not been to since August, just after my house was destroyed. The woman jumped up and exclaimed, "You have lost weight! 30 pounds?" Wow, my clothes were not fitting, but it was good to hear this. I was on top of the world since showed. The weight loss showed. I got there too late for milk. We did get things I can use, including potatoes I was going to get this week.

Then, we went to PO--no mail. We drove to my house--so sad and happy to be there. He had to stop at a business that always has a clean bathroom so I could go. Then, we went south of town. I had gotten an invitation that seemed like a good idea.

On to an event held for "Homeless or Needy."

First, a free haircut for both of us. There was a volunteer beautician cutting hair. We had blood sugar and blood pressure taken. Both were high for both of us. Well, a stranger cut my hair, enough to put my blood pressure over the top. My blood sugar was barely elevated. Tommy's blood sugar and blood pressure were very high. Tommy really needed a haircut since he had it cut around the middle of September.

Then, we received a blanket, hat, and gloves. The gloves were the little short ones that look like a five-year-old would wear them. And, we got a hat. Tommy turned down hat and gloves. My hat that I chose was the kind with the pigtails/braids on each side. A friend wanted one, so I got two hats and gave back the hat and gloves with my blanket I chose. Atually, I chose a quilt and picked out a navy blue blanket for Tommy.

There was a clothes closet upstairs. They recognized Tommy could not go up there and volunteered to bring clothes to him. He got a windbreaker, pants, and sweatshirt. The pants were two inches too long. He told me he would wear them like they were.

They, they brought clothes to me after I told them my size. She suggested I might wear a smaller size since I had lost weight. Okay. I was given a brand new with tags still on it sweat pants, a cute blouse, and a coat. I still do not know if the coat fits, but it looks like it might.

During all this waiting for Thanksgiving lunch to be served, a little girl came and offered us two more blankets. I told her we had already gotten two and taken them to the car. She said, "Well, now you have two more." We thanked her and put them on a chair near us. We figured an adult would take them back since the little girl might not supposed to be giving us things. We ate the largest dinner I have ever received on Thanksgiving--lots of turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, dressing with gravy, two deviled eggs, mixed vegetables, crowder peas, green beans, corn muffin, huge delicious roll. We had a choice of soft drinks, all diet. Tommy got some drink. I got water. We both had dessert--chocolate pie for me and coconut cake for him. We were stuffed!

He gave me a deviled egg and dropped the next, gave me his white turkey. I gave him the mixed vegetable, brown meat, and corn muffin. We always give to each other the food we don't care for. THEN, they brought out saucers with two rolls, corn muffin, and deviled eggs. Of course, I had a roll, deviled egg, and Tommy had another corn muffin.

As we got ready to leave, a guy who said he would come back and help us get things to the car. He insisted we get another blanket! His daughter came to me and said, "This one is Christmas blanket. I picked it just for you." Sweet little thing beamed. I smiled broadly, matching her charming smile. I love the little throw. Some of these blankets were full-sized.

There were gallon bags of goodies--water, crackers, wipes, Dove soap and body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, candy, gum, things a homeless person might need. I cannot name all that was in the bags, but all was useful. There were two kinds of bags, one with food stuff and another with personal care and non-edible items. Oh, each had Vienna sausage. I am going to give all we will not eat or use to a place that gives these things to recovering drug addicts. Well, I may meet someone who needs it and give it to that person.

We ended up with six gallon bags of stuff, plus the clothing. The sanctuary was converted into a dining area. The room was almost filled. They asked volunteers to stand around the room, so guests could receive a plate first. I counted seventeen guests. there were at least 40 volunteers. That is why we were given three of everything. We did receive six blankets.

We got home in time for Tommy to watch a game he wanted to watch. I took a nap. Neither of us were really that hungry. So, when I got up from my nap, we had a hot dog for dinner. Later, we will have fruit.

All in all, it was a good day. Now, I need to get a piece of chocolate I received today.

Friday, November 15, 2019

A Few Things

I slept late today, and then slept more. Tommy has resisted trimming the length from my hair. Yesterday, he sort of agreed to it. Today, I sat on my walker with him behind me. I gave him a pick and hair-cutting scissors. He was supposed to cut an inch or less. It appears he did and my hair is none the worse for letting him get near it with scissors.

He mentioned he was going to get his prescriptions about five minutes before he wanted to go. I changed pants and put on a jacket. He went to a drive-in window, so no shopping for me. Then, I remembered that Dasani water was on sale somewhere. He said at the Pig or another place. We went to the Pig first and he was right. So, I shopped a bit.

3 24-packs Dasani water @ $3.40
1 Domino confectioners sugar 1@ $0.88
2 Domino dark brown sugar @ $0.88
1 Campbell's cream of mushroom soup $0.88
1 3-0z. McCormick black pepper $2.95
1 Mayfield ice cream sandwich $2.50
1 Uncle Al's Stage Planks $0.24

I spent $24 after they added their 10% and tax. I am holding out for sales this next week and the next.

These may not be the cheapest prices on things after I add the 10% to each item. However, the prices are well below prices in other stores. I can decide if I got a good deal when I see the coming sale prices. Anyway, it's done. I did not have to fight crowds or search for a sold out product.
There are still-packaged half gallon Ball jars I need to wash and fill with the sugars. What I do is stick the inner bags into the jar along with one flattened cardboard box from the product, well most of the box. I do not want a half-gallon jar with any loose sugar in it. Well, I don't mind cane sugar in the jar. I still do not have sugar.

Now that I have brown sugar and cinnamon, I am going to cut up Granny Smith apples and make a pie. Tommy will love that. Oh, I just asked him, and he said only three were left. Well, I can bake those.

Ugh! I need to prepare dinner. I found hotdog buns in the freezer, so I bought hotdogs. We are having hotdogs and the salad mix. Still, I would rather do something else. The first episode of Big Bang is on, so I will wait a few minutes. Buns and salad mix were free. I bought tomatoes that I added to the salad and the hotdogs, original recipe Zeigler with no chicken.

There is so much food here that I sent with him over the months. There is lots of meat and two pounds of butter that I could not store in my freezer. The only met I have bought is the two pork loins, but they were a good price at the Pig. So, we have not needed meat or butter yet. I also found few cans of peaches. He loves peaches. So, do I.

I am still swerving about, dizzy and feeling foolish. Hopefully, I will find out at the doctor's appointment next Monday. But, I have to be very careful rising or turning my head. Lying down makes me dizzy too, but I am in no danger of falling. Well, I did almost fall off the bed last night due to the bed spinning.

Pepper has been given to me that I cannot tolerate. Even with McCormick black pepper, I must have someone else fill a pepper shaker for me. I don't ever spill it, but the scent and stuff that obviously wafts into the air are not fun to breathe.

Have you found the items I bought any cheaper this year? Does any hint of pepper bother you?

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Good Day Moneywise

When I went to bed, I was warm last night. The problem of cold feet was solved by another blanket only over from knees down. Still, at 3 am with warm feet, I was still awake and had to take something for sleep.

As usual with me lately. I stressed over what to wear and if it was warm enough. I put on a cheap pair of knit bought on sale, and they did not fit me any longer. I had to roll over the wide waistband so they would fit. The waist was still loose. The expensive tshirt-type blouse bought cheaply was also too large. The black cardigan sweater fit fine. The outfit looked fine, but was not what I would have chosen. I even got compliments.

I went to my doctor's office to weigh. I had lost another three pounds. I am thrilled. I don't know what I am doing right. But, I am going to keep doing it. I need scales because I am the person who does better weighing every day. I feel like I can keep and eye on whether I am doing okay and tweek my habits each day.

Today, we went to Cullman. I went to two food banks and have enough meat to last two weeks. I even got a four-pound chicken. This may be our Thanksgiving bird. I was hoping for at least a can of cranberry sauce! It was not to be.

We went to Publix and got our flu vaccination. In return for using Publix pharmacy, we each received a $10 gift card. Tommy handed his to me and went to sit in the car while I spent it. I am waiting for sales on some things, but I did manage to spend the $20 on the gift cards for groceries and another $17. So, $57 worth of groceries cost me $17. 5:30--my arm is killing me! Almost everything was reduced. Only the bananas and Jello were bought full price. I think strawberry Jello will sell out quicker than other flavors. I will mix that with black cherry like mama did and put apples, bananas, and fruit cocktail in the Jello for a taste of my childhood. YUM

When I picked up the mail, I found out a package sent me had been sent back. Plus, there was a package waiting for me. The reader who sent me the gloves and earmuffs sent me another package. It had a crocheted watermelon potholder, a Tbsp and a tsp measure and a spatula. Plus, my favorite kind of potholder. It was woven on a little loom with stretchy loops. I had one on my loom ready to finish off. Now, I have no loom or potholder! I think she made these. I feel honored. Thank you so much.

At the Farmer's Market I purchased 8 good sized tomatoes for $6. I asked to trade a red tomato for a green one. Tommy loves fried green tomatoes. I don't, so one fried will work for him. I don't yet have any cornmeal, but at the food bank where I can choose the foods I get, I chose a Jiffy corn muffin mix. Taking a bit out for coating the tomato slice won't hurt. I hate Jiffy corn muffin mix, but I have plans for it. There is a recipe that used Jiffy, cheese, and broccoli. It might use an egg. I had it written down, but I can find it online. I have cheese and may have frozen broccoli.

The temperature was about 46 today, at least that, so it was pleasant and hard to adjust ac and heat. Still, I can wear sandals without getting too cool. We were hoping to beat the rain, and almost did get home before it came. We were still in sprinkle mode when we arrived home. So, it turned out well.

At the free paper office that has ads and community happenings, I now know about grocery store sales and community events.

I went by the sewing place and ordered Gingher scissors. They will never be used for anything but fabric and thread. I had to pay for them first. sigh.

Can you believe it? The Senior Christmas Party that is held at the Civic Center is not happening! They had entertainment, door prizes (one is $500 check). Tommy won a gift certificate for two meals at Cracker Barrel. Of course, I got part of that prize. There was lots of singing. The Desperation Church bought the Civic Center.

I went to my house today. It made me feel good to be there and sad, too. I asked the neighbor if I could leave some garbage by his garbage can since the city no longer picks up trash at my house. He smiled and said, "No, I don't want to get involved." Asshole! His landlord hates me so he does not want to tick her off.

Tonight, we are having roast and potatoes for one. When I asked Tommy if it would be enough for two people, he assured me it would work. Plus, I have one of the tiny salads meant for one. We will half that, too. Both came from one food bank. Good enough for dinner tonight.

While on the way home, he agreed no one would want the cpap, so I suppose that goes in the trash...yay. He saw what I bought, Lysol and Endust, knowing I was going to use it in his house and said nothing. Progress! Tomorrow, I am going to Lowe's and get the stuff to keep the wind out of house by fixing the doors. Yeah, I know I am pushing it. But, I can feel a breeze.

Fr breakfast, I had no cereal or banana. Plus, I could not eat for an hour after a pill. So, Tommy got us a Hardee's biscuit which I ate with oj I brought from home. He had coffee. For lunch we used a BK coupon for two Whopper Jr.'s and fries. I only had cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. He ordered a drink for both of us. We both left off the mayonnaise. For dinner we ate from food bank food--grilled sirloin steak Au Jus, creamed spinach and roasted potatoes. We threw out the spinach. My chickens would have loved the spinach. The salad was vegetarian--bed of baby lettuces, greens, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, feta cheese ,flat bread chips, all natural raspberry vinaigrette. I got all the feta cheese, and he got flatbread chips. Sharing these two smallish premade items was enough for both of us. Yes, we spent money--almost $9. But, we ended up with free food at the end of the day.

When we ordered the Whopper Jrs, he had to order the Cokes twice, neither of which times the person added in the cost. Then, when we paid for it, still the drinks were not added even though he mentioned the price was wrong. When he paid, still the drinks were tallied. Finally, I poked him and we left. I have no idea how much money was lost by BK that day, but he order the drinks four times. We sat under the picnic tree and ate. It was so overcast, we did not need shade. About half the sky was cloudless, but the clouds settle around us as we headed to Birmingham.

It was a good day. I suppose I am easily content. We got lots done today. I accomplished a list today. I make a list and do the important stuff first. Sometimes, I am too tired to do the rest. So, it goes on the next list.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough and dinner twice

After not sleeping one wink last night, I got up about 8 am when I heard Tommy was up. I sat there until 9:30 and I was sleepy. A banana and a glass of milk was breakfast. I took two more melatonin and went to sleep quickly. I had a black tank top across my face because I was facing a window. Then, I woke at 1 pm. That was not enough sleep. Now, at 8 pm, I am about to pass out even walking.

I had not done dishes for the last two days, so I got to that this afternoon. I was rinsing a large sheet pan and a nasty plastic pitcher kept falling off the back of the sink as I touched it with the pan. Finally, I took it to Tommy and asked him what to do with it. He said, "Throw it away. I don't care." Ten minutes later I took a water bottle with a cute picture on it and no top. Same question. Same answer.

Just now, I asked him what I should do with his cpap. He said to donate it. I put it in a box and put it in a cold bedroom. One day, he will let me throw it out. I doubt very seriously if anyone will want it. Do you think that a 20-year-old cpap has any uses now? The next time I ask him, he will say to throw it out.

When I awoke at 1 pm this afternoon, I sat for an hour and was very hungry. I asked him what he had to eat. Peanut butter, nothing else. He was fading fast.

Finally, about 4 pm, I went to eat Crowder peas and asked him if he wanted some, too. He did and we ate tomato with it. Still hungry, I cooked pasta and opened a jar of spaghetti sauce. There is enough sauce for another meal. Spaghetti? No, so I will buy more before the spaghetti sauce goes south. It is hard to get sauce and spaghetti even, like always needing more gravy or biscuit to even them out and finish at the same time. Who am I kidding? I will microwave the sauce and eat it like soup. If I cook too much spaghetti, I will drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle it generously with Parmesan and microwave it.

Now, it is time to wash my hair and hope Tommy cuts the length off like he said he would. For five days he has had an excuse. He really does not want to cut it.

The temp was about 45 today, thankfully. This weather is too cold to go out to the utility room to do laundry, especially in a summer nightgown.

And, I want chocolate. Speaking of which, I have not seen Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries in the stores, the only ones I like.

Is it cold or snowy where you live?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


The boxed mailed me had a surprising number of spices:

vanilla bean Tahitian
Ceylon cinnamon
star anise
ground cardamom
cinnamon sticks (8)
Saigon cinnamon
whole cloves
korintje Indonesian cinnamon
vanilla powder
China tunghung cinnamon
ground anise seeds
cardamom pods white
allspice round
powdered fennel seeds
caraway ground
madras curry powder
vanilla bean (planafolia) (6)
smoked paprika
Mexican oregano
herbs d' provence
Mediterranean oregano
zesty Italian
marjoram leaf (ground)
ground cloves
ground ginger
thyme leaf (ground)
nutmeg (6 whole)

She had a spice store. I am not sure if she sells them online.

That's a lot of little bags of herbs! I need to use them in things I cook and bake, even the ones I have never heard of. There is quite a bit in each. These little snack bags were in two larger bags. FOR A REASON! I had Tommy reading the names to me and he just dumped them all together when he put them back in the two large bags when I told him to call out one bag at a time. Now, I have to try to breathe them while I separate them back into the two large bags. No, I just had him separate them with him putting them in proper bag. Too many scents are suffocating to me.

I am not sure we ever got above freezing today. Well, maybe for an hour or so. I can see daylight around the front and back door and there is a breeze when it is cold and the wind blows. I asked him if he knew about seeing daylight around the back door. He exploded and told me to quit saying things about the dust and I could leave right now if it did not suit just get out now....He is an idiot.

I am sort of feeling better but still have vertigo. I did sleep better after getting the nasty, dusty cpap from the room. It was sitting on the nightstand right by my head. After he turns off the tv, I am cleaning more in the bedroom. That way, he won't be aware.

Tuesday night dinner was all vegetables. We had a grilled cheese sandwich about 4 pm because I was hungry. About 7:30 we had dinner: two sweet potatoes each, large serving of crowder peas, and tomatoes. Tommy ate the two large sweet potatoes. I may have tuna and Miracle Whip about 11 because I want it. There is no bread!

I need to boil eggs for my protein fix.

Well After Midnight

Tommy let me watch Modern Family until 1 am. on Tuesday. I am sitting in bed, typing. It's not easy.

Last night, my feet were cold. Every time I moved, I had acid reflux. Then I had to get a sip of water from the bottle on the nightstand. I did not get much sleep and slept late.

I wanted to go to Cullman tomorrow, but the window where the temps are above freezing is short. So, another day will do.

My ankles are still swollen. I looked up the reasons ankles could be swollen and immediately ruled out two: too much sodium and pregnancy. That left liver, kidneys, and heart. None of those are good news.

My vertigo is still bad. I think the dust in this house and third-hand smoke is the problem. I wonder if he has had radon level checked...just think what I am breathing in.

Tonight, I fought the cpap machine at the backside of the bed, getting it out and dusting the table with wetness, trying to get some of the dust out of here. There were so many pieces to it and all hooked up to one another. It is impossible to get behind the bed, so I was lying across the bed trying to keep the nasty thing off the bed or me. I think he needs to throw it away. He said "NO." He has not used it since 2007, so I doubt it is something the doctor wants him to use. He probably got it in early 2000. He cried out last night and went right back to snoring! I am glad we sleep at totally opposite ends of the house. I went in and stood in the door to see if he was okay. He needs a new model and needs to use it.

Monday night was an easy dinner: frozen Crowder peas, mac and cheese, sliced tomatoes, and a piece of fried chicken from freezer for Tommy. I did not have any meat. I know the mac and cheese had sodium. It tasted too salty. I don't salt tomatoes or frozen peas. There are more tomatoes for a few days, two more helpings of peas and of mac and cheese. I suppose I will bake sweet potatoes for tomorrow night.

When I went to put two red blouses in the washing machine, UPS had left a package I was expecting last Friday. A blog reader and sometimes commenter had sent me some clothes of hers. A black jacket will be warm. Warm black gloves, and socks I could not get on my feet were included. Three or two pullover shirts do not fit over my behind. One, a high/low blouse fits fine. I cannot remember the rest of what was in the box.

Before, I had several red blouses and two red coats for a wash. Now, I only have a red blouse and a red tshirt. I thought he might say something about the small load, but the tshirt had not been washed. I do adjust the water level and length of cycle according to load. I was not going to put it in with white things. Or anything.

THEN, there were spices in the box. Sooo many spices. I will list them tomorrow. At one point I lay down to rest and kept smelling some spice that was way too strong and smelled stronger by the minute. When I finally sat up, I realized I was lying on two plastic bags of spice! I was heating them right up and the scent was wafting from between my shoulders to my nose. I think these spices are expensive. There are even vanilla beans. Yes, multiple kinds and several in each package. There will be a complete list tomorrow.

I think we will get our flu shots this week. I was waiting until I felt better. But, the doctor took a blood sample and said there were no white blood cells, so I did not have and infection. Publix gives a $10 gift card for getting a flu shot at their pharmacy. $20 worth of groceries, free and clear will be nice. Tommy will probably want his all in chips! It takes $7 for me to get a gallon of a2milk.

I am very hot right now! it is about 40 outside and the heat is set on 64. I have on a summer nightgown and a pair of short pajama pants I wore all day under the gown--such a fashion plate I am.

The high temp for Tuesday will be 39F, so when it is the warmest, we need to go the pharmacy and to Publix.

I want and need chocolate ice cream. But, by tomorrow the urge will not be as strong as it is now. I won't get any.

This post is all jumbled, but so am I right now.

Do you know anyone who refuses to use their cpap?

Sunday, November 10, 2019


Before I forget, I found a penny at Sam's Club on the seat in the eating area. I did not have to bend to the floor! And, I had lost weight when I went to the doctor. So, that makes 21 lbs. lost, I think.

I ran out of milk Friday and had none for breakfast on Saturday and ate dry cereal. We went to Publix on Saturday for milk, and I got other items: 3 12-packs of Coke, 4 bananas, four zucchini, 4 half gallons a2milk. Everything except the bananas were reduced/sale items.

I did nothing for the rest of Saturday, and it is now Sunday, about 3 pm. Tommy is going to get KFC for me because I want it, I may struggle to cook those zucchini because his eyes light up when he sees cooked zucchini or hears I am cooking zucchini.

The clean wet laundry languished. I finally got everything hung up. It was a chore only because I felt sick. I need to somehow get another load all the way to his utility room.

Church was out of the question by early on Saturday. So, now it is Sunday. I feel so awful. I think part of this is my allergies and the excessively dusty room in which I sleep.

No matter how I feel, I need to wash my hair. I almost bought a new bottle of shampoo, but remembered I had bought a new one that is too heavy to manipulate and put some into my smaller, empty bottle. So, there will be the search for that. There is not much of mine here, so the search will not be

Someone said that my buying 10 dishtowels was excessive. Tommy said he did not think so. I either have to wash a couple of dishtowels and a few other things every day or use dishtowels that have been in contact with roaches or roachy surfaces. I choose to spend $0.44 for dishtowels. They are Halloween designs but that does not bother either of us. Does anyone think I overspent? Yes, I am working on getting rid of roaches as they gross me out.`

Friday, November 8, 2019

Now, the rest of Friday

Okay, this is the rest of the day, Friday. It really does not merit its own post. We went to the doctor. But, first, I went shoe shopping.

The internet indicated there was a SAS store just below my doctor's office. I wanted to go there first. The pair of shoes I wanted after looking at SAS online site did not fit me in the size I wear in SAS. So, I went wide. Nope, did not fit. Went up a half size. NO! Went to wide. Still, it did not fit either. The woman watching said, "Your feet look swollen." I had the thought on the tip of my tongue. I nodded and told her my feet were swollen. After trying on shoes with Velcro and finding they did not fit either, I opted to come back when my feet were not swollen. Bummer!

I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic. I love that doctor.

Sam's Club was on our list of places to go. Tommy has a card. It has been ten years since I have been to a Sam's Club. He bought cereal and some sort of oatmeal cookie, got pens for his insulin, and Zyrtec for me. Zyrtec was $15 for 400, much less than any place else. I had a whole bottle that was stolen!

There were five people giving out samples, two of whom+ Tommy knew. Remember, Sam's Club was his retirement job. We ate there--hotdog and Coke for me, Slice of pizza and Diet Dr. Pepper for him. AND, I got a Brownie Sundae on special for $.99. I only ate half the hotdog and threw out most of the Coke to save me from drinking so much sugar. Let me tell you, the Nathan's hotdog tastes and has the texture of a Vienna Sausage. Nasty! Tommy was not in a hurry to get out of there. However, I did not test his patience by looking at every thing in the store. I did try on two coats, neither of which fit.

I was fascinated with the huge packages of cookies, cereal, mustard, etc.

The Brownie Sundae was huge. I ate the two triangles of brownie and all the ice cream I wanted. Then, Tommy finished the rest, eating two more triangle of brownie and all the caramel. I would say I left him 2/3 of the dessert.

When I got home, I was irritated I had not gone anywhere to buy a pair of scissors and a few little things I want and need. However, I was not willing to get back in the car and brave Friday night traffic. We had already driven from Hoover to Hueytown.

We are such fun-loving, wild and crazy` people.

Do you have a Sam's where you shop?
Do you buy the giant packages? If so, how many people are you supplying in your house/


Okay, I am ill again. Going to doctor. UTI, I think. One morning I awoke to a horrible swollen ankle that managed to unswell itself during the day. Then, last night, in the middle of the night, my whole foot was
wollen, all the way to sole of foot between ankle and floor. I have no idea the problem.

For the last week, I have been having to ask if the heat or ac is on. Tommy thinks I am complaining about the temperature. I am not, but I am surprised that he has been uncomfortable enough to turn on the ac.

This morning, he had the heat set at 54. Yes, 54--fifty-four degrees was a little cool, but I only had on a short, sleeveless nightgown. I was even overly warm last night. I guess I have acclimated myself to my
drafty and uninsulated old house.

I need some layers for outdoors and inside. When I go to the doctor today, the SAS store is right down the road. Maybe I will feel like going in and getting shoes.

One of the tomatoes I got at the Farmer's Market has a spot on it. I always cut a large margin around the spots starting to rot on tomatoes, slice or chunk, refrigerate to save the rest of the tomato.

Okay, Tommy is ready, so I have to gather up the strength to even dress. And bath first.

Maybe I will post again tonight.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

This and That

Wednesday, today, the tomatoes were in my sight, sitting on a plate. We did get ten tomatoes for $6 at the Farmer's Market. As I passed the tomatoes, I started thinking how good tomato sandwiches are. So, that was my late breakfast or early lunch, whichever way you think about. Toasted bread, tomato, and a good amount of Miracle Whip was delicious.

I slept well after I finally slept, but that meant I awoke late, getting 8 hours of needed sleep. It throws the whole day out off kilter! However, one ankle is really swollen. That worries me, but the other ankle is okay. The plan is to stay off my feet as much as possible with the leg at least flat if not elevated.

It is warm outside, 75F at 3 pm. I had things to do today since it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I will find toothpaste if it is the last thing I do.

I had a coupon from CVS that I did not want to expire, so we ran out for a bit. I got the one item and used a coupon. Before I checked out, I went to the coupon machine and received a $2 coupon on anything. I found a giant tube of regular Crest for a giant price. My hand will hurt from using this weighty tube. I need clothes pins in order to pin washcloths and panties along a regular hanger instead of having to only hang two items at a time on hangers. This will certainly cut down on so many hangers to hang in door facings.

Unfortunately, these were cheap plastic clothespins--$1. The price was right but I do not know about the quality. Since I will be the person using them, I think they will last. I don't abuse things. I spent $15 and saved $5 with two coupons. At least I have part of the $20 bill left.

Today, I had many calls to make but never got around to it. Okay--tomorrow.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon and become pretty and very cold on Friday. Having to walk so far to the washing machine is bad enough, but rain and/or cold just adds insult to injury.

That's it, a busy day with not much done.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Free Lunch and Veteran's Celebration and Other Stuff

We went to Cullman today and had a meal at a church--soup, cornbread, half a grilled cheese sandwich, huge piece of pound cake with whipped cream and fresh blueberries on top, unsweetened tea. I gave Tommy my soup and he gave me half his sandwich. There were peas in the soup, so no thanks. I only took one bite of the pound cake, one bite of whipped cream and none of the blueberries since I am told to lay off fiber. Bummer!

I had things to do, and when they were done, we came home, arrived here about 3 pm. I wanted a chocolate ice cream from DQ, so we got one on the way out of town. We just got a mini size to save money and we were not hungry, just wanted a chocolate cone. One day when I felt so bad two weeks ago, we went to DQ for a chocolate ice cream fix and they only carried vanilla! That was a bummer. Does your DQ have chocolate ice cream?

We went to my house and just sat for a moment in the driveway. It felt really good and painful, too. I got to talk to my old mailman. I was supposed to meet the city arborist, but had to settle for a telephone conversation.

Tonight, we had pork loin with bbq sauce, sweet potatoes, and sliced tomatoes. That is the last of the burnt meat. With bbq sauce on it, the scorched taste/smell was hidden well.

I went to the Farmer's Market and bought pecans and tomatoes. The pecans were $5/pint bag. I got four. That is for all winter and came from money allotted for groceries for the month. Tomatoes were $6. I believe I got 8 good-sized tomatoes.

Today, I wore my black outfit, burnt orange sweater, and statement necklace. Next time, for the Christmas dinner at this church, I will wear the black outfit with a red sweater. Remember, the top is sleeveless so I can handle wearing a sweater indoors. Today, it was low 70s, so not too hot and not too cool. In the car in the sun, it was hot without the ac.

I sat in one office for about 30 minutes and Tommy was at the curb and had lowered all the windows, so I know it was hot for him. I left that office with the issue unresolved.

The program at the church before the meal was for a Veteran's Day celebration. The tables were festive with red/white/blue place mats and napkins, flags and flowers in vases. It made me sad that people talked about all the men who served in the armed forces. My mother was a WAC! I almost cried that she was left out! The music, poetry and all was very uplifting.

Do you have or have had a female family member in the armed service?

Tomorrow, I have to search for Crest or Colgate tooth paste that is not mint or gel. What are your plans?

Monday, November 4, 2019

Thrift Store Shopping, Free Rollator, Oats Cheap

I saw a thrift store as I just went along for a ride as Tommy went on n errand. He agreed to stop at a thrift store on the way back. I found two pieces of Corning Ware. I got tiny skillet, Corning ware casserole type thing, a cup, and a pair of socks for $7.24. I think. The socks are black trouser socks. They are too short to wear with any of my present pant, but they were $1 with a percentage off.

I like CW. Both the skillet and casserole are very small. I will use the little casserole thing for microwaving oats. Tommy is resistant to the idea of oats overnight in the Crock pot. He whined he does not know if he wants to eat them that many days in a row. I explained I am not going to make the crockpot full. Besides, he can skip a day. Presently, he eats the same cold cereal every morning. I would make oats in the crockpot sooner. But, until yesterday, I had no oats. Still I have no sugar! Yes, I will eat sugar. Also, I have no cinnamon.

There were no cooking utensils, just forks and spoons and the plastic claw-like things for dipping spaghetti. There was very little cooking stuff on the housewares aisle. No lids at all!

I saw a bin labeled "scarves," looked and there were none, just odds and ends. I need a black scarf. By this time, I had covered little ground, just stood and waited as other people with grocery carts and I tried to get past each other. As I was hurting and Tommy was in the car, I got into an interminable line that finally got to the register.

Today, I found the 42 ounce cannisters of Quaker old Fashioned Oats for $3--great price. I bought one canister for $4.98 out of desperation. Then, I saw this unadvertised deal.

Sunday, the guy brought the rollator to me. We got it out today, and I love it. It is such a pretty color--Plum with sparkles in the paint or finish, sort of like subtle glitter. With this, I can sit down, whereas, my last walker had no seat. Plus, it did not have four wheels, only two. Walking does not hurt so much with this. I am not going to use it often, but I will in certain circumstances. One thing I have against walkers is that I am bent and looking at the floor when I use one.
rollator was already adjusted taller than Tommy's, and I had him adjust it even taller. I stand straight.

I need the bag that hangs under the seat and the bag that hangs onto the back piece. Tommy wants a drink holder. He wants it for carrying coffee.

Last night, I cooked the pork loin in the pressure cooker. I am absolutely certain the handles were aligned. However, the handles were about 1/2 inch off center. The pork, carrots, and onions were burned to a crisp. Only three carrots were not dead. The rack is black and so is inside of the cooker. Abut a cup of liquid escaped all over the stove. It's a mess and still not cleaned up, so that has to be done. We are having with bbq sauce to sort of tamp down the scorched flavor of the remaining meat.

The portion we ate last night had very little scorch. I am quite sure it will be stronger tonight. The quarter inch that stuck to the rack will have to be soaked off in a bit.

It is down in the low 40s and I still get hot at night. I only need something to cover my skin when I am up, so I am going to Dollar General to see the things they advertise as $10. Maybe nothing. These will not be worn in public.

I am through writing anything tonight as I need to color my hair, clean the pressure cooker, and get leftovers out to eat. I had sugar, I would eat oats. Maybe I will just put jelly and butter in the oats. I have done that before and not because I was out of sugar. I have raisin, too.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Free Breakfast

Today was the breakfast at church for November birthdays. I took Breakfast Bread from Publix. It is a dark bread, not sweet, filled with fruits and nuts. The fruit is not densely packed like fruitcake. Tommy has refused to even try it at my house. I could not believe my eyes when he got a piece. THEN, he took scrambled eggs! he hates eggs!!! He tried to explain his way out of it,

Do you remember when he was cutting 1/2 off my hair and showed me three inch pieces? Well, it occurred to me today that he was not being contrary. His blood sugar was low. He was not seeming to understand that the three inches of hair were NOT a half inch. What scares me is that he went straight to his car and drove home. We had planned the hair trimming so that he would only have to go down the steps once.

Today, I have not had vertigo once. I have had to be creative with my limited wardrobe. A black pair of pants goes a long way with different blouses and some colorful sweaters. I wore black pants that are supposed to be short, just too short for a cold-weather look. I bought a knee-length sweater and a grey and white short sleeve blouse. I hate the blouse. It has a collar with band like men's dress shirts. I must get rid of that band. I wore the black sandals with knee highs. It worked.

Yesterday, I bought things that had to go back today. We did that. I cannot find Crest toothpaste that is not either whitening or mint. When I shopped in Publix, I forgot to look. Tommy's yucky off-brand will have to do for a few days more. I really hate mint toothpaste!

I kept seeing paper plates on sale and mentioning them. Tommy said we did not need them or just ignored me. Okay, we ran out for two days and I bought more full-price. I think he was holding off until I got my check. Well, that will backfire in a big way. I buy things on sale before I need them. He waits until he has run out and then buys at full price. However, he did ask me several times if I found candy corn on sale. I did. hmmm

Yesterday, the little plastic tub for the sink was too large. So, today, I got a smaller one. NOW, I can soak some of these dirty dishes from the refrigerator and wash them. I did manage to get one pot or cookie-type sheet washed, one a day.

I shopped the Halloween markdowns. Now, I have ten dishtowels I only paid $.44 for each. They have little flowers on them, so not so Halloween-like. No wonder they were left.

Do you shop the Halloween markdowns?

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Cold Here

Wife texts husband on a cold winter morning:
"Windows frozen, won't open."

Husband texts back:
Gently pour some lukewarm water over it, and then gently tap edges
with a hammer."

Wife texts back ten-minutes later:
Computer really messed up now."


Tommy has kept the heat on 64 F. I am not cold enough to put on many clothes. His house is evenly I had some trouble with his bedroom being cold, but am over that. I just need flannel sheets because his sheets are cold. My cotton sheets were not cold. And, I had flannel ones!

I am living barefoot and with short sleeves or sleeveless and short night gown. Didn't I tell you I was warm-natured? Tommy keeps a blanket over him and shirt, pants, and socks on.

However, at the first sign of getting a cold, I need to bundle up.

This las week has been nothing but vertigo and feeling ill. I took Tommy's Benadryl to take care of the ear thing/vertigo. But, I was hung over the whole next day. Last night, I just refused to take one again. Today, I did not sleep half the day and generally felt more perky.

We went shopping today for food and things needed around here. I will post that list later. We had not been out of the house for three days.

Tonight, I put on my headlamp and dug around in Tommy's freezer. I found one of his ice cream cones with chocolate and nuts. He was very happy. And, he let me have a bite. When I bought lots of cheap chicken this spring, I packed some in a cooler for him to take to his freezer. So, there is that and lots of other frozen meat. I suspect we will not need meat for another six weeks. And, by then the sales on turkey breast will come around.

Tonight, I finally got dinner done by ten. He was irritable and very hungry. We had another sausage patty and sweet potato. "I thought we were having beans, too?" he was sooo disappointed. But, I gave him his ice cream

We did not leave the house until about 4:30, so I knew he needed to eat. I had to tell him I was hungry because he did not fall for me drinking half the little bottle of oj or one of the pb crackers. So, we had dollar burger from Hardee's. He waited in the car for me to shop. When I got back, he had finished the oj and all the pb crackers. Whew. So, I was not afraid for him to drive. If he would have fallen for the oj and pb crackers, we could have saved $4 on the two burgers. !!!

Did I tell you? I have lost 20 pounds, hopefully more by now.

It is so cold and dark and I have to go to utility room to get clothes to hang to dry. Yuck. I miss my laundry room!

Friday, November 1, 2019

How Many Pairs of Scissors Do You Have?

How many pair of scissors do you have in your house?

Tommy has one pair. I had maybe 60. I had enough for 20 Christmas boxes. Remember I held craft camps at a civic center, too. So, there were many used scissors. I sent some to granddaughter.

I had a pair of Gingher sewing scissors and a pair of Singer sewing scissors. I lost the Singer scissors. After searching the house many times, even the freezer, all drawers, EVERYWHERE, I purchased a pair of Gingher. About ten years later, I got rid of my upholstered swivel rocker. When I felt down beside the cushion and down further, there were my Singer scissors.

I have three pair for the kitchen alone. One pair I only used on meat even though I washed it. The other two are from Harbor Freight. I offered one to Tommy, but he said he did not need scissors. Oh, Yes, HE DOES.

Before I purchased this new car, I had children's scissors in the console to cut coupons or whatever. I find scissors indispensable.

What do I do here when I need scissors? Well, the love seat is about six feet from Tommy's chair. I have him toss the scissors to me, but beside me. I turn away in case of a wild toss. I don't want to toss them back, but he insists. So, if you hear he is impaled, you know how it happened.

Why don't I get up and go get the scissors? It just hurts my back so much to rise from sitting.

I even had a pair of scissors that Daddy gave me that were about 14 + inches long. I may not have them anymore.

I had scissors in my craft stuff, in my baby bead stash for making necklaces, in the kitchen drawer, standing with utensils, in a table by my chair, in the bedroom, in the car. I also had some that I gave away along with other school supplies that I bought for very little. Why did I need scissors in the bedroom?--To cut those plastic tags off clothing.

"Scissors" is the other thing I was thinking about when I wrote "Kudzu and".

Okay, now the weather. It is 35F Friday morning in Birmingham. It's cold enough for the heat to come on. For about four days, it was suffocating in here. Finally, Tommy turned on the ac. I think he was feeling the stuffiness, too. I still am barefoot in the house with short, sleeveless summer gown. He has the thermostat set to 64 right now. My room is the coldest in the house. Thankfully, I like a cool bedroom.

Now, it is evening and I am looking for what to cook for dinner. I dug around in his freezer and threw out two plastic bags all wadded up. AND, there were plastic containers from somewhere, just generic things, one red top from KFC sides, no bottom. I quit digging when I found a package with a dozen frozen sausage patties. These barely have any seasoning and they are huge, maybe five or six inches across and thin. Perfect! Dinner--two sausage patties, sweet potato, Crowder peas, Delicious apple.

Blood All over the Floor

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