Monday, November 30, 2020

My Christmasy Bedspread/Quilt



This is my quilt/bedspread I bought at Belk's. It looks Christmasy, but not so much I won't use it year-round. HERE it is online and looks better. It may be poinsettias, but not so Christmasy. I decided to order it, put it in the cart and something popped up, checking for coupons. I paid much less for it $32, I think when it was much more expensive. 

I now want the pillow shams,  but cannot afford those. I will probably get over it. 

Tommy said he would press cloves into an orange for me. First, he had to know what on earth it was for. The man is clueless sometimes. But, I don't count this as something I expect him to know. 

I do not feel much better, just a bit. But, we washed dishes. I washed and Tommy dried. I just cannot wait for the dishwasher installation! 

Right now, at 3 pm, it is 36F degrees and snow is falling, just a few flakes, but it is snow! 

For dinner tonight, I decided to make the green bean casserole that I was not going to make, thaw cooked carrots, and his turkey leg. He is enthusiastic! 

When my son was three and a half, he was experiencing Christmas as he could not at two and a half. He was very enthusiastic about singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus EVERY NIGHT!  He would also wish everyone "Merry Christmas Tree." 

Okay, right now, I am going to drag the box out that contains the 3' Christmas tree. That will be monumental, considering my energy level. 

I know your children said cute, Christmasy things. Can you share? I love these little children Christmas sayings.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Easy, Frugal Christmas Pillows

Just a minute for the pillows.

 Finally, I cut my hair, just chopped it off mostly. I did do one whack to layer it some, but have not looked or tried to deal with it. 

I have felt so awful this weekend, and I am beginning to think part of it is the antibiotic. At any rate, I started feeling a bit better about 9 pm on Sunday night. I did not feel like doing one thing and there was nothing to get out of the refrigerator, so we went to Sonic. Since we had not been there in months, I did not feel to bad about eating there. It's done!

There is a new way I employ to thaw a turkey. I use a stock pot and dump it in there and put it in the refrigerator. Trying to thaw it lying in the refrigerator takes up too much room. This way, it uses less real estate and I don't have to deal with trying to keep it from leaking all over. Plus, handling it to place it in the freezer and taking it out are easier on my back. 

Okay, the pillows. 

I went to a fabulous upholstery fabric shop in Birmingham, M's, and found tapestry fabric pieces that were needlepoint Santas. By using leftover velvet fabric for the back of the pillows, I had cheap pillows that were great looking. I would guess the pillows were about 12" x 18". I put a zipper across the short end at the bottome of the Santa pillow. For myself, I made a pillow stuffed with fiberfill and put the new pillow form inside the Christmas pillow. 

For my daughter, I wanted something easier to mail than a whole pillow. So, I mailed the pillow cover without a pillow inside. I had given her son a travel pillow the size of the Christmas pillow. I told her to put his pillow inside the Christmas pillow cover. It would have worked but I think his pillow was smaller than my travel pillow. So, I suggested she stuff the bottom end with a couple of her husband's tshirts. It worked. 

This is an advantage to me, also, since I don't have to store full pillows, just the covers. I use the pillow forms from my garden pillows for Christmas and then put the forms back into the garden pillows that I stored in my sewing room. Other than the one pillow, the others were about 16" x 16". 

You can cut Christmas pillows the size of your present sofa pillows and then place your regular pillows inside Christmas pillows for the season.  This way, you also don't have to buy or make pillow forms. 

If you do not want to put zippers in the pillows, you can always make a lapped cover on the back with one or more large buttons. 

I always try to make things look  great and do it cheaply or at least less expensive. Do you make or buy Christmas pillows?

Friday, November 27, 2020

What happened leading up to, during, and after T-day


I went to endodontist and he does not do IV sedation. And, because of my gag reflex he cannot use gas. So, he gave me two names. One in Birmingham and the other in Nashville. One is Birmingham no longer does root canal with iv sedation. So, I am left to call the one in Nashville who does iv sedation. That will mean a stay at a motel overnight.


Still ill and trying to make a mincemeat pie. I may get it done today. I tried to take  a nap and got up after 15 minutes. Then, I finally did nap. We gathered up a box of food, including sweet potatoes I bought and butter, and took it and found a woman who said her parents need it. All day, I have sat. Tommy had turkey and greens for dinner. I had crackers and cheese. Okay, it took me 8 hours to make the mincemeat pie! 

Who knew you needed an insulated mini-skirt? This is a result of mindless clicking because I feel so awful.


up at 9 am; nap at 10 am-2 pm;watched Chitty Chitty Bang bang; 4 pm mincemeat pie

By 4:30 pm, I decided to make something for dinner. I thawed turkey breast meat, put a bit of jarred gravy over our portions of turkey on plate, heated greens, baked 4 brown n serve rolls and called it dinner. It took monumental effort. 

We watched Psycho and The Birds. After the late night, I was asleep by 5 am.


Awoke at 9 am and took antibiotic. Slept until almost noon. I managed to color my hair. And, I will try to get something on the table again tonight. The tooth is still in pain and causing me a great deal of tiredness. 

I had decided not to decorate extensively or not at all for Thanksgiving. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is my day to start decorating, so there is that. I am not sure if I can get out the decorations. 

That was it, not much.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Aberration; Detour for Positive Outcome

 This happened in 1977 or so. My best friend called me very upset on Thanksgiving morning. Her oven had died. She was gasping as she talked, frantic. 

It seems as she was baking something for their Thanksgiving dinner and her oven died. Of course, mine was in use and would be for a long time that Thanksgiving. Her turkey would be very late getting done--like never. 

I commisserated with her and finally hit upon a solution. My husband was the minister and her husband was the head elder of our church and we were were good friends. The other glue that kept us close was that she had four children in the same time frame I had my three. We were pregnant at the same time with our last and with her daughter born 6 weeks before my daughter. Three of our children were in the same grades in the same elementary school. They were together in Sunday School and other activities around town. 

I told her to have her husband take the roasting pan with the turkey to the church basement and use the oven in the church kitchen. She was so happy to find a solution. Her husband had a key to the church, so no one else had to be bothered on Thanksgiving Day. She wondered if the church members would care, but felt better since the suggestion came from the minister's wife. As I remember it, her planned dinner was not delayed by more than 30 minutes. Her mother was visiting, so this was important.

All went well that day for all of us. I would have been sick thinking of her problem and trying to solve it  by using my oven. I suppose we could have cooked both turkeys, mine and hers, in the same oven but one after the other. That was what was in my head when I thought of the church oven. 

Not all Thanksgivings happen as planned.

Do you have a story of a Thanksgiving aberration? Maybe a dropped turkey or pie? Please share your story and   

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Domes and Abscess

 I was thinking of all the domes I see in restaurants on TV. I also wondered about the weather when folks are meeting relatives or friends outdoors this winter. Maybe it would not be safe but it seems that domes might work to visit while wearing masks in the dome. So, I looked for DOMES and found them from $19.99 to about $1500. In short, there is something for everyone. 

Maybe I would like a cheap one for sitting outside. The sun would keep it warm and the dome would keep the wind from freezing me. 

Monday afternoon, I began to feel more ill about 1 pm. Finally at 5:30 pm, I realized I had not taken my noon dose! So, by that time, I was very ill. My ear hurts, my neck and temple. Here on Monday night, I am trying to squeeze all the doses in. Maybe I will be okay. 

Making my bed was horrendous. My child made the bed by crawling all over it and did a lot of crawling around. I was not nearly as cute as my child was. And, I almost fell off the bed with the mattress half off the bed. 

I would never have washed three loads on Monday and stripped my bed to boot if I had realized how ill I was. Now, it has to be hung up, but the folding of items from the dryer can wait. 

Thanksgiving may happen or not. It just depends on how ill I am. It can be delayed for our part. I have added Brussels sprouts to the menu. 

Dinner on Monday was Chicken Italian Sausages and Brussels sprouts and fruit. That was for Tommy. I had a boiled egg, Brussels sprouts and candy. 

I had him wake me at 3 am to take a pill. Usually, I figure sleep is healing and take antiobiotic a few hours later if I have to wake up in night. This was hurting so that I figured I needed pill more than sleep. Fortunately, I did not have reflux or I would have had to sit up for a while and wake myself so I could not sleep. 

Luckily, I went back to sleep immediately! Rod Stewart works! 

He woke me again at 9 am and I got up to take the next antibiotic. 

At 10 am, I had my usual banana and milk for breakfast. Well, half the banana was rotten as I ate it. I don not mean just dark in the middle. I mean yuckyrotten all the way through. Okay, toss that. Wish I still had chickens to save the rot.

I am prepared with another 10 bananas. So, I chose one and started eating. Nope, fully rotten. I guess I finally got a whole banana in me. 

Why do I have ten bananas? Yesterday, I thought i was out and definitely wanted enough to eat and put in jello. So, I bought another 6 to go with the 5 I had. I don't feel well. Don't yell at 

Since I ate all my boiled eggs, I think I will boil more. They are easy on my tooth and have plenty of protein to carry me through the day. Okay, part of the day. 

Have you had any thoughts about how a dome might be nice, even if just for sitting? Are there any glitches in your Thanksgiving this year? 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Too Tired to Plan, Vivid Memories

 Sunday, I forgot to wear my mask when I went into The Pig for one thing. Now, I am afraid I may have contracted the corona virus. At least, now patients can be treated with regeneron like Trump was. 

I finally "found" the pork loin. I had put it in the freezer with carrots. I did not have to dig, just open the door. So, that was dinner Sunday night. On Monday night, Tommy will have a turkey leg and vegetables. This is NOT a huge leg like you might think. When I give him too much meat, he takes it from the bone and I throw it in a snack bag in the refrigerator and he makes a sandwich from it the next day. That would be Monday.

That leaves Tuesday and Wednesday night for plans. I will figure it out. The turkey leg might give him enough meat for the next night (Tuesday) with different vegetables. I can scramble an egg or eat one of the boiled ones plus vegetables. He hates eggs!

Monday, I may make the gravy from drippings. And, I might bake a pie or two. Tuesday, I will be busy. Wednesday, I can bake another pie or make the Stovetop dressing. Yeah, that is a hard job. There is still Jello Salad to be made. 

Tommy took a load of black clothes out to the washing machine this morning. Now, he needs to take a load of whites. I still am wobbly walking and cannot lift anything that heavy to walk. So, he willingly does it with no complaining. 

We were in the kitchen, washing and drying dishes, until my back gave out. So, now he is back and resting, too. When the second load of laundy is out of the dryer, then my sheets will go in. I'll be sorry when I have to hang and fold all this! 

I have sworn to myself that I am not going to overdo it with chores or Thanksgiving dinner chores. I may have already missed the mark of making it easy. 

And, I need to put color on my hair, a workout in itself! So, I will  be going back to wash dishes again right now. 

The weather is beautiful here, 58F and getting warmer before the day is over. And, it will be in the 70s for the rest of the week. The sun is shining, so there is not much to complain about. 

How is your weather? Hopefully, with less holiday travel there will be fewer deaths on the highway no matter the weather. 

I really miss going to my mother's house and being greeted by all the scents of food she had done or food that was cooking at Thanksgiving. Nowhere else since she died has smelled the same. When I cook all the same things with the same recipes, it still is not the scent of home. I can close my eyes and see her house, kitchen, sounds, and smells. Can you imagine your mother's home vividly? 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Holiday Transitions

 Saturday still.

Tommy is just now getting around to taking all the meat off the turkey. I took off the breast meat and it is in the freezer for Thanksgiving. The dark meat will be frozen, too, since Thanksgiving is a bit off from here. 

Before you ask and admonish, No, I did not save the carcass for broth. 

Taking the meat from the bones is easier if the turkey is still warm. This was torture to get the breast meat with a knife instead of grabbing it and pulling the breast meat off whole. Getting the rest of the meat off the bone is a job I absolutely despise. Tommy wore clear gloves to do the job so he was not so nasty when he got through and so the meat was still clean.

I have been asking Tommy for a week to help me sort of get food out of refrigerator and to help me find the leftover pork loin. I can bend but am in pain. So, I bent and pulled things out while he took it from me and put it on the stove or in the trash. I must say that we threw out too much food, mostly ends of salad bags. I did manage to sort of organize stuff. But, much was left untouched, never removed. sigh

Now, I may have remembered where the pork loin is--maybe in the space for the crispers.

Just now, I asked Tommy what else he would like for Thanksgiving. His request does not have to be typical Thanksgiving fare and can be savory or sweet, snacky or meal time food. He said he had not had a mincemeat pie in thirty years. So, that is on the menu and so easy to make. I have several blocks of mince meat--Nonesuch. 

So, that makes three sweets for Thanksgiving Day eating--peanut butter cookies already made, pumpkin pie and mincemeat pie that are yet to be made. 

I don't put an egg in my mincemeat. I put less water and a cup or more of applesauce and bake a two crust pie. I may get ambitious and make the applesauce since I have many apples. 

Two chunks of cream cheese came home with me. I have no idea how I will use them. I have not decided what to use them to make. What is your favorite way to use cream cheese? I like it on crackers with cayenne pepper jelly. Of course, I love cream cheese cake. 


I forgot. My favorite way to eat cream cheese is with savory spices and on a cucumber sandwich. I took these to school for a tea party for ninth grade English class. The boys politely took several. When they came back, one guy took a huge handful, just used his hand like a claw and took a dozen of so, little round cucumber sandwiches. 

Sunday, I needed a prescription. When we went to the pharmacy, it was going to take over an hour before it was ready. I suggested we drive around a bit. We found lots of Halloween decorations up. Halloween in some cases had transitioned to Thanksgiving. In some cases, on of the two holidays also had Christmas decorations inside. Some houses had gone full Christmas. It was interesting to see three holidays up at once. Do you see houses with two holiday's decorations up at the same time?

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Found Money and Giblet Gravy

 When we went to laundramat in Cullman on Tuesday, I found two dimes on top of the machine into which I was putting the blanket. Score 20 cents. I forgot to mention it. 

I had a coupon for $1 off  Kraft Mac n Cheese. At Publix it was bogo, save $1.64. I used the coupon on the first box + $.64 and got the second box free. That made it 32 cents per box. I refuse to buy Kraft Mac N cheese, but this was too good to pass up. No, it will not be served Thanksgiving. It is not a T-Day food to me. These are just to put on the shelf. It will be used for a meal that is minus carbs!

Saturday Thanksgiving preparations will be boiled eggs for giblet gravy. Yes, I love chopped eggs in giblet gravy. 

Friday dinner--At first, I could think of nothing that would not involve cooking. Then, we had slices of turkey, butter peas, and diced butternut squash. For a spur of the moment decision, I was shocked at how delicious and filling it was. 

Saturday,  I will make peanut butter cookies. Most will be part of our goodies for Thanksgiving. No, it is not a tradition. I have wanted pb cookies for two months. 

Saturday now. Eggs are boiled, cookies baked. But, I started eating the eggs. Well, eggs are good for me. And, I have plenty of eggs to boil. There have been years long ago I had to save four eggs for giblet gravy.

I loved boiled eggs in giblet gravy? I won't put giblets in, just bits of leg meat. 


Friday, November 20, 2020

What Is Missing?

Missing? That would be sage. So, I put the turkey in the oven with just salt and pepper on it. I miss the sage smell and taste. I bought ground sage today and will just put a smidgen on the turkey when I heat it and in the giblet gravy and dressing. That should do it for the taste and aroma. I have no idea where my ground sage went! 

Friday early cooking will be cranberry sauce from berries. I bought two bags that were 2/$4 and put both in the freezer. I wanted to get just enough for Thanksgiving and extra. Maybe I will find them cheaper and can get more for later. Plus, I want to dehydrate lots for eating. Craisins have oil and sugar.

One night, I was lying down when Tommy had my cell charged and was ready to toss it to me as he usually does. I had my face covered with my hands and said, "Okay." Then, I decided to show him where to toss it. I raised my left hand and arm. Well, at that moment, he tossed it and hit my arm just above my wrist. I was making a racket because it hurt so bad, and he was apologizing. Really, it was my fault. 

I was in such pain. He got up to look at my red and swollen arm and offered to get something frozen. I could not imagine what, but he came back with a bag of cranberries. He said he thought it would conform to my arm. Well, yes, it did. I sat here for about twenty minutes with cranberries freezing my skin while I moaned from the cold cranberries. 

So, the cranberries I will use in a few minutes have served me well already. They felt still-frozen when I put them back in the refrigerators. Maybe cranberries should supplant frozen peas for first aid. 

Swerve will be the sweetener of choice this time. Hope it works. I never put the whole amount called for by the cranberry bag anyway, only half or two-thirds what is called for in the recipe. Water, berries, and Swerve--that's it. 

I do have several cans of Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce that will be used when/if we want more at Thanksgiving. If not, we will use it at Christmas. 

At home, Mama had both since some of us preferred one over the other. She sliced up a can or made the whole berry cranberry sauce from scratch. 

I don't like things added to my cranberry sauce, like orange, so this makes me supremely happy. 

Do you serve both at your house? Just one? Which one? Growing up, what recipe for cranberry was on your table? 


Starting Thanksgiving Dinner? Yes, I am!

 I called two numbers supplied to me for cleaning. The first person said that a team would come the first time and 4 people would come and clean the whole house--blinds, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, everything. What no one seems to understand is that this is a job we want done so that we can find things later. If anyone starts plundering through and moving his things, he will be fit to be tied. I just want a cleaning lady! Oh, a guy would do. 

We NEED the refrigerator cleaned before it kills us. The outside has numerous stains and spills as does the stove. He never used the oven, so it is barely stained. I don't want that done right now, maybe The guy said they only do whole-house cleaning the first time. So that is not going to work.

So, telling people what to do, like where to put things in five rooms is not going to work! So, I am not even going to discuss this on my blog. 

Oh, wait! I do know a guy with his own cleaning service. He started it because he could not find anyone to clean to suit him and for his grandmother. Now, I need to remember his name! People who know him have lost track of him. Well it was a good idea.

When I was taking the turkey out of the refrigerator, Tommy told me he found the pork loin we were going to have for dinner. No, it was the ground beef that was going into another dish. So, we ate it since it was cooked before the pork loin. Dinner: ground beef, tomatoes. Tommy had vegetarian beans and I had green beans. I hd just had a cheese sandwich, so it was like a cheeseburger, I guess. For something just pulled from the air, it was delicous. There was no plan but success. 

Thanksgiving cooking has started. I got the turkey in the oven, finally. I left it 30 minutes longer than the instructions said. Yet, when I took it out, the cavity was filled with bloody looking liquid. So, I put foil over it and put it back in. This is going to be a long night since it is 10:30 already. I will rip off the breasts and Tommy will take all the meat from the bone. sigh 

So, I finally took the turkey out of the oven and the little pop-up thing that shows it is done had finally popped. It is cooling. Some of it will go in the freezer tonight. So, we wait until Friday to take the meat off the bone! Plans 

I am not sure what I will cook Friday, but the plan is to cook something different each day. Maybe I will make the cranberry sauce and freeze it since it is so early. Maybe a pie. 

My hair needs to be cut and colored. I need to polish my nails. 

Thursday night, I received an email saying Amazon had delivered a package. Well, no. We had not seen a package. Tommy had taken the garbage out to the road after dark. But, there was a photo of the package on the porch in the dark. How clever. Yes, the package was there. My two bottles of melatonin, 8 ounces, was there. By ordering two, I received 50% off the second bottle. Cool! 

So, it is Friday now. And, Tommy is snoozing this morning. Soon, we will get the turkey all naked and freeze the meat. 

Have you started cooking yet? If so, what so far? If not, when will you start? What is your timeline for cooking your Thanksgiving meal if you are cooking? 


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Two Choices

 We went to appointment for dentist. Yes, he said my tooth is abcessed. There are two choices: root canal and extraction. The appointment for the root canal is three weeks away. So, the antibiotic might hold it for that long so I do not need more antibiotic. 

Since we had to be there at 10 am, we were out of the dentist by 10:35. I made a visit to one grocery store. We each had two chicken fingers at DQ, and we were on our way out of town. 

Tommy mentioned going to COLONY, one thing I wanted to do in September. Usually, we are trying to get back to Birmingham before rush hour, so today was the perfect day. 

We drove through a wooded area and saw some very nice homes. There was a senior center off to the side of the road, nothing else. Then, we came to a very nice park and ball field. 

While at the park, I saw persimmons hanging from a tree. I had to get out and get the two I saw. Since I had to exert great effort to pull it from the tree, I thought it would be astringent. Nope, I tested a bit. Oh YES, then it hit me. I grabbed a banana to stop the astringest action on my mouth. Usually, I just drink buttermilk. Now, I know two things that work--buttermilk and banana. 

I knew better! I was just so eager and hopeful. Have you ever had the opportunity to taste a persimmon that causes an astringent reaction, making your mouth dry and "draw?" 

Today, was another beautiful, cloudless day in mid 60s. The blue was not so clear as other days, but the sun was brilliant. 

That's it--abcessed tooth, Colony, and persimmons. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Cleaning Before Cleaning Lady Comes

 No, that is not what I am doing. But, it appears Tommy is. There is a step table, you know the kind I mean--a table with a little shelf/section above. He put a stack of stuff there, paper and stuff in folders. I have gently asked him if it can be moved. At first, it was NO. Then, okay. Finally, I took care of it.

I took a cloth and the can of Endust, gathered up the dusty folders, and took it to him. I sprayed the cloth and handed it to him. He finally dusted all of the folders and put it on the bookshelf near the front door. This is the kind of dusty that is a quarter of an inch thick. He did not want it dusted last year!

A bit later, he took the cloth to the now dusty around the edges table. He proceeded to dust the table with most of the layer of dust flying around the room. He thinks dusting, washing a dish, anything--must be done as hard and fast as possible. I usually dust things with that much dust very gently and gather the dust to shake outdoors. Not him. 

Then, he started cleaning around his chair. Now, he is doing things I have asked him to do for two weeks!  And, I am a slug with tooth hurting a bit but making me feel awful. Of course, taking an antibiotic makes me tired, too. 

The woman is not returning my call. I hope she works out, but now I have my doubts. 

Today, I MUST put the turkey in the oven and wash my hair! Those are my two goals along with dishes in the sink that mush be washed. 

It is 10 am, 52F and feels cold in this summer gown and sandals. Tommy is going in and out of the house and the door is open. The day is cloudless and sunny, so that is great. He is outside, trying to get the garbage can straightened out. He puts things in criss cross and then nothing else will fit. 

And, she did not answer call nor did she return the call or show up. I am livid.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

No More Spending

 I have things bought and money left this month, allotted funds. So, I won't be spending anything else.  Actually, any extraneous spending is stopped for good. I need a few things from the grocery store, but that trip will happen on Thursday. 

Well, Tommy did not want chocolate pudding. He thought I did not know where it was. Funny! So, not a hint like I thought yesterday. 

On Monday night, I sucked something down the wrong way and got choked. I was frantically waving as I choked and motioning to pat my back. Tommy rushed as much as he could and thrust a bottle of water in my face. Later, he said he did not understand the patting on my back motions. Gee! I wonder what he thought grabbing my throat meant!

He hit me so hard on my back that I was stunned. He says he always does that to people who are choking and no one has ever complained. Liar! I was choking, gasping. crying, telling him not so hard. He continued to land blows on my spine. His hand just pounded down and remained in place. I kept trying to tell him to pat but hard, not to hit. I tried to fend him off. He continued to injure me and did not help one bit. I am fighting to breath and fighting him off. It was horrible. I will call 911 the next time!

So, I coughed for over two hours Tuesday night. Finally, I let up coughing a bit. I was exhausted. At 7 pm, I told him I did not have the energy to eat or to find something for him to eat. He offered to get BK. We did and spent $5.38 for dinner. I used a free coupon for a frozen Coke.  We used another for one order of fries. Wow, less than 10 fries for each of us. But, that is okay as we don't need them at all. 

I didn't get my hair washed! 

Someone is coming Wednesday to give an estimate on cleaning the house. Finally! The first thing is the refrigerator! 

Tuesday, I awoke at 4:30 a.m. and went to the bathroom. As I lay down, I was inflicted with the worst toothache I have had in 30 years. Well, I suppose it is the only one since then. I had to sneak in and get the clove oil and medicine case. I used clove oil repeatedly and finally took three baby aspirin. 

So, it is 8:30 a.m., and I feel awful. I need to get an antibiotic to quell this infection and get an appointment for a filling on Thursday. 

Unfortunately, we forgot to get mail in Cullman last week. So, we must return today. I had to dig mail out last week! Now, instead of election junk mail, I will be getting junk wanting me to sign up for a Medicare supplement. sigh

Tuesday evening

We went to Cullman. Got my mail. Bought bananas. 

Went to Dutch Oven Bakery where I bought a tiny funnel I need and a loaf of sourdough bread. As I checked out, I saw a sandwich someone was paying for. I ordered one for us to half--sourdough bread, honey  backed turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, sweet and sour dressing. It was delicious. Mennonites are great cooks. We had water that was in the car. 

Washed heavy spread of Tommy's that goes on the sofa as it was stinky. I knew the laundramat was clean. 

Went by my place and it is still Called a doctor to see if I need to come see her or if she would give me an antibiotic for this tooth. I bought the antibiotic back in Hueytown. See? I did practically nothing, but then.

I bought a dishwasher! The guy asked me what I needed today, and I said, "I need a dishwasher that is not named 'Linda.'

I told Tommy last night that we really needed a dishwasher. He said I had to pay for it, pay for installation, and pay to have it removed when I move. 

Okay, I am so weak and tired from only slept for three hours and then the drive wore me to a nub. 

It will be delivered deep in December. So, I have no more money. But, that is okay. 

Have you ever choked so bad that you were afraid a bit?

Monday, November 16, 2020

Hint and Monday To-do List

 Last week, Tommy was doing something in the dining room or maybe just walking past. He came in with a box of chocolate pudding and said with a smile, "Look what I found in there!" I wondered how he "found" pudding. Now, I realize he wanted me to make it for him. I guess I will. I am not dense or unwilling to take a hint, but it was a day when I did not feel well or needed a nap or something. 

The woman to clean today was a no-show. I told Tommy when I hung up that the owner of the business would never send her. Why, oh why? 

Last night, Rod Stewart did not work to put me to sleep immediately. However, I was not in bed and fretting until dawn.  Tommy wanted the heat set to 63F which was fine with me. But, I am quite sure it was much cooler. Remember? This bedroom is the coldest room in the house. I have finally hit upon a way to keep my feet warm without having a small throw under the covers. The bedspread/quilt I bought works beautifully. The pink comforter is over that. 

I wanted to get Tommy a paint-by-number painting. He would reject it since he often yells about thoughtful presents I give him. So, today I asked him if he would paint one for me and he readily agreed, even looking happy about the prospect. He will pay for it. 

Did you ever have a paint-by-number painting? I may have. I do know my brother and maybe my sister did. If I had wanted one, I would have had one. I know my brother really enjoyed his paintings. 

It is about noon and I have plans for today:

* Go to store where woman knew someone to clean and ask her if the woman wants to clean.

* Find a CLEAN laundramat...same woman.

* Wash hair

* Put turkey in, bake, and take all meat from bones and freeze some. 

*  Wash a few dishes so I can wash hair and handle turkey in sink. 

I know it does not sound like much to do in one day, but I am capable of little.

What I have already done today:

* Gathered 5 boxes to be cut up and put in trash...Tommy's chore

* Put a few more foodstuffs on shelves. It is slow going. 

* Ate breakfast...yes, it is a chore.

* Took walk in house to keep blood sugar in check. 

The outdoor temperature is 60F and it is cool in the house since we don't have on any heat. I suppose the oven will take care of warmth in here. I think I will make the chocolate pudding for Tommy. It is instant, so will just mess up a bowl. 

1 pm, got to go.

Have you ever had a paint-by-number set? Any suggestions? Is anyone giving one for a gift this year?

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Saturday Wind Up on Sunday

I screamed. Tommy was startled and asked me what was wrong. I somehow erased the whole post! I hate that. 

Saturday, he paid $10 for someone to vacuum the back end of the Rogue where we had two bags of sweet potatoes placed. I could taste dust in the front seat. He does not have an extension cord long enough for his little house vacuum to reach out there. Neither of us can vacuum at a commercial place. It is clean anyway! 

Dinner was so delicious, if I do say so myself--pork loin roast with bbq sauce on it, carrots cooked in the pork juice, green beans. Between the two of us, we finished off the whole can of beans. I froze a dinner portion with pork and half the pound of carrots that I cooked. There is enough pork in the refrigerator for two more meals. 

Also, at the yard sale, I found a fabulous, white, oval tablecloth 64" x 100". It was appliqued and embroidered. And PINK. I paid $1 for it and could sell it for a pretty penny on the internet. I am torn. 

In a big Tupperware bin, I am collecting things for my Big Pink Purse project for 2021. I bought 12 cosmetic bags for a quarter each. They still have a $6.99 price tag. From now until next year, I will collect things at a low price, but nice, new things. Except for the purses or backpacks, nothing will be used or limiting. 

If I win one of Sluggy's giveaways, I will add those to my Pink Purse stash. Well, I will have to eat the chocolate. 

Kathy, your prize is on the way! I mailed it Saturday morning. 

Saturday, I bought 4 books for Tommy, a bird book, a tree book, an insect book, and a wildflower book. I know he will like all of them. Later, I will buy a cd for bird songs. He will love that. I am going to give half of these for his December birthday and the other half for Christmas. He has binoculars bought by one of my followers. Well, she provided money to buy something for him. 

Tommy always asks me, "What kind of bird/tree/flower is that?" Most of the time I know. He knows lots of birds, too. When I was in hs, I had a tree book and an insect book. We had to have a leaf collection, an insect collection i biology. So, I learned a lot. I suppose I have forgotten lots, too. I really hated sticking pins in insects! Did you have to stab insects for an insect display?

He doesn't know it yet, but he is getting me books for Christmas. I will put a wish list on Amazon or someplace for him to choose.  He can do that and that way he will get me something I want and 

Sunday is slipping away as he watches lots of movies, and, of course, I am lured by them.  I work during commercials. Of course, I cannot work steadily if it involves standing. 

My seat on my walker came loose and parts were lost. I did get parts to attach the seat. So, that needs to be done today. It is 65F at 2:30, and very nice out. 

I am still placing things on the kitchen shelves! It never ends since I can neither work fast nor for too long. Today, I may bake an apple pie, maybe not. If so, I will freeze for Thanksgiving.   Don't hold me to Today or tomorrow, I will bake the turkey.   

Have you started Thanksgiving cooking?                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Easy Chicken Parmesan, Great Saturday, Barnes and Nobles, Firehouse Subs, Yardsale

 Friday, I had a package of two chicken, onion, bell pepper kabobs. After I sprinkled the handy dried onions and Italian spices and baking it ten minutes,  I decided I would make Chicken Parm. I opened a jar of traditional spaghetti and spooned some over the chicken. I put it in the oven for another 10 or so minutes and cheese over it and put it back in the oven for a few minutes before I plated it. 

This dish was so delicious and easy. We may have this more often. Tommy ate my peppers, thankfully. We ate Romaine and tomato salad with the Chicken Parm. 

Right now, I am thawing a pork loin roast in a huge bowl of water. It will stay in the Crock Pot all night and I can decide on Saturday what it will become. 


I had another $5 coupon and wanted to use it at a different Pig. However, as we drove, I could not find it. I went in anyway just to see the store. It was in a pretty town called McCalla. I did buy two or three things but left with little. It was a pretty drive, anyway.

Then, I went to a yard sale right near Tommy's house at a church. I found things for my Big Pink Purse project for next year. I had only planned to do four to six purses for next Christmas, but found 12 cosmetic bags for a quarter each. At least six go to the project. This is how I hope to fill six purses. If I can win one of Sluggy's giveaways, it will help to fill purses.

The cosmetic bags had the original tags on them for $6.99 each. 

For $1 I bought a badly tarnished silver chafing dish with the dish missing. One woman working the yard sale sad sarcastically, "I want you to bring that back when you have it cleaned up." We all laughed. I would be cleaning silver if I had made it out of my house with silver polish. 

There were three over-the-door racks with four hooks for $1 each. The guy insisted I take all three for $1 for the lot of three. Okay...Now I have three. One is for Tommy's bathroom so he will have a place to hang his towel. 

I went to Barnes and Nobles and bought 4 books for Tommy's birthday and Christmas.  When I went in I bought him a Starbuck's coffee and had someone take it to him. I bought us a brownie and two biscotti before I left. 

He thought the coffee was delicious. He said even cheap coffee is good when hot. But, Starbucks was good even when cool. I told him this was part of his 

Then, since we saw a Firehouse Subs, we went there to get 5-gallon buckets with lids that have gaskets. They were $3 each. I bought a small sub to share. Instead, I was given and charged for a medium. It was more than enough to share. 

We were held up in the Saturday late afternoon traffic near the Galleria by a wreck. So, it was about 4:45 when we got home, barely light. Now, I took the pork loin roast from the crock pot and put the juice and baby carrots in a dish for the oven. I know I could have put them in the roast, but somehow I did not. I am very tired and I know he is, too. 

Dinner was wonderful!...roast pork loin with bbq sauce, carrots cooked in the juice, and green beans. We each ate half a can of green beans. Now, I am going to freeze carrots and pork loin for another meal. There is still left enough for two more meals. Everything we ate tonight was given to us. 

Great Saturday!

Friday, November 13, 2020

Buy $25 Get $5 Off, Winter Garden In

 Of course, I used this coupon. I took coupons with me and used them, too. All coupons were doubled. I found Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup for $.90/can. I had a coupon for $1 off 4 cans. I used two more Ronco coupons and bought more spaghetti and penne pasta. I think I paid about $.45 for 7 oz spaghetti. Endust had a coupon, and I was going to buy it anyway. 

Turkeys were $0.69/lb, but I have no room in the freezers. The turkey I bought on Thursday is now defrosting in the refrigerator. 

Tommy got the rest of the sweet potatoes inside. 

My gardening mentor for the research project came today and we planted and put row cover on the 10 or so plants. I have broccoli, kale, lettuce, cabbages. We fertilized, watered and  used Bt.That exhausted me and then I had to go spend my $5 coupon, so short post. 

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Bounty of Food

 Today, we went to Cullman to catch the end of the Farmer's Market. We did and I spent the last of my coupons on $12 tomatoes. They are pretty and large and I know the farmer.

Then, we went into the country to a farmer to buy sweet potatoes. I bought 25 lb. bags for $10 and bought 2 bags--50 lbs. for $20. That makes $0.40/lb. And we love sweet potatoes.

At one store I found turkeys for $0.58/lb. I bought an 11 lb. turkey for $7.03. Blackeyed peas are not going down soon, so I broke out and paid $1.99 for one pound of Camellia brand. 

I got one more can of Hormel's Roast Beef and Gravy, and a $0.99 tiny bottle of Dromeday Diced Pimentios, the only ones grown and canned in the US.

Kraft 8oz chunks or grated cheese were $2.50, so I got 12--8 Medium Cheddar Chunks and 4 grated Italian. Three bags of grated cheese are in the freezer. 

We went to get my mail and forgot to go to PO!!! Grrr!!! 

The day was so overcast or foggy that we could not see the tops of large buildings. But, the clouds cleared away to a cloudless, blue sky. As we came home around 4pm, the clouds were still in Birmingham. 

We are both exhausted. Tommy is sitting in the chilly 61F, wiping dirt off the sweet potatoes. I am not sure why I did not ask for washed potatoes. 

It is my job to carry in the 50 lbs of potatoes. I got 10 paper grocery bags from the store, and he is wiping them and putting them in bags I can carry, never mind I have to hug them to me. 

The turkey is on the counter until I can get a shelf clear enought to put it in the refrigerator. 

I am exhausted and I am sure Tommy is tired and cold. Tomorrow, we have to go vacuum the trunk of his car. Ooops, he is here...too dark for him to work. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Big Pink Purse (my charitable project)

My inspiration for this project was The Big Pink Purse. I was looking for a quote from Hillary Clinton where she said she had a big pink purse she was going to use only in the summer and then said she was carrying it in January. 

About two days before I read Hillary's quote, I had decided I would just use this pink purse I love all winter. 

As I read the The Big Pink Purse on facebook, I knew I had found a project!

Kathy, the winner said " it sounds like I was putting together a health and beauty bag for charity." So, it was a bag, a handbag. This is not intended for a homeless woman. I also did not put in cosmetics since I have no idea of the complexion of the woman. I am including  a $20 for cosmetics and feminine hygiene products. 

Kathy, your prize is fall-themed dishtowels and potholder. Now, send me your address by email.

About this time last year, I purchased a red purse. I got it home and the love died in my hands. Before I could return it, I lost the shoulder strap. It had two handles. So, I looked all over for the strap and knew I was stuck with it. Oh, I found the handle in the bottom of the purse!

All was not lost, though. I planned to sell it online and recoup the entire cost. I was about to list it when I heard about the purse project. 

This is not a local project. I am just using my one purse. But, I can collect purses for next year. The purses, as you can see by the site do not have to be pink. 

I am not including all the items on the list and have added a few things I wanted to add. This project is not just for homeless women. It is for women in need, low income.

Their list: red text is where I differ

  • hand/body lotion
  • Kleenex
  • lip balm
  • deodorant
  • hand sanitizer
  • toothpaste/toothbrush (2 toothbrushes)
  • shampoo
  • body soap (Dove bar soap)
  • nail file NO
  • nail clippers
  • lipstick NO
  • mascara NO
  • powder (face and body) NO
  • floss
  • personal wipes (sanitizing and also just wipes)
  • disposable razor
  • comb/small brush round brush
  • body spray NO
  • sunscreen NO
  • bugspray NO
  • feminine hygiene products NO

Items I decided to put in the purse:

  • gum
  • 2-pack of Pop Tarts
  • tiny, sparkly, red note pad and pen in case
  • one Hershey bar
  • QTips in tiny case
  • mirror
  • pen
  • cotton balls
  • day planner
  • One a Day Vitamins
  • flashlight
  • 2 pr knee highs
  • red nail polish and why not!?
  • red bead bracelet It is almost Christmas!
  • cosmetic bag
  • handwarmers--2 
  • Vaseline
  • imPRESS Press-on nails 
  • Elevation lemon bar
  • nitrile gloves

I may put in other items. I put the shampoo and large bottle of lotion in a gallon plastic storage bag. I may buy some red gloves or a red scarf to attach to the handle. Neither will fill inside. Everything inside is new, bought just for this person, whoever she is. Okay, not all was bought for this person. I had many of the items, new and free. However, all items were full-sized and nothing used, not even the purse.

You have time to do the same thing for Christmas. The original project is for backpacks and purses, gently used. I used a brand new purse because I had it. Is this something you might do or organize for a church or charity project?

Life and Death

 November 11 is my brother Gary's birthday. He was born fourteen months to the day after I was born on September 11. He died on 12-12-01. 

When we were little, he always had the day off from school on his birthday, Armistice Day. I really miss him.  

And, my mother was a veteran. So, the day has double meaning for me. No matter how sad the day is for me, I still want to remember.

Tuesday night it was 70F at midnight. It gets scary when a storm is coming in and the weather is so warm as it can trigger a tornado. So far, today, Thursday there seems no problem. Good. I am in no mood for weather watching. 

So, it appears no one wants to play along with my charitable project and try to guess what it is. I was missing gathering Christmas Boxes and filling them. So, this serves the purpose of giving to someone else.  I think I will prepare this same project, planning and collecting items all year long. 

Well, I will just trudge along, doing it alone. Guess as many times as you like each day. Each guess needs to be in a separate comment. But, if I cannot find you to mail the prize, then I will go on to the next person. So, include an email. OR You can email me your email address with  at and "Thanksgiving Guess" as the subject.  

Third Clue--daybook. 

Clue two..HERE

Clue one...HERE

4th Clue: Vitamins

5th Clue: nail polish

Today's Clue:  hand lotion

Come play with me!

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Busy Tuesday and Another Clue

 While I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked Sunday night, Rod Stewart did not let me down. Usually, I would be up until 6 am. At least I slept from 5 am to 9 am and then had a nap with Stewart. 

At some point I lay down to rest/sleep and did sleep until the time I had Tommy call me, about 30 minutes. 

I went out to finish my charitable project. A can of pumpkin came home with me but was hiding in the store. The search exhausted me! I bought a few strands of battery-operated lights. And, Tommy had the radio turned on to the all-Christmas music station when I came out to the car. 

When we arrived home, there were two Amazon packages waiting. Silly delivery man had a very heavy expensive dehydrator perched atop a small two pound package. And, the clearly marked large box with arrows indicating "up" was lying on its side. I received a new dehydrator and and only one Sterilite bin for the freezer. ???

Since I still had the other dehydrator, I made arrangements to return it. And, I ordered more bins, more than I want or need but at a cheaper price. Then, I made arrangements to return the one bin. 

When I finished talking on the phone, my hands were shaking visibly. I could barely stand or walk. I drank orange juice and ate a peanut butter sandwich since I felt I was going to pass out. When I finished, I asked Tommy if he could see my hands shaking. He said he could see my whole body shaking. I did not realize it was so bad. 

It took three hours to feel normal! This is how I felt when I was twelve, and did not know what was happening to me. Scary! 

I had chicken and vegetables to put in the oven, but could not handle it. So, we had hotdogs (no buns) and mashed potatoes and fruit. Now, Tuesday, I realize I had all the fixings for a nice salad when I had the make-do meal. 

Today, Tuesday, there is a pickup scheduled for any time between 9 am and 5 pm. I certainly hope this pickup happens sooner than later! In a few minutes we are going to get both boxes onto the porch. 

Tuesday, 2:30 pm and we are being held hostage by a pending UPS pickup! 

It's a gloomy day, so I am going to end this and prepare to put chicken and potatoes in the oven. 

Guess as many times as you like each day. Each guess needs to be in a separate comment. But, if I cannot find you to mail the prize, then I will go on to the next person. So, include an email. OR You can email me your email address with  at and "Thanksgiving Guess" as the subject.  

Third Clue--daybook. 

Clue two..HERE

Clue one...HERE

4th Clue: Vitamins

Today's Clue: nail polish 

Monday, November 9, 2020

It's Official--I Hate my Airfryer & Another Clue

 I made burgers seasoned with onion soup mix, and they were delicious. However, Tommy had to wash it since I cannot stand long enough to do so. He was perfectly willing but it took him days to get it done.

Then, I made chicken in the air fryer. Both breasts with bone-in and skin looked great but ran bloody on our plates! We put them back in and cooked them more. They were done and dried out. 

I decided to put two pounds of ground round, very low fat, and cook it to use chopped up in spaghetti. Well, Tommy was the first to cut into it and declared it was raw. Yes, it looked like it only browned on the outside. 

AND, it has been almost a week and he has not washed the air fryer yet. The ground meat cooked into the little grill that the meat sits on. So, I am sure he does not want to do it even though he is very amenable when I mention washing it. It's gross now!

Oh, if you will, mention my contest in your blog! I would appreciate it. This contest ends on Friday,  November 13. 2020. 

Guess as many times as you like each day. Each guess needs to be in a separate comment. But, if I cannot find you to mail the prize, then I will go on to the next person. So, include an email. OR You can email me your email address with  at and "Thanksgiving Guess" as the subject.  

Third Clue--daybook. 

Clue two..HERE

Clue one...HERE

Today's Clue: Vitamins

I also hate whatever Blogger is doing to the page to compose. I cannot add things into the text as I please! 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

I am Ecstatic! Another Clue

Last night, we went to bed at 1 am. Well, I went to bed and he turned off tv and his light. I got up at 11:48 am. This much sleep is unheard of for me unless I am ill or have not slept in several nights.

The difference? I slept with Rod Stewart! Yes, I did! 

I cannot sleep with any noise going on. No music, no TV, nothing, no talking of others. However, I am very respectful of other people sleeping and will be silent for another who is sleeping. 

I  listened to the new cd I ordered on my new boombox I order a few weeks ago--Rod Stewart "It Had to Be You" The Great American Songbook 2002.

That particular cd is designated No.1. I had a copy of No. 2 that a guy copied for me. I never got No.3. I tried sleeping to No.2, but it does not work--too many horns. Maybe I will get No. 2 someday. Maybe Santa will bring it to 

The doctor refuses to give me valium and the stuff she tries to give me will make me dizzy so I will fall down on the way to the bathroom at night. When I went to the bathroom last night, I just pressed the button when I got back in bed and fell asleep before the third song started. 

So, it was money well-spent. Now, I can think this morning. By the way, valium does not make me fuzzy-headed like other sleep meds. I took my first valium when I was 21 and not again for a few months. Then, not for a few years. The ONLY thing I used them for was to go to sleep. And, my doctor believed me how little I used valium. So, there. And, I have six valium left from a presciption in 2014. 

If you have a criticism, bring it on. Just don't expect me to publish Or, care.

Maybe I am just happy that and relaxed that Biden is president.

Oh, if you will, mention my contest in your blog! I would appreciate it. This contest ends on Friday,  November 13. 2020. 

Guess as many times as you like each day. Each guess needs to be in a separate comment. But, if I cannot find you to mail the prize, then I will go on to the next person. So, include an email. OR You can email me your email address with  at and "Thanksgiving Guess" as the subject.  

Third Clue--daybook. 

Clue two..HERE

Clue one...HERE

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Another Shortage and Bargains, Found Clove Oil, and Another Clue for You

First of all, I have given you two clues as to what my charitable project I have talked about in the last  post.

This past week, Publix had a bogo for my favorite bread. I think it was $3.58, something near that. So, two loaves would be $3.58 or $1.79 each. Then I had a $0.55 coupon from another loaf of bread that I had bought, maybe at the bread store. That brings the price down to $3.03 for two or $1.52 for each loaf. 

At the bread store I can get one loaf for $0.99. This may seem like a bad deal to buy bread for $1.52. However, we have to drive so far along a busy, two-lane road with no other place to shop. We go so far--11 miles! I am willing to buy bread for $1.52/loaf this time instead of $3.58! 

Keep me out of Dollar Tree! I went in to get two dishpans and came out having spent much more than $2. I got several thing--set of 6 red sparkly ornaments for my 3' tree, small wire tree that holds a votive candle in the base, Solar Santa, two ice creams on a stick. I bought the Santa specifically for Tommy, and he laughed and said it was cute. Putting it in light makes it dance. 

Ir's a good thing I was hurting and could barely get to the dishpans I went in to get. Everything looks like such a good bargain. Of course, being at the register led me to buy the ice cream. The woman at the register had to blow up balloons, answer the phones, and something else in addition to running the register. I was in great pain by the time she got to me. When I ran a register at TG&Y, that is all I did. 

Really, it is not hard to keep me out of DT since it hurts to go into the store. If I had not been intent on saving $7 on the two dishpans, I would not have been in there. They are cheap, thin, not sturdy, but I don't need anything better. So, there! 

In Publix there was a sign under the space for Pint Ziplock Freezer Bags with something about due to the demand the item was not available. Sooo, I am not the only person searching for pint Ziplock freezer bags. There will probably be other shortages, so get anything you need and double that. 

Have you found a shortage of ziplock pint bags or any other bags? What else are you having trouble finding? Okay, I went out on Saturday and could find no pint bags in the one place I looked. So, I stocked up on gallon, two-gallon, and quart freezer bags. I decided I would buy several Cooking bags--Turkey and Large.  

While I was out in the electric cart in a big box store, I waited for a woman to move on. As I sat there, I glanced to my right and there before my eyes was clove oil. I had checked there twice before and was told they did not carry it. 

Clue: my charity plan involves a gallon storage bag. Guess in the comments here today or in the last post. I need a way to contact you. 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Clove Oil and Can You Guess?

 Sooo, several hundred people came to my blog and no one had a recommendation for a brand of clove oil. I need it for my tooth that so far only hurts with a big breath, liquids and most foods. It is not a huge pain yet. I just want to get ahead of it. And, checking at pharmacies is yielding nothing! 

Tommy likes the rug I got for his bathroom. He has tiles and those get cold. Today, I bought the matching contour rug for the commode. I want a small run, not the contour, but that is what they had that matched. 

I also bought some electric votive candles for lights if the electricity goes out. I like them to put into a room when there are no lights just to be able to see the doorway! And, it just feels less lonely and out of whack. I keep about three different kinds of lights. The votive candles are only used to put one in the sinks. I am terrified of fire. 

My new fuzzy blanket was nice. It was not cold last night, so it was really warm under the blanket that I had over the comforter. I did not feel like undressing the bed so it went over. However, these fuzzy blankets mostly make me too hot and sweaty. 

Tonight, Tommy is eating uncured turkey hotdogs and buns. I am having two eggs. We both are having a salad to go along with our protein choices. He will finish off the strawberries. I will have my daily banana. We will both have a Halo. 

My shoulder, arm and neck are hurting worse than yesterday. Everyone wants to know what I did. I was sitting still in the electric cart! 

The weather is going to be great with four days of highs at 75F and lows at 64F. I love this weather!

I am still working on my big Christmas charitable concept that I will reveal next week. It involves red. Can you guess? I have something to send to the person who guesses or gets closest.  I will give you a new clue every day. Who wants to play? Take a guess! Or two or twenty.

Guess as many times as you like each day. Each guess needs to be in a separate comment. But, if I cannot find you, then I will go on to the next person. So, include an email. OR You can email me your email address with  at and "Thanksgiving Guess" as the subject.  

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Amazon and Clove Oil

 Okay, now I have Amazon Prime at 1/2 price. All I had to do was download a picture of my Medicaid card. Of course, you know I did not do that. I had Tommy's neighbor do it for me outdoors. Of course, his wifi reaches there. 

I had an order that got sent to my old address, despite my repeated attempts to put the right address on the order which obviously failed. Amazon said the address could be changed in route back to them. Nope, did not happen. Then, I was told several other things that never came about. Finally, the order was credited back to me. 

Then, I had to reorder and somehow the Dawn original was left off....sigh...I will do it later. 

Excalibur is not being very helpful. So, I ordered another identical dehydrator that is sitting right here. The goes to the Amazon card and I have 20 days to pay it with no interest, so that is how I can afford to get the one that hopefully is not broken. 

I really need it as I have onions and running over that need to be dehydrated! Then, I will get the celery and Bell pepper from the freezer and dehydrate it. I have run out of room in the freezer. All these items are bulky to store. Dehydrating them will be less in the refrigerator. sigh 

There are other perks to Amazon Prime, none of which I I can figure it out or not. 

Today, I picked out a new rug for Tommy's bathroom and used his cc. I bought a bedspread for me to use on the sofa and a fluffy, furry one, too. We both want the heat low, but this place is drafty on my toes. He says it is the air return, but it seems like it should not be a continuous cold draft! My toes feel cold breezes even though socks. By the way, I feel this draft in the summer and it has nothing do with drafty windows. 

I have looked all over for clove oil, and it is supposed to be easy to find. Not so. Or, maybe I don't know where to look. So, I am going to order it on Amazon. But, there must be 100 brands to buy. I don't know who is reliable. If you buy or use clove oil, what brand do you use?

My own little charitable contribution will be underway this next week and I will tell you about it. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Six Free Things and a Scholarship

 Okay, it is not as good as it sounds, although still good. At Burger King there is a coupon booklet that costs $1 for six free items--soft serve cup or cone, Value size French fries or hash browns, small frozen drink. There are two of each coupon. This is to benefit the BK Scholars Program where a scholarship from $1000 to $50,000 will be awarded. I thought it was just for BK employees, but it is for any high school student. 

Maybe you know someone who would like to apply for this scholarship. Maybe you want to spend $1 to get 6 items free to you. I bought two coupon booklets. The coupons expire 1-31-21. Between us, we can have 6 treats for a total of 12 treats over the next three months. 

When I went into another Publix, I was given another free bag, so that makes two.

On Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment in Cullman. It was a good visit because I was not ill, just a checkup. But, I had AIC last week, so nothing was done this week. 

I did take names and telephone numbers to call and question/complain. She has sent for a meter for diabetes, a light box, and physical therapy, referrals to doctors and I have heard nothing. I volunteered to do the calling this time! She was all for that. Maybe something will happen now.

All the Halloween decorations have been dried and put away. So, that is behind us. 

Now, I am considering what to do for Thanksgiving decorations. This has always been minimal, anyway.  I am thinking about hanging turkeys from the tree out front. I always like viewing what people have outdoors. What kind of decorating are you doing for Thanksgiving? 

When I ask Tommy to look for cans in the dark, he has started putting food willy nilly on the shelves. I don't really care what or where he puts stuff. I do plan to be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner at the table! I am facing the holidays where there is usually more conviviality with increasingly low expectations. 

I figure if I can get someone to clean the house, we will be ecstatic and less likely to focus outward. I have someone scheduled for Nov. 16, but I have a feeling this will be a no-show. So, I am scheduling someone else before that and see how this goes. 

Tuesday night, I went to bed sad. Wednesday morning, I awoke hopeful. So, as the vote-counting continues, we will see how it goes. 

Wednesday, I used another two coupons for Ronco pasta. So, that was $0.75 off each package. I bought spaghetti, elbows, and something else. Since I shopped at the Pig on Wednesday, I got 5% off my whole order. I would give you the particulars but I don't have the receipt right here. 

I just bagged the 3 lbs of chicken in 2 cup packages and had a pleasant surprise. Remember how I said the chopped chicken was too salty. Well, these were half chopped and half sort of shredded and had no seasoning whatsoever. that is good. 

Tommy is going to wash the air fryer and I will put two packages of ground meat in it, yes, just plop them in. I want the ground beef the cook and store in the freezer for pizza, spaghetti and whatever. 

Okay, that's it. Are you following the election as closely as I am? Do you feel a sense of relief as the situation stands right now? 

(Once again, go waaay down below to find comments.)


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Cancel the Insurance and See What Happens

 I canceled my dental insurance since it was worthless and the next day, I got a terrific toothache, the kind that is here to stay. That's okay about the insurance, though. 

This insurance was $38/month. Then, I was supposed to let them know if I wanted the $42 insurance with better benefits. I could not find the papers after my house was gone, so I called. The guy told me I could not renew or get better benefits until they had it in writing. He was so rude. He left me with the impression if I did not get in touch with them in writing, they could not cover me. 

Well, I canceled the cleaning at my dentist just before this conversation. So, I assumed I was not covered after talking to him. Since all the covid mess, I did not want to take my mask off. Then, I had to cancel the next one due to coughing so much and sneezing. The dental office was probably glad I canceled. Then, the next one I scheduled, I had a fever.  So, for several months I made a lot of appointments and canceled. 

Finally, two weeks ago, I think, I had my teeth cleaned and learned I was still covered at the $42 rate. I was furious. For 14 months I had paid $42/month and never used it, paying $588 and got nothing! After having my teeth cleaned and paying nothing, I then canceled. 

The next day, I was hurting. But, I am not sorry I canceled the dental insurance. 

We have not used the heat at all except to take the chill off of the air for thirty minutes and turn it back off. Last night, the thermostat read 61F at 2:30 am, so Tommy turned the heat to 63F because his face was freezing. I just pull the cover over my head! 

Today, I had a doctor appointment out of town. When I awoke, I was so happy I was going to be gone and have other things to think about besides the voting today. It helped to keep me from fretting. 

Now, I have to go fix something for dinner! 

How has this election day been for you?

Monday, November 2, 2020

Critters, Decorations, Mask, Etc.

 Okay, the word from Amazon is that my Dawn original formula is on its way. I can hardly believe it after so many stores I visited were out. I also ordered a glove to use when I cut things like the onion when I sliced open my thumb. A nose-hair trimmer is in the order. I got the one with different attachment options, like a way to trim length of the sideburns. 

I asked Tommy if he wondered about me making plans for his birthday celebration. He said he thought I was just wanting to get everything planned early. He was quite amused that I thought it was this next week. He laughed for a long time. 

When I was in Publix and was at the milk coolers, I asked a man if he would mind handing me two half-galllons of milk. He obviously did not hear me, at least all of what I said. I repeated it. He gave me the milk and then explained his wife says he is hard of hearing. Then, he pulled his mask all the way down and leaned toward me. "Since I am hard of hearing it is perfectly legal for me to pull my mask off like this." ??? Does he hear through his mouth? I just said, "Oh, I see." and rolled away as fast as I could. 

Speaking of rolling, you know I use an electric cart, right? Well, one store has the carts set to go really fast. It is always a bit of a thrill and a daredevil experience going there. Usually, the electric carts are sooo slow, slow as molasses in December. Do you ever ride the carts or notice the lack of speed or the excess speed of the carts? 

Tommy carried my clothes to washing machine, then put them in the dryer, and went out for a third time to bring them in. So, they are folded. Well, these are the kitchen items--new dish towels, dirty ones, dishclothes and rag used to clean. Now, I can wash these less often with the new ones added to the rotation. They go into the washing machine every three or four days. I want to stretch that to once a week.

On Tuesday at 6 am ET, Dear Heart, a great movie, is coming on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). I know it is very early in the day, but maybe you can catch it later. Glen Ford stars in it. I love this movie! Oh, the song is one of my favorites, too. Do you know the song or movie? 

More about critters.

I put out mouse bait since I bought the wrong thing and had opened it. I don't know if rats will eat mouse poison. I now have a paper towel in the corner with all the critter snacks--potato, mouse poison, and Ratx. None of the Ratx was eaten last night or the mouse poison, just the potato. 

Last night, as I went into the kitchen, I thought I saw a tiny mouse running by the potato. Later, I saw it again. But, I could be wrong. I wonder if I want to see a mouse, and in the dark I do see a mouse. The one thing I do not see--a single mouse dropping. I will get a glue trap next time I go out since I forgot to get one. 

Sometimes there is a gnat or two around the commode. Tommy said there were two flying in the bowl above the water and he managed to shoot both down without even trying. He said they flew right into the stream to their death, committing suicide. Killer! 

He took down the Halloween decorations from outdoors. All that is left is for me to put it all away. 

Sunday night, I asked Tommy to look for something in the dining room and to put the box of potatoes in there. Ten minutes later, he was still making noise that I could not figure out. So, a few minutes later, I went to see how it was going--you know, the placing of the box of potatoes. 

He was putting food items on the shelves! So, lots more is on shelves and not organized at all now.  It will get done eventually. I still need to carry to the bedroom storage some of the items he put on the shelves. At least they are up where I can see the items and not have to bend! 

I think tomorrow will be so stressful that I may have a heart attack. The doctor who is going to place the stent still has not called back! I am annoyed. 

Okay, It's about 3 pm, and I still have things to do: put away Halloween decorations, put away folded items from dryer, cook chicken and ground beef. THEN, I can start rest of dinner and freeze a few meals for later. Are your Halloween decorations down inside and out?

Are you as stressed about the election as I am? I have promised myself I will not raise my voice at the TV. I never scream or yell, just talk more loudly. Tommy never worries or frets about the election, so I have to worry and fret for two.

(once again, the comments are a mile below. just keep scrolling)

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Tommy's Birthday, Ballots and Pandemic Halloween

 Have you ever been confused? A month off confused? I know Tommy's birthday is in December. Yet, I keep hurrying to get things for his birthday this next week which is not December.  In the car Saturday, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday--birthday brownies, cupcake, cake and what kind. He said just ice cream. Well, I may make birthday brownies for myself! When I asked him what kind of ice cream, he said "homemade." What kind? Something with fruit in it. No chocolate, I ask myself? Apparently not. I think I will make vanilla to go with my brownies. 

The ice cream freezer makes good ice cream, but not with fruit pieces in it. The fruit is little pieces of rocks and so cold I cannot even taste the fruit. I think I will thaw the gallon of strawberries someone gave me and use that over the ice cream. So, this is early planning. I would never have frozen strawberries in a gallon bag, but I do not mind receiving them! Maybe I can have strawberries on brownie, topped with ice cream or something like that. Or, I can stir in blueberries after the cream is frozen. 

I even ordered one of his small gifts from Amazon so it would definitely be here in time. I have been planning for Dec. 9 for this whole last week! 

We took the box of food to a food store parking lot and offered it to a woman. She told us she had a daughter with five children who needed money. The woman said she only had $30, but would give it to her. She was very appreciative, thanking us over and over. 

We pulled out and I had Tommy go back. I told the woman where we got food today. I suggested maybe her daughter could get some food there. She said her daughter was so busy with five kids in school, so she was not sure she could. I told her that if she would give me her phone number, I would call every week when I had food. She happily gave me her number. 

I have been fretting about whether my ballot arrived and whether it was accepted. Several times each day I have gone to the site to check. Finally, Sunday at 1 am my ballot was registered. It feels like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one. All this unnecessary talk of ballots being held up in the mail and people's ballots not accepted for a multitude of reasons has drained me. 

Halloween night, we had to go get a vital med before Walgreen's closed at 6 pm. I saw a huge pumpkin down a side street and we stopped to gawk on the way back. Then, I wanted to take pictures and had to go home and get my camera. 

One home had the fire pit out front with a roaring fire and three people sitting, waiting. We talked to one guy there.  Lots of people were out and about, all in costume, before 6 pm.

One house had maybe 18 people out front, adults and children, all in costume. A lawn tractor appeared to have dug up skeletons. There were two skeleton dogs chasing a skeleton cat up a tree. Of course, the dogs had the cat treed. I am not sure how they did it, but looking at a window, it appeared we could see inside. There was a skeleton jazz band playing. One skeleton was playing a saxophone. And, a skeleton was swinging in a swing in a tree.  It was a fun looking house. I asked to take pictures and everyone sort of posed for me. 

That ride made the day's end,  a good Halloween for us. Then, we came home and ate the last six Snicker minis. Dinner was great. I had a dinner for one--chicken breast stuffed with cheese and new potatoes. I opened a can of green beans and there was enough for both of us sharing the dinner for one. Halloween 2020 is gone now. It seemed the children and adults were having a good time. I just hope they stayed safe.

The memories of our decorations will remain. Now, I will start on a graveyard for next Halloween. Okay, maybe I will wait until next summer to work on it, just gathering the supplies for now.

Would you describe this 2020 Halloween as a good Halloween memory? If you mailed in your ballot, have you checked to see if it has been accepted? 

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