Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Nappers Are Happier and More Productive

I loved this article. Now, you can nap to your heart's content!

Read it here. Then, nap! When my children were young, I napped about once every two weeks. Now, I give in more often.

Do you nap? Do you ever feel guilty about napping? I know someone out there has a napping story. Tell us. Share.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

The List and an Outing

Things are happening, not much:

*Repair earrings and convert others to clip on done for one conversion 

*File taxes online with Tommy's help

*strip bed, put on full cover with zipper

*put fitted pad on bed along with sheets

*wash and dry pink comforter done

*restring yellow bracelet with elastic line for bracelets

*put my machine in its cabinet

*make new bra

*convert jumpsuit to pants I cut it apart, top from bottom

*put pockets in two pair of pants

* cut my hair done

* cut Tommy's hair done
Set up printer

boil eggs done for last three in a carton

bake pan of sweet potatoes done-- 20

call Amazon

wash quart jars to store sugar and flour

put shelves together bought bolts and such

renew laptop security done

New to-do items
wash strawberries, freeze
plant carrots
plant mustard greens
bake pecan pie
repot herbs
wash three "new" old pots
Clean hole in concrete pot done
straighten refrigerator done
move gardening supplies

Today, a neighbor came over and offered to move the limbs from the back yard. His backyard is deep and there are numerous large limbs at the very back. I had been wondering how to get those moved. He is going to figure out how to dispose of the rusty shed on the back "patio." However, the thing is wired with a 220 box. ??? It had or has electricity.  I am afraid to go into it to test to see if the outlet is hot. 

Tonight, I picked ten huge leaves of red lettuce for a salad and used that with an aging and huge tomato for dinner. A heated sweet potato was delicious as usual. But, I could not find the dab of chicken I knew was in the freezer. When I found it, I heated it and gave it to Tommy and I had the one frozen hotdog. 

We had a little outing today. A friend in Huntsville has a rental house in Birmingham. It is awaiting repairs. A neighbor called him and said a tree had fallen on the house. Huntsville is 100 miles from Birmingham. So, I offered to go take a picture. It was a drive with a purpose. Since the weather was beautiful and the interstate was practically empty, the trip was very pleasant. 

I just realized I posted twice in one day, so maybe you want to go back to the last post...refrigerator post.

Rearranging the Refrigerator and Inventory

I needed help so asked Tommy who was very willing. I cannot keep bending, raising up, putting things on counter or stove. So, I stayed bent the whole time and directed him where to place things. After we finished, he said he could tell I was hurting. Yep!

Remember the four small crates I bought at Dollar Tree? Well, one now holds his bag of apples and the bag of Halos. This way they are not just shoved and rolled around the refrigerator.  My red Delicious Apples are in a bag of their own and way in the back.

The second little crate holds 4 lbs. butter, two brands of cream cheese, 6 8-oz. chunks of Cheddar cheese, four slices of American cheese (his favorite cheese), and a qt baggie of grated cheese for pizza, I hope. The cheese was in all corners of the refrigerator as was butter and cream cheese.

His refrigerator was and is so nasty, I leave everything in the grocery plastic bags. The crates have solved many organization problems. I still have two more crates that may help to clean off the door. There are plastic bags of little packs of jelly and fast food condiments on the door and in the way.

Then, the maple syrup and extra cooking oil can go on the door instead of falling all around the refrigerator. And, all the baggies of fast food condiments can go in a crate in the refrigerator.

There is a whole cabbage, bag of Cole slaw mix, 8 lbs. of carrots, head of celery, one Roma tomato, and part of a Beef Steak tomato.  The two pieces of lettuce will be eaten today. As long as I have lettuce in my garden, I will not buy more lettuce. Oh, yes, 6 quarts of strawberries.

There is a gallon and a half-gallon of his milk and 6 half-gallons of mine.

Bananas and a bag or oranges are on the table. Two bags of potatoes are on the floor in the kitchen along with about 20 pounds of sweet potatoes. I have two quarts of pecans and four pounds of pistachio. And, there is garlic.

He bought a huge, expensive  package of the pre-cooked bacon about two months ago at Sam's. We have been sensible and not devoured it. So, that is huge, flimsy, and mostly goes where it can.

Remember, his refrigerator is missing the crispers, so this is difficult. They are filthy under the table. Maybe, some day, oh well. . . .  The refrigerator is filthy, too. That is why I leave things in the grocery bags and then lose stuff.

We had BLT tonight with the last of the bought lettuce. Next meal, I will use lettuce from my garden. Okay, one crate left.

I bought four little crates and have used three.  They were so worth $1 each. He paid for those and did not say a word. And, now, he is pleased with the refrigerator.  He will not have to wonder what we have or rummage around leaving it a mystery for me.

I suppose this served as a refrigerator inventory. We need to clean out the freezer as a Coke exploded in there. I can actually clean in there since it is high enough. Tommy can wipe the gunky Coke from stuff when we get it all onto the stove and counter. I do cover the stove and counter to place food on there.

I suppose I will inventory the freezer when we clean it. Plus another inventory will be taken of boxed and canned food.

Now, I know what is in the refrigerator! I have food!

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Friday and Saturday--Car Repair and Guaifenesin

Early Friday morning, we took my car to show them the car to repair. They suggested we leave it even though we had an appointment for Monday morning. So, at 8:15 we went shopping, expecting it to be done before they closed. The shop surprised us by having it done by 2 pm. We had been home just a bit when they called.

So, my car was repaired today. It was almost $800. about $400 less than a previous estimate. Now, the temperature blend actuator door will not make a continual rat-a-tat-tat as I drive. That was driving me to distraction. Plus, this year, no ac was blowing.  

I went to one store and found the spice cake mix I wanted. I will put four Granny Smith apples, chunked, in the mix. But, I need to make a pecan pie first. The pecans need to be eaten before they go rancid. I know I could freeze them, but I did not. So this apple treat will wait until next week.

Treats are only baked once a week. I do not want to bake goodies all week. We don't need that.

Friday, when I went shopping, I found the $1 brownie mix in the pouch and bought four.  Now,  feel prepared...lol.

For congestion in my lungs, I take the generic version of Mucinex. It works miracles. The only active ingredient is guaifenesin. I had bought them in little $0.88 cent bottles (15 tablets)  at WM, but had not been able to find them for over a year. I usually bought about 4 bottles or less, depending on what I could afford each month or when I was low.

I never buy anything that works for fever-chest congestion. I buy one ingredient otc meds. A friend who is a nurse found out I took this med. She told me it could save my life if I ever had pneumonia. Guaifenesin is an expectorant. No, it will not stop a cough. I use Vicks Vaporub on the soles of my feet for that...lol. Coughing gets stuff up. Some coughing is good. -

While I was in Piggly Wiggly today, I went down the aisle with soft soap, looking for Dial Soft Soap and Dial bars;  both kill germs. (I was not looking for it instead of hand sanitizer.) I turned away since it was not there. And, what did I see?

Guaifenesin !!!

Guaifenesin is an expectorant that helps loosen phlegm (mucus) and thin bronchial secretions to rid bronchial passageways of bothersome mucus. Then, I can cough it up. Timed Release never works for me in any meds.

The brand is Top Care and 50 tablets cost something around $5.10. That is cheap to me, especially compared to Mucinex. I now have two bottles. When I need this stuff, I really need it. I have never had a prescription expectorant that worked this well. I highly recommend it. I did take this med that was manufactured in Mississippi, but have no idea where Top Care is manufactured.

Have you ever used the original Mucinex, the one that is only an expectorant, Guaifenesin, as it only active ingredient? This is cheaper. Do you ever use the generic guaifenesin from any manufacturer? Maybe you find it cheaper than I?

Friday, March 27, 2020

We Watched the Fire Ants

Over a week ago, I wrote this.

Where the sidewalk abuts the driveway fire ants built a long red mound. I put Amdro at both ends.  I told Tommy not to drive through it. He lifted his walker over. Because the bait had moved, I wondered if the bait had washed, but there had been no rain.

Tommy said he wondered why the bait had moved. It's yellow so very obvious. He observed it was moving and looked more closely. He could see the ants carrying the yellow granules above their heads. They were carrying it to the mound to feed everyone down there, including the QUEEN...hha. I think they are all dead now.

I went out for  a few  things. At Lowe's I bought potting mix. I learned not to use potting soil and I forgot why. I needed more Amdro Fire Ant Bait since there are more mounds. I looked at chairs while I was there.

Other things I got while out:

2 lb. bag of Ronco spaghetti, used coupon which was doubled
2 gallons of vinegar
6 more bananas
4 Granny Smith apples
2 Red Delicious apples
taco season mix
2 half gallons of a2milk
2 packages of pint freezer bags
package of  two gallon freezer bags
bottle of Italian Dressing for Tommy

All the junk is gone from the house where I got the table. Then, I asked to go look for junk piles. There were none. He took me to a toney part of town. Then, we went to another part of town and I saw the biggest rooster I have ever seen. Tommy told me earlier that chickens were not allowed in this town. Now, I know better. The ride relaxed me until he seemed to be veering off the road.

We got all the stuff in from the car. Finally, I finally found Ronco spaghetti. I had the choice of 2 lbs or 7 oz. That was a no-brainer. I have wanted Dial soft soap or Dial bar soap. There are plenty of pink Dove bars at the store and here!

I have three bananas. They are getting ripe with little black spots. I am going to freeze those flat and chunked. Then, I will put them in a freezer bag for smoothies.  The Granny Smith apples are to put into the spice cake I bought or thought I bought...lol. Oh, maybe it was here before I bought the two cake mixes. I still have 3 or 4 half gallons of milk but got two more half gallons.

For dinner tonight we are having a boxed dinner that uses ground beef.  Valu Time Pasta Dinner Mix was given to me, and I decided to keep it for a time like this. It has pasta and a sauce mix. I cook beef and add water. Hopefully, it is edible. I won't use the whole pound of ground beef. I will cook it all and save some beef for another meal. We will have a salad with this meal.

Okay, we had the boxed dinner. Tommy really liked it. It never got thick but that might have been my fault. With a salad, it was filling. But, there are no leftovers since a helping was 1/2 cup. However, there is meat to use for another meal.

I plan to finish off the leaf lettuce in a salad before I buy more.  Monday will probably be potatoes, cabbage, and field peas with the bit of leftover ground beef from the lasagna meal. Instead, I put bbq sauce on the meat, had coleslaw and baked sweet potatoes. It was delicious.

Since I use a lot of vinegar, I like to buy it as cheaply as I can. The vinegar at Piggly Wiggly is $1.74 for one gallon. Then, with the 10% added, it is still cheaper than WM or Publix vinegar or any place i have checked. Usually it is over $2, about $2.48.

I had another set of inserts and could not find them. Then, miraculously, I saw the pink bag. So, now i have another coupon for Ronco Spaghetti and Northern Toilet Paper. Nice! I found more Ronco Spaghetti but not the Northern Toilet Paper.

I am thrilled that the Fire Ant Bait worked to kill the whole mound. Fire Ant Killer just makes the fire ants grab the queen and flee to a new location.

Do you put killer or bait on fire ant beds?

(comment are far, far below)

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Surprise! Surprise!

Say it like Gomer Pyle. Okay?

On Thursday morning Tommy and I were in one of his spare bedrooms where over the years I had asked him to store things for me. I was looking for metal shelves for the kitchen. I used these when I taught GED. They are solid metal, not perforated ones. So, they should hold anything I put on them.

I can tell from the outside of the box what is in each box because I label all six sides, a good idea as the label can be viewed without having to unstack and move boxes.

Lo and Behold! One box was labeled "TP." I was overjoyed. There were 16 rolls of tp. This is cheap stuff given to me. I cannot use it. I was using wash clothes instead of tp at that time, anyway. Now, Tommy can use it.

16 rolls!

We went to Cullman today where we had something to do. While there, I bought all the nuts and bolts to attach the shelf unit--$50. I was shocked. It took forever to get them.

I took the pink comforter to a laundry up there because I have not seen one here and I know the one there is clean and we were going. It cost me $4 to wash it. Dryer prices are ridiculous--a quarter for 7 minutes. I brought it home and have it draped across my walker in the dining area. His dryer only blasts hot. There is no lower heat setting.

There was no mail. Pooo!

Tommy bought gas for $1.79/gal. at the Marathon.

I went to a food bank where I got  deli chicken, half gallon of milk, and gallon freezer bag full of ham. It was as though half-inch slices were cut up. I am going to cook Great Northern Beans and add some of the ham along with the four teeny packs of baby carrots we got with a meal. I will slice the carrots. Tommy seemed to think it would be delicious. I hope so.

At the food bank, they had a table outside. We were instructed to stay in our cars. They wrote our name on a list and brought the two boxes to us. It was so much faster than sitting inside with people with body odor and cigarette smoke smell wafting up my nose.

The cans are still in the car along with sweets. Tomorrow, we will find someone who needs the cans we don't need. We do not need the sweets.

The Thursday meal was a drive by. We pulled up one by one and the meals were brought to our window. We got--two pizza slices, salad, teeny bags of baby carrots and a delicious chocolate chip cookie. We drank water and  ate in a park.

There were no clouds in the sky all day. But, the blue sky was dimmed a bit by sort of a high haze. It was 85 today. Spectacular weather.

Life is not the same. However, for me it is improving instead of being sad and closed in. It seems my lethargy is lifting. I was energetic for just a while today. YAY!

Is life improving any for you?

The List, Decluttering, and More List

Okay, the list is still here and not done. I did do some things. None of this is due to needing something to do or because of social isolation. It just needs to be done in a timely manner instead of procrastinating or forgetting about the task. Original list:

*Repair earrings and convert others to clip on done for one conversion 
*File taxes online with Tommy's help
*strip bed, put on full cover with zipper
*put fitted pad on bed along with sheets
*wash and dry pink comforter 
*restring yellow bracelet with elastic line for bracelets
*put my machine in its cabinet
*make new bra
*convert jumpsuit to pants I cut it apart, top from bottom
*put pockets in two pair of pants
* cut my hair done
* cut Tommy's hair done

More list I made the next day:

Set up printer
boil eggs done for last three in a carton
bake pan of sweet potatoes done-- 20
call Amazon
wash quart jars to store sugar and flour
put shelves together
renew laptop security done

I know, not much was done in a week. However, my hair is not so stringy, I have another pair of earrings to wear, and I know the pants will work, and Tommy's hair is not so long. And, we had cooked at home meals mostly all week. 

In my defense, not that I need defending, I decluttered a lot by the seat and two tables near me, finding things I wondered about and things I had forgotten about. I found my hair scissors which were where I thought but lying on the edge and almost invisible. 

There is never a pen when I need one. I brought a white cup onto the table where I lay them down. Now, I have found 9 pens, the Sharpie, and a dozen twist ties that go into the kitchen. In this cup I keep the two new Sharpies I just bought, a dozen fast food straws until I can take them to the kitchen, and my seam ripper for now.

My hair is too short!!! I put color on Tuesday, so Wednesday it will look better but not longer. UGH! Thankfully, i got the bangs just right, not too short like i have done several times before. Okay, my hair after color looks really ridiculous. I would be very upset and probably cry if I paid a professional for this cut. Tommy said it looks okay. But, it is not okay with me. Well, I am not a hairdresser; this was free! It will take a month to look halfway like what I want.

I went to cardiologist armed with reports from ER and two other doctors. Now, I need a CT of heart. sigh. I had to call repeatedly to get appointment like ER wanted, but not in 3 days. It took 13 days. There was only one nurse, doctor, and office manager.

There was no valet service at the hospital. I had to call main number and security was sent to wheel me inside. There was a table manned by a woman who questioned me and took my temperature. The halls were empty. It was eerie.

Yesterday started off as a beautiful day, then changed to heavily overcast skies s we drove further north. Finally, a glorious blue skies and pretty white clouds shone all day.  The last time we drove north on the interstate, the deciduous trees were still brown. Yesterday, the rolling hills showed solid green, making the view spectacular and hopeful.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

DIY Leather Vase and Art Lessons for Kids

Go here: HERE

Okay, I like this art site, too. jacksonpollock.org. It comes up as a blank page. Clicking the cursor makes splatters of color. I would suggest a short lesson on his style and some of his art works.  This would lend itself to color printing.

You will find a blank page. Just click on the blank page to get color. Click again to change color.

I saw this other site in a magazine and imagine the project would lend itself to other mediums than leather. And, the fasteners could be just glue.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Best Material for DIY Masks

When I started wondering if a filter material were being sold for masks, naturally, I looked it up. The results are surprising.  The ones I have commercially made masks. However, I only have a few, so I might end up making some having read this information.


Do you plan to make masks? Or, have you made masks? What material did you use?

Monday, March 23, 2020

Sign of the Times

We were out in car, not going in anywhere this morning, and Tommy saw a sign of the times we live in.

A restaurant was closed to sit-down business. Really, a BBQ joint cannot just close down in the South. One person at a time was allowed in to order takeout. The restaurant had erected a canopy over the door so people could stand in the rain. Yes, it is rainy and very cool here even though it is now 67F degrees.

In a nearby shopping center with about two dozen stores, most were closed and the parking lot is relatively empty, except for in front of the Pig.

The electricity went off about 9 am. I had sat for an hour after taking the pill that requires me not to eat for an hour. I was seconds from going to get a glass of milk to have with a banana. I just ate the banana with water. Then, i ate crackers. He was told it would be two hours before restoral of the electric.

We went for a drive. It was so dark in the house,  too dark to even think straight. We were not going to open the refrigerator. So, the leftovers were unavailable as was the fruit. I had decided we could just eat a can of fruit when we were hungry. Other than that, peanut butter and bread was all there was. The new time for restoral of the electricity was 4 pm.  !!!

A little after 11 am, we decided to go get a hamburger. We ate in the parking lot, drove around the shopping center looking at closed stores.

When we arrived home, I decided to go in and get my laptop so we could sit in McD parking lot and watch animal videos. Since the electricity was back on and it was not noon, we were thrilled and stayed home.

At my house, we could have used the grill to heat cans of food. I also had little disposable grills that we could use. Of course, they are in the dump! I think i need to get a small grill.

We could have peanut butter sandwiches. I know.

This was the first canopy we have seen to offer refuge to people in line. But, I wonder about the "social distancing" part. Tommy just told me that yesterday the canopy was not present but people were waiting outside. Yesterday only had a spritz of rain.

What unusual signs of the times have you seen?

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Garden Supplies

This project is part of a research project from Auburn University and administered by University of Alabama. The premise is that gardening improves every aspect of life--physical health, mental and emotional health. I had blood taken, donated toenails and saliva.

My oncologist gave the study my name. The two qualifications are to be over 60 and have had cancer and out of treatment now.

I was given the following supplies.

* City Pickers Patio Garden Kit--4 with self watering 2.5 gal reservoir, 20"x24"
* 25 ft. hose
* 6 cubic yards of dirt of some kind...lol.
* 12" cultivator
* trowel
* Miracle Gro garden gloves
* plant markers-14 white write on
* 2 gallon watering can
* jute twine--200 ft. lightweight
* Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap, 24 oz.
* Safer Brand Garden Fungicide, 24 oz.
* Safer Brand Garden Dust, BT, 8 oz.
* Miracle Gro Shake N Feed Fertilizer, 4.5 lbs.
* bag of mulch
* 8 metal rods to bend to fit boxes to support
* really long piece of white cloth to cover for cooler nights


A cute little plastic container with a bee inside, toy bee. If you find a bug you want to look at, put him in there and the top is a magnifying glass. I won't be handling bugs. It is labeled "Oriental Trading."

There was a 2 gallon bag with three gallon bags that held snack bags of seeds. The seeds are labeled Central, so i suppose that is for Central Alabama.

My seeds for Spring:
"Flash" collards
"New Red" lettuce
"red Ace" beets
"Evergreen Hardy White" green onions
"Purple Top White Globe" turnip
"Bloomsdale" Spinach
"Sugar Ann" sugar snap peas
purple carrots
"Red Giant" mustard greens

Seeds for Summer:
"E-Z Pick" snap bush bean
"fordhook 242" lima bush bean
"spaghetti squash" winter squash
"fortex" pole bean
"tigress" zucchini
"yellow crookneck" summer squash
"general lee" cucumbers

Seeds for Fall:
"E-Z pick" snap bush bean
"fordhook 242" Lima bush bean
"Evergreen Hardy white" green onion
"Sugar Ann" sugar snap peas
"Purple Top White Globe" turnips
"Bright Lights" Swiss chard
"Red Giant" Mustard Greens
"Fortex" Pole Bean
"New Red Fire" lettuce
"Red Ace" beets
"Roxanne" radishes
"purple haze" carrots
"Sierra Blanca" bulb onion
"Bloomsdale" spinach
"Flash" collards

Also, I have 8 metal rods to put cloth over the beds. I also got the cover. They supplied bamboo for staking plants.

I was also able to choose plants. I got lettuce, kale, broccoli, and cabbage. So, six of each of those are planted. they look great.

Have you had any experience with any of these varieties?

I was going to tell you about the fire ant activity we have been watching. Maybe tomorrow.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Toilet Paper and Sanitizer: Found and My Garden

Today, I had to go out to get my McAfee protection for my laptop renewed. I keep getting a pop up warning me of time running out for my coverage. I refuse to open a popup.  It appears I could not call it in. I was told to go to a store. I now am good for two years with McAfee. While in Office Depot/Office Max in Homewood, I came upon alcohol sanitizer in the front of the store. A sign said only one purchase per person. I got one--$2. It is all I have and all I have found.

When I came out and told Tommy, he said he noticed people with large purchases, all carrying one small bottle of alcohol sanitizer. He wondered. This store in on Hwy 31 in Hoover.

In another store, I passed toilet paper being unboxed and asked about Northern. I could only have one 6 pack, exactly what I had a coupon to purchase. I got another hair color, not the right color, but it will do. I found lawn chairs, wicker ones that fold, just what I need for the yard. But, I am not buying those now. Plus, the Amdro Fire Ant Bait will have to wait. I am using Tommy's cc, so I did not want to push my luck.

He found gas at Jet Pep in Hoover across the street from the Galleria--$1.82/gal. I pumped it for Tommy. It hurts me to do so, but he cannot walk and must hold onto the luggage rack. I hate to see him struggle so.

I had to go to Joanne's Fabrics to get a seam ripper to deconstruct the jumpsuit to make pants. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw the electric cart. Tommy will have to bring lunch and something to read, take a nap and listen to the radio while I spend a lot of time in there some day. I am soooo happy. I went right in and out today.

We had a grilled cheese sandwich just before we left, so we had no need for anything to eat.

We went out to the backyard yesterday to check my garden. Everything is standing up nicely, no wilting. The watering is all into a tube on the side of the box. A reservoir holds it and it soaks into the soil. Tommy managed to fight his way past the backdoor steps to go in and out. I help him with the walker.

I have cabbages and broccoli and other things planted, forgot what. The woman took the little plant markers that come with the plants.  I need to get out there and get the carrot seeds into the ground.

So, we have no socialization with anyone else. One dinner we attend is now a carryout dinner. Another lunch is up in the air, Maybe it will be canceled, maybe not. Hopefully, a carryout.

Tonight, I prepared a lot of sweet potatoes to go in the oven. Tommy voluntarily took all the bags and went through them. Now, he has put all the ones I need to attend to in one bag. He has always done that for me. At one time, he would carry 40 lb boxes to the yard. He did this after dark tonight and in the living room.

Tonight, we will have baked chicken from the freezer, baked sweet potatoes, and slaw. I am getting hungry thinking about the feast.  The slaw mix was bogo at Publix. We have two pieces of apple pie, so that might be eaten, not sure. So far, we are eating well despite the situation in the US.

How about you? Do you need a few things at your house? Eating well?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

A List

Wednesday at the doctor 70 miles away was a round trip of 140 miles. I knew I would be exhausted. We had the soup tonight and salad, remainders of the Tuesday pickup lunch. I think both were better today than yesterday.

I have things to do. However, I have felt so horrid for months. It is not that I expect to have time on my hands during this covid19 time. However, I have high expectations that I will feel better soon with my meds filled. That may be wishful thinking, but that is just how hopeful I am.


*Repair earrings and convert others to clip on
*File taxes online with Tommy's help
*strip bed, put on full cover with zipper
*put fitted pad on bed along with sheets
*wash and dry pink comforter for bed
*restring bracelet with elastic line for braacelets
*put my machine in its cabinet
*make new bra
*convert jumpsuit to pants
*put pockets in two pair of pants
* cut my hair
* cut Tommy's hair

That is my list for the week, until next Wednesday. Most likely, all this will not be done by next Wednesday.

Some earrings I bought last summer still have not been converted. Others have broken clips.  I finally have needle nose pliers and all the findings to do the job. One lobster clip on a necklace is broken.

I am paralyzed by the idea of filing taxes myself. Tommy will do it on my computer. It only will take the 1040EZ, but I am still frightened.

Because of my allergies, I need a mattress cover that covers the mattress and has a zipper. Then, it needs a soft, fitted cover. Sheets go on over all this. But, I cannot put a fitted sheet on a bed, much less pull a full cover that zips on. Tommy will help me.

The comforter will have to go in a machine at the laundry. Since I don't know the laundries around here, we will take it to Cullman where I do not have to search for a clean laundry.

My yellow bracelet broke. It is a long chain with jewels, stones attached.  Then, an elastic thread is run through the chain, making a chunky bracelet. I love my yellow bracelet.

My black Singer head needs to be lifted and put into my sewing cabinet so I can sew. Tommy will help with this, too.

I only made one bra after losing all. It is red and when the strap shows, it is not the right color...lol.

Last Monday, I bought  a jumpsuit from Belk's. It was originally $62 but was marked down to $7. That is a great price for pants.  I will use the skimpy top to make pockets. It is really pretty and made of rayon, so it is flowy, too.

One of the three nice outfits I bought last year when I returned the clothes my neighbor bought me, one  needs pockets, too.

All of this will not be completed in a week, but this is a list to look at when I have time or energy.

I am so optimistic I will feel better to help me get this stuff done. I need an improvement!

Today, I went in search of a thermometer and Dial pump soap. Tommy is not too clean after washing hands.

I wear a mask and continually wipe down carts and my palms. At Walgreen's we tried to pick up prescriptions at the drive up window. There were seven cars in line, and the line was not moving. I went inside and found a line of six people. My things were not ready, so another dozen people passed me by. I had to sit as I could not stand in line at all.

Publix--got bogo crackers, Wheat Thins Lightly Salted,  hair color, 2 lb. bag of blackeyed peas. Tommy eats all my crackers! Now, I am putting his name one and mine on the other. He can have some of my crackers, but we will know who eats them all!!! My color was out, so I got a slightly different color because it may be out soon. I only have navy beans, so I might need these for NYE. All the beans were gone on the shelves except two packages of BEP.

Dollar Tree. No thermometers. However, I did pass these little bins that I am going to use in the refrigerator because everything is stacked and all over so that nothing can be found and stuff falls on the floor. He just tumbles things!

Are you home and planning to do things that need doing? Remember, I am always home. I just feel like my health will improve since seeing my endocrinologist  and I might just accomplish something.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Garden and Goats

While we were on a country road outside Cullman, I was absolutely stunned at the size of a wooden box by the road--4 feet x 60 feet. Yes, it was that large. We had seen it twice before while it was being constructed. There were piles of boards. It appears pallets had been torn apart. Each time we passed more boxes, smaller boxes, were finished. 

Today, there were two women beside a car, so I had Tommy turn around. As I returned and turned down the side road, one woman was leaving. So, i knew who lived there and owned the boxes. 

She is planting in her yard. She has a small greenhouse. There was a composting thing that looked like a barrel that could be turned. I was envious. 

She has never done this before. She is going to have a CSA and can enough to feed them. She is very ambitious. I believe she will succeed. 

We talked chickens, too. She has 35 day old chicks and is going to learn how to raise them. I think she is going to sell eggs, too. I gave her a few hints. I warned her about raccoons! 

She and her husband are from Lubbock, Texas, and have no children. Their you tube is Young Family Homestead. 

We also saw a field full of goats, It appeared there were as many babies as nannies. Since last week someone put a child's swing in for the goats to climb. It was a swing like the kind that comes with a child's swing set. When we went down the road the first time, all the goats were around the slide and one tiny baby goat was lying at the very top. 

I had every intention of stopping on the way back and taking a picture. But, on the way back the goats had all moved to another part of the field. Their guard donkey was visiting them. It was all cute. One baby goat was getting lunch. The baby was solid black except for a white tip to its tail and a white blaze on its face. 

Tomorrow, I will relate a very good doctor visit to you. 

Who is making a garden this year and what kind of setup do you have? Even if you are only growing tomatoes in pots, i am interested. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Out of Town, Doctor Visit

Last night, I did sleep well and had no chest pains at all. 

We went to Cullman today in the mistaken idea that I had an appointment. It was not a lost effort. We went to the church where we drive up and have meals handed through the window. Usually, we tell them four meals. Today, we asked if six lunches were too much. Six was fine. 

She handed us two huge bags with 6 pint containers with chili with soup characteristics. It was like chili with corn and small potato dices. Tommy came across two green peas and I quit eating. He said there were pinto beans, but i never saw one. 

There were salads with lettuce, grape tomatoes and two slices of cucumber on top. I have Tommy my cucumber. 

For some reason there were 10 packs with knife, fork, spoon, napkin, salt, pepper.  Also, little packages of salad dressing, four sandwich bags with cheap cookies that are like Oreos. 

So, I know what we are having for dinner tonight. Tommy does not mind, thankfully, for him...lol. Whew. We went to the lake to eat and watch the ducks and geese. It was very pleasant and warm today. 

We went to a food bank that was closed with a sign-in sheet outside the door. No one was allowed in. There was no meat today, but all good stuff. I chose an apple pie from the desserts. Only the person doing the loading was near us. 

I got three quarts of strawberries from Publix for $5 and bananas. I stepped in another store that was as busy as a holiday. They said it have been more crowded than today for the last five days. 

While in town I took two things to Belk to return. AND, bought two things. Still, these will be used and cost less.  One is a Christmas present. I also got something for Tommy. Ice scraper in a long sleeve to keep hands from the ice and snow were originally $25, marked down to $5. 

He put his hand in and told me how he liked it because he could hold the scraper and not get wet and cold. He was more enthusiastic than usual when i give him something. 

I only have one mask, but I will reused it. I am sneezing and coughing from allergies, so i can keep other people from becoming ill. No, i did not sneeze in the mask or cough while wearing it. One commenter said the mask was to keep your illness from spreading. But, i will continue to wear it. I know i got four, but do not know where the other three are. 

These are the ones given away by CVS during a wellness month or something. I was surprised they offered these for so long, maybe a month. But, every time i went in, i got another. (See? Why does Blogger not capitalize the "i"?

Can you stand to read more and about the endocrinologist visit? 

On Monday, I went to the endocrinologist and he may have solved my problems. I have thyroiditis. Taking levothyroxin has caused my levels to rise or fall, forget which, but it is good. So, now i have to take a higher dose one day and a lower dose the next. The lower dose is what i was on. He did not say it was Hashimoto's. I wonder. This is the cause of the swollen ankles. About my swollen ankles--he said they were not too bad. ??? 

Anyway, my Vitamin D was horrifically low last summer. Now, i take 50,000 IU of D once a week. This can make my heart act up. So, i may have worse palpitations in the beginning. 

Last week, the cardiologist said my veins were fine and heart was okay. That the swollen feet could be from low thyroid. 

So, maybe this is all going to turn out to solve some of my health problems. I awake most days and can hardly get out of bed. Something has got to happen. I hurt all over. Hopefully, other doctors can fix this pain and exhaustion. But, i know some of it is the lack of thyroid hormone. 

Tomorrow, I hope to figure out my soft palate problem or be pointed in the right direction for help. The two ENTs were dismissive and uninterested in talking about it. I will never go back to that office. 

Oh, A1C was 5.8 and the doctor said I was not diabetic. ??? Then, he said I was producing insulin and I could use it all up now or save some for later. He is funny yet to the point.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Free Medical Supplies, Apple Betty, doctor,

Sunday night, I baked chicken, so we had baked chicken and a huge salad since I used a whole Roma tomato in each salad. I froze four boneless, skinless chicken thighs for him, and six boneless, skinless chicken breasts for the two of us. I put one whole breast and a half breast in the refrigerator for a chicken sandwich for lunch and the other breast for us to half at dinner Monday night.

We have to be away from home at mealtimes on Monday. I will pack a chicken sandwich, water, halo, o j, and pb crackers. That should hold us over.

When the chicken came out of the oven, I had an Apple Betty ready to put in the oven.

Apple Betty

4 cups sliced, pared apples (4 large Granny Smith)
1/4 cup orange juice
1 cup sugar (I used 3/4 cup)
3/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 cup butter

Butter the 9"x9" dish. Put apples in dish. drizzle with orange juice. Mix dry ingredients and butter. crumble over the apples. Bake at 375F degrees for 45 minutes.

What I did with recipe or used to do: Instead of slicing the apples thinly, I cut them in larger slices and cut the apples into chunks. When I have not had orange juice, I have used lemon juice. I melt the butter for the dry ingredients and mix all with one fork. I dump the topping onto the apples in different places and use my fingers to pinch up pieces to cover the apples. And, as noted, I used less sugar, about 3/4 cup instead of 1 cup. Got it? Clear as mud? I may use some brown sugar next time.

As I was at a medical appointment this last month, I received free medical supplies. I commented that I intended to use gloves in stores to avoid contact with coronavirus. The person asked me if I wanted more. I hesitantly agreed. She turned around and pulled a wad of gloves from a box. I stuffed them into my purse. 17 nitrile gloves!

Later, she pulled out a two pads about 18 x 24. I laughed and said that with incontinence, I might be shopping for those in the future. She pulled out a stack and told me to stuff it into my purse. I had the pink purse that is quite large compared to what I usually carry. I came home with 24 pads. Those are in a gallon storage bag.

If I can, I will see that doctor again this week. I will ask for two of the blue masks, the kind that are a dome. I think they will filter a virus. Will they? That is what they used at the hospital.

Okay, went to doctor today and I have two prescriptions that should help me and my thyroid. Then, Tommy asked me if I wanted a cookie fix, oh my. So, he stopped at cookie fix. These are sooo good.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Free Ice Cream Cone

On March 19, 2000, Dairy Queen will give away a free ice cream cone. I will chance the drive-up window. Oh poo! Canceled!

We did not go to church today. Tommy is very unhappy; I am relieved.  It was my idea. I wonder how many of the older people did not show up. All but three or four are over 60. We have heard nothing.

Yesterday, a Master Gardener came and helped me put together four boxes, fill with dirt, and plant my plants. All this was provided for free by an Auburn research grant. Tomorrow, I will give you details.

Last year, I could barely put my left foot on the floor to walk. It was so tender that the doctor ordered an MRI to see if I had broken a bone in my foot. I had not. My pain was caused by age-related arthritis. I have had touches of this in other places, like my thumb of my right hand.

The PhD nurse practitioner suggested a pill for the pain. Then, she came back in and told me she was giving it to me in a gel form. It seems to be working. Not sure. Th pain is not debilitating anymore. So, that is something.

I do not intend to go into a store or other place where there are others.  How about you?

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Stockpiling? Or Not

When I heard that Publix was closing at 8  pm tonight, or was it 5 pm?), I had just gotten up. So, I bathed, dressed, and we left for Publix. It was not urgent, but I did not want to get out into a bigger crush. Plus, I was afraid there would be no electric cart for me.

2 loaves Honey Wheat Bread
   1 loaf is already in the freezer
    enough said, but I had plenty
2 Publix Honey Nuts Oats cereal
   Tommy insists on store brand and they were cheaper
dozen large eggs
    this is fifth dozen in refrigerator
Angel Food cake and a brownie mix
    just because, okay?
2 chicken broth
    might want more potato soup
2 boxes Oven Bags
1 Nutrisse hair color
    no stockpile of this
3 half gals of a2milk
    only had 3 at home, now 6
bag of white sweet onions
    I usually never buy a bag
Nestle's Dark Chocolate Chips
    half a doz. is a good snack
Pamper Wipes
    on sale and good for refreshing in car
1 Granny Smith apple
    Had for Apple Betty but he ate one
4 Roma Tomatoes
    will have one each day for a salad
BSCB, huge package and over-priced
PB Crackers, box of 8
    car emergency food for him

There were NO bananas. I have five here and eat one each day. The produce truck runs once each day, and manager told me that it was eight hours late today. I was going to cut the bananas in half and freeze them just in case I had trouble finding them in future or was to frightened to go into a store.

I carried my own cannister of Lysol Wipes with me and used them sometimes. It is a hard habit to develop.

While i had planned to get an Angel Food cake mix, i wanted a cheaper price. And, the brownie mix is for a 13x9 pan. We do not need that sitting around. However, i know how to freeze them. Do you know how delicious a frozen brownie is? Ask me how i know. I will not be making either of these any time soon.

Intending to make an Apple Betty, I had purchased huge Granny Smith Apples, just what i needed. And, i purchased small red apples in a bag for Tommy. Imagine my surprise when i discovered him eating a Granny Smith apple! It was too far gone or i would have taken it away. He said he had never seen any small apples for him. grrr Today, while I was putting up the refrigerator groceries, I pulled from the front of the top shelf. He was very surprised. Men!

At one time, blogger capitalized the "i", but now it doesn't. Wonder why?

Two or three weeks ago, it was time to buy more oj for the car, so I bought six little packs of 6 bottles. We never drink it at home. One bottle is used for an all day trip or extended home driving. The Munchies Peanut Butter Crackers are for the same purpose. Medical supplies?

Bought before today:

Yesterday, i bought Tommy the gal of milk that is very cheap. However, if he ran out, i will let him drink mine. Plus, two weeks ago, I bought 4 shelf stable quarts from Dollar Tree in anticipation of the covid-19 becoming worse milk scarce.

No shelves were bare in Publix. However, things were slim on some shelves. TP, milk, bread, bananas, anything to kill virus, and produce. However, it is a Saturday, so possibly normal traffic.

Publix had a sale on tp several weeks ago, so I got two packs of 48 rolls on sale and with coupon. I could have gone another three weeks, but there was a sale.

We have halos, apples, leaf lettuce plenty of Caffeine Free Coke for me. I drink one about every three days and sometimes not that often. All these things are at home and did not buy today.

Since my blood sugar was dropping fast, i grabbed a package of choc chip cookies while in the checkout line. My vision was being affected and i was getting grumpy. I get grumpy because i feel terrible. When i was a teen, i would just break out in tears.

I grabbed Tommy's Visa card before going in so I could get what we both wanted or needed. He never complains what I buy, so he was happy with all.

So, I survived...lol. I quit eating cookies when I saw he had out two coupons for me to choose one. We had a $5 BK meal for two. And, we are set for at least three weeks on most things and beyond that on many other items.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Found Money at Curb Shopping

On Wednesday night we came home and stopped by the pharmacy to get prescriptions I had called in from the nurse practitioner. We got one prescription. I had four or five called in for me. Three were refills, one new med, and one replacement sticker for diabetes testing.

All of a sudden, nothing was happening. We could not hear the tech. A pharmacist came with a sign that all systems were down. So, I walked into the store assisted by a shopping cart. People were being turned away who were picking up prescriptions. Even their phone lines were down. In front of the store, cashier was telling people cash only and the card reader was down.

I called at 9:30 and all was still no go. This morning before the trip to ER, I went back to get the other prescriptions. Still, I did not get the diabetes thingamajig. sigh.

On the way back here, I saw table legs sticking up in a trash heap. I asked Tommy if we could turn around. He did so willingly. I dragged the heavy metal table from the trash heap as cars honked at me since I was right on the edge of the road. It was harrowing. I had to roll the table on the edge of the top. It would not go in the car. It is three feet or less in diameter.

We came back and he asked his neighbor who has two trucks to help. He was in bed sick. I told Tommy to let me take out my walker and huge duffle and leave them here and the table would fit. He doubted it but let me unload the back end of the Rogue.

I just knew someone would get my table. It was still there, upside down like I left it beside the driveway. I righted it and rolled it over while Tommy held onto the luggage rack to get to the back. He lifted it, mostly, while I helped. He declared it would not fit. We got it in upside down and the legs were not too long as he had declared over and over.

I went back for more. There were three shelves from one of the shelf units of plastic. And, there were two of the round things that go between shelves. There was more: a heavy wall unit with a shelf and pegs for hanging. This was an expensive item. I could tell by the construction and the heft.

Tonight, after returning from the ER, we started talking about the wall shelf. I mentioned it could not get wet and ruin, that it would work in his kitchen over his little table. He brightened and agreed. He said he would get it in. I don't know how the man does it. He had it standing on the seat of his walker and had the heavy unit leaning against his shoulder and head. I stayed to the house with storm door open. He handed it to me and I lowered it to the floor and sort of walked it to the kitchen. He came in to examine it. Nice!

When we went back to load it all in the vehicle, I found the shiniest quarter right on the ground. How did I miss it the first time?

Stress is still here and making my chest hurt. But, my cardiologist is out for the next ten days!

Thursday, March 12, 2020

I am home and okay

I left about 3:30 in an ambulance and returned home at 9 pm in a cab.

No heart problems. It was suggested anxiety over problems was the problem. I second that.  The stress I am under is enough to kill me, and it might!

I did not want Tommy driving with low blood sugar and did not want him in the hospital where Coronavirus might be. But, I could not trust him to eat what he should.

He hates Hormel Roast Beef in the can that looks like a large can of tuna. I had left him with enough roasted chicken for one or two meals. I pointed out the salad stuff and strawberries. For his dinner he had half a can of the roast beef and put the rest in a plastic storage bag in the refrigerator. He knew I would not like it if he set the can in the refrigerator. He ate leaf lettuce with mayo and some of the relish as a dressing...funny. And, he was finishing the cut strawberries as I came home. So, he survived one meal. I am proud of him...lol.

The social worker came to see me and called a cab for me, paying for it out of a fund designated for that. I had told the nurses that I needed a ride home. He was rude.

After two hours of asking everyone that came to me for a mask, I was told they were locked up and they had to use the same one all the shift. I told them I needed one. Finally, a nurse brought me one.

In a bed in the hall I had them lower the head of the bed so I could turn on my side. I pulled my hair over my eyes, hooked my arm through both arms of my bag and took a nap. I really needed a nap.

I was right inside ER for a long time, then moved to a side hall, and then to a room. I use "room" lightly as it had a divided and was in the hall between two elevators. Then, I was put in an exam room. Finally.

It was an ordeal.

When Tommy called for an ambulance, they had to send a fire truck first. One of the firemen was one who came when Tommy was throwing things at me and "raising hell" as the fireman said. It took the ambulance 26 minutes to get me to the ER. They left with no siren, but used it to get around a wreck on the interstate. Then, they drove fast and still used the siren. I felt very unsafe!

Okay, this is enough. Thanks for all the comments on the post yesterday. I will not be commenting/answering those, but I appreciate your concern. Today, I can answer comments.

On the way to ER

Yesterday, Wednesday, we drove a round trip of 140 miles for me to go to a nurse practitioner. She has a PhD in nursing and is very patient. With list in hand, I told her I had eleven (11) things to talk about. "Can you, will you listen to all of them? I can come back next Wednesday if you don't have time."

She said, "Let's hear it." We got through the list. Some questions were simple and just requests for refills or for a liquid instead of pills I take. But, my appointment lasted from 1 pm to 4 pm. She worked slowly enough to hear me and respond. Some of the same questions were brushed off or forgotten by other doctor's even though they responded positively to my questions, requests, or needs.

She gave me refills, and liquid meds to replace pills. Then, I had an ekg. She ordered me to ER. I would die in the hospital in Cullman, so I opted to return to Birmingham. Now, in order to keep Tommy off the streets and away from any possibility of catching coronavirus, I am going by ambulance to hospital. Palpitations and chest pains are extraordinary.

There is no need to fuss about my inaction. I just won't post it. By the time you read this, I will be in an ambulance.

Before my appointment we managed to get lots done. Since I felt too bad to make a sandwich, we picked up a small hamburger. The one thing i did not do was make a return to Belk's.

I went to the same bathroom that was icky and found it ickier. The pee had dried. I just left and called the person in charge who assured me she had used it and it was fine. Oh well.  In this bathroom when you look at the commode seat, the light causes your shadow to fall across the seat, so it was hard to see the second time. Or, maybe it is my eyes. lol

Oh, diagnosis from ekg was ischemia.

Good grief, forecast is 78F today!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Baring It All: Disinfecting My Buttocks

As usual, I had trouble sleeping and slept from 4 am until 7 am! Ugh! We left in a light rain to drive to Cullman to the lunch at the pretty church, the one that uses real tableware instead of plastic and foam. I even had my unsweetened tea in a glass.

The rain came and went and traffic was minding its manners. We went to the PO and by my place. Then, we arrived at the church early enough and not too early.

I love scouring the counters and tops of recycling bin for junk mail, like I never get enough. I did score a USA Today and a local paper, both tossed without even reading. I only looked at two of the half-dozen or more tables in front of the PO Boxes.

At the church luncheon was a program by the Unsheltered founder. They have plans for the future with about ten acres and Tiny Houses for the homeless. It was very enlightening. At the present there are 28 people who are homeless in Cullman. This does not count people who are sleeping on the couch of a friend or sleeping in their car or in a shelter. Some of the 28 are sleeping in the woods.

Lunch--Lasagna, buttered garlic bread, salad, and a dessert with whipped topping on cake and maybe berries and blueberries. I did not eat mine, so not sure. I think the lasagna might me the best I have ever had!

Then, we left like the wind, okay like a breeze, to get to Huntsville to the cardiologist. After tests it turns out there is no problem with my veins. I am happy, but disappointed I did not find out the source of the problem. he gave me clues why my feet swell, so I am off on that quest.

I made chicken sandwiches and took Halos so we would not have to buy lunch. On the way back home from Huntsville we stopped in Cullman and ate at Sportsman Lake as we watched two fishermen and little bitty ducks who ended up being teenagers whose mothers had left them on the lake. The interlude was very relaxing.

The distance from Birmingham to Cullman is about 50 miles. The distance from Cullman to Huntsville is about 50 miles, also. We left at 4 pm to drive from Huntsville to Birmingham and arrived here 7 pm. Long day.

Then, we stopped at the cleanest bathroom I know of since I really had to pee. As I pulled up my pants, my buttocks felt yucky. I looked back at the commode seat and it looked as though several people had peed on the back part of the seat. It was dying and sticky. There was nothing on the front part. OH YUCK! I put my hand on my backside and the whole back of my pants was damp.

I got in the car and sat in the filthy residue. It felt so sticky and gross. When I arrived home, I stripped from the waist down. I did not want to sit on the commode here and contaminate it. But, I had to pee. Afterwards I took Lysol wipes and thoroughly cleaned the seat and then sprayed it with Lysol.

Finally, I soaped up a cloth and washed my buttocks well. Very well and long! I am still grossed out. Why did I not look at the seat thoroughly? Because I have used this commode and it is never, ever anything but pristine.  I just gave it a cursory look. Maybe I need new glasses.

Those pants go straight into the washing machine. I am going to use a plastic bag over my hand to lift them. GAH! Even though my backside is clean from soap and water, I used a Lysol wipe on myself.  I hope the Lysol wipe does not give me a rash.

Monday, March 9, 2020

A Clog (not the shoe), A Cough, A Coronavirus

Last night, I slept about two hours. That was tragic since I will have to be up early on Tuesday and Wednesday. I needed to sleep this Monday morning. He was yelling at me about untrue traits I have and how this pipe clog is all my fault. The plumber disabused him of that idea, saying it was a huge clog, reaching far.

The plumber was scheduled for 9:30 or 10:00. The stuff on this table by me needed to be neatened a bit and other stuff removed. Believe me, no cleaning was accomplished or a complete decluttering. I had gotten up at 8 am and piddled around, ate breakfast, tried to wake after two hours of sleep.

At 11 am, he was still not here and I was panicking about no sleep. Finally, at 1 pm he left. $319

He took something (short piece of pipe) out from under the sink and used an electrical snake on its on cart. There was trouble, so he called the guy who sent him to help him. Finally, when he finished, he sat in the truck and smoked then wrote out the bill. I just wanted him to hurry so I could sleep.

I slept from 1:30 to 5 pm. Since then, I have tried to recover, put frozen chicken in  turkey bag with two potatoes. I had to eat, so I had a hotdog. I know it is not the best choice of all the food I have, but I did. Then, I made coleslaw.

All I have left to do is color my hair. It is in bad shape. I have to get up at 8 am, so I dread coloring my hair. I can sleep on it wet if I put a towel over my pillow.

I have had a banana and halo today, so I will eat a few strawberries--trying to get in my fruits and vegetables. Potato and cabbage will have to do on the vegetable front although there is carrot in the slaw.

This evening, I converted a pair of earrings to clip on. Now, I have to hang up clothes to dry. UGH

Tommy has not yet noticed the ashtray. It is the square, clear, glass kind with an indentation in each corner, probably the most familiar ashtray ever. You know the kind. I may pour a little Coke in it before we leave tomorrow and then try to empty it when we get back.

I have blue nitrile gloves I plan to wear when I leave the house and go into anywhere. When I get groceries home, I have wipes to clean each item before letting it touch my counters or anything. Yes, my bananas will be wiped. I am not afraid, just prudent since there is coronavirus in GA, right next to AL.

I have scared myself because I have started coughing, but I have no temperature, I don't think. I have needed a thermometer for the last six months. My mercury thermometer is the favorite. What brand/kind of thermometer do you use? I see lots but I need a recommendation or need to know if there is a problem with any brand.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Stealth Cleaning

Because I could not wash my hair due to stopped up drain, I stayed home from church. I got busy.

In the bathroom between the commode and tub, Tommy keeps a 6  gallon orange bucket with a plunger in it. It was used last fall and I used it on the sink Friday. It is not sopping wet all the time.  The orange bucket is in the back yard now. The plunger is cleaner than the floor it sits on!

Almost every time I come into the living room, my nostrils are assaulted by the pungent smell of cigarette. The culprit--ashtray. I offered to wash it when I came here, but he screamed as though I was offering to castrate him with a rusty knife. So, he is gone.

I cannot get the layer of ash out. I used a paper towel on the soaked ashtray. Then, I used a canning jar flat to scrape it out. No go. Now, it is full of vinegar with Dawn in it. He will be home from church in 30 minutes, so I cannot let it soak all day.

Even though he said he has not smoked after I had been here for two weeks, it stays full of stuff. Today, it had toenails in it and hair. I could barely get the nails out as they were stuck to the bottom. I have a metal scratchy puff that I will use in a minute.

The other times I have been here during church, I was too ill to worry about the ashtray. This morning, laundry and hanging laundry have been on the agenda along with the stealth cleaning. He watched me dust once and said nothing. So, I can do that while he is here. However, I do not dare dust or clean his table holding his lamp and the ashtray and other junk and necessities. I believe it is very germy, too.

The shortcakes were delicious last night. Today, I have three more quarts to work up. We will have more strawberry shortcake tonight and I will freeze some and leave a portion for us to eat however we each please. I like to pour milk over the slightly sweetened strawberries. He will probably want to eat his in a bowl. I might make a smoothy with strawberries, banana, oj, plain yogurt...I cannot wait. I won't use sugar at all on those strawberries. And, I won't have to mash them first. That will be breakfast tomorrow.

Okay, at 12:10, I went in to try to clean the ashtray. After soaking in vinegar and Dawn, it is hard as a rock. I did use the metal puff to try to clean it. No luck. So, I rinsed it off, dried it and put the ashtray back in its place. Okay, just found out one hand smells like smoke. aaagh

It is 56F with a predicted 65F today. There is no wind, thankfully. I can see the tulip tree in full bloom across the street when I have the door open. There are not many flowers or blooming trees on this block. The next block is in full bloom with promises of more flowers if the flower pots are any indication.

Okay, a nap caught me. It is now about 9 pm and he has not missed the orange bucket. We had the remains of the taco salad. After we ate last night, I remembered I forgot to add rice. Oh well. Tonight, I added more taco seasoning and a couple of small slices of cheddar cheese on top.

I did not get the strawberries cleaned and in bowl to eat. The nap was more important...lol.

How did you spend this pretty Sunday? Or, was it pretty and warm where you are?

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