Monday, August 31, 2020

"I just want to tell you I am cooking under protest."

"I just want to tell you I am cooking under protest." Tommy just looked at me blankly, probably trying to figure out what just happened. My sttement was not colored with any emotion, just a flat statement in a calm voice. It was already 8 pm.

Sunday night, I was just not feeling cooking. He never asks or harrasses me about cooking.Good for him. He really is easy to please since he does not know how to cook. Well, mostly. I must look like a miracle-maker, a cooking god with magical powers.

If it were up to me, some nights, I would not cook at all, just nibble. Do you ever feel that way? Actually, I just wanted another pan of brownies. However, I was not tempted at all. 

Salmon Croquettes seemed like a great idea since I had thawed nothing. Well, I passed a can of tuna on the way to the salmon and used that. But, I thought I had no onions, so I left them out. Note to myself---> never leave out the onions in the croquettes!  It turned out there were about 6 onions here! 

I used the Lodge skillet for the first time, and after greasing it with bacon grease two times and heating and cooking bacon once, it was perfectly non-stick. Then, I made a grilled cheese sandwich in it and it still did not stick. I am calling it good, never washing it and keeping it in the oven. The croquettes did not stick at all even though I feared the worst.

A can of green beans was opened. I should have opened collards instead. They go better with croquettes.

While I was muttering in my head about onions, I decided I will buy dried onions for times I have no onions. I used them early in my marriage, but have not used them for about 40 years. It's time. I have no idea if onions will be available or not in the future. I had jars of dehydrated Vidalia onion but no more since they are in the dump. If I could get to my dehydrator I would dehydrate more onions. 

Do you ever NOT want to cook and have no good reason? I was not ill, tired, too busy.     

Do you ever use commercially dehydrated onions? Or, do you dehydrate your own? 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Saturday Accomplishments, Food Waste, Grocery Shopping, Lodge

Saturday, I told Tommy we needed to clean out the refrigerator. Now, I mean clean out food and sort and possibly throw out. I wanted to do it before I lost the natural light since it is a cave in there otherwise. At 4:30 I told him now was the time since he kept sitting. He was watching Cash Cab. He is hard to interrupt when he is engrossed in that show. 

He got right up, thankfully for both of us. All of a sudden this early afternoon I felt weakness flood over me as quickly as the ill feeling comes on. I know it is weird how I describe it. 

His job was to take things still good and put them on the counter, like all bags of carrots together. That way, I did not have to get up over and over. I had the kitchen garbage can right up against my leg so I could put wasted food in it. 

At any rate, I could not stand or bend for long, so I found a chair and unloaded it. A box of food was holding it down. I thought I was going to have to sit on the low stool and try to figure out how to get up. 

At any rate, we got it done. Not everything had to be removed and we did not clean the inside! I know I know. First of all, I finally felt I was sinking back into illness; I was incredibly tired. Plus, even sitting I cannot reach it all, not by a longshot. 

We have done well keeping the cheeses in the box I bought at DT for sorting food. Tommy had nothing in his. His grapes were elsewhere, but that is okay. 

We had losses. Remember, I have been mostly too ill to do much. It has been all I could do to get in there and cook or cobble together a decent dinner. I am heartbroken at what was lost, all produce and nothing wasted that I had cooked. But, there was no help for that waste. I have five one-lb bags of baby carrots that I am going to freeze for soup this winter. But, first, I have to blanche them. Also, there are four heads of celery to freeze.  There are plenty of my Delicious Apples and more oranges for Tommy than I realized. 

Saturday night, if all goes like I expect, I will roast fresh Brussels sprouts and green beans. The fresh peas will be cooked separately. Maybe there is a quick meat in Probably not. But, I have planned to have tuna and MW with lettuce and mayo--all as a salad. 

Scratch that plan! We had beans and a salad of Romaine, tomato, and bacon. 

Last week or the week before, I bought a Lodge skillet. Mine are either in dump or in a jumble in the storage unit. Either way, not available for me to use. Of course, I was not going to use it until I cured it. I had uncured bacon from hog jowl to cook, so I put that in the oven and saved some of the bacon grease. 

Yesterday, I poured about a Tbsp into the skillet and rubbed it into the skillet with a paper towel and stored it in the oven overnight since I was in no shape to do more and it was very late. Today, I rubbed it onto the bottom and handle and set it on a pan and baked it for a while. Then, I turned it upside down and baked it more. While I am quite sure it is not fully cured, I will cook bacon in it tonight to help complete the finish. 

Even though I was exhausted, we went to get bargains about to expire in the Dollar General ad--Diet Pepsi and Coke. Then, I had a rain check for Dasani on sale and got that from Walgreen's. At Publix I bought 3 half gallons of a2 milk and bananas. Smithfield bacon was two for $12. AND, the package has 16 ounces! Imagine that! My favorite bacon has 12 ounces and is just as expensive. 

Two Campbell's Cooking Soups were reduced to $0.75 each so I bought one pumpkin and one roasted bell pepper cooking soup. I figure just one can of each can be tolerated. There were many on sale. Kraft chunk cheese, 8 oz., was $2.10 each. But, I only got two. I should have gotten more. 

Lastly, I bought a huge box of sandwich bags so I can freeze small portions  in them inside a sturdy freezer bag. Saturday night, I cooked and froze 5 more cups of the shelled beans, putting them in sandwich bags and then into a freezer bag. So, that will cover ten meals for $12 I paid for the beans. Well, actually we have eaten three meals from the beans, so that is 15 meals for $12, making a meal element for the two of us for $0.80.

I have a stack/bag of staples for the guy next door. He is still not working.  Well, it appears they are moving. Too bad. They were nice neighbors.

Do you use Lodge cast iron skillets? Have you lost food in the refrigerator or elsewhere because of uforeseen circumstances?

Saturday, August 29, 2020

DAWN Comparison

 I have a one-track mind sometimes! This lack of my preferred Dawn has me thinking, searching, trying to figure it out.

Eventually, the bottle I had petted along, being very careful lest I used it up too soon finally is empty, washed out. 

The label I want says--Dawn, non-concentrated, SIMPLY CLEAN, original scent, dishwashing liquid. It is a white label with blue on it. 

The new label on the new and unwanted bottle--DAWN, ultra, 50% less scrubbing, 3x grease power, *vs non-ultra DAWN, dishwashing liquid. 

I used it for the first time. Here are my observations:

* thinner liquid

*bottle is more flexible, less firm feeling even when full

* it is not what I want

Okay, you think I am obsessed with this, don't you? Well, I don't want my hands itching and breaking out. I do not want sores on my hands from my scratching and irritation. 

Add that annoyance to the fact that the thin liquid comes out faster and I am just over it. I have had the 25 fl oz bottle and used it since last September. I predict the new 19.4 fl oz bottle will be used well before another year is up. 

The DAWN I like is in a rounded bottle and stands up to handling. The new bottle is flattish and starts to flex like it might collapse when I pick it up. I won't be throwing out the old bottle and will eventually pour the new and hated liquid into the old bottle. 

Okay, I am feeling better and washed some dishes today--genesis of this complaint. 

Do you ever have a product you so completely need that you feel passionate enough about to complain mightily? What has disappeared that annoys you? What do you hope does not disappear? By disappear I mean forever or just for this period of commercial stress. 

Next thing you know, my Dove bar soap will change! (I am set with Dove.)

Friday, August 28, 2020

Carbs All Day!

Thursday, I felt worse than when I awoke Wednesday. Ugh It seems I cannot sleep much more than two hours, day or night. 

I had something to do in Cullman on Thursday and things to do here for Tommy.  I did not go to Cullman but rode with Tommy to things he had to do. And, one thing just was not happening after he called and had confirmation. What's with that? 

Sloppy clothing and not bathing were the rule of the day. 

He got us a sausage biscuit. I had a bit of oj with mine. 

When we got home, I watched some news and he had three oranges and a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Then, I took a nap. 

I did sleep three hours and started an eating marathon about 5 pm--pbj sandwich, pasta with olive oil and Parmesan cheese, Red Berries Special K and milk, chopped chicken and chopped tomato with Miracle Whip, brownies and Coke, bacon by itself, huge black plum, and other things I cannot remember.

I gave Tommy beans I got at the farmer's market, sliced tomatoes, and baked chicken. He ate At one point he asked me, "Are you sure you are still hungry?" 

Friday morning, I awoke having gotten a bit more sleep but not enough. It is a gray muggy day. And, I am not ravenous today like yesterday. 

I had a weird dream, really weird. It is now almost 6 pm on Friday, and I have eaten little--just scrambled eggs and milk late morning, banana and milk, half  a Coke, and then a nap. I only have a salad in my sights for dinner.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

My First Watercolor

 Early in 2019, I decided to paint a picture of Fancy, my favorite chicken. She talked to me and responded to me. She jumped onto the swing where I was lying and cuddled into my body and she sat and relaxed. I loved her. If my cell phone rang while I was outside, she came to help me talk. My friend that called would always ask what the noise was. Finally, she learned to ask if Fancy were talking to me. 

She would come with my three other hens to the side door and ask for a treat. The other hens stayed on the ground and looked up at the door and Fancy. I peeked from another window to see what they all did. 

I told another blogger about my plan and she sent me watercolors and brushes. I bought an expensive pad for watercolor. I practiced with the colors, mixing a color that was her main color. I sketched and resketched her outline. Then, it was all swept away with my house. 

Only one person other than Tommy knew about my new pursuit. Do any of you use watercolors? What is your experience?

I don't feel like posting or even writing this, so I have nothing else today. We had plans, but I am not going anywhere or doing anything. Tommy will have leftovers once again--baked chicken, field peas and snaps, and sliced tomatoes. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Tommy's Dryer

 I was feeling much better when I went to bed last night than when I awoke this morning. Tonight, we are going to get KFC. So, I know I will feel better 

Last night, I tried to plug in the new lamp, but was unsuccessful. So, that is a goal again today. 

I could not sleep so I got up and sorted food, put dates on some food, and put some food in living room to give to the neighbor. There were four dark items washed for me by Tommy, so I hung them to dry. I suppose I slept three hours. It is now 3 pm and I have a nap planned. 

Now, there are panties and nightgowns to hang. ugh I am too weak and wobbly to go out to the washer, so Tommy willing does this for me. 

Tommy's dryer has only one setting--HOT.  I don't demand a lot out of a dryer, but I have never seen a dryer with only one heat setting. Have you?

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Now I Can Read | Chloraseptic

 Tuesday morning I awoke sweating off a fever. I knew the doctor did not give me enough antibiotics last time I went! This never really went away. 

Monday night, I finally got around to freezing peas. I could only cook a portion, so the other half or less are in the refrigerator waiting for me. I put 5 cups of peas in the pot and froze 5 one-cup portions with more for dinner today. Maybe I won't have to buy any frozen peas this winter. 

I can eat a whole cup of peas at a meal. Put sliced tomatoes and slaw with it and I am in heaven. However, I don't need a cup of beans. Therefore, I only froze a cup of beans for a meal for the two of us. With other food choices we will be fine, eating enough. By thawing less, I will eat less. 

It's dreary out today. Rain is forecast, a result of summer and hurricanes. I am glad I have nothing to take me out and about. This rain and lack of sun would have been good for my plants. Oh well.  Last night, I did not sleep enough. I slept well when I slept. But, being feverish, I think a nap is in order. 

A five-hour nap did not help as I awoke sicker than ever. I told Tommy to wake me at 4 pm. When he woke me at 5 pm, he said he called me and I threw the covers off at 4pm. Then, I got up and used the bathroom and got back into bed. This, he told me; I remember nothing. I started an antibiotic. The only reason I will prepare dinner is because it only needs heating. 

I will put on a mask when I freeze the rest of the peas. Tommy can slice the squash I need to cook, but not tonight. I want to get corn to freeze. I will cook all I get, maybe a dozen ears and cut the kernels off the ear and freeze in small portions. I like to put corn in soup and taco casseroles that ends up being  taco soup. 

He has already cut the coupons that are thrown in the yard, the kind also put into the newspaper. I asked him to cut the first ones I got to give to my friend. Now, he is eager to cut them out for her. I mail these, so trimming them close helps to be able to mail them with only one stamp. 

I bought an $11 floor lamp to put on the other side of me so I can read. It is the torchiere type but with and adjustable arm with a second light. I would never, ever use this at my house. It is tacky, but hopefully it gives off enough light so I can read. The two "glass" pieces where the lights are located are not really glass but thin flexible plastic. 

I need to plug it in and get the surge protector set up with other lamp and computer plugged in. This is all behind me, so I have to get on my knees on the love seat and hang over the back and pull the surge protector to me. I am just too tired. Or, too ill.

When I have a sore throat, really sore throat, I use Chloraseptic. Usually, the green bottle is available. This time, only cherry was on the shelf. I got it since I did not want to search another store. I accidentally sprayed a bit on my lip. My lip went numb! Tommy laughs at the faces I make. It is horrible tasting! He apologized for laughing, but I really am not offended as I make faces for about two minutes after spraying that stuff in my mouth. Right now, most of my tongue, all of the back of my throat and some of my lip is numb! Have you ever used Chloraseptic for your throat? 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Boxes of Stuff

 Okay, I am posting two posts today. So, you can go back to the other one that connects Coke and Covid. Just go below this post to "Older Posts" and click. 

In the past, obviously the far past, I have asked Tommy to store some boxes for me. There is no rhyme nor reason to what I ask him to store. Sometimes, it has been what I boxed the day before he came. Then, I quit sending things home with him.

The other day I opened a box of sheets. Some I have had for almost 50 years but have not used in 20 years. They are patterned and twin sized. Others are twin size and white. I decided I would sell or donate them because I have no need for them. 

A few days passed and I decided they were useful. Anyone who sews knows that a piece of fabric can have many uses beyond the original purchase. I can make curtains with the white ones since Tommy needs curtains on the room I have to keep open for my oxygen generator. There are no curtains, just tablecloths over the windows, a yellow-checked one and a red-checked on the other. Free fabric will work there. The white sheets are nice and thick so no one can see through them. 

I can use them to make a dummy for anything. They make nice patches, bags, lots of things. So, I am keeping them. These are NOT new sheets I got when I got my twin bed. Some are sheets I bought from a sale where hotel sheets were stacked sky high. I think I paid $1 for the three sheets I  bought. 

There was another box marked "refrigerator shelves." That was a puzzle, so I had to open it. Imagine my surprise when I found 8 metal stainless steel shelves about 14" x 14".  I have no idea where I got these!!! However, they are new. I imagine I kept them to use. I will get someone to incorporate them into a frame so I can store things on them. I am not sure whether I will make the frame of metal or wood. Actually, if I have the wood cut, I can screw everything together by myself. They must be for a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. Any ideas?

These things can be thrown out or kept. Right now, I am opting to keep them. Well, not the sheets and pillowcases.

Have you ever found anything in a box that you do not remember acquiring?

Coca Cola or "bottled poison?" Mexico finds a Covid19 villain in bottled soda

 This article is worth reading every word. It is moderately long, so instead of my writing drivel and you reading it, try reading this instead.  We know my beloved Coke does not "cause" Covid19, but the article is interesting on many levels. Interesting?

Okay, I have things to do instead of write.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Saturday Produce and Shelling Peas

 Since there will be heavy rain all this next week, we went to Cullman on Saurday. I checked my mail and got an important letter. I relayed yesterday the canned peaches that are on sale.

But, I forgot to tell you about the produce I bought at the Festhalle Farmer's Market. One woman had freshly shelled beans/peas. One container was $10. My coupons for produce were in $6 denomination. She gave me enough to make it a $12 purchase. 

I asked the young woman when the peas were shelled. She said, "Today." Our eyes locked; mine in incredulity. She quickly explained she has a pea shelling machine. That must be nice! My mother had four pea shelling machines--US!

I love yellow crookneck squash and found my favorite vendor had them. Each little cup was $3, so I got two cups for my $6 coupon. Sunday, I will make squash casserole. I have ends of bread in the freezer to use for that. 

Saturday for dinner, we had Romaine and lettuce salad and a pimiento and cheese hamburger. The two huge patties were given to me. The tomatoes were the 4/$1 ones I bought at Piggly Wiggly and they were actually very good. The Romaine was from a bag that was bogo at Publix. The dinner was frugal and very good.

How do I feel about pimiento and cheese hamburgers? They were delicious. Neither the pimiento nor the cheese were neither one very evident, but just a note of goodness. I won't be making one myself, but I approve. I ttied it full of trepidation, but no worries.

Tommy got rid of two more shirts that were given to him by his cousin. He received these about ten years ago and some he does not like, so they are going. Others he has worn. 

Sunday, I will freeze the peas. I don't know if I will cook them and freeze them or blanche them and freeze. This much activity will exhaust me. But, I will. There is a scant gallon and a beautiful sight. 

I talked to my friend who has a junk store, had surgery last month, and physically is in bad shape. She has to wait every morning, hoping that someone will come and use a lift and get her out of bed.  I feel sad for her. People promise they will come and then call her and say "I am busy." No, she cannot get state help because her dead husband's ss is too much.  Her four grown children and about a half dozen grown grandchildren are too busy. 

When I say she is a friend, I only know her from her junk store. I actually had about a dozen friends that I met through their antique stores. Three were actually friends who came to my home. One was a long-time friend who retired and opened an antique store. I suppose friends come in lots of degrees. 

I took chicken sandwiches for lunch and took a Coke and Diet Pepsi in a cooler with a bag full of ice. I love chicken and Miracle Whip sandwiches. 

We left before 7 am and were home before noon. And, then I took a nap, a very good, long nap. 

Saturday was a very calm August day. There were storms somewhere around but not here.

Have you ever sat and shelled peas on a hot summer day? It seem everyone in the South has sat on the front porch shelling peas with family. With the advent of air conditioning, sitting indoors is the choice for pea-shelling sessions these days. Share your experiences with pea-shelling or other produce preps, if you will. Was it and is a family affair?+

Saturday, August 22, 2020

I Found Jars! and other stuff

I lost this post. So, here goes again. 

I went to the Pig for something, forgot what. While there, I looked for Ball jars and rings/lids.  My hands were shaking because of all the jars I found. I had to get help to get them into my electric cart. I was just sure someone would buy them from under me. I bought two boxes of a dozen ball jars and a box of Kerr pints. So, three dozen jars. Kerr is fine. 

Ball quarts were $12.06/12 and Kerr pints were $11.49/12. I had three $3 coupons. So, I saved $9. I really don't know what they are elsewhere.

The dishcloths that are $0.90 for two are great. So, I got three more packages, 6 more dishcloths. The tag says not to wash in cold water or dry on high. But, I did and these are good and a good deal. 

3 5-oz. Hunt's Tomato Paste $0.91 each

Remember the tomato that was about $2. Well, I found four smaller ones for $1. I hope they are worth a dollar. 

Of course, I had to forget some important--bananas, so we ran out to Publix which is about a mile away. I cannot just go in, can I? 

1 5.oz. can Hunt's Tomato Paste-w/ oregano, garlic, and basil. $0.87.

2 cans Campbell Mushroom Cooking Soup @ $.75 each What is this stuff? Have you used it?

Chopped garlic in a jar. I am sick of buying it and paying too much. This was about $3 and much more thrifty, maybe not as good, as what I buy. I need to grow garlic or find some at a Farmer's Market. 

Saturday, I could find no jar rings at two other stores. I did use a coupon to get four tiny Ball jars. They are about the size of a salt shaker but without holes. I also purchased a 16 ounce jar glass jar of vinegar.  This is what I always used when I only used it for cooking and not for cleaning stuff.  I can put this in the shelf in the kitchen and not have to deal with pouring from a half-gallon or gallon jar that hurts me to pour. 

In the summer just when peaches are abundant, canned peaches are always on sale. ARGO is the best commercially canned peach around! (I know home-canned are better.) This 29 ounce can is $1.89 now and will be at least $1 more this winter. Argo canned peaches are sort of ruffled, not smooth on the cut edges or where the pit touched the peach flesh. It makes me think they are seconds, but they are tops in my book. Have you ever had ARGO peaches?

Have you ever used Campbell's Mushroom Cooking Soup? How is it? Good? 

Have you used Hunt's Tomato Paste with oregano, basil, and garlic? 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Plums, Other Food, Dinner

 Every year for the last thirty years, I have yearned for plums, a certain kind. These plums probably have a name. I don't know. But, they are always found on country roads. They are less than golf-ball sized and a pinkish-yellowish color. When ripe, they are a pinkish color. They are delicious. 

I have seen the plum trees, but cannot get to them. I would have to get into a weedy ditch and back up the other side to face a fence. For a long time I knew people who would either get these for me or allow me access to trees that were not in such forbidding places. I am not against braving weedy ditches, but I could not safely go down even the most shallow ditch. 

People have pointed out that car emissions might make me sick if the emission were in or on the plums. Well, I can wash them and I do know there are no pesticides sprayed on these plums. So, there!

These make great jam! I want some. However, by the first of June they are all gone. I can just taste them on hot buttered toast. Have you ever had these or still have access? 

This leads me to today's plums. Or, today's plums inspired the above ruminations.

Today's food box:

a bag with 6 huge black plums

1 head of celery

8 bags of baby carrots, the tiny bags served in school lunches

2 oversized yellow squash

5 lbs. potatoes

5 lbs. oranges

3 lbs apples

2 gallons of milk

We got a box for the neighbors, the one out of work. I also gave him the two squashes, bag of potatoes, our milk, celery in addition to their identical box.  There are three adults eating, so they can eat more potatoes. I hate large squash, and they can use more celery than we do. 

Thusday night, I put 7 chicken breasts, yellow peppers, all the carrots, 4 largish new potatoes, salt and pepper in an oven bag. I am out of garlic and just did not slice an onion. It will be done in time for me to serve it and still hear every minute of the DNC broadcast.

Two breasts are in the freezer in one bag. The other four breasts will be meals, lunch and dinner for three days. Yay for no cooking.  

Thursday afternoon, I took a 3.5 hour nap that I needed for my sleep deficit.

On Wednesday, I found a penny when I pumped gas. I forgot to tell you yesterday. I had to walk around the car to find it. But, I was determined to find a coin. 

Okay, it is Friday and I slept until 11:30 even after Tommy calling me twice like I asked him to call me. I think I am caught up on sleep. 

Okay, people, have you ever had or seen these small pinkish-yellowish plums?

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Ball and Dawn

It seems there are no canning supplies. Well, I have looked far and wide and cannot find jars or lids/rings. I did find regular mouth lids and no rings. I mostly have wide-mouth, so this is not much help. I had a coupon for $2 off two packages. I still have coupons for jars, so I really would like to find them. 

Wednesday night, I actually got five hours sleep. I still have a sleep deficit, but at least I feel a bit better. One night, I put the little oxygen tube things in my nose and slept without any oxygen turned on. I hate that thing. Another night, I did not sleep a wink because a bite on my ankle. Nothing would stop the itch. 

Today, a doctor's lab actually called me to see if anyone had told me the lab results. I was in shock because I usually have to beg to get lab results. 

Dawn is my favorite dish-washing liquid. Other liquids make my hands break out or made asthma worse.  A long time ago the top was a pull-up top. Now, it is a flip-top. I hate the flip top. Three times I have purchased other bottle of dish-washing liquid in hopes of using a different brand's top. None of the other tops worked. 

When I first realized the dispenser tops had changed, I took the pull top from the empty bottle and put it on the full bottle. Eventually someone "helped" me by tossing the now empty bottle with the pull top in favor of the new bottle. I was furious. 

At estate sales there are all the leftovers from a home. I was hoping maybe I could find the type Dawn I used and at least get the top. No such luck. 

I just got up from a nap that I really needed and feel so much better! 

Have you been able to find Ball products? Do you prefer the pull tops on dishwashing liquid or the flip tops? 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Tuesday and We are Going to Have a Come to Jesus Meeting and Grocery Shopping

 I was trying to listen to the DNC, and Tommy asked me a question. I answered and he kept talking! I said, "I am trying to listen." I gestured toward the TV. He said, "Well, it is not like it is something important!" Good Grief! Before he met me, he always voted Independent.  Okay, I am not going to have to explain to him that I AM watching the whole DNC. And, the current DNC is important.

Monday dinner was nothing to brag about, but it was delicious--Kraft macaroni and cheese, field peas and snaps, and sliced tomatoes. There was no cooked meat in the freezer or as a leftover. It was the only box of macaroni and cheese, so this won't be repeated anytime soon.  Tommy had a couple of oranges. 

Yesterday, I called a doctor to see what day, Tuesday or Wednesday, I had an appointment. Nothing, none of the lines or options worked. You have to sit in the car and call them, saying you are there,  and they call you and tell you when you can come in. In my case, they have to bring a wheel chair. So, this was not going to work because their phones don't work. 

Tommy and I both tried the doctor's number. Then, before I awoke on Tuesday, he called and talked to their answering service. Then, the office called and talked to my voicemail, telling me that they understood I wanted to cancel my appointment and I could call back to reschedule. But, the woman noted, their phones were not working, so I could not reach them. 

No, that was not the message Tommy left. That needs to be rescheduled now.

Then, I got a voicemail that I have an appointment with another specialty on Wednesday that I will not be able to keep. Grrr! Now, this doctor's appointment needs to be rescheduled also. 

And, I need to make the appointment for the test to see if I need the stint. 

I was out of milk, so I went to Publix. I found a brand of green beans ( Margaret Homes) I  wanted. They were now 4 cans for $5. That is not a good price, but it was lower than most. So, I bought 8 cans, stock up. Since I want 100 more, I have a way to go. 

a2milk 2 x $4.49 

8 green beans 4/$5

strawberries $3.99

2 bags Romaine chopped bogo $3.99

2 Long Johns 2 x $0.90 I know, I know

That shop was a few cents short of $30.

A new ad comes out on Wednesday. Well, I have it now, but the prices are not good until Wednesday.

Tuesday dinner--half a chicken breast, green beans, baked carrots, Romaine salad, strawberries

The only other thing I ate was a sandwich of pb, MW, banana and the Long John.

Wednesday grocery shopping--

12 oz. Hormel Roast Beef and Gravy

14 oz. Classico Pizza Sauce 

4 tiny jars Dromedary chopped Pimiento (grown and processed in USA)

2 boxes regular mouth lids (thought I was getting rings, too, and I had a coupon)

2 bottles Lysol Concentrate (brown liquid, brown bottle, to dilute)


16 oz. jar DREAMLAND BBQ SAUCE only $3.50

I paid 20 cents less for the pimientos than at stores here.  In the future when I use pizza sauce, I need to freeze the rest so it does not go to waste. 

We went to a drive by  pickup lunch and met a couple for a picnic at the lake. It was a fun little event.

We had pork chop. blackeyed peas, roll, casserole thing. The casserole thing was mixed vegetable that come in a can, mushroom soup, dressing mix from a box, salad,  two cookies. we drank water.  There may have been an egg in the casserole so it baked well. I gave my casserole to Tommy.

Wednesday, tonight, we had the same for dinner. YAY for food already cooked! 

That was my Tuesday and Wednesday. All that is left to do is to watch the DNC. I am all set. 

What bargains for stock up or now did you find?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

11 Most Common Mistakes People Make With Hostas and Edit

11 things you are doing wrong with Hosta 

Somehow, I got everything correct when planting my Hosta. However, they can be divided at any time. Well, that is what I found. I mostly divided in the spring when the first bit of the greenery showed. They are so much easier to see and I don't have to fight the huge plant to find the portions I want to cut from the plant. I used a shovel, trowel, of big knife to slice into the earth and remove edges of the Hosta. They recovered quickly. 

The Hosta I managed to save from my yard are tiny ones that will never be large and showy. So, I suppose I will have to buy Hosta bulbs/corms at least once. I can then divide them when they grow. All the ones I had were given to me as huge plants dug up. 

Edit: I finally grew Hosta in pots because of ground squirrels/chipmunks because they love Hosta and eat them down to ground over and over. Hosta does well in pots. They droop a bit when dry, but never die. I would take a pint of water and pour on the surface of the pot when they got too droopy. Otherwise, Hosta are plants that are easy to care for and thrive on neglect. 

Do you have Hostas? Do you divide Hostas? Do you love Hostas like I do?

Monday, August 17, 2020

A Few Monday Things

 It seems I am specializing in avoiding cooking. If I can find vegetables for a salad or to microwave/steam, I do. Sunday night, I did not feel like cooking and there was something on TV that I wanted to watch. Chicken seasoned for fajitas from the freezer and leftover chicken breast plus leftover cauliflower and broccoli were dinner. Unfortunately for Monday night all the leftovers in the refrigerator are gone. 

My car battery is still dead. I don't know when Tommy is going to ask a neighbor to help jump it off. I will leave the asking to him. sigh I just want it to work. It probably needs a new battery since this is the third time it has sat too long. 

I still have the coupons for Ball jars and lids and rings. However, I have been unable to find Ball anywhere. Has anyone found them lacking in the stores? Did you have coupons to use? They expire 9-30-20. That should have been enough time to find them. But, I am having no luck. What about you?  

Someone on here mentioned that getting a stint might make me less tired. If that is part of the problem, it must be a pretty bad blockage. I suppose I will do that and sign my death certificate with Covid, which I do not have according to a Covid19 test. 

Right now, all I want is a cheesecake, and I have all the ingredients. But, I should probably have a few vegetables. I wonder if I can put vegetables in cheesecake. ??? Maybe there is cooked chicken in the new freezer.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

"That was intense."

 After Anne in the Kitchen mentioned she went to Dreamland BBQ, I remembered Tommy had said last winter that we could go there. Well, now was the time. That day, I asked when we might go if he was still planning to go. He said Saturday was the day to go for us. 

Saturday arrived. I had slept very late because I did not sleep the night before.  About 2:30 pm, I mentioned once again going. He said we might not have enough time. Well, that was puzzling but I said I could get ready in about 30 minutes. 

Off we went. Mapquest, or wherever I looked said was 48 miles and 45 minutes. I had complete directions. The day was perfect, sunny, warm, dry, a few little clouds dotted the sky. Since it had been five hours since he ate cereal and milk, I wanted to eat a bit at home. No, not having it. So, I told him I needed something and we stopped and got a plain cheeseburger. 

I was going to get a pulled pork sandwich. It should have been good since it was $10. I looked at the menu and decided before we left home. That was not to be since they don't serve pulled pork at that location. I went in and got a full rack. It was in a very sturdy box. 

We could have gone at a closer location, but we wanted to visit the original location from 1958. After getting the rack, we went to downtown Tuscaloosa, home of University of Alabama and Roll Tide. The sorority and fraternity houses were very impressive, huge with manicured lawns. Kids were all about, walking on the beautiful but hot day. I think every fast food joint and casual dining place known to man was in that few square blocks the university dominated.

We drove about a bit and finally headed home to Hueytown. The ride back was equally pleasant as the trip down. Tommy told me lots about the area since he has lived in Birmingham all his life except for the four years he spent studying engineering at Auburn. 

At home we attacked the ribs. I did not even have time to get something to Tommy got a Pepsi. We each had six ribs. Tommy worried the sauce would be too hot and spicy for me. NOOOO! Delicious.  I had talked about steaming zucchini, onions, and Bel peppers, but that did not happen. We had meat and white bread served to us. 

After I finished eating, I said, "That was intense!" I did not eat fast, but there is a certain rhythm to eating ribs. Tommy laughed hard at my statement and said he had never heard anyone say that eating ribs was "intense." It was not the pace I ate or the taste, just the whole experience.

Immediately, I searched the internet for a place to buy the Dreamland BBQ Sauce. It turns out the sauce is sold many places. I cannot wait to buy some. It may be the new flavor of all meat that I cook. 

Yes, the ribs were great. It was intense, the whole experience of eating them. 

Have you been to Dreamland BBQ in Tuscaloosa? Did you buy the sauce? 

I am congratulating myself on completing a post without erasing it since I have erased four this week.  

Friday, August 14, 2020

A Nightmare During a Nap and Food

 We have a friend who quit his job this week. He worked on restaurant ac and heat. So, we will get an extra box of food for them when we go. We gave them more of our stuff today. They need it. 

Friday night, we had Parmesan chicken, steamed broccoli and cauliflower. It was delicious. All I had to do was put the chicken in the oven and the vegetables in the microwave. These were given to us today. So, dinner was easy peasy, something I needed. The chicken was in its own pan and the vegetables in a steaming bag. I will wash a few green grapes and have those for dessert.

Tonight, I will wash, cut and quick freeze 6 huge Bell Peppers and 3 giant yellow peppers. Tomorrow, they will go into freezer bags unless I remember to do it tonight. There are several heads of celery, too. All will be frozen. Big green apples, 4 make 3 lbs. and will be pie filling for the freezer. 

I gave away the okra. Well, Tommy made the decision to let it go. And, he likes okra but knows how awful I feel. 

This morning, I decided I needed a nap because I awoke so early. It took me a while to go to sleep. It seemed like the nightmare started as soon as I drifted off. And, Tommy came to get me up as soon as it ended and my heart finally beat normally. I was so beat that I lay down in the afternoon, but did not sleep. 

In this nightmare everything was beautiful. I was going on some sort of vacation in the car with a man who was my husband. Now, I do not know this man. I also had the youngest of our children, a boy, and not any child I have had. Plus, my youngest is a girl.

I had been in the gas station doing something and came back to the car where my husband was preparing to get gas. I was in the car, laughing with the child about how this was the first time he had ever been alone with us because older siblings were always in the car. They both were older and had something to do while we drove on a short vacation. 

Then, I was not in the car and came toward the car, tossed my pink purse in the front seat, half closed the door and walked to the trunk where my husband was opening it for some reason. I continued walking around the car. 

Suddenly, I saw a man rummaging in my purse in the front seat. I started screaming and yelling at him like I was being murdered. The woman with the man was screaming at him to bring it all! Over and over. He grabbed my purse and jumped in the car and they sped off. 

I followed on foot, screaming like a banshee, could not make out the license plate, and did not know what kind of car it was. I think it was a little red sports car. I felt gutted and awoke.

My heart was pounding out of my chest when I awoke, barely able to move from the sleep-induced paralysis. I lay there hoping I did not have a heart attack from the stress and extremely elevated heart rate. I suppose that I lay there ten minutes very still, afraid yet and traumatized. 

I could not help it, but I enumerated all I had lost in my purse, including my pink purse and my Social Security card. It was a very vivid nightmare. Yes, I know I am not supposed to carry it. 

We went to the food pickup today and were given two  or three bags, about three pounds of ground sirloin and the Parmesan Chicken and vegetables--three steamer bags of one pound each, four cans of black beans, two cans of Campbell's vegetarian soup, more Green Bell Peppers, the huge apples, something called "Sweet Apriums"-- apricots, 5 lbs. potatoes, 6 huge Bell peppers, and the 3 giant yellow peppers  mentioned earlier in the post, and two gallons of milk, both of which we gave to the neighbor. Black beans were something I was going to buy for the taco salad that ends up like taco soup. I do have two lbs. dried black beans, so now with these, I won't buy more. 

Tomorrow, I will tell of the ordeal with the air fryer. 

Have you ever had your purse stolen right in front of you? Or, dreamed it? Have you ever had a nightmare during a very short nap?

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Air Fryer

Okay, I have destroyed three iterations of the same post. I give up until tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Doctor Visit and Grocery Shopping

Well, I wrote the title to this and suddenly felt sleep overtaking me. I put out baked chicken breast, baked carrots and potatoes that were cooked with the chicken. Then, I fell into bed about 6 pm. So, up at 9 pm, I am still 

In my defense we had a long day.  I had an appointment with the cardiologist. It was a good appointment. He has convinced me to get the search for blockage and stint if it is necessary. Sigh....

I had to check into the hospital by telling them my name and doctor I was seeing. My temperature was checked and I had to wear a sticker. The nurse had a box of masks, so I asked her if I could have a new one. She quickly agreed and handed me one. 

While I was there I decided to go to a food bank: 5 lbs. green apples, 10 beautiful tomatoes, 5 lbs potatoes, yellow bell peppers,  and okra YUCK. I will fix the okra for Tommy. 1 lb. frozen ground sirloin, cans of green beans, peas, and whole kernel corn. There were lots more that was left in the car for neighbor. A bag with lots of goodies, some nutritious and some not. 

I even received an apple corer/slicer. To use it you press it into an apple to cut out the core and cut it into 8 slices. 

I am most happy about the yellow peppers and the tomatoes. 

Of course, I went to Publix--bananas and a long John and olive oil. 

On the reduced shelves, I found reduced olive oil. Lindsay extra virgin, first cold-pressed, unfiltered California olive oil. 2 for $7.49, 16.8 ounces each. So, about 34 ounces for $7.49, in glass jars.

I read an article about how olive oil from other countries is mixed with lesser quality, imported, and sold to US as first quality. The authors said no matter how good the brand, it happens. The best way to get quality olive oil, first cold-pressed, was to buy American. So, I am trying to do that and now figure I have a good supply of olive oil. I even used it for brownies. Only because I put it in the brownie mix and could barely tell it. Tommy said he could not tell.  This will go into the freezer.  Oh, lots of olive oil brands were on clearance.

We got spritzed by rain or found that rain had just fallen. We did not have to drive in the rain, thankfully. We ate lunch at the lake and watched the ducks and geese. All in all, it was a pleasant day. 

Oh, I forgot to say--at Publix I bought a dozen pink roses for about $5.50. They were bogo. These are beautiful hot pink roses barely open.

How was your Wednesday? Storms? Find bargains? 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Dream About Money

 I have to get this post up quickly, as I have done nothing but sleep most of the day. Yesterday, my reason for being in Cullman was very stressful. Plus, the uti is still here even without medication. I slept about 7 hours last night and in a few hours, I went down for a nap, a very long nap. Now, i need to cook the chicken and the hamburger meat in order not to waste it. Tomorrow, I have to be gone all day, so it will not get cooked tomorrow. 

Last night, it seemed I dreamed all night. For some reason, I could walk just fine and was attending a junior college. A professor with whom I had become friendly approached me frantically. She wanted me to take her purse and go shopping for her. She had to teach class.

It seemed there was some sort of fabric sale where the fabric is spread all around the campus, up against the walls in halls and the cafeteria and other places. 

I objected to taking the purse as it was heavy. Finally, after much haggling about whether I needed it or not, I took in one hand just what I needed to make the purchases. She told me to buy $100 worth of a certain brand of fabric. Color and type of fabric did not matter. I wish I could remember the brand. In my dream I had never heard of it.

As I walked around campus, I kept finding money. It was hard to pick coins up with students walking behind me and almost running over me. At one time a male student tried to get the money first even when I called it. Another time a male student got one of the quarters and covered the other up with something heavy and then uncovered it and got it. 

A woman was emptying an ash tray and I saw a quarter, a dime, and two dimes land on the ground. I screeched it was mine, and the woman, a smoker, looked at me like I was crazy. I was!

When I got to some of the fabric, I still found money. So, no one would help me find the fabrics. 

Then, I woke But, I must have found $5 in coins and thought how I bet Sluggy had never found so much in loose coins in one day. 

Tell me a dream you have had. Did you ever dream of finding money? Coins? 

Monday, August 10, 2020

Sunday and Monday--Free Book and a Penny Found

 Sunday, I headed out to go to the doctor. While on the way, we went to two places to be tested for Covid19. Where we read and heard about the drive-up places for testing mentioned nothing about needing an appointment. Shoot! So, I talked on the phone to two people at two different places. Wednesday was the first day available. 

Well, Monday, I spent the morning on the phone with people telling me to come on in today, and that I had a 10 am appointment. It was 10:30, so they wanted me to hurry. I am very ill and this was draining me. Plus, I did not remember anything about the appointment, and neither did Tommy. ???

I have a uti. The doctor sent a prescription to my pharmacy, a huge chain. Well, they closed about 10 minutes before i arrived on Sunday. Monday morning their system was down and I could not get the prescription or talk to anyone there. 

I called another chain that had a pharmacist who was more than willing to transfer it to his chain. But, that was not to be because the first chain could not be reached. Finally, the first chain told me they could not transfer because the system was down. SHOOT!

The med search and the covid testing talk was happening simultaneously. Finally, after two hours, I got the covid19 test and the antibiotic, too.  I was drained since I have the uti that is draining me. 

Finally, I convinced someone to come out and get my debit card and bring me the antibiotic. She was surly and slow. But, as I pointed out, I can get a new pharmacy if I cannot get medicine! 

I got a one hour nap and got up to get ready to be in Cullman for another appointment, not doctor, at 3:30. This was business. 

Publix--bathroom, red grapes, white grapes, two bananas, and an apple. I have fruit salad in mind for me. Since Tommy hates bananas, his will be red grapes and apple. Grapes were cheaper this last week but not very cheap. 

I will wash them and freeze about half of my white grapes and Tommy's red grapes. This is a small thing to store for hard times, but a few frozen grapes might be a real treat in a few months. 

We had a Whopper since they are 2 for $5. Then, he suggested a chocolate ice cream cone. He does not know it, but he has had dinner unless he wants grapes and an apple. He had two oranges with lunch while i slept. 

Sunday, we went by the outdoor take one leave one library. The last books were all musty, so useless to me. This time, I actually found a book put out just that day that was in pristine condition that had never been opened and no writing. The Doctor's Book of Home Remedies II. The book is from Prevention Magazine. The copyright is 1993, but there should still be something of use. I know how to check things out on the internet. 

The highlight of the day was when I found a penny on the electric cart at Publix--It was right by my foot. 

I found out an attorney friend died. And, I thought my friend with junk store was dead or in nursing home. I had lost her telephone number, so I saw her and got that. 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

I Fell

 But, it was not that simple. One moment I was sound asleep and then decided to turn over. The next moment I was falling, falling, and falling with a splat. Thankfully, it was carpet over a wood floor. My right elbow and right knee still hurts. 

I screamed as I fell or yelped, not sure. But, Tommy heard me and I could hear him thumping down the hallway. He said he could hear me moaning. I don't remember moaning, but my scream did wake me up.

When I fell, i took the top sheet and comforter off the bed. So, I was all wrapped up and had the plastic tube in my nose and was wrapped in that. Well, at least my neck and arm had it entangled. 

It took me a second or two to get my wits about me and get untangled. I could not get up, no matter what I tried. Remember, I have back problems and torn rotator cuffs and injured hands and wrists. Finally, I had Tommy get me my little wooden stool from under the kitchen table. He put it beside me and I finally got my bottom on it. Then, I pulled on the closet doorknob with left hand while he let me pull on his hand with my right hand. I was up. 

Now, why did I fall? The mattress was partially hanging off the bed (about a foot), and I rolled and could not quit falling after I got my body started off the bed.  That was Friday night. On Saturday night, I was frightened to even move. 

Tommy was very worried as he stood there trying to figure out what for me or him to do. 

Sunday, I went to the doctor. I have a uti. Between the uti and another statin, I have been feeling horrible. I got an injection and my prescription is at the drugstore which closed for Sunday just before we arrived. 

I have hamburger and bscb thawed. However, I told Tommy I was not cooking. We had watched a Goldie Hawn movie, and it was 9 pm. I dug around and found a frozen chicken thigh from KFC, opened a can of green beans, and sliced a tomato. 

Have you ever rolled off the bed? 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Lipstick in the Time of Covid-19

 I put on lipstick for the first time in months on August 6, 2020. The previous time was March 11, 2020. Never in my life have I gone so long between lipstick applications. What's more, I have not applied any other type of cosmetics during this time--five months.

Before March 11, when I applied cosmetics, it was usually just lipstick. I might reapply it six times in a day if my lips felt dry. It seems my lips do not get dry enough to remove or raise the mask now. 

Eyeliner or shadow were rarely applied. Now, neither are ever applied. Spring cosmetics usually do not include anything near my eyes since I have allergies. 

Applying foundation and blush make me look less dead and more alive. Now, since the mask covers my face, I forego both. Besides, my mask will start looking nasty. When I put on lipstick the other day and then wore the mask, I had lipstick all over the white inside of my mask. 

Most of my life, I have worn no cosmetic other than lipstick because I hated applying it and I had a complexion that did not need anything to improve or enhance it. Yes, I HAD a great complexion. And, there was rarely anything that needed covering. And, I hated and still hate all makeup except lipstick. Now, I feel like I need it. 

When my son was three, one day I put on lipstick while we were home. He thought I was leaving the house because I put on lipstick! He kept following me around, not wanting to be left home alone. My husband was gone with our only car, so there was no chance I was leaving! Nope, I never put on makeup to go anyplace back then, just lipstick. 

Have you worn less cosmetics in the last few months? Blame it on Covid-19? Were you a committed wearer of cosmetics before all this? Have you eschewed lipstick now? Other makeup?

Friday, August 7, 2020

A Different kind of Box

 It is hard to know my true temp. I am using a digital thermometer under my arm. Plus, my normal temperature is about 97.2. The thermometer takes my  temp in about 10 seconds. I like that if it is doing a good job. 

Tomorrow morning, I am going to the doctor. The head and throat congestion is not going away soon. 

Thursday, a different oxygen generator was delivered and plugged in by the guy who delivered it. Tommy hooked up all the tubing. Then, last night, I turned it on. It has a smell like the other ones did, but not the same smell or as pervasive. It has been running but not in use. Hopefully, tonight I can use it. 

When it was delivered, there were six oxygen bottle and a portable thing to wear. That was not ordered, so I sent it back. 

Today, we went to a different food box handout. I gave all the sweet potatoes, potatoes, and the one orange to neighbor along with two gallons of milk, and two-lb bag of lentils. I also gave them two boxed dinners from another day. Thursday, we did not go to a box handout. 

There were three small bags, each tied up. In each bag was ground beef, cheese, and frozen little containers of peaches. 


3 2-lb packages of ground beef

3 2-lb. packages of grated mozarella

18 4-oz container of frozen peaches. 

24 oz can of pork

2 jars of peanut butter

package of pasta and tomato sauce packet 

I tried to make ice cream but did something wrong because the machine kept binding. So, I turned it off and went to take an hour nap. The cold bowl froze what was left after I had some of the chocolate "ice cream" as chocolate milk. 

Over an hour later, the chocolate milk left in the bottom was frozen. I ate a little and Tommy ate more--right out of the freezing bowl. He said it tasted like a chocolate milk popsicle. 

I have cauliflower rice that i am going to add squash, zucchini, grated cheese, eggs and bake. Hopefully, it will be edible. And, chicken in a bag in the oven will be the other thing I will cook tonight.  

So, that was Friday. How was your Friday. Any bargains or deals out there? 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Maybe You Know the Answer | This and That

I bought baby aspirin but not the coated kind, the kind I am supposed to take. I bought the chewable kind. Now, I am worried it will hurt my stomach. So, can I take the chewable three times a week every other day, and take the coated four days a week and be okay? Or, should I just buy the coated kind and forget about the chewable? 

Wednesday night, I spent time putting dates on some of the food I bought. That is so time-consuming and hard because I had to handle it all! 

Tommy referred to the bottle of bubbles as the "orange drink." I am glad I was there to correct him.  I should have gotten the green, but he would probably think it was lime. 

NOW, he asks me the time. He must have referred to it before I put some oranges on a plate to the side of the clock. The oranges are out so he will get them more easily. But, he uses the clock! LOL, he pointed out the oranges were in the way. 

Every few days, I moan or mutter or sigh about how we/I need a dishwasher. So far, he has kept silent the last few weeks. He would explode earlier this year when I wished for a dishwasher. 

Wednesday night, we were bad. I did not have meat thawed for dinner, so I was making our August Suddenly Salad. Suddenly, on the TV were two cute Chili Cheese Pups at Krystal. They were $1 and had lots of cheese.  I wanted to go get one, and so did he. When we got there, he wanted two, so I got two. Oh me, Oh my! They were so delicious and did have lots of cheese. We carried a cold drink from home and sat in a parking lot. 

After that, we took a very short ride. At home, the pasta salad was waiting. Tommy had a salad of zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, and tomatoes--grape and cherry with Italian dressing. He had pasta salad, too. I had plums with the pasta salad. 

Since Tuesday, I have been getting sicker by the hour. I awoke at 3:30 after going to bed at 2 am. I was awake for most of the rest of the night because my throat would close and I woke not being able to breathe or swallow. 

 Today, my temperature is almost 100 degrees. My throat is almost swollen shut. I kept choking on water.  We went to the Pig so I could get Ruffles. I chew them up barely and swallow them. The rough edges of the barely chewed chips scratch my throat and the salt gets into the scratches and helps heals my throat. I lost my ability to gargle when i was about 32. Now, i just throw my head back and drown! 

No, I don't think it is covid 19. The throat is a little less swollen. Now, it feels like a nap is kidnapping me. 

While at the Pig, I bought two more dishcloths that are $.99 for two. Instructions are "cold wash, gentle cycle, line dry." Are you kidding me? After I bought the first ones, I washed them on hot, in a regular cycle, and dried them on hot." Well, they lived through about six washes and did not die. So, today, I bought another pack of two. The price is right and they seem sturdy. 

Today, my new oxygen generator arrived. So far, it does not smell when running. 

I really want the September Suddenly Salad now, but I will wait. The Ruffles were half way to stale! And, they are supposed to be fresh until October. They are not doing a good job of scratching my throat. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Stock Up and Groceries for Right Now

Wednesday, I awoke with grocery shopping on my mind since the ads start today.  Publix was the first stop. More than half of what I spent was stock up with good prices.

Quaker's Old-Fashioned Oats bogo so 4, $2.72 each, 42 oz, large size
4 Wheat Thins Hint of Salt, 2 for $5
Special K Red Berries 2 for $3.99
Badia olive oil $6.19
Newman olive oil $8.99
Vigo olive oil $2.49
2 Prego Three Cheese @ $1.99
18 Eggs $2.08
1 tomato $2.09 
5 bananas $0.95
4 Prego (2 mushroom and 2 traditional) @$1.99
4 1/2 gals. a2milk @ $4.49
4 Wheat Thins Hint of Salt 2 for $5

That tomato will have to be the entree from the price of it. We missed the farmer's market yesterday, and there are none here unless we travel a bit to go there. Price was the same several stores. Tommy hates mushrooms, but once he picks them out and gives them to me, he is okay. It would suit me fine to add mushrooms to the mushroom spaghetti sauce.  I add things to the jar spaghetti--onions, bell peppers, olive oil, cinnamon.

The olive oil was chosen by which bottles were glass instead of plastic. And, it will all go into the freezer. I do not buy a gallon that must be decanted. If it is not all decanted, the air in the gallon will cause it to become rancid. Ask me how I know. I obviously don't use it fast enough. When I have enough of these empty glass jars, I will buy a gallon and decant it all at once. 

I still have Special K Red Berries from last sale of them. 

We can share a box of crackers, but I am a pig sometimes. So, I will put our names on these boxes to keep me from getting into them and never stopping. Although a few months ago, he did the same thing. And, we will not open the other two boxes until September. I have to have rules with the He is agreeable to the "rules." I don't impose them unless he agrees. And, they mostly control me. 

Then, on to Piggly Wiggly:

1 pack McCormick dry chili mix $ 1.35
4 Kraft Original BBQ Sauce @$1
2 six-packs Minute Maid OJ @$3.30, medical use!
2 Honey Nut Cheerios @ $2, for him

EDIT: The cost + 10% at the Pig cost me $1.68 more than cost of groceries. The "60 or better" saved me $0.84 since people over 60 save 5% on cost of groceries.

mattress pad
batteries AA and AAA
baby aspirin
2 hair color
spiral notebook  a quarter
soap bubbles for blowing bubbles

So, $200.00 later, I feel a bit stocked up and have groceries, too. But, I forgot to get grapes. We have plenty of fruit, but grapes are on sale. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Not-So-Much Monday

Tuesday, I have something to do and may not have  a chance to write or desire to type. Monday, I had a sandwich for lunch since I was not hungry for breakfast and awoke at 10:30 am. Tommy had vegetables later. I had a craving for brownies. One of the $0.98 pouches of fudge brownies was a treat. I told Tommy we will only have these once each month. He was very agreeable. I used olive oil in them because he hates bananas and I had no applesauce. 

Then, for dinner I decided to have salmon croquettes and squash and onions, and grape tomatoes.  Contrary to my usual method of cooking--frying, these croquettes were baked in the oven. I was ready to try them in the air fryer but remembered I had not washed it yet. So, in the oven they went. 

The farthest either of us went was to the utility room for Tommy and to the mailbox for me. And, we don't care that we are here with nowhere to go. Well, I had somewhere I wanted to go, but decided against it. I have something to return to Lowe's. But, it will wait. 

The cardiologist's nurse called me. He had said the two statin meds he gave me for cholesterol were the only two for me to take. Another doctor, not a cardiologist, gave me one I asked her about. Well, today the cardiologist said he would send that for me. So, there! I have been taking it for several days, and it appears I am not in pain.

I worry about the blockage in my arteries, but I have taken measures to amend my diet. I don't 100% eat right, but everything is altered some to improve my health. I know I need the stint. 

Tuesday, Tommy drove me to the doctor. I am home now, and exhausted. 

The other two pieces for the air fryer came--on the porch when we got home. While in Cullman I picked up the extra shelf for the freezer. 

Dinner tonight will be mostly vegetables and fruit for dessert. 

Today was a beautiful day. It was such a contrast to the stormy weather in North Carolina and north of there. How was your day? Any bargains out there? Tomorrow is the day ads change and I do not see anything exciting. Do you?

Monday, August 3, 2020

Potato Salad Breakthrough

I never make potato salad because Tommy says, "I hate cold potatoes." He also hates the eggs in potato salad. So, Sunday, I was making potato salad for myself and decided maybe he would like some hot and before eggs were added.  

The first thing I do to make potato salad is to boil the peeled and diced potatoes like everyone else does. The next step is dicing onions into the empty bowl. Then, I take the hot, drained potatoes and put them onto the onions. I think this sort of soften the onions and diffuses the taste into the potatoes. Then, the rest of the ingredients are put onto the top of the potatoes and mixed. 

The potatoes on the onions and about 1/3 of the Miracle Whip I usually use is where I stopped. I added celery seeds and then offered some of the half-made potato salad to Tommy. The potatoes were hot and there were no eggs, so he was amenable to tasting. He said it was not bad and asked for more. I was shocked. When he even asked for more, I was now twice shocked. Now, I know how to get him to eat "potato salad." 

He does not have to eat potato salad for any other reason than that I am not up to cooking separate dishes for him or for me! This is something I eat every three months, maybe more in the summer and less in the winter.  I love it cold AND with chopped boiled eggs. 

Do you cook something that you have to change in order for someone to eat it? 


Sunday, August 2, 2020

A Tomato and a Rant

When we left the house on Saturday, there was one perfect grape tomato. I picked it, wiped it off, and once in the car, Tommy bit it in half and I took the other half. It was delicious. 

Saturday night Tommy had the last lamb chop, baked potato, green beans,  salad: cucumber, yellow squash, baby carrots and Italian dressing and whole strawberries for dessert.

In a very few minutes on Saturday, Tommy and I managed to clean out two more boxes from the room where my things from years ago are stored here. It is amazing how much two boxes and a flat box being gone make a difference. I am in no hurry to get it out since it hurts me. But, a little done each day will see it cleaned out soon. Okay, not cleared out maybe but I can go for organized, lessened.

I have searched the internet for a clothes iron that has a smooth sole plate and does not spew steam. I hate a steam iron. Even if I buy a steam iron and never put water in it, there are still the holes in the sole plate. I have mentioned before that Tommy has never owned an iron or ironing board. If I am to sew, I need both. 

I can put a sheet down and use that for an ironing board, but the iron is still necessary for some things. A travel iron might work. What I won't do is get one of the little short boards to use. They are just a nuisance. 

Today, I finally found a thermometer. It is oral, not touchless. My thermometer was destroyed and he has never owned one.  I bought two more boxes of gloves. I am still searching for an oximeter. I found several blood pressure cuffs, but I don't know what kind, what I am looking for. Can anyone give me a clue as to what to look for in a blood pressure gauge/cuff?

On Saturday I was in line for over 30 minutes trying to check out. I thought I was going to explode but kept my mouth shut out of fear. A kid was riding a bike in and out of people social distancing. 

What I heard: 

trying to tell us what to do
chip under our skin
that 8 years I spent in prison
I know how to make a snare
no chip for me
I can catch enough food
mark on our forehead or no food
mark on hand to purchase

All the while the PA system was blaring a very creepy message about social distancing and how the store was going to care for us. I would have to be medicated if I were subjected to all this very often. 

Do you know if anyone still makes a full-sized dry iron? What is most important in blood pressure cuff/gauge? Any suggestions/brands? Have you been in a place where the people saying such things about conspiracies?

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Caution and Doves

It seems that red onions have been found to be the cause of a salmonella outbreak in many states. Since red onions were part of what was given to me, I am tossing those beautiful red onions. When I gather them up and toss them, I will wash my hands. I was looking forward to eating them, freezing most of them, and enjoying them this winter. 

Tommy has a pair of doves that have nested in the top crook of his drain system, right up against the brick.  He gives me a report on what they are doing when he goes out. The other day Daddy Dove was sitting on the railing of the ramp. I warned him the snake would get him if he did not go away and quit sitting on the railing. Daddy Dove did not listen, but at least he did not poop on the handrail. 

At my house, I had doves. Sometimes, they sat on the scuppernong arbor that was 9' x 18' . Since it was solid grapes arbor of vines, not just a wire or post with grapes, they had a solid, high, safe place from the cats that stayed in my yard in the huge oaks.  Occasionally, in the winter I would see a dove sitting on the ground with its wings spread out. I loved my doves, so now I have doves  in the yard again. I love the sound of doves.

It is so wonderful having a functioning phone. Tommy does not mind one bit if I need his phone or carry around his cell phone. The night before I talked to the doctor, I slept with his cell phone in a bowl. It has such a tinkly little ring, I was afraid I would not hear it ring. My phone has always had a good, hearty house-phone ring. 

Are you eschewing red onions right now? Do you have doves in your yard or have ever had them? 

Doctors and a List

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