Sunday, June 30, 2019

Bargains and Not

I do buy bottled water. And, I only buy Dasani no matter how cheap any other is.  I only started buying water after I was diagnosed with diabetes. I forget water and end up buying it. Usually Dasani 24-pack is $4.99. I only bought it when I could find it on sale for $3.99. Publix has frequent sales of buy 2 get one free. I passed this by. THEN, one day I decided to do the math. It turns out that each pack cost cost something like $3.83. Happy day! Now, I only buy at this price.

I would buy a bottle of water no matter the cost if I really needed it. Tommy sat in his vehicle until he was dehydrated, had keys taken away from him, and having to have police and EMT minister to him. He now listens and drinks water. I get two bottles of water from my trunk to take to his vehicle. Before, he would scream out the window that he did not need water. Then, he would not drink it and tell me to take it out of the car. Now, he says nothing and drinks it.

When I buy Coke without Caffeine, I buy it only on sale- 3 12-packs for $9.99. That is what I got this week and suddenly realized that 4 for $11 was a better deal if only by a few cents for each can--$.28 vs. $0.23. I will do better next time! Then, I figured out Walgreens has the same cartons--$8.99 for 3. UGH

Cokes--$9.99/3 12-packs
Daisy Sour Cream--3/$5 I only got one.
2 European cucumbers--free
Ruffles Chips, party size 13.5  ozs.--$2
Breyers Ice Cream 1.5 qts--$2

I think I have a bit of cream cheese. If so, I will make cucumber sandwiches.

I am so sleepy I can barely type right now.

There were many sales this weekend, but not a lot I needed or wanted. How about you?

Saturday, June 29, 2019


When Tommy called me at 10:30 pm Friday night like he does every night, he said he needed to go soon  because his back was hurting. I agreed and asked him why his back was hurting. He has never complained of a back ache. He did not know what happened to his back. He had done something during his "episode." His word, not mine.

He always sleeps in his recliner but was going to lie on his stomach on his loveseat. That ought to be really comfortable!

I no longer feel like the heat is affecting me, nor do I feel  ill. I do tire easily.

Saturday, the company I had the other night just before I got so sick is coming over to mow the yard free of charge. (Sat night--He never came or called.)

Friday night, I ate from the gallon of watermelon chunks until I was watermelon-logged. Then, I had milk and water followed by a huge Coke. My kidneys work really well, so well I peed all over myself before I could get to the bathroom. It is urgent I get there about every half hour. TMI? Get over it. I have about half a cup of watermelon left for Saturday.

On Thursday, I found  Hormel Compleats in the floor of the car. I had bought one on sale on June 14, according to the receipt. I don't remember that! Since I was hungry Friday night, I tried to eat it and ended up throwing most of it in the trash.

It's about 2 pm on Saturday and no one came to mow. Tommy is coherent. He said he did not fall and hurt his back, that it is a strain. But, he said, "It happened during the 'episode'."

The weather is amazing--beautiful, sunny, hot. It has been stormy all around. I have only gotten a smattering of rain.

I am fully recovered, but I am still very weak. I went to the grocery about 6 pm and spent too much.  Cherries were $1.99/lb. so how could I resist? I always eat bananas and apples. However, I only eat other fruit in season or when it is on sale.

How is the weather where you live?

Friday, June 28, 2019

Watering Plants and Friday and Welfare Check by Police

My neighbor who died at 94, was a role model for me when it came to plants. She had hanging baskets along her carport. In the plants along the outside of her carport, she had a bucket that caught rainwater. Inside the bucket was a old-fashioned dipper, the kind people drank from. She watered her plants with the dipper. She had a garden out back that she refused to water with city water. She said if her plants could not make it on their own, they would just have to die. She had great gardens and flowers. As far as I know, nothing ever died. Water is as expensive as food!

I have a patio table that I use for plants. Hosta have to stay there and out of they reach of chipmunks. Finally, I just started putting all my plants there. Recently, I obtained a few herbs and put them on the table. While I have been ill, they had to fend for themselves. Of course, no rain fell here, just all around our city.

Tuesday, they were gasping their last breath. I have a blue pot I was going to use to repot some herbs. I will put the pot right side up to catch water and use a cup to water my plants. It is the best, most frugal, and expedient idea I have had in a long time. The only other choices were not good. I would have to drag the hose all the way across the back of the house or carry tapwater from inside the house and down steps.

Today, before I decided to do this, I had to water them. I carried them all to the porch out of the sun and near a pan of caught water. It was amazing how they perked up after a few hours in the shade and sitting in water.

Lest you think I am going to grow mosquitoes, I won't. I put a drop or two of Dawn in the pan of water.

+Friday morning, about 4 am, all of a sudden I felt so much better. Moving around during the day and dealing with Tommy has gotten me under the weather just a bit. Still, I am getting better.

I called Tommy about 1:30 pm and was talking. All of a sudden it sounded like someone was rubbing cloth or carpet over the phone. This went on for ten or more minutes. Then it hit me. I tried his number once again. The line was busy.

The police went out for a welfare check and Tommy did not call me. So, I called the police in his town. Tommy would not let them in, told them he was okay and did not need help. YES, HE DID.

I called and left a dozen messages, then just called and hung up. Finally, for some reason he took the phone off the hook. Then, about 5 pm he answered. He said he had not talked to me since yesterday, and no, he did not remember the police at the door.  His voice showed his amazement.

He seemed concerned and said he would eat immediately. That scared me because I did not know if he would forget or think he was really okay. `I had already decided I would try to get to his house to check on him and I told him so.

He said he would leave the line open. I guess this was to prove to me he was doing something. As he got to the kitchen, I could hear him keeping me abreast of what he was doing and the fact he was coming back to the phone, when he sat down. I was greatly relieved.

He had gotten a little individual pack of peaches and a chicken breast. He talked to me and told me he was eating the breast. I had him eat the peaches first to raise blood sugar and then the chicken to keep it up. He did exactly as I told him instead of arguing.

He always throws up the fact that he has had diabetes longer than I have and he is doing just fine. Today, he did not argue.

He told me he just did not care, "If I die, I die!" I pulled Jesus and God out. "Do you think God would want you to die, to have a wreck and maybe only ruin your car, to wreck and kill a father or mother or a little child?  What would Jesus do?" He was quiet. I started crying and told him I would just die if he did. I would be lost.

In the meantime, he stopped slurring his speech. He has no idea where his monitor could be.

I suggested a thing to wear that gives him insulin he needs as he needs it, a thing to stick on his body. He said he has an appointment in two weeks and would talk to his doctor. I feel relieved but think it won't happen.

He called me back twice since then, so I feel confident he will be okay. I suggested he keep peanut butter and a spoon or knife and just eat some two hours after he ate whether he felt okay or not. That is the best I can think for him to do.

The ac made my feet cold, but I no longer feel drained from the heat. A friend offered me half a watermelon. I had seen her Tuesday and was at doctor  a few hours later. I told her I could not carry half a watermelon. She said she would put it in a bag for me. I thought she meant a tote bag, but she had put all the meat in a gallon bag. I sat down with a fork and ate almost all of it....I am a little pig.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Wednesday--Drying out the house and Thursday Still Sick

I found I had water in the basement. This was causing the upstairs to be too humid. Between the ac being set too high and the humidity, my energy was being sapped.

Wednesday,  guy1 brought a huge pump and removed a foot of water in less than an hour. Between that and the ac being reset, I am much more comfortable. I am not permanently damp. My hair can dry.

He set up my pump with the hose I bought and the new extension cord. When my friend guy2 came and fixed the ac, he said it was no longer pumping. So, I am not sure what is going on there. Guy2 brought him pump and removed the rest of the water Thursday.

I have an outdoor clock that has a thermometer and hygrometer. I put it near the kitchen and not near the ac. In the late morning, the temperature was 85 F, and the humidity was 53%. After 8 hours, the temperature was 75, humidity was 48%.  No water in the basement and better settings on the ac have made all the difference.

When the guy1 with the pump said he was coming, I snatched on the pants and blouse I wore on Tuesday and went out the door combing my hair. I sat in a lawn chair near entrance to basement. This house does not have a door from basement to house. The only door is an outside door. I like it that way.

Even though I was sitting in sun for a full hour at noon, I was still much more cool than in the house. I was amazed. Tommy was not. He could understand. The humidity just kills me.

Since the ac was adjusted, I have not been clammy for one moment!

Thursday, friend guy2 brought his pump to get the residue of water out, coming back often to check on it. Mine is new and does not work, ???

I still am unsteady on my feet.

It's now Thursday night. I have fest horrible still all day. I am now convinced I am not getting  better.

The humidity  and temp are even lower tonight.

But, tonight  I went to the free dinner. There were tacos. I did not have shell, beans, or rice. I had lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, tea. And, then I had seconds. I didn't finish the pie and ice cream.

I feel like I am not suffering from the heat, but I am the same or worse than before.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Tuesday Ugh

I have felt s horrible for the last two weeks, feeling worse each day. Finally, I reached the end.

No edits in this post.

Tuesday, we went to recycling and turned in Coke cans. The price myust have gone down per pound because we only received $2. I supposed that paid for his gas. But, we bought red grapes for him at Aldi for $0.79/lb. He was one happy man. I hate red grapes and like all the rest. At the Farmer's Market, I bought squash and peaches.

Then we went to the church lunch where they have guitars they play. Then, I bought milk at Publix. I did not feel like carrying in two half-gallons, so I just got one half-gallon and something else.

THEN, we went to a food bank. I had him drive me to another to ask a friend for a telephone number. When I arrived the last person had left, so I got food there.

When we got home, I had to at least carry in the food that needed to go in refrigerator and freezer. Then, I got in bread and pastries. I asked a neighbpr wjp is moving to carry four plastic bags to the back porch. I still had to  bring them in!!!

I sat down and told Tommy that I could not fix dinner, I just could not. I was having trouble walking before and now I could barely talk. He insisted he take me to the doctor, so we left.

At the doctor's I sat as soon as I could and told them I could not come to window. They are very nice and signed me in. Two people had to come out for me. They brought a wheel chair. I could barely get into it. They did not insist on weighing me, thank goodness and brought everything in to do vitals.

The doctor was an ass even though he is usually very! nice. He sent me to ER I had the choice of going in ambulance or Tommy taking me. He said he would take me.

I told Tommy I had forgotten to give him the gallon of milk. I had managed to give him all I was going to give him.  I had a bagged salad for him, squash and cucumber to slice in it. He also put my peaches and squash and cucumbers in the refrigerator.
At ER they were expecting me. Two people came and got me and parked me in front of desk. The woman said I could make any mark if I could not write. I managed to scrawl my name.I heard her telling sometone over the phone that my speech was affected. I never went to triage. Well, just kept going to a room.

First, I was parked in the hall by a sign "Room 8 hallway."  I asked the woman why I was in the hall having tests done. She said there were no rooms yet and this would spped the whole process.

I had the nicest ER doctor ever. They did all the stuff over again and hooked me up to some sort of monitor. I could read it. OA was 94 until they laid me back and it went of the 97. Blook pressure was 132/63. Bood, I guess. Pulse from 79 to 87. I think that is good.

Then, I had to give them pee. She asked if I could use a bedpan. Not with injuries to my spine. Then, she offered to catharize me. I thought I could use commode. The nurse rolled me to commode and stayed right with me.

I told people who questioned me that I had been too hot for days. I gave them six vials of blood.

The doctor came in and said I had a uti. I was given a shot and prescription. I HAD NO SYMPTOMS!!!!

Earlier, I had called Tommy. He was sitting in his car in front of the house trying to cool off. It was that hot in my house. I told him to go home, that I would get home somehow.

When I got the shot, they would dismiss me in 15 minutes. So, earlier I had called my neighbor and told him to come in 30 min. He took me to get prescription.

I could not climb into the borrowed truck he was driving. I just slid down and the nurse had to grab me and right me. I kept tellinh him I needed a stool. Finally, he said he could pick me up. He put his hands between my legs one from front and other from back and lifted me by my crotch. It worked. I wonder if tht Is something they are taught. ???

I had friend come to catch me if I slumped down getting out. He had to hold me. A we passed my car I wondered why my interior lights were on and looked in. He told me that his truck lights were so high they were shining into my car. As I tried to straighten up an turn and walk, I started thrashing about because I was dizzy and knees were buckling. Friend grabbed me with both hands and I thrashed about a bit more. He said something about my break dancing. I held onto him the rest of the way to the door.

So, that was my very busy and hot ttuesday. This is very hard to type. So, I think I will take a nap. Tonight, it will be cooler and the energy saver thing won't be working. I won't wake up drenched in sweat, not able to breathe.

Today, h came and adjusted ac. got I  off energy saving mode, lowered the temp setting. he cleaned filter, washing it at sink without my asking. now that it wont be 85 in here and I have meds, maybe I will get better.

oh, I talked to tommy who told me he took the six chocolate cupcakes we discussed, saying he 'founf' eclairs and coc chip cookis and took them, too, STINKER!!!

I was not hiding them from him. I was just getting sicker mby the moment. I  whined a lot ehen he tol ne, but it is okay and I told him so. I told him to bring me back at least one √©clair, and that it was okay he took all the chocolate. I just love chocolate eclairs and these were bakery ones. so were the cookies and cupcakes.

I came home with a hen, ground pork, sausages, and pack of brats.

some of this is out of order, but it  still feel like throwing up, have headache, off balance, muscle jerka--all things I told er doc. he said that uti in people over 45 can be really bad.

I am alive! For  four or five days, Tommy has offered to come get me and take me to doctor. I will be easier to convince next time.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Back from ER

I will write more tomorrow. I got a shot and prescription. People have to hold me up so I can walk.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

I don't know

I have no idea why but I have been ill for the last five days. I have no fever, no pain, nothing to pin down. I can barely walk. My legs feel trembly and I cannot get my knees straight. My legs feel bent at the knees all the time when I walk. My chest feels like someone is sitting on it. Those are my vague symptoms. ???

Tommy has offered several times each day to come from Birmingham and take me to the doctor. So far, I have rejected that.

Saturday morning about 5:30 I was on the floor and could not get up. I did not fall. As I was leaning over to pick up something, I sort of got off balance and just slipped to the side. I sat before I fell. The sitting was a conscious attempt to keep from falling. I was not dizzy or felt off balance. As I sat there with my knees up, I could not straighten out my legs because of what was in front of me. It would be three hours before I dared call my friend to help me.

Finally, I put forth the supreme effort and got myself  turned around where I could stretch my legs out and get over on my knees and reach for something on which to pull. I was hot and sweaty when I finally got up, got a cold washcloth and wiped my sweaty upper body, cooling me down. It took an hour lying still to calm down and cool off.

Each day, I feel a tiny bit better, not much, just a less awful feeling.  Since I barely leave my bed, I think I need to get up more. They get you out of bed in a hospital, so I will get me out of bed every day, several times each day. Going to the bathroom does not count. By Tuesday, I should go to the free dinner.

I have been very frugal in many ways. I have not gone shopping for anything. However, each night after 9 pm, I have gone to get fast food. I don't have to negotiate traffic, wait much for anything. I have only done this the last three nights., but won't do it tonight.

Since my hair is disgusting and very dirty, I cannot get out of the car. Between nasty hair and not feeling secure driving in heavy traffic, I missed going to the Farmer's Market and getting squash. Not one person had an opinion on squash casserole, so I will try what I remember.

Tonight, I must get into the kitchen and cook the turkey tenders. I might make coleslaw if I have the energy. There! I will have something to eat. I do have lettuce and tomatoes. I can make the squash casserole after going to the market on Tuesday.

When Tommy comes on Tuesday, I might go to the doctor. I don't know.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Squash Casseole

On Wednesday, dinner was planned. However, company spoiled my plans. This was going to be a dinner of several courses: cheese and crackers and Coke, followed by a salad, then there were strawberries for later. I came back in to a hot Coke, soft crackers, and very hard cheese.  The salad was eaten about 11 pm and the strawberries after midnight.

That screwed up my plans to sort the box of things from the car. I did get to look at the grocery ads for the coming week.

His visit was welcome, so that is not the problem. It is just that I had plans that involved food and we stayed outdoors and then he took me to show me a building. Then, we sat in the car and talked. No, this was not a personal relationship and visit.

I have given up on having Hosta in the yard. I now have them all potted and on a round table. Kitty may have eradicated all chipmunks, but I will take no chances for a while. This round table, a dining table, now holds all my plants. Why couldn't the chipmunks have an appetite for weeds or thorns?

Since I plan to make a squash casserole, I have to figure out the recipe in my recipe book or online.  As I remember, there is squash, buttered bread chunks, and cheese--all layered twice. But, I decided to look on the internet.

This is where it all went sideways. I know mine did not have soup, eggs or any of the other dozen items I found on the internet. I first made squash casserole in the late 70s and obviously it has evolved. So, I am going with cheese, squash, bread and butter.  Did I mss something?

After a stormy 11 minutes last night, the day has been a beautiful June day. The sun is shining. But, I think we are going to have another session tonight and tomorrow. The storm was worse in other places and people lost power and trees. Hopefully, the predictions are wrong.

So, Thursday was a beautiful day, contrary to the prediction. How was your day?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Kitty, Raccoon, Meth Addicts, Free Blueberries and Free Eggs

My friend is not very faithful to return my garbage can to the house because he is busy, forgets, and never drives this way. So, yesterday, I asked him if he would bring it back so I could take garbage from the house. I have unstinky stuff tied up in a bag inside. Some of it is in the freezer. He brought the can from the road to the house yesterday around 8:30 pm.

I will not carry trash out until he comes to take it to the road. He will come get it full of garbage at 10:30 tonight when he gets in from Birmingham.

At 7  pm this evening it was fully light. I heard a great commotion while I was on the phone with Tommy. It scared me. I ran to the window in time to see a raccoon looking around and pacing up and down. I reported the horrid noise source to Tommy and asked him to stay on the phone while I opened the door and looked around. I told him to call 911 if I were attacked as the raccoon might be rabid. The coon was nowhere in sight. Whew!

Since I changed all the trash to a can with a lid, the raccoon has figured out to knock the can over to get trash. I didn't use the bungee cords tonight because it is still empty. I suppose the raccoon comes here to check things out during daylight.

Kitty is nowhere to be seen. I don't blame her for leaving.

A  few days ago, someone told me the meth addicts who were here last year had had a visit from the cops because two of the four were on my friend's front porch smoking pot. Tonight, I asked my friend what he had thought of that. He was shocked as he knew nothing of it.

Tonight, he told me that he got rid of the addict who came back, asking for another chance while he got a job.  He let him stay, but the guy ate stuff and used his things without asking, so friend told the meth addict he had to go, that it was not working out. Good for him. He is learning.

Another neighbor gave me almost a gallon of blueberries from their bushes. There is a blueberry pie in my future. I love to eat frozen blueberries or to put them in a smoothie. I feel very lucky to have these.

I need to boil a free half-dozen brown eggs  and free potatoes. It sounds like I can have free potato salad. But, it won't have celery in it if I have to pay $3.99 for a head of celery!

Today, I have done little. Right now, I am annoyed that my Thursday night shows are not on. Today, I did a little laundry, washed a dish or two, and ate the rest of the other ham lunch. The lunch I ate yesterday had no cheese. The next one had cheese and was much better. Kitty was happy to get the bits of fat with meat attached.

I did bring in a box from the car with napkins, newspapers, all sorts of trash. Well, I have to go through it all and separate it into trash, recyclables, and items to save.  The free paper with ads in it and two other inserts for two grocery stores will be my reading tonight.

Do you have a free paper that is delivered that is all ads? These ads are from grocery stores, other establishments and paid ads for things individuals are selling.

Okay. I now know why my Thursday might favorites were not on Wednesday night!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Lunch, Rain, CVS

Tuesday was the day of free lunch that we pick up. Lunch--ham, squash casserole, green beans, roll and cookies. I think they actually baked the hams! It was the best ham I have had in  years. The green beans were from the can, just heated up, the way I like them. There were no onions, extra pepper or anything. I was happy. The squash casserole was not made by the recipe I use. I picked out the squash and ate it.  It seems that stuffing mix was used. There was no cheese. I ate heartily. Dessert--two cookies.

Tommy did not come as I was concerned about him driving in 70% chance of rain. There were no torrents like I expected, just gentle but steady rain some of the time. Still, there was no other reason for him to come, so I suggested he not come. He agreed.

Kitty may be afraid I will step on her. I have walked out three times, and she has steered clear of my feet.

When I went out of the house, the humidity body-slammed me. The ac is having a hard time removing it from the house. I am quite sure I can wring humidity from things in the Without ac, I would be in trouble.

After making a purchase at CVS, I got a $3 off coupon. Well, I went in the day it was expiring and bought a single jerky for Tommy and something else. If I had the receipt, I could give you a better idea of what I purchased. Anyway, I paid a bit over $1. At the register I got another coupon, this time for $2. Sooo, I shopped again right then.

At their cheap counter, I found potholders 2/$.50 and got 4 potholders. I forgot what else I got, but I paid less than $1.50 for merchandise worth about $7.

It would be more impressive if I had the receipts, but they are gone. This was three weeks ago. I doubt I will ever find the receipts. I am not Sluggy!

After lunch I needed to make two important phone calls, but I was nap-snatched. Dinner will be the second lunch I picked up.

How was your day? Rainy?

Monday, June 17, 2019

Father's Day and My Eye

My father has been dead for almost 30 years, so there was no one to celebrate by cards, presents, and presence. So, that was that.

Tommy and I talk every Sunday. It has been a source of frustration for both of us. He goes to church, comes home, heats and eats lunch and then most of the time collapses into a nap. I will call him and catch him eating, or he just walked in, watching something on TV or he is napping.

Finally, I told him to come home, eat, and then call me. So, now there is less stress and frustration for both of us.

On Father's Day, he called me and I asked what the church did for FD. Every man who was a father was invited to the front. My heart broke for Tommy. Each father was given a gift bag with a box or bag of Cracker Jacks, a bag of peanuts, and baseball cards. I determine I would get all that for him. He was the only man in the church left sitting and not down front! He said it turned out okay because there was one bag left and it was given to him.

When I had chickens, I always called him Chickie Daddy. I think he liked that. He was amused.

If my eye had felt better, I could have gone to the nursing home and made the day for some old guy. But, that did not happen, so the thought does not even count.

For almost a week, I have had a problem with my left eye. First, my eye was gooey in the outer corner, sort of like my eye was dry. Then, it became inflamed, very sore, and unbearable. The irritation went outside of the eyelids and onto the skin outside my eye. Or, maybe it was outside my eye the whole time.

Finally, today, I went to the same eye doctor I visited when I had an eyelash growing under the eyelid. This new thing is like a little infected volcano. She mentioned something about a stopped up gland, duct, or something.

A very nice doctor examined me, finally saying it was very sore, red, and full of yuck. She gave me an antibiotic for eye and said it should be well in ten days. Otherwise, come back. This took all afternoon!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kitty and Saturday

This morning I had to get up at 8 am. Usually, I awake about 3 am after three hours of sleep. But, on Saturday, I was sleeping soundly at 8 am after going to sleep at 3 something. By 10 am, I am home. I got on the laptop and nearly fell asleep several times. So, I decided to give up and take a nap.

I had to go to the bathroom and did so. I think I put on a nightgown. Now, I am wide awake! I never slept all day. It is now 11:50 on Saturday night. I have been lifeless and miserable all day like I am ill or becoming ill.

I just lied. I did drop off to sleep but felt pressure on the mattress and startled awake. When I turned over, the cat just about scared the life out of me. I screamed long and loud. She fled to the kitchen. Sooo, I had to get the cat out of the house. She did not want to go. I had looked at the clock before I dropped off the sleep and I had been asleep fifteen minutes when the cat got on my bed!

It seems the door was not fully closed. It was windy today, so the wind may have blown it open. Or, since the cat lies against the door, she may have accidentally pushed it open.

Every time I open the door and she is almost in the house, she startles me and I give a little scream. Now, I think a scream is the key to getting her out of the doorway.
Remember? I screamed as I almost fell and hit her with my foot.

I left the house for ice cream about 9 pm. She was ready to go in with me and fought to get in front of my feet. I had an envelope in my hand and swatted her with that. She is persistent.

Saturday, I accomplished nothing. I did not even eat well. I have a salad to eat when I get through here.

Friday, June 14, 2019


Several months ago, I talked to a young man who was cooking in a store and giving out samples. I asked him, like I do all the young people who are cooking samples, if he knew how to cook before he started his present job. I don't remember his answer.

But, I found out they have directions and videos to watch about each recipe. He said he really enjoyed cooking. Yes, he did learn things he took home and employed when he cooked. I was impressed.

Another time, he told me he was going to quit buying meals/snacks and cook for himself. He asked me if I thought he could feed himself on $50 each week. I assured him he could eat well on that amount of money.

The last time I talked with him, I asked him how he was doing spending $50 on food. He answered in the affirmative with a broad smile.  As we talked, he said he still had some food waste and really hated that. I suggested he get a gallon freezer bag or a quart jar and put bits of leftovers in the jar for soup. He said soup was okay in the winter but not now.

Well, by winter, the bag will be full. I pointed out that some people clean their children's plate of leftovers and use it for soup even if there is chicken or beef on the plate. That grosses me out, but if the parents are eating the soup, what do I care?

He thought this was a great idea and he would start doing that.  I told him some people put leftover lettuce in the bag in the freezer.

He thought it would grow e Coli. I assured him it would only grow e Coli if the lettuce had it on it when he put it in. There are a whole lot of "its" in the previous sentence. I suggested he search the internet and go to .edu or .gov or .nih for correct information.

He even bought an Instant  Pot. I was proud of him and amazed. This young man will make it and at least save money and be healthy.

Finally, he told me with no prompting or questioning why he started cooking. He balances his checkbook each week. He found that in one day he had spent $30 eating out. That did it for him. He was smiling and said he had even lost 12 pounds without even trying. I was congratulating him when he said that it was not much. I pointed out that gaining just ten pounds each year for the next 30 years would be tragic. Ten pounds is not much. He is actually very slim.

I suppose there is yet hope for young, single men!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Howling at the Moon, Bargains, Kitty

Today, someone did/said something to me about being handicapped. I was livid and was telling Tommy about it. He thought the person was within his rights. I asked him to explain. He said, "Well, you know 25 people were injured in Memphis." It made no sense. I was furious and came close to saying some of the worst ever things to him. I got mad and hung up.

Later, I called and asked him a question in a calm voice, never mentioning the previous argument. Finally, I said, "Well, are you going to tell me?" He wanted to know what I was talking about. I told him it was the only question I had asked him. I was getting suspicious. He said he had no idea what I was talking about.

"Okay, I am calling the police station!

First of all, Tommy know I am writing this.


Okay, that is it. His blood sugar is down.

The police, emt, and ambulance arrived with sirens blaring.

He did not hang up the phone, just told me someone was at the door.

I heard the emt talking to him. Tommy said, "Well, I don't have any clothes on. You can come in if you don't mind." I thought he just had on boxers. Nope, not a stitch.

His blood sugar was below 40 and he thought today was Friday and did not know who is president. THe turned to the phone to ask me. "Obama" I told him. The guy told him it does not count if he has to ask someone.  I had told him Obama to see if he would catch the mistake. He did and sort of fussed at me, saying, "Nooo, it is not Obama."  He could recite his own address.

Tommy said he was in New York and had a tower or something. He never could get "Trump."

His blood pressure was 180/110. The ambulance driver was asking if he should go to the hospital.. I got the emt on and told him how he was screaming because I was calling the police and was cursing, and that I thought it would come down.

It did come down to 110/73. They made him a pb sandwich and gave him milk, I think it was milk. His blood sugar came up to 51, not good enough they told him. I don't know what else they gave him to eat, but his blood sugar came up to 61.

Later, we talked. He said he thought I was crazy. Then, he said he wondered if it was him. I asked if he remembered screaming "Nooooo." He said, "Oh, yeah. He said he was standing with his walker and had his face/head turned straight up screaming to the ceiling and then wondered why he was yelling so. He said it was like howling at the moon.

Think of Brando's "Stelllaaaa! in Streetcar." It was that intensity and quality.

We could laugh about this. I know when my blood sugar is dropping (hypoglycemia) and comment to whomever that I cannot talk or sound like I am drunk. He does not have an inkling.

Let me tell you how Tommy curses. Do you remember in The Christmas Story how the dad cursed while the furnace made noise and you could never really understand the words. Well, that is how Tommy curses, only he makes the furnace sound, the sound that keeps you from hearing the words.

"Ga da, schw… ik spo chi chi uh." And, I can hear things bumping around and explosive breathing.

Does anyone else have someone with low blood sugar that scares you like he does me? Do they say strange things? Not understand what you say? Is there a reason I am aware and can articulate my problem and he cannot?

I tell someone my blood sugar is dropping. I tell them I sound like I have been drinking. I tell the person I cannot think of the words. I am not sure how I am able to articulate my problem and he thinks the world has gone mad.

About Kitty. She made herself scarce today. Tonight, when I came in the house about 8 pm, she was scaring me in the dark because I was afraid she would run under my feet. Well, she waited until I was on the steps to get under my feet. She hopped in front of my feet and sat there as I tried to step on the step. That meant I kicked her, not intentionally. I collided with her so hard that it hurt my toe. I screamed aloud out of pain, and she got away fast!

I looked back and she was sitting on the ground, just looking up at me. Maybe this accidental collision has cured her. I gave her food and talked nice to her. At least, I did not step on her or fall down.

At the grocery I found a cart of Honey Bunches of Oats for $0.99/14.5 ounces. Tommy likes them, so I got him four boxes. They had chocolate puffed rice cereal, so I got one for me. I could eat the whole box in one day. I like that the milk is chocolatey. Of course, I have eaten them dry for a snack.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Me or the Cat

One of us is going to kill the other. I was coming into the house tonight and she decided she was coming in, too.  I tried blocking her with my legs and feet, hissing at her, hurrying, yelling. She does understand "NO."

I was carrying a cut-down box with bedding plants in it. I managed to drop the whole box and damage some of the plants I picked out so carefully. Then, still fussing at her, I managed to close the door across the top of my big toe. I then fell backwards and hit the picture window. I heard it crack. While I have not looked at the window, I am hoping it was just the glazing or something that is not glass that I heard cracking.

The neighbors down the block could have heard me yelling at this stubborn cat. After I dropped the box of plants, I almost ripped off my big toe as I was trying to not step on plants and close the door, and fell against the glass of the window, I staggered to the bed, making lots of noise from the pain. And, of course, there is not anything in this house that can be used for pain, not even an aspirin!

My plan--get a flyswatter and tie a plastic bag to it. I will hang it on the porch. She hates the sound of a plastic bag.  I have no intention of hitting her hard, just enough to let her hear the plastic. Hopefully, she will back off when she hears it coming.

My neighbor took out my garbage tonight. I have picked up garbage every morning this last week. Whatever is getting into the garbage can now gets it all over the steps, besides the yard. And, this new can has a lid that sort of locks. Whatever gets into the garbage does not mind chewing on kitchen foil.

Tommy gave me two bungie cords from his trunk. He said he remembered my saying I might have to use bungee cords.

Today, I had an appointment at 1:30. At 2:30, I asked what happened since I had the first appointment after lunch and he was in the waiting room when I arrived. The receptionist told me a walk-in new patient came in before me and he had to see her first. WHAT???

Then, he stayed with me for an hour. By the time I got back to town, I was drained. I put gas in the car because there were few people at the station. I paid $2.18/gallon.

Since I forgot apples when I went to Publix on Monday or whenever I went, I got a few grapes, and strawberries, and apples.

Any suggestions as what to do to keep the cat from killing me?


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Doctor Visit, Market, Lunch, Dinner, Grocery Shopping

The appointment was at 10:30 and three blocks from my house. YAY! The only reason I took a morning appointment was he does not do afternoon appointments. The doctor wanted me to lie on the table so he could feel the area below breast and just below my waist. I cannot lie on the table without a pillow under my knees. I didn't want to ask for one, so I just raised my knees with feet flat on the table.

The back of my thigh started cramping and I started making noises. The cramp happened just as he barely touched my body. He was so confused, asking me if that light touch hurt. I could not speak, just make noises. When the cramp let up, I started laughing and told him it was a cramp on the back of my thigh. He said he got those too at night. I have a cramp in the back of my thigh about once every two or three weeks and only when I turn and reach to turn off the lamp.

I had lost two more pounds!

There was no free lunch today, good thing since I got out of the office at 12:30. Tommy was at my house, waiting for me. I did not have anything for lunch, so I got two Whoppers for the price of one.

When I finally got to the market at 1 pm, all the squash was gone. On Thursday, I will go early and get enough to make a squash casserole. Everything else for our meal with be no carb, so the squash casserole will not cause too much damage.

Tommy had gone to WM while I was at the doctor's office and had refreshed my stash of Ziploc plastic storage bags and freezer bags to the tune of nine boxes per my list.  Since neither of us can stand without hurting to wash dishes, we use these. He appreciates not having to wash my dishes to bring them back.

I usually let BK put mayo on my Whopper so the lettuce won't fall off. Today, no mayo. I brought it home and put Miracle Whip on it, and it was soooo delicious. I need to get the little MW packets to keep in the car. I put reduced chicken in a pan and sliced a potato, putting the slices and put all I could in the pan with chicken. The last two potatoes were wrapped in foil and baked in the same oven. Then, I took a half-hour nap.

He took home one breast and a baked potato, and the slices cooked with chicken. The breast was so huge he will get three or four meals from it. Somehow, one of the baked potatoes was left on the stove. While here, he had chicken, potatoes, and sliced tomato.

When he left, I put the chicken back in the oven so it would cook more and put more slices of potato in for me. It was ready when I came home from the grocery.

I went to Publix. My a2milk was $7 for two half-gallons. I purchased eggs, blueberries, bananas, two 16 oz. containers of Daisy Cottage Cheese--$2 each. Cream cheese was reduced.

Now, I am gagging at The Bachelorette.

Monday, June 10, 2019

I Damaged My "New" Car

*One day, I drove in a gas station that barely has room to drive at best. That day, it was very congested. But, the gas was cheap and I was there.  I was having to drive around the station in order to get in front of a gas pump where I could pump gas into my car.

The places trucks refuel the pumps is on one end of the station. So, as I was going around there, a van was parked near the openings in the ground. I could tell the van was doing some sort of maintenance on the gas openings.

I managed to scrape my right side mirror on the van. I got out and ran around the back of my car. The guy who was doing something down low in front of the van hurried back. I apologized and he tried to rub out the scrape in his white van. I licked my thumb and tried to help as I offered to go get my license and insurance card. He said to forget it as he rushed back and got the orange cones to put in front, back, and side of his work van. He was running.

Once again, I volunteered to get my information. He said it was not necessary. I think he was required to put out those cones by the company. I think he might have gotten in trouble for not doing so. I was off the hook and left without getting gas in case he changed his mind.

Now, my mirror casing is split neatly without a scratch on the surface.  It is sound and not liable to split more or fall off. A body shop said it would cost $350 for the mirror. Not happening.

*Tommy asked me if I was planning on going really fast in my new car shortly after I got it. I was puzzled and a little hurt he would even think I would be speeding. That is not me. I asked him why he said that. He reminded me there was a spoiler on the car. Well, I never saw that. I did not know what a spoiler was for.

*Since I parked in the WM parking lot, I now have dozens of dings, scratches, and the car has been keyed three times. Plus, limbs, large and small fall on it where I have to park my car. It is still very shiny and fine looking, drives well, and I still love it.

*There are still features I do not know how to use. I thought I had heated seats. But, as usual, the manual had features for many other Impalas. Shoot!

*I can see from the back seat into the trunk. Something is not hooked and I cannot do it. I wonder if the whole back seat is loose.

*The upholstery is the lightest color it can be without being white. My black knit pants that have been washed many times are making the driver's seat stained. My hair is all over the seat and back.

*There is a moon or sun roof that I fear will leak some day as tree detritus rots it. I am not sure how to prevent damage that will make it leak eventually. I never use the moon/sun roof. Anyone know?

*A sudden staccato sound came from under the dashboard. A guy told me it was a blow-blend actuator. I think that is right. It could drive a person mad. This is the little door that opens and closes to change from blowing warm or cold air into the car. It is stuck. Ever heard of that? Has your husband/brother? This just started about two months ago.

*Tommy had not ridden in my car until one day in April when I insisted. It was so difficult for him to get in since he cannot sit up straight and can barely bend his knees to get in. It was painful to watch the long ordeal.  I just wanted him to see how well it rode. A person likes someone to ride in a new car.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

We All Swallow Lies When Our Hearts Are Hungry

Think about the statement that is the title of this post. True?

Make sure your children do not have hungry hearts so they will be better equipped to discern the lies. Of course, the same statement applies to everyone, even us adults.

Buying items that are reduced certainly allows me to indulge in my vices. The Ghirardelli chocolate chips that were originally over $4 for a 12 ounce bag and reduced to $1.50 certainly serve as a cheap snack, fulfilling my desire for chocolate. Snacks may cost less than a nickel.

Chocolate chips and peanut butter are good together, so I use about a Tbsp. or more of peanut butter and eight or ten chips. Once microwaved, the chips and pb are easily mixed and can be eaten leisurely with a spoon.

This way, I am not tempted to spend at least a dollar on a snack or to bake something. If I were more motivated, I could make my own peanut butter cups.

I was reading about the ketogenic diet. When I read "no fruit," I was out. I know berries are allowed, but I am still out. Anne is a saint!

Friday, June 7, 2019


Last Fall my last post was about having no heat. I knew I needed a new 220 outlet since it had made huge black place on the outlet cover and had a burning smell. Before I left to go to Lowe's, I checked the cord to the heater. Well, the plug was melting.  I think it cost $30 for the heater plug, 220 outlet, and outlet cover.

So, I averted a crisis by not using the heat and checking the plug as well as the outlet and cover. I gave the neighbor $30. He said the amount was fine. I saved $100 by NOT using the $140 electrician.

It was cold but not unbearable since I knew exactly which day I would have heat. I did not hesitate to use the dryer or oven during these few days.

The milk in the refrigerator was not cold as usual. Several items in the freezer started to soften. Sooo, I planned to get a refrigerator. The delivery people, well, one of them was an idiot. I told them to put the refrigerator back and take the new one back to the store. It was still on the truck. I was going to pay someone with a brain to deliver the refrigerator. As it turned out, the milk once again became almost icy cold.

The only thing I can figure is that dirt on the underside of the refrigerator was loosened as they put it on the dolly. I found a large mat of dirt that looked like thick felt on the floor. The floor was clean and the filter had been cleaned. I am still not sure, but it appears that the underside of a refrigerator can become very dirty.

Who can clean the underside of the refrigerator? It rolls out to clean under the refrigerator.

When Tommy was here, I gave him a bit of milk to show him how it was barely cold. He said his milk was always that temperature. That temp is not safe.

This is only my second refrigerator since 1966. I am not ready to buy another.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

I Almost Ate It!

When I go into Publix, I always cruise the reduced section. There was a small plastic container that listed three main ingredients--turkey (or chicken), brown rice, and mushrooms. Since it looked great, I picked it up. The label said BLUE.  I knew BLUE BUFFALO was dog food. But, the label was just BLUE.

Several days later, I decided to heat it up. I was looking for directions as to whether the plastic container could be put in the microwave. THEN, I saw words to the effect of "for your dog."

I came this close to eating dog food!

The other day, I pulled/spit out a bite of chicken because I thought I had a  splinter of chicken  bone in my mouth. NO, it was a chunk of a tooth that broke off below the gum line. A week before I  thought a tooth had split top to bottom and I was correct. I had already spent money on this tooth with a root canal. This predicament means pain and money spent in my future.

One day two weeks ago, I was eating cherries.  I had six cherries and managed to swallow four of the seeds. It is not like this requires much skill. Maybe I have swallowed one cherry seed in the last 30 years. So, I did eat cherry seeds! I wonder if cherries will grow in my stomach.

Who knew a person could have an eating themed post about things she should not eat and almost ate?

Can you share an experience where you almost ate something you should not? Or, maybe you or your family did eat it?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Weight and Things

Because of a continuing leak under the sink, I ate fast food way too much for about three weeks. My finances were disastrous. I figured I had gained an inordinate amount of weight. At the doctor's yesterday, I stepped on the scale with trepidation. Thankfully, I had not gained a pound.

For some reason, all I want to eat is something that has Jello in it. My latest jag is Jello, cottage cheese,  crushed pineapple and Cool Whip. You know--pink stuff. Of course, you can use any color Jello. This all started with my love of cottage cheese, Daisy brand to be specific.

The next time I make this, I will whip cream, leaving behind additives and gross stuff. I love Cool Whip, but have you ever read the ingredients?

We are standing at 22 days without a drop of rain here. Some places in the state have had rain, but not this city. My grass does not need to grow anymore! I still have not found anyone to mow my grass who does not want a small fortune.

Wednesday night, I thought I saw a peeping Tom at a neighbor's house. At first, I thought it was the homeowner, but the person was acting shifty. And, did I say that one of the meth addicts has been taken in again by a person on the next street? By the way, the last time I thought I saw a peeping Tom at a neighbor's house, I was right. The police got about five calls that night. He was caught later. That was 30 years ago.

Wednesday was low-key until I tried to pick up a prescription.  Do you think this one was sent to the right pharmacy? No, it was not, just like yesterday and from a different doctor. The person suggested I go home and call back to see when they had it transferred and filled. No. I do not want to go home. Circling the pharmacy was the best solution. Grrr!

Yesterday...and Kitty Update

Of course, it was a free lunch Tuesday. Chicken fingers, salad, lemon pie, and unsweetened tea. Someone always brings mine and Tommy's lunch. He left off the tomatoes and cheese. Oh, well.

I had to be at a doctor's appointment at 1:15, but we left with only 49 minutes to make the trip. I drove since I can make better time than Tommy and more safely. I got into the office at about 1:20 and did not leave until 4:30. This time was spent getting a hearing test in addition to talking to the doctor.

This is the third ENT I have seen and by far the nicest one. I went to the first ENT and had to see his partner the next time. So, no, I am not just hopping from one doctor to the next, trying to find a nice one. It just worked out that way.

Usually, I bring stuff for Tommy to eat, but somehow thought wrongly that since we got up from lunch, he would not need anything. Bad mistake. Thankfully, he had a bottle of water in the car, I could see him eating a red sucker I left in the console.

We stopped at a McD where I got a plain $1 hamburger. He got something that was two patties and cheese for $1. That and drinks from another doctor's office where I was picking up records held us over until we got home.  Next time, I will make sure I pack us some substantial snacky foods like I usually do!

I was drained. When we got to the pharmacy and waited 10 minutes in the car, my prescription was at the south location. At the doctor's office I wrote out the word NORTH, said it three times, and still it was called in to wrong location. The attendant at the window said it happens all the time.

At home was pulled pork, tomato, and corn on the cob. Tommy had a choice--come in and wait until I boiled the corn, heated pork, and sliced tomato OR sit in the car while I boiled the corn and packed it up for him to take home. As he often does, he opted for me to bring it out so he could leave. It was getting late.

Since the ads went off on Tuesday, I bought 4 more 49 oz.cans of sliced peaches at one store and bananas at another along with a 4 oz ice cream. After I collected my prescription, I went home and fell in bed about 7:30 and slept until 8: 40 this morning. Of course, I awoke when Tommy called me, and when I was hot and needed to go to bathroom. I am still exhausted.

Since I had ice cream instead of dinner, I ate dinner for breakfast. It works.

I remarked to my neighbor that Kitty was going to make me fall. She has started rushing past me and hitting my calf as she goes in front of me. He said she bit him hard. He said she was very aggressive when she wanted food. Remember, this is not his cat and never has been. He said if he had not had boots on that she would have ripped his leg. Now, I have a biting cat on my hands!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Dollar Tree Find

Ladies Open-Toe Slippers
Dollar Tree Slippers
This is my favorite slipper. They were at other dollar stores from $3.99 to $5. They are so flat, thin and lightweight. I love them. The others I bought were washable and washed well. I have no idea if these will hold up in the washing machine. Of course, I bought pink.

One year, I decided to get a "better" pair, thicker but the same terry cloth look, at Belk's for about $16. They were cushy, foamy and a disaster. I kept falling off them from the first step! They were not stable, just 3/4 inch of foam. I took them off within a minute and returned them.

I haven't seen a pair like this for years. For $1 this is a bargain. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong size. I had both sizes in my hand. Obviously, I put back the pair that was my size. Have you ever worn this slipper, the one with no form or stylishness?

Monday was laundry day, I suppose. I had to hang on the line the clothes I washed at the laundromat and fold them. There was also a load of black pants and blouses to hang in the house. A load of whites went into the washing machine.

Monday was a much less stressful than Sunday! (last post)

On Sunday, I put butter on my last piece of bread, put it on a piece of foil in the oven on broil.. Then, I went out to the car with woman who came for about ten minutes. I almost cried because it was black and ruined. The kitchen was so smoky. Later that night my eyes started stinging me. So, the laundromat incident was just one of many incidents that had me feeling so "off" on Sunday. Anne described it perfectly in a comment on my last post--"everything I touched turned to crap."

Kitty left me two half-consumed presents...right in the path from door to car. Thanks, Kitty!

Frustration Sunday

When I lie down, my muscles jump. My arms/limbs do not jump or move. Often that muscle is sore like it had been overused. This phenomenon puzzles me. Today, my muscles have started jumping when I am not lying down.

Sunday, I decided to take a load of clothing needing hot water to the laundry and pay $2 for the machine. I loaded the machine with clothing and eight quarters. As I pressed the "start" button, I realized I had not put the laundry tab in the machine. It was still in my pocket.

There was nothing to do but wait and put more quarters in and the laundry tab. So, for 16 long minutes, I simmered in the oppressive heat. I stuffed two more dollars into the changer and waited to put the detergent tab and eight more quarters in the machine.

I put the quarters in and once again pressed "start" without putting in the detergent. I was so hot from the oppressive heat and disgusted. Another 16 minutes before the door would even open.

The third time, I put the detergent tab in before the eight quarters. Finally. All told, I was there over an hour and exhausted. I could not believe I had spent $6!

Back home, I decided to hang clothes on the line, hoping my allergies had calmed enough so I would not have allergy problems. The line was filthy and clothespins were old, black, and breaking. Only five items made it to the line. But, the line was cleaned. Unfortunately, the colored the whole day.

A friend chose that moment to come by. We had planned her coming over, and the time was okay, but for hanging out laundry, the timing was not okay.

At the end of all this, I had had enough heat and frustration to last me for a while. Have you ever kept making the same mistake over and over?

We have not had rain for 17 days. In three days we have rain predicted. I doubt it. I love the beautiful, bright, sunny, hot days.  Mostly, the whole state is rain-free. Some places have had brief showers. I almost feel guilty when I see the flooding and tornadoes all over the country.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Heaven Help Me in the Dollar Tree

Small items in the bathroom have been commingling with disastrous results. I carefully planned how to remedy this confusion. I have seen the long dividers for utensils used in junk drawers and such. These are about 10"x3" and look just right. The ones at the Dollar Tree are cheaper than ones at WM.

I headed to Dollar Tree for one item only--small mesh lingerie bags. I want these to use for produce instead of plastic bags. The damage to the earth caused by plastic makes me sick to my stomach, yet I continue to use some plastic. The reusable bags are 3/$1. I bought two packages. These are so small that I can wash them in the sink after using them  for produce. Hanging them on the line will be easy.

While in the store, I remembered the dividers. I found no long ones, but think the square and rectangular ones will work out, maybe even better.  I remembered a conversation with Tommy about how I lose small things in the freezer or that they slide out when they are small. I got another two plastic dividers to hold single servings.

I passed a display of books and decided I would buy two interesting looking titles. Then, I saw a little crossbody bag of plastic that looked just right for my purposes. Of course, two dishes caught my eye--one heart-shaped dish and another star-shaped.

Oh, I passed a bottle brush. I have been wanting the old-fashioned kind with bristles. WM bottle brushed were too expensive for my tastes. This one only cost $1.

Thankfully, I was hurting and could not shop any longer. I was horrified that I spent $22. It is a good thing I was at the Dollar Tree instead of Macy's or even Belk's! I have not been in Macy's in 10 or more years.

Remember the hypertufa? Well, it was molded over a plastic pot. But, it will not come off. I told the teachers that my pot had four holes, sort of like straws and 1/2 inch long. I was assured it would be okay. Well, it is not okay. The hypertufa filled the holes and the concrete makes it impossible to remove the hypertufa. ??? Maybe a screwdriver and hammer will remedy this predicament.

My yard is a mess. The mower guy has been moved to the third shift and sleeps most of the day. Although it has not rained in two weeks, the grass and weeds have taken off.

Do you ever get carried away in the Dollar Tree or your favorite cheap place? Share please.

Out of Control, Death and Carb Effect

In my kitchen there is an embarrassment hiding. When I moved in here in 1977, I initially placed recipe books, torn out recipes, hand written recipe books, and single sheets of paper with recipes in one place. You know that corner part of a cabinet? The part you cannot readily see? Well, there has been "drift" from that perfect spot.

It is a mess since the smaller pieces of paper and full sheets have drifted out from their spot. Occasionally, I have sort of straightened this out and tried to contain the "drift" that seems to inevitably occur when I have the doors to the cabinet shut. It's sneaky!

Although the concern has been decades in the building, I finally decided to do something about it. For months I considered finding the perfect box the size of a sheet of paper to use to pull out all the "drift" so I could sit and sort. Mind you, five minutes of pulling out paper would be the limit. Finally, I spotted a storage box, clear with locking lid. This will work. It may take me months to conquer this hidden problem. But, I am determined it will be done.

Send me some psychic energy. I need it. Maybe a few threats will help. I never seem to get to the bottom of this pile. It is sort of like never finishing the ironing in the basket.

Don't get me wrong, picking through the piles once in a while occurs. . . . seldom, but I do try to pretend I am cleaning out the cabinet. I suspect most of the recipes will no longer interest me.

I decided to call my best friend ever since a call was overdue. When I could not find her number, I googled her name and got an obituary. The room spun. My vision was fuzzy. The room darkened. Her death is the most devastating death outside my immediate family. She died two years ago at age 72, the age I am now. The explanation--a brain bleed from Eliquis and Aleve.  I need to know more.

We both pulled our cars up to the pool to pick up our older children. We both got out of our respective car with an almost-two-year-old in arms. I told her, "Elvis died." She stammered and sort of laughed, suggesting I was kidding. We both cried.

My five hour "nap" on Friday afternoon/evening was the result of shopping stress, heat, and carbs. Certain carbs make me pass out, not literally, but my head on a pillow means four hours gone. At the lunch the other day, my blood sugar rose too much, so we left and I walked round and round the car as I waited for Tommy. The little bit of extra exercise did seem to work to bring my blood sugar down. I think the two portions of cake kicked me over the edge. The portions are so small that I really only had a normal sized slice of cake. Of course, I had been up for 15 hours. Does anyone else have this occur? Do carbs have a knockout effect on you?

Holiday Transitions

 Saturday still. Tommy is just now getting around to taking all the meat off the turkey. I took off the breast meat and it is in the freezer...