Tuesday, June 30, 2020

I Could Easily Make This a Habit

Today, as Tommy and I left the house, I was shocked at the size of the package outside the door on the porch. It took a struggle to get the huge package inside. Tommy helped me by yanking on the package and making me fall on my face as I was pushing it across the carpet with feet outside.

Right on the package I could see it was the Cuisinart ice cream maker. Cuisinart told me over the phone it would be here July 2. So, today was a great surprise...a nice surprise.

Now, if packages would just arrive every day. I like this. I could get into the habit of opening boxes.

We finally got the package in and situated. I had to cool off from gardening. The bowls for freezing are shockingly heavy. The Cuisinart box like you would find on a store shelf was 26 pounds. Now, I know that I cannot lift 26 pounds or carry that much. I had to "walk" the inner box to me.

Oh, the packaged box only filled less than half of the corrugated shipping box! I could have ordered two and both would have fit in that box.

I am going to wash it in a few minutes. Since the inner bowl, the freezing bowl must be frozen from 16-24 hours, no ice cream for us until tomorrow. I have no idea what I will make first.

The bowls are huge and very heavy. One is much heavier than the base! Since they are so large, they will need almost a whole shelf in the freezer for them if I make two bowls at a time.

This Cuisinart ice cream maker is half-price now. For a stay-at-home treat and to save money for a person with several children, this would be a bargain.

I am looking forward to no gums and oils and other additions in my ice cream.

At 2:45 today, we went out to plant some of my vegetables. My goodness it was hot! I wore a short dress and sandals and should have been more covered up because of the sun. I had to water all four of the reservoirs the boxes, pull out produce from the other three boxes. Tommy helped with pulling up old food plants.

I planted two half-dead tomato plants--Better Boy. I left the two well-watered zucchini and another plant for another day, left them on top of the box. I carried out the snake and left it on a box. These are grow boxes full of soil mix. I had to come in because sweat was in my eyes, and I felt woozy. I got so sweaty. It was 91F.

Tommy worked with me the whole time, so it would have taken me 1.5 hours if I had been alone. I do the plant stuff and he turns on and off water and drags the hose to me. He sits on his walker and I drag a wicker chair about and sit to plant and work fertilizer into the soil and water.

I cannot wait for squash and zucchini and tomatoes to be ready to eat.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Wasted Time, Gas, Energy

I need to send a fax and could not find a place here to send one. So, we drove all the way to Homewood and went to a Office Max/Depot. I was exhausted and hot by the time we got there. I spend $17 to send a local fax of nine pages.

While we were there, I suggested we go to the bread store on 150. Tommy said it was no savings in time or distance, thus no savings in gas. I bought four loaves of the bread I like, a package of white hot dog buns like he likes, and one package of chocolate cupcakes with frosting in the middle. We share this, never eating a whole pack. Buying four loaves of bread will keep us from making the trip for about 3-4 weeks. It is nine miles from here to bread store with nothing else on the way. 

Then, we stopped at Publix so I could get a few things, chief among them was strawberry Jello for the poke cake. The assistant manager brought an electric cart to me. Suddenly, I had as idea. Since he was not a teen worker, I supposed he might know.

After telling him we went to Homewood to send a fax, I asked him if he knew a closer place in Hueytown. "Right here," he said. I cannot believe that we went so far and this was a mile from us. Yes, it was listed under their other services behind the service counter. So, now I know but may never have to send another fax after sending two in four days.

The first time I ever went into Publix and got a cart, the manager told me to call them and an electric  cart would be brought to me. I do use this service.

I did tell Tommy we needed to use the other bits of bread before we opened the new loaves. So, he agrees and will be good about us not storing bits of bread and buns. However, at some point I will put some of the leavings in a bag for bread pudding this winter.

Yesterday, I had a crockpot meal all packaged together and frozen. I put the roast in the crockpot almost fully frozen, put the bacon bits in scrambled eggs, poured out all but a tsp of the bbq sauce, did not use the rub, and cooked the collard greens in a pot on the stove. The roast beef was wonderful without salt and pepper and just one tsp of the bbq sauce in half cup of water and poured over the top. Of course, I tasted it. 

Since I had thawed cooked, frozen chicken breasts on Saturday, we had chicken again Sunday with the collards and applesauce I made. The roast will wait as we are having chicken breast again in another iteration. Tommy is just happy to be fed.

Last week, I took all the clothes I bought back to Belk's and could not return them for the price I paid because I could not find my card I used to purchase them. I searched my purse in the car while at the lake. Last night, I lay in bed and emptied my purse again. The card was between the pages of a small pad. whew! I fear the store will close again before I get these clothes off my card.

Sunday, Tommy let me use his cc to buy a Cuisinart Ice 100 Ice cream maker with two freezing bowls. It was reduced almost 50%. We should enjoy this. I intend to use bananas in mine and something else in his. 

When I get hot, it always causes digestive grief for me. So, todays' wasted trip wore me out and the resulting upset left me weak. 

Storms were predicted for most of the day. They are else where, not right here. The blue sky and tall, stacked fluff clouds. Well, it is 6 pm and some rain should be here soon. 

Does wasted driving make you tired? Does the heat cause you intestinal distress? 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Food/Eating Plan

Finally, everything from the refrigerator freezer is in the new upright freezer. There are things I barely remember. Most of it is meat with more pork and ground beef than I remember. If all the small bags of strawberries were in one container, there might be a half gallon of strawberries. There was one purchased 10 oz. package of field peas. A tiny lone 4 oz cup of frozen peaches is now being eaten  by Tommy when he should be eating the fresh peaches I bought yesterday. I didn't say anything because he was so happy to find it...lol. There are little vegetables and fruit.

During five commercial breaks we have gone to the kitchen to finish up what I started. He puts the basket I bought on his walker seat while I hand him packages of food. Then, he rolls it to the new freezer and I put it in where I want it. He hands it to me, especially the larger packages of meat. It is hard for me since my left shoulder and arm do not move like they should.

The door is for bread and butter and frozen fruit. The top shelf has two pie crusts I thought were used up and two pounds of walnuts which I hate and Tommy refused to eat for some reason. ??? The two pounds of pecans will be eaten now that I know where it is.

The middle shelf is for cooked meats that I put into the freezer as they were left over or needed to be frozen since there would be too much being left in the refrigerator for too long.

The lower shelf has packages of store ground beef, ground pork, and cuts of meat. The uncooked chicken goes there, too. The bin below holds several turkey breasts, some bone-in and some boneless. And, one turkey I just put in last week.

The plan is to eat every bit of meat that I have cooked and frozen. It looks like I won't have to cook for more than three weeks, at least. It's mostly chicken. I think there is half a cooked boneless turkey breast. It would have to be the oldest cooked meat in the freezer. Tommy was looking and sounding happy with what we found.

If I can find some strawberry Jello, I am going to make a poke cake. I also found a box of Cool Whip from Christmas. And, the two frozen pie crusts from Christmas were hiding under everything.

Now, I need to freeze the pie apples. Or, maybe I will make an apple pie. LOL...my ambition is greater than my energy. So, all this will be slow going.

I need another shelf for the freezer. The packages of ground beef and pork look flat, but they are not and slide out of the freezer. Plus, I am going to get bins to hold things in place in the freezer.

Now, when frozen vegetables are on sale, I can stock up. Plus, I can find it in the freezer after I store it. It is amazing how much food I had in the ref/freezer. It was so full I could only take out the latest purchases. After having a freezer for about 30 years, I missed it. 

I still did not do an inventory. Later.

For today I have a frozen crock pot dinner I will make for us. 

Now, I can put ice trays in the top of the ref/freezer. I have missed ice. Do you love your freezer as much as I do?

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Free Turkey

Added to the freezer:
Free small turkey, free bscb. So, about 15 lbs. of poultry.
Two packages of naan.
Leftover buns. Now, they will not mold!

Taken from freezer:
loaf of bread.

I am still in the process of adding the items from the refrigerator freezer to the new freezer. The turkey and bscb were acquired this last week. I need Tommy to help me control the avalanche when doing the transfer. The view into the new freezer is looking nice to me. The one thing I have not done is to make a list of what I have in the freezer. At this point, I can just see it all without having to move things about.

I ordered another Rada knife. I still think Tommy is throwing out knives with paper plates. I will confess if I find them.

While looking for a glove to avoid cutting myself, I found one for $11 and a really good one for $69. Since I am not a meat cutter, not fast anyway, I think the lesser one might do the trick of keeping me from letting blood again. Has anyone ever used or had experience with one of these safety knives?

We sat and watched the ducks and geese again today at Sportsman's Lake. It certainly was a perfect outing. It was amazing to see the Sahara Desert dust storm all around. We started talking about the Summer With a Winter. I figure grow lights inside are the way to go.

Since it is almost 9 pm., I should cook something. I think it will be a mixture of leftovers in a skillet warmed with olive oil, garlic, and topped with cheese.

Edit: sliced baked potatoes heated in skillet with chopped onion, garlic, and olive oil, diced tomatoes, diced leftover meat heated with hot onions and potatoes, cheese on top and heated until it melted. It was good and used up leftovers and a tomato that was going off, well another fresher tomato was used also.

Okay, what experience have you had or what knowledge do you possess about the knives meant to save fingers from sharp objects? I never used my mandoline because of my fear.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Colossal Waste! And Squash Catastrophe!

I did not cry over spilt milk. I screamed to the top of my lungs. It was just a short scream, though.

As we came from a Monday food pickup, I had Tommy stop the car and I got out to look in the back seat and adjust things. I backed away to close the car door and was showered with milk from my hair to shoes. A gallon of milk fell out, landed on its bottom--sort of on the side of the bottom.

And, I shrieked with alarm. Yep, milk in my face and hair, my midsection soaked and milk in my shoes will cause me to shriek. The milk hit with such force! Three quarts!

As I closed the door and got back into the front seat, Tommy asked me if any got on me as I  am still gasping and wiping my face with only my hand. I had to ride home in milk. The inside of my shoes were soaked. After wiping with a wet cloth, I put them on the air intake in the hall where they still rest. 

On Tuesday, we went out the front door and I was shocked since my largest squash was gone. All I could think of is that someone stole it. My stolen plants and pots from last year are still in my mind. Nope! It had fallen off the porch. Wind was not the problem since there had been none I could remember from yesterday. 

Then, I thought maybe a cat had rubbed up against it. That happened to my Hosta in pots.

This huge squash plant leans from the pot in the direction of the sun. So, I think it must have gotten top-heavy and fallen since there is no ground for it to lean on. So, now I must go out and put more dirt in it and figure out how to turn it a bit. 

This may have been a pot that I put empty bottle into to save on dirt. I don't think so. Lots of branches were broken, but squash plants have thick stems, so maybe they will heal. I might have to pick tiny squash. We will see. 

As of this writing, I either have pleurisy or pulled a muscle in my back. I carried a gallon of milk into the house, something I am barely capable of holding. Then, this morning I picked up a huge pot of squash plant and dirt. ugh, cannot yawn or take a deep breath. Sneezing and coughing hurt, too. 

Tell me about your experience that parallels my milk bath, if you will. Have you ever had a pot in a plant just fall over?

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Freezing Foods in My New Freezer

It took me several days to be able to clean the freezer. Now, I am staggering across the kitchen changing things from the refrigerator's freezer to the upright freezer. Plus, things are plunging to the floor. I thought Tommy was going to help me with the avalanche that happens, but he thought I would tell him to come help. I did, but he kept going...lol.

I have found multiple pieces of chicken frozen in single servings, all cooked. I intend to use these up before I put more single servings in the freezer. Well, I froze 4 baked chicken tenders that will make two meals for two. And, the two thighs in one package will make two meals for him while I eat breast.

This works well for me! I can also freeze more cooked vegetables or blanched ones, whichever happens.

Tonight, I cut two huge bell peppers and have them quick freezing before going into freezer bags. When I put them in bags, I may cut more tonight.

Tommy is peeling, coring, and slicing apples for me to season and freeze for pies or whatever.

I bagged all the bread/buns/breadthings and have them stored on the door of the freezer. Also, I have strawberries and blueberries stored there. The bottom bin and shelf are for raw poultry. Other raw meats will be to one side of the raw poultry shelf.

There are about 12 lbs. of baby carrots waiting to be eaten or frozen. Likewise, there are probably 12 lbs. of of onions waiting for me.

Have you ever frozen potatoes? The internet and everything I know says NO. But, frozen potatoes are sold in the grocery store.

At the market last Saturday, I bought 6 freestone peaches for $6 and 6 tomatoes for $6. We are eating these, not freezing. OKAY,  he says they are too juicy. I will slice and freeze two or three of them. I could eat them all at one sitting, but I cannot have much fiber.

Tonight, Tommy had baked chicken tender, leftover baked potato,  diced tomatoes and Bell pepper with dressing, and a peach. I had baked chicken tender, baked potato with no salt, tomato with dressing, and peach.

It will be wonderful to have a freezer full of food that I do not have to process right that moment in order to have dinner! If there is another shutdown, I am not confident things I want in the way of food or supplies will be available.

My tomatoes will not be enough to can or freeze, just to eat. Freezing is much easier on me than canning, so I may go to the Farmer's Market on Finley Ave. and get a bushel of tomatoes and put those up in the freezer. It would be better to just get a basket and freeze those. Easier.

What are you freezing or canning?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Walking Time and Yeast

Tommy was correct. We both timed my walk and it was under three minutes and over a minute and a half. That is disappointing. Honestly, the walk felt much longer! I was exhausted and my legs were trembling and I was winded. My back hurt for hours. Pathetic!

Next time, I will walk until he tells me I have walked for four minutes. I have him come out to watch me because I am so wobbly walking and feel like I will pass out from the exertion. Yes, pretty bad.

Buying the book about railroads proved to be a good choice for Tommy. He was reading from it before he even sat down in his chair. Everyday, he gets it and reads more. It is the type book that he can read from by choosing the section he wants. Reading is a much better alternative to just watching TV. He is mostly open to alternatives I bring up.

Did you know that "Chattanooga Choo Choo" was the first record to sell a million copies? Neither did I.

It is so rainy and stormy here that we have stayed inside all day today and all of the last few days. I don't even need to go out to water my plants. Right now--4:30 pm, it is 73F and the humidity is 91%. The humidity is palpable.

The ads for stores are not much this week. Hopefully, this next week will be better. Don't get me wrong, there are good sales, just not anything I want to buy.

The coupons are great, especially the ones for Ball jars, lids, and rings. So far, I have two copies of the ads, so two sets of Ball coupons.

I forgot to weigh today.

Fleischman's yeast, the little three pack, is abundant here. If anyone wants me to purchase and mail any, i will.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Weight, Exercise, Fingernails, and Blogger

Yesterday, Monday, I did not walk due to all the rain and the fact I slept a lot. Plus, I sort of forgot. I asked Tommy on Saturday how long I walked--he said 2 or 3 minutes. Nope, more than that, I hope. I need to walk 15 minutes every day. So, I am hoping it was more like 10 minutes. Whatever time it was, I will have to work up to my goal.

When I awoke Sunday, I weighed myself in only my panties and before I ate. I was down 1 pound more than I have been in years. Monday, after eating breakfast and lunch and drinking 10 ounces of milk and 16 ounces of water, I weighed 3 pounds less than Sunday. I wonder.

I have consistently had four slices of bread each day. I know. That is a lot. However, eating lean chicken and vegetables and fruit seems to have made a difference in my weight. Well, the chicken two days was full of Feta and the next was in some sort of breading with cheese.

Sleep has come more easily since I cut back on the Melatonin. Now, my back itches most of the night until i give in and take allergy meds.

Is there a place to check spelling on Blogger? Why do i have to come back to the present post to start a new post? Is there are place to solve these two problems? Surely, there is a spellcheck.

Why does the "i" sometimes capitalize itself and sometimes not?

I decided to buy a glove for my left hand before i cut off a finger. It is metal and mesh. It is like ones used in the meat department and in the produce department in the grocery store.

Speaking of cutting my finger off, I asked the doctor last Wednesday about my accident. I told her i let it bleed freely several times, washed it in soap and water, held it closed, wrapped it tightly to help stanch the bleeding, put mupiricin on it, kept it very dry with a glove for three days.

She said i did "exactly the right thing." Since it still hurts deep inside, she took a look at it and said it was going to be fine. But i still need the metal mesh glove! I have too much cutting to do to take any chances.

I just noticed that my fingernails are incredibly stronger/thicker now. Usually, my index fingernail is not hard and bends easily. Now, it is steel hard like the other nails. I have lethal weapons on the fingertips. The only difference is the 50,000 units of Vitamin D that I have been taking since. February 2020. I just now noticed the index finger nails because I hurt my eye with an index fingernail. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

This and That and Small Economy

The paper inserts this week have three coupons for Ball jars, Ball lids and bands, and a new Ball jar shape. This week, I will pick up these pink envelopes that people leave by the curb. Look in your Sunday paper to find them if they are not thrown in your driveway in a little pink bag.

Last night, Tommy peeled 5 lbs. of potatoes. It was so late, I just put them in a bag and left them in a cool place. I hope they are okay. These will go into a cooking bag with some sort of seasoning and meat. While he was working on potatoes, I cleaned strawberries and made us a smoothie with mostly strawberries.

Today, he can peel apples for pies. He likes peeling things because it is food he can eat...lol. Not once have I ever had to push him, encourage him. He just does it when I ask or even mention peeling.

Today, I don't have to water my plants on the porch. It is raining so hard that they are being watered well. This is forecast for the rest of the week. My back was hurting while watering the few plants.

Last week, when we went to Walgreen's, WG included a card with the meds. It said, "Happy Thoughts and Good Vibes." The envelope was unmarked, but the card was. Today, I used the bright orange envelope to mail coupons to my friend. Yes, it is a small economy, but it saved me paying for an envelope.

I am going to cut the off the front with the saying and include it with a gift.

Okay, I have to work on things.

Do you save clean envelopes from greeting cards to use elsewhere?

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Yard Sale Weekend

Saturday, we went to Cullman and did a few things. Tommy asked what else we needed to do when I thought I was through. There is a church that sporadically has a food bank. So, we checked before we left. Yes! It was a pickup, so no problem and fast. 

The best thing was a tray of eight Parmesan chicken breasts. We each had one for dinner Saturday night. I sautéed vegetables to eat, too. 

Plus, I received a can that I had thought was been discontinued. Margaret Holmes Collard Greens with good date. MH has had a full line of vegetables that were delicious. However, they now only have "MH Whatever Southern Seasoning" for the last few years. Now, I know to keep looking and maybe contact a grocery distributor. This good news makes me very happy because now I can find the turnip greens, too, that have no salt or other seasoning. 

My friend who fell out of her chair twice, was hospitalized, had surgery, was in rehab for these last several weeks is home. I went by her junk store and she was back in her room there. Someone was helping her out of bed and getting her dressed. We talked to her son out back and left. This is someone I know only from going to her store, but I still worry about her and call her "my friend." I still don't know what kind of surgery she had. The guys I talk with around her place just say something about her neck and touch their neck. 

I did see two yard sales. The first was just clothes, it appeared, lying flat on a table. I passed on that one. The one next door was better. However, prices on some things were just too high. Breadmaker--$15 and used? I paid $3 for new in box. $10 for well-used dehydrator? Nope! I paid $4 for a used one that looked better. 

However, I found a book and a basket. The basket is about 14 inches in diameter and has 8 inch sides. I intend to use it for the million little envelopes of stuff in the kitchen that fall all over the place. The book was EVERY WOMAN OF THE BIBLE.  I have no intention of reading it. This is a reference book. This will keep me from having to go to a lot of trouble and reading to find the person I am reading about or trying to determine who she was. Tommy grabbed it and was looking over the book for quite a time. I spent one whole dollar, fifty cents each. 

Twice, in my PO box I have found an In Style magazine that I did not order or pay to get. I give that to the woman and her teen daughter next door. It has my name on the printed magazine label.  I wish it were something I am remotely interested in reading/perusing.

I read and saw that I need to wash out the freezer before use, so I am still not loading it with food. Yesterday, my right foot was so swollen that I finally had to lie down and elevate it. I suppose I will press doctors again for the reason and resolution. The swelling is slowing down things I need to do. 

Saturday night, I cooked the Parmesan Chicken breasts in the oven and sautéed onion, a whole Bell pepper and a half of a huge tomato for Tommy. He ate it all and was still talking about how good the pepper was this morning. I ate half a tomato with my piece of chicken. 

The freezer needs one more shelf. Maybe I will buy another. There are places where the shelves can be moved to get the right amount of space. I like the fact the shelves are adjustable even if I never get another shelf. The freezer will be clean and loaded by Sunday night. 

Tommy sprayed fungicide on my two squash plants. If the little baby squashes are being eaten by squirrels I will fix that. I can buy Dollar Tree mouse traps and place around the squash plants. I know I won't catch a squirrel but maybe the traps will scare them away when they trip a few traps. I do wonder if a bunny would come up Tommy's ramp to eat squash. ??? 

Trying to ward off slugs, I bought copper wire. Slugs cannot cross it, I hear. Is this true? 

I bought 2 zucchini seedlings for the back yard garden and a grape tomato for the front porch. I think Tommy will enjoy picking a tomato to eat as he walks by. 

It is noon Sunday and I have things to do.  

By the way, the rubber snake works to keep birds away. My table, chair, and porch are free of bird poop. So, no birds will eat my tomatoes! I move it around every day.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sadness Here?

When things started shutting down, I was sad for the lunches and dinners and friends I would not get to see. I was sort of at wit's end for two weeks when I thought about where I could not go. In actuality, I was only bummed out at the time an event would happen and not on other days or times.

Then, that all went away. It vanished. I have not grieved for anything I have missed or lost. And, thankfully, I know of no one personally who has died of Covid19.

I am not suffering like some bloggers are. I am not missing things like people everywhere are missing things.

At the same time I am very concerned for the fate of other's lives, my life, my children's and grandchildren's, and Tommy's, and the fate of our country with our President's decisions. The deaths in our country, the old and young who die are sad and make me sad.

But, I am not climbing the walls and suffering for contact with others. I just made up my mind it is the way it is and I cannot make it more than it is--temporary disruption. And, I know nothing will ever be the same. EVER. We will change, too.

I am not sad, depressed, or antsy.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Hello, Bloggers. Practical Parsimony Here. The Freezer Has Landed!

I now have a beautiful freezer that is a Maytag, 16 cu. ft. Now, I can blanch and freeze all these carrots and potatoes. If I had my dehydrator, they would be dry by now. All apples can be peeled, cored, and sliced for a pie, cinnamon, flour and sugar added, and frozen. There are more things to freeze--bell peppers and such.

Now, I can see what I have and add more meat if and only if I find a bargain. Well, I only buy chicken or mostly.

Plus, at the bread store I can buy $7 worth of bread and get a free item. The item is anything in a certain buggy.  It could be bread, cookies, anything they sell that is in the buggy. Plus, it is a long way to the bread store. This will save on gas and time. This arrangement would work for shopping once a month since bread and buns are less than $1.

I put two loaves of bread in one 2-gallon freezer bag. When I empty the bag, I save it in the freezer to use again.

The place I bought it from is in Cullman, AL. Their original store is in Huntsville, AL, so I was surprised they willingly delivered the freezer to me 65 miles away. However, they have a regular customer in Cullman that bought an appliance for her daughter south of  Birmingham. They were glad to deliver mine since they got another delivery charge. Nice people at the store, great delivery guys.

Okay, one thing down. Next, I am pushing for a light in the kitchen or dining area. But, that push is for next month.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Ollie's and Joanne's

I went to Ollie's today. The experience was a disaster! I could only stand long enough to look at books and found nothing like Sluggy did. Most of the books were novels, baby and kids' books, and a million and a half of cookbooks. 

A few appealed to me--Beowulf, The Mueller Report, Skeletons, the extraordinary form and function of bones, Railroads Across North America. The last two are going back--Killing Patton, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer. Tommy said Bill O'Reilly wrote the one about Patton and he did not think I wanted it. He said Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer would be no good. So, back those two go. 

Before the cashier even touched a book, I asked her nicely not to drop the books in a bag since that would bend the corners. I could tell that set her off. So, I was in trouble.

Oh, I bought a Rand McNally Atlas of North America and the woman folded it, folded it. I raised the volume of my voice and the pitch as I said, "Don't fold my book!" Another cashier came to rescue me or the cashier, not sure. 

After I put my card in the reader, she answered a call and just left me and my card hanging. I asked her to tend to the card. She continued with the call. The other cashier told her to finish my transaction before helping the person on the phone. She was livid. 

When she answered the phone, she called the name of the store as "OH lees". I thought it was "AH lees." So, I thought maybe I was wrong and asked her how to pronounce the store name. She refused to say a word. I asked again. She still refused. So, I turned to the other cashier and asked her--AH lees. 

Then, I refused to care and asked the cashier how long she had worked at the store. She refused to speak even after I asked her four times. I thought she did not hear me at first. 

I could walk no further to see other bargains.

Finally, I got to go to Joanne's, a fabric and craft shop. I found three pieces of fabric for outfits. The fabric was $16.99/yd. reduced to $7.99/ yd. Since it was 60 inches wide, I thought two yards would make one outfit--top and pants. Everyone there disagreed. I bought 2.5 yards if one,  but feel confident I have enough. 

Plus, I found the scissors I needed/wanted for sewing. 

AND, I found elastic. They had cut 3 yard lengths and put it in tiny bags for $0.99. I imagine it is inferior elastic, but it is only for masks. So, for $2.97, I have 9 yards of elastic. The last time I bought 1/4 inch elastic, I bought a spool that was 10 inches high and about 8 inches wide. So, I have no idea if this is a good price. 

This was my afternoon. I will tell you about my morning tomorrow. 

My freezer is scheduled for delivery tomorrow morning. I am so excited.

Now, I have to make a pattern for my pants. Not tonight.

Do you think the Abraham Lincoln book is good? Read it?

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lunch with Friends, a First

While trying to determine the location of a friend in fragile health and her husband, I have been in touch with another friend in Cullman. I call about once a week or every ten days. As I was contemplating calling her on Sunday, I had an idea.

When I called her, I suggested Tuesday we meet at the lake where we eat lunch and share a picnic table under a pavilion when we picked up our to-go lunches. She thought that was a great idea. Since we have to go another day for a doctor appointment, I was not sure Tommy would want to go just for lunch. Well, he thought it was a great idea, even when I pointed out we had to go again on Wednesday.

We picked up our lunch and waited until they came and got theirs. Then, they followed us to the lake. The location of the picnic table was up to Tommy because of his inability to walk and his use of the walker.

The pavilions are for rent. Well, we did not need to rent it, just borrow. There was a sign that said the one I chose as best for him had a sign that said it was rented for the day. Tommy was hesitant. I do NOT believe the sign. I told him we would leave if we were "caught." No one ever said a word to us. As I pointed out to the other couple, I think signs are just a suggestion, not chiseled  in stone. We stayed.

Lunch was chicken parmigiana, green beans, diced potatoes in some sort of sauce, a roll, two cookies. We carried a bottle of water each and the other couple shared a soft drink. I took us a dish towel to use on the table as a place mat. Who knows which ducks have been on the table. 

While there, a drake came to lunch. Tommy was going to feed him, but I chased him away--the drake not Tommy! Every duck in the lake would have come.  So, we had a good visit with our friends. He is a former minister, retired. There were many birds who came to the roll my friend threw to the birds. Poor little sparrows backed right off when blackbirds came.

This was the first time Tommy and I had ever gotten out of the car to eat. Usually, we go further around the lake and sit in the car. Tables are difficult to get to in that area. Today, the breeze was blowing steadily from the lake. I hoped it would blow our respective germs away if we breathed out germs.

We stayed from about 11:30 am until 1:45 pm. After that, I had my android activated.

For dinner, we had the same meal since we got four meals. They encourage us to get four instead of two. I took all the breading from the chicken and left it. The meal was delicious so not hard to eat twice in one day.

Since there was a food bank, we stopped by there. We got enough frozen meat for about ten days since we don't make a pig of ourselves by eating way too much meat. There were about ten cans of food, half of which we will eat. Plus, I chose strawberries and kale from the vegetable/fruit list. Also--two huge croissants, eclairs. The beet juice will go down the drain and I can use the glass bottle for taking milk with me.  The other five cans I do not want will be given away.

I think we might meet them for lunch as long as the weather is nice. It was a good day!

Have you met friends for al fresco dining?

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Ifs and buts

"If  'ifs' and  'buts' were candy and nuts, we would all have a Merry Christmas."

Somehow, that seems quite appropriate right now with the foolishness of being overly optimistic.

Only 192 days left until Christmas.

Freezer will be in my home on Friday. 

I am going to take a nap.

Up now. 

Tommy's father came home from WWII sporting a moustache. His mother said, "Why would you cultivate something on your lip that grows wild in your butt?" He shaved it before breakfast the second day home. 

So, amuse me. What are some sayings or complaints that you have heard? They can just be something you believe, something funny, anything. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Monday and Squash

After another sleepless night (2 hours), I called the company that handles medical items and told them to come get this Darth Vade machine and bring me a quieter one. They said they could do that over a week ago. Now, I am beyond ready. The machine was to improve my health, and I cannot imagine getting an average of three hours sleep per night is improving my health.

Okay, it is almost 5 pm and a replacement machine just came. It is much lighter and a new model, not so bulky either. Maybe tonight will be better. 

Tommy is in charge of his breakfast and lunch as am I for mine. When I wake near noon, I do not eat my usual banana. I eat the pb, MW, and banana sandwich, so I am not eating anything he wants, and I do not offer it. Just now, at 1:30, he had a plate with a big pile of cherries, about 2 cups of Romaine, and a piece of bread with cheese. Great! He can feed himself! If I am going in to get food, I ask if he wants anything. If I am making a grilled cheese sandwich, I offer to make one for him. 

When the guy called and said he was bringing the new machine, we went outside. I got the fire ant bait and spread it around a huge mound at the base of his dogwood tree. Then, I opened a pink bag with wet ads and looked at those and threw them all away. Another awaits.

He turned the water on for me and I watered the plants on the porch. We make a good team...lol. There is only one squash I can see--about 2 inches long. There are a dozen or so blossoms fading, so there should be little squashes there, too. I did water too early because the sun was hurting my skin. 

Now, I have to wash dishes and cook bacon in the microwave. And wash my hair. 

Tomorrow, we are going to Cullman to eat lunch with friends, al fresco, of course. We have not seen them for a long time. 

Are your squash in blossom or growing? 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Nothing Happening Sunday

This is just a warm summer Sunday--hot, still, quiet. The only thing I have done is sleep late, hang up some of the wet clothes I need to hang inside. 

The guy next door is mowing our lawn, so I ran outside and moved the table and chair onto the sidewalk to help a bit. The last time, he moved it where it is still sitting on the grass, but I could not get into the car. That leaves him a chair and table to move in the backyard so he can mow.  

He is the father of the graduate to whom we gave the gift bag. The poor kid stepped into a hole one of the three dogs dug in the backyard, so I am not sure how she works her Dollar General job. Her knee is wrapped. 

For dinner we are having the last of the leftover carrots and potatoes I baked along with a piece of the chicken baked at another time. I may have a navel orange afterwards.

Maybe I will have some Kozy Shack tapioca pudding. Sluggy and people on her blog were talking about it, and I am weak. Maybe I should have gotten the rice pudding. I searched for it in the refrigerator since Tommy took my milk and Kozy Shack to the kitchen. I wanted the KS to sit in the refrigerator for a while and get good and cold. 

Over an hour later I found Kozy Shack on the counter because he didn't think I wanted it in the refrigerator. grrr I wish there had been chocolate. I am not crazy about it, but I would buy chocolate at least once. 

I hear the guy coming back with the weedeater or leaving the backyard, not sure which. 

My thumb is doing fine. See, I told you nothing is happening here.

What was/is happening at your house today?

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Saturday Stuff

Only one of 13 items fits that I chose at Belk's. And, I really do not like it without the matching top. If I could set up to sew, I could make things! Tommy refuses to open a bedroom with window, small ones, but they are windows. He insists I can sew in a room with an unusable light fixture. The window is large, but it has two pair of drapes on a curtain rod, not a drapery rod, so I cannot draw them. Still, not enough light to sew.

I am going to ask him to pay for my clothing now. LOL He is all about how much it will cost him to use ac in one more room and to call electrician about the light fixture. He is over here "cleaning" a plastic knife for reuse later. He is using a dirty napkin and hands that are dripping with watermelon. This knife has been reused for months. UGH!

Finally last night, I was able to sleep after two days and nights with only about nine hours total sleep. When I got up midmorning, I was out of my med for my stomach. After calling, stalling, and getting dressed, it was 12:30 before I got the med. I went to Publix to get milk and could take my med then.

We got small burger from BK because I wanted to look for yard sales in the area. Well, he drove down a five lane road with undeveloped land. ??? I pointed out it would be hard to find a yard sale here. He said it would be a hell of a lot easier than driving down Allison Bonnet. Yeah, because there a re lots of side roads intersecting and people advertise with little signs to their neighborhood. He said we could search the neighborhoods. I was ready to go home but got three new pink bags with coupons in them.

When I went into Publix, I got me two gallons of milk and bought one of the personal watermelons--little round ones. I asked a manager if he could slice it into two pieces and put one into the huge plastic bags I see people carrying full of lobster. He did and put in two forks since I had told him I wanted to take it to a park and share it with a friend.

I asked Tommy how much he thought it cost. "Oh, about a dollar." When I told him it cost $3.99 after $1 off, he said DAMN. I asked him how much two ice cream cones or two milkshakes cost. He actually figured both in his head for me...lol.

We did eat some in the car under a tree and thoroughly enjoyed it. At home I managed to slice one of the halves in half and put  a quarter for each of us in a mixing bowl. At least nothing slid off anything else I had.

Plans right now are to finish planting around 5 pm and water again. We are not planting enough to warrant planting in the heat.

I did not walk yesterday, but will today. I will get there with the habits, but after a hard day yesterday and two hours sleep, I could not have walked safely. However, I did manage to make a pouch of brownies.  Yesterday, before the brownies--chicken sandwich, banana, romaine and tomato salad, baked chicken and carrots. So, I suppose brownies were not too bad.

Dinner--baked chicken, carrots, onions, potatoes I cooked all this in one dish. All was leftovers from two different days. I avoided waste.

Do you ever figure the high cost of fruit to the cheaper cost of chips or something and realize that the higher priced fruit is a bargain? Or, do you have to point this out to someone?

Friday, June 12, 2020

Dreaded Visit to Belk's

For a while I refused to go into Belk's to return items I bought that did not fit. I had five things I ordered from the internet and took them all back. However, I had ripped the tag off one,  a jacket with a zipper that would not zip. She would not take it back. I did not argue. I will take it up with someone else with more clout.

Using my walker, I shopped for clothing that was 60% off regular price. I tried on nothing. Next Tuesday, I will return what does not fit and see about the jacket return. I wanted sheets, but could not walk that far. I went to the purses and just left. This would be a great time to buy children or teen clothing.

We carried chicken sandwiches and ate those at the lake, looking at the ducks and people. It was so pleasant that I hated to leave. I really wanted something else. When I went to Publix, I bought a quart of strawberries and we ate those on the way home.  So, no bought lunch today.

I also went by my house and someone mowed my lawn. ??? I think I know who and it was not out of generosity. Self-interest was behind the gesture. I could be wrong.

On the way into town, we saw two yard sales I planned to stop by on the way out of town. The first turned out to be a mobile carwash set up in front of the courthouse. The next was gone, but it was 3 pm. So much for a yard sale.

I took money from the bank, gave Tommy what I owed him, paid a bill, found nothing of interest and not cheap at another grocery. I got the mail and there was nothing urgent or of interest. I kept ten ones for yard sales.

The bill I pay with cash at the drive-up window has a $3.95 charge if I use a card. Since it is a 3 min stop and near everywhere I go, I opt to pay cash at the window.

I sent a fax at Office Depot. Tuesday Morning is going out of business, so just I had to shop on the sidewalk and inside. When I came back to the car, Tommy asked me if I found anything. "Yes, I found needs/wants/wishes, but nothing I was willing to lay down money to buy."

When we got home, I had to rest a bit and then we watered the plants. I was talking baby talk to them when Tommy wanted to know what I said. When I told him I was talking to my plants and they liked it. He said, "Talk to them like you did your chickens and I will know what you are doing." I thought I was.

Now, I need to try on all those clothes and get them ready to return to Belk's if they do not fit. I cannot justify keeping all of them. Trying on things is something I hate with a passion.

Many businesses were going out of business! I am not surprised.

Do you talk to your plants and chickens, talking baby talk?

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hot, Bright Day and Lots of Things Accomplished

I could count this as a failure at day one. I did not water the plants even once. I did not take a walk. AND, I did not sleep a wink last night. The baby squash are growing. So, this was a win since I did not die and got sooo much accomplished.

We went to the food giveaway and got lots of vegetables and fruits and two gallons of milk. Plus, we got a box for the people next door. The day was brilliant with a few small clouds against a blue, blue sky.

I spent about $100 on stocking up and used 7 coupons that gave me $20 off my total--3 $6 coupons and 2 $2 coupons. And, I used a card with $37 on it...all free to me. In the end, I spent oop about $35. I picked up a print-out of my meds for the last 18 months at WG. Bought my favorite bread for $.99 at bread store.

At Publix, I bought two half gallons of milk, 2@$4.49, and cheese, 2@$3.

We took a sandwich with us, so we had that and spent no money eating out. Water was good.

Tommy paid a bill in person, and I mailed coupons to a friend.

As for the "failures." I probably walked my 400 ft. but not in one go. I may water some of the plants about 10pm.

Then, I lost two cards, credit card and another. I am very upset about this. Edit: I found both cards stuck in some papers.

At 5:30 I told Tommy where the chicken and carrots were in the refrigerator. He chopped a tomato for his Romaine salad. Well, I was in bed and asleep before he ate or even went to the kitchen. I awoke at 9 pm and it's about 10 pm and my bedtime.

We saw the remains of a wreck on the interstate. All three vehicles were still there. One car had impressions on the top, front to back. Scary! A flatbed had obviously mounted it. The other car was ripped up from hitting the concrete median.

I heard a bird I do not recognize. The song was in like four parts. So, now I need to study bird calls...lol.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

New Things Around Here

First of all, I am going to exercise more. Don't get excited. I walked down the driveway, two driveways to the right and then to property line on other side of Tommy's yard. All this was while using my walker. I suppose I walked 400 ft. That is probably a record for me. Using the walker made it possible. There are days I have trouble walking to the mail box. Some days holding onto the ramp is all that gets me to his car.

I have tiny squash on my squash plants. I wondered if the blossoms were being pollinated. I do have two different flowers on the front porch for their blossoms and to attract pollinators.

Plus, I have moved watering to twice a day instead of once a day. I want fat little squash and tomatoes.

Today, I had the urge for a doughnut. We went to the donut shop at a little before 7 pm. They close at 2 pm! And, YES! I was only going to buy 2 doughnuts, one for each of us.

On the way home, we decided to go to Sonic for some ice cream, something small and cheap. We sat and sat and sat. Finally, we saw a man who did not look like a server and Tommy asked him how long it would take and would drive-thru be faster. The guy was nice. He explained that there was only one cook, and the rest of them were making the ice cream and drinks. Some people were ordering $50 and $75 worth of food. The drive thru was back up because they were working on a $75 order.

Tommy told him we only wanted a hot fudge chocolate sundae. They guy said he would get them. When Tommy tried to hand him his card, the guy refused it. Afterwards, I felt glutted with sugar. THAT is why I came home and decided today was the day I took a walk every day from now on.

I have been trying to encourage Tommy to take a walk with me, but he refuses even a bit of a walk. So, I am going forward without him. I know that one day he will join me.

Walking/exercising, baby squash, and an extra watering each day is all that is new. But, it is a start. I don't want to overwhelm me...lol.

Dinner--baked chicken and carrots, salad, water, fruit.

What is new in your life?

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

My Thumb, Leftovers, Dresser, Patterns

If you are eating and are squeamish, you might want to read this later.

It must have been Friday night when I sliced my thumb open, and it appears it will be okay. I thought it looked funny the other day. It does because I actually sliced it three separate times jumping when I cut it deeply. 

Later that night, I changed from a darker colored dress I was wearing around the house into a nightgown. I had two strawberry patches on my upper thigh. No, it was two huge spots of blood. Then, I wondered what was on my pink tote bag--large drips and runs of blood. There is no telling where I have spread the red stuff. If it won't come off, I will press another tote bag into service and not carry this one out. 

Tuesday night, we ate a bit of three foodstuffs--two hotdogs and a bit of chili sauce, less than a helping of a casserole of chicken and Stove Top. We halved those and had a salad with tomato and dressing. I think we had something else. At least we cleaned out containers that were in the way and did not toss food. I did put the rest of the hotdogs in the freezer. 

It is so humid here that opening the door for the last few days involved having hot, humid air slap me in the face. It was almost like running into a wall. I feel like I am being suffocated by the heavy air. LOL...summer in Alabama. 

When I came here, I looked into one of Tommy's other bedrooms he has closed off. In there was a very heavy dresser with the upright things that hold a mirror. It is dark wood and solid wood.  I was oohing and aahing over it and he said I could have it. I am so happy since I lost several case pieces.

Plus, there were about a half dozen boxes about 12"x14" that are marked "patterns." I was emptying my sewing room and wanted to put the patterns and everything into one place, so he has kept them for me. I emptied my Butterick Pattern cabinet by just taking things out and quickly packing boxes. So, nothing is sorted or tossed. I just now thought that maybe there is elastic in one of the other boxes. 

In the morning, I will look for elastic. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Recipe: Grilled Squash Fans

Remember these? Here is the recipe.

I used Roma tomatoes the right size to insert in the squash and be even with the edges of the squash. They are prettier that way. Plus, one day I decided to use a salad dressing that was vinegar and oil based, Russian, I think. Maybe not. It was just as delicious.

And, mine do not get to be grilled. I put them in the oven for a bit.


How to Make It

Step 1

Cut each squash lengthwise into 1/4-inch slices, cutting to within 1 inch of stem end. Cut tomatoes into 1/4-inch slices.

Step 2

Combine chopped basil and next 4 ingredients in a large bowl, stirring until blended. Add squash and tomato, tossing gently to coat; let stand 1 hour.

Step 3

Remove vegetables from marinade, reserving marinade; insert tomato slices between squash slices, and secure with wooden skewers.

Step 4

Grill, covered with grill lid, over medium-high heat (350° to 400°) 8 minutes on each side or until crisp-tender, basting often with reserved marinade. Garnish, if desired.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Acquisition of Tools

My toolbox did not make it out with me from the house. So, I am faced with having no tools. When I opened the trunk of the car shortly after my house was destroyed, I found a hammer. I owned three. One daddy gave me, one I bought for a workman to use, and the other was a ball peen hammer I bought from a yard sale.

I have had to buy two needle-nosed pliers in order to repair jewelry I wear. So, that is it.

Tommy and I were out watering my now-gone garden when he saw something and picked it up, saying someone lost a tool. It was the ac guy. I am keeping the wire cutters he left. The rubber cover is coming off, it rusted a bit outdoors, and there is a huge chunk out of the cutting blades. It has enough use left in it for me. I am quite sure it is not worth returning to retrieve. 

I am still waiting on yard sales in order to buy used tools. So, how do you acquire tools? Purchase new? Purchase used? Inherit? Find? Or, just borrow? I do all except borrow! 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Snakes and You Can Laugh at Me!

In order to keep birds from pecking my produce, I bought two $1 snakes. I hate birds pooping on my table, too. I really hate them pooping on the wicker chairs!

One snake is in the front for porch plants. The first day I put it on the chair they like to poop on. Then, I moved it to the table. Today, I will put it on the edge of the porch. You know, birds are not completely stupid.

There was a squirrel sitting on my table in the backyard. grrr. I will put one on the table and then the next day on the chair. I suppose I ought to get another for my garden box group in order to keep snakes from tomatoes.

Last night, I diced 7 yellow onions that were larger than a softball. As I made the last slice, I laughed, looked at Tommy and said something to him. I sliced open my thumb. It was bleeding profusely. And, the onion juice hurt like H***! It really needed stitches, but I am not going to the ER over an injured thumb. All the urgent care places were closed.

I called police to see if any urgent care were open. Nope, got to ER in Bessemer. They offered to come and see if they could help me. I could not locate any of my antibiotic ointments, so I put a cortisone cream on it. Nor could I find my 85 bandaids! I did find gauze and cloth/paper tape. I could not sleep for the pain until 8 am this morning.

If it looks like it is getting infected, I will rush to doctor. Promise.

I was not cutting toward me. The onion was flat and I was cutting away from me, but unfortunately, toward my thumb.

How do you scare things away from your food plants and their fruits? Run outside screaming and waving your hands all day? Scarecrow? I am going to make one of those. Netting? Cats?

Friday, June 5, 2020

My Pink Purse and The First Time

Previously, I had looked on the internet to see the best way to clean a leather purse. It seemed lots of sites recommended cleaning with alcohol. In the meantime, I got ink on my pretty pink purse. I was devastated because one little ink mark leads to another.

Using alcohol was the number one suggestion to clean leather. I used a Qtip to clean the mark, just a little alcohol on a Qtip and a little wipe. Well, it took off the pink! I  am devastated.  It is now flawed!

Now, I am trying to figure out what to do for my light pink purse because I now have another black ink mark. Any ideas?

When I heard about the virus in Wuhan, I was on alert. From the beginning I knew it would affect us. Just a few days ago, I found the receipt for the first things I bought. The receipt is for February 3, 2020.

I was talking about it about a week before that. Just now, I asked Tommy what he thought of my concerns. He said he never remembers me talking about it. See? He never listens...lol.

What would you use to get ink off a purse that is not alcohol? When did you first buy something that was totally driven by the notion that a problem was brewing in Wuhan that would affect us?

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Free Fruits and Vegetables and a Freezer

Okay, no sleep at all on Wednesday night--so what is new? When I say "no sleep," I mean not a wink.

We were up and out the door in less than 30 minutes, headed to my town to get the mail. Since I did not have time to take my pill and wait an hour, I took milk and cereal with me. Tommy stopped and got two sausage biscuits and a senior coffee. In a bit, I ate my cereal and then later the biscuit. It is 9 pm, and it will eat the banana I carried all day before I go to bed.

I was going to make chicken sandwiches, but after no sleep, and getting bathed and dressed, i was out of time. It is just as well since we were in a hurry.

After we arrived and got the mail, we went to the bank to pick up something, and then I checked on milk at Publix. No, they do not have 2 percent in a2 milk. We did nothing else even though I had things to do.

We went to a food giveaway and got all fruits and vegetables and a gallon of milk. We came home, put it inside and left the house around 12 to go to another. The first drive-through took about ten minutes and the other a little longer. The second was fruits and vegetables and two gallons of milk. There were even lemons!

It almost killed both of us to get it in. Tommy got himself an apple and peanut butter sandwich. I ate nothing. When I am exhausted, sometimes I cannot eat.

At 1 pm, I went to bed. I told Tommy to wake me at 6:30. When he called me, I came into the living room. It was only 5:30. It was a dream that he came to get me up. RATS! So, I fell asleep and he called me again. I thought it was a dream and stayed asleep. Finally, he came back and called me again. I said, "Are you there or is this a dream?" He was there.

Dinner was salad with a whole bell pepper and a whole tomato diced over Romaine. All this we got today. I cut chicken to go on the salad, too. I am quite sure it was 50 cents worth of tenders. And, he used the mustmayo that was reduced for dressing.

We gave more than half the food to the people next door and two gallons of the milk. It is a real shame I have to pay $4.49 for a half-gallon of milk!

Today, I ordered a freezer for $599--16 cu. ft. Since I ordered it in my town, I wonder how much it will cost to deliver it to me. SO, YAY! The thing is--I am continuing my search. They have no idea how long, how many months it will be before they get one. Thankfully, I still have this much left from the original $1200.

So, it was a hard and good day.

Does anyone go to the food giveaways?

Comments are two miles below here. Keep scrolling!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The 2020 Graduate

In front of the house next door there has been a yard sign announcing a 2020 graduate from a local high school. It seems the daughter is a newly minted high school graduate. This girl moved out several months ago, and then she was back. I know nothing else.

After hearing all the problems of graduates having "normal" graduations, I decided to do something. I figured out the school colors and I was off to the races.

I bought a cheap colored bag, white tissue, a bag of Dove milk chocolates, a small bag of Fritos, a small bag of Cheetos, and a card that had music. Once I assembled it, I told Tommy to let me know when he saw them out. It is hard for us to get up the steps to their front door, so we leave things on the steps. But, this had chocolate and the temperature was near 90. 

I happened to see the father as he mowed, so I took the gift bag over. He was very happy to get it. Aren't we always happy to see things that will make our children happy? She was not home.

Later, Tommy went to the car and he came back and said they were all outside if I wanted to talk to her. I did go out and waved. The girl started coming over as I clutched the  ramp to stand. We had a good talk. She was all smiles and yes was glad she was out of school and might study to be a hairdresser.

It made me happy to see her smiling. She does like Dove...lol. And, we were no closer than 12 feet.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Checking the Stores in The Kitchen

No, I have not catalogued all the food. All I need to do is check what I have that is on sale each week. I know I should write it all down, but until there is light in there, I am not much inspired.

Piggly Wiggly had StarKist Chunk Light Tuna for $0.77 +10%. So, it is about $0.85.  That is not the lowest I have ever seen it, but who knows what it will be going forward. I bought 4 cans last week and had another six cans with 2023 from shopping other times.

Five cans on my shelf had 2023 as the use by date. These I found today at the store had 2024. Since I came into a bit of cash I was not expecting, I bought 20 cans. Tommy helped, too, of course. Before January 2024, I will have finished these if I buy no others. January 2024 is 42 months from now. So, if I find tuna  cheaper, I still will not have too much. StarKist Light Chunk is the only tuna I will eat.

When I find a better price for SK, if I do, I will buy those, too. I feel safe from mercury when I eat Chunk Light as it has the lowest level of mercury. Plus, since Fukashima, I worry about radiation. I can eat tuna twice a week, but I won't.

Shopping is much more than putting food into the cart and paying for it! While getting 20 cans of tuna, I had to check each one for dents. Last week, I bought a dented can. I did eat that one first! Then, once I bring it home, I want to label each can. So, I get out a magic marker and write "24" on the top and on the very front, very deliberately writing very neatly, using numbers as taught to children, nothing swirly or cutesy. This is a lot of handling of cans that are not too heavy. Over time, my hands and wrists hurt!

After checking for dents in the cans as I got them off the shelves, I let three slip through. The dents I rejected were on the sides of the cans. The dents that slipped through were dents on the bottom edge of the can! So, I wrote "dent" on those.  Dented cans will be eaten first.

I bought:
3 12-packs of Caffeine-Free Coke on sale.
20 6-oz cans Starkist Chunk Light Tuna--$0.85
12 oz can Hormel Roast Beef and Gravy $3.44
12 oz. can  Armour Roast Beef and Gravy $4.31
24 0z. jar Ragu Spaghetti $1.71
log of Kaukauna Port Wine Cheese $3.73
8 oz. Kraft Medium cheddar $3.30
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter $3.10
cookies $.24
Wheat Thins--Hint of Salt
Special K Red Berries bogo $4.62 for 2
Olivio Spread
Celery Seed
1 Beefsteak Tomato $2.09

Since this was a little extra money, I bought things I normally would not--like celery seeds. Special K Red Berries is too expensive unless it is on sale, bogo today. I will eat this too fast. It will be a snack at night, not breakfast.

I have plenty of Cokes, so should not have bought these right now at this price. Oh well. I bought two brands of roast beef and gravy to see which was best. I always buy Hormel, so I thought I would try the Armour and see if it was worth the extra cost. Probably not!

We certainly do not need any more vegetables or fruit, but the tomato was different.

One night, we are going to have a snack-y dinner, and the Port Wine cheese and Wheat Thins are part of that. Vegetables and fruit will round that out with a bit of chicken salad. The thought makes me happy. White/green grapes are going to be $.99 starting tomorrow, Wednesday.

I need to quit eating real butter according to the doctor, so I Can't Believe It's Not Butter was the best I can find. Oh, bought Olivio, too.

Dinner tonight: Romaine and tomato salad with squash, carrots, zucchini, Grated cheese for me, chicken on top for both, corn on the cob.

Questions: What is the best Heart Healthy "butter" have you found? I forgot the other questions.

Doctors and a List

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