Sunday, May 31, 2020

Examining the Cost of Protein and My Lie I Told to You

Saturday night--one of the four packages of chicken tenderloins is in the crockpot. The package cost $6.39, was $1.99/lb, and contained 14 chicken tenderloins, making a tender cost $0.46 each. That makes each person's protein cost for the meal less than fifty cents. Find that price at a restaurant. I dare you to try. So seven meals for the two of us costs little, less than $7.

Of course, I could eat several of these. But, I won't. They are actually quite large, surprisingly. I have lost 20 lbs according to the new scales. I am trying, quite unsuccessfully to curtail my intake of calories.

I found Starkist Tuna, chunk light for $0.77/ 6 oz. can. With the 10% Piggly Wiggly store cost, that makes a can $0.85. This will feed both of us when I make croquettes. He won't eat tuna salad, so this will make two meals for me at $0.43/serving.

This examination of cost per serving occurs with every protein I buy. By doing this, I am less likely to purchase more expensive protein.

On  a different note, I have lied to you. I immediately sliced my finger open with a sharp knife after saying I don't cut myself. I sort of peeled my thumb while slicing tomatoes, actually, chunking them for the salad last night. It really hurt but not enough to deter me from slicing toward myself. Then, I bit off the sliced bit and made it hurt more. I have never needed stitches since I was seven and used a dull knife.

Dinner: chicken, zucchini, corn on the cob.

Do you examine the cost of protein when you purchase and eat meat? Oh, the tomatoes bought last week cost me $1 each, much more than protein. Thankfully, I am growing tomatoes!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Wearing a Mask

I wear a mask. I am careful.

But, the mask wearing I see is definitely dangerous.  Just having the mask near the face seems to work as "careful" to some people.

The mask is so loose at the top, I picture the coronavirus with its little spikes just floating down into the cavity of the mask. Maybe the virus revs up to get to a susceptible person. 

The mask does not fit close to the nose even though the metal strip is bent/tightened. Can these people not feel or see the mask fit?

Then, there are the people who do not have their nose covered at all. The mask fits over the mouth.

Some people have the mask firmly against the chin. No virus will ever get to the chin so the chin is safe.

I saw one man wearing his mask dangling on one ear. Some people have the mask around the neck. ???

I was astounded when I saw a youngish man and woman, 30s or young 40s, walk across the area in front of the store wearing gloves and mask. I was slowly coming in. As I got in, they both took off their masks and the woman shook her hair out. They took off their gloves, too. THEN, they got a buggy and pushed it away. Unbelievable!

Then, there is the cloth used for the mask. Actually, I believe the "experts" are at fault for a lot of this misinformation.

Bandanas are recommended for the fabric to construct masks. I was told the bandanas at Walmart were gone. People use them to wear like a cowboy. People are actually folding bandanas and making snug masks.

Fabric with a high thread count is recommended over and over again. Well, cheap bandanas are almost see-through and have a low thread count. Sheets with a high thread count are one of the things recommended, but I doubt people are purchasing 800-count sheets to cut into masks.

AND, the greatest mystery to me--quilting fabric is recommended. Have you seen quilting fabric? It is very thin, flimsy.  Well, the fabric I have seen at WM over the years that was for quilting was thin--see through. I even turned it down for napkins.

I do wear a surgical mask. I don't think it is necessarily better than homemade masks. I just am not quite desperate enough to use a needle and thread and sit on the sofa constructing a mask. When my machine is operational, like cabinet with head in it, I will make many masks. But. I do have a few of the surgical masks that were given to me one at a time in different doctor's offices. 

Yesterday, at Publix I saw a man and woman wearing homemade masks. The masks were not contoured in any way. His was about 4 inches wide and barely covered his nose and lower lip. Her mask was about 2 inches wide and did not cover anything but the tip of her nose and her lower lip. The people probably thought they were safe. There was a gap around nose. 

As for folding technique--I am horrified.  I saw one tutorial where the person folded the bandana to the middle from both sides, folded to middle again, and then folded it again to the middle. This made a very thick mask, except for....the middle where it was only one layer thick. 

Tommy just told me he saw the Surgeon General of the United States folding a mask with sides folded to middle over and over. 

Last but not least--I saw a produce worker with the nastiest mask I have ever seen. He is mentally challenged, and I did not want to say anything to him or the store. Maybe I should have?

Everyone is doing the best each can. Of this I am quite sure!  Each person thinks he or she is protected. I doubt anyone who decides to be safe and wear a mask goes out with something that will not provide protection from the coronavirus. 

Or, maybe not. We are under orders to wear a mask when in public in Alabama.  This is not enforced, of course.  

Do you see questionable masking? 

Friday, May 29, 2020


I have been saying we need a freezer, I need a freezer, what am I going to do with all this food...things like that. Tommy has not said a word. No reply.

Just now, I said, "Can I buy a freezer and keep it in your house until I move it from here?" He said, "Yes, if you pay for it!" I will.

I found one that is about 21" deep and 24" wide. Or, those numbers are reversed. And, it is 5'5". I don't think the shelves are adjustable. I don't even know if one could be removed. Then, there is the tiny chest freezer that will be a problem. So, I don't know.

What I do know is that I will want a freezer, no matter where I live.  I had a cheap one, and this one will be even cheaper. So, it looks like the stimulus check will be spent partially on a freezer. The ones I have seen are just over $200. Now, if I had someone to bring it to me to save on delivery fees.

So, now to shop seriously! Does anyone have knowledge of a freezer I should avoid or a recommendation of a freezer that is great?

This evening, we packed and loaded a box full of food we know that at this point we cannot eat or freeze and Tommy rolled it over to the neighbor's house. We do not want to throw it out.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Wednesday This and That, Okay, So Today is Thursday

Memorial Day, we did not go to the train depot. When I mentioned it, Tommy said, "You wanted to go there today? So, that was that. He forgot the plan to go. Most likely, he quit listening to We stayed right here all day.

For the last few months, the ac would not work. in thirty minutes or several hours, it worked again.  Tommy would fiddle with the thermostat, and I would fiddle with it. Finally, it got hot enough I suffered when it was not on, and it did not work for about 15 hours. I was soaked when I go up after no sleep all night on Wednesday morning.

I made sure he called the company early! Finally, I was so tired on Wednesday, I just had to go to sleep. The guy had to rewire from unit to thermostat. I wonder if the bad wiring would cause a fire. ???

Today, Thursday, I had things to do in my town. I was going to a pick-up dinner too. The weather might cooperate, but we decided not to go since the dinner is not happening and another thing was cancelled by me. 

Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment about halfway to Huntsville from Birmingham. ugh  When I went last week or the week before, I had a tiny sty and was given eyedrops. They hurt my eyes. It is the same med that hurt my eyes when I had cataracts removed. I was allergic to it then and am allergic to it now. So, I quit using it and called to have her call in another med for my eyes. Nope! The office said I had to come in. sigh She said the woman did not talk to her, and she did not know who the woman did talk to and ask!

About 8:30 Wednesday morning as we sat waiting for Aldi's to open, she called. She said because of the weather, she decided to call me so I would not have to travel so far and in bad weather. Because the sty persists, now I get oral medicine. The person on the phone had to ask someone about just calling in a med. She said she no one asked her about calling in meds! So, she saved me a 140 mile round trip yesterday. 

Do women still wear a corsage or a flower for their mother on Mother's Day? Remember, we wore a white flower if our mother were dead and a red one if she were still living? 

Just now, as I saved this post to continue later, I searched for the new "save" label. There are no words, just icons. The "save" icon is a floppy disc. Now, how many years since we used floppy discs? (Rhetorical question) I am quite sure there are people who are too young to remember or who have forgotten.

About 9 am, Tommy asked me why we did not just go to the Jewish Community Center and see what they had. We drove up with no wait and got our two boxes. This food certainly offsets the high price of food right now. This is the total below from both boxes. 

8 ears of corn
2 pints blueberries
2 of the largest bags of lettuce that I have ever seen!
8 tomatoes
8 tangerines
8 potatoes
4 onions
8 apples
8 huge radishes

Then, we went to the railroad depot and sat and waited for a train. I had my pb, MW, and banana sandwich and he had pb crackers. Next time, I want to go later when the sun is not on the car. I need shade. We talked a lot about his father and trains. Well, I asked questions and he told me a lot. 

Tommy is outside at the front table cutting ends off the corn and ridding them of shucks and tassels. He does not cook, but he is great at slicing and dicing and cleaning vegetables. He does it without a complaint and does it correctly. If I need it done differently, he does it!  

After that I went by the Pig and got: 

Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter
Zeigler's bologna
Zeigler hot dogs
4 cans Starkist tuna in oil--$.77 
Stage Plank cookies $.24
Minute Maid OJ 

He will be in by 3 pm because he wants to watch Jeopardy. 

Then, I will slice onions so I can cook a pot full and freeze some. They will not sprout and I will not have to brown onions every time they would be good for a meal. I hope cooked onions freeze okay.

I need a freezer! I mentioned it to Tommy and he said nothing. Well, that is better than yelling at me. 

We will have two chicken tenders, tiny ones, and a salad with corn on the cob for dinner. I will boil it all and eat from it until it is gone. There is no room in the freezer even if I cut corn off the cob. 

Okay, this was a hodge podge of nothing...sort of like life, I suppose.

Your turn

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Meat Run

Aldi's opens at 9 am. The plan was to wake me at 8 am and we would be out the door by 8:15. Since I did not sleep one wink all night, I was awake, got up and we left at 7:45 and got a sausage biscuit. We were the first people there, about 8:20 and waited, parked at the first handicapped space and nearest the door of any parking place.

Since chicken tenderloins were $1.99/lb., I figured there would be a limit. I had Tommy go in with me. We went straight to the meat department and sure enough, there was a limit--2 per customer. We each got two family packs. The really thick boneless and well-trimmed pork chops were on sale, too. I got one pack.

Straight to the checkout we went, looking neither left nor right. By 9:10 we were buckled in the car. Remember, Tommy has to put my walker in the back of the car and his in the backseat. He said the doors opened about two minutes early. So, we spent less than 10 minutes in the store and near people. I spent $30 on meat.

chicken--$5.35, $6.39, $5.53, $6.95= Total $24.22
pork chops--$4.84
Grand Total--$29.06 not quite $30.

Mission accomplished.

Tommy questioned me as to why we were going so early. I pointed out how there might be a limit per person (limit of 2), there might be many people and run out  (not when we were there), and that there might be a crowd (not at 9 am). About a dozen people rushed in as the doors opened. Yes, we all rushed in practicing social distancing. It was a slow rush. People then spread out, hurrying to some point in the store. Only one couple was at the meat counter.

The chicken tenderloins will be cooked and some will be frozen. Maybe we will have one of the three pork chops today, sharing the one I will cook.

I decided to use my walker since the carts are so huge and too heavy for me to push without causing extreme pain to my back and knees and wrists. This is the first time he has been in a store for about three months except to go into Publix to use the bathroom four times and come right out. I felt okay about his going into the freshly cleaned store and with so few people.

Did you get any cheap chicken at Aldi's? Will you?

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


I need to peel apples and potatoes and various foods. However, Tommy cannot peel anything with a knife unless he just whacks at it with a knife facing away from him.

We had a long discussion about this. I take a knife, hold it in my right hand and the apple in my left palm and pull the knife toward me when I peel. He insisted he had never done this. Why? Because his mother taught him to never slice toward himself. When? When he was five and cutting carrots in the kitchen. standing by the table with his mother overseeing him.  Yes, he told me he was five when he learned how to use a knife and has never advanced.

I do have a device to peel carrots. He cannot get it to work. It takes him hours to peel enough potatoes for a small meal. And, then he has a million tiny pieces flicked off with the carrot peeler.

He insists I am doing it wrong, that he never saw his parents or anyone but me draw a knife toward themselves when peeling. I even slice carrots toward me. Okay, very seldom do I lay a carrot down to cut coins. Really? Does anyone else draw a knife toward themselves when peeling? He thinks what I do is dangerous.

Now, I do use a cutting board or plate to slice somethings or to chunk carrots, apples or potatoes, but not always. However, I watched my mother cutting potatoes to fry by drawing the knife toward her to make the potatoes into French fry type cuts. One day, I asked my mother why she did not put potatoes on a surface to cut them into fries. She said it was easier in her hands.

I agree that with an extremely sharp knife it is much easier or just as easy to pull the knife toward me and against my thumb. I have never cut myself!

Just to make sure I was not the odd man out in peeling, I looked it up and found videos of people drawing a knife toward them when peeling an apple. I am not going to use an instrument other than a knife to peel an apple or potato. Now, if I had an apple peeling device that clamps onto the table, I would use it.

Make no mistake, I cut better with a knife sharpened to a dangerous edge. Dull knives are the ones that cut me when I try to use them. Daddy would sharpen knives until they were dangerous. However, none of us kids ever cut ourselves more than once. And, I used these knives when I was a small child in elementary school, much older than five-years-old.

Okay, how do you handle a knife?

Monday, May 25, 2020

Get $1.99/lb. Chicken Tenderloins

Aldi has Family Packs, 3-5 lb. average weight packages of chicken tenderloins. This sale starts Wednesday.

I baked the chicken thighs in the oven with potatoes, carrots, onion, and garlic. I now have 9 meals of chicken for Tommy. Plus another 6 meals of potatoes and carrots, three for each of us. Two large Granny Smith apples were chopped and put into the batter of a spice cake. YUM!

Now, I need to figure out what to do with 20 lbs. Red Delicious apples. They are my favorite apples, but I can never eat that many before they go off.

I did not get anything else planted today. The Better Boy tomato plants had to be brought in since they have gotten so leggy they make their 2 inch square containers fall over and they had almost crispy leaves.  Everything did get watered that was on the front porch.

Did you plant anything today? Cook great food?

Plans on Memorial Day

On Saturday, I took a nap. Then, when I got up, it was late, but I was sleepy very early. Saturday night I slept ten hours, woke about 9 am and at 11 am, I took a nap until 5 pm. This happens when I have a uti, which I think I do.

Since I slept so long on Sunday, I saw none of the war movies. Some we saw were not actual wars, like Casablanca. It took place during a war, but there are no charges and people fighting each other. Well, not much.

When we were at the park Saturday in my town, I told Tommy we needed to find a place here in his town or surrounding towns to sit and eat lunch in a peaceful place. He immediately said we could go to the Bessemer depot. No, no trees, he said. It is not that he has no taste. His father was an engineer so he grew up immersed in trains. He said he often went to the train depot or somewhere in Irondale to sit for hours and watch trains. This is the place where the Irondale Café became the Fried Green Tomatoes café. I am quite sure this is soothing to him, as soothing as trees are to me.

Since it is going to be hot today and rainy this afternoon, I want to go early and maybe eat breakfast at the Bessemer Depot and sit to see trains. This afternoon, it is going to rain. I need to plant the tomatoes brought to me. They are double their height as when I acquired them.

Today, I am going to cook a huge pack of chicken thighs along with lots of carrots, fewer potatoes,  an onion and garlic. I will use one of the spice cake mixes with lots of apple chunks in it. So, meals today in two pans works for me. But, there is so much peeling and chopping that I dread it. There will be enough meat for about ten servings and vegetables for maybe five servings.

On Sunday night, we watched McClintock with John Wayne and two of his children. We have both seen it multiple times. The movie ended at 3 am, and I awoke hot at 6:15 am, so I will suffer today. It is now almost 8 am and I am sitting in the dark in the living room, typing.

Today, I have declutter plans. Tommy brought his tool box that belonged to his father into the house from the utility room last week to give me the drill. Now, it sits here since he cannot bend to pick it up. It is very heavy, but if I can just get it up so far, he can take it from me and put it on his walker to return it to the shelf in the utility room.

Plus, there are things just shoved into his dining room since I cannot see in there day or night. I will have to use a flashlight to see the food I have there. He refuses to get an electrician for the switch or ceiling fixture, whichever it is. One day, I am going to remove the switch plate and see if the wire is off the connection in there. I can fix that without even turning off the main breaker.

I am now getting sleepy again, but it is so hot in the bedroom. The chill of this room will not last long enough for me to sleep much.

I will let you know how these plans panned out.

When I was a child, we went to the airport to watch airplanes land and take off, mostly land. Today, I will watch trains. Have you ever gone to watch trains or airplanes or boats or anything like this? Is there a nostalgia connected with it?

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Weekend Fun

This weekend, we are watching the Turner Classics or something like that--all war movies. 72 hours of war. Most I have seen but long ago. It is something different.

Today, we had an excursion but we got there and the place did not open for two hours more. I was tired from the first place, so I wanted to come home. I had only slept 1.5 hours last night. Because of a phone call, I could only sleep 2 hours when I lay down for a nap, so I still have a sleep deficit holding me back.

We did get a chocolate soft serve cone today from DQ. On Tuesday, Tommy ordered the medium cone and I did not tell him what I wanted. So, when we got it, I told him I did not need such a large cone, so today he order small. If they have a mini, we will get that next time. Soon cones will be $1 at DQ. Okay, I just looked and there is no mini. Too bad. Well, we will get the $1 cone, whatever it is.

The rotisserie chicken was used for sandwiches today, and it will be dinner tonight with vegetables and fruit later. Maybe I will have a navel orange even though I am allergic.

We are wild and crazy.

Friday, May 22, 2020


There is an abundance of zucchini, cucumber, and squash here that will not even go in the refrigerator. Plus, everything freezes in the refrigerator. I don't feel well enough to make pickles and do not have a canner. I won't be making zucchini bread. So, I have made some sort of pickles to keep in refrigerator.

2/3 cup white vinegar
1/3 cup water
1 1/4 tsp salt
3 T sugar

There was other stuff to put in, but I did not have it. I used the water and vinegar half and half.  I heated the sugar in water and vinegar.

Tommy tasted it 12 hours later, said it was good, but he could barely taste the vinegar. Was it okay to use less vinegar than the recipe called for?

For dinner Friday night, he had a salad--lettuce, lots of tomato, zucchini, squash, cucumber from the pickling I did.

By Friday night my ankles were swollen again. I just hope they will go down each night.

We will be out Saturday, so Friday night I made chicken sandwiches to take with us, along with some strawberries and an apple.

Good news

I found about six potatoes with eyes growing. I have not planted potatoes in the garbage can because I could not get potatoes to grow eyes. Well, maybe, but I cannot find the bag where I put two potatoes. But, tonight I found six potatoes with eye growth emerging. Now, I just have to decide where I am going to place the can. I did not want to buy potatoes to plant.

And, I really need to grow some sweet potato starts. I won't be able to grow many sweet potatoes, but I want to know I can.

What do you know of the type pickles I made? How long will they last in the refrigerator? Do I have to water bath, pressure them for longer term storage? I don't mean years, just months.


Last night, I finally got some sleep, ten hours. That does not fix my deficit, but I feel much more sane. I went to bed at midnight after getting an hour nap.

Then, this morning I weighed and had lost about ten pounds. AND, my ankles are no longer swollen like they have been for the last eight months. I have added and dropped some meds this last week, so I am not sure what did the trick for the ankles and weight.

The women from Auburn brought me more plants yesterday. We were gone. The woman called and said, "We just left plants and seeds on your porch!" I think she thought we were home since my car was here,  and she placed them and left in stealth mode. I laughed at her excitement.

She left one red pepper plant, two better boy tomato plants that really needed water, and an eggplant. I hate eggplant. Tommy hates eggplant. I have four pepper plants already. I only have one tomato plant, a cherry tomato. Anyone want an eggplant? I can leave it on the porch and you can get it.

Now, I must buy more tomato plants and zucchini. Yes, I could germinate seeds. But, here in the South, "times a wastin," Gardens need tomato plants now!  I believe it was Snuffy Smith who said, "Time's a wastin'. " in the funny papers. Remember him?

Now, I just need to figure out how to do all I must do today while keeping feet The today list--color hair, wash a million dishes, clean out lettuce from garden boxes, plant tomatoes there, process vegetables. Of course, I must cook dinner, water things outside, make salads with fruit in them,

Okay, I sat here and did not eat breakfast and I am hungry for lunch, so the pb, MW, banana sandwich is on the menu with a glass of milk for lunch. This is my last banana, so that means I need to buy more today.

EDIT Sam did not understand. Well, I have read that pb and mayo, not MW, was a Depression sandwich. So! Lots of people in the South like this, mayo not MW. I did not know it was from the Depression. I just knew as I child I loved it with banana on it in my sandwich.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Funny Conversation About Salad with Fruit

We received a monster head of freshly picked lettuce and oranges among other things. I had just bought strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I was musing over meals to make and what to eat and what to thaw and freeze.

I commented that I could make a salad of the lettuce, strawberries, oranges, and put the raspberry dressing over it. He said--oh yeah, a fruit salad would be good. Then, he said not with green stuff. I explained it again. He was incensed--don't ever put green stuff on my fruit. I laughed until tears came. I asked him had he never had fruit in a green salad. He assured me he never has and has never heard of that.  Well, i bet he has. He was still highly insulted later. I will make one salad and if he is upset, I will eat it and make his to order.

He had never had new potatoes in green beans until he met me. He likes it but not the potato skins. I just let him peel the little one-inch potatoes on his plate.

The other day I was talking about putting chicken in the potato soup that was cooked in chicken broth. He was incensed because he did not like soup with chicken in it. sigh

If I give him food, he eats it and declares it good. Sometimes, he tells me he has never had that combination. If I discuss it, he will put the kibosh on the idea. When will I ever learn?

I have done nothing today, just recovered from yesterday. I ate a banana and milk. It is now abut 7 pm. Coke and crackers were lunch along with a peanut butter, Miracle Whip, and banana sandwich. I suppose I will catch up on my fruit and vegetable consumption at dinner and later.

When I post this, I will look in the refrigerator and see what there is. Actually, there is a lot and the rotisserie chicken, so this should be easy. Maybe I will add an edit when I get it on to heat or cook.

Edit: He had plate full of sliced cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash, and tomato, all with dressing on it, and a piece of veal that was not breaded. He declared it good.

My Hosta perked right up after their night in pots. The curly parsley keeps dying in clumps, so maybe it needs a pot.

What are you having for dinner tonight or did you have for dinner tonight?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

One Plant at a Time and Meat

Today, when we went to Cullman, I dug up some Hosta that I planted in hard clay in my yard several years ago. It never got taller than six inches, poor thing. So, now it is here and in 3 little pots. I had bought Hosta bulbs, but these will work and I can take those back to Lowe's.

I salvaged plants so I could return the ones I bought. I like saving money by getting plants from a free place--my front yard this time. These poor Hosta had needed rescuing for a long time.

Next, I need to get my iris that have never bloomed because of the hard clay and not enough sunlight. I think I will put them into a large pot.

There are still bedding plants on the porch! I will get them planted if you give me long enough! A person from Auburn University is bringing tomato plants this next week, so I have not bought any yet. It is part of the study.  Well, I did buy one cherry tomato bedding plant from the woman with CSA.

The gerbera daisy is not looking well. Will it bloom again? Should I toss it?

The $26 chicken pack fed us for 8 days. Believe me, we had very little chicken every day except yesterday. This week all the meat is free--rotisserie chicken, veal, two chicken-meatloaf stuffed peppers. Free lunch today and another free meal gotten for dinner.

Monday, May 18, 2020


I forgot to say that we took a sandwich for lunch on Saturday and went to eat it at the lake. I think we sat there for almost an hour, maybe more. The ducks are entertaining as are the people and kids walking and biking. Saturday was very pleasant, blue skies warm and very little breeze. So, we spent nothing on eating.

Sunday, we "wasted" planting and potting time watching two great movies. Since I had not had a banana on Sunday, I could not face Monday without one, we ran down to Publix where I bought five. Now, I am set until Thursday.

I think we got outside about 6:45 and Tommy dipped all the potting mix into three huge planters and four really tiny ones. I transplanted my summer squash I had already planted into one of the large pots. It looks broken. Then, I took the bedding plant for crookneck squash and put it into the other, matching planter.

Tommy dipped the soil mix because it hurts my wrist and shoulder to be dipping heavy stuff too many times.

Maybe I repotted something else. By this time, my back was hurting so that we quit. Then, I watered everything on the porch. So, nothing will die from lack of water. Then, it rained.

In the back yard I was sad my Romaine had bolted.  I tried one leaf, one bite,  to make sure it was too bitter. IT WAS! So, I pulled up everything in one of the four boxes. My back hurt even worse, so I just watered the two boxes with cabbage in them.

Maybe tomorrow I will pull up bolted red lettuce and kale plants in the boxes left, except for cabbage. The cabbage has yellow spots and some droopy leaves. I have no idea what is wrong with them.

I have two bedding plants from Lowe's and two from the lady with the farm in Cullman and the CSA.

I have one chair in the front and one in the back, so part of what I did was from a sitting position. Tommy stood in front of the porch and sat on his walker in the back yard.

Birds keep sitting on these "wicker" chairs and pooping on them. I am going to buy a bag of rubber snakes and put on in each chair and alternate it from chair to ground. I will put one on the porch and a couple by the boxes out back.

In front of the porch I gasped as I looked down and saw a "snake," part of a bungie cord that was attached to the garbage can to keep raccoons out. Maybe I will find broken ones around here and use those.

Monday afternoon and I now have 40 lbs of produce to wash, sort some, put in refrigerator and cook. Tonight, it will not be bean soup. It is going to be potato soup. I have too many potatoes right now. Since I have 5 pounds of carrots, I suppose I will make potato soup with carrots, kale, and bacon. Maybe I will put cheese in it. Not sure.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Three Yard Sales

Since I forgot to get my mail, we went back to Cullman on Saturday. We went to a food bank where we received, among other things--gallon of milk, potatoes, toilet paper, and Windmill We haven't gotten the cans out yet.

On the way out to the food bank, we passed three yard sales that I noted I needed to stop for bargains on the way back to town. Two of the yard sales were in the front yard of a community center, so that was easy.

The first one had things in multiples where it looked like he had gotten things really cheaply and was reselling. I bought 7 of the long tray-divider things to keep things together. They were about 3 inches x 10 inches. Plus, I got one thing to stand plates in or pot lids. All 8 pieces were $5. I wrote a check.

When I went to the sale beside him. The lady called my attention to the baby clothes. Even after I said I was not in need of baby clothes, she tried to encourage me to shop. grrrr I asked her a question--how much are the chairs in the bed of the truck? I had to repeat it. She then came and stood with her face right in my face. I recoiled and yelled at her not to get so close. Geez. She told me she could not hear with the traffic and wind. She could have easily yelled that.

The chairs were 2 for $25. They were expensive chairs with round bottom and had a rocking motion. There was no way I could get one in the Rogue even if we came back for the other.

At the third sale, I noticed when we pulled up that the sign said "Estate Sale." I looked at lots of things that were free and things that were Christmas. I collect sleighs but forgot to buy the one I liked. As I went toward the garage with my mask on, I saw a wheel chair. They said it was $5 and let me try it out as the woman pushed.

I remarked that I mainly needed a wheel chair to get into dr offices in Birmingham, that is was so far to get into them and to the office. All four of the people commiserated and one said, "Yes, our sister had trouble, too." I suppose this estate sale was from the late sister and not from a parent as I had  supposed. Then, the guy  told me I could me I could have it for free because "I can donate this stuff to a thrift store, but I would rather give it to someone who can use it." I thanked them profusely.

He said for me to take the clothespin bag I was looking at earlier. It was full of clothespins. They tried to give me an apple cookie jar I liked since it was like one my mother game me. I told them, "But, it is not the one she gave me." There was a box of a dozen or more sheet sets in a box marked "FREE." So, I got one set.

Now, I have a wheelchair! It looks like new. It is not comfortable, but neither are some of the half-broken ones at doctor offices. I only need one to get into the office! It was a good yard sale day!

Today, I bought 5 lbs. carrots, two boxes bogo Honey Nut Cheerios, kale, bananas, an onion until I find the bag I have. I plan to make potato soup this week.

The only thing I found out about my friend who had surgery is that she is alive still. I suppose I should be grateful for that bit of knowledge and not wish I knew the whole story.

So, I have a much needed wheelchair for $0. Have you found any yard sales yet?

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sleeping with Darth Vader

The oxygen machine has a steady hum that is not annoying at all. However, it sort of wheezes in and puffs out forcefully. I think I remember that from Star Wars or was it Star Trek. At any rate. I slept with oxygen on Thursday night. Finally, I just passed out at 5 am from exhaustion. This is not fun.

I awoke at 9:30 and took a nap from noon to 3:30 with Darth Vader. I think the oxygen has helped me with the pain and exhaustion a tiny bit. My back still hurts, but somehow it is different.

The new Craftsman drill dumbfounded me today. I knew how to use the chuck, but could not. Tommy finally got it to work. Somehow the chuck was stuck and he managed to force it to work. After that, I had no trouble changing bits. The drill was $49 + $15 for bits.

Friday, I went outside and stood at the porch to drill holes in pots so I can plant. A door-to-door salesman came up and asked it he could help us. He saw both of us struggling to drill a hole in Well, it was very hard plastic.

He helped with three large pots. No, he did it. When he asked if there was more, I told him I needed holes in the bottom of the garbage can. This puzzled him. When I told him I was going to plant potatoes in the garbage can, he said he had never heard of that. I explained it to him.

Since I have to pace myself, this is all I did Friday other than cooking pasta for spaghetti on Friday night. Saturday, I plan to plant til I drop. That will happen before I run out of plants!

I have the little iron table from the junk store in front of the house in the little area between driveway and walk and house. One of the chairs is there. So, one table and chair in the front and one table and chair in the back is the way things are now. Both tables need work. But, each functions as a table. No, they won't be used as is.

Friday night, I fell asleep easily with the Darth Vader machine. At any rate, I am thinking of putting the machine across the hall in another room.

Have you ever used one of the machines to make oxygen?

Friday, May 15, 2020

Delicious Dinner and Peanut Butter

Thursday night, dinner was late. I was tired. So, what is new with me and dinner?  However, I had plenty of food, so I was not going to get dinner out or even wish it.

I washed two of the four zucchini and Tommy sliced them. I put the sliced zucchini and some water and olive oil and a sliced clove of garlic in a Corelle casserole, the kind that can be used on the stove. Finally, I could stand no longer and put it in the oven. I diced a huge juicy tomato.

When the zucchini was well-wilted, I added the diced tomato and had the dish on a stove eye. I sliced chicken and placed it in dish and added grated Cheddar cheese. By the time I got two plates, the cheese was melted. So, I dished the meat and vegetables onto our plates. It was delicious!  There was about half the meat we usually eat.

2 zucchini, sliced
1 large tomato
Sliced chicken breast
2 oz. grated cheese
garlic or garlic salt or powder.

Tommy was disappointed there was not more of this dish. Me too! I cannot wait until zucchini and tomatoes are ready to pick! Maybe I should plant them soon.

I always ate Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter. It would  spoil in the heat of my house if not refrigerated. If refrigerated, it was rock hard and no fun. Here, it won't because the heat is on 64F in the winter and cool in the summer so I can breathe. Because regular pb is not good for anyone's heart/arteries, I have switched back to Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter. It is full of oil in the glass jar and is a pain to use.

I did scrape it all out, beat with an electric beater and put it back in the jar AND store it in the refrigerator. Now, I just turn the jar upside down and store it out of the refrigerator. This pb only has peanuts and a little salt. I always thought it was better for a person to consume, but had fallen away from this good habit since being here. I am back on track with this good habit.

Do you ever eat natural peanut butter?

Thursday, May 14, 2020


This is what I bought Wednesday and Thursday. 

4 half gallons a2milk 4@ $4.49
one gal. 2% milk 1@$2.50
1 8oz.-Cheddar Chunk Cheese $4.19
2 8oz Cheddar Chunk Cheese 2@$2.99
5 lbs.  potatoes $2.50
4 zucchini $2.99
Cheerios family size ??? 
Wheat Thins bogo $2.35 each 
4 bananas $0.65
3 qts strawberries 3 for $6
~1 lbs red grapes $1.79
tomato $2.39
Milk Duds $1
Raisinettes $1
3 12-packs  Diet Pepsi--$11
3 12-packs Caffeine Free Coke
2 loaves bread $1 each

I spent ~$60

We don't buy drinks often. This is the first time we have bought Cheddar cheese in two months, I believe. He eats the Cheerios. We had a quart of strawberries for dinner last night. Red grapes are his favorite. I will not touch them. I am waiting for white grapes. Yes, I got our favorite candies. 
two food seedlings--forgot what

Northern is my favorite TP. However, I prefer the one with lavender package , but I have only found the one in the blue package. I am not happy with it. NOW, the one I like is back on the shelf. No, I did not get more tp. 

It seems the arrows in stores befuddle me. I find myself going to wrong way and getting looks. Why can't I get this right? Plus, even when I am doing it right, it is such a chore to go down an aisle I don't need to circle back to the one I want and still go in the right direction. But, I am willing to do it. It is a small thing that might make a difference. Besides, I don't want to frustrate people who are trying.

I am hardening off the two plants I got in Cullman. If I don't quit dropping them, they will die from trauma! I am assuming the two I bought today do not need to be hardened off since they sit outdoors all the time in a garden center.  

Tommy hooked up my oxygen generator. I could not figure it out because I was soooo tired. I cannot wait to go to bed tonight and maybe wake up feeling rested. 

Late today, I watered the plants. Tommy has to put the hose on and turn it on with pliers. Then, he got the 50' electrical drop cord ready for me to drill hole in the plants tomorrow and plant things I have here. 

Not much done compared to other people, but it was a lot for me. Hopefully, more restful sleep and restorative oxygen will help me. I need to harvest herbs early in the morning and freeze them.

What are you doing in your flower or food garden? 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tuesday Tired! Oops, it's Wednesday

I slept 3.5 hours Tuesday night, got up at 8 am on Wednesday, washed my hair after I took my pill, and then had to wait an hour to eat. I had banana and milk. There is more, but first. 

As I was making a chicken sandwich Tuesday for lunch on Wednesday on our trip to Cullman and even more northward to go to a doctor, I asked Tommy if he wanted me to make him a sausage sandwich to eat instead of buying breakfast. He hemmed and hawed. Finally, I asked him for the third or fourth time to tell me because I was having sausage and bun not a bought one. 

I was given a bag of huge but thin sausages which are very mild. I like them and they fit on a hamburger bun. He does not like them so much, but he is eating them as they are food. So, we were not buying sausage and biscuits this morning. I asked him if he wanted to just get coffee. "no" AND, he only wanted one slice of bread. 

He is weighing after telling me he would weigh maybe every few months, if that. So, he cares. And, he appreciates the scales. 

We even ate the sausages at home instead on the road. Oh, he scares me eating and driving, so for about two months, I tell him I want to just eat and relax as we park. It is working to keep me less stressed. He had eaten cereal and milk about 7:30. 

We drove straight to the doctor with only a trip to bank and to pay a bill, minor stops. Then, I drank my little six ounce yogurt. We arrived at the doctors and I went in two minutes before my appointment. But, they had a systemwide computer failure and had to call Huntsville in order to check in patients. And, there was something else wrong. 

They said, yes, they would call me and I could sit in the car until it was my turn. So, I had to wait an hour and got hungry and ate my sandwich. 

After the doctor's appointment and two trips to pick a medical device and a stop for a prescription and two grocery store trips, I was hungry again. Can you believe it. And, then I wanted a Whopper jr. With a coupon, we spent $3.48 and both had a 50 cent drink from the cheap machine. 

ugh. tommy wanted to know what the meal between lunch and dinner was called. 

Tommy is not eager to help me drill. So, I bought a drill and bits! Out in the country, I bought two plants from the woman starting the CSA. One is cherry tomato and the other is a plant with tiny peppers, not hot, in red, green, and orange. 

My eye has been bothering me, just a little place near the inner corner of my eye and on top lid. Well, I have a "tiny sty." And, eyedrops. 

The pulse oximeter I wore one night showed my level oxygen dropped to 54. So, I now have a machine that makes oxygen and I have little tubes to stick in my nose. Yay! But, it is my hope I feel better. So, I guess 54 is too low. ???  When awake it is 99--100. 

When we got home, I asked Tommy how he would like strawberry shortcake for dinner. He said it sounded okay. I have reneged and told him he could have crackers and cheese and strawberries whole for dinner. He is okay with it. The Whopper jrs had lettuce and tomatoes, so we are good, right?

I found a shiny quarter as I came out of Lowe's!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Lowe's Fiasco

I received a call saying that the pickup of the picnic table would have to be scheduled for Wednesday. Oh, a loud "no no no" caused the woman to said she would be right back. I was continuing to say I had stayed home two days!

She came back on the line with a better plan. The truck was leaving Tuscaloosa and would stop here and get the picnic table. So, I was here until after 4 pm.

The driver talked with me and I told him where the picnic table was located. He went to look at it while the other guy remained in the truck. I heard loud whoops coming from somewhere and finally determined it was him. I could hear this from inside the house, too. He emerged from the truck with his phone in one hand and the earplugs or something in the other.

The guy staggered out, almost falling down. He staggered across the lawn putting one foot across in front of the other in an attempt to walk and stay straight. He screamed, "Wow, you are beautiful! Are you married?" I told him to shut up and do his job. He continued with same thing.

Finally, he managed to get down on his hands and knees, begging me not to get him fired. (At this point, I am on hold for Lowe's corporate.) I told him to shut up, get up, and do his job, putting his phone away so he could carry the table. THEN, he managed to let the table leg ram into the gate and fence to the backyard.

He continued his nonsense and foolishness in front of the driver. He was barely able to carry the table. They finally got it on the truck, hitting one leg hard. I wonder if it is saleable now.

I was leaning on the ramp when he came over and leaned with me talking all buddy-buddy like, telling me how he did not know white people could make mistakes, but his manager was stupid and about some mistake the manager made. I told him I did not want to hear it and get away from me.


The driver had no receipt to give me, but wrote something out, showing it was picked up. The driver was really professional and nice. I did ask him if he would put the round table in the backyard. He did it without attitude. I was going to tip him for that, but the other guy was still upsetting me with his nonsense.

We need to go to bread store now.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Brace and Bit and Egg-Beater Drill

Sitting here waiting for the Lowe's truck to come according to the schedule they told me was so frustrating. "Monday morning" was what I was told. Well, when it was 1 pm, I started calling. It only took 2 hours to find an answer.

Tomorrow between 8am and 5 pm is the new time for picking up the old table. The waiting and calling has exhausted me and further frustrated me. I was complaining to Tommy. "I wish I had a brace and bit!" I lamented. "I cannot plant one thing until I have holes in the pots."

He said he had one. How? Why? It belonged to his father. He related the time he and his brother had sidewalk skates. They fell so often and for so long, they had wounds all over. So, his father took the rollers/wheels off the skates and used them to make a scooter each for Tommy and his younger brother by attaching the skate wheels to a board. Tommy said he watched him using the brace and bit he still has.

Image result for Brace and Bit
This is what Daddy had. I watched him use it when I was too young to be in school. I started when I was five, so I must have been four-years-old. The tool he had was at least 60 year old now. I wonder how old it actually was. He would not have bought a new one, I doubt.

The one Tommy's father had is straight with a little handle to turn on one side and a little handle on the other. I still have not found a picture of the kind he has. I found it and it called an egg-beater drill.
It is below.
VINTAGE Millers Falls Co. Hand Crank, Egg Beater Drill No. 5A USA
I thought it might take some time to find the brace and bits, but he was back in five minutes with a toolbox. The brace is not like the one Daddy had. This brace is more straight. I chose a bit and put it in place and tightened it. As I worked, I was mildly surprised that I knew exactly how to tighten it.

It was seized up. I took a nap. When I awoke, I found my sewing machine oil and used it on all moving parts. Soon, I was spinning it around like I had done this all my life. Actually, I had never seen this type brace and bit.

Later, I tried to make a hole in a plastic pot. Tommy suggested I turn the pot upside down. You see why I did not ask for his help? !!! I decided I needed to go out on the porch tomorrow and do this. I will allow him to help since he is really strong. But, I will not leave him alone with the project.

Now, there is no immediate need for an electric drill. I did search for a drill and found a Porter-Cable corded drill, item 160031 model PC600D at Lowe's for something like $12.47. That may be a dollar off. I cannot find one in a store or one to order. Maybe you can. A corded drill is what I need, lighter and easier to handle. At that price, I will buy an electric drill

Do you have or have you ever seen either of these old type drills?

Lunch--chicken sandwich, halo
Dinner tonight--chicken with seasoning, rest of mixed vegetables, corn on the cob.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday Decision

Sunday, I baked  a package of bscb, almost $26 worth. We ate lunch and dinner off one chicken breast. I baked the rest of the carrots with the chicken and had chicken and carrots for lunch. Sunday night, I put bbq on the rest of the chicken breast and served it with corn on the cob and green beans.

One breast was plenty for four servings. At the price I paid, it is easy to eat a bit less meat. Some meals, we eat more than is necessary. I have enough meat to wait for low or lower prices.

All of a sudden it hit me I wanted a Blizzard, so we got it and I paid for it...on Mother' day! Yeah, it was that kind of day with him.

I have decided to return the picnic table. I think the quality is disappointing. Somehow, the two of us will manage to get the heavy, curb-rescued table to the back yard. I got another table at the junk store and will leave that in the little area between the driveway and house. The path to the house is curved from the driveway. I will paint the table white and can add a couple of chairs with it. I have the two to go into the back yard. It is difficult for Tommy to get to the backyard, so we can sit in the front to get some daytime outdoors.

Since I am so disappointed in the quality of the picnic table, I will forego it altogether. There will be another time to buy it. I am going to buy a drill tomorrow!

I spent part of the afternoon washing dishes that had piled up. This afternoon after my second nap today, I feel so much better. A nap is certainly restorative when ill. And, severe allergies certainly cause illness. But, just to remind me, i had a sneezing fit to top all sneezes.

About the drill. I have had one for about 35 years. And, I am accustomed to using it as I will, not worrying about where i can borrow one. I need holes drilled in the bottom of all these pots I bought. I forget what else I need it for, but the occasions arise. Tommy ruined two of these cheap pots with a strait screwdriver when I told him to use a Phillips. He jabbed the screwdriver into the bottom of the pot with the pot turned over. Now, there is a huge split in the bottom of two of the largest pots with smaller radiating splits. I need a drill which I will use since he has never owned or used a drill.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

No Lemon Tree for Me

Today, I tried the Dollar General coupon of buy $25 and save $5. I found two huge pots and four very small ones. The huge pots are for food plants. The four small ones are for a bag of five Hosta bulbs. I also bought a birthday card for $1 for my granddaughter. Plus, a roll of weed block. I never saw my $5 come off the receipt. So, I will call customer service, let them pull up the receipt and help me.

Tommy would only take me to two places to look for a Meyer Lemon Tree for my birthday. I am bummed by that. I really want a lemon tree. I wonder if I could order one from a florist. ??? It would probably cost too much.

It is 6:25 pm, and I do not want to cook dinner or thaw it!  Since we went to bed late and set the alarm early, and I did not sleep much, I took a nap this afternoon. Now, I sit here reading and piddling.

Even though I go to bed sleepy, I get too hot and deprived of cool air. Tommy's house stays warm, so when there is no wind outside, it gets stuffy in here. He runs the ac for me at night and turns the fan on the work all night. Still, I felt suffocated by the warm air last night.

I am still working on planting and repotting plants, so that will be tomorrow afternoon. There will still stuff to be done in the garden out back. I suppose I will buy tomato plants and zucchini and one pepper plant.

Before it gets dark, I need to water everything, so I may plant the five Hosta bulbs. It depends. I am trying to talk myself into doing

Okay, I decided. I am going to give Tommy the bit of leftover chicken, steam some broccoli for him, and share my portion of zucchini that I did not eat last night. I might make some carrots sticks for him. The five gallons of carrots have lasted well and been delicious baked with chicken. I will make tuna salad for me.

So, not much is happening here, which is just fine with me.

Do you have a Meyer Lemon Tree? Is it cold at your house? It is 65F here and has been warm all day.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Eardrum Swelling and Cost of Chicken

The one new thing I ate on Wednesday when my ear was so swollen was Special K Red Berries. I have eaten it for a long time, on and off. But, this was a new box that said it had more strawberries. I am not allergic to strawberries and eat them all the time. 

However, maybe these strawberries had been grown with a pesticide that remained. I am allergic to wheat, just some wheat. 

Nothing else was different. Today, I had a banana and milk after I took my pill and had to wait an hour. Then, I made us a chicken sandwich so we would not want to eat out. 

We left about 1:15 and got home about 6:30. I had to rush in and eat because I was tired and hungry. Special K Red Berries with milk was my snack. Soon, my other ear drum and eustachian tube was hurting, stinging, feeling swollen. I drank lots of water. Eventually, it stopped hurting, but I can feel my ear drum, feeling funny. 

The ENT told me years ago that when my eardrums were screaming in pain that it was referred pain, that my throat was starting to swell shut. 

I will not have cereal for three days. Next Monday, I will try it again. If I have to quit eating it, Tommy won't touch it. Well, the save money and not waste food, he might. 

Today, I went to a store and the electric cart quit. It took them 35 minutes to get me out of there and find me a new cart. The guy was exhausted pushing me. Bought--2 trash cans, 2 bottles of 3 mg Natrol Melatonin, large bin for my stuff, dental floss, interdental brushes, Hershey's cocoa, candy. 

Then, I went to Lowe's and arranged for them to bring me a new picnic table and pick up this crooked one. One set of legs was sitting crooked, leaning under the table, just ready to fall down. Since someone pushed me in and around, and he was mean and rude, I stayed too long waiting to get out. The manager was nice, and surprisingly willing to make this right. So, I won't be painting this weekend.

After that, I went to Publix. Bought--5 ears of Peaches and Cream corn on the cob, 4 zucchini, 2 half-gallons of milk, bananas, family pack of chicken. I think it was $3.48.

Before I found the large pack of chicken, I picked up a two breast, bscb that was $7.69/lb.!!! I almost had a stroke. 

I have chicken cooked and raw in the freezer, not much. But, I will continue to buy about one package a week. I bought bscb for $1.49 two weeks ago. I will not pay $7.69/lb. 

Have you found exorbitant prices in the meat counter?

I Saw My Dead Mother on Wednesday

EDIT--I posted the price of chicken post accidentally. tomorrow....

As I sat here Wednesday, waiting on Tommy to go back out again, I used my laptop. With the laptop on my lap, I sort of dozed off. I could hear the TV and what was going on, so was I asleep?

All of a sudden there appeared before me, my mother. She was dressed as I would recognize her, had a hairdo I recognized, and was speaking to me. Startled, I completely opened my half-shut eyes and lost her. Tears came. I wanted her to come back to me. Even now, as I type, tears are flowing. (All this was before I had heard Anne's mother had died. Otherwise, I would say her story triggered this.)

I hear about people talking about dreaming of or seeing their dead mother. I always wondered why I did not, not even once since she died in the early 90s. For years I have thought about her daily, wondered about things, wanted to talk with her. But, you know that is not possible with the dead. Or, maybe you believe differently.

Mother's day coming on Sunday was also not a catalyst for the vision. I have to call it a vision because she was "in" this room, right in front of me. I am not assigning a mystical meaning. She gestured like I knew; she talked to me; she was my mother just like she always was.

However, she was not my mother with cancer. She was younger and had very blond hair, not grayish and falling out like before her death. So, I imagine she was about 55. I was a young woman with three small children when she was that age.

I do not believe it is possible to will her back as a vision for me. So, I am left with one brief memory.  It was the most wonderful thing that has happened to me since she died.

Do you ever dream of your mother? Have you had a vision of her before you?

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Nothing Done Today

I had somewhere to be today, just a stay-in-the-car-windows-rolled-up thing. Got it done. Then, had to go to bathroom and he said we could just go home. So, we did and he settled down. I sat for two hours waiting to go out. Nope.

At noon, I went to take a nap and got up at 5 pm. The guy is still not working on the faucet. Garden is gone, all bolted. Except for the cabbage.

The squash is on the front porch, one transplanted, one not. The one not transplanted is taking off. It is the crook neck squash. The one transplanted is just yellow summer squash.

Tommy has to turn on the faucet with pliers. We switched the sprayers on front and back hose. Now, I have an extra one to return to Lowe's. I was able to water flowers and squash without digging a hole I the pots or spraying everything in sight, including me.

I put on a sundress, thinking it was at least warmish. The wind is blowing hard and I used a hose. So, I am just damp enough to freeze now. Inside the ac is not giving up. So, it is off. The brick house will keep warming us up. Full brick keeps a house warm, good for winter.

My left ear is swelling. It started with the lobe and is going onto face and top of ear. Weird. I took Benadryl and now I am woozy. Swallowing is being affected. I suppose I will go to ER if the Benadryl does not bring down the swelling. I do have an Epi pen.

The question is--can I cook pasta and dump the steamed zucchini and jarred pasta onto it? Oh, shoot. My face is swelling!!!

edit: I suppose I am better even though ear, eustachian tube, and throat are swollen. I am woozy, feel like I will throw up. I am going to bed.
I have not eaten anything since noon--pb, MW, and banana sandwich and it is almost 8 pm. This should not be happening.

Will add to this if I get worse or better tonight. I am taking chances staying home, but I fear the hospital.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Plan; The Mistake

It is noon. The plan--paint the picnic table or all we can. It will have to be turned upside down to paint all of it. We will have to get someone to turn it twice. Valspar porch and patio paint is what I chose. I meant to have Tommy sand it first, but I can basically do that later and repaint edges.

The guy who brought it home has two like mine. He thought I ought to stain it. He kept insisting until I told him I like my picnic table white so I could see ants/bugs on it. He laughed and did not try to persuade me.

It is almost 2 pm and we are still inside. sigh Rain is coming about 4 am. And, I still have not stirred the paint. I forgot to have it shaken when I was there.

Tommy has lost weight, and I have gained a pound each day since we put the scales together. What is wrong with me??? He now only eats a half sandwich each lunch. He has lost a little over a pound, and I have gained three!

And, here is where the plan starts falling apart. No, I did not plan alone. He was all for this.

Now, at almost 3 pm, he says we can do this painting in the morning. Well, he tells me the rain will be over. So, I can paint a soggy table? This is all up to me now. So, I will go out and plant a few things this afternoon.

THEN, when I have had a few dry days, I can paint. I am not even going to ask him or discuss it. I will just go out and paint! Things like this annoy me. And, I can do laundry today.

So, I am going to call this day good or not and go do what I can in the plants. Now, I cannot carry enough water for all the plants on the porch. It was okay when I only had three herbs. Now, not so much.

The faucet still is not replaced. I have six new faucets inside along with two replacement handles that we did not use. I thought Tommy could put the hose onto the poorly running faucet and I could get a dribble of water, better than carrying it out a quart at a time.

Well, that was not a good idea. The hose connection to the faucet was faulty. I thought he was getting it on crooked. No, a guy looked at it, tried to get it on straight and said the washer inside was gone. If it is not one thing, it is another. I just want to water plants! This hose came from my house, one of the few things, maybe the only thing I rescued from the yard. So, there is no telling where the washer is now. I dragged it at home and dragged it from the car.

I am over doing anything today since it is almost 7 pm.

Dinner--baked chicken, sliced tomatoes, steamed zucchini.

How was your day? More productive than mine?

Monday, May 4, 2020

It's Hard

You never know how difficult things can be until you watch someone who is incapable of doings things you take for granted. I have trouble doing simple things, but Tommy struggles so much.

Yesterday, we tried to change a broken faucet in the front yard so I can put my hose I rescued from Cullman house. The hose was one of the few things I managed to get before the thieves did!

Tommy cannot bend. He lowered himself down from the walker to lying on his face on the ground. At one point his body was like a plank. He rolled around on the ground, sort of flopping from one side to the other in the grass and dirt. Thankfully, his St. Augustine grass is thick, but his elbows were in the dirt.

As he put one hand and another into the tiny door to the top of the water meter, he had to flop from one side to the other and move by sort of dragging himself around with elbows. He could not figure out how to turn off the water.

People came running from all over to try and help him up from the yard. I just sat in his walker, watching him try to find the cutoff. Two guys from different homes came over and one borrowed a key from another neighbor.

So, the water was off and he now had to take off the broken faucet. The set screw was so rusted, it would not move. Soooo, off we went to Lowe's to get something to spray and loosen it. He had nothing. I did at my house. sigh

I bought a key while there and he yelled at me for buying it. Well, somehow I thought he wanted one instead of having to go borrow one from the guy who has lung cancer and has to get on his lawn mower to get to his shed to get things. I wanted to cry because he yelled at me!

After 3.5 hours with the faucet, I got nothing done outside. And, this was going to be doing things outside. We got stuck and I had no more energy.

On Sunday we determined he would get this retired guy who is in good shape and his friend to come and get this set screw out. I bought two replacement faucet handles last week, so one should work.

Imagine not being able to get on your knees, not being able to just get up off the floor/ground, rolling around in the grass totally helpless except for the strength in your arms.

No, he will not have the hip replacements and knee replacements he needs from having osteoporosis.

He really has developed some serious muscles in his shoulders and arms from hauling his own body around. I am impressed.

Now, it is Monday, and we spent time to go to Lowe's where I bought six faucets so the guy will have the right size/style.

And, I am going out to try to bury to plant something.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

New Chairs and Table

I went to Cullman Saturday for several things. Only one worked out. My mail is now being put into my box!   That's good. When I checked my box, there was mail, so I did not have to go upfront where the people are located.

My friend who had to have surgery on her neck is doing okay according to a man who was near her house. I think he is a relative. She must spend 21 days in rehab. So far, so good.  I still worry about the virus in a nursing home.

No one is having a yard sale. It was a beautiful day, so only the virus is holding people back. Oh, and the governor. I am not complaining, just observing. Well, one of the permanent yard sales was open, but there is never anything good there.

Sunday--I now have a picnic table, 6 feet and shoddily made. But, it is working fine since it is a place to sit. The two chairs are very comfortable, plastic wicker with steel frame. Plus, I can rise from the chair without a problem.. I bought paint but forgot to get brushes and sandpaper. I will get that.

The same picnic table and sturdily made was $280 at Buettner's Hardware in Cullman. At Lowe's it was $99. Of course, mine was stolen. Only, mine was 8 feet long and is now $305. I can see the ways to make the cheap one sturdier. Yes, I can get the wood and have someone do this. Well, if I can buy a drill, I can do it myself!

Also, the hose is always all over the yard and in the way of the guy who mows. So, I got a thing to put it on that has two stakes to poke into the ground. At least the guy can mow now.

These things cost more than I had before the friend gave me money. So, I only had a bit to use of the stimulus. The guy who could get me 20% contractor's discount said it was only 5%. ??? But, a guy lets me use his 10% military discount. So, it is done.

Publix had Miracle Whip bogo, so I went there. Tommy obviously had read the ad while I was in PO or somewhere. He told me zucchini were fifty cents each. So, I got the MW and searched for these cheap zucchini. I asked in the produce department and two people answered--no, not fifty cent zucchini. I noticed the cucumbers were that price and realized he must have just looked at the ad pictures and thought they were zucchinis. I did get zucchini, anyway.

One big problem remains. Tommy cannot sit in the chair because he cannot rise from it. I have to figure out how to make it higher. Or, I have to find a taller patio chair and get it cut off to the right height. Sitting on his walker is not relaxing or comfortable. I hurt for him.

Monday, garden stuff is on the agenda. Putting out fire ant bait is, too.

Picture me--sitting to work in the yard and sitting to relax. Tommy has a huge maple tree in his back yard that has the nicest shade....ah.

Okay, after I wrote this post, Tommy ruined something I just bought. I bought two pots and asked him to open the drain holes. Of course, he turned the pots upside down and used a straight screw with me say, "noooo." He refused to turn them right side up or to use a Philips screwdriver. So, now I have two horrible split pots. GRRR  He does this to all sorts of things of mine. I know he doesn't know better, but please listen to someone who knows better and is the owner of what you are ruining.

I know it says to use a drill, but I no longer have a drill. Now, I will use part of my stimulus money to buy one. I do know how to use a drill. I don't want him ruining it.

How is your yard situation? Do you know anyone who manages to ruin things? Your things?

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Stimulus Check Came

My ss check is deposited on the first of the month. And, most of the time I do check to see if it did deposit. Imagine my surprise when the stimulus was there, too, on Friday.

I am not going to spend it in dribs and drabs. The first thing I am going to do is pay one debt off. Then, I am going to get two chairs for the yard. These purchases are for my mental and physical health. I have the table I got from the curb. Now, I need to sand some places and repaint the table.

Before I ate, I decided to weigh. I took off my heavy sandals and ripped off my nightgown. In my panties I weighed 12 lbs. less than yesterday afternoon. Yesterday's weight left me sad. Yesterday, I had eaten two meals and was wearing my heavy sandals and some really heavy capris. I bought the capris last fall and noticed they were heavy then. Yes, they really are.

So, it appears my weight is right where I thought it would be. Now, to lose another 54 lbs. Tommy swears he will not use the scales, but I know he will if I never mention it.

Today, for lunch he told me to give him all the chicken for two slices of bread, but only one piece of He has NEVER done that, so I know he is trying to lose a bit. After I put the scales on the kitchen floor, he weighed 175 lbs., not a lot, but more than he wants to weigh.

The rest of the monetary gift from my friend is going to purchase a picnic table for the back yard. I don't want to, but I can use it as a potting table. Right now, I have to stand in front of the front porch and work from there with nowhere to sit. My back feels like it is coming apart.

Friday, May 1, 2020

I Found Masks--N95 Fakes and Scales Came

I went into Piggly Wiggly to buy AAA batteries for the scales that Tommy can use. They had no AAA! How can this be when they had hundreds of AA?

When I came into the store, I got my three little free wipes that were sealed individually. At home, I figured out the wipes are old and dried out.

My eyes sort of drifted to a shelf that held masks for $5 each. I got two and noticed they limited each shopper to four. So, I got four. The mask fits fine except it feels like my ears are being pulled forward. No problem. I rarely wear one for long.

However, there is a faint chemical smell that I think will eventually bother me. Plus, "N95" is stamped into the mask. I do not think these are labeled correctly. Okay, I know they are not labeled correctly. The only info is that they are made in China. And, there is a warning--"misuse of this product may result in sickness."  ??? The lack of the airway with N95 stamped on the mask along with the warning are causing me to rethink using these. I know the chemical smell will make me ill.

How to tell if mask is fake.

Now, people can use anything they want, but stamping "N95" on a mask that is not is wrong.

The scales came and I could barely get the box into the house. It came with scant directions. I finally assembled it. We weighed. I weigh 126 lbs. and Tommy weighs 76 lbs. Before they arrived, we were trying to find a place where he could hold onto something as he got onto the scales.

Tommy assured me that scales could be used on carpet even though he has never owned scales and has only used them in a doctor's office. Once I put them in the kitchen, they weighed us correctly. I am happy with his

Too bad that was not really what I weigh.

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