Monday, September 30, 2019

Protecting My Skin

As I mentioned earlier, the rays of the sun were hurting my skin. I would tan, not burn. However, the older I get, the worse the sun causes pain as it hits my skin. But, I solved that problem.

Several years ago I looked into clothing to keep injurious rays from skin. Well, the clothing was too expensive for me to consider.

However, I was desperate before the trip to Memphis. I remember that a sheen on the fabric helped reflect the sun's dangerous rays. Also, the fabric needs to be a tight weave.

I went to the store and bought satin-backed crepe, also known as crepe-backed satin. It was 55 inches wide. I bought 1.5 yards-54 inches. It cost me less than $9.

Satin-backed crepe is very shiny on the surface and dull and closely woven on the back. Maybe it is not exactly right. On the trip to Memphis and back, and on the trip to Cullman and back today, this piece of fabric was a life-saver. The sun just HURTS. it is like a blazing iron on my skin. With this square of fabric, I can drape it all over my body, even my toes if I cross my foot over my knee.

This needs improvement. I will sew something on one side to put around my neck and attach with a button or snap, sort of like a big loose bib. It keeps sliding down from my shoulder. No Velcro because and no ties because, well, no ties. Tommy and I have been wadding it up, pushing it into the back floor or front floor to get it out of the way or to keep it from sliding out of the car. It iswashable.

You may think this sounds hot. It is actually very cool. The direct action of the ac on the fabric sort of cools the underside next to my skin.

This is not a substitute for sunscreen. I did not wear any, but I did not assume I was subbing the fabric. However, we all know that we get tan lines from clothing we wear. As for uvb protection, I am not suggesting this is it.

I think my skin has become more sensitive to the sun as I get older, and I cannot stand the pain any longer. Have you noticed your skin is more sensitive as you age. I still don't get a sunburn, but I do not want to tan.

It was 98F here today. I love this!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Mid 90 F Here in Memphis, Too.

Tommy and I drove to Memphis today for my 55th high school reunion. Do not ever depend on me to make reservations. I chose a hotel 12 miles from the venue for the dinner. AND, I thought I chose one with complimentary breakfast. Breakfast buffet is $13.99!

That is okay. We ate at Coletta's Italian restaurant and have to-go boxes full of pasta meals.

I remember eating at Coletta's when I was in preschool. The people even know who the little girl my age was there in the restaurant when I was a child. Aunt *****.

The weather could not have been more beautiful for the trip--blue skies and fluffy clouds. The temps were in 90s but with ac, no problem.

Usually, we have a band, entertainment, and dancing and a fabulous buffet. This time, a room in Coletta', order and pay for what you want to eat and drink. We had lots of conversation as usual. FUN!

I had the choice of two outfits to wear. I wore the one Tommy wanted me to wear. At the end after questioning several times, he said I looked on the younger end of my classmates. But, everyone looked great, and I had a good time. So, now I can start counting down for the next five years for our 60th reunion.

Do you go to hs reunions? Do you enjoy them. Got any reunion stories?

Friday, September 27, 2019

Great Bargain and Useful for Diabetics?

As I left Walgreen's. I asked an employee where the reduced section or the $1 section was located. Even though it hurt, I managed to get back there. There were little packages of RX Nut Butter reduced to $.59. This was shortly after Tommy got his blood sugar under control. The price seemed excellent. I think they were $1.99. I bought five packs which rang up at $1.05 for ALL FIVE! Today, I went back and got two boxes of ten and another five.

That makes 15 Chocolate Peanut Butter packets and 15 Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter, 30 in all at $.19 cents each, regularly $1.99.

$0.19 x 30= $5.81, I think. My mental math is very tired tonight. Is that right.

My hope is that this will be a tool to help Tommy. Those sugar wafers are nasty to me. He might love them. ??? These packets are not advertised as being handy for diabetics. I also got some little packer of oj--very expensive but not so expensive as a wreck...or as deadly.

I tried to upload a picture and then a link, but I am so exhausted that I could not figure out how to turn on my laptop. You know, that elusive and tricky on button.

The front of the box advertises:
1 Egg White
27 Peanuts
1/2 Date
No B.S.

The only thing I don't like that is listed on the side under ingredients is the coconut oil. Maybe everyone else likes that ingredient.

It does taste good. I tried it out on Tommy, and he is okay with it, likes it.

My hope is that he will drink one of the small 8 oz. OJs and then suck this out of the tiny packet.

I also bought Turkey Jerky. He hates the spices, but I am okay with these spices. He told me there are jerky packets without spices. I did not know that, so he will have to show me.

He agreed he was hallucinating. I will get him to a doctor.

I spent two hours at the doctor Wednesday and four Friday, today, and I must still go to have blood work done. My burn turned out badly!

97F degrees today. Anther baby died near here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

I Seriously Thought I Was Going To Die

Today, I had an emergency trip to doctor. Never mind that!

When I came out of a two-hour visit with the doctor, Tommy was sitting on his rollator sort of leaning on his hand and looking tired, as he well should. Of course, it was rush hour. As we left on a 22 mile long trip to Tommy's house, we were both so exhausted we were quiet. Finally, I asked him something and got a one-word answer. Same thing next three comments/questions. Finally, I figured out something to ask him that required more words. His voice was slurred.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt but then I noticed he was weaving from one side of the lane to another. All of a sudden, the car was straddling the line. I waved my hand in direction he should go, his way, and said, "Move over." He kept hitting the line on my side. We were in the middle of three or four lanes. I was panicking and telling him he was weaving. He swore he was not. Then, I saw a look on his face that told me he was hanging on, trying to stay in control. As I looked out my window, the car was just sliding into another car. I let out a shrill sound, jumped, waved the other direction.

He highly objected to my saying his blood sugar was dropping. Finally, I loudly told him to get off the interstate anywhere and let me drive. "Just get off anywhere." He ignored me while he said, "Okay, okay."

When we finally off the interstate. it was sort of worse. The traffic was bad, there were three lanes, and roads intersecting. I loudly told him to pull over anywhere, ANYWHERE! No place suited him. There was a bit of pavement for some reason, but he said no and kept driving. Finally, there was a 18-wheeler off on a very wide shoulder. I said, ordered him, get behind that truck! "Hell no! he exploded. That f******g truck is not even on the road! And, he is stopped!" Well, that was sort of the idea, I thought.

I started saying over and over, "PULL OVER, PULL OVER, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE." After saying this about 20 times (I was afraid and relentless." He said, "Okay!" like he was giving in freely to something I was nagging about, like getting an ice cream cone. He barely got the car off the road. I kept telling him to get over further, but he said there was no more room on my side and besides there was a ditch. I pointed out he was barely off the road and there was room on my side for two more cars side by side and NO ditch in sight.

As fast as I could, which is not fast, I got out of the car and told him to stay inside. I was afraid he would just get out and go into traffic, even if he was just stumbling and not deliberately stepping out too far. When I opened his door, the door was over the white line by the road. I held onto him as he held onto the roof rack and had a very difficult time walking. When he got around the car, I trusted him to keep going to my door that I had left open for him. I wanted to get into the car before something hit me.

I had absolutely no idea where I was, but the police were all I wanted. If you remember, I have had to call for a welfare check for him at home when I was at my home. Since I would have the keys, I could go in anywhere.

All of a sudden, I saw Walgreen's and told him I needed my prescription filled. I told him I was going inside instead of the window. MY hands were trembling! I called for a security check on someone in a car who thought he was okay to drive. They sent a huge firetruck and an EMT vehicle.

Tommy was so angry and yelled at me once. He yells at me but never in front of people. So, he quit, telling the guys he was going home to eat. I am not sure he could get his rollator out and drive it up the ramp. His blood sugar was 39. His bp was 185/105. The EMT said he called his doctor who wanted them to bring him to the hospital. Tommy refused. They gave him a tube of something, waited, and got his blood sugar up to 49. They asked him if he had high blood pressure. He said he did not. He could answer all the questions with which they test people. He answered correctly eventually. They asked me if he was still slurring his words. I nodded.

They said they would let him go if he promised to eat something soon. He agreed. We went to Burger King, right across the street. He was going to tear out a coupon, got an out-of-date one and insisted it was good. He read the 9/22/19 as 9/22, as in Sept 2022. I looked over and he was tearing out all sorts of coupons! That little sheet of coupons is shredded. We just ate in the parking lot with out bottle of water

We got my prescription with me driving. Then went to return things we both needed to return. I drove home again. I made sure of that by putting his keys in my purse. I swear I would have called the police if he tried to drive. I was very frightened, still.

He has got to start listening to me. He has had diabetes for 20 years and is not aware of how he is doing. I have had diabetes for about four years, and can tell without fail when my blood sugar is dropping. When I was in the endocrinologist's office, answering his questions, I finally said, "I am talking like I am drunk." Tommy, the doctor, and nurse agreed with me and my blood sugar was 50. I wonder why I know I a in trouble and he does not. Is this a male/female thing? Or, is it something else?

Do you have someone who frightens you driving?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Long Scorcher

Tuesday, we went to lunch, the one with music. Lunch was great chicken fingers, mac n cheese, corn pickles and peppers. I had only the chicken and mac n cheese, and chocolate cake, of course.

We gave a box of food to couple who will donate it, so we did not have to pick it up or carry it.

We headed out to the sweet potato farm. We were shocked that they had not been able to dig them because it is too dry. When it is too dry, the sweet potatoes get skinned by the equipment. We were disappointed and left with card and a wait of at least three weeks. Usually, sweet potatoes are ready the first of September. We can barely wait for the Beauregards to be ready.

At the Farmer's Market there were only about four vendors. But, my favorite vendor was there with red okra and all sorts of pumpkins. I used $12 of coupons to get four pumpkins for the porch. Later, I can cook them. They are quite attractive with a large one in my hypertufa pot, a smaller one nestled in the chicken with the mums and the other two sitting in front of the chicken.

Tommy let me buy a new necklace I need for an upcoming event. Love it Some of my jewelry was stolen; some was saved, but I have no idea where it is. The young men just moved things they put in huge bags. Nothing was organized, just moved for which I am grateful.

I me a man at my lot who wants to buy it. He is going to move my things left in the yard. Yes, I am paying him. Of course, if he does, he will be the first person to agree to do it and actually load the stuff up.

Tommy told me in no uncertain terms that I could not bring my picnic table or swing to his yard. Today, he was quite agreeable. I am ecstatic.

When we left home this morning about 8 am, there was not a cloud in the sky. I did not break a sweat getting to the car. Before we left Cullman, it was scorcher, well into the 90s. Still I love it--hot and dry.

Monday night, I did not sleep a wink. So, today was a hard day and I napped a bit when we came home and got things inside.

The only problem all day long was on the way home. I had on a sleeveless top and the sun was hurting my skin. I need to carry something to shield my arms and use sunscreen. I do not need a sunburn in September or ever. It seems as I get older, the sun actually hurts my skin. Does the sun hurt your skin? Has it always hurt your skin or is this something new fitor you. I mean it causes pain after just a few minutes.

Tomorrow, the temp will be 94F with no rain in sight.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Nothing much today

Once again, I awoke drenched because the bedroom is so hot. I walk into the living room where he is under a blanket because he is cold. Yes, the ac in living room and kitchen work just fine. It feels great. I think his closing off the ac vents in the two bedrooms on either side of me are part of the cause. I read on the internet that closing off rooms and vents will harm the unit.

Today was a busy day as far as solving a few of my problems. The telephone and computer are great tools. However, I could not hear. For some reason I keep accidentally turning down the volume on the phone. I have never had this problem except for the last few months. I have two meetings tomorrow.

The lack of humidity or the low humidity has made the 90F+ weather seem almost balmy. Since I have no sweaters or coats, I am getting nervous that a cool day will catch me lacking.

Sadly, we threw away the cans I save. There is no recycling here for cans. Publix has recycling bins for plastic bags, Styrofoam, and something else. With the cans, my huge chicken, and a sewing machine out of the back of the Rogue, we have only one small can of food left. That goes, too, tomorrow. There must be a place to recycle cans somewhere around here.


Sunday, September 22, 2019


Because of lack of sleep for several nights, I slept Sunday after church for way too many hours. My body hurt like I had been beat when I finally did awake. It was worse than normal. I was extra tired.

Another victory--threw away a light. I thought it was a hand mixer, so I asked rather than picking it up. I told him that adapting it to LED would cost as much as a new flashlight. He said he had been meaning to throw it away for years. So, a few minutes later, I gathered up things in need of bagging and tossing and took it to the garbage and dropped it in. WOW! WIN for both of us.

Before I came to bed, I sprinkled borax around his stovetop. I told him to stay out of it, just so he would know. He said "Okay." Good sign. I brought two sprays, but I think this will work without polluting the air with poison.

I hate the sound machine. The white noise is too grating, not smooth. The little light that shows it is plugged in shines up through the lamp shade and onto the ceiling, making a huge light shape like a spaceship. I will order the kind I had before and return this one. Around 3 am, I switched it to "rain" sound. I was so sleepy, I went to sleep after an hour of that.

He reacted badly to my suggestion that I put my wire chicken in his yard. A week later, I took it out while he was out there and said it was taking up too much room. I put it on the ground. Another day while he was watching or present, I hoisted it onto his porch. Another day, I pushed it further onto his porch. Today, I bought a mum for less that $5 while we were out. When I put it in the chicken, I asked him how it looked. "Nice." The chicken is almost three feet long, maybe two feet, made of heavy wire and is a rusted white. His yard and porch is the most bare in the neighborhood. I lost all my Halloween decorations. Even though I had few, they were mine.

I think it has been a month since we have had rain and the humidity is low, so I will water the mums twice a day. We are still in the 90s!

Do you decorate at Halloween? How much?

Gotta go. Sleepy.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Now, let's see if I can sleep with this. Tommy paid for this. It has all sorts of sounds, none of which I will ever use--brook, thunder, rain, ocean, night, and white noise. Night had crickets or something chirping. I would hate that!

The sound machine I had for 35 years is gone, and I hate that. If the one I have does not work out, I will order it from Amazon. I would have done that today, but I did not think I could last another might.

Dinner was easy since it only needed to go into the microwave from last night--baked chicken thigh, zucchini and peppers, sweet potato. I ate none of that but will have zucchini in a bit. He ate at 8 pm and I will eat at 10 pm. To tell the truth, I had candy--Raisinettes. They have fruit in them!

I am going to try to pay someone to bring my picnic table here. Tommy has a nice tree in the back yard. I mentioned my picnic table would look good back there. He said nothing. I would rather leave it here forever than have it stolen! I would rather have it cut up and burned than to reward a thief.

This afternoon since I did not have to cook, I washed out one side of his sink. He grunted. I gather there will be no objections to any sink and dish cleaning. `

There were two 90 oz. jugs of Sunlight dishwashing liquid sitting in the corner of the counter. I asked him why it was there. He did not know. So, tonight, I put them under the sink which had two things there. sigh.

I told him I was going to sprinkle borax for roaches, that it would not kill him or smell, just to stay out of it. He said, "Okay." I cannot live with roaches or at least must attempt to get rid of them. I keep the dishcloth and dishtowel in the refrigerator. Everything I use is kept in the oven.

He is not complaining, so I suppose I am not cleaning too much. I probably spend ten minutes total each day on cleaning--practically nothing. The table and stuff around his chair has not been touched and I have made no comment about it. I did notice he cleaned up stuff on his own. I suppose shedding the light on it made him see it through another's eyes.

His cable package does not get the channels where cowboy movies are. I am sorely disappointed. But, the many (hundreds) channels he does get are better than with my antenna. I did manage to save my antenna where it was just tossed aside.

Weather will still be in the 90F, but humidity was 38%...nice. We might have 20% chance of rain the end of the week.

Do you need white noise, fan, or such to sleep? How is your weather?

Groggy Saturday

Last night, it took forever to cook the zucchini. At first, I put the slices in the oven with the red (bell) pepper sliced in the pan. Then, I figured out everything was just drying out, not steaming, baking, broiling or anything! So, I washed a pan he said he had not used in ten years, put all the zucchini, peppers, garlic, butter in that on the surface. I had to use a piece of foil as a lid. He loved the result. So did it. Maybe I could live on zucchini. With the chicken thigh and sweet potato, he ate well and enjoyed it. There is one more cooked sweet potato, one thigh not frozen, and enough zucchini for two more meals for both of us. He commented he really like the pepper.

On different days, I decide to use something that I owned and he does not. I asked if he had a colander. That is the loudest he was laughed in a long time. No, he does not have a grater. I had seven colanders and three graters. I don't hoard colanders, but I need different sizes, plus one was a gift for someone and another was for a yard sale. My tiny colander was for a few strawberries and the larges was for draining lrge amounts of vegetables. Neither of those were for pasta draining.

Last night was brutal. It was after 5 am before I got to sleep. I awoke at 12:30. I cannot function like this. I can either order a sound machine from the internet, the exact one I need or go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and get one I really do not want. I only want white noise, a swoosh, not one that has a variety of sounds. Or, I can check with nearby drugstores. It I hard to think.

All the thrashing and turning in bed caused my acid reflux to act up. So, I have a sore throat and ear aches. My head hurts.

Tommy is asleep before I can leave the room. Last night, I thought he was dying. His sleep problems are worse than he knows. He has the machine but will not use it. He has always understood the ac or my sound machine helps me go to sleep within seconds.

About his bed--my mattress was so saggy that I basically slept in a bowl. I was in the process of getting slats. When I first lay down on his, I felt like I was sleeping on top of a mountain or hill. There is nothing there. It is perfectly flat and firm almost to the point of being hard. But, it is very comfortable. However, the first week the sensation of lying on top of a hill was strong. I asked him if I could have his mattress after the Rapture. He said I could and then said, "You can have the whole house." We both laughed. Neither of us believes in the Rapture, so it was all funny.

Life today revolves around the Auburn game....sigh. But, I don't really care what he watches. I have my computer and dirty dishes.

Next time I cook so much zucchini, I am going to try a cooking bag. I cook potatoes and carrots along with meat in the bag, so I can probably have success with zucchini and peppers.

two days ago, I burned my arm so badly that I think I need to go to the doctor. It gets worse every day instead of better. The pain was another thing that kept me awake. A salve especially for burns was another thing that was stolen.

Okay, off for breakfast--peanut butter, Miracle Whip, bananas on bread.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

First Shopping Trip

We have gone out for this and that since I came here, buying more or less on some trips or just one thing. Today, we set out deliberately for a few things. Between the two of us, we spent $100 today. He did not know what we were buying. Before, I would tell him I needed to go buy panties or whatever and we got other needed things.

Today, I got Glad Wrap, cooking bags, two soft soaps, and stuff like that. Zucchini was at the top of my list. They must have weighed five pounds each, so I left them behind. Piggly Wiggly had two nice-sized ones, but one was starting. to shrivel at one end. The produce manager reduced both to $0.99 for the two, still a bargain. The man is deficient in so many things around here. I had him buy the kind of tp that does not come off in pieces of fuzz and lint. He buys the cheapest stuff he can find. He will still use that.

The only food I bought was zucchini, onion and tomatoes.

When I want to salt anything, I have to walk from the kitchen to the other side of the recliner in the living room, get the salt shaker, take it to the kitchen and use it, and then bring it right back. But, I don't blame him for keeping it there. I am quite sure single people with disabilities keep the salt next to where they eat. Mine rarely the stove or the cabinet next to the stove.

I had no coupons and found no specials or reduced items except for the zucchini. I have to work on that.

Tonight, I am finally cooking the thighs with onion and garlic. In a few minutes, I will put on the zucchini with garlic and heat the sweet potato for Tommy and call it dinner. The thighs will be frozen two to a bag with BBQ sauce on some. Rats! I forgot to put the dying red pepper (Bell type) in with the chicken.

It looks like high 80s and low 90s is our forecast for the next week. Personally, I cannot tell much difference from the high 90s. I love there is no rain forecast.

Someone rolled a yard nearby, and there is tp all over Tommy's yard up against his fence. I picked up trash one day--milk bottle cap, and junk like that. I suppose it flew off the garbage truck. Even though I am pretty sure the tp is clean, I will still use a plastic bag to pick it up. The whole neighborhood is littered. This event made the local news. An elderly lady thought it was foolish to make a fuss. YES!


About ten minutes before dinner was ready, Tommy went off to the kitchen pushing his rollator. He was going to eat a pb sandwich and an apple for dinner. So, dinner sits on the stove until I freeze all the chicken thighs. He does not want dinner at 5 or so, just around 7 pm. I was ten minutes late. He is so insulting and a pain. I was ten minutes late with his dinner, so he just ate something else. We will have a discussion, more like a come to Jesus meeting. I could barely stand and he knew how bad I was hurting!

I feel insulted. Am I right?

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

TMI and Free Stuff/ Small Economy

Yes, I know this and hope someone has a little insight. Since my stomach does not empty as it should, I have been told to eat a low residue/low fiber diet. So, there go the apples with skins, sweet potatoes and regular potato skins, and a lot of other things--nuts, seeds, good things for me.

Just as the diarrhea was horrific, the opposite is worse. I have had two bottles of calcium citrate and Sprite, plus a gallon of water with not solid results! I cannot walk or exercise, so I sit on Tommy's rollator seat and march 50 steps per session. At first, it helped. Now, there is just pain.

I think I may end up in ER if this continues.


I went to bed for a nap on Tuesday instead of cooking the chicken, but it is in the refrigerator thawing. I hate both the sweet potatoes, so Tommy gets those. That will work with the chicken. Plus, I have lettuce and tomato.

After I had been here about three days, I asked Tommy where his refrigerator crispers were--under the table. Why did you take them out?--I don't know. How long have they been out?--about 3 years. ??? One day, I will wash them and put them back in. They don't appear to be filthy or anything.

The guy wheels out the food at the food bank and loads it into the vehicle. We decided to never bring in what we do not want, to donate it to someone who might need it and like what we don't need or like. We also received a loaf of bread and pita sandwich things. And, i got a white towel and hand towel. The towel was not the cheapest, but not expensive. The hand towel had a "Hilton" tag and said guest on the tag. Right now, I can use these kind of things--small economies.

We stopped by the Farmer's Market, but there was nothing I wanted. I am still waiting for one guy's second tomato crop. There weren't many vendors there today. I almost bought two fried pies, but knew we were getting sweets from two places. The food bank thankfully gave us only one sweet--a package of four muffins, two banana and two chocolate chip. Since Tommy cannot abide bananas, I ate those even though chocolate is my favorite.

At CVS they have some sort of wellness thing going on. At the front of the store is a bin with the tiny packages of Kleenex and masks. Evert time I go in, I get one of each. So far, I have four masks and four packages of Kleenex. This is an instance of small economy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dollar Tree Fail

How bad can foam rollers be from the Dollar Tree? Pretty bad. A blogger friend gave me foam rollers in a case, bought at a thrift store. They were great and had a nice plastic, zippered storage bag. Well, they are gone as is my curling iron. Needing a bit of oomph for my hair at the least possible price, I spent $1 on DT fam rollers. Don't do it. One end is supposed to unlatch, not both ends of the plastic that hooks onto both ends of the foam.

Last Friday, I was so ill, I had Tommy take me to the doctor. As usual lately, I staggered in and had to be wheeled out, UTI. I feel like I am getting worse. Tomorrow, I will find out about the culture. I was given a shot and prescription.

Today, I had business in Cullman, so went to take-out lunch and brought home another for dinner. I picked up info from doctor and had other business.

The free lunch was wonderful--baked chicken tenders in balsamic tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese, green bean casserole with water chestnuts, whole baked sweet potato, roll, brown sugar and cinnamon for the sweet potato and another butter for the roll, As usual, we took it to the park, and sat facing the lake. We are both looking forward to the same thing for dinner.

I went to a food bank and came home with a huge package of frozen chicken thighs and frozen sausage patties. Even though we will have the box dinners. I will cook the thighs tonight and freeze most of them for Tommy and leave two out for two nights.

Next week, we go to the farm to get Beauregard sweet potatoes. I hate I cannot eat the skin anymore.

I have trouble sleeping here. Last night, I got to sleep at 4 am and had to get up at 8 am. Several nights, I have heard noises. Sunday night, I got up, took my $1 flashlight and came down the hall. The living room where Tommy sleeps was closed. I opened the door and there he was in his underwear, holding a belt and a plastic bag and had just closed the front door. "WHAT are you doing?" He had just come in from smoking. I knew I heard noises at night.

His house cracks the strangest cracks I ever heard. Remember. I lived in an old creaky house. This is worse. One day, I told him I heard something near the house and it was not my imagination, something moving about. It seems two dogs in the next fenced yard play at night. Thankfully, they don't yip and bark at each other.

I need a sound machine again. I had had mine or at least 30 years, just white noise. The quiet here disturbs my sleep. But, I cannot afford another. Pooh!

The curling iron is a necessity right now since I have a big even coming up and would like a little oomph to my hair. I curl it but am happy my hair just turns, no

Have you been disappointed by DT items that are so simple and should work out? Consider I bought house shoes that were a bust!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Game Night

I love to play games o all kinds. Tommy told me he did when I met him. I was thrilled, but he only played the one time and sorely disappointed me after that. So, the prospect of going to a Game Night thrilled me. We did go.

When I asked him would there be snacks or should we bring our own. He said some people bring things. Not wanting to cook but wanting to participate, I bought a 12 oz. can of Planter's Homey Roasted Peanuts.. They were bogo at Publix, so the can cost $1.44. People brought food! I told a few that Tommy said "snacks."

Someone made homemade ice cream, so that was a thrill for me.

We played Bingo. It was fun, but neither of us won. A group gathered for A game of Dominoes, but I did not see it forming.. I find a seat and plant myself in it, so I do not appear to be as sociable as I am.

Tommy and I ended up playing a card game with a bunch of kids--"Dutch Blitz." Neither of us liked it. So, they started a game called Bananas or something like that. The tiles with letters were in a banana. both of us enjoyed that much better. They left, so we wandered back to the Dominoes. Finally, I asked how many could play and someone asked us if we wanted to play. I won the first game I ever played of the game :Mexican Dominoes."

I wondered if Dutch and Mexican were intended as slurs. ???

I didn't get enough sleep Friday night, so I went back to bed this morning about 9 am and slept to 2 pm., bathed, washed my hair and was ready to go by 4 pm. Sitting from 4:30 to 9:30 really made my back hurt. Two or three other women have as much trouble walking as I do.

For lunch, I heated the carcass of the rotisserie chicken and served it to Tommy. He laughed when I told him he was having the carcass. There was a leg and thigh left and little pieces of chicken here and there. I forgot what else we had. Oh, I pulled the last bit of the breast off the carcass.

My metal chicken I managed to rescue it before the thieves got it is now sitting on Tommy's porch. I put it in a bare place with weeds. But. that was where his neighbor killed all the grass in order to make mowing easier. Since the guy will never mow if the chicken is there, I decided to put the chicken on the porch. It needs flowers. But, I am not sure what kind. I have to think about what to put in it for Christmas. Tommy told me I could not put it in his yard, but after it stayed in his car for several weeks, I guess he did not mind. He laughed at it when he saw it.

This has been the best day so far since I lost the house.

Friday, September 13, 2019

So, Here is the Breakthrough

When I first came here, I only had clothes in bags, plastic bags, large and small. I put them down in front of the sofa and collapsed. I knew he would let me hang my few things in a closet, but I didn't ask. The third day, he volunteered to make some room in the closet for me. I had seen his kilt with a quarter of the fabric consumed by silverfish. He had no idea why there were holes.

So, I have been loathe to put clothes in there. I have a few things on a chair which has box of clothes on it, nothing in the closet. I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to spray the closet but not his clothes. He sid he never wore those clothes so just spray them. He said he had all the shirts he liked and wore in a box beside him--right here. You must remember his difficulty in walking. He also has a hat/coat rack with pants and woven shirts hanging on them. I smiled when I saw that. Oh, he does not care who knows.

So, yesterday, I asked him if he wanted me to move all his clothes into the other closet. He said that one has even more of a problem! Shudder!!! I offered to bring all his shirts from "my" closet to let him choose what he wanted to keep and I would not spray them. Well, this all came down to he would just donate everything he does not wear now.

Will miracles never cease?

He has allowed me throw out cans of food with 2012 best by date. These are things I gave him and he was glad to get. The silverfish are my goal before they eat my new clothes.

He had every cottage cheese container I ever gave him with food in it. They were all in the refrigerator, unwashed. When I needed room for my milk, he took about ten out. I have been throwing them out one at a time. I have seen his lack of ability to clean and carry things from one place in the house to another, so I am just sorry for him, not disgusted. One day, when this place is ready, I will convince him to have the whole house cleaned. But, I know I can only get him to agree to kitchen/dining area first.

I have not been feeling well for about ten days and thought it was the situation. Well, today, I could not walk without thrashing around, unable to balance and walk, drunk as a bicycle. It is a UTI, not surprising. I never feel light-headed, just like I am going to tip over sideways.

Today, it was 100 F. summer has not given up yet. I have no coats or sweaters or sweatshirts or socks, gloves. Everything I bought was sleeveless or short sleeved and, so, on sale.

So, the breakthrough made me happy. I just know someone will disapprove of my throwing out a cottage cheese or sour cream container that is amongst dozens and has been in the refrigerator and now on the counter for weeks. Get over it.

Are you loving the heat we have left so late?

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Organization, Light, and a Breakthrough

Getting over yesterday was hard. I stayed up too late and took a Benadryl and slept waaay too late. It is 4:30 pm and my back hurts so much. I have not done the laundry yet--three outfits in a black load.

I did decide I would collect and organize my receipts from purchases. When you have NO clothes whatsoever, it is easy to make wrong decisions about clothing choices. I was in so much pain of all sorts that responsible decisions were almost impossible. Not that he is my barometer, but Tommy likes all but one purchase--a short, short-sleeved jacket. I knew it would get cool soon and all the items I bought were sleeveless. Sleeveless is fine in the winter because I get too hot.

But, the key to returning items is having receipts. Well, with a card, the receipt is not necessary. However, I had a jumble of important receipts, useless receipts, and random small pieces of paper that needed sorting. Some pf the random small pieces were important numbers that I needed to put in my phone or trash. Done.

Tommy gave me five envelopes that I asked him to give me. Now, my purse is clean. My wallet is not. That will come later today. Since it is almost 5 pm right now, I should get cracking with the load of laundry.

Wednesday night, I could not see to get to the laundry room. So, I had Tommy go to WM and get light. Now, I have two $1 flashlights and a headlamp that surprisingly cost $1. It is flimsy and has on and off. Even more surprisingly, it works surprisingly well, and I love it. Of course, it only has been used once. I had to go out an unlighted front door, walk down a rickety ramp in the dark, walk in the dark beside and past his car and mine, and open the laundry room door. Then, I have to get back safely into the house. I wanted the $1 small flashlights. At home, I kept one in each room in an easily reached place. Then, I had several better flashlights for use in a longtime emergency. The cheap ones were to get me safely back to the good lights.

Plus, there is a light that looks like a light switch that sticks to the wall and has LED lights that will blind me. But, it is light. Maybe I can see to wash dishes he had just left sitting in the refrigerator. He will get on board when he sees progress. What he really needs is an electrician.

I have made telephone calls today, so now that everyone is closed, I really need to get the laundry out, and then get the turkey into the oven. I got this at a food bank this week--turkey thighs with some sort of seasoning and I think there are turkey legs. At any rate, there are two huge packages. Tommy will eat those and I will continue eating the chicken breasts since I need to eat some protein often to keep my blood sugar down.

Do you remember the $1 house shoes I bought at Dollar Tree? I gave them away because it is so difficult to return things there. I gave them to a woman I have given at least 400 lbs of food. They were her size. Sooo, I went back and got my size. Now, I walk around with my toes walking on the floor because they stretched out so much. Watch out if you buy them.

Tonight, Tommy said,"I suppose you want to watch the Democratic debate."

"Well, I figured you would not want to...."

"There are a couple of football games on Saturday that I want to watch, so I thought you could watch the Democrats."


Then, I put chicken and turkey thighs in the oven with the tv so low I could not hear it all.

Earlier, we went out to pick up his meds and got a Coke. He took my Coke and said, "Here, let me open your Coke." He has been much more conversational all day.

Then, he lost it and I laughed at him and shrugged my shoulders.

"Mercurial" in the dictionary has his picture posted.

OOPS--will tell you about the breakthrough tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Sept.11., My Birthday

I saw YESTERDAY, wonderful movie. It was my choice and happened to be a $2 movie. Tommy never wished me Happy Birthday, nor did he talk to me all day long, said he was just not in the mood for talking. He is very passive/aggressive.

He resents my birthday but enjoys his. Afterwards, I asked him where we were going to eat. He said loudly that he was not PLANNING on taking me anywhere! Jerk!

I had been wanting a Krystal for several days, so I told him to order me two, all I need. He ordered six for me, and knew I would give half to him. JERK!

I told him to stop buy Publix and I would get ice cream and would pay for it myself. I also told him I would give him the $2.18 he spent on my ticket to the movie.

Oh, he never goes to movie without buying coke and popcorn. But, so, today he was not in the mood. I sat there with my water. I only wanted a candy bar from the grocery store, but he made no move to stop or offer. JERK.

Ad, no, I do not want to hear how grateful I should be for letting me camp here I need the courtesy even more now.

If I hear a stranger say it is their birthday, I turn around and say "Happy Birthday!"

Have you ever had anyone deliberately make your birthday miserable? NO platitudes! no scolding me!

Have you seen YESTERDAY? How did you like it?

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tuesday Sewing Again--A Bra

Since I had not touched my sewing machine due to its inaccessibility, I was thrilled to sew again today. But, I did not get to sew on my machine. It is in the back of Tommy's car, and neither of us can lift it out and get it into the cabinet.

I will tell you about the rest of Tuesday tomorrow. This post is about sewing.

Last week, I asked the owner of the sewing shop if he would sew something for me. He said, "No, his wife would do that." I explained I cold not return to pick up from my present location. I told him Tommy would come in with me so the experience would not be so weird. I wanted him to make me a bra. I told him I had lost mine in the recent catastrophe, that I wore a loose one to cut down on the jiggle effect but now they were flat and needed a lift, too. He said he understood. He also told me I did not have to worry because he would never do anything. I assured him I had no fear, just wanted to make the experience less weird.

Today, I went in with my tank top and Tommy. I even needed to use his scissors to cut of the tank top. He threaded a serger in red thread. I did what I needed to do. He then threaded a sewing machine so I could hem the now very short tank top. I sewed the elastic in as I made the casing. When I got home, it fit perfectly! Things are lifted and no longer flat. So, I am happy. If anyone wants the particulars, I will write about that another day.

Bras are sooo expensive. I tried to buy one last week, but nothing fit. This fits just enough. And, I believe the tank top with spaghetti straps was on sale for $1
on clearance. WIN! This is red, so I need to find black and white tops, too.

I am annoyed my commercial serger was destroyed. I am also determined to start sewing again. That will involve convincing Tommy to allow more bulbs in the

Hve you ever made a bra? By a pattern?

Monday, September 9, 2019

Fan? Naps

Tommy has a fan he calls "ceiling fan." it is in the ceiling, above the ceiling. I flipped a switch that looked like a light switch and the thing roared to life, frightening me so I screamed and ran away, well as much as I can run. You would be surprised how fast you can run when you fear for your life. Of course, I "ran" for about three steps. I have no idea what this thing is called. Do you?

He told me to stop turning on the switch. I had only done it once. But, he took packing tape and taped it where I cannot do it again. He used a piece of tape about 8 inches long, extending tape onto the wall. Then, he put a piece crosswise. I certainly am not going to try to remove it to start the fan again. Overkill with tape!

Last night, I could not get more than two hours of sleep. I had told Tommy to wake me at 8 am and change the tv channel to what I liked to watch in the morning. He did change the channel and put the volume up around 60 from his preferred 20. So, I could not go back to sleep as I wanted. I needed to make calls today and to wash clothes. I ate a banana and milk and sat here, trying to become conscious. When he arrived around 11:30, I offered to let him make a pb After I ate, I went back to bed and slept most of the afternoon. Even now at almost 6 pm. I feel drugged. The only change to meds are adding the levothyroxine.

I am having to use Tommy's needles for injections. They hurt going in, unlike mine. I am also bruising for the first time ever since giving myself these injections. Plus, I itch at the injection site...for days.

Chicken is in the oven and a salad is waiting to be made.

The guy who mows Tommy's grass was at it again today just as I decided to nap. Thankfully, he mowed that part of the yard before I got in the bed. The guy mows the yards of three people around here. Nice guy. He is the one who put up a ramp after noticing Tommy had trouble getting up his front steps. And, he works full time.

On the news was a report that napping at least three times a week reduced the incidence of strokes and heart attacks. Okay, got that covered. More naps each week does not increase the benefits. I often do not nap, then I nap for a few days. I have no idea the rhyme or reason of my urges to nap or my lack of them. Sometimes, I lie down and get drowsy. Today, I was sitting up and falling asleep, dying for a nap. Do you nap?

My best memories of naps involved fans. When we went to Memphis in the summer, we would visit the relatives where my grandmother lived in her own little house. I would be taken out there to nap on her bed with her fan oscillating to cool me. Her house was basically one room, with a short partition to separate bedroom from kitchen. But, sleeping in the heat in a tiny house leaves a feeling not easily described. The sound of the fan helped put me to sleep. Do you have napping memories from childhood?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday and Thyroid

Every Sunday, I have Tommy wake e at 8 am. I get up a,nd eat, get on the computer for a few minutes. At 9 am, I get busy and get ready. We leave at 9:30. I am beat by the time it is over. Today, he suggested we get BK, two Whopper Jrs, and fries. We ate it at home with water.

By 2:30 I needed a nap and slept until 5 pm. That was refreshing. Now, about 10:30 I am sleepy.

There is a game night where the church group who comes plays Bingo. Since I have nothing like a white elephant item, Tommy said he would find two. I gave him an Auburn picture which I noticed is not on the walls, so I suggested that. LOL He was afraid to agree, but finally realized I was okay with it. The only other thing I see is a can of Beef Stew with 2020 date. ??? He hates games, but I do. k
This afternoon, I took a blueberry muffin mix and put real blueberries, lots of them in the mix. I guessed what 1/2 cup of milk would be, just dumped in the blueberries. I put a piece of foil over a pot to made a "Muffin tin," I forgot what temp to use in the oven and the trash can was too far away and I would have had to bend over. And forgot to time it. What else could I have done wrong? And, it was great. Tommy was happy.

Monday, Tommy has an early dental appointment, so I am going to drive my car for the first time since I got here. I am going to spray closets and bedrooms for silverfish! They ate his kilt.

Last week's inquiries will continue this week. I have new avenues to pursue.

Remember the 14 or 16 vials of blood drawn for three doctors? At the endocrinologist last week, he read off numbers and said as my numbers on hypothyroidism were so low/high that I should be taking 267 mg of levothyroxine, but that he would not do that. So, I have a 88 mg dose that I hope turns around some of my symptoms. When will my eyebrows return to normal? When will my skin not be so rough? When will everything be normal? He will test me again in four months. sigh. After Kim's comment that her eyelashes disappeared, I check

We are still trying to clean out his shower drain that is confused about what "drain" entails. I m afraid it will take a plumber at the rate it is clearing out.
We?" I am just the cheerleader and advisor now.

Now, what is wrong with blog!?

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Saturday Nothings

It was 96F by Tommy's car thermometer. It really was hot out. When I bought tomatoes and greens, I let them ride up front between my feet. It seemed still too hot in the back seat.

When I asked Tommy about any Farmer's Markets, he said there was one right near his house or at lest on the path to other places. He showed me too late, so I did not get to see it. Besides, it was closed. Next time I saw it, we had other things on our minds. THEN, when I saw "oranges and bananas" listed along with fruits grown locally, I knew it was not the market for me. We go to Cullman about once a week for whatever, so I will still buy there.

I cancelled my colonoscopy in Cullman that would have been around 12 noon. When I scheduled it for Birmingham, the time to show up was 6:30 am. Boy, did I make a mistake! I hate to change it back but for another date in Cullman, but I am tempted.

At a place I frequent and spend money, they were giving tshirts with their advertisement. I asked for one, then dared to ask for one for Tommy. She gave me two tshirts and one for Tommy because, "I just want them off my shelves." . New clothes for free! We wear anything like this in yard or house. Besides, I need a new shirt for using when I color my hair.

I heated the rotisserie chicken from the foodbank for use to eat tonight. Salad with it was perfect.

I have had a huge package of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts that I bought on sale last spring in the refrigerator, thawing. These are some I bought, knowing they would not fit in my freezer and sent home with Tommy to keep until I had room. I was just to the point I was going to have him bring them to me. Luckily, they were still here instead of at my house. Hopefully, they will be thawed by Sunday night.

Since all this happened, I am having to gather clothes for all occasions. I passed a rack with leopard print knit skirts, found my size, found it had been reduced to $7 and paid $5 for it. YAY! I rarely wore the one I had, but really wanted another. It's a size too I can get the smaller size if it is still on the rack after the markdown. If not, I will just cinch in the waist a bit. Actually, it does not fit like it is too big, but I can feel the waistband moving.

I suppose if I have to buy clothes, this is the best time of the year for a sale. I buy anything I need for the next winter in the spring since I cannot stand 3/4 or long sleeves.
at one store, the clerk was nice enough to get me a chair and bring clothes to me. I will probably never get that lucky again.

Well, it is bedtime according to Tommy, so I will get out of his way.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Great Panty Hunt

The day after I came here, we went shopping for things I needed. Panties were at the top of the list. I had on a pair when I was barred from the house. I managed to grab two dirty pair when I was let in. I washed panties in the motel sink with shampoo. One pair had a hole in the bottom/back the size of a saucer. I cut it up for a rag.

Tommy took me to the store so I could get a few things. A gift card helped me purchase things. I could not find style and size I wanted. The whole display was in disarray. So, I sought help from someone who told me just to look until I found what I wanted. I insisted I needed help. She slowly pretended she was searching. Then, like a flip was switched, she started in earnest to search. In the meantime, Tommy was behind us and then noted there were more around the corner. He was digging through these packs of panties and announced he found the brand and size.

After we left the store, I asked him if that was the first time he had ever been on a panty search. He laughed and say it was the only time, yes, the first time.

I awoke this morning after 12 hours sleep and felt, once again, like I had been beaten. I slept soundly with no disruptions.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

One of the first things I saw, hand sewing, and other mustard

When I got here or maybe the next morning, one of the first things I saw was a reddish/pinkish measuring tape. I exclaimed that it was mine. Then, I asked Tommy where he got it. Then, I saw the tiny fuses that are used in small strings of Christmas lights and asked him if they were his. He said he had no idea where they came from, but they were not his. He said they might have been in something I sent home with home with him.

That made sense. I often grab a tote bag and put things in the bag for him to take home. But, how could he not suppose I might not be looking for the measuring tape? I had searched high and low, finding my other one instead. There is no telling what I will come across that is mine. I would never expect him of stealing anything.

Tonight, I am making me a bra with scissors that grind up the material. He has old thread and needles. We will see. This will be sewn with a needle and thread!

Okay, what is your favorite brown mustard? I doubt I will ever buy any more mustards since I eat so little that it just dries up or separates. Grey Poupon, anyone?

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Best Yellow Mustard

Mustard later.

Today, I went home and picked up my mail at the PO. KFC sent me my birthday card that was good for a meal. I got Tommy a chicken pot pie. We had the senior tea. I reminded him the pot pie had 1970 mg of sodium. He got loud and nasty and said he did not care. So lunch cost little.

About six weeks ago, I got a Dominos pizza and they left the garlic oil off the crust, even after I reminded them. So, today, I went by and complained and told them to check how many times the gariic oil had bee left off my pizza and I had complained. I brought a large mushroom and sausage pizza home for dinner. Okay, I ate some on the way home. We will have to not eat anything else tonight except for some fruit.

Nothing else was stolen at my house in the last week. I found in the middle of where the house was one tiny yellow baby shoe, apparently all that is left from my younger daughter's baby clothes. I brought it with me. The sight was like a knife through my heart. She had a yellow dress and yellow shoes and a pink dress and pink shoes. All had lace and ruffles, even the shoes. She was such a doll.

I went to agencies, the bank, ATT, and other places. We got home and left after I put the pizza in the refrigerator. I need to document things, so I bought a cheap camera. My Android was stolen and the Kodak is probably in the dump.

Tomorrow, I tackle the silverfish closet, the one assigned to me in his bedroom. He is going to tackle the tub which always has two inches of water, at least, in the bottom. I refuse to get into it. He should not. The reason I know he has silverfish is that he brought his kilt to show me after I begged him to do so. 1/4 of it was eaten by silverfish. I have poison!

I f0und two pair of black pants. One pair at Belk's was $60 and marked down to $19, still too rich for my blood. The other was $17 at a cheap store and not on sale.

At the end of the day at the store, I remembered I needed mustard. I like French's yellow mustard as well as other types. So does Tommy. I eat so little mustard of any type that it does not pay to have a variety. Right now, I started with the absolutely smallest size of French's. Tommy volunteered to get it for me. Then, he got an off-brand and the largest size. When I questioned him, he said I was picky and he did not care the brand.

Yellow Mustard Question.

This question is about yellow mustard only--what is your favorite brand of yellow mustard? Or, do you eat any brand of yellow mustard? I know some of you prefer other types of mustards. But, this game is for those who eat yellow mustard. Tomorrow, you will get your say.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Apple Muffins and Fruit Jars

on Saturday night, I decided to use up an Apple cinnamon muffin mix and two large Granny Smith Apples. The muffin mix had apple chips. Tommy has never owned a muffin tin. I cored, peeled, and chopped the apples and mixed the mix with milk. Foil over the pan, I tried to mix the apples with the apples, but the bowl was way too small. I put the extra apples in the middle of the cookie sheet and dumped the muffin and apple mixture onto the extra apples and baked it at 350 degrees. Tommy proclaimed it delicious. We ate the rest on Sunday night. It was not muffins, but good nevertheless--a hit with Tommy.

This morning, I forgot to use Victoza, and was seeing double when I got out at the church. I was miserable the whole time and could barely walk. Once home. I could not find the new vial and went to bed. Tommy searched the refrigerator and so did I. I moved everything in the refrigerator. The second time looking, I actually picked up the half gallon of milk and there is was. !!! It will take me two days to feel well again, but I feel some better now.

Tommy had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and I just went to bed. We had the last of the chicken and the last of the Brussels sprouts for dinner. It looks like I have to put out something to thaw tonight--chicken. What else would I cook?

If I can find the potatoes, I will make some iteration of potatoes and open a can of green beans to go with the baked chicken tomorrow night. Okay, Tommy found the potatoes for me.

The weather is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that even though a hurricane is heading this way, the weather is supposed to stay dry and nice.

Tomorrow, I need to go shopping and return a few things.

The first time I looked into Tommy's refrigerator was as soon as I got here and started putting milk and things in his refrigerator. Imagine my surprise when I found about a dozen pint Ball canning jars in his refrigerator. All were dirty, maybe rinsed out. I give him food in pint jars. Obviously, he has not been returning them. So, at least I now have jars to store leftovers here. So many dozens went to the dump when my house was razed!

There is nothing happening, and that is good. Of course, it all starts again on Tuesday.

Doctors and a List

My allergist called me for my 1pm telemedicine visit. I had talked to him a week ago when he gave me the nose drops. He was astounded at my ...