Saturday, February 29, 2020

Hard Saturday, Lazy Catch Up Day

Saturday was hard because I was exhausted. So, I just did nothing, as little as I could. I have lost the little bag where I keep my diabetes injection. I had it in the car on Thursday and gave myself an injection. Friday, it was nowhere to be seen. I got out the next pen from the refrigerator, used it, returned it. I spent much time after we came back Friday from shopping looking for it.

Tommy searched the car in the dark with a cheap, dying flashlight. I searched again this morning to no avail. Tommy searched last night the table in the kitchen where I have things. Nothing. It is so dark in there, anything could be there. So, I suppose I will start the round again, looking and looking.

When I went outside, the weather was beautiful and  60F degrees. It was so pleasant that I came back in, grabbed a screwdriver. Several days ago, I looked in the bottom of the concrete planter, looking for a hole. There was a plugged up hole. So, by using the screwdriver, I managed to get most of the dirt out that was clogging it up. The reason I could not see the hole was that there was a layer of sand sort of stuck the very bottom of the pot.

The concrete pot weighs more than 30 pounds. I certainly thought I was getting some sort of Styrofoam! Tommy said he had trouble even tipping it and sort of letting it fall out of his Rogue which thankfully does not have a tailgate. He did not have to lift. Then, he had to lift from his walker seat and barely got it onto the porch. I suppose I will take water out to loosen the rest of the plug and then use a coffee filter to keep dirt from the hole.

I got up late and now it is late for lunch. Tonight, I won't mind eating at 7:30!

The "plate" I bought for $1 is a quiche dish. I finally got it clean enough to realize what is was and read the fact it was oven-safe.

The pink plastic bag in the yard held all the newspaper ads plus three newspaper inserts when had lots of good coupons. They must have skipped throwing them the week it rained buckets.

When I got up from the sofa, I became very dizzy and ill. After lying in bed for an hour, I got up to make dinner--rest of the roll of sausage, last of sweet potatoes baked several days ago, and slider buns for the sausage, later strawberries. Tommy said it was enough, thankfully.

Saturday was a lazy, catch-up day.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Also, a Busy Friday

If you call shopping "busy," we were busy shopping for food and stuff.

orange juice in little bottles for in the car
toilet paper on sale
vinegar for unclogging the sink, laundry, and dish washing
baking soda for laundry, dishes, and sink clog
shelf stable milk--4 quarts
$1 broom
Hormel Chili without beans on sale
6 half-gallons of a2milk
Command hooks
door knob
chocolate Stage Plank
4 8-ounce chunks of Kraft Medium Cheddar Cheese
pair of summer pants to see if they fit
metal scraper thing for putty. . .putty knife?

I visited Publix, the Pig twice, Dollar Tree, Lowe's and another store. I had to go back to the Pig because there was no electric cart the first time.

There is one clock in this house, by his chair. When I need to know the time, he changes the channel on the TV. He keeps his clock by him turned with the face away from me. He says the radio sounds better when turned that direction. I have never heard him listen to the radio. Oh, there is a clock that is a train picture and makes a train noise every hour and half hour. He hates it and the batteries are out. But, the ugly thing is on the wall.

The putty knife is for scraping off the foam insulation left stuck to the door. I bought the insulation a few weeks ago. I have been too ill to clean the old off and put the new on.

He must keep a five-gallon bucket with heavy stuff in it in front of the utility room door so the door will not blow open. So, I bought a door knob. Now, I can lock it and will not have to move that heavy bucket that is slowly crumbling all over the carport.

I used his Lowe's card for clock, Command hooks, and doorknob. He looks at what I buy and never says a word. That is how I got his Christmas present of the front door locks. I think he takes a stand and cannot change his mind. So, he says nothing about what I buy. He is funny and cute that way.

He has not owned a broom in 20 years. I intend to buy a broom from industries for the blind,  also.

The sink in the kitchen drains so slowly that I am going to give it a good dose of vinegar and baking soda. Instead of the two quart pot of water, I will boil a two gallon pot of water and get Tommy to pour it down the drain. If we fail, we call a plumber! He is sort of resigned to that.

Three pennies appeared out Tommy's door as he got in. I shrieked to him that there was a penny. "Actually three. They were here when we went in"  He cannot bend to get them, but I told him to alert me next time. I ran around and got them. A Loomis armored car was next to us, so I suppose they are not into picking up pennies since they were using a hand truck for their trip into the store. That makes five pennies for the year I have found.

Tonight, we had salmon croquettes except made with a can of tuna, sweet potatoes, broccoli and halo. My back hurt so that I could have done no more than stand for the skillet of croquettes cooked with no oil. Even dishing up the leftover broccoli soup and sweet potato was excruciating for my back.

I believe it was high 50s today. Cumulous clouds were pile high all around the incredibly blue sky. The sun made the tops look snow white. The whole appearance was of meringue piled high. Great day all day. We got along great from the time I got up until now, almost 9 pm. Hooray!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Busy Day

Almost 9 pm. I am exhausted again tonight. At least we were only gone for 8 hours today. With beautiful weather  and sunshine, even bad experiences would not bother me. I think it only was in low 40s today, but with brilliant sunshine.

We left at noon to go to Cullman and stopped to get a $1 burger. We brought our own drinks. I threw out most of my Coke at the gas station because I would finish it eventually if it stayed in the car. So, I saved a few calories today.

There are days we leave with a list and do not get it all done. Today was one of those days when there is no waiting anywhere.

First, I went to a food bank where I get to choose. Usually, I have to sit an hour. Today, as I was signing in, the woman came out and told me to go in. I got:

1 gal milk
frozen chicken breasts
frozen ground pork
box of chunky chocolate chip cookies
6 donuts
rye bread loaf
bag of mini bagels
slider buns
green beans, 1 can
peas, I can
Wheat Thins
body wash that I got to refill my soft soap dispenser
2 perfect, huge Granny Smith apples. Do I see an Apple Betty?

Every bit of this will be used! The bread can be frozen.  I never get bread or sweets over vegetables or meat. The person says, "Three breads." And, then "one off this shelf."  He likes bagels, I like rye, and the slider buns will be for meals or to take a cheese sandwich with us.

I went to a store where I found 16 oz. clamshells of strawberries 2 for $3. I got four packages. I see strawberry shortcake in our future. I make my own shortcake, sort of a slightly sugary, buttery drop biscuit.

Since we both did not have milk at home, we decided to buy milk in Cullman so we did not have to go shopping tonight.

I was going to get my car tag today, the last day to do so since I do not want to go back tomorrow. But, I realized the long would be too long for me to stand. Scratch that off the list! I can get it Tuesday and sign a statement that I have not driven it to avoid a penalty.

Then, I had to go to the Social Security office. Luckily, there was no one ahead of me. It was strange that the place was not jammed or at least have a few people. So, that chore took only ten minutes.

The trip to Publix was uneventful, but I now have enough bananas to last through Monday. I eat one every day.

My yard is still there with pretty daffodils. I only had one letter at the PO, but it was something I was awaiting. I found stacks of coupons on the counter near my box. We drove around the lake in town and wondered if they are putting in new camp areas and picnic tables. The track team was running around the lake on the walking/running trail. That seems less dangerous than running along the streets. We went to my storage unit.

I went into one store and did not like the service, so left. I forgot to go to the shoe repair/cobbler. Bummer on both counts.

We went to my friend's junk store and she was not open. Two men were on the other side of the building. One was her nephew. My friend is in the hospital.

Then, we stopped at the permanent yard sale and went to the one next to it. I found a pretty dish, about ten inches across and a 1 inch rim around it, $1. It has pink roses on it.

At Belk's I returned four things and bought nothing.

Then, we went to a community dinner. The menu is on  the table with pens. We circled what we desired and it was brought to us. I got shredded lettuce, chopped meat, black beans, sour cream, shredded cheese. Tommy got that and the hard taco shell, taco sauce, corn. I got plain meat and put one tsp of taco sauce on the meat. Dessert was chocolate cake and ice cream. I only ate about two bites of cake and six tiny bites of ice cream. My food was delicious. He enjoyed what he got and ate a whole bowl of salsa with chips before dinner. He has told me he does not like salsa! ???

Can you believe I left chocolate cake and ice cream?

The dinner was packed, but I did not know one person there. When I left, I saw a woman that I could have sat with. Well, there was a woman who said she could not be friends with me because her Pentecostal church would not like her being friends with me because I did not go to her church. She got in trouble and was chastised publicly for going to the lunch with music. Sad!

Today, I worried about his blood sugar since I know what he has to eat. I offered on the way down to drive home, which I did. I really need to learn how to get to his When I went to the store where I found cheap strawberries, I bought a tiny bottle of chocolate milk for me. I knew he would not like that. So, I got him a single package of peanuts. He tore into them and ate them all right in the parking lot. We were so far ahead of the dinner, that we had plenty of time. He did not suffer from low blood sugar at all. Well, he may have been heading there since he had nothing but the hamburger patty that was not carb all day long before I got the peanuts.

Do you ever plan chores and how much time it will take, only to have everything go your way and end up with time to spare and nothing to do? It certainly beats the opposite dilemma of nothing right and being rushed.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


It takes a couple of days for me to recover from a busy day. So, that is what I did most of today, watched TV and used computer. Then, I took clothes to washing machine and had Tommy get them in since wet clothes hurt my back to carry so far or at all.

Dinner is leftovers almost. The patties are freshly cooked, broccoli and sweet potatoes left over. And, a halo for dessert. Tommy is really good to eat leftovers. He never complains. He dislikes wasting food.

I bought a gallon and a half gallon of vinegar several weeks ago. Now that the half-gallon is empty, I had Tommy refill it from the gallon so I can lift without so much pain the half gallon that is now in two jugs.

Then, I had him cut the top off the gallon. Voila! A pot for a plant was born!  I did that one year with about a dozen jugs and planted tulips...remember the almost daily pictures and reports of tulip doings? Well, I had him cut the jug along a line in the jug.

The day started off dreary and cold. Happily the sun came out. It is still cold but sunny! So, my spirits are still high from the sun.

It is about 8 pm and I have to serve up the heated dinner. Later, I need to wash my hair...maybe I won't. Plus, I need to hang clothes to dry.

I remember when recovery was just a good night's sleep. It takes a bit more now. How about you and your recovery?

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Exhaustion on this Tuesday

I only slept three hours on Monday night. So, it is only natural I am exhausted. However from 8am until just now, 7 pm, we have gone nonstop.

We got the mail at the PO, went into my driveway, returned something to Belk's that I bought six months ago, went to one grocery store...whew. In the midst of all this, we went to the lunch at the church where there is live music with lunch. We had spaghetti, garlic buttered bread, a carrot stick and a pickle. Tommy got my pickle and carrot. We each had a piece of cake.

Some of these friends I had not seen since Thanksgiving or before. On friend's husband is back in the hospital for mental problems. Another friend is now in the group with dementia. This group is in the dining area and eats with us. It was weird to see two women I have know for years, respected and competent teachers now in the group of those with dementia.

Another friend and I were saying how we would rather have our bodies fail and not be able to walk well than to have dementia. During this hour there were many renewals of conversation that took up where they left off in November.

None of the grocery sales tempted me. My yard is still there. A large amount was put back on my Belk's account...yay. The spaghetti was delicious!

Then, we beat it back south and I scrambled eggs with sausage for Tommy, so the pancakes and syrup at the Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper would not drive his blood sugar up, then plummet. Then, at the church he refused to eat it. The preacher's wife had proclaimed NOTHING else except pancakes. So, I am sitting here waiting for his hypothermia wobbly walking and argumentativeness. Lovely!

The weather forecast was for sun north of us and clouds from Birmingham south. Well, it was so true and 59F. . The sky was the most beautiful blue with a demarcation of clouds to the South. I wore a sleeveless blouse. It was that nice.

Blueberries and strawberries were in abundance at the dinner as an afterthought. I ate lots there and brought some home. Yum!

How was your day? Your weather?

Now, I am settling down to watch the debates and my hero--Bloomberg.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Monday, Monday

"It takes me twice as long to not get anything done on Monday as it does the rest of the week."

But, it is not a day to cry. Outside, it is so dreary--rainy and cold. No, I have not been out. But, I can see the sky though the fanlight in the door.

I still need to wash dishes and color my hair. I am not optimistic I will get anything else done, like the dishes.

What I need to do today:
color hair
wash at least some of the dishes
cook sausage
Put the cooked sausage in scrambled eggs
bake sweet potatoes
bake rest of hamburgers, eight, I think
heat broccoli soup

Don't get me wrong. There are other things that need to be done. But, it is almost 3 pm. The list above is bare bones what must be done.

The church pancake dinner is Tuesday night to celebrate Lent. I thought getting rid of fats were more important than getting rid of flour. I don't participate in Lent or know much about Fat Tuesday.  But, the decree is no meats at a pancake dinner. The Kiwanis pancake dinner always had sausage.

However, when I said "only pancakes?" ,I got an adamant answer from the preacher's wife. Since I am not fond of planning a meal of carbs/sweets and calling it dinner, I will make scrambled eggs with sausage for Tommy and me. I would scramble more eggs, but I do not want to cross her. lol No one can object to people eating in a way that is necessary. Honestly, i don't care what she thinks!

We need to go to Cullman tomorrow and be back by 5 pm at the church. I won't have time to cook. I suppose i will take real maple syrup with me, since they will have none, just regular pancake syrup. It was in kitchen all set out. I know maple syrup is high in sugar, but it also has antioxidants. Besides, I have not had maple syrup since it was destroyed in my house.

The broccoli soup was awful. Obviously, I made it wrong.

Okay, I have things to do.

Do you celebrate Lent by giving up something? What do you give up?

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bits I left Out and a Question

I love Lindt Lindor "irresistibly smooth" milk chocolate truffles. The ones I buy are two to a tiny shiny bag and cost $1. Inside are two truffles, a hard chocolate outside and a soft chocolate center. Sometimes, I share this with Tommy, one truffle for each of us.

The tiny empty bag was sitting here, ready to toss. As I picked it up, I noticed there was more heft to it than was normal for the empty bag. Sure enough, there was a third truffle. The two empty wrappers were proof that I did eat two and did get a third one. I counted myself lucky. By the way, these tiny bags are now $0.50...yes, fifty-cents. I felt so lucky.

When I told Tommy about the Kraft Parmesan cheese on sale and a coupon, too, he said, "Don't you have one of those?" I told him it would run out. "No, don't you have one on the table, an extra one?" I keep having to remind him I stock up on this stuff. I do not just eat it on spaghetti.

Saturday, when I came out of Lowe's, I wondered what was happening to the right of the door. Lo and Behold! There were Girl Scout Cookies. I purchased Thin Mints for me and Shortbread for Tommy. I was afraid I was going to miss GSC this year like I did last year. What is your favorite GSC?

Saturday, At Publix I found on sale Godiva Chocolate Raspberry pudding. YUM!

My yard has had daffodils since January. Now, it has even more. Tulips have not blossomed yet. The Redbuds are blooming.

I keep "finding" my microwave in the trunk of my car. I am surprised every time I open the trunk which I rarely open since I rarely drive it. I suppose it will live there. Today, I also found a small bag of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap, and skin lotion, two of each. This will be given to someone else since it might cause allergies. I did keep the lotion to use on my hands. If it causes a reaction, at least I can wash it off easily and buy something different without wasting money to find something that will not make me itch. Okay, it makes my hands itch.

Today, I brought in my walker to use to hang laundry on in the bedroom. I really need a bona fide clothes dryer since it would hold much more for the same space. This is the walker that only has two wheels and no seat..

Saturday night dinner--hamburger patties cooked in the oven and a large portion of steamed broccoli and a halo. Sunday--leftover patties from Saturday night and broccoli soup.  The bought patties that I did not buy were too heavily seasoned, so the ones for Sunday are being washed before cooking

Dessert--halos. Tommy finished the strawberries for lunch. I mostly have to hand him fruit so he will eat it. Then again, sometimes he gets halos and apples every day. ??? I have a banana each and every day. I get grumpy if I do not have one.

At the permanent yard sale, I bought the concrete planter. It is beautiful, but there is no drain hole. I will probably put a potted plant inside instead of putting dirt and plant in it. Still, I picture drowning a plant. What can I plant in it?  Rain will get into it even if I put it on the porch.  So, that is my question. I want to plant food in it, like an herb, but a flower is fine. ???

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saturday Yard Sale and Other Stuff

We left by 7:30 am this Saturday morning when the temperature was below freezing. Brrr! But, my bare toes were not a problem.

The sides of the roads are entirely of rock in places, cut or blasted out for the road. Along the roadside and on the rocks were dripping frozen icicles. It was very pretty and served to remind us of how the road was cut into the rock and how rocky this area is. The interstate to Cullman up 65 was quite hilly until the tops of the hills were cut off to even up the drive. Well, 65 follows what was 31 most of the way.

I had to take cereal and milk in a huge cup since we left before I could eat, not enough time had passed. We also took cheese and bread, actually a hamburger bun. With the water we took, we did not have to buy food to eat out.

I went to Publix in Cullman and found Kraft Parmesan cheese in the shaker on sale at $6 for 2 canisters. AND, BESIDES THAT there was also a coupon for $0.50. It is good until 6/30/20. I have four more coupons to use between now and July. I actually thought I only got two more coupons until we were on the way home.

I forgot something and stopped at the Publix we pass by here and there were no coupons for the Kraft Parmesan Cheese even though the Parmesan was the same sale price, actually a bogo.  I wonder why? You might find these coupon pads in other stores in your area.

At the same store as last week, I got 3 more pounds of broccoli for $0.99/lb. Tonight is broccoli soup night. Broccoli does not last long, so I need to use it. I may blanch and freeze some of it. Finding it for $0.99/lb is wonderful.

We stopped at the permanent yard sale. I bought an orange watering can, one that was like the green one I got last week, a new Target item. I found a duffle bag that was over three feet long, black, and in great shape. Inside were Halloween items, pumpkins. I took out some of the stuff I did not want and will finish getting the rest of it out. Some Halloween items I do want. One of the things was a Jason costume. that will be sold or given away. At any rate, I paid $5 for the full duffle bag of Halloween items.

My yard is still It feels sad to go there, yet I feel at peace when I am back on my "land." . I know those are contradicting.

The reason I felt so rotten this last week was the antibiotic. I was hoping to feel better soon, and I did--when I was through with the prescription. I am going to make a note of that and avoid it or just know I will feel rotten.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday and Garden Plans

Friday night dinner was leftovers--chicken, steamed broccoli, sweet potato, and strawberries. After a busy afternoon and then a nap about 4:30 till 7 pm, it was good to have dinner done already.

Today, I had to go to a meet and greet for the research project where I get all plants, seeds, earth boxes, dirt, just everything I need to raise plants. . .all for free. Everybody gets the same products, plants, and tools.

This research projects is to measure all the benefits of raising a garden--eating more vegetables, happier, lab tests better, etc. Remember a few weeks ago i donated toenails, poop, blood, and saliva to the research project?

I do not have the information out, but one thing I have to do is keep a journal of things I do, think, and questions for my mentor. All mentors are Master Gardeners. We need to take lots of pictures and send then in.

Tommy has a tiny patio where I think I will put the earth boxes. We will see. Somehow, i have to get a seat to sit on out there. If Tommy comes out, he will have no place to sit except his walker.

I don't like to use commercial pesticides. They are supplying all sorts of plant products from a brand called Safer. Have you ever used these? Know anything about them?

A MG told me assuredly that they were organic. I assured him arsenic was organic. He assured me they would never give me arsenic. He missed the whole point.

I will have all products I need and someone to do the heavy work. So, gardening will be possible once again.

The meeting was at 1 pm, so we ate lunch before we left. They had refreshments. We both took water and various little snacks. So, we spent nothing for food out today.

A stop by Piggly Wiggly and I have bananas and chicken bouillon. I think that makes about $15 spent this week.

I meant to say that my oncologist gave the research group my name so they could contact me.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Soup Recipe and Thursday

I had planned to make potato, cheese, bacon soup on Wednesday night. When I found the beautiful, cheap broccoli, I decided to add broccoli. I added a lot of broccoli, probably equal volumes to potato! Tonight, I will drop more broccoli into the warm soup.

The potato and broccoli measurements are guesses. The rest of the measurements are correct. I am quite sure you can make this your own. I rarely make white sauce, but I did for this.

2 lbs potatoes, peeled and diced
2 lbs broccoli washed; cut florets smaller than mine were originally
2 cans Campbell's chicken broth
1/4 cup butter, melted
less than 1/4 cup flour mixed with butter
1/2 c milk mixed into the butter and flour when smooth...too much milk
6 oz. Cheddar cheese, diced and dropped on top of hot soup

The potatoes were still  a bit too crunchy when I dropped the broccoli florets into the crock pot. Of course, both softened perfectly.

Originally I had intended to put bacon into this soup. But, tomorrow night I will heat bowlsful and add the bacon to the bowls.

I imagine I will add another three cups of florets to the soup tonight which will be soft by tomorrow night. And, it will have all the flavor even though it sits in the warm soup tonight. The amount of potato and broccoli are estimates since I weighed neither.

Since I dropped the cheese in cut into little pieces, it was tasty to get a bit of cheesey broccoli or cheesey potato. Soon, the cheese melted completely.

I did not add salt! The taste of the vegetables and cheese and chicken broth were tasty enough. No, I am not going to make my own broth. Mine tastes terrible to me!

This was delicious and so warming. It is probably in the 40s, not frigid, but this warmed me to my toes. Still Wednesday night and the debate just ended.

Thursday now--We went to bed at 1 am and I slept to 12:15 pm today. I suppose the drive made me sleep soundly. Maybe it was the comfort food.  I awoke once to go to the bathroom and once was hot. The rest of the time was not disturb by wake and I slept more soundly than usual, maybe awake only 20 minutes between going to bed and getting out of bed.  The vertigo seems to be worse.

As usual, we are staying in due to rain. There are places to go, but it is dreary out.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wednesday and More Ill, Food I Bought

"No news is good news"is a false statement.

Today, I went to a lab to have tests done for two doctors. Seven vials of blood later and a trip to Cullman, I am feeling much worse. Pardon the TMI, but my urine for the sample was brown. I am so worried!

The doctor on Saturday sent off a sample for a culture, but it was not picked up until Monday, so Friday before I hear.  The sample sent off for culture today will not be back until Monday. Other than the emergency room, I have no idea what to do.

I made chicken sandwiches for the trip and carried water, oj, pb crackers. We left at 8 and arrived back here before 3 pm. So, we spent nothing eating out. Tommy always tells me how good the sandwiches are. He tells me more than once and with enthusiasm.

While in town I found broccoli crowns for $0.99/lb. I bought $4.49 worth. Now, I have to figure out where to get the energy to even get them in the refrigerator, much less washed and cooked.  Usually, broccoli crowns are $1.69/lb. or even more than that.

Tonight, we will have potato-broccoli soup with cheese and bacon, cooked in chicken broth.  Thankfully, Tommy was enthusiastic. Otherwise, he could make a pb sandwich. He said he would peel potatoes after Jeopardy.

8-pack hamburger buns 2 @ $0.50 = $1.00
broccoli  $0.99/lb  $4.49
2 storage containers @ $1.00= $2.00

Hormel Roast Beef in can $4.39 I love this stuff.

Total spent before tax is $10.36. This should be all we spend for the week unless he needs to go buy milk for himself.

What do you usually pay for broccoli crowns?

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Free Holiday in AL

First, my state

It is now about 2 pm on Tuesday, and I only feel a tiny bit better in spite of a shot and meds to take twice each day. Last night, I managed to get to sleep about 4 am. I had told Tommy to wake me at 11 am. So, I got up and took meds.

Yesterday, the thought of cooking overwhelmed me. Besides, there was no more chicken and no leftovers since we had eaten them. I decided I wanted Dominoes or something to avoid the kitchen. Tommy could tell I was ill and decided we would go get pizza.

Before I went to bed I "discovered" a whole baked chicken breast and another half one. Gee, what am I thinking? Am I thinking???

So, I will put sweet potatoes in tonight. The chicken is  Maybe cooked cabbage is a good idea and something I do not have to stand to cook. Sounds like a good way to burn cabbage, just leave it.

Last night, Tommy had the heat on 64 and it was 67 in the house and 47 or so outside. I was suffocating and he turned on the fan and left the heat set where it was. Today, he has the ac on and the fan, too.

Yesterday, he took the laundry to washer and got it in.  I was afraid I would tumble off the edge of the carport. The vertigo and sinus infection leave me feeling vulnerable. I did manage to get the few dark pieces hung up to dry. He will take another load out today.

Generators to batteries, all are tax free this coming weekend.  The generators have to be under $1K. In parts of Alabama the tax is 10% and the local tax is not charged either. So, I need to figure the best strategy to save the most money.

I will be buying batteries since I lost all those and actually need batteries.

Tommy cannot hear me unless he mutes the sound, so I suppose I am weak as ever.

That is it. I am going to take a nap later.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday in Bed and Plans for the Next Week

When Tommy woke me at 8 am as I asked, I was in no condition to get up. I told him i was sick and not going to church. That was the last i heard of anything until noon. I got up to go to bathroom and take a pill. I got back in bed and woke again after 1 pm.

I ate banana and milk and gave myself an injection. Later, I ate a piece of bread and a little cheese. About 4 pm, I went back to bed and asked him to wake me at 7:30. Then, I  heated our dinner, leftovers from Saturday night--baked chicken, green beans, sweet potato, and a halo. I just had chicken and a halo.

In the afternoon, I looked out the door and saw glorious sunshine. So, I went out and got some food out of the car. That one trip wore me out.  For a while, i realized that i was just sitting here on the sofa and moaning and sighing.  Yes, i feel that awful.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will feel much better. We will see.

This week, we will mostly stay in due to weather and really not having much reason to get out. Since the pink bag with grocery ads did not come, i will have to look up ads online to see if there is anything on sale that i need or is so low i can stock up.

It is almost 9 pm and I hear the bed calling me.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Cookie Fix

We went to Cullman today with a list of things to do. We left at 8am and got everything into Tommy's house by 5 pm.

I needed to go to doctor to try to get meds for diabetes. I thought I was getting a uti, so went to doctor for both.  He refused to help with meds, but diagnosed the uti. So, I will not be so ill and wait and get it diagnosed next week. I always deny I am ill, thinking if  got more rest, I will be okay. Silly me! An injection of antibiotics and a prescription should have me feeling better soon.

We went to two food banks. I do not know everything I got, but 4 lbs of navy beans and two lbs of potatoes were There are other things. Oh, yes, there was cereal and saltines Tommy will love. I never eat saltines because, I will just eat them for sport, so I never get into them.

I needed a nail brush, so stopped into the neatest and cleanest Dollar General I have ever seen. Now, I will see if I can use the coupon where I buy $25 and get $5 off.

A friend's junk store was on the list of places to go. I found a Styrofoam type pot for $10 her son was selling. NO THANKS!  I did find a huge Corelle white casserole that I can use instead of a large 9x13 glass pan for casseroles. It had a lid and was $2. !!!

Then I stopped at the permanent yard sale on the way back to town. Remember, I got the 12 qt. stainless steel stock pot for $2?

This time, I purchased a concrete pot for plants, the kind with a pedestal for $2. He said $5 and I told him it was $2 last week. So, he gave it to me for $2. Then, I saw the cutest watering can, .45 gallon, green and heavy, good quality it appeared, new merchandise from Target. Forest green is not my cup of tea, but I am going to paint flowers on it. There was another green and an orange one, all for $2 each. Stupidly, I only got one. So, I spent $4 and got the concrete pedestal pot and the watering can.

At both places I spent $6 and got a casserole, pot for plants, and a watering can--$2 each.

I cannot lift and turn my hand with a larger can, so this works well. Plus the watering can had the long, curved, slender "snout" where I can aim where I want and not water the leaves if I don't want to.  I am quite sure I will only put a quart of water in this watering can.

At Publix None Such Mincemeat was $3.49 for 2, and the use by date is 2022. Godiva chcolate pudding mix was on sale for $1.25, a great deal.

Another store had nothing in the sale buggy, so I bought nothing.

Nothing interesting had been put in the PO Box. I saw a sign where a person with a box could sign up to be informed by email each day of the mail received. I will sign up.

The only thing on the list that I did not do was returning the skirt to Belk's. I felt too weak. I felt too weak last week, too. So, next time I will feel better.

I made chicken sandwiches for our lunch. Was I hungry and were they delicious? Yes.

When we come south to Hueytown, Tommy is much more amenable to going further on the interstate than he is when I want him to leave from his house.

When I mentioned Cookie Fix, he was all over it. Of course, it was easy to find since we both know the area. The line was out the door. The corner handicapped space was empty!  I claimed my spot at the end of the line and announced I had to sit on the bench right outside the door.

Of course, the chocolate, chocolate  chip cookie was sold out. And, Tommy wanted something with coconut--sold out. I got two chocolate chip cookies and was happy.  I also bought a 5" Lodge iron skillet. Hopefully, it will hold and cook one scrambled egg. We sat in the car and Tommy devoured his cookie; I had to bring half of mine home to finish. The cookies were about 2 inches high!!!

Altogether, this was a good day. Remember, I am easily amused and pleased. Besides, I love Homewood! I wish I could live there. I also love yard sales, getting things I need for cheap, chocolate and sunshine. The sun shone the whole day, even when it was colder this morning. I think it got up to 59F today.

Are you yard saling yet? Good buys you need? Got a list of things you will look for?

Friday, February 14, 2020

Making A List

For the last few years, Tommy has been my listmaker. I can do it, but he is often just sitting while I will be walking around doing things. He is very willing, so I continue to call out things.

I make all kinds of lists. When I was sending food home with him, often one of us would forget what I had for him. He was more than willing to make that list and make sure I had it all together, out of refrigerator and freezer and into his car.

For a while here, I did not have pen and paper readily available. I do now. But, we continue the habit.

The list is mixed up when he writes  because I just want it down. When I write the list, the items are separated. The list may have returns, purchases of food and purchases of other items listed in order I call them out.  I use one piece of paper and separate returns and grocery stores. It works for us. Works for me.

Sometimes, I then take the list and make a new one, separating the list into small lists on the same page. Plus, I have rarely used a whole sheet of paper. Often the list is made on an envelope of some kind or a half sheet of paper.

Usually, the sheet with the list is for multiple days, not just for the day we go out to shop. Plus, I might not feel like continuing, or it is raining, the store is closed...all sorts of things figure into how much we do or I do.

Then, again, we have blown through a long list and have no carryover for the next trip out to shop. There are so many variables that go into the job of shopping. AND, shopping is a job from the list to getting it in the door and distributed to its spot in the house. There have actually been days that I decided to go home because I had too many things to carry inside even with multiple trips from car to house!

Make no mistake, compiling a list of things to do is a process, sometimes a difficult process.

At one time, I would sit down to make a list. Now, it seems to come in fits and starts.

Do you make lists? I know you do! Is your process different?

Thursday, February 13, 2020

That Did Not Work for Long and Shoplifter

Last night, Tommy decided to go get his second pneumonia vaccine. I was shocked because we were going to save chores until Friday.  As I was talking about today, he blurted out, "Can't I just go somewhere by myself without you." I was stunned. I could not sleep until after 7 am this morning.

When he came and woke me up as we had planned, I told him to go by himself. He did.

I got up around 11 am, still groggy from no sleep. The tv was on something I did not want to watch. He usually puts the tv on a channel where I can watch. So, I read on the computer until a soap opera came on.    GAAAH

He does not want me to change channels and mess up the two remotes. I do think I am capable, but it is not a big deal to me.

After 1 pm, I called him because I was worried about him. His car would not start. So, I had to go get him. I left with hair a mess, teeth unbrushed, short gown and sleep pants, capri type, and sandals. The black coat that has pills on it was thrown on. It was freezing outside. 50F degrees with no sun and a brisk wind is Then, I never got heat from the vents, just cold air for two hours.

He was standing outside his car in the wind, all cold looking. He had the battery someone removed on his walker. I drove to Auto Zone where they said the battery had a full charge. However, they did replace the 3 yo battery. Sooo, we went to Pep Boys where we took it a few weeks ago when it would not start. Now, it will not start again!

We went back to the car where he put a key under the seat and just set the battery into the place where it goes. The tow truck will pick it up sometime...???

Since I had not eaten and wanted to get to him in a hurry, I did not eat before I left to go get him. Sooo, Burger King it was for a 2 for $6 Whoppers as soon as I picked him up and before Auto Zone.

We got home at 3 pm, just in time for his show--Jeopardy. At 4 pm I asked him why there was cold air on me. He had only put on fan when we got home after I told him I needed some heat....sigh.

I want something chocolate! Right now. I have hot chocolate which may warm me up. I only have a yellow cake mix for cookies, but nothing to put in them like chocolate chips or raisins.

So, we wait to see what is wrong with the car since fixing some sort of sensor did not work. Okay, the air blowing on me is warm now.

As I was sitting in front of Auto Zone, a guy hurried out the door. I thought he must be in a hurry to get his car fixed with the part he was carrying. Then, seemingly unrelated, an employee rushed out the door and in the same direction. Still, I just thought the guy was a go-getter or leaving for late lunch.

When Tommy came out, he asked me if I saw the shoplifter running out. NO And did I see the employee running after him. NO  The employee said the guy backed out of the parking lot and up a hill so no one could see his license.

Finally, after multiple calls, we found out someone had cancelled the tow truck. At the stroke of 7 pm, we arrived to find the tow truck unloading the Rogue. My walker is in there and other things. And, it is outside, not secured inside. I hate car problems!

Do you like your car stored inside when you take it for repair, or am I being a ninny. My walker and things to return are in there.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Chickens and Other Stuff

I read online of the new ordinances in my city. When I had chickens, they were not allowed. However, over half of the houses on my block had chickens. No one would admit it, but chickens were evident.

Now, 6 hens are allowed for each house. No roosters are allowed. The coop can be no larger than 120 sq.ft. Mine lived in a Rubbermaid box, so I was within the limits. And, only four hens lived in my dog yard. I cannot wait to have chickens again.

Monday was spent recovering from Saturday and three hours at church on Sunday. Tuesday was recovery time, too.

We determined we were not leaving the house until Friday when there is no rain or storms.  I think that is prudent. So, we have been here, doing little. Tonight, Wednesday, I muttered that I wanted Chic fil A. When Tommy said okay, who was I to resist. I paid. He swears I said KFC so he went there.  The chicken was delicious as was the gravy and mashed potatoes. We got a breast each and shared the biscuit and potato/gravy portion. I had sweet potatoes and slaw fixed here. The streets were dry and there was only a slight WARM breeze, so we broke our promise to stay in until Friday

It was over 70F degrees here, even at 6 pm. It's nice out but scary. We know in the South this means tornadoes. But, where exactly? The news stations here do a great job covering weather for hours if necessary.

Tommy took my clothes to the washing machine, went out and put all but one pair of panties in the dryer, and then got in the dried clothes. I took a nap while he

Tuesday night I slept well until I awoke soaked. An hour later I had Tommy feel my last six inches of my hair that was still soaked. When I got up before six, he turned the ac on for the rest of the day. The heat and sweatiness has caused me to have a sore throat. He had the fan on all night and only turned the ac on at 6 am or so. When I awoke and sat up, I felt my sweaty chest and sweat dripped from my chin to the back of my hand. I am telling you it was hot in that room.

After he brought in a load of wet clothes for me on Tuesday, I hung them on hangers and across plastic boxes in my bedroom. They are all dry, so now is time to fold.  I made cake mix cookies from a cake mix--red Velvet. That was easy.

There is nothing exciting here. Our Valentine celebration is a cookie apiece ordered from Cookie Fix in Homewood. Anne mentioned it on her blog, Anne in the Kitchen. We pass it all the time, and I have commented I wanted a cookie. We don't have time to stop on the way to the doctor, and afterwards, I am too wiped out to care. Now, we will get one. Any place called Cookie Fix must be delicious.

Tonight's plan is to fold clothes and then soak my feet in vinegar and water, and get a load of dark clothes ready to take to washing machine tomorrow. Exciting? Not really. Maybe I will wash dishes. Maybe I will file more papers. I might exfoliate my feet and legs, only my legs that show in pants. LOL

Are storms in your forecast? Tornadoes? Flooding? Folding the clothes? What then?

Monday, February 10, 2020

Saturday--Storm Spotter Training

For several years I have wanted to attend Storm Spotter Training classes.  The classes seemed inaccessible--too early, too far away, and too much walking. This year, I am closer to the event, hence the early hour was very doable. The event was held at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center before, and I knew how far I would have to walk.

This year it was held at the Hoover Met. Tommy and the woman I called assured me the walk was not far. In reality, it was more than I could handle without the walker and still painful. But, I soldiered on.

I carried for each of us a chicken sandwich, water, and a halo. I also just carried one bottle of orange juice and one package of package of pb crackers. Neither of us needed the crackers or juice.  They were selling box lunches ordered before the event and brought to our venue. We did not order, of course.

At lunch we had our sandwich and halo and were quite satisfied. The people with box lunches announced they had extra ones brought over to sell for anyone who did not order. It appeared they were reduced from all the comments we heard.

After the scheduled lunch break, a woman came up front with two lunches, offering them. I asked the price. When she said "free," I took one.

Around 2 pm I hurt so that I felt like I was going to throw up. We left and came home. So, I will have to complete the training online. I really hated missing out on the whole class.

We both took a bite of the sandwich to taste it once we got to the car. There was a chocolate chip cookie, large and full of chocolate chips and a small bag of chips. He wanted the chips while I wanted the cookie. That worked out well. I go for sugar, and he likes salt!

Later that day, we had vegetables and the remain of the nasty sandwich which consisted of thin, tasteless turkey from deli with slice of cheese, tomato, and lettuce.

Well, so far this has been all about food. The storm watcher program was taught by Brian Peters, a retired employee of the National Weather Service for 36 years who has now been a weather person on 33/40 for 16 years. The two young weather women were very popular at this event. I spoke with one who seemed very nice.

We learned lots while there. Many of slides of tornadoes, storms, and clouds were shown and discussed. I will have to figure out the last hour online.

Yay for the event and boo for having to leave so early. the chairs were petite folding chairs, the little white ones used for weddings. I suppose I will have to bring my own easy chair to

I came home and took a four hour nap and my back still hurts from the event! I have wanted to go to Storm Spotter Training for years and it finally happened.  We spent nothing...the plan for a free adventure. Oh, forgot to say that we got a very nice bound, spiral notebook with pen and loop for it and a tote bag with James Spann's picture on it in the pose of "uncle sam wants you.: He is saying , "Do you have a plan?"

Have you ever trained to be a Storm Spotter?

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday Stuff but Nothing to See Here

Today was a meal at noon at Tommy's church. Yum, I love to eat out like this. It was also billed as a Valentine dinner. I heard nothing about Valentine's. Oh well. The real reason was it was the church anniversary.

Last week was a breakfast, today was lunch, and there is a dinner in two weeks. this is my kind of church.

There were so many delicious things to eat. The church provided fried chicken from Publix, rolls, and tea, water, drinks.

I am so lazy. I took two packages of Valentine candy in a bowl. There was some left, so I just dumped it on the dessert table and I suppose someone took it.  We agreed we did not need candy.

I had a fried chicken breast, a bit of broccoli salad, two grape tomatoes, strawberries,  six green beans, and a roll. Tommy ate more. For dessert I had a cherry cobbler and peach cobbler. I only got a piece of cobbler from each, about 2" square.

They provide to-go boxes. I brought home a breast for me, leg and thigh for Tommy, one roll that we halved, 5 strawberries, about a half cup of macaroni and cheese that we shared. We ate leftover cabbage I had cooked.

I loved that I did not have to cook all day.  Since the dinner was advertised as Valentine's celebration, the lunch tables were decorated and so were the church doors--large red Valentine wreaths. Half the women in the church wore red somehow. One woman had on a beautiful pink coat. Everything seemed quite festive.

We left and went straight to Sam's Club for something I wanted. When I parked, I found out I left my purse at church-far, far away. I called the people I knew would be there last and they had found my purse. Soooo, we had to fly back to get it, holding the people up. Tommy had told me he had my purse in his walker basket.

I did get what I wanted at Sam's, came home and will have to return it. sigh  After getting my purse, we went elsewhere. We went to wash my car. I bought a bug and tar remover to try and get the crud from under the spoiler. I hand cleaned under there at home, flew to carwash to make sure all the product was washed away. I still have crud under the spoiler and do not want it removing the paint and rusting.

We sat around instead of taking a nap. I am just about out of my a2milk, so went to Publix to get some and found out it is on sale--$3.50 for a half gallon. Once again, I bought six half gallons. We are not going out in the rain predicted for the next four days. I have bananas and milk. There is plenty of other stuff to eat like fruit, vegetables, and meat and canned food. There is no reason we have to leave for food.

We can be boring.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Found Money, Blueberries

I am exhausted, so telling of our adventure today will have to wait.  We left the event early because my back hurt so that I felt I was going to throw up. A late nap has made my back quit hurting a bit.

At 8 pm,  I had Tommy drive me to Publix to get candy to take to the lunch on Sunday. When I came out, he told me how he found money. As he sat in the car, parked and waiting for me, he said the thought he saw paper money.

He got out of Rogue, got his walker out of the backseat and walked to the middle of the lane/road right in front of the store. A man in a car stopped to help him pick up the money. It was a $5 bill! He was very happy.

He went on to tell me that he found a $100 bill once, and twenties and lots of ones. I never knew!

Today was a beautiful day but cold and breezy.

A box with two blueberry bushes found itself in my basket. Now, I just have to keep it alive. I did no research to determine if this grows well here. It was an impulse buy. Right now, the blueberry bushes are on the porch, getting their freeze hours? Now, I need two bigggg pots. They will produce in 18 months.

Breakfast was banana and milk. Lunch was a turkey sandwich we took with us, a Halo and water.  Tonight, we had lots of cabbage and two small pieces of potato, and half a turkey sandwich each with lettuce and tomato.

Friday, February 7, 2020

This and That

Miracle Workers
  Dark Ages

It appears this is the second season of a series. Do you watch it? Have you? I am absolutely fascinated. I hear last season was Heaven. I think they saved everyone, not sure. Do you know?


Even though I have no drawers here, I do have a "junk drawer."  I was getting a collection of non-paper items on the end table as I looked through paper stuff, tossing or filing. Tommy got a little gift bag with things in it from the dentist. I started using that for small items that need to be put away. Or given away. Well, some will remain in my "junk drawer."


Don't you think that a bowl of Dove in the shape of a heart would be a good thing to take to a dinner at church?


Tonight, I put a huge package of boneless, skinless breasts  in the oven to go with all the vegetables I cooked yesterday.  I love leftovers!`


I hacked off a lot of my hair today.


The right elbow may be getting better, but I cannot imagine what I did to make it hurt and swell so.

There is Modern Family on from 7 to 12 pm. Tommy has never laughed so loud as he does at this show. And, I had to beg to watch it at first.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

All the Paper in My Life

All this paper will go two places--in the trash or in my new portable file box that holds file folders.  I am putting reports from each doctor into a separate folder. Tommy gave me a hanging folder that holds files. It is a wonderful addition to my system.

Today, I added a folder for recipes. Besides having recipe books at home, I had a shelf inside a cabinet for recipes. Yes, it might not be organized some days, but they were out of sight.

In the back of the file folders, I am sticking all the current grocery ads I use. I was confusing old ads ad new ads, sometimes saving or throwing away the wrong ad. No more.

Coupons are now organized, all in one folder and in old envelopes.

Since I have letters concerning many things that need a response, I added a To Do folder in the front of the files.

Any piece of paper will be corralled now.

I awoke this morning with my right elbow in severe pain. This has caused a few, no, many yelps from me. I finally got oxycod/aceta something 5/325. I only got five from the doctor just to let something heal. Today, I only had a half tablet left. It is making me very woozy.

It is good I cooked enough last night for leftovers. My right elbow is in no condition to do anything! Plus, the left arm across into the chest muscle hurts almost as bad as the R elbow.  No matter what, I must bathe and wash my hair. I told Tommy it might including screaming.

This morning I awoke at 11:30 am and came in here to wake Tommy. He was shocked he slept so late. Last night, I slept on my right side some, obviously too long! The right elbow must have been in the wrong position. The storm kept me awake, I think.

This day has been devoted to the painful filing I am doing. But, at least my papers will be in one place. I had a file cabinet at my house, but this little plastic box is okay for now. I do not have a thick file of warranties like I once did.  Oh, my file cabinet was rescued, so there is no need to ever buy another!

I do throw out useless ads that come in the mail!

Can you get overwhelmed by paper? What is your system for dealing with paper?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Cooking All Day. . .

Okay, not all day. Tommy, who can never stay awake for 30 more minutes at night after midnight managed to stay awake and alert until 3 am for a movie he wanted to see--White Heat. It was good and had James Cagney. But, it was after 7 am before I finally went to sleep...ugh.

I awoke at 11:30 am and thought about cooking. Since I am supposed to wait an hour to eat after I take a pill, I waited. I was famished and had to eat. Then, I discovered I had no bananas!

About 1 pm I gave Tommy a pound of Navy Beans to sort. Well, I asked him. I usually do it over the sink with water in about five minutes or less. He took over an hour. I said nothing because I don't care.

In the meantime, I washed so many dishes and at 6 pm am not done. I can only wash a couple of pieces and then must sit.

When he finished sorting the peas, I brought him 3 pounds of potatoes to peel. That took over an hour, too. He barely skims off the skin and leaves many little black dots on the skin. You may eat those; I want them gone. So, I redid them and put them in the kitchen. He did do the hard part--peeling. Navy Beans are in the crockpot.

I could not find the package of beef ribs I thought were in the refrigerator. He looked and found them still in the freezer. sigh  Potatoes and beef ribs are in the oven, salted and peppered. I have no onions and forgot bell peppers and celery.

Then, I had him slice  the head of cabbage. His hands do not bother him. Plus, all I can find is my paring knife. I asked him to peel off the outside leaves first and came in to find him just peeling the whole Then, I had to show him how to slice it.  I will put ham in the cabbage or in the peas, not sure.   I had put water in the crockpot before I put the peas in. When I checked the beans, there was NO water. Thankfully, I caught it in time.  I don't smell scorched beans, so hopefully all is well.

I made coleslaw since I now had a clean bowl to mix it.

All the vegetables will last for at least three days after I freeze some of the one pound of cooked beans. The meat will be gone by Friday.

We have an outing planned for Saturday, so I want to cook chicken for sandwiches. I will put out chicken to thaw today.  Soooo . . .

Navy beans

Jackie Clay said coleslaw can be frozen. I will try that. Also at least two helpings of the beans will go into the freezer for later.

This is more cooking I can usually do in one day. I think I am so sleepy and bone-tired I have lost all feeling. Plus, I have washed soooo many dishes.

I managed  to knock a small Corelle bowl off the counter and it shattered into so many pieces with 4 large pieces that I can find.. Okay, I cannot get rid of italics. There is no broom here, so Tommy is going to vacuum it. Is it gone? Yes, it is.

I have no idea why I have no onions or bananas! Me tired? Definitely.  I went yesterday out to the store especially to get Navy Beans. Then, we looked in the huge garbage bag of cans from the food bank and found two pounds of Navy Beans. We will have them later.

When I was reading the Birmingham newspaper and saw a new Jazz Festival in town. I was absorbed in wondering if we could get in with our problems walking. Usually, we have to walk so far I cannot make it. I pondered this, giving up going but really wanting to go. THEN, I read on and Anne in the Kitchen's son's name was in the paper. At this point all I know is he is one of two people's names. I am not sure if he is first person playing, joining the venue or one of the person's in charge. I don't even remember the venue. Now, I really want to go.

It's 7 pm and dinner will be done about 8 pm.  Maybe I can get some dishes washed that I used. I  went in and I had forgotten to turn on the oven. So, I had a bite of cabbage. I love cooked cabbage. I love everything in the list of what I cooked. I should have prepared the two pounds of carrots.

Mmmm...we had beef ribs, potatoes, and cabbage for dinner.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


I was thrilled to fill up my almost empty tank with cheap gas. I paid $2.04 per gallon, the lowest gas has been in months. It took me from August 20 until now to use a tank of gas. I was afraid to wait longer because it might start going higher.  Tommy can barely get in my car without lots of pain and cursing. Remember, he can barely bend his knees or hips because of osteoarthritis. But, the location of the station is still a mystery to What is the price of gas in your area?

I asked him if he liked me driving him around. He said he liked it. When I asked why, he said he could look around and see things he could not when he was driving.

When I drive, my rollator will not fit in the car. When he puts his rollator in my car, he gets my pale upholstery dirty. He also gets the passenger door and front of car opening filthy. But, I never say anything since he does the best he can.

He has the seat moved back as far as it goes. He  holds onto the steering wheel to pull himself in so he can get into the seat sitting straight. I doubt he will ever have surgery. He is does not want to endure the pain.

The trip to Cullman so exhausted me even with him driving that I have done nothing today, Nothing, Absolutely nothing.

Well, he did drive me to the store to get navy beans in order to cook dry beans and add ham. Although rain was predicted for today, we never saw a drop, thankfully.

Monday night, the ac was on. But, he turned on the heat when we went to bed. It did not come on all night, so I awoke about 6 am and could not go back to sleep because I was smothering. I really liked having an ac that blew cool air all night long!

Lack of sleep and a sore throat from being sweaty all night is the reason I have done nothing. Tomorrow, I might get out the printer. I need someone to set it up. I mean that I need to have someone carry it. I can do the online set up.

Since I got the navy beans late in the afternoon, I did not get them on to cook, so dinner was eating piddling bits of other stuff with a halo.

I have had too much chocolate candy. Someone stop me. Do you get a sore throat from getting too hot? I do.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Adventures at My Town

Today was the only day when no rain was forecast this week. So, we went back to Cullman. The day was bright from the time we left about 9 am. Sunday I was tired by resisted a nap, I think. I was eager to go to sleep after I took liquid Melatonin on Sunday night. I cannot see the eye dropper, so I took three droppers of it. That may have been too much. I slept for 8.5 hours and could have slept more. I am not sure if I were tired or had overdosed when Tommy woke me. I had my daily banana and milk.

Tommy wanted to buy coffee and sausage biscuit. You think I am going to say No to that? I felt greasy when I finished--hand, face, The day was beautiful and the drive uneventful. The sun shone all day.

Tommy put a load in the washer for me this morning. I went out and put vinegar in them after we got home. I cannot get them in the house because they are so heavy, so he brought them in tonight.

I returned and got my money back on the scissors. Tommy went in first with scissors and a copy of the two receipts. The man was angry and asked Tommy if he had a dog in this fight. Tommy said, "I am here to help a friend" That made me angry that the guy would question Tommy. He told Tommy if he did not have a dog in this fight to get out of his store right now. I said, "No, he is with me and I want my money back on the scissors."

He was so rude to Tommy, berating him. Neither of us took the bait to be rude. He gave me my money and told me to get out and never come back. "Oh, believe me, I have already decided I would never spend money here again." He gave me $50 while I paid $49.05. I can purchase these scissors elsewhere. No problem. On the copies of the two receipts were was his handwriting and the price and model number. So, he really had no choice but to give me my money or go to small claims court and close his business and pay court costs.  It would cost me nothing but an hour when we were going there, anyway. I did not threaten him.

I had two coupons for anything Hershey or other brands I do not remember. One coupon was $3 and the other was $1. I found  Hershey products bogo. I got a Hershey's extra creamy solid milk chocolate and one Hershey's extra creamy milk chocolate filled with strawberry cream. I am drooling as I type. I asked if I could get one of each and could. I asked the guy if it were possible to use both coupons. He said I could. So 2 Hershey's  10-oz. packages of chocolate.

  20 ounces for $4.19
  - $3 coupon = $1.19
 - $1 coupon =  $0.19 !!!
That is nineteen cents for chocolate hearts!

We ate at KFC with a coupon. I have not had KFC in several months, I think. At any rate, we shared one box and got the two free Senior drinks. I had unsweetened tea; he had Diet Pepsi.

I paid two bills in person. In one case, I want to keep a presence at the business. It is nice and advantageous to know the person at the desk. That often changes. At the other, I was not sure if there was a charge when I use a card in person or over the phone.  I am still not sure! I will call. I went to my bank to get cash to pay one of those bills.

My mailbox is always open nowadays when we go to my lot. I close it each week. So, I suppose someone is checking for mail each week. The person is pulling it open and easing it back so it catches but will make noise when it is pushed close. It is overly tight.  I left the pink bag with 15 newspaper inserts in the mailbox for a friend. Tomorrow, early I will know if someone stole them. Have you ever had a mailbox thief?

There were a few cheap plastic pots at my lot, the kind for planting. I had nicer ones and huge ones that were taken immediately after the incident. Now, they are gone. I had 13 pieces of cast iron--pots, skillets, lids there, too. Today, I had someone put them in Tommy's Rogue. There were four skillets, one lid and one pot. That is more than half that were stolen. I am beyond annoyed. Mama gave me some of those.

I went to a food bank. I am just too tired to look and type, so that will be a story for tomorrow.  I have had to correct almost every word I have typed.

Oh, I have to tell this. I bought a box for filing and it was not what I needed. So, i took it back. Today, i went in Office Max and got a copy of the two receipts and received a coupon for $10 off $30 purchase. Of course, I took it right to someone to find the proper file box for me and file folders that were on sale.

Then, I inquired about a 4-in-1 printer.  The $179 model was on sale for $59, so I got it.  I bought  a Kodak printer there about 5 years ago and it was faulty. The store would not give me a refund because they no longer carried Kodak. Kodak said take it back where I bought it. So, I was sol. Today, I bought a warranty. Since it is HP, I doubt I will need to use the warranty. This model is probably being discontinued.

I have broken the "print' habit! I was printing fodder for a book. Never mind. Did you ever have a habit of printing too much?

We got our pink plastic bag thrown in the yard today. It had store ads and only one two inserts! There was one $5 coupon I will use. Now, it will rain for three days on the bags. Maybe I can find some that are not full of water. Some are dry. Some are full of water, depending on where they are thrown.

Tonight, Tommy will have the thigh from KFC, a sweet potato, and tomatoes. I will have ham and scrambled eggs. Later, I will have sweet potato and salad. Maybe i can stay awake until we eat!

Go to Publix for bogo chocolate hearts this week! This ends Tuesday night.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sunday Church Breakfast and Found a Penny and Thrift Store

Saturday night I did not want to cook...period! There were two baked potatoes in the refrigerator that I baked about three days ago. A small portion of English peas were waiting since I forgot to give them to Tommy. I gave him a chicken thigh from the freezer and half of another. So, there will be another portion for dinner on Sunday night. And, I will bake sweet potatoes. Two days done! Just the way I like It was all leftovers. Oh, and a salad.

This Sunday morning is the Birthday Breakfast for all the people who have birthdays in January. I cooked twelve eggs, six at a time. His tiny skillet will not hold more. I spilled about one egg and ate another when they were done. So, I suppose I took ten eggs. I ate them at the breakfast, too, maybe three. Someone brought eggs, but I could not eat them, ever. The white was showing all over. I had eggs three times, a raisin oatmeal cookie, a flat biscuit, and pineapple chunks. I did wait until the end to get more eggs. I suppose we had two dozen eggs scrambled for 8 people. There was other food to eat, but it was all processed little weenies in a sauce and some sort of one bite of a smoked sausage.

After I scramble my eggs with a beater, I strain them. Somehow, I spilled about one egg. I cleaned up the counter before I left. Some got on a dish towel with clean dishes on it. At any rate, I got to church before the woman who made me move from "Her place." The preacher had the flu, so his wife read Psalms 25, and we came home. YAY!

We went to return stuff. I got a new pair of pants in the place of the one with pills all over it. The jacket I kept as I would lose money getting back what they would give me. This was all sweat suit type stuff. Then, he brought me home to pee and took me back to a thrift store.

I wanted a 10x 13 casserole but, of course, none was to be had in the thrift store. I did get a very pink, floral plate perfect for a cake or cookies or whatever. I found a diamond-shaped little dish that looks like something from Japan. But, I believe it is hand-painted by an individual here and then put in a kiln here. There is a tiny flaw, but I have nail polish sitting in it instead or falling over and being shoved around.

I decided to go further into the store. I got to electronics and found nothing to resell. When I rounded the corner, I found a carrom board with the little stick. I sold these all the time thirty years ago. I can make money from the board. It still has bright paint on it, not faded, not scratched! I just don't know where I will sell it. The board has provenance in the form of where it was made and the date 1970. Maybe it is not provenance, but it is more than the ones I found years ago.

We worked the neighborhood, picking up pink bags with coupons in them. These are thrown on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Some people get them in, some throw them in the trash on Thursday night. I figure the rest are fair play. So, I got five packages of coupons and store ads. I cut out coupons I wanted, threw away the ads, and have saved the rest for my friend who used them for the food bank items. I feel very successful at couponing today.

As I cut/tore coupons, I got to thinking about the Carrom board, There are parts that go with it. I have never found any, but I was hopeful. I sat here explaining all this to Tommy and wishing aloud I could that I could go back and see if there were any. There were two pieces of tape on the board. I went into the store and looked where the board was located. Sure enough, there was a sandwich bag of parts. I took it up front and explained how I had bought the board and how the parts were separated from it. The woman told me to take them. I was trying to show her the receipt, but she believed me and did not treat me like a thief.

I looked at dishtowels that looked new. They were $1.49, too much for me to pay.

And, I found a penny! Watch out Sluggy, I am overtaking you. Tonight, we will have ham or chicken and baked sweet potatoes and salad. There should be enough ham here for three days.

Have you ever heard or seen or used a Carrom Board?

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Free Books and Other Happenings

Friday, when I went to the meeting for physical tests and took samples of my body (nails, poop, and saliva), I had planned a trip to a former friend/professor's home. She has dementia and is not living in her home. I just wanted to see the house where I spent so many holidays and activities. She was generous in her hospitality. It sold. But, I have no idea who bought it. It is sad when a brilliant mind is lost in this manner.

There is a store catty-corner from her house. I loved to go there and buy individual ice creams. They allowed customers to open a box and take out one frozen item or more, just what the customer wanted. For a long time, the store was closed. Then, I found it open on Friday. I did not stop for ice cream. I stopped because there were four 10ft shelves with free books. FREE BOOKS! Of course, I had Tommy stop while I shopped. I got three books. As it turned out, two were so musty I could not sit and read them. I even worried about getting it on my clothes.

While I do not believe in destroying books and the deal was to return the books, I threw two in the trash. Guilt consumes me. The free books were a good idea, an excellent idea. Inside storage would be better. But, I am not in charge. Basically, I got one free book.

Free items on Friday:
Banana Boat Ultra Sport Sunscreen Lotion, 8 fluid ounces, 50 SPF
3 package of peanut butter crackers
1 package Nekot cookies and peanut butter
1 package wheat cracker with cheese filling
2 tangerines
4 bottles of water
hat with 2 inch brim...not wide enough for sun protection.
"Sanctuary" collection of short stories by Honors students at various universities
"The Greening of America" Charles A. Reich
"Arkansas Three Novellas" David Levitt

"Sanctuary" is not musty, so I can read it and keep it.
"Greening..." is very musty. It was published in 1970. I would have found it interesting to see how the world of 1970, fifty years ago. viewed the world in terms of pollution, the environment and what the solutions could be.
"Arkansas: Three Novellas" would have been interesting. Too bad it was so musty.

This "Free Book" setup was an excellent idea, but since it is outdoors against the building, everything either became wet or just in the damp air. I found it interesting that the historic novels, mostly romance, were under the category of History. I wondered who made that determination to classify.

Today, I have too many dishes to wash. I want to make a peach cobbler if I can find a large enough pan to put it in. I cannot get my one larger Correlle casserole scoured clean. I will try one more time before I ask Tommy to help. He has more finger and hand strength than I.

He made a face last week when I mentioned cream cheese with chives. Then, he asked today if he could have some. Of course. Then, he ate some in a sandwich. I would never have made a sandwich with it, but he liked it.

Today, I awoke at 9 am after going to bed at 1:30. There was so little light outside that I thought it was 6 am.! I stayed in bed for another hour and it still was gloomy outside. It has remained so. The only window that is uncovered is the fan light in the front door. It is too high for me to see outside. He won't allow me to open curtains!

He has pinch-pleated drapes and curtain rods, not the drapery rod where the hooks go into holes where they can be opened and closed. Since the drapes are just butted against each other rather than lapped a bit, they are gaps all over the place where anyone can see in. ugh I try to keep them closed. I may resort to paper clips or packing tape.

Did I say? He said to throw away his cpap. I will do that today.

Progress: I have been determined to get things "gone" a little at a time. He has a little two-seater table with chairs in the kitchen, besides the dining set in the dining room section of the kitchen/dining room. The tiny table has little leaves about six inches long. The table is probably 2' x 4' with leaves open. This is where he goes to give himself an insulin injection. It is a mess and dirty. Slowly, I have removed one thing at a time. I noticed things started clearing out. He is removing things, too. I am proud of him. lol.

It is dinnertime and I was determined not to cook. There are leftover green peas, two baked potatoes in the the refrigerator. I dug around in the freezer and found two frozen chicken thighs. They are in the oven heating. I also put out a bag of ham that is cooked and sliced. it does not appear to be have freezer burn. The last time I gave him a bag of ham to freeze was in December 2018. We are eating so much that I cooked and gave him.

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