Sunday, October 8, 2023

Halloween Decorations

 Saturday night, we started decorating for Halloween. I found the ghosts to hang from the dogwood tree. They were wadded and wrinkled, so they needed to be smoothed and rolled to help them hang better. This was part of the lot in a duffle bag for which I paid $3 three years ago. 

Stacked pumpkins are hung on the front door. A light-up jack-o-lantern on Tommy's bookcase. Jack-o-lantern with scene painted on it on my table. Huge fake pumpkin on table and pelee mums on step up part of the table. Fake leaves around the mum. Light in stemless wine glass with pumpkins painted on it. Pumpkin breadboard on stack of books by tv. Happy Halloween metal box on books on other side of tv. Spooky salt and pepper shakers in front of tv. One is a caldron. Electric candles are in front of a fake plant and sitting on fake leaves. 

Outdoors, Tommy will hang ghosts, another two decorative items, ghost and pumpkin. Plus, a bright green plastic pumpkin with handle will go on the table outdoors with a rock in it so it won't blow off. 

Only one item did I pay full price. Much of it came from the $3 duffle bag. Someday, maybe I will be able to get some 6' skeletons. A house in Cullman had two sitting at a table on the porch. They had a bottle of wine, glasses and a top hat on one and a boa on the other. I loved it. 

I need to get out my skeleton-hand earrings and my spider ring. Both were bought after Halloween on deep discount at Belk's one year. 

Most of this was in one box in the first bedroom. I was muttering about needing to find it as I was cleaning off my table next to me. Tommy was making noise somewhere. He came in with the box I needed and told me I should write "Halloween" on it. Yes, I should. But, the plan is to buy an orange Rubbermaid box.


I found an orange plastic Rubbermaid-type box, so we can load this up in a box which I can find next year. We now have enough Fuji apples for an apple crisp, two Granny Smith to do whatever, maybe cook in a skillet, and three Red Delicious apples for me to eat. Then, Tommy told me I still have three Red Delicious for me to eat in the refrigerator. That is less tragic than running out. Then, I needed one bottle of craft paint--orange. Luckily. I found one Apple Barrel pumpkin orange. I usually wait too late to get a day planner, so I got one early. Got--red fairy lights for crystal Kiss. cows for Christmas village, cleaner/scrubber for cold grill, deodorant with no top...grrr. 

Late this evening Tommy put blackbird out and brought in bluebird and hung a nylon pumpkin with streamers. Tomorrow, we move on to items in the grab bag. It sounds like a lot, but it is really not. Most was dirt cheap or free. I will hang the cardinal closer to Christmas, well when I take down the blackbird.

We also were completely out of milk, mine and Tommy's. I would never drink milk if his was the only milk here, but he can and does drink a bit of mine. 

Dinner will be roasted chicken tenders for me with whatever vegetables are left. Tommy had chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, carrot, potato and something else. So, this will be all, and I will have to cook tomorrow. You got to do it somedays, I suppose. 

Of course, I did not sleep well with my stomach hurting, so slept from about nine until two in afternoon. Tommy was walking out of the room, and I could not help myself. I started looking at his bare stomach very concerned, reached out my hand, and said to come here in a worried voice. He struggled to get close enough to me, wondering what was wrong. I put out my hand and then took all five fingernails and sort of tickled/scritched/scratched his stomach. He was horrified and pulled back as I was dissolving in laughter. He said I was going to make him pee in his pants. I just could not help it. He will never trust me again. He is never playful, never was. 

Another day  with no drama. An excellent day.

Now, I am exhausted.  

How was your day?


  1. You need to add a photo of your decorations to one of your blog posts. I do not usually put mine out until the week before Halloween.

    1. I will take pictures, but you know I cannot I suppose I will have to pay someone to teach me!


Halloween Decorations

 Saturday night, we started decorating for Halloween. I found the ghosts to hang from the dogwood tree. They were wadded and wrinkled, so th...