Friday, January 31, 2020

Corona Virus and Planting a Garden

I am not prepping for the Corona Virus. While I am not totally going all out, I am not ignoring the virus either.

We were watching the latest news about the spread of the Corona Virus. I started thinking what we could do to be safe. Since we are older, we might not fare well. He had no idea what to do. I did.

My main defense would to avoid people! But, we all need things--food, medical car, gas for the car. As long as we are not required to be present, we would not go anywhere. I know the argument that the stores would be bare of food. Just maybe people would not go so often. Who can say?

The one thing I would do is to order groceries from Walmart of Publix or Amazon. Rather than come in contact with other customers, I would have to be as the mercy of people for fruit and vegetables. Would the teen picking my groceries even care what my bananas looked like? sigh

I know a doctor who would let me sit in the car and rush in the back door. Of course, I could still catch something, so I would have to be really ill to go to any doctor. I do have four silly little masks, hand sanitizer, and Lysol to spray.

Using a card in the gas pump would provide a way to avoid more people. I asked Tommy if he would stop going to church. He said, "Yes!"

While I don't obsess over this, I do try to at least mentally prepare for changes.

There was probably a year's worth of food that went into the dump. Here, I have continued my buying of sales and loss leaders. I think Tommy is sometimes puzzled by what I buy, but he is not puzzled when he gets meals he likes and did not have to fix.

I suppose avoiding people is the best tact.

Today, I had an appointment to meet with the researchers who are sponsoring gardens for seniors. Their aim is to determine if growing a garden helps health of seniors. First, I was in a room where I was weighed and measured. I held this instrument to determine my BMI. And, I stood to determine how well, I can balance standing different ways.

The second room was harder. I had to rise from sitting without using my hands to get up. Then, I had to see how many times I could do it in one minute and several other tests.

Lastly, I went into another room to have blood drawn. I told the guy where the blood There is a place where no veins are visible. However, plunging a needle there at almost a 90 degree angle will hit blood. The guy poked around forever, and he decided to try. Eureka! He was pleased I could help him and thanked me.

They kept promising me "snacks" when we were through. I got a hat with the program logo, sunscreen, a pack of peanut butter crackers, and a tangerine. I asked for a tangerine for Tommy. They gave me PB crackers for him, too. They offered me two waters, which I took. When we got to the car, he said the PhD over the program offered him crackers. He took them and ate them while he waited for me. We spent about an hour and a half at the program.

I will be given raised beds and everything needed for a garden. Since everything of mine was stolen, it will be a good thing to start over without such a big expense. I am excited. Planting a garden through this program has nothing to do with getting food in case of the Corona virus reaching here. This program has been in the works for me since last year.

How are you prepared for the Corona virus? What can you do?

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dead People and Pasta

I thought of an incident in my youth, not a bad memory, but I thought of someone I have not seen in 60 years. I googled his name to find he had died 5 years ago at the age of 71. It gave me a funny feeling, knowing the vital young teenager had died so early. I also felt incredibly lucky to still be alive and kicking.

Speaking of which, I know a guy who can barely walk, has his son and girlfriend living with him because he is bad shape using oxygen 24/7. They take care of him. He is at least ten years younger than I. I called because I had not talked to him in a year. Well, he thought I had died because my house was gone. What a weird thought. He said that maybe I was in a nursing home! He wanted to know if I could drive still. He cannot.

Tommy and I sampled the soup, the consistency of beef hash. I added another can of chicken broth after we ate which annoyed him. He will like it anyway. I know.

Today, I used four coupons, all for Ronco Pasta. I had coupons for 55 cents off 2 packages. So, I bought 8 seven-ounce packages of spaghetti. Each is about what we need for a meal. The packages were $0.99. I am not sure that is a good price. But, if I left that store and went to another for a better deal, I would lose any of the money-saving benefits of using coupons. As it was, I paid $7.50 for 8 packages of Ronco spaghetti.

I could have gotten any Ronco pasta. I also got coleslaw mix, tri-color.

Ronco is the brand I grew up eating. Do you ever eat Ronco spaghetti? I wonder if Daddy liked it because it tasted best to him. Or. was it inexpensive? It is the only brand I use. Do you use Ronco? What is your favorite spaghetti? I will eat other pasta, but Ronco is the only brand I buy and cook.

Today, Tommy gave me the metal can where he used up the coffee. I have an iron pot with three little legs that Mama gave me. Both got a coat of spray paint--Matte Boysenberry. It is a dark, pinky-purplish color. Tomorrow or Saturday, I will plant the purple tulips and daffodils in them. The first year I planted these together, they both bloomed at the same time even though I planted them both in January.

Tommy has no flowers and wants no flowers, nothing in the ground. He really does admire flowers and always told me when mine had bloomed.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Potato Soup Night

I did not take my car in this morning to have the noisy and failed ac and heat things repaired. Instead, we went shopping about noon.

4 12-packs of Diet Pepsi for Tommy...b2g2
2 jars of Planters Dry Roasted peanuts...bogo
bananas not on sale
2 Red Delicious Apples. I rarely buy many apples at the same time so they will not get soft. Sometimes, they are not good even in the beginning. Tommy has one Granny Smith left that has been sitting in the refrigerator for two weeks. I refuse to buy more if he is not going to eat them.

Piggly Wiggly

4 cases of Dasani at lowest price I ever see...$3.40
chocolate Stage Planks for a quarter for package of two.

Another store
8 lbs. potting soil
lobster claw to repair my necklace that slid off my neck last Sunday
file folders in a case that is portable
single letter holder with a zipper. Often, I have to carry documents to someone. They just end up falling all over. This is sturdier than a manila envelope.
box of raisinettes and box of Milk Duds. We have not had any in a while.

We were going to have BLT for lunch, but before I could even think about making it, I looked over and Tommy was eating a pb sandwich. So, that will be dinner. Still, his job tonight will be peeling potatoes for potato soup for tomorrow. Neither of us became hungry when out and wanting/needing fast food.

There were no vegetables bought. However, the house has plenty of vegetables and fruits...all fresh, besides canned and frozen.

What do you put in potato soup? I am going to use potatoes, cheese, milk, chicken broth, bacon and salt and pepper. I see recipes that carrots and all sorts of ingredients. I have hated potato soup all my life. I ate some a few years ago that had cheese and bacon. I did not pay attention to the rest of the ingredients. Maybe I will put onions in large pieces and give onions to Tommy since I am not supposed to have onions. I love onions!

I suppose we will not have potato soup tonight. Maybe. He is peeling potatoes. I tried to read him a recipe and asked him about it. He said he could not peel potatoes and listen. I started laughing and he started screaming at me. I still chuckle.

It is 7:30 and maybe we will have potato soup. It is in the crockpot.

At 9:30. the soup was done. I gave a few pieces of potato for tommy to taste. He said it was good. When I told him I still had to put cheese in it, he nixed that. I only put in two ounces. When we both had a small bowl, he picked out the cheese he could find. Next time, I will put more chicken broth as the "soup" was more like hash, very thick. He thought it needed no more salt. Well, I put no salt in the soup. So, I call it a success.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

$3400 later

His car is fixed, new axle, tires rotated, and something done to front brakes. Tommy has been driving with an axle that needed replacing--$3400. He berates me for telling "that noise" needs to be checked. I wonder how it would have felt for it to completely ++fail?

I got an estimate from the same place, Pep Boys, for two hvac door actuator for over $1600. This thing is the door that opens and closes when you change from ac to heat. Today, on the way to Cullman, Tommy was freezing and I was feeling heat. As it turns out, the door was stuck/broken closed. So, we had to turn his side off completely and close the vents. He was only getting frigid air.That plus the loud rat-a-tat-tat is enough to drive a person batty. As it turns out, this is a problem will al Impalas. Well, they are making no more Impalas, I hear. I did not know this car has dual controls, one for each side of the car.

Before we left home this morning, I scrambled four eggs for Tommy and me. He was a pain and refused to eat any. He eats them anywhere except when I make them. So, I ate all four eggs. Again! I have to quit that. However, the amount of protein I had kept me full and until lunch. I usually do not need to eat until around 1 pm after I eat 2 eggs.

We went to the free lunch and had turkey soup, cornbread muffins, pickle, unsweetened tea, and dessert. There were peas in the soup, so I ate none of the soup, just picked out the bit of turkey. It's good I had the eggs! I did not eat cornbread muffins or the pickle. Tommy ate my bowl of soup, only leaving some of the broth.

We got my mail, visited the bursar at the hospital. It turns out that the reason I was turned over to collections is that Medicare rejected a test I had done. I had to call Medicare for another rejected charge. I have no idea why this is happening over and over. It is stressful when I have no idea what I owe and why. I had a few other things to do. We went to the store out in the country owned by the Mennonites I got a couple of pieces of candy and looked around.

Over under a tree are two picnic tables near the Mennonite store and right near a fence. We were surprised to see a cow lying right next to the fence. We drove over near the picnic table on the way out. Over beyond the cow was a goat lying in the grass. I wondered if the cow was waiting on people with their lunches. And, was the goat and cow friends. There are many goats and cows in the field. The weather was perfect with few skies in a lovely blue sky, 62 degrees by noon.

As soon as we arrived home, the shop called and we had to go right back out to get the car. Tommy had undressed. and was not eager to go out. I did not want to get out early! I had put potatoes in the oven, so it all worked out well.

I used one dish for dinner where I cooked the beef patties last night. So, dishwashing will be easy, thankfully.

Tomorrow, I will make potato soup. Tommy has consented to peel potatoes. YAY!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Gas Leak

This morning, Tommy's car would not start, even with a jump. The guy who tried to jump it, went back and got some sort of charger that sits under the hood. I had to take Tommy to his dentist appointment instead of riding. That was a harrowing ride with Tommy half-assed giving me directions. Then, he would say, Don't you remember??? in a harsh tone. I told him not to ever use "Don't you remember?" tp e again. Those words are a judgment and a stressor. When I taught math, I never used those words to students.

"Pay attention." "Follow the signs!" "Follow that car!" "Which car?" Well that question made him mad. At least give me the color.

Okay, I got there and even with his directions. When we got home, I told him to come see his gate on the ground. Well, it was the old gate. I thought the existing gate which stays open ALL the time was a smaller gate and this small gate Was supposed to be up and they met in the middle to close it. As I closed the gate, he was yelling to leave it open. I heard a hissing as I came to the front yard, turned and looked at a meter and asked Tommy what the meter was. GAS Well, it was hissing and I could smell gas.

He said it had to be where he could smell it. ??? He cannot smell much of anything. I fretted and fussed and tried to reason with him. I finally demanded he call the gas company to shut me He did.

It might take them 2 hours to get here. I was preparing to take my things to the car, just the clothes. I refuse to be with only one set of clothing to wear another time...ever. The guy showed up in about ten minutes. I thanked him for coming so soon and said, "I sure don't want that to blow up since that is the bedroom I sleep in." He stopped walking to the meter, stopped working and came to argue with me. He stopped to argue with me--you think I am going to let this blow up with me here? Over and over! "I have been doing this for 30 years You don't think I know what I am doing?" on and on he talked.

I tried not to talk. Since I did not want to be in the house, I sat in my car. Tommy came to the ramp and the guy was telling him this was his job and going on and on. I closed the car door so I could not hear the guy. Is tightening up something on a leaky meter and covering a rusty meter with new paint the way to handle a leaking meter? Paint?

Now, his car has to be towed. If it is not one thing, it's not another!

I need to get the Belk return and my walker from his Rogue as it is going to be towed. He is sending it to Pep Boys and called a tow truck. I would have called Pep Boys who may have a cheaper deal with the tow company. But, this is the way he does it--unknow tow truck.

I am exhausted! And it is only 2 pm. Today has been a trial. I would bet my life he will not mention the master cylinder for the brakes. Okay, I mentioned brakes.
tommy and guy poo pooed my concerns. I do not like the guy who was in charge there.

It is 4 pm an time for a nap. I know it is too late, but I a falling asleep sitting up and typing.

Okay, at 5 pm I gave up and went to bed. At 6:15 I awoke and started dinner.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sleepy Sunday

After 3 hours sleep on Friday night, I got 6.5 Saturday night. I had to get up and wash my hair before church, get it dried and get a few curls in it somewhere. During church my back hurt so that I had to move forward in the pew and rest my head on the front of the pew in front of me. Thankfully, no one was sitting there. When I sit in the pew, my feet do not touch the floor which makes my back hurt. I am going to find a sturdy box to leave in the pew during the week. Other people leave their own pillows.

Since I no longer have my spiralizer, I saw one and bought it. Well, I got home and I had a food processor. I was sure I saw a spiralizer. When I went back to the same location in the store, yes, there was a spiralizer right on the shelf. How could I pick up a food processor instead of a spiralizer? Tired? Distracted? At any rate, I took the food processor back today on the way home from church. The spiralizer was manual, so I did not get it. My hands would not be able to stand cranking it.

I drove today. I have been meaning to drive one day but forget. I still have the whole tank of gas I had in the car when I came down here. There were a lot of double take when Tommy was getting into my car. From the time this car was bought last September until now, I have put only 4K miles on the car. It had less than 46K, now--51K.

His car has had brakes that "shudder" when applied. And, he said they were okay. He does not repair things until it costs ten times as much as if he repaired it in a timely manner. Yesterday, there was lots of clanking in the rear of the car along with the shuddering feeling. I suspect a master cylinder because I had a car with same problem. Have you ever had a master cylinder fail? Was it accompanied by noise?

Well, he just informed me that he is going south of Birmingham to the dentist first! It is difficult to keep this man alive.

Sleepy Sunday? I have been sleepy all this afternoon. Then, I wanted to watch the news. I am falling off to sleep as I type. So, at six in the evening, I have no intention of taking a nap!

I have a container of prepared basmati rice with olive oil. After I heat it, I will take out a share for me. Tommy's portion with get the remains of his can of peas he ate Friday and Saturday evening. If I have the energy, I will put grape tomatoes and in a skillet and stir them in a bit of olive oil and add those. Mine will have no peas. Since I bought a quart of strawberries today, I will prepare most of all of those for dinner.

Tomorrow, I will get soil and find something in which to plant my purple tulips and daffodils. I planted them in the ground last year the middle of January, so this should be okay. When we went to my lot, the daffodils were bursting to bloom.

This afternoon, Tommy cleaned the trash out of my car. He brought in a brown paper grocer bag full of things to sort, mail and receipts. He threw away a gillion other bits of trash. Plus, he left about 8 cans of food on the front seat of the car for me to decide about. I had left four large cans of peaches in a bag. Otherwise, they would have been in the dump. I got those in after deciding to throw away some of the cans. He volunteered to clean my car. I was shocked and happy. He brought in one shoe. Hopefully, the other is under the seat. He could not get under the seat because of his osteoarthritis. Now, I can clean something in his house without

Do you ever get so tired and sleepy on a Sunday afternoon?

Oh, halfway through cleaning out the car, he brought in a $5 bill. When he came in for good, he said he had 80 cents sin his pocket and reached for it. I told him he could have that as his pay.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

First Yard Sale of the Year

Today, Saturday, we went to Cullman. I was antsy to get my mail since I did not go at all last week. Plus, I shopped and went to a food bank.

Tommy woke me at 6:30 like I wanted. I did not sit for thirty minutes, waking up like I usually do. In 26 minutes, I was clean, had fixed my hair, dressed and had milk and banana ready to go. I have to wait an hour after taking first pill. He suggested we stop and get sausage biscuit. I already had oj for the day, and he got Senior coffee.

We first went to the food bank where I can choose from a sheet of paper what I get. There I chose a large package of premade burgers--4 nice size ones. I won't list all I got. I did choose paper towels instead of tp. I could get three breads. Tommy likes bagels. I also got two loaves of bread. There is always Coke and various 2-liter drinks and ice for the drinks plus sweets to enjoy while we wait. I took a slice of Bundt pan cake, light and with a not so sweet topping. It was so good that I took Tommy a piece. He loved it. I could not resist a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. I always drink water here. There was a bowl of bars; I got a Lara bar, still have it. I ate the cupcake later and dropped most of it, oh well.

I had clothing given to me that did not fit, so I took it with me and donated it. Also, I gave my coupons to a friend who works there who was happy to see coupons I always donate.

We passed a yard sale that I determined to stop at on the way back home. Belk's was the next stop. I went in and struggled the whole time. At the register I reached in the bag to give the skirt to the cashier. What did I find?--some of the things I was donating. Oh no! Did I give the friend the wrong bag? In the car I called her and she checked the contents. It seems I had put the clothes I wanted to donate into two bags! So, I had two used two tiny bags and put the little bit into them. Well, I was relieved. It turned out that the bag I meant to take into Belk's was in the car. I was hurting so that I said I would do it next week when we go back.

In another grocery store, the one where I won the $100 gift certificate for food, I found 8 pounds of russets of potatoes for $2.49. !!! Plus, for $0.99 I found a box of alfredo mac and cheese with bacon. It should be good and good for two meals. I bought a commemorative tin for Moon Pies--$5.99. I use tins for storing things. Inside were 12 single Moon Pies. So, now we have to NOT eat them. I will use this tin to store small packages of mixes that are falling all over the place. I paid for the Moon Pies and the tin was free. Well, that is how I look at it.

I got the mail, went to 278 to get a phone number off a construction sign, stopped in Publix, went into storage unit, and stopped by the lot, finally deciding to go back home. Tommy asked me if I wanted to get a burger before heading South.

As I said "okay," I saw a sign that said "Free Food." He insisted it was not really free, that we had to have our taxes done first. Well, with the Pepsi canteen set up, I doubted it. Finally, I convinced him to leave Burger King drive in and go across the street and check out the free food. We each got two hotdogs and a Diet Pepsi. well, I had to get out and choose all this. The only Pepsi product I like is Mountain Dew, and I sure did not need the sugar or caffeine. So, we saved $3.99+tax by eating free food. I brought home 3 of the foil sandwich wraps so I will not have to use foil for topping things I heat in the oven. We might just have our sandwiches wrapped in these clean pieces of foil.

When I asked the guy what we had to do to get free hotdogs, he said, "Nothing." I persisted and he finally told me they were collecting food and clothes. Well, I gave him the bit of clothing I had that been mistakenly been taken into Belk's. After we ate right there in the parking lot, we pulled around and the guy took a bag of food out of the car that I had not gone through. I only kept Peter pan pb, a very small can of carrots and peas for Tommy, and a huge can of peaches. I was happy because the man lifted the bag, it was out of the car and my house.

We went home the way we came so that I could go to the yard sale. I was surprised that this yard sale happens every day. It was in an open field with a little shed where the people were sitting inside. Nothing was priced. That so annoys me. I will not backtrack when I am hurting, but the woman told me to come show her what I was talking about. My back won't stand it. The mini Keurig was $40! Tommy would not pay that, so I did not ask him. I forgot to purchase new-in-the-package dish towels for $0.50 for two. Oh well.

I found a 12 qt. stainless steel covered stock pot for $2. I brought that pretty baby home. It still has the store sticker on the side, so it has never been used. A little Barkeepers Friend will have it shining. At least this is something that was not put into the dump. I only found aluminum when I looked for a stock pot in stores and wanted stainless steel. The aluminum stock pots are expensive, so I wonder how much this cost. The sturdy loop handles are attached with brads, so it will be safe to pick up. It even had a lid, nice and shiny and not dented.

On the way home, I had the bright idea to go to Sam's Club. Tommy was all for it. We sampled and sampled. After looking for Melatonin and folding lawn chairs, we left. Tommy bought bacon. One of the samples was interesting. Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches with "buns" that were eggs. Sausage was inside the eggs. They were actually good. I am not sure how good-for-you they were.

We just had a Moon Pie. ugh

I forgot--at Publix I bought Dove exfoliating body wash with pomegranate seeds and shea butter...yep, another thing that went to dump.

The day seems to have been non-stop eating. Tonight, dinner will be chicken and salad and Halos.

I have been telling Tommy we will be going to yard sales. I have a pair of sandals in the car for dew and mud.

We left the house at 7:30 am and arrived here at 3 pm. Since I could only sleep 3 hours last night, I am so happy I do not have to cook! I do know that tonight I will eat no junk! Now, I need to go wash my new stockpot.

I deliberately looked for money on the ground when out and about. No Luck!

Have you been to a yard sale yet this year? Do you like them?

Friday, January 24, 2020


Thursday, I finally put two huge chicken breast with bone and skin along with three boneless, skinless chicken breasts into a bag to bake in the oven. I poured a half cup of water in the bag and sprinkled onion soup mix over the meat. In the end of the pan wrapped in foil I placed new potatoes with butter and some Better Than Bouillon over them. This was delicious. The trouble is that I kept hanging onto the current political show. It was 10:30 before it was done and I served it. Tommy was patient. I did serve him a Romaine and grape tomato salad about 9:30.

At least I will have the meat portion done for tomorrow's dinner. Maybe I will cook in broth the two pounds of carrots I have and give him another salad along with the chicken. Saturday, I will have everything done and will not have to cook Saturday or Sunday.

It may sound braggy when I say something I have cooked was delicious. I can eat chicken without a grain of salt. Same with potatoes. I know how to season, but for myself I often don't. Tommy has the salt and pepper shaker by his chair and salts everything, no matter what seasoning I use when cooking! I NEVER give him unseasoned food.

I know it has only been two days, but Tommy has been himself. The more I paid attention to him, the more I could see his ill moods were when his blood sugar was dropping. I get all whiny and fretful and apologize for my behavior as my blood sugar drops. He attacks. I forgot to get something sugary for his blood sugar drops when we are away from the house.

About ten years ago at my house, I asked him what he wanted when he was going back outside and wanted something to drink. I asked what he wanted, and he said one of my "sugary" Cokes. I was shocked, but he said with the heat and the hard work he was doing in the yard, he would be okay. Before that, I had not one idea how diabetes worked. He had always had water and only drank diet Pepsi, never a Coke.

Friday, I needed a few things, most of which can wait. We ran out to get vinegar and an item greatly reduced at CVS. Then, we drove a few streets here to look for the pink, plastic bags with coupons. The garbage ran today and these were thrown on Monday. So, he said it would be okay. I got one package of coupons from this week with coupons I cut. Obviously, I am wrong about when I got the $5 coupon from a pink bag! grrr
Maybe I can still find it around here where I cut it out and put it in a safe place.

There was no rain today and in 60s, so it was a pleasant day, sunny. Tommy said it was in 50s. So, who knows?

Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Conversation

Wednesday night, I was lying down and reading news on the laptop. I saw a title of an article saying that in Florida iguanas are called "chicken of the trees." It seems that the iguanas get cold and fall out of the trees. I laughed and told Tommy. His expression barely changed. Then, Jimmy Kimmel came on and during the monologue, Kimmel said that in Florida people are calling iguanas "chicken of the trees."

Tommy roared laughing. WHAT???

I told him what he did and asked him why it was not funny when I said it. He said, "He said it funnier than you." ???

When I objected, he said well, he was telling jokes before he said it. So, I told him I would tell jokes before I told him anything funny.


As I struggled to get up and get from under the laptop, I said, "I just can't win!" Then, I became incredibly dizzy and fell back from a sitting position to falling sort of sideways with head back since the room was spinning. He startled and I gathered myself enough to see why he jumped. He said he thought I was having a heart attack. Then, he laughed.

So, I can get a laugh by dying. Well, this exchange left me laughing for a while. I had to try to get to the bathroom quickly!

Okay, I know delivery is a lot of the humor, but there was a great disparity in Tommy's response.

Thursday is another gloomy, rainy day, but it does not seem so bad today. If I were allowed to open a curtain, it would be less gloomy seeming. We look at the weather forecast and plan trips out of the house. I suppose I must finally cook the chicken! It finally thawed. I have been siting and walking around cold all day. Since the sun is going down, I think I might need more than this summer nightgown.

I was going to put an allergy barrier on the mattress and then a pad, but it seems that I am spending an inordinate amount of time watching the current events on TV. The trouble is that I cannot manage to get a fitted sheet on the bed. Tommy did that for me. I am sure it will be hard to put all this on the bed and coordinate with him...sigh.

But, I am funny. At least people tell me I am. Are you funny?

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


When Nixon was impeached, he resigned before the trial. My son was four and understood very well that when one show on TV ended, another would begin. He was missing Romper Room and Captain Kangaroo. Maybe he only missed Romper Room. He was sad, so sad. His kindergarten he attended was out for the summer. He came to me with a doleful tone and face, "Mama, when will Watergate be off the TV?" He expected that Watergate would have a predictable end.

Tuesday, I did make dinner-- salmon croquettes, sweet potatoes, Romaine, blueberry muffins. I put too many oats in the salmon and the croquettes were dry. Plus, I had no onion and was not asking Tommy to go out to get it. However, as usual, the sweet potatoes were spectacular. I used a pouch of blueberry muffin mix and put frozen blueberries in them.

Wednesday, today, Tommy's cousin took us to lunch at Bright Star, a nice restaurant in Bessemer. Two Greek brothers owned it. One died a few months ago, so the other brother is still there. The food was delicious. I had half a chicken and rice pilaf, baked apples, and Greek potatoes. Everything was delicious. I brought all the rice and most of the chicken home. It looks like dinner tonight. Broccoli will be steamed.

Tommy's great grandfather is the cousin's grandfather. He and I knew a lot of the same people as he live in Cullman County. I tried not to talk too much since it was a lunch for them. Tommy said I did not...whew.

After the meal we grocery shopped--3 lbs. Halos, strawberries, bananas. grape tomatoes, broccoli, milk, and Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries. I did buy plastic spoons and forks. I needed a mattress cover. I have been meaning to buy a travel pillow, so I finally got that...oh, and nail polish. Leaf Lettuce was all starting to turn brown and had a date of next Wednesday, so I will return for that when they have fresher Leaf Lettuce. It is the easiest way to get green stuff into Tommy. He will actually go in and pluck a loose leaf or two from the box. If he had to dismantle it, he would never eat it. When I have been in bed at lunch or dinner, he has to take care of feeding himself. Otherwise, I get all his food out and heat it for him. All the groceries were bogo or on sale.

In this city a little pink bag of coupons is thrown every week. That is where I get the newspaper inserts. I had a $5 coupon that I would use. Now, I cannot find it. So, I just sent Tommy into the cold, dark night to get them from the curbs of neighbors. He said some people never bring them in and toss them into the trash on Thursday night when they take the trash to the road. He said I could get them and no one would care. I am he went to get them for me. He is a good

The two packages of chicken are almost thawed in the refrigerator. I now plan that for tomorrow. There is plenty of food here. I just do not meal plan as such.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Brought Home Bacon Instead of Chicken

The chicken was not on sale on Monday at Piggly Wiggly. On the way out of the store, I saw "OINKS, chocolate covered bacon." Unfortunately, I succumbed to the package with ONE piece of bacon for $1.80. I will never buy it again. But, it was wonderful--Applewood smoked chocolate covered bacon. Tommy did not want half. So, I begged him to try one bite. He said the bacon was good, but he did not like chocolate on it. Have you ever had chocolate covered bacon?

If I were inspired enough, I would make this for the breakfast at church. I would need to make trial run. But, that would be a pain. Instead, I will scramble a dozen eggs, maybe with cheese in it.

Since bscb were not on sale, I came home and fought the freezer to avoid an avalanche and got out chicken that is skinless but still has bones. I have never seen chicken packaged that 3way before. Have you? I also took out a package of the bscb. All this can go in the oven. This will make enough to freeze. These large chunks of frozen meat will have to go into water to thaw them in time to cook and eat them today.

Sunday, I gave in to the urge to have Kraft Macaroni n Cheese. All was going well until I tried to drain the pasta. The colander was not clean, so I used the lid with five or six holes in the side, holding it on the pot as I turned the pot over. Surprise! I dumped all but about 3/4 cup of the pasta into the sink. Lovely! In order to salvage some of the cheesy choice I was craving, I used what was left in the pot, put half the cheese in it, a dash of milk, and microwaved it. FOR TOO LONG. We both had about a quarter of a cup of the burned cheese in the shriveled pasta. I suppose that is what I get for trying to eat mac n cheese.

I have made an executive decision just now. We will have salmon croquettes for dinner instead of the chicken. I have sweet potatoes baked and in the refrigerator and will cook field peas and snaps. Tommy loves all three of these, so I am set. If I had greens, we could that, too.

Two hours after the last sentence, I have changed plans. I am watching Impeachment proceedings. I told Tommy that he may have to eat pb sandwich for dinner. He said "okay" or that he could go out to get a burger for us. I will cook dinner.

Monday, January 20, 2020


I just had to get away from this blog. It has become toxic with all the negative comments about my treatment of Tommy. I actually am saving his life, mine, and possibly others' lives. When I went several days with no comments at all, I decided, and i think I am still right that no one wants to hear about what is going on. It appears since I have nothing in common with any of you, I am not worth a comment. I don't have chickens, babies, or pictures to post, so let's just read her and leave no comments. Okay.

But, I have to tell you what I did. I called his doctor and left a message with his doctor. I was wanting a call to tell him all that was going on, most of which I have never disclosed to a soul. I told the doctor about him straddling a line on the interstate, having to call for welfare check so many times, how he threw things at me, accused me of trying to convince him to drive into a deep ditch, hallucinations, accused me of trying to feed him to get him fat so he would have a heart attack and other things I will not share here. I begged him not to tell Tommy. So, today the doctor took away a pill that lowers his blood sugar. He told the doctor (he said) all the incidents except for throwing things at me.

He has a "tell." When things first start, he says, "I don't know what is going on." over and over! I was feeling not well, and was going to give him Progresso soup when he started acting funny. I took the soup to him, and he sat back in his chair and just looked at it. He did not eat, just kept saying he "did not know what was going on." He removed the soup and put it on a table, and eventually ate it. Just now, I asked him if he remembered all that. He just said he remembered being in the middle of eating soup.

He told me he gained 8 pounds in the last six months--too much junk, he says. I do eat junk, but he seems to devour it all the time.

Okay, that was a lot to write about him. That part of our life will be silent from now on.

It is so cold here! However, we still have the heat at 64F. Sometimes, I even get overheated with only the summer nightgown on. We do turn the heat up for thirty minutes or so when either of us bathe. When the wind blows, the air comes all around both doors. I bought that sticky tape with foam and he yelled at me. There is still some foam stuck to the door facing, so I have to scrape it off. First, I need to buy a scraper since I no longer have one and will not ask for one!

I cannot wait until summer when there are yard sales. Tommy has been warned that I will want him to stop at yard sales. However, I will probably have to drive since he will try to get in a good place to park. I park the best I can and do not spend five minutes pulling back and forward, fretting over where to park. I will buy tools as I find them. Old tools are better than new ones! Hopefully, I can find lawn furniture, too.

Even though it is very cold, I went to church with the sleeveless blouse and pants that are summer wear. I then wore a black sweater over it with a thing that is a rectangle with slit for front and ruffles around it and RED. So, I was plenty warm even with sandals. It was dry, so no problem getting feet wet! I did need gloves, but I ruined ones given to me. I spilled a cup of milk into my tote bag and did not realize they got wet. Now, they have big white spots. I am not sure if this is mildew or if the color has been bleached. Yes, I need to wash them and see.

I have not had scrambled eggs until this morning. I had to buy eggs, a mixer, strainer and a bowl, and remember I wanted them AND have time to cook them. I always used a blender to scramble them and strain the scrambled eggs through. I cannot stand the white strings in raw or scrambled eggs. Yes, I know it is strange. This morning, I scrambled four eggs and ate them. I was going to save half for tomorrow morning, but before I knew it, I had finished them. Next time, I will leave the ones to save in the kitchen. Better yes, I will put them in the refrigerator. I only drank milk and no bread. No, I am not worried about cholesterol because eggs do not raise cholesterol, or so I have read and believe. I will not be eating four eggs ever again. Promise!

Saturday night was the first time in a week that I slept more than two or three hours. So, for a week I lived on little sleep. Last night, I stayed up too late, and needed to be up early. Therefore, I slept five hours. And, I did not get up to use the bathroom. That is first ever for me. Getting sleep is my greatest challenge.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Groceries and My Santa

Wednesday, I went to the opthamologist with Tommy. I am really afraid for him to drive alone. I stopped and bought way too expensive chicken to cook. It is less expensive and more healthful than McD. I think I will make both of us two chicken sandwiches with leaf lettuce or a salad with chicken on top and one sandwich the next time we have to go to Cullman. He has a new prescription for lenses that he "might" fill. sigh. Oh, I bought two more six-packs of oj.

Of course, I took along oj and pb crackers to the doctor. I would eat a third of a cracker and say I could not eat the rest. I did this for three cracker. He refused to "help me" finish the oj. He did drink the last little bit when I was in the grocery stores. We are home and he is okay.

The gloom is a bit less today. Tommy pointed out ribbons of blue in the sky. But, they are not spreading. Last night, I slept three hours, the same as last night. So, I need a nap.

Yesterday was bad. As soon as I posted the last post, I tried talking to him. He just said, "What?" over and over. We went round and round and he started cursing loud and repeatedly. He refused to eat anything. Finally, I took his dinner to him. I hurt too much to stand and cook anything. So, I opened a can of soup, something sort of healthy, chicken and rice and vegetables. He almost spilled it, picked it up, looked at it, sighed and leaned back. Finally, he struggled with the glass bowl and put it over on a table.

He looked pathetic and then he looked cocky, sort of like a drunk who is trying to pretend he is not drinking. His whole face changes. Finally, I searched and found one peppermint, Starlight mint, I guess. I asked him if he wanted it. He grabbed it and looked so grateful and even thanked me. He calmed down, and eventually ate his soup. He is horrified at what he does when his blood sugar goes too low. He apologized.

Of course, his stress is relieved and mine rises. Between stress and eating too late, I was up, sitting up in bed and on the computer, reflux keeping me company. sigh. This will end next week! I know some of you are sick of this, but keep it to yourself.

For the last ten years, I have tried to get one of the life-size cardboard Coca Cola Santas. I tried to get one from a guy that operates a gas station that my friend sold him. His wife was jealous for no reason. The Santa was delivered. She loved it and sat it in the store. The guy said he would not take it from her. I understand.

Well, my friend bought a new gas station. Since I was not in town in the fall, I forgot to ask him until too late. Finally, about a week before Christmas I approached him about getting me one. He told me he would not be there after Christmas and the next owners might want it. I asked him to mention it for me. Well, last week I went in and mentioned the Santa. Both seemed to be aware I wanted it. So, they brought it to the car and folded it up. Tommy did not like where it was and yanked it forward in the car. All the little projection for folding got caught on the car pieces when I tried to get it from the back. GRRR At the unit I asked a guy to help me get it out and carry it inside. SOOO! I have the Santa I have wanted for years. I am so happy.

I have a blow mold Santa that is about 4 feet tall that I have put indoors. It was so bright, I needed no other light in the room. I love Santas! I also love sleighs and have quite a collection.

My collection is not extensive but curated carefully, sometimes not so carefully. Do you have a favorite thing you collect that involves Christmas?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Today has been the most miserable, gloomy day. I could not sleep because of the heat. Since I don't want to wake Tommy, I waited until he awoke and he fixed the ac like he wanted it. I stayed up for two hours, went back to bed, could not sleep, and got up again. It is now after 4 pm, and I am still a slug. Plus, pain in my side jabs me and takes my breath away.

Somehow, I will cook dinner. I don't know what I can fix. I mean, I am not sure what I am able to do.

When the day is this gloomy and wet, it does me in. And, there are dishes to wash...ack. Add to the gloominess a lack of sleep and I am unmotivated. He highly disapproves of using light bulbs to alleviate the mood of gloom.

Dr. Phil looks like something I want to watch.

Does a gloomy, sunless, wet day affect your mood?

Do you have SAD?

Monday, January 13, 2020

I Found a Penny!

So, take that Sluggy! It was right on the asphalt in front of the grocery store as I opened the car door on the passenger side to talk to Tommy as I drove him.

It is about 1 pm and it does not appear as if the rains predicted for today will not materialize or be very late in doing so. I am not complaining. It was so warm last night, Tommy turned on the ac and it is still on. I am not sorry to see bad weather not happen.

We had meatloaf from ground pork, very lean ground pork, last night with sweet potatoes and Brown and Serve Rolls and fruit. Tonight, I will use the rest of the ground pork For Swedish Meat balls...haven't decided vegetables yet. I need to go put chicken in the refrigerator from the freezer for tomorrow's and Wednesday's dinner.

Today, I went to Publix for bananas and cereal on sale. My cereal was NOT on sale, so I got bananas $.69/lb., two (bogo) cans of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup @ $0.72 each, two glass storage containers (bogo) $7.49. These have snaplock lids. And, sadly, I bought 6 mini ice cream sandwiches.

Remember the blankets/throws we were given at Christmas? They insisted we take more and more. One is a quilt someone made by hand. It is an ugly quilt, but I picked it out as one of my choices. It is sewn by hand. All the pieces are triangles and sewn by hand. I don't think it was meant to be given to us. I think this was a quilt top someone finished but was never backed and quilted. It is a touching gesture. The inside of the quilt is a piece of flannel. I imagine someone who had little to give did this tedious handwork. The thread are all coming loose and some pieces of fabric are loose. This will be a project for sitting in front of the tv.

This is the second quilt I have had with flannel inside. The first was given to me as a baby gift for my first child, a boy.

My ankles and everything else is still swollen after the Lasix and potassium. I wonder how long this takes to return my ankles and everything to normal.
. ???

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Beauty After the Storm and Walking Plans

Yesterday, Saturday, saw tornadoes and death, but today dawned with a lovely blue sky and pretty clouds. Even though it was in the low 50s, I did not wear a coat and only wore sandals without knee highs. I stuck my toes under the American Airlines throw/blanket and was not cold at all. After church we decided to go for a drive and got burgers.

When Tommy was ordering, I knew his blood sugar was dropping. I tried to get him to stop in a parking lot to eat. Then, all spacey, he refused a bite of his burger and insisted on holding it, which he did for 5 minutes, driving crazy with one hand. It was falling apart and dripping on him. He did not care!

We got onto two-lane road that had very few shoulder areas. He tried to ride the outer white line, then swerved back toward traffic. Finally, I said I had to go to the bathroom and he passed all the gas stations. I begged him to pull into a church were there were still cars. He passed them all. Then, I told him to pull into a driveway. He asked why. Because I want to go to the house. Finally, I gave a bloodcurdling scream as he headed off the road. After demanding he stop now, he pulled over to a wide shoulder. I got out, grabbed my purse, braced myself and grabbed the keys from the ignition.

While I can barely get from house to car, I walked to a house, got no answer, walked across the highway and up a driveway to another house. A guy answered the door and called 911 for a welfare check. I knew Tommy's blood sugar had gone up with the passing of time after the hamburger.

When I got back to the car, Tommy offered to let me drive. He said it was since I was so insistent. It has to be his He did get out of the car and use the roof rack to get to the passenger side. I followed him along and behind him since I never know if he will fall or just decide to step into traffic. (I cannot help him up, but I might drag him off the pavement all the time trying to get traffic to miss him.) Then, we just waited.

A firetruck blocked the highway and ambulance followed to shoulder. I got out and told the guys what was going on. I knew his blood sugar had risen--100 was what it registered. Tommy knew who he was, who was president and his birthday. The guys said between 60 and 100 was what they used for determining if he was okay. Tommy told them he would let me drive.

He told them he could be the navigator because I was frantic not knowing where I was. So, with me driving and him giving me crazy directions, we got back to civilization. When I stopped at a store for bread, I took the keys since I was a little gun shy about his mental state.

As we drove back, he told me he knew something was wrong because he had a funny taste in his mouth. If he does not kill us both, I may be able to convince him sooner each time that he is in trouble. That is the first time he has admitted he knew something was wrong.

Of course, I never take oj and pb crackers to church. That changes now. We have been home for two hours after the incident, and I am still shaking.

Yesterday, I decided I would take my walker and walk past two houses and then come back here. It will hurt me, but maybe it will build some stamina. I may only be able to walk to the next driveway at first. We will see. After the distance I walked today, I may not be able to walk for several days. Walking will not cure my back problems and might make it worse.

The wind and rain were fierce here yesterday, beating the porch, front door and all the front windows. Thankfully, no tornadoes came our way even though several touched down and killed three people near here. This morning, I found everything on the front porch was on the ground. I have found pots overturned, but never on the ground, always on the porch. How did the weather affect your area, home? Area?

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Natural Package

I don't know where this bag came from, but the bottom is the interesting part that made me think.

The Natural Package
This product contains recycled material

Yes, I have a paper bag! As I read this, I could only think of the flaws in the convincing wording, meant to reassure consumers and to convince consumers of the rightness and goodness of using the paper bag.

The bag is definitely recyclable. But, how many people will actually recycle it? If it gets wet or food stains it, the recycling facility will not want it.

The bag is reusable. How many times can it be reused before it is torn. Once the bag tears, I could never use it again. If it does not function, it is no longer usable. Of course, it can be used to start a fire, I suppose? It can become and craft tool/material.

The bag is degradable. But, what other substances are now in the wood product. This bag won't be killing fish or floating around, hanging in trees and fences. It will work in a compost bin.

The trees from which the bag comes are definitely renewable in that more trees will grow. But, how many years old must a tree be in order to cut it and make more bags? 20? 40? I did not look it up. Since there are more trees still available while we are waiting for the replacement to grow, virgin forests can be consumed. Maybe not. What chemicals are used? How much water? How much energy?

At least the bag contains recycled material.

As I read this label stamped on the bottom of the bag, I thought back to a movie I saw and my thoughts then. As I watched HAWAII, I marveled at the shipping containers. There was not one metal shipping container or huge plastic bin used to contain and transport merchandise coming to the island. Of course, the burlap bags and large and small wooden crates were manufactured from raw materials just like the paper bag I have or the alternative--plastic.

The difference? A burlap bag will last much longer in use. No trees that took decades to grow are cut. Burlap bags will not kill fish.

Reusable bags that last longer than our present choices, paper or plastic, would be perfect. Reusing colorful bags for Christmas wrapping is one way to cut down on wrapping paper. There are quite a few other ideas for not using paper or plastic.

I will stop since I could write about this for days. Almost all of my bags I have had for twenty years are gone. So, I have to start over. In antiquity, an animal skin from a consumed animal could be used to carry items. Pottery that still exists was used to transport items in ships. Okay, I am stopping here.

I know some cities and stores either ban or no longer made free plastic or paper bags as a matter of course. Hopefully, that will come to our city or area. But, this paper bag is not the solution to our problems. It is not the natural package we need to use.

Do you use paper, plastic, or reusable bags? I use a mixture.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Wednesday with Lasix

On Wednesday afternoon, I made a decision. Tommy agreed. So, today when we got up, we ate and left the house. ugh He was returning something for me. I had a necessity to purchase and needed bananas desperately. So, by 8:15 he had put a load of his clothes in the washing machine and we were out of the driveway. After the first stop, I wanted to get Bell peppers on sale for $0.58 each at Piggly Wiggly. I also had see something and needed to write down the phone number for the third time.

All that done, and he needed an oil change and got his antifreeze sucked out and replaced. I did not know this was a thing. It cost about $100. We were invited to sit inside during the antifreeze procedure, but since we both have trouble walking and the seats might hurt, we opted to just sit in the car.

Today, at 11 am the temp is 58F, nice and warm. However, the wind is so strong it feels much colder. I put on the sweat suit, pants and coat, to go out. Tommy remarked that he did not know how I could stand to not wear socks and just wear sandals. It was barely in the 40s when we left. When I ride in the car, my feet get very chilly. I have always taken one of the small throws and just dropped it on the floor over my feet. I am just fine then.

When I took out the black blanket that we were given in December, I had a better look at it. It is small and has the edges turned over once with two stitches on the top and a cover stitch on the back. I had never held it up or unfolded it. I was surprised to see a tag--"AMERICAN AIRLINES." Now, I wonder if this is a stolen blanket or if the airline donated them. ???

Total spent today is .
Today, I spent $2.90 on 4 peppers, $1.12 on 5 bananas, nothing else. Total, $4.02. There are lots of ads, as usual. But, there is nothing I need.

About 30 minutes ago, I took two pills to reduce swelling in feet, legs and body. So. I am sure the rest of the day will not be fun. Even though I need a nap, I doubt I will go to bed and just exist on the five hours of sleep I got last night.

When we came home, Tommy took his clothes from the dryer and put them into the dryer. He just brought them inside. All shirts that button up are hanging on the hat rack. He is now folding and rolling all his knit shirts. I didn't know he did that. I did know he hung his pants on the coat rack. When I say he hangs shirts and pants on the coat rack, he uses no hangers, just hooks them onto the coat rack.

Last night, we shared a single frozen dinner, deli-style stuff--barbequed brisket, corn, and macaroni and cheese. I can no longer eat corn, so let Tommy have that and about 2/3 of the brisket. The mac and cheese was just cooked pasta in white sauce. I decided it was not worth eating--too many carbs and calories for the taste I was getting. We both had a baked sweet potato. This was such a cheap dinner and not to bad on our bodies.

For lunch I am having six stuffed baby bella mushrooms stuffed with four cheese and garlic. I have no idea what he will eat--up to him. Oh, he is having peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

Okay, I tried to take a nap and failed. I have been the bathroom every hour! And, I had to hurry every time!

Dinner tonight--baked potato and salad for him; spaghetti and salad for me. Before dinner, I must wash clothes...ugh.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hard Water, Cardiologist, I Blew It

My hair has been stringy, not holding a curl, and just nasty since August. Finally, I asked Tommy if he had hard or soft water. HARD! I think that is what is wrong with my hair. I read that hard water can cause heart problems and cause strokes. He does not care. He refuses to do anything even for his health. I just worry about my

I went to Lowe's and the guy said, "You just need salt." He lead me to the bags. I was so irritated. I asked him if I was supposed to just throw salt at the water. He did not know. I asked if there were something to attach to a faucet. "Oh, yes, this PUR faucet would change the water from hard to soft. I am so frustrated because he said I could not put it on HIS faucet. If you think I am abusing him, keep it to yourself!

I wonder if hard water consumption could cause edema that I have. I have read that hard water causes heart problem and high blood pressure. I wonder.

Today, I had a visit with a cardiologist. He saw my swollen feet. He does not think it is my heart but my thyroid. I have another test to next week. In the meantime, I have two prescriptions--potassium and a water pill. I told him I already had trouble making it to the bathroom. He did not look up from the computer and said dryly, "it's going to get worse." Tommy already backs up when I screech that I have to go after seeing him trying to get into the bathroom.

He is going to get my medical records from the endocrinologist and see what is happening. It will be interesting. I am just relieved he does not think it is my heart.

After getting my hav-a-hart trap I used to catch raccoons, I left it in the front yard behind my concrete bench yesterday. Thankfully, it was still there today. We go it into his Rogue and took it to the storage unit. It was a struggle. I wish I had someone to help me have a yard sale.

The day was beautiful once again, blue skies and 60s temperature, no wind.

Moneywise, today, I blew it. I insist on pumping gas for Tommy. He has to hold onto the luggage rack to get around the car to the pump. Of course, the gas tank would be on the passenger side. Early in the morning, I am in a coma for hours. I know he wants 87 grade, but today I pumped 93 at a cost of $5 more. He was really upset with me. I have never done this before.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Tuesday, I went to three food banks. I cannot name all we got as there are bags of rice and boxes of pasta I will give to a friend tomorrow. And, I will not all enumerate the items from each source.

I asked one place if they had wash cloths and towels. I received a package of six, Comfort Bay brand. There were shelves of things at another food bank where I got nothing because I was too early in the month. On the shelves were a variety of items. I chose a pink garden hat. It is not blush or hot pink, just pink. Tommy smiled and said it looked good. It is paper! At a different food bank there was a huge box in the floor. We were told we could get one of the new hats. There were also infinity scarves. I like crocheted or knitted items. I chose a hot pink and white crocheted hat. It is the kind that does not come down to fold up. There is a crocheted, hot pink flower on the side. I loved it. Tommy said it looked cute on me. Both hats were new.

At one food bank there were two racks like cards are displayed and full of greeting cards. Each person could get one. I did. Plus, there were free books, one for each person. I got one and only when I was in the car did I realize it was a romance. So, I gave it back to the guy.

Okay, the frozen meats--one capon, a frozen meal for one--brisket and vegetables, huge package of chicken breasts, ground pork. I knew capon was poultry but had forgotten exactly what. A capon is a castrated rooster.

We have already thrown out donuts after we ate our fill. I threw out four pumpkin spice cupcakes. I could choose six breads, so we have that to eat or freeze. One ciabatta. We also got chocolate chip cookies.

There are several containers of fresh fruit--grapes and pineapples, arils, vegetable trays and salads in plastic bags.

We received two glass jars of pasta. Remember I had bought two jars last week and two this week? Now, I have six jars to conceal from the light. Eight ounces of mozzarella cheese. What else could I make with spaghetti sauce?

There is a chocolate mousse. a cream cheese cake.

There were a dozen cans of fruit I will use and about the same that I will give to a friend if she meets me. Otherwise, I will give it to a stranger on the street.

I suppose I am finally rid of the Mexican guy who is American citizen. I told him to bring me my live trap at my house at 12 noon. At 11:45 he called demanding to know where I was because he was sitting in the parking lot at my house. He has been here 40 years and calls the street a parking lot. While talking to him and juggling a bag with a cup of French fries and burger, I dropped it upside down on the floor in Tommy's car. I was furious because the guy was going on about how I was not there. grrr We went to my house and he had the trap. He refused to move it so I could open my door without hitting the cage. Finally, when the door contacted the cage, he moved it.

Then, he asked me if he owed me anything. He said it three times because I was confused and he thought I did not understand the words. I said he did not owe anything and he said, "I can pay you because I have money." I suppose that was to impress upon me the fact I was not jumping on a man with money. I just made an mmm sound and closed the door. THEN, Tommy took my burger out of my bag with two fingers and dropped it when I yelled that it was falling apart. Dealing with J gives me a headache. Thankfully, the burger and paper fell together to the floor and I could rescue it. The fries went on the curb where some animal will enjoy them. There is no reason we should ever speak, but I can bet money he will call me again. He rushed off to his new truck, really nice one.

So, three food banks and food from only two. I got the wash cloths and pink garden hat, new with tag, from the others.

We are both exhausted. Tonight, we will share the bit of turkey in the Stove Top Stuffing. It is mostly white turkey meat and little stuffing. Plus, Tommy will have the raw vegetables to finish the meal.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Grocery Shopping

After a very frugal Sunday, we went shopping today. I try to have several stores to visit. They are often so far apart here in Jefferson County, a large area.

My a2milk is usually $4.49/half gallon. but today it was $3.99, so I bought six half-gallons, saving a total of $3.
An 8 oz. Kraft Medium chunk cheese was $3. I bought two even though I bought two last week at the same price at another store. I hate to pay full price for either milk or cheese.
Ragu Spaghetti sauce was bogo. I paid $2.48 for two, $1.24 each. Then, I had a coupon for $.60 off two, bringing the cost for each to $0.94. I was pleased at the final price. We usually get 8 servings from one jar.
I bought Tillamook Turkey Breast Jerky, at an exorbitant cost--$5.69!!!

Tommy saw it and suggested I stop in there since we were driving by. I found nothing, but I bought two packages of Stage Planks for a quarter a pack.

I went in to buy a package of 3 mesh laundry bags for $1. They were hard to find. I use these instead of plastic bags for produce. The zipper does not have a stop and is not sewn into the seam on two of them. I can fix those for this price. I bought one LED bulb for $1. Then, after paying, I found more Christmas cards--$.50 for 20 cards.

Then, I searched for something to wash my car elsewhere, specifically the area under the spoiler which never comes clean and is getting thick. I finally got a spray bottle for bugs and tar and will only wash under the spoiler. Then, we went to an independent car wash place where the cars are hand-washed. It will cost $15 for the hand wash and he said we could sit in the car. He washed cars out in the parking lot of his little building. I might do that next month when I will have a little more money, plus I just spent $7 to run it though the scary carwash.

I forgot to buy bananas because the guy said he could get me some in about ten minutes. So, I wandered off and never came back. I forgot. However, I have one that is half-dead. I will probably mash it up and put it in milk instead of just eating it will a glass of milk. And, I just remembered we forgot to buy bread. Oh well.

Today, I wore a long-sleeved red sweater given me by a friend in CA. It was in 60s today, so I was overheated immediately. sigh

Tonight, we will have turkey in a StoveTop casserole with cranberry sauce. I usually put dried cranberries in this casserole. Craisins have oil and sugar. I like mine plain. My dehydrated cranberries are in the dump, jars of them! I need to dehydrate more when I can get my Excalibur Dehydrator up here.

The weather for the next two weeks is above average temperature. I can live with this.

Oh, I found an umbrella in my car yesterday. I hope it is usable.

Under international law, it is a war crime to destroy cultural sites. Yet, we will soon have a person who commits war crimes as our leader if he keeps his promise.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Ma Tahng and Breakfast and Sunday

On Saturday or some day when there was no rain, Tommy and I went somewhere, not sure and don't remember. Anyway, we got a Coke from the fifty cent machines. I got a regular Coke and he had a Diet Pepsi. He insists his sit in the drink holder nearer the back of the seat and that mine should sit closer to dash board. Okay, fine with me.

That day, I thought he picked up my drink and sipped from it. As I looked toward him, he was saying, "Ma tahng, ma tahng!" I asked him what he said, and laughed and he said the same thing over and over. I asked him why he was talking that way. He asked if there were high fructose corn syrup in the Coke. I laughed until I was ill. He sort of laughed. It was good we were in a parking lot. When he could talk and I could quit laughing and listen, he told me that when the sugary drink hit his tongue, it felt like his tongue was swelling in one spot.

This Sunday was the monthly birthday breakfast at church. I bought cherries and had the store wash them. I took them in a cookie container from the store, one they gave me. They were a hit. They are not quite sweet enough yet.

I had a piece of thinly sliced and well-cooked ham, a cheese biscuit, jello with stuff on top, cherries, a nasty little biscuit/sausage that was bought frozen in a store, and a bagel half with cream cheese. These cheese biscuit was too hot, so I gave it to Tommy. I brought a pint jar with about 10 ounces of my a2milk. Then, I drank a bottle of water. The bagel, cream cheese, and ham and cherries was mostly what I ate. I wanted scrambled eggs. But, I had no eggs to cook.

On the way home, we stopped again at Publix and I bought 18 eggs, two 8-oz chunks of Kraft Medium Cheddar Cheese, olive oil, and two plastic bins that were bogo.

Then, on the way home, I asked him to show me somethings he had said he would around Birmingham and the area. We decided we would go see where Paighton Houston was found. I had looked the location up and remembered the roads. It is very close. The house is little and rundown with part of the porch or something falling off. The yard seemed to have been mowed. The person who lived there had to be removed because he or she was old and ill. It was just a nasty little house with junk in front and backyard. The surprising thins was this area had rundown and tiny homes right next door to Mc Mansions. Many of the homes were around 10,000 sq ft. We were fascinated by the strangeness of it all.

Then, on the way to Tannehill State Park, we passed a derelict motel that burned last week. Tannehill is located near where a during the Civil War cast iron was made for the Confederacy until in March of 1865, Union soldiers destroyed it. Tommy even showed me where the old stage coach road was still in evidence. Fascinating! When we got to the place to pay to enter, neither of us wanted to go in. It was getting late, we were going to need to eat soon. Plus, we could not walk to see anything. So, we turned around and came home. It turned out that we were over 25 miles from here.

When we arrived home, I decided I wanted to drive my car. The front two tires were almost flat. Well, the had 20 lbs. of air. We went to one of the pay places to fill the tires. After I got quarters, a man had come to the air hose. I asked him if he would check and fill the tires. He did willingly and without impatience. This air pump took credit/debit cards. His card ran twice and he almost did all my tires and his. I gasped when I realized I had not put quarters into the pump. He said to just give him the $1.50 that I had in my hands. All four tires needed air. Then, I went to the scary car wash where I have to let go of the wheel and take my foot off the pedal. Tommy has to coach me through this. I keep trying to grab the wheel. My car drives better when clean. Air in the tires helped. We left here at am and got home after 4 pm. Long day!

Now, I will go heat the pork, take the sweet potatoes out of the oven, and eat the rest of the cranberry sauce.

I could barely get out of bed this morning, felt miserable during the breakfast and church. I did not feel well on our Sunday ride, but it made me feel no worse. The temperature was mid 50s today, dry, and we drove under a cloudless sky. Beautiful

Oh, at breakfast at church, we got there about ten minutes late. The woman who told me to get up from her place was not there. So, I sat in the same place I have for five months. he came in much later and made a show of kissing Tommy with a huge smack, not something she regularly does. Stupid woman.

Friday, January 3, 2020


I heard on the news that the police had closed streets around a home here in Hueytown. This morning, Friday, they came back. Then, Friday afternoon, I heard they found a body in a shallow grave. This girl, Paighton Houston, had been missing since Dec. 20, 2019. I feel so sad for her family.

The location of the home where she was buried is about two miles from Tommy's house. I worried for our safety, but Tommy was not going to lock the door. I did. Until the afternoon, I did not know what was happening. But, so many police departments were out that I was sort of frightened.

Since Wednesday, I have felt terrible. I lay in bed Thursday night wondering if I was dying. That's how bad it was. Only now, Friday night do I feel a bit better. I am glad I had turkey and pork loin cooked along with blackeyed-peas, potato, tomato and leaf lettuce, plus halos, bananas, and apples so we could eat with as little effort as possible. I have a dirty dishes, but I can handle that better than cooking. Friday night, we had the rest of the turkey that I did not freeze. Saturday night, we can finish the pork. Sunday morning, there is a breakfast with lots of good food and lots of sweets. We can live without my cooking for the rest of the day. LOL

Other than feeling terrible, since Monday I have not been able to stand in the kitchen for more that two minutes until tonight. I even had Tommy carry the whites to the washing machine outdoor in the carport utility room and go back and bring them in. At home, I had the laundry room indoors and could place a few items at a time in the washing machine. Tonight, I have been taking down dried clothes and hanging more to dry on hangers in the doorways.

Tonight, I cut myself with a knife I was not holding. I could feel the slice into the outside of my thumb where the nail enters the bed. That really hurt. I was reaching with my left hand for a paper towel behind the knife and with right hand reached for the knife. The left hand/thumb contact the razor edge of the knife. How do I do things like this?

We never left the house today as it is rainy and yucky looking out. We both had meds and food, so there was no reason to start the car! Okay, gotta go. I have been busy picking and chewing on the piece of skin I sliced off. I am ensuring it will hurt longer.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Goals: Past and Present, Failures and Successes

I have been hungry all day long and eating all day long. This is not a great way to start off the year. Right now, a seasoned pork loin with four new potatoes is in the oven. Blackeyed peas are done in the crockpot. A third of a baked potato is reheating for Tommy. The new potatoes are so tiny, about 1 1/4 inch across. The baked potato was so huge that Tommy has an overly generous portion and another two helpings left of the baked potato.

Fr lunch we had turkey sandwiches with leaf lettuce. Unfortunately, we had a cupcake apiece, mine with milk. A nap attacked me. Wonder why?

We stayed home all day with no desire to do anything.

Only one of last year's goals was accomplished--I lost weight in 2019. Because of the car wreck that totaled my car in 2018, I accomplished none of my goals. I cannot say what they were because they are gifts and people might read this.

As for 2020 goals, those have not been finalized.

In 2019 I started learning to paint with watercolors. My first masterpiece is in the dump along with my pad of watercolor paper I purchased and the paints and brush a blogger friend sent me. My first project was a picture of Fancy. She was my favorite chicken who died a tragic death that threw me into a depression. The depression did not last long. Now, I have to acquire more supplies and start over.

It seems I have to start over on a lot of things this year. AND, NO, I cannot share my plans since people want to tell me what to do and get upset when I don't.

My problem with swollen legs and feet needs immediate attention. So, I have appointments for tests. I also need a broken tooth extracted under anesthesia and a new one installed, a process that will take months. I was hoping for just a crown, but that is not possible.

The program that supplies me with raised beds, seeds, all supplies for a garden is happening again. So, that is a plus and a new goal. I got into the program last spring, but I had to wait my turn, a turn that has now arrived. Of course, now the doctor has curbed my intake of fiber, so this will be interesting.

Tommy got all upset that I was going to dig up his backyard. He has only seen me grow in pots, so I am puzzled as to why he things I would start digging anything now! He has a miniscule patio that he has never used since he moved here. That is where the raised beds will be.

Okay, a very present goal tonight is getting a fitted sheet on the bed. Or not.

Happy New Year!

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