Saturday, August 31, 2019

The way it Is

Friday, I forgot this was a Monday holiday weekend. The people I needed to talk with were "out of the office today." So that means Monday, too. I will make no progress...sigh. The rest of the week, people were in meetings or would get back to me.

The first day I was here, I mixed canned beef and canned potatoes for dinner. Later, Tommy said in a very irritating and irritated voice, "What about those dishes in there?" I used a skillet and real fork and a large plastic spoon I gave him. I said I would wash them. Then, the next day I told him I would wash dishes when there was a new light bulb over the sink. It is still like a cave in the kitchen. The skillet was Teflon and he said it had not been used in five years or so. Yes, I did wash the pan.

I am not supposed to "get into things." When I asked him if he had something I could cook on in the oven, he directed me to a pan about 9"x 11" with 1/2 " sides. A jelly roll pan? Tiny cookie sheet? So, I bought a larger sheet to cook in the oven. A friend at a church gave me a paring knife I was trying to buy. It is primitive here. He knows how cook bacon and hamburgers.

With his physical condition, I am not going to try to turn him into a sous chef to help him learn.

His electric can opener quit working, at least for me. I got out the can opener another church gave me with a can of tuna when I was in the motel. I do not wat him to cook for me, but it would be good for him if he had survival skills beyond fast food, cans, or going to a restaurant. I prefer a manual can opener anyway. I have not opened another can since I got here.

When I told him and showed him briefly how I cooked in the cooking bag, he was impressed. He commented that we had a good meal and used up lots of food in the refrigerator. I pointed out that if he could stuff food in the bag, close it, and poke six holes in the bag, he could do this without me. He said not a He has no flour, so I have been cooking in the bag without flour and the bag does not explode like the directions say it will. He will miss me when I am gone.

He was horrified how I use so much toilet paper. I laughed.

Finally, I got my huge wire chicken from his Rogue. I mentioned I would put it in a place a guy does not mow and killed his grass and would put flowers in the pot holder. He said, "NO." But, he said nothing when I talked sweet to the chicken and put it in place a week later. The chicken was one of the few things I rescued from the yard after the thieves started looting the yard.

Friday night, he told me I could only use my laptop in the bedroom. ??? That would mean I had to plug and unplug the wall plug from behind the sofa/loveseat and then from behind the headboard where he has things plugged up that he does not want removed. ??? I am allowed to use the laptop in the living room if I ask and if he agrees. There was no rhyme or reason to this declaration.

The first night I was here, I slept in his bedroom that he has not used in five or so years. I sat on the bed, got in, went to sleep, got up to go to bathroom, sat on the bed and went back to sleep. When I got up the next morning, I went back in there and sat nearer the head of the bed so I could be near the bed table. Well, the bed collapsed when the slats slipped. So, he took apart the bed and moved a frame from a bed n another room and replaced the broken one. It seemed to take forever. I could hear what sounded like clicking and clacking. I have no idea how he managed to move bed frame, mattress and box springs from one room to another. I was on the love seat, and resting. Apparently, I went to sleep.

Later, he said he was fascinated watching me sleep on the loveseat. I had one foot on the seat with knee up in the air and the other foot crossed over with foot resting on knee or near. He said he had never seen anyone sleep like that. I do it all the time. Does it seem strange to you?

And, I just now sprained my ankle o uneven asphalt in a parking lot!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Do-Nothing Friday

The title is misleading because I did stuff, just not out in the car, driving. Tommy found he had a screw in his tire on Thursday, just before we went to doctor. He got it aired up until this morning. So, he was gone early to have the tire repaired or replaced. Luckily, a repair was all it needed.

This morning, I thought he was dying. His disordered breathing from sleep apnea woke me. I sleep in his bedroom in one end of the house, and he sleeps in his recliner at the other end of the house. He was very loud, so I was up at ^am after going to sleep at 1 am. !!! Of course at 2 pm, he has been napping for a bit.

While he was gone, I did some guerilla cleaning. I had orders when I cam here to not be moving, fixing, or cleaning things. I emptied a bowl of ancient potpourri and still am suffering from all the dust was there. No more scent existed. Someone gave him a 60" tv about five years ago. I started ripping up the Styrofoam and stuffed it into the can he took to the road last night.

He said, about the potpourri, "Well, YOU COULD HAVE ASKED ME!" I told him I was afraid my dying bananas would ruin his good end table. He settled for that explanation. I brought them in from the car and got no further with the bananas. I also tried cleaning spots off the wall, too. It worked. So, I will do that when he is gone or something.

I have to dust! I will do it when he is not looking, one thing every day. I have noticed he is picking things up off tables, little by little.

I made phone calls while he was gone this morning. I did not dare clean too much.

I don't know if you remember, but months ago I bought chicken on sale and sent some home with him. So, it was still in his freezer, thankfully! I put three boneless, skinless chicken breasts and a can of cream of chicken soup along with baby carrots, handful snow peas, celery, zucchini, onion, dozen grape tomatoes, sliced red (bell-type) pepper, and other vegetables I cannot remember in the oven. He would probably prefer it without the soup! I forgot the mushrooms but stirred them in my portion. It made a delicious dinner. There was no salt or pepper and it was just fine without. I bought thee two zucchini and the onion, but the rest came from a food bank. This will make four dinners and chicken for me to eat for diabetes control. There were about 6 cups of vegetables.

Food mellows

I cannot see to cook because of the lack of lighting. He does not change bulbs or replace light fixtures. grrrr I am going to try to retrieve a couple of lamps to bring here and he will probably have a conniption fit. First, I will try to find something to stand on to get out the fluorescent light over the sink to get another to replace it.

I did get out because I needed milk from Publix.

He was given a ramp for his front door. It is aluminum. I have never seen a metal ramp. Have you?

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tired Thursday

As I was getting much needed sleep Thursday morning, a man on a mower robbed me of much needed sleep. So, I slept "only' until 10:30 am. I am still recovering from my ordeal.

After getting ready and going to my appointment, I was exhausted. We were miles from home and it was about 5 pm. I waved to Anne as I passed Piggly Wiggly. I knew she was somewhere in the vicinity.

I forgot to take something to eat and we ate for $5.48 at Burger King. They were out of Cokes and had people parking all over their lot waiting for food to be brought out to them. We asked for our orders to be put in separate bags since it is easier to have two bags. No, we got one bag and Tommy complained. It turned out they were short of bags. I had them sub milk for my Coke. Tommy can drink that. I just drank water.

Living and driving in a small town is so much easier! When I was 35, I could drive all over Memphis and not even feel it. Today, I was a passenger and am wiped out.

The endocrinologist is wonderful and is solving lots of my problems, including my loss of eyebrows!

I had s Coke float with chocolate ice cream for Later, I will have a banana.

Tommy does not like chocolate ice cream in a Coke float. Do you? What is your favorite float?

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Whistle Stop Cafe

I had insurance when the roof was damaged by tornado in 2008, I think. After that, it was not insurable with unrepaired damage. Lots of people were cursing roofers who would not show up after the whole town was torn up. FEMA would not repair my windows blown out, saying, 'her family can do that." Well, neither of my three children lived in the town and neither were capable of making those repairs.

I have no 401K. Let's leave it at that. I do not have to explain the minutiae of my life.

Many people thought I was foolish going to UAB and finishing degree I started years before. They thought I was foolish to work on two degrees and one time and foolish to get a MA. I do not regret doing what was best for me instead of doing what others thought would be best--get a job a Tyson cutting up chickens, working in sewing factory, getting job as grocery clerk. The list goes on. One person said sarcastically, "What are you going to do with all those degrees? Paper the walls with them?

My mother would be proud of me. She was proud I owned a home!

I did not blame anything about my house on anyone and I cannot imagine what that person means. When you call roofers every week and mine was a small job and no one comes when they promise, that certainly is not my fault.

Sunday, when we went to the Birmingham Public Library, Tommy took a bad fall. Two men started to grab him and pull him up, but I shrieked not to and he just need a chair to pull up onto. His walker broke! When we had to go to Cullman on Tuesday, he had a prescription called into N.A.R.E., a place that has durable medical supplies. $163.00 later, he had a nice walker. He has bruise on his hip about 8 inches in diameter, a cut inside the bruise that is four inches long and nasty looking. He has a chunk out of his arm and shin. He says the new rollator is much lighter to put in the car. So, I got up way too early.

I told him I would bring him anything he needed at the time he had no walker. He came to my door, TURNED ON the light and told me his coffee and cereal were ready for me to bring to him. UGH. When I fix lunch and dinner, I bring that to him in his recliner, but at least I am awake!

Today, I had a dermatologist appointment. He took a little nodule off my neck. I tried to cajole him into taking a little bit more skin from my neck. He was funny, but, of course, would not. I insisted on knowing the names of all the various growths that have blossomed on my skin!

Several years ago, like five years, I was bitten by a mosquito on the crook of my elbow. I scratched it so, the place became thick skin and still itched. Finally, the thick place about 1/4 inch across started sprouting black hairs. Doc said that scratching intensely would cause black hairs to sprout. I wondered if I could scratch my head and make my hair grow thicker. He is bald and young. He laughed heartily and said, "Well, if that were the case..."

Afterwards. I asked Tommy if we could eat at the Whistle Stop Café in Irondale, the restaurant from "Fried Green Tomatoes." Fannie Flagg wrote the book from which the movie was taken. The Irondale Café is the actual restaurant where we ate. The mac cheese was nasty. The waitresses were efficient and curt. But, the place was packed. A meat and two and tea for both of us was $30! He insisted on tea. I could have drunk water. At least the tea was wonderful.

Anne, maybe others, will know this road. We drove a long ways on Georgia Road, a scary place. Maybe it is only scary at night. I have driven it at night and had to dodge the ladies of the night and drug dealers. Finally, my friend moved so I did not have to go there again. Well, except when I worked in Gate City, a place where cable guys refused to go even with two men in the truck.

I had another doctor appt tomorrow back in Cullman, but I cancelled that!

Tommy's house is nice and cold and evenly so. That makes me happy.


I really, really like feedback, but not mean things or untrue things. You can comment, but comment are moderated. I finally have internet where I am. I am so tired I cannot write anything now. Tonight, I will write more.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


The water line was fixed, Kim.

Silver was daughter's. I offered to sell it once and she said not to.

I do not know my children's telephone numbers, but they know the problem.
I am not delusional.

If I fail, you can all say I told you so.+

Sitting in Mcd parking lot and feeling gutted by the meanness and lack of confidence In me.

Thank you for those who are supportive, and the rest...well, never mind.

Gotta go, ho6 here even in ac.

Monday, August 26, 2019


No editing here.
Sitting outside mcD typing.

started GoFundMe. Yes, I can build a house or give it a good try! Too tired to speak to comments.

I had other things to say, but forgot what.

Sunday, August 25, 2019


I called agencies who gve me other agencies' numbers. City officials are giving me numbers. One place had 8-10 month waiting period. was doing things all week, making calls and such.

I won't have internet until We night. Tommy pAYS $86 for spectru, tv and adding internet and wifi will bring his bill to $84! ???

I do not qualify for nursing home. I own land.

At the moment of crisis I had land and did not qualify. If I sell, ex made e sign he would get portion of sale value> I signed it out of fear. Student loans has tthier hands out. So, I would have nothing at all.

I am going to start a GoFundMe campaign to get a house built, small, but adequate. I am looking into getting trailer on lot for time I can build.

People came into my house and ransacked it. I cam imagine what would happen if it was alone during building.

Remember black chickens.. Search.

I do not need to be in a nursing home. absurd and insulting.

Right now, I am in Birmingham Public Library. Tommies Rollator broke and he fell. So, a little stressed right now for that reason and my reasons, too.

I just asked Tommy and he said I did not need to be in nursing home or assisted living!

Definiiton of homeless varies, but not having a place of your own is one of the criteria, living with someone who just lets you stay there. Of course, I will still continue to have expenses of daily living and bills I owe.

I am still homeless.

No editing.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

For Sale

I slept 12 hours and awoke feeling like I had been beat all over with a stick. Then, I stayed gone from here for many hours.

The men have just a little to do to finish the yard, putting dirt on it and compacting it. It is so sad. I cry a lot. I am just waiting for the rest of my stuff to be stolen. If you live near me, Cullman, I have things I will sale--bbq grill, swing, firepit.

The gas grill with propane tank has been used little even though it is about 20 years old. The swing is green mesh, metal swing with the frame it hangs on. The firepit has never been used. There may be other things to sell if people don't steal it first. Grill--$25, swing--$25, Firepit--$10.

Tommy is the one who bought the power cord for me so I could use internet to look for a place to stay. I broke down and asked him.

Tomorrow at 9 am, I have another barium swallow because I am choking so and complaining to doctor on Wednesday.

I was surprised to see that the city did not remove the twisted chicken pen. They just shoved it aside, it appears. It is a chain link dog fence that is free for the taking. There is a lot of hardwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just now got my little finger nail stuck between keys and could not get it out. That is a first for me. There is a lot of hardware cloth and an expensive large tarp with it. Let me know if you want anything. Don't just take it because the police are watching my house. lol

Being homeless is hard. I have literally had to beg for food! I don't look like a substance abuser. Agencies who know my problem say to go to food banks. That does not work. I begged a place to give me a hamburger! I cannot sit on cubs and beg because I would never be able to get up!

Tonight, I decided to drive 4 miles to get a Coke. I locked key in room and had to get one by ringing bell. I got back and the key did not work. So, I had to put down my stuff, unlocking the car so I could see if I had used a loose key in my purse or key he gave me. Finally, I dropped the loose key. I found it but promptly dropped it again and could not find it. THEN, I had to get him up again. I told him the story and said maybe he needed a flashlight. He got another key, found the one I dropped and tried the door. I was correct. The key would not open the door. So, he opened the door and gave me the good key. Of course,, I handed it right back, telling the key was in the room. Whew! I hate to be so much trouble. I thought he did not like me because he had had a perpetual frown. Tonight, he had a pleasant look and told me not to worry. Maybe a ditzy woman causes him not to frown. ???

Tonight is my last night in motel unless I can scare up $60. Churches do not return calls. I could be prospective member! I just leave my name and phone number. Even places for the homeless do not return calls. I guess they have all the businesses they need.Going to bed.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Even a homeless person can help someone.

One church gave me Maruchen (sp) Noodles flavored like beef. One night, I decided I would try at least a few bites and not eat the rest/ Well, when I saw I needed boiling water, I nixed that. There was a clear drink that was strawberry flavored. I tried it not realizing it had carbonation. Tommy wanted none of it. There were snack cakes I did not need but ate one.

I hate throwing out food, even if it is nasty food. When I came back to the motel this evening I saw a young man about 22 with shorts and flip flops on. I said, "Last Tuesday I became homeless when the city pushed down my house and a church gave me food I don't want. Will you take it?"

"YES MA'AM! I just became homeless two days ago. I will take anything."

He moved here from a depressed county to live with his sister and her husband to make a better living. He said, "This is a blessing!" And, he thanked me profusely. I felt really good about being able to help someone who needs help even though it was just a bit. He and his bil did not get along. When he got home from work, his bil told him to get out now. At least he has a job and sounds like he wants to do better.

There were POP TARTS that I love, a box of 12. I kept those but am going to give most of them to him. He was lean, so maybe he can work it off. Okay, there were Diet Mountain Dew that I kept for me. I am going to give them all to him. I am such a pig. But, I have come to my senses this time.

Well, the house is down and gone to the dump. I cried.

I took the last of the publix gift cad and added 22 cents and got a cooler. Tonight, I will fill the quart freezer bags I bought and make ice to keep stuff from spoiling.

Right now, I am eating some sort of pork dish that Publix cooked and was serving. She gave me extra pork and covered my plate quickly. There are green beans, corn, and red peppers (Bell type). When I get through with this plate, I am going to microwave Brussels sprouts. I have quite a little stash of food from two stores, but little from food bank.

Yesterday, at the food bank where I can choose, I chose coleslaw mix. I had Miracle Whip I bought with gift card. I took a sample of wine vinegar, pepper, salt, and mustard. They weren't samples. It is the area where you get condiments for your deli sandwiches. I need a bit of pickle but this will be okay. I can put some of the slaw mix and put it in a freezer bag, season it and squeeze to stir it.

I spent too much money eating hamburgers. Besides, I was ready for real food!

Everyday, I have to take my laptop to Office Max to charge it. Today, I broke down and got a generic cord. I actually need to use the laptop to try to make this all work.

With my strong encouragement, my remaining items have been wrapped well in police tape. Every time someone says, "Oh, I don't think anyone will take anything," I remind them of the same thing being told to me when they stole for five days!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New health problem and Free Lunch

I told gastroenterologist I must see him about three weeks ago. I described my symptoms--easily too full, bloated feeling and bloated looking, plus hiccups several times a day. The worst symptom was that I had horrendous belches/burps that did not work with trying to suppress force or volume. A guy would be proud of these disgusting and often explosions.

Well, I was told to pick up a biscuit and be at the hospital around 7:30 and to eat nothing or drink nothing after midnight.

The result: it seems my stomach should have emptied 100% in the hour and a half I lay on the table under some sort of xray plate. My stomach only emptied 38%. And, it can get worse. I have a new diet for this problem and a name--gastroparesis. My stomach will not empty correctly. You will have to look it up because for love nor money, I cannot post a link with this pad, and I suppose my three cordless mouses are buried.

First of all--no fiber. No fibrous meat like steak. soft white bread. no nuts or seeds. No more peelings like apple peeling I love. There are three pages of this and everything is as sad as this sampling.

I was telling this to a blog friend and saying maybe fiber that is pulverized to kingdom come would exit my stomach. I have to drink lots of liquid any.
I cried over this for about a week until I had my house to cry about.

I am so proud. She sent an Original Magic Bullet to Tommy's house.

I cannot wait to try it.

Today was the free lunch we pick up.

\We go a large portion of spaghetti and a large salad. I had to go to food bank, so I ate as we drove. I started having problems swallowing, feeling like the food was just stacking up. He kept having to pull over so I could regurgitate. This food had never been in my stomach. I quit eating and tried it again. Same thing. He ate lunch while he was waiting for me.

We came back to the motel and I grabbed a glazed donut and told him I was just going to lie down and choke to death. I HAD NO PROBLEMS! Sooo, I can eat donuts without dying.

So, I immediately called the doctor's office and got an appointment for next week.

Supposedly, people with gastroparesis can become painfully thin and even have to have a feeding tube. Maybe I can just lose this behind that keep following me.

Do you have a Magic Bullet or something like it?

I am going to wash it and put one of my salads in it to puree it and I can have fiber.

Tonight is my last here. I wish I could stay even though there are roaches!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday Doings

On Monday morning, I awoke at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep.

The first thing I do is to go and check and see if the last four things have been stolen--huge wire chicken, swing and frame, huge swing frame, and old rocker. I think my metal wheelbarrow is gone, too.

Today, it really dawned on me that my house had been ransacked as soon as he city left. Things were missing inside.

Today, I went to two different stores and presented my dilemma and received $25 in gift cards from each store and promptly spent it all. Now, I am not spending all this on food. I got paper bowls, storage bags, and Dawn, in addition to milk and other food.

I cancelled Spectrum internet. But, I had to call and get a letter stating the house was no longer standing. Tommy is coming tomorrow, so he can drive me there.

I looked for clothes to no avail. That tired me out.

I called about someplace to live.

Three more times, I checked my yard.

I forgot to check the mail, so I will go do that even though it is 9 pm. I will go tomorrow to have them stop the mail.

This is my second post today, so you can go backc and read the other.

A place to Live

I go to places and call people I am told can help me. I talked to woman who takes care of getting homes for the homeless. I must be in the condition of not having a place to spend the night that very day. I can get no confirmation until Wed afternoon. That frightens me.

Nothing else has been taken, I think.

My foot feels a little better. I have two opioids left and do not dare use them as long as I can stand the pain. Of course, back pain is always there.
I may have to go buy boots if I sit out in the rain and watch my home carried off. Maybe I will get a sheet of plastic to sit under, just throwing it over me. It is supposed to rain. I think I have a broken umbrella in the car, so I could use that and put the plastic over the umbrella.

Speaking of umbrella, my umbrella and base were stolen, too.

It makes me so mad and sad to realize what is gone.

I know there are other things that have happened, but I am so tired. I can barely see. I will rest now, first time all day and write more later, maybe.

Sunday, August 18, 2019


Last night, I took an opioid for foot pain and it did a number on me. The doctor did not want to give me any last year. But, I betted for a few. The prescription bottle has '5' written on it. So, I got five pills. two were gone. I am not a druggie type. And, I do not take otc pain relievers.

The only thing left in my yard was a swing set, a tall swing frame where the swing broke, a fire pit, a two foot metal chicken, live trap, and old rocker. I went by today and got a chair, metal that is used in sewing factories. I used it for commercial serger I had. Tomorrow, I will put it in the unit if I can find someone to help me. if not, I will put it in this room. Then, I will get the chicken. I cannot lift the firepit.

United Way gave me a coupon to PANDRA EXPRESS for two egg rolls. They were hard, small, and nasty. Last night, I baked a potato in the microwwave for way too I am needing real food. I got a box of cookies from a food bank and have been eating those.

Red Cross has done nothing.

Medicare would under no circumstance help me get more med for diabetes. The lady pharmacist from Wsalgreens spent hours explaining what happened and got me more vials. Now, I need all the other supplies. I actually went to two doctors on Friday trying to get this. All the talking and explaining is exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically. I am drained.

As soon as there was light in the sky, I went to see if things were gone in the yard. I think everything that was left was still there.

also, the pressure cooker Patti gave me and CUISINART ICE CREAM MAKER THAT WAS A GIFT, AND A JEWELRY BOX WERE GONE.

I WENT TO Dollsr General and got pants and one tdhirt to sleep in. A customer helping me said she would wear the pants out. So would I. They were nylon and big legged. Cute.I asked her to help me since I could not hold onto the cart for dear life and get things off crowded racks. She said I was too picky and it was hard to help me. If I had not needed help, I would told her to go away. She thought long sleeves would be fine. it was 98 today, I think. No, I did not want a camo shirt or a purple shirt or a very, very sheer shirt or a tank top that would show side boob! I also got a dress of knit that I would neve wear as a dress as it is short. I am using it for a gown and am wearing it. I hate it is not laundered first. At least, I can step outside to caror drive somewhere without being indecent.
The only gown at Belk's was $30 on sale, and I got it so I would not have to sleep in the one outfit and wear it in the day, too. I am taking it back tomorrow. Cute but too expensive.

I need someone with me when they load the rubble. I need moral support and soeone to yell to get things I see going away. Tommy cannot walk, cannot sit in chair, and is not assertive enough. He would say in a soft voice,"Excuse me. sir..." I would bellow, "Hey, I need that..." I guess he is nicer than me. He has a deep voice but always softens it and his words and it never turns out well. NICE guy, though.

I need to cut off internet! Spectrum has no way of knowing I am destroyed.

Dedee, tried 3 times to email you.

More later.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

More Stolen

I went to my house and looked in on the yard. My large glass table and small bistro table are gone. Two metal benches are gone and the matching table for one of the benches. My PLANTS in pots are gone. My turtle pot is gone. This is along with three chairs from yesterday and other stuff.

I am sick about this.

I actually know the chief of police, so I called him today. There are lots of places with cameras near me. Anyway, a policeman let me on my property, on this morning and one tonight. Now the two swing sets are the only things left besides my expensive picnic table. Plus, someone took my sterling silver, about $5000 worth. Think what I could have done with that. It was for my oldest daughter, but not now.

I still have the clothes on that I had on Tuesday, only with a shower! A woman bought me two pair of pants and four blouses. None fit. I went back today and picked out four more things and brought them here. None fit.

My foot is killing me. I awoke at 4 am and did not want to take one of the narcotics I had for the foot. I would still be groggy did during the day. So, I will take it early tonight. The doctor did not want to give me anything strong, so I got maybe 8 pills. I promised I would not ask for more. I told him that if I stayed awake with pain, then the foot would never heal. I don't take otc for pain because I like my liver and kidneys. It is almost 8 pm and I am exhausted from being out and the heat. It was 98 here today but with low humidity. I am not complaining about the heat.

This morning, I went to a food bank. I got eggs I can scramble and cook in microwave, potatoes I can microwave. When I told them what happened, the woman rushed around and the man said he would help. I got forks, bowls, plates, and plastic red cups. So, this is better. They let me come into the food room and I asked for Miracle Whip in the squirt bottle. It was out of date by six months. It was okay tasting. She kept piling stuff in my box. Other than canned stuff, I got milk, eggs, and bread.
I went to another place and only took the tuna and was happy, then I was sad and said to no one, "but I don't have a can opener." He said, "Yes you do." and went to the church kitchen and gave me one of theirs. `

I went to the Farmer's Market and called for my favorite guy and the only person who I know by name. I asked to buy one tomato and told him what happened. He did not have tomatoes but went to another farmer and got me one. I made it clear I wanted to pay. He said, "Just come back and shop with us."

So, I had tuna mixed with MW on bread and tomato sliced on it. I guess I will bake a potato and put cheese on it for dinner.

When my diabetes injection froze, the pharmacist said not to take it. I decided to take the pill morning and night since I did not have morning injection. The doctor wholeheartedly approved and the pharmacist suggested I do so after I had. It took hours and an act of congress to get it replace. The pharmacist yesterday tried. The pharmacist explained about my house and how it froze. So, I got the Victoza. I went to two doctors trying to get my med. The first would not write a Prior Authorization which led me to second who did write it. Even then, he and I talked to people on the phone forever!

I need fruit. I will have to go through the one box where the woman just kept adding things. Oh, I asked for a roll of paper towels, which they readily gave me. I guess I am set for a few days.

This was something I never told you--every time it rained, water came through and onto my bed. So, I spread plastic there and sometimes slept under plastic. I did turn and put my head at the foot of the bed where I did not have to use plastic. I try to be tough, but it is hard. It is humiliating, but I would do anything to have my own place. I had not had hot water for almost two years! The new dishwasher could not even work!

The house was appalling when the guys came in. However, one guy came over to me and said he could tell how nice I decorated it at one time because of all antique chairs in one room and the pictures on the wall. I think maybe his opinion of me rose.

Everyday, I take laptop to a business and they charge it. Now, they come out and get it and bring it back out because they have seen how I am limping.

Well, it is about 8:15 pm on a Saturday night. I think I will take that pain pill and turn off the computer. I am going to eat and then maybe come back and read blogs. My day has been hard, very hard.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Adding Insult to Injury

People are stealing my things. They took my three nice lawn chairs! Next night--the lawnmower. I left here at 9am and got home at 9:30 pm, and I am dead. Finding food is hard and am out of money. My left foot hurts soooo bad. I went to two doctors today trying to get my meds for diabetes. No luck. Injection froze in motel refrigerator. Milk and water were frozen, which meant injection pen was, too. Pharmacist said it would do no good. When I complained about the stained sheets, I got a set of sheets with different stains. Complaining about the mildewed shower curtain got me a shower curtain with new mildew stains. I had to listen to more platitudes today. I actually started crying right in front of the person and another time on the phone when a platitude was offered to make me feel better. I want to read blogs now, and then go t bed.

Thursday, August 15, 2019


This is hard. I have been homeless for 24 hours. So much of my past is gone--my toybox Daddy made me that holds my childhood, pictures, My son's little coat and cap, toys, furniture. I feel gutted. My daughter's silver baby cup. A jewelry box holding memories. Gone. My silver. The house is rubble. And, someone came and stole lawn furniture. That makes me sad. I imagine the lawn mower and other things will disappear by morning. I don't know how to handle all this. No, I don't need advice because I know the sources of help, but I don't fit the categories. Well, I need a house rebuilt on the lot that I own. I cannot sleep even with melatonin and valium. Consequently, I face hard days and near wrecks. Plus, I have been diagnosed with another condition, even worse to me than a heart attack would be. Later.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

! might as well get it over with!

There will be no correctins on this post. maybe no caps. you  will see why.

My house has had the roof collapsed down into the house for about five years. The roof was below ground level in the three foot crawl space.

Monday about 6 pm or so, I heard a rumble. I went out the side door to the front yard and found that the whole front of the house had fallen off. Yes it did.

Tueday, Tommy was here and we had just come from Sportsman Lake. the police called me and asked

...are you okay
The polie and the fire department are at you house.
where are you
they cannot get you on the phone
they have been calling you
when are you coming back
where are you
your car is in the driveway
where are you

I was six or less blocks and we went home just like we were going to do.

There is a I live on the corner and we drove up the side of the retaining wall and turned in front of my house.

Tommy yelled DAMN!

There was big fire truck, fire chiefs car, eMt ambuance, there were people from water, electric comp, gas company, altogether 2 doz men. Cars and city officials continued t come. The chief of police wwas there, along with fire chief,

They assured me they were going to take down the house, and no, I could not get anything out or go inside.

Tommy let me go home with him and spend the night.
Back up, at lunch some one from the city took our ordr for food, and brought some sort of cirle fried things. Tommy ate them. This was from Arby and he thought they were potatoes.

It took forever to get to his house because I was exhausted. He always sleeps in his recliner because of his hip. I slept in his bed.

Let me tell you, he is not neatest person! But it looked like a castle.

We got back here about 9; 30 and saw no onc until 11:30 when the guy brought us lunch.--big mac, drinks, and an order of fries to share. I ate two fries and don't think Tommy finished them off.  They called and asked us what we wanted.

Then, the one piece of machinery moved in, on tracks and brought  by a special vehicle/

Because I was so upset about using laptop, my baby pictures and everything, they did let me go in. I will have to tell you about that later.

My stuff is on two open trucks, locked up, I hear. In the morning it will go to a storage unit I had to rent.

They went outside the kitchen and cut a hole about 7 feet wide and 8 feet tall. I was resigned to all this by now. They physically stopped me from going toward the bathroom to show them what I needed. They would not let me find my pictures!

Finally, I did though. The trusty from the jail were good about getting things the men in charge said, NO to.

They told me I could not get washer, dryer, stove, or refrigerator. The refrigerator  was left behind. But, they put everything out the hole in the kitchen. The floor of my kitchen is about 6 feet or more off the ground.

I am in a fleabag motel. and had to argue with a guyfrom India. It is hard to argue when I cannot understand him. I told tommy where to park and he came out an d told him another place to park He cam and showed me where emy room was like I could not see the letters even after I was pulling in. THEN, he was motioning with his hands as to how I need to park. I got out of the car and yelled at him--I am doig just fine and do NOT need your help! He went away.

I am shaing, trembling all over I was sweating so I had to lie down before I took a shower. If I shower while I am still sweating, I continue to sweat after I get out of the shower. I don t knw what I hit to make this code stuff show up! I lost everything in cabinets, all dishes, all recipes, and they were leaving behind things I need! I wore these clothes a bit on Monday and decided to wear them Tuesday. I had to put them on today, Wednesday. I lost my vitrola, and antique chairs. I am homeless and so sad. Gotta go and close the curtins since it is getting dark. NO, do not say you are praying for me. Today there were about 16 vehicls at my house. Okay, starting to cry. NO, DO NOT SEND SUGGESTIONS ON WHO TO CALL FOR HELP. I HAVE GOT IT AND NOTHING SEEMS LIKE IT WILL WORK FOR ME. nO PRAYERS! there IS ACTUALLY wifi here!

Monday, August 12, 2019

I Got Mail! I Found Money! Meteor Shower

 I got mail from Sluggy. It's the box I won full of goodies from her giveaway. .

I found the $180 I lost. It was in the bank envelope, the little one they send through the tube. The little envelope was sealed with all the money in it. The envelope had slid inside my day planner. It was well-hidden when I went through my purse. UGH!

Tonight, the Perseid Shower will be in the sky and quite a show. I cannot see it well because of the city lights. I know where I can go to get away from the light pollution, but those are places I would be afraid if I stopped.

When I was small and we lived in Memphis, I remember my parents putting a quilt in the yard and the whole family would lie on our backs and watch the show.

No one has seen one of the shiny, foil cars I spoke of yesterday?

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Silver Car

Sunday, I did nothing, nothing at all. There were things to be done, but I  didn't do them.

Saturday, as I made a turn onto a street, I was stunned by the silver sports car. I slowed down and stared. I should have stopped and talked to the woman sitting at the red light. I should have tried to figure out what kind of car it was.

But, it was silver. It was not like my silver car, a greyish silvery car. This car was as shiny as the shiny side of foil. I have never seen this color. Can it be called a color? Have you ever seen a car like the shiny side of foil? Do you know what kind of car it was?

Okay, I found a shiny foil silver BMW but it won't paste here.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Sometimes I Wonder...Westerns| Saturday in a Nutshell

I love Westerns. But, I suppose I have seen too many because I get involved in the what is happening and how it could have happened.

For instance, tonight, I was watching a movie where men basically standing still could not shoot each other. The bad guys were no better or less shots than the good guys.  As a matter fact, the two good guys were up against 6-8 bad guys. Neither of the good guys died even though one was shot in the arm.

At other times and in other movies, men hiding under wagons are shooting at Indians riding by. The men at time are dead shots. They get an Indian with most shots. I know it is possible to hit moving targets. But, it happens so often.

Another thing about Westerns. I am surprised at the social conscience of some movies where the hero explains that the Indians were here first, that we mistreat them, and that they do not have the same rights we do due to our doings. This pleases me.

No matter how good a shot the bad cowboys are, they can never seem to shoot the hero. There can be a dozen good guys against one or a dozen bad guys. The hero good guy is always left standing even though he is just as visible as his good guy friends who get killed.

Mama said I started biting my nails while watching movies at the drive-in. She kept telling me, she said, that everything would be okay, that the hero was not going to die. You know how suspenseful some of the cat and mouse chases can be. Obviously, I was not persuaded.

There are other things about Westerns that defy reason, well my reason. But, the gunfights are the most puzzling. I know the good guys will win even though as a child I feared for him.

Nothing happened today except that I bought bananas and blueberries and ate same. The day was very nice, not a postcard sky but still with no rain, I was happy in the heat. After all, I have ac. lol

I talked to Tommy and finally found a guy to do some work for me.

That is my Saturday in a nutshell. Oh, I took a nap about 7pm tonight. I found no money. I found no sales. I did not look. I had no drama with anyone. I had no particular joy with anyone. However, it was a good Saturday overall. I got a Whopper Jr. with only lettuce and tomato only.

Do you ever watch Westerns with a critical eye, analyzing the actions on the screen? What actions do you watch for? How was your day today?

Friday, August 9, 2019

This and That

I see Kitty about twice a week. She was very cool toward me for the longest. At first, she loved me, then became cool. Two days ago, she was back and loved me. Now? Nothing. She is just not around. I feed her when I see her. She leaves some of it. Then, the possum or another cat cleans it up.

The Animal Control Officer is very elusive. I have called several days and he is never there. I need him to set the trap for the 'possum that now never seems to be around. He must have gotten the word I am out for him. Plus, he is no longer able to get into the trash.

My test results from the procedure at the hospital have traumatized me. I cried most of the day. Of course, Tommy had some church meeting all day, so I could not talk to him. I will say more about the test later. He was stunned at the not-so-good results.

The trauma called for chocolate ice cream. Enough said. oh yeah, it was on sale.

After cutting my hair five days in a row, I have not cut it for six weeks. And, I have an appointment with a chichi establishment to have my hair cut properly. People compliment me on the way it is. But, surely I am not that good at cutting my hair with kitchen shears. I just took chunks of hair without looking and sawed my way through it. If I ever cut my hair again, I will get the proper scissors.

I met the stylist in Publix and she seemed nice. I got the name of the salon, could not find it on the internet. I drove there, found the number on a billboard,  and dialed the number as I drove around the block. Thinking I had dialed wrong, I dialed it after checking the billboard again. THEN, I had to get out of the car and go in.

The billboard is wrong as they all use their own cellphones for their own appointments. They gave me her number, and I called last week. She was in Florida. Finally, I called her, yesterday,  Thursday. It seems her son erases her messages. Finally, I got the appointment.

Tommy had some sort of church meeting Friday. He is on a governing board of a group of 37 churches. Thankfully, he did not drive in the rain in Birmingham yesterday. They had lunch at Zaxby's. He loves food from there. Well, so do I.

When I talked to Tommy on Friday night, I told him I wanted to see "Yesterday." Well, if it is at the movies this week. Has anyone seen it? Planning to see it? I doubt we will get $5 tickets since kids are back in school.

Speaking of kids returning to school, now I have to time my trips out of the house. The route is important, too. Traffic for an elementary, primary, middle school, and high school, plus two church schools use this path three blocks from me  to travel back and forth. It is a nightmare. School starting also affects when the line at the pharmacy is busy. GAH!

I thought I saw a penny in a parking lot. It was gum.

Yes, I Had No Bananas

On Wednesday and Thursday, I suffered because I did not have a banana first thing in the morning. Seriously, I like a banana each morning. Nothing seemed to be right until I got bananas on Thursday night. Actually, nothing bad happened; I was just discombobulated all day, wandering about looking for a banana. Last week, I bought nothing but bananas, but not enough. Well, I don't remember buying anything else.

I also went to Walgreen's, CVS, and Publix. The drugstores are next to each other and Publix is across the street. I just went to the drive-up window at WAG to pick up meds. I get notifications texts that a prescription is ready. Then, I get there and they have no idea what I am there to get. The guy who works the window always gets it right. Soooo, I have to go back tomorrow.

At CVS I had to go in. I got the coupons out of the little machine for my card and Tommy's card. I got nothing I need or want or can use. Tommy got a coupon for $0.75 cents off a Hershey bar, which I got and ate. It cost me $0.27. Pads were buy 1 get another for half price. I needed two other things, forgot what, and owed over $40. That was a shock. I did get with the receipt a $2 COUPON.

At Publix, I got strawberries, mustard, and enough food and stuff to come to another $40. Oh, I did get the precooked bacon because I cannot stand long enough to cook it. I want BLTs. I wish Tommy were here to peel and dice potatoes for potato soup since it will hurt my hand.  I hate potato soup but found a recipe that is actually good. I can chop up bacon and put it in the potato soup. also, I HAVE THE BABY CARROTS TO DICE TINY for the potato soup. forgive caps The last bacon I bought to cook stayed here so long it rotted.

Oh, I bought boneless, skinless chicken breasts. BOGO. I cruised the ice cream aisle and did not buy anything. Proud of me? I am. The strawberries and mustard were on sale.

I only bought three bananas because they will draw fruit flies if I get more. On the way into the house, all three bananas fell to the ground with a thud. Shortly, I ate one and it was hugely bruised. Eating the next two should be lovely. NOT!

At Publix I was hoping there was Kraft Medium Cheddar cheese on sale. It was--two 8-ounce chunks for $9. That is no sale! Besides, they were out.

THEN, I drove to the other end of the town and found cheese on sale for $2.99 for an 8 oz. chunk. I bought three. `The young girl who checked me out was so sweet.

Neither grocery store had anything good in their sale buggy or shelf. I was disappointed.

I awoke to recycling and trash gone, thanks to trash guys. They must have gotten the bags without taking the cans to the road. Sometimes, I just throw small bags of trash in the can. From now on, it will all go in big trash bags. Maybe that will make it easier. I am grateful to have it taken.

Thursday, August 8, 2019


On Tuesday I wore my new shoes for the first time--the white sandals with just a bit of heel. They were very comfortable, but I can see the heel is not as wide and stable as my others were. However, it feels like I am walking on a cloud. I did not realize it, but they are wide width. Oh, well.

My shoes did not come in that I ordered. I was getting no help from the sales girl who was tied to her phone and some kid/bf visiting, so I just told them to cancel the order. They don't need my business. I suppose I should not have been so ticked off and hasty.

I googled the pair I wanted and found an online outlet that sells SAS returns. The ones I want are $14. That is what I call a deal and a steal. I intend to check this out more thoroughly.

We had a store here that sold used shoes. Some of the shoes looked like they had been worn for years and returned. Some were in the box and pristine. The owners said when models wear shoes for catalog shoots or on a runway, the shoes never are put back into stockn for sale. So, on occasion, I was able to get shoes for kids and me that were extremely cheap and had maybe only been worn for an hour indoors during a photo shoot.

Actually, some of the shoes had never  been on a foot. The shoes had just been photographed for the catalog or other kind of print advertisement. When my son was about eleven, I found blue-suede -Sunday dress shoes for him--$4. Adults commented on his "blue-suede shoes." I think they were nubuck. The store was about a mile from me, so I could check it out every day since it was a quarter of a mile from grocery in one direction and several blocks from middle school. I managed to get there once a month.

Okay, I have started the process of throwing shoes out and transferring old shoes to my car and Tommy's. I got the old sandals into mine but forgot to put a pair in his. I will uncover more shoes, I am quite sure, ones I will throw out.

J, the meth addict gave me two pair of sandals that I did not wear. I felt funny wearing shoes I thought might have been stolen. I suppose they weren't.  However, I did try on the shoes last week and was shocked to find they fit, are comfortable and leather. They look like they were never worn. I never heard of the brand, Propet, but these are not cheap shoes. These can be for everyday going out. But, the two SAS pair I bought are for dressier looks. Well, anything dressier than going to the grocery store. I would never have picked the two styles or colors, but they are okay for everyday.

Tommy really like the looks of the new white shoe. He asked again the price and made a low sound. This was the pair on sale.

Since I have talked about SAS shoes, googled them, and viewed them, another shoe company wants on the bandwagon and has sent many ads to my laptop. Have you ever heard of Duckfeet shoes?  They have a wide toe box. I really don't need a wide toe box, but I also do not need pointy and flat toe boxes. They look so comfortable.

Have you ever heard of Propet shoes before? Some of them are Medicare approved (free) and some are found at JC Penney's.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Bad Doctor

Like I said, between meals I went to the doctor yesterday. I always carry a bottle of water and sip it all day long, even while speaking to a doctor. But, since we were driving straight to the lunch, I did not since I knew it would just get hot before I even opened it.

In the doctor's waiting room and exam room, I was thirsty and it seemed my throat would stick together. As I talked with the doctor, trying to explain the problem and answer his questions, my throat was sticking together like I was all dried out.

I said to him, "I am having a problem with my throat being dry and sticking together. I need water. May I have water?" He made a motion of getting up and reaching for the door, then he stopped. "I am a doctor. I don't get water." He said this in such an arrogant tone that I almost told him I would go to another doctor.

Five minutes later, I told him that if I were going to continue talking, I needed water. He very impatiently pulled the door open without getting up and yelled that, "She needs water. Can someone bring water?" I was so humiliated.

I might return once more. Maybe?

Yoo might want to read my last post, too. I put up this post accidentally too soon.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Free Lunch, Free Dinner, and NO Cooking Today

Today was the free lunch at the pretty church--also the one where there are no disposable items on table. Today, there were identical fruit jars sprayed purple with yarn wrapped and tied around the top and the bottom third of the jar with gold glitter. In each jar were sprigs of sprays of bright gold and dark purple flowers. I suppose they have an occasions closet where items are there and ready to set on a table.

Lunch--croissant with ham and cheese, lettuce and tomato on the side to add, fruit salad (watermelon, red grapes, and cantaloupe), apple cobbler with ice cream on top. I only ate the watermelon  and gave the cantaloupe and red grapes to Tommy. He had his apple cobbler without ice cream.

There was just enough time to get to a doctor's appointment for me. He waited in the car.

Then, we zipped down to a buffet dinner that we got when we listened to a sales talk. It was very interesting. The food was delicious until I choked.

Food will not go into my stomach. It feels like it just gets stopped up. I drank water and was spewing food and water. A guy decided to give me the Heimlich maneuver with me saying, "No! Stop!" Then he congratulated himself aloud on saving my life. No, he just hurt me. He actually grabbed me above and on my breasts and was squeezing. Idiot! His hands should have  been on above my navel, UNDER my breasts.

On the huge buffet line I got delicious food and then had trouble eating and enjoying it or going back for more--very juicy roast beef, a piece about the size of an egg; fried chicken breast; one slice of zucchini, round and about 1/4 inch thick; small spoon of baby lima beans; baked potato; three baby carrots; yeast roll; butter.

I choked on the roast beef and roll. I just had to have beef, just a bit. I only ate about 1/4 cup of the baked potato, tsp butter and yeast roll, and all the rest of what I got. I was going back to get a salad, but felt too weak to go back. plus, my stomach hurt. My meal was totally ruined by the "hero."

Tommy got a plate full of meat and vegetables. The only thing I remember is that he got a huge bowl of soft-serve, chocolate ice cream and he let me have a bite.

So, no cooking today! Yay for me.

What would you do when a guy man-handled you in the guise of saving you? He copped a feel and I felt/feel violated.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Before the day passes, today is my father's Birthday. He would be 103 years-old today. Never mind my evil brother.

I was fourteen when my brother was born. Later, I asked her if she told the doctor she wanted the C-section on Daddy's birthday. She said she did not want to have any input into the day of surgery. If she had chosen the day and anything bad had happened, she would feel guilty.

My mother taught me so many good things without ever "teaching" me, as such. She did absolutely teach me things, but I listened to her wisdom and brought her wisdom to my life experiences.

Some children resent a parent's attempt to teach them things. I never did.

Did your mother teach you things overtly? Did you resent it as a teen? or adult? Or, did she teach you by her experiences?

This is the third post in about 24 hours, but, I wanted to get this in on the right day, August 5th. If you missed the post this morning, you can go back and read how I lost a lot of money.

Who Knows Where I Lost It?

I took $200 out of the bank to pay the one bill I pay in cash, buy gas and have money in my pocket. Because my back hurt so, I only pumped $10 worth of gas. I think I spent $5 at the grocery and that was the last I saw of that money. I figured I am out $180, lost somewhere.

That was last Friday. I am devastated. Add in the fact that I cannot find my bank card, and I have also been without any money all weekend. I am quite sure I will find the card where it has slipped under the seat or someone where in the house.

Tommy was horrified, too. I did not tell him about the lost money. I have checked and rechecked purses, pants and the front seat. Probably, it was thrown out with trash from the car. I doubt it fell out of my pocket.

The card will show up now that I have ordered a new one. I will have to renew all my autopay items. I just wonder how many will bounce and what problems it will cause. ugh!

Do not bother to chide me or question my judgment or actions! I have managed to drown my sorrows in chocolate cereal and milk...several times each day.

The gas station where I buy gas at lowest price in town had/has low running gas pumps. That is why I only got $10 in gas. I had to go inside because I had no card last Friday. Then, I had to go back out. The gas would not pump fast enough for me to be able to stand. So, after $0.98, I got back in the car and drove to honk at the door and get my money back. I spent $2.45/gal. on gas after leaving a pump with $2.21 price.

Thee next day, I tried the same place again. No luck. So, I bought $10 in gas at a different station where I had to walk in to pay. I feel like I have spent the last four days in gas pursuit.

I managed to find enough coins and stray bills to buy a pint of ice cream and two bananas.

While I was hanging onto the counter, I saw packages of CBD. There was seven doses for $7.99. The label had a list of uses--sleep, pain, anxiety, among other things. I did not see how often CBD was to be consumed. Passing on that.

Have you ever lost so much money?

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Religious

Why do I even interact? I can tell from the first interaction that things are not going to end well. I don't go looking for trouble, but in this place, it's always there. I should know better and just keep my mouth shut.

About six weeks ago I was about ten miles out on a country road at a doctor's office waiting for my appointment. I had a 1:30 appointment. I got to see him about 2:30. Why? According to the person at the window a new patient walked in and he had to see her first. That makes no sense.

A woman and her husband were sitting, waiting, too. An older man came in and stood talking in a  loud voice. According to these three all the ills in the world since the flood were caused  by the liberals. I forget what statement one of them made, but I spoke up. The woman said,  "I bet you watch FOX NEWS, don't you?

I agreed that sometimes I watch FOX and other news stations. Then, she said, "FOX  hates Trump, and they lie about him all the time."  I tried to point out that FOX was not against Trump, to check that fact.  I refused to respond to her remarks after that. She was trying to convince the air in the room  that Trump was a good Christian and had never lied and never was rude or demeaning to women, that it was all the fault of FOX.

I don't mind a battles of wits, but I refuse to interact with an unarmed person.

Then, I had to go to the laundromat. There was a guy who came in and started a conversation. Eventually, he tried to convert me. To what? From what? No idea. I was not much into the conversation but that did not deter him.

He stated he thought we were meant to meet that night. He entertained me with the short version of two past marriages, his service in the military, his disabilities, and the fact he had worked for GE for 20 years.

Finally, he pulled out the big guns and started quoting scripture. "If my people who are called by name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land. "

He tried to say that verse, got confused, forgot it, and started over four times, stammering the whole time. As he was botching it, I spoke up and finally, I just said the verse for him. He seemed genuinely surprised, and said, "Oh, you know some Bible!" I pointed out I had gone to a Bible college for two years. That seemed to humble him.

It was time to gather my wet clothes and leave. Mind you, the timer was for only 16 minutes. He tried his conversion remarks even as I pushed the door open and left. People some places seem to look at me and determine I need converting before I ever open my mouth. Or, is this their mode of interaction with everyone?

Incidents like this depress me. I don't mind an exchange of ideas, but these incidents are ridiculous. If I hold off on comments to their idiocy, they either determine they are converting me or I am resisting. I never wade right in either agreeing or disagreeing. I take a book or magazine to read. Do you find yourself in these situations?

EDIT I forgot that this was the night I did not put detergent in the machine, so was there for the second washing with detergent. Total time was 32 minutes.

For a Better Start in life, start Cola Earlier

From The Soda Pop Council of America

I suppose my parents did not care about our development because we rarely got Coke. When we did, we only got half of a 6-ounce bottle.

Click to biggify  the Ad.

Why can I not center these pictures I put up???

I was outraged when I read this.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Saving Time, Money, and Effort | Sometimes Not

Upon thinking about making potato salad, I wondered if I could boil potatoes and eggs together. The potatoes are tiny new potatoes about the size of an egg. I put both in the same pot of cold water on medium setting on my electric range. When the time was up for the eggs, I dipped them out with a spoon. A fork told me when the potatoes were done.

Before starting this dish, I wondered if there was a reason not to put them in the same pan. It seems I am not the first to ask this question about cooking the two together. It's okay. Tommy said he thought it would be okay. But, he has never cooked.

I dice the onions and put them in the bowl in which I am preparing the potato salad. The hot potatoes go over this first because it sort of steams and softens the onions. I can do without the "bite" of raw onions. Next, I put in a dollop of Miracle Whip, bit of pickle relish, diced celery, tiny bit of salt, diced boiled eggs and I am set. These tiny potatoes will be smashed with the skins on. Tommy hates cold potatoes, eggs, and potato skins, so this is all mine.

You may remember that I will eat half-dead bananas. However, I draw the line at bruises, strings, or rotten bananas. Rotten bananas look perfect on the outside but have a black core that smells funny. No, I will not eat those. For the last two months, every banana has been defective. Sometimes, the blossom end is rotten for about an inch or two, the whole thing, not just the core. This may seem like a small thing, but my breakfast is ruined, mood spoiled, and money wasted.

I bought my car in September and used it until June 1 this year and had the oil changed. The oil was changed just before I bought it, so I am not lax about the upkeep. By the end of June, the reservoir for the wiper fluid gave me a "low fluid" warning. So, I took it back and questioned if the reservoir had been filled with the oil change. They filled it again. Now, it is the end of July and the warning light is on again.

Is it possible the reservoir sprung a leak after the 1st oil change? Obviously!  It is not cracked. This is a plastic reservoir, so there must be a way to fix the leak/hole. Has anyone ever faced this problem? Reservoirs are very expensive to replace. However, washing the window while driving in the rain is often a safety issue.  I really hate another problem to think about.

On the internet there are tutorials about doing it yourself. I won't be taking the reservoir off the car. it never seems to go empty, so I am hoping it holds a bit. I will give it sips of the wash instead of filling it up. I cannot even raise the hood, so the "I" who fills the reservoir will not be me.

When I told Tommy about the problem, he said he had the same problem once. It was not the reservoir, just the tube connected to the reservoir. So, there is hope. 

I have started a bag for paper for recycling. Plus, I am starting a bag for the free shredding this Fall. I actually have a bag for shredding all the time, but I am doubling down on my efforts. I refuse to pay for shredding again! 

Has anyone ever boiled potatoes and eggs together in the same pot?

Friday, August 2, 2019

Body Inventory

(yes, it is a silly title which I typed after I read what I wrote.)

Gee, my arms are scaly after scratching them at the cardiologists office. I did not want to take an allergy pill beforehand which would cause my blood pressure to rise. So, I scratched and scratched and scratched.

Now, not even lotion will cool off the fire! ugh But, you know how scratching one itchy place leads to other scratching. At least I held off and did not draw blood like I have done in the past.

I gave myself a proper manicure instead of filing one nail that has broken and calling it good and putting nail polish on. Before I go to my 55th high school reunion, I may get a manicure from a professional. Probably won't. Some nails are filed straight across and some are filed rounded. I can fix that, but not perfectly.  I just get lazy.

For the last six months at least, I have been cutting my own hair. I have an appointment to get a haircut to even it all up. The last time, I spent five days cutting it, so it is a wonder I have enough to cut. It grew. Thank goodness. This is and is not for the reunion. I am just afraid to cut it before the reunion. I have been told it looks good, but the next time I might not do so well.

Are my big toenails falling off? It appears so. But, I think there is fresh toenail coming in on each big toe. I will wear knee highs with sandals to the reunion, new sandals that are dressy, not the thick sole kind I do love.

If I could just lose 100 pounds before this Sure. I lost 10 lbs. last year and kept it off. Maybe I can do that again, not for the reunion, just for my back and health. I will just use the reunion as the date to get to the 10 lb. loss. As fat as I am, no one is going to notice 10 lbs. loss.

I forgot what the cardiologist said was going on with my heart, but it is not dangerous unless it gets worse. Then, it will be time for meds. So, no worries there. My blood pressure was 118/67 and "good numbers," he said. I asked him, "Do you mean it is good for a fat, old lady or really good?
 He said, "These numbers are good for anyone of any age, not just you." He expounded on this and was very smiley and positive. So, I guess I can believe him and get off the weight before it does affect my blood pressure and cause heart disease.

So, losing 10 lbs is my goal, just a small goal on my way to losing more and becoming more healthy. Since I bought new shoes, it seems I am trying to improve things about me.

I was so exhausted when I got back from the doctor's office that I slept all afternoon. At least I don't eat when I am asleep.

So, how did your Friday go? Got plans for the weekend? To lose weight? Do you ever just take stock and decide you can do better about your appearance?


Thursday, August 1, 2019

Frugal Moves and Decluttering

After washing several loads of laundry, I managed to hang almost all of them. One load had over 20 pairs of panties. The next had linens. The last was five pair of black pants, four dark patterned blouse that are mostly black. Cold water washed all of them. The first two loadshad Oxy-Clean and ALL in them. The last load had only vinegar--no laundry soap.

None of these were a full load, but each load was necessary. I saved money and resources every way possible. The only way I could have done better was to take them to a river and beat them on a rock.

I have left the car sitting in the driveway since Monday except for a Thursday run to get a chocolate cone for $1 at Dairy Queen. I don't know how long this special lasts.

The ac does run day and night, but this is not an area where I am willing to skimp to save money.

There were/are about six pair of my last sandals around here, the ones I bought in 2006. All but one pair will go in the trash. They are so worn I would not insult anyone by offering these. One pair will stay in the car for walking in rain getting back to the house.

In 1998, I found some t-straps that were the most comfortable pair of shoes I have had before or after. It is the only shoe I have ever not kicked off after work to relieve my feet. I bought 6 or 7 pair. I will put one pair in Tommy's car to use for rain walking if I am in his car. Another two will stay in the house to wear to car or in yard for times it is damp out.

They are leather and flat, just what a person needed for a classroom. I also had a job working with disabled individuals in B'ham, so flat comfortable shoes were the thing.

Then, I have two or three pair of flats that do not fit so well since I have gotten fat feet. But, they are wearable as long as I do not have to walk much. They go, too. Since I have diabetes, I am afraid to wear them because they are snug on my toes. No use courting trouble.

The purse I recently retired will be used to hold diabetic supplies--lancets, test strips, and needles. I have enough to fill a I panic when I think I am out and I just don't want to have to search them amongst OTC and that kind of stuff. I use old purses to store things.

A lot of leather is leaving the house. I suppose I was keeping shoes until I found replacements. I have. I have had a tendency to buy multiples when I find a good shoe, then wear one or two pair until I need a replacement which I have stored. This time, I have not found the all-purpose shoe, just comfortable sandals in three styles. I will find it!

What have you decluttered lately or ever?

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