Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Day

The ribs went into the oven about 6 pm. We had ribs, slaw, corn on the cob. I had two deviled eggs and Tommy had baked beans. The day was quiet around here. 

Earlier, I put color on my hair, and reveled in clean hair! I had been putting off the hair color for two days, so my hair was nasty. 

Last week, two of my high school 1964 classmates died. The girl I cannot remember. The guy was nice and funny and everyone liked him. 

The third person died Saturday night and was a professor and eventually a friend. I went to parties at her house for over 20 years--Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas party, Christmas Open House, Easter, Fourth of July block party every year. Halloween a couple of times, various educational meetings about sociology, her field. A bunch of us had yard sales at her house in Southside catty corner from Lorino's. I was included in groups that were mostly professors. I have many fond memories of her--intelligent, brave, funny. She died with dementia. 

I saw the dementia in about 1995. Folks, it starts well before it is identified. Her husband died about five years ago of vascular dementia.

I do so much appreciate the men who died while ensuring I could be free today. 

Sunday, May 30, 2021


I made the Strawberry Poke Cake with some fresh strawberries in the cake for good measure. Right now, I am waiting for the Cool Whip to thaw. 

Saturday night, I had cabbage and strawberries, but not together. Tommy had a full meal, but I forgot what because I was asleep. 

The temperature has been in 90s Saturday and today and predicted for several more days this week. 

I still have things to do. We could not find the ribs in the big freezer, so we will have something and be happy about it. I do know I will have potato salad and cole slaw and Strawberry Poke Cake. 

Okay, I made the poke cake this afternoon. Tommy was saying "mmm" as he was eating it even though he objected to my description when I first mentioned it months ago, saying it did not sound good and sounded awful. So there!

How was your Sunday? Are you going anywhere on Memorial Day? What are you having to eat on Memorial Day? 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Plants, Food


This is such a pretty plant, Autumn Sedum Joy. At first all the blossoms are green, then it gradually turns from a pale pink, to darker pink and finally to a dark, dusty pink. The one above is in transition. It has beautiful seed pods all winter and pretty stalks. 

I had an Autumn Sedum Joy for twenty years until I didn't. It seems they are all gone when I get to Lowe's or wherever. So, when I found plants at the the Festhalle for only $2.99, I was very happy. 

Something else was trying to grow in the pot, also. Maybe a weed? I had them home for a week and outside. Thursday, I decided I would get the weeds before they really took hold. The little leaves were all less than 1/4 inch across. I put my fingers on the first two leaves, ready to pull, and recoiled. Those leaves were succulent leaves! So, it now appears I now have over a dozen tiny sedum plants. I will put them in pots, three or four at a time. I feel so lucky! 

Obviously, this plant was overwintered in the pot in which I bought it. I am glad she did not transplant it or pull the green leaves that really were about the size of a grain of rice. I got a bargain. 

Friday night, I asked Tommy if he wanted more chicken or a hot dog. Surprisingly, he said hot dog and then, "I have had enough chicken lately." That surprised me. I should have put bbq sauce on the chicken the night I forgot to do so. Oh, well. I thawed hotdogs and boiled potatoes he peeled and heated half a can of peas. He said he loved the peas and potatoes because as a child they had mashed potatoes and peas.  He did have to mash his own potatoes on his plate. 

As a matter of fact, when I was a child we had peas and mashed potatoes in the same meal often, too. Mama would put potatoes on our plate with a recess in the center made by a spoon. Then, she put green peas, English peas, in the recess, and that is how we ate them. Sometimes, we would have gravy over our peas. It was a "bird's nest."  That thought appealed to little Did you have peas in a nest of mashed potatoes when you were young?

With the rest of the potatoes, I made potato salad for myself. It was heaven. It is getting late on Saturday, so I have things to do. Food for the big day is on my mind and should be at my fingertips. And, I need to repot these sedum. 

Friday, May 28, 2021


 Okay, here is the recipe for Seven Layer Cookie Bar. My recipe for Go Go Bars is similar. 

Go Go bars only had graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, Eagle Brand Sweetened Milk (whole can), and unsweetened coconut. Someone gave me this recipe over the phone in the 70s. Or, maybe I coipied it from a magazine.

It might have had butter, but I don't remember that. I know it did not have nuts or butterscotch chips. That could have been what was preferred by me or mine. 

I cannot find unsweetened coconut anywhere. I might just order it from Amazon. I might have to buy a coconut and grate it myself. Have you ever had freshly grated coconut? My mother grated all the coconut we ever used. We got to nibble chunks of coconut and drink the milk. I read that someone on the internet said to pour the milk out. What? 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

New Product, Groceries, Dinner

 As I passed/rolled by a shelf on my way to something else, I stopped and backed up. On the shelf was a beloved product in a new form, a squeeze bottle instead of a can--Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk. Love It! However, I only used it years ago in a recipe called Go Go Bars. 

I found this several months ago and meant to ask--Do you ever use Eagle Brand condensed milk for anything? Have you seen it in a squeeze bottle? Ever made Go Go Bars? For what do you use Eagle Brand?

On Wednesday, I decided to get what I wanted for Monday mainly slaw mix and celery. 



Grillmates Applewood seasoning

something slse

Total was $10.44

I earned $0.50 off since I am a senior.

There are ribs in the freezer, but tonight I could not locate them without causing an avalanche. I did find chunks of turkey breast that I will use instead of the ribs if I cannot find them with Tommy's help.

Dinner Wednesday night:

baked chicken


corn on the cob

I intended to put bbq sauce on the chicken since bbq and slaw go together so well, but I forgot. 

Thursday is starting slowly.  I think we will go to the bread store. Maybe we will clean out a few things from the dining room, things that have been there a decade. It will take both of us. So, I passed it by him and that is what the plan is. He likes to watch Jeopardy at 3 pm, so after the news is over at noon, we will buy bread and pick up a prescription for him. That will leave little time for working, but it will be more time than I can stand up anyway, so little time is okay. 

Vidalia onions are in the stores. I need to buy about ten pounds and dehydrate them. I have so many in the freezer that this year I will forego buying so many Vidalia. I do think I need chocolate ice cream, though. 

Diner tonight will be baked chicken and vegetables, just have not decided which. 

Are you a user of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed milk? How do you use it?

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

My "New" Phone

Spring of 2020, I bought a phone, Samsung Go Phone, Android.  I put it on auto pay soon after. Then, I had a very traumatic experience happen in May of 2020. After that, my phone would not work for me. I was too tied up mentally to worry, but during the last year, I have checked it and wondered what was wrong. ATT contacts me all the time to tell me it is time to pay, I have paid, to thank me, and to tell me I have a payment in two more weeks or some such drivel. So, basically, I just ignored anything from ATT as long as my flip phone worked. 

Last week, I took it in to an ATT store and the guy said it was not activated(it was), then that it was not paid to get service. I put it on auto pay once again.  It works but I do not know how to work it. I did manage to figure out how to make a phone call to Tommy. This phone is not like the first android I ever had that was stolen from me. 

This phone was on sale for $50 or $35, forgot which.  I had found a pretty phone only to discover it was only $799 if I traded in a phone worth $700. Ummm, no thanks, even if I could afford it. 

I want to sell on ebay and etsy. So, I need to figure this out. I have no one like a younger person to help 

Oh, it can be used as a hotspot, but I have no idea how. I need a course in Do you know how? 

There is one thing someone on here may be able to tell me--can I have more than one Google email address? I think my pparsimony is Google. 

Tuesday Dinner: 

baked chicken breast and legs with Italian Seasoning 

corn on the cob 

green  beans.  

Tommy had two legs and I had a very small portion of a breast. I had banana and milk later since I had not had a banana yet on Tuesday. 

I have things to say, but am late doing other chores.

Do you know about google email or hotspots?

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Spilled Milk

 This is post is interrupting a very fruitful Monday. I feel well, too, rested. Of course, I can do little and be exhausted. 

Saturday night, I was exhausted from the trip to Cullman and I could not nap, just lay there. For dinner for Tommy, I cooked the three bell peppers and a huge onion.  I put about 10 meatballs in a little casserole, 7x7", put almost all the peppers and onions on top and topped that with more than half a jar of Bertolli Three Cheese Sauce. He really liked it. I ate about a half cup of the sauce and could barely finish it. I was exhausted. 

It was good to have a dishwasher. But, I did not stack them right and some would not go into that load. So, now it is time to do it again as soon as I unload it, a real problem. Still, it is better than standing to wash. That needs to be done today. ugh

Groceries today: 

organic Rosemary 



pasta salad with lots of spinach!

5 ears yellow corn 5/$2


I went for bananas. I bought two pounds of white grapes. I did not realize I bought organic grapes for $4.99/lb. Plus, before I discovered that, I found out that the other grapes had been pruned so that I only got tiny bunches out with 4 grapes per stem, and some are going off. 

We ate in the park again--chicken, pasta salad, grapes. 

The rosemary was cheaper than one at Lowe's and it is very small. I did not need the tree I bought last year. This one will grow.

Monday, I tried three times to take a nap. I just could not and was not resting, either. I had two hours sleep on Friday night and a bit more on Sunday night. I heard a noise like a bomb went off, heard Tommy screaming a string of expletives I have never heard from him before. I ran to the kitchen to find him standing over a burst gallon of milk. He had put a gallon of milk in his freezer and then it fell out as he went back to put soft drinks in there.  I said to put towels in it. I came back and he was fluttering down paper towels. I meant to use the dishtowels. 

The milk was running under the refrigerator and he was saying he would get it up. But, he was tending to the part three feet in front of the refrigerator. I tried rescuing my scales and he slopped milk all inside it. I just know it is going to ruin it. He swore no milk got inside, so I turned it on the side as it ran out. He grabbed it and said he would clean it off. His little swipes here and there were flinging milk all over. I just took the scales and cleaned them. 

He used two rolls of paper towels when two bath towels or lots of dishtowels would have done a faster and better job. It must have been ten minutes before he ever attended to milk at the front of the refrigerator, I left him to clean between the counter and refrigerator because he would not listen to me. So, I sat. In the case of all the milk, I certainly did not care he used two rolls of paper towels. 

Before I left, I got out this little cheap, Swiffer-looking thing and soaked up milk. I left it with him and a little tub with and inch of water on his walker and showed him how to use it, telling him to pour the water in the sink and get more. Well, he came into the living slopping milky water all over the carpet, swearing he spilled nothing from the almost full tub, not an inch like I told him. sigh

The floor dried slippery. I told him any milk would dry so slick we could fall down, so get it all up. But, the milk was dry and slippery. Sooo, I cleaned the sponge on the Swiffer-like mop, put  a little Dawn on it and mopped the floor over and over, rinsing often. The mop head is detached and drying on the ramp right now. I washed the tub. This morning, without me saying  a word, he said he was going to put all the towels in the washing machine. I washed the container holding the milky items, since I did throw a couple of towels down to try to stanch the flow of milk going under the refrigerator. 

I suppose he thought I would be angry. No, but he was angry. It all got finished at last! We were both exhausted! 

We have been enjoying the strawberries from the market. I may make the strawberry poke cake I have been talking about forever. I have to find room in the refrigerator for it before I start it. 

Did you know that milk dries slippery on the floor? I have never spilled a gallon of milk. Have you?

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Saturday Post I Deleted

So, another post completed and then it disappeared. It was late Saturday night. I determined I would never blog again. That is how badly it bothered me. So, here is Saturday if I can remember it. None of this is in order of what we did. 

The plan was to go straight to the optometrist to get the little pads on my nosepiece changed. I am allergic to the ones that come with the glasses. So, I am wearing the old frames and lens. Well, the internet had information that said the business was open on Saturday. NO, it is not. I get very discouraged with incorrect information about businesses. I could have called but we left here before they opened, so I didn't. It is too bad businesses do not update their web pages. 

I love the Saturday Farmer's Market at the Festhalle. We have several markets but this one is about four blocks from my old house. My favorite farmer was there, the one that sells sweet potatoes I love. I bought a basket of strawberries for $13 but he gave it to me for $12. Sunday night, I finally washed and trimmed them and have them in the refrigerator. 

There is no resisting a good fried apple or peach pie. But, I will never buy another one from this vendor. It had too much dough and little apples. I ended up eating off the side to get the fruit and throwing away all the outside. Yuck! $5 wasted. Tommy ate all of his so maybe it was only $2.50 wasted. 

A woman had all sorts of plants. I can never find Autumn Sedum Joy, so I bought one from her--$4. And, a tomato plant--$2. I forgot to ask what variety, so it will be a surprise. 

Finally, I came across eggs. I asked a few questions before I bought them. Have these been washed? Have they been refrigerated? When I got a negative answer to both questions, I bought a dozen for $4. The man started talking. It turns out he is in a program at The Foundry. It is a place for drug and alcohol rehab. He now loves chickens since they have him working in their chicken house. He was so happy with his job and "his" chickens. It was a pleasure to talk with him and the guy who was his driver. I am not sure if they are only at the market on Saturday or not. Oh, not that it matters, but these were large, dark brown eggs, beautiful. 

Last Thursday, when we went to the lake in the city, I got a $2.69 chicken breast from the Publix deli. We shared it as we watched ducks. Well, it was so dry! So, Saturday, I took the receipt  back and got my money back and bought another to take to the lake. At the lake are 19 pavilions that can be rented. Saturday, I think all were rented with lots of birthday parties being held. 

There were travel trailers pulled by pickups at the back of the lake. Pedal boats and row boats were on the lake, rented from the concession stand. It was a jumping day at the lake. Plus, there were lots of walkers on the paved path around the lake. And, the train was running that circles the lake. Fishing is $2. There is  a section marked off for fishing only. Putt putt is $3. Plus, there is a splash pad. We had a very good day at the lake.

My friend with the lumber was away from home and could not come to his new home to give me more. It will happen. On Friday, I gave my carpenter more lumber for my project, so everything will work out. 

We went to a store where I can cherry pick deals. There were no deals. Nada. 

We went to my house like we usually do. It is still there, the lot, that is. 

Sunday night, I had the rest of the baked chicken and strawberries with milk for my dinner. Tommy fixed his own from a can of beef stew while I napped and then he had strawberries and milk, too. 

I am so afraid I am going to lose this post!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

I am sorry

 As I was searching for Tommy's keys that I had last, I looked under sofa cushions and found 3 dimes and a nickel, my own money. Cn I count that as found money? I found a penny someplace else, forgot where. 

The wind is causing me problems. My asthma is acting up and it feels like my throat and chest are closing up. Because of the wind, I have been forced not to spray paint. At my house, I had a large room where I could and did spray paint summer and winter. I also set seeds there to germinate. It was a good, handy, and rather large room.  

I am so sorry, but I need a nap right now. I will write more on Sunday. Is the wind causing you any health problems? If the wind were blowing would it cause health problems?

Friday, May 21, 2021

Stupid, Stupid Tech

Food bought on Tuesday:

3 24-packs Dasani
bottle Kraft Zesty Italian
raspberry jam
2 8-oz blocks Kraft Medium Cheddar Cheese
1 deli chicken breast

Tommy had a coupon for a free 24-pack of Dasani water. Publix had Dasani bogo, $5.75. I used the free coupon and paid $5.75 for one pack and got another free. So, I walked out with three 24-packs for $6.28. I can live with that price, a bit over $2  for 24 bottles of water.  Then, I went into the other store I like to go to and found Dasani for $3.99.  However, it was not bogo. And, I thought I missed a good deal until just now. 

I am beginning to suspect that $3 is the cheapest I am going to find my favorite cheese, Kraft Medium Cheddar.. So, I got 2, hoping to find more at a better price later. If I find it cheaper, I will buy six. 

The Kraft Zesty Italian has a Dec. 21 date, so it will be here when I need it. I forgot how much I paid for it and I am too tired to find a receipt. 

I bought raspberry jam for a recipe. Unfortunately, I was supposed to buy apricot jam! Urspo had a recipe that called for Onion Soup Mix, 12 oz. Zesty Italian Dressing, and 8 oz. Apricot Jam. Mix together and pour over chicken and bake. Now, I will have to buy Apricot Jam. And, I think the recipe called for heating it first. Maybe I have some Apricot jam. But, I never buy jellies or jams. I don't know where on his blog is the recipe. I was going to try it, but now have to come up with Apricot Jam. 

When I had my eye exam last week, I was told the glasses I have been wearing had the line for the progressive bifocals higher on one lens than the other. I went back to the first optometrist. The person at the desk said that sometimes one pupil was higher than the other. I asked her why it moved.  She said that the pupil can sometimes be higher or lower. I asked her why that it moved. She said it just happens. I asked her why that this office was the only office that deals with eyes that had found this "moving" pupil. Finally, I could not stand at the desk any longer and told her I was leaving and she could figure out how this all happened. She is going to call me and see what they can do for me. ???

Have you ever heard of a randomly moving pupil? This is the same office where the progressive line was put on an angle....because my glasses were on crooked on my face! Stupid tech! I may talk to Medicare about this problem since Medicare paid for this and I thought my vision was really terrible! When I had the eye exam last week, I was told my vision had changed little from three or four years ago. 

Ordinarily, I would have yelled at the people taking the duck from the lake to put it down. But, the way people will shoot at others nowadays, I decided discretion was the better part of valor. A duck in the group of ducks was chasing the people, trying to get them to put their friend or family member down. We gave up the chase of the car and reported the theft. 

The ducks and geese are not "owned" by the city. The ducks just choose to live there. But, removing an animal seems wrong. It makes me think the people are up to no good. The duck had a family group where he lived. 

While I was not able to pick up any scrap wood from my friend, I did deliver what I had to the carpenter. Now, he can finish my project. Thursday will be spent in gluing. It is going to be to windy to spray paint. No, glued nothing on Thursday. 

Today, Thursday, the plumber came to see why the washing machine was not draining. An hour or so and $189 later, I think it is draining. This dishwasher has been out of commission for over a month.  I am quite sure Tommy is relieved not to have to dry dishes anymore. Except, he was not happy about the cost. I am relieved not to have to wash them, hanging onto the sink, leaning hard to stay up and not fall. 

The rest of the day will be gluing, spray painting, napping, loading dishwasher. A nap is a priority.  The plumber said he would be here between 8 am and 8:30 and arrived just before 9 am. So, I missed a good hour of sleep. Thursday--I only took a nap. 

Tommy scraped/peeled two pounds of carrots and four small potatoes, I added meatballs and a spice mix for grilling--Grillmates Smokehouse Applewood seasoning. Dinner was delicious. Two of the small potatoes and the rest of the carrots and baked chicken are for Friday night. 

The weather forecast is no more rain for the rest of May--10 more days. I love that. It was in the mid-80s today. It is supposed to be in the 90s. 

Have you ever heard of moving pupils in the eye? What would you have done about the duck thieves? 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Short Post

 This will be short and messy post. We went to Cullman today. We were supposed to meet our friends for lunch after we picked up the free lunch. But, she did not feel well. She does well for 90! 

I suggested we call Tommy's cousin and get him to meet us. Well, Tommy does not believe in keeping any phone number on his phone. So, we could not call! I will get that number into my phone. 


hamburger, lettuce, pickles




We ate at the lake where we saw people stealing a duck. 

Went to carpenter and delivered more wood. Called friend who has more wood for me, but he was working with muriatic acid and needed to finish. Went to my house. Picked up new glasses. Went to both grocery stores and bought stuff, food. Went to place where I got last lenses made to tell them they screwed up prescription! Got back here and stopped to pick up prescription. Each sentence in this paragraph is a whole story that I will write tomorrow or sometime.

We went to a place that furnishes a dinner for children and older people, no means test. We got that meal and ate it tonight:

hoagie bun with meatballs

potato wedges

blueberries 3/4 cup

chocolate milk

I did not eat the bun. And, have not drunk the chocolate milk yet. 

There is enough food for lunch tomorrow. I had a banana and apple to round out fruit consumption.

Now, I have to take medicine, exercise and maybe go to bed by 10 pm. 

Marching exercise 5 minutes

Do you have a project where you need wood? Do you manage to find free wood, too?

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Yikes! I Stepped on a Hornet!

 Okay, it was a stinging insect and huge. I stepped from sink to stove to get a dirty dish and felt something under my foot. I immediately moved my foot and saw a stinging insect that looked like a hornet to me. After gasping and moving quickly, I placed the bowl on top of it, overturned, of course. 

I placed my foot on it just right, obviously, so it did not sting. The hard outer part of my foot just in front of my heel pinned it down where it could not sting. It seems injured. I replaced the bowl with a plastic jar so I can capture it and identify it. 

There has been an insect in here about a half dozen times, the same stinging kind of insect. Remember the critter who came in the house and carried potatoes and made a pile in the corner of the floor next to cabinets? Well, one person looked said there was a hole. One day, there was a camel cricket in that corner that hopped into the middle of the kitchen floor. When I tried to hit it, the cricket hopped to the corner. I never saw it again, so I suspect it escaped through the hole it came from. 

Since it is impossible for me to get down and look for the hole, I put a large hand mirror on the floor, used a strong light and searched for it while sitting on a five-gallon bucket. When I could see nothing, I took hornet spray and sprayed it for about two feet along the baseboard/toe kick. Hopefully, this will deter entry for a few days until we can get the hole located and closed. 

I washed dishes for about 20 minutes today and Tommy dried. We quit when I found the insect. Since my back was killing me, I could not finish. Hopefully, we can get the dishes finished today. 

There is a list of things to do, not all items necessarily for today.  One thing I accomplished was figuring out why a doctor visit cost has not been paid. And, it is not my fault, just a glitch at the doctor's office. So, that is one item on the list finished.

Thinking about dinner, there is chicken, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, onions, potatoes. Now, how to combine? I suppose it will be baked on a pan in the oven. Chicken is cooked already. 

The last sting I had was a  bumble bee inside my sandal. I thought it was a stick stuck into my sandal, so I just kept walking. I cannot imagine how this did not sting me, but it was writhing around under the bowl, so I suppose I injured it. 

As a child, I was stung often by honey bees. Have you often been stung? As a child or an adult? When was the last time? Are you allergic to insect stings?

Monday, May 17, 2021

Reduced Produce, Free Wood, New Glasses

 Sunday, I went into The Pig for one thing and came out with reduced produce, both of which Tommy loves: 

4 Granny Smith apples $0.99

3 huge Bell peppers  $0.50

The apples look perfect to me. The peppers need to be used now as the ends of all three look wilty.  So, Monday night he will have a salad with Bell peppers, carrots and tomatoes. I forgot one shopping trip when I bought slaw mix for $1.99 but not reduced. 

Monday, we went to Cullman. I got my mail, picked out new frames and spent $305 for frames and lenses. I will get my free ones next week. I picked up free wood and dropped off free wood to be cut. Lowe's had a free cart, so I got to go inside and pick out paint for my wood project and choose the right size eye screws. And, one chore was a dead end. 

The friend who gave me the wood left over from his house building came to my storage unit and took the road-rescued table and put it in the storage unit. That table was in the car too long! 

I went by my lot,  and as we pulled into the driveway, I had to scream to get Tommy not to run over a piece of wood at the gutter, right in the end of the driveway. I saw nails in a piece of wood from my annoying neighbor's trash pile that had washed down to my yard. Tommy was screaming that it did not matter if he ran over nails. I do not know one man who would knowingly run over nails protruding from a board. Do you? 

When I got out, some of the nails were four inches long in one board. The other board had bolts in it that were at least the same length, four inches. Tommy sort of moaned when he saw them. That bolt would have meant a new tire. It could have been a carriage bolt. Maybe the nails would have been a catastrophe, too, if he had run over them. 

Later at the dead end chore, he managed to straddle a piece of concrete at the edge of the driveway. Then, he had to rip it off the concrete...sigh. 

Tonight, we are having cabbage, lots of it and leftover green beans, cole slaw, a bit of potatoes and  chicken. Okay, I cannot keep a plan alive for 15 minutes! There was no cabbage for dinner. I cannot find my large knife to cut it, so we had plenty of the other leftovers. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

I HAD a Problem

 HAD and I solved it with a hack.

When I started putting the boxes of plastic bags and rolls of plastic and foil wrap on top of the freezer as a storage spot, I caused myself a big problem. Yes, it was all in one place, so that was really good. Everything was all in one place, so I did not have to search the counters in the dark like before the freezer came. 

But, soon boxes were sliding off onto the floor on both sides of the freezer. Hopefully, nothing fell behind since that would be irretrievable. So, I set out to find a solution to keep things together. Finally, I knew what to do. Unfortunately, it cost a bit of money, but it was just a little bit.

When I reach up to get something down from the top of the freezer, it hurts my shoulders with torn rotator cuffs. My hand injuries sometimes make me to fumble a bit, knocking things around, causing them to fall. Of course, since the boxes had to be stacked, they were prone to falling, anyway.  So, I needed a solution. 

I decided I would get the cheapest trash cans with sides with the least slope. I found them for $4 each. They are sort of clear. But, two of these lying down fit on my freezer with room in between for the really long packages of foil and parchment paper. 

Actually, any kind of square plastic box would do. But, these trash cans were the first thing I found after a long search. 

Since the problem is solved, it hurts less to reach up because I can get a grip on the boxes that are steadied in the boxes. Plus, nothing falls off, not one avalanche! You see, the boxes cascaded down to the floor. 

This arrangement is not very good as far as decorating goes, but it saves my shoulders a bit and no avalanches are occurring daily. Wicker or canvas or wood would have been my choice!

No, I am not going to try to put it in his cabinets. No need to  suggest, mention I no longer worry about that. I am happy with it like it is...for now.

Dinner on Saturday night was some of the chicken I baked with Bertolli Spaghetti with Mushrooms on top of the chicken and slices of Mozzarella on top, my version of Chicken Parm.  I have mozzarella but no parmesan. We had the bit of potatoes leftover from last night, green beans and leftover cole slaw. It was delicious and Tommy liked it. 

What is your best or latest storage hack? Or any hack or solution?

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Exercise Surprise

 I only did one minute of my "marching" exercise on Wednesday because I felt so horrible. Then, on Thursday, I struggled to get to the one minute mark. On Friday, I felt no sick, just weak and continued to five minutes of exercising. 5 minutes! 

When I finished, I asked Tommy if he was surprised because I was surprised. He said he thought I was only going for 30 seconds more, to 2.5 minutes. 

This still does not improve the ability to walk, just my stamina. I may get a cortisone shot in my spine. That will only stop the pain. I doubt it will help my ability to walk. 

Other exercises were sent to me by a blogger friend. Now that I am feeling better, I will start those tomorrow. These new exercises are easier than the marching, I think. They are mild, just what I need. 

Working my way up is just what I need right now. In the past I have known what I could do and quit several exercise programs because the person in charge wanted me to push past what was possible. Once, I stayed in bed, literally, for a week because I tried to please a woman who was sure I could do more. I know me! Tommy never encouraged to exercise one more step!!! Just now, I asked him why he did not want me to try more. He said he figured I had reached my limit. Good! He times me any time I ask, day or night, no matter what he is reading or watching on TV. I never ask him when he is not sitting in his recliner. 

To progress from 30 seconds to 5 minutes is something I am amazed at right now. I know I must do better and come back from the body condition I have right now. 

Has anyone ever pushed you to try harder, more, or longer and ruined your exercise?

Friday, May 14, 2021

Tasty Dish and Wasted Bananas

 When looking into my cans of food, I found a can of Campbell's Broccoli soup and it inspired me. I had a huge head of broccoli that was still a beautiful green and I did not want it to turn yellow. I had cooked lots of chicken the night before--skinless legs, bs chicken breasts, and half a package of tenders. We had that on Wednesday night with vegetables I forgot now. 

Do you remember when I bought a tall jar of Poultry Seasoning for $0.33? I used the spice blend on most of the chicken, just what I put in the oven. Tommy loved it. It was okay but not what I ever want my turkey to taste like. I only use sage on the turkey or chicken intended for Thanksgiving. 

On Thursday night, I put the tenders into a pot of water to boil. I trimmed and washed almost the whole head of broccoli. I layered the chicken first in a small casserole, put broccoli on top, Then, I poured the can of soup and half a can of water over the top. I meant to stir in a tiny jar of pimiento, but forgot. I used 1/4 cup uncooked brown rice on top of the chicken and another half cup of water. So, I decided when it was done and I had put grated cheese on it to cook uncovered, I would put grape tomatoes on top and bake it as the cheese melted. Then, I forgot the tomatoes. 

However, tomatoes are good raw when I forgot. This was delicious! So, it was an easy dinner. I only used enough rice for one serving since neither of us needs rice. This was a small dish in the oven, so it was eaten in one meal. No leftovers.

Use your own measurements for ingredients. My casserole dish had a solid layer if chicken and a solid layer of broccoli. 




soup of any kind


grated cheddar cheese

I used no salt or other seasoning since the soup and cheese were salty enough.

Pimiento or grape tomatoes--I forgot both. 

I think I baked it about an hour, maybe less. Remember, the chicken was cooked before it went into the oven. 

This casserole was by no means original, just what I did with what was here.

Friday night, we are having carrots, potatoes, and cabbage with meatballs.  There will be enough left for several meals, thankfully.

Saturday, I have plans for several chores, so I will make us a chicken sandwich to take with us in order not to get a burger or whatever. 

I have so many bananas frozen that I refuse to freeze more. However, I waste bananas since I should not eat a whole one.  Tommy will not consider even a taste of banana. 

The whole side of my face hurts, so I will take another round of meds. I have no idea what is wrong with the side of my face and my ear. I am scheduled for an implant, but I won't have that done until I am free of pain. 

So, these are my thoughts on Friday night.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Groceries and Gas and Ear

There were no bananas for me and no peanut butter for Tommy. So, I struggled to get dressed and went to grocery. I got both items and a few more. The new ad was out today. 

5 bananas 

peanut butter

3 24-packs Pepsi b2g1

3 8-packs small Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free b2g1

2 bottles Bertoli spaghetti sauce 2/$4

2 Honey Nut Cheerio bogo 

Northern Bath Tissue--36 count

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream  bogo but I bought only one. It was not very good. I forgot I bought this because it was in the freezer.


Tommy filled the gas tank Friday because it was time. I hope that when it is time for more gas that we can find it without sitting in line for hours like we see on TV. Has anyone seen a shortage of gas or long lines?

Tuesday, I had a tele talk with nurse practitioner and got a prescription and another refilled. I have a slight temp, just enough to make me miserable. There are no other symptoms except the side of my head feels funny.  Thankfully, there is no more loud tinnitus.  I MUST get the chicken in the oven tonight! 

That's it! I am off for a nap. I told Tommy he was going to have to help me get dinner ready tonight. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

This and That

For Mother's Day I received a box of candy and a dozen yellow roses. I love yellow roses and pink roses. Red roses do nothing for me. When I was about eleven-years-old until I was eighteen-years-old, we lived in a house with a pump house covered in yellow roses. The pump house was not a short one, but tall enough an adult could stand easily in it. So, there were lots of roses. I was confused when I saw a short pump house. I don't think we had well water there. 

Tommy ordered me a DNA test for a gift, just what I wanted. I am really looking forward to getting the results from the spit I send them. 

Monday, I felt so awful, just exhausted, so I made slaw and heated up meatballs and carrots. It was actually really delicious. For lunch, we each had our leftover bbq from Sam's BBQ. 

Next week, I will be getting a blood test for covid antibodies. The doctor is all for this. Have you had one? 

My dishwasher is still not repaired. I am so sick of washing dishes because I cannot do them all at once. Yes, I miss a day or two now and then. Calling about that again is my top priority. 

This video is amazing and HEARTWARMING.

About the magazine IN STYLE--I have received this for a year, from where I knew not, and have enjoyed it and passed it on to someone else. I finally figured out why I received it when I received an offer with the last copy. It seems that this magazine can be sent to someone else if I buy a subscription for myself. Sooo, thanks whoever sent it to me. 

Tinnitus has not returned, thankfully. That was the most bizarre and disconcerting thing I have ever experienced. But, I still feel unwell and weak. But, I am grateful not to be waylaid by noise.  Still, I need to know what to do if it ever happens again. 

My to-do for today is cooking several packages of chicken and a ground pork. Plus, I have one little cleaning project. If the little cleaning project is successful, it will turn into a huge cleaning project. 

So, have you or are you going to have a covid antibodies test? 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Entrepreneurs and Tinnitus

 As we are out and about during chores or just a ride, I am impressed by the enterprise exhibited by many in the community. Since for years Bessemer and Hueytown have been in an economic decline, some people take advantage of the opportunity to make a living in surprising ways. 

While there are carwashes in abundance where you drive your car through a scary tunnel of lights, brushes, and sound, there are more independent car washes where the car is hand-washed. These are men supporting their families. And, yes, the are all Black. I know the unfavorable impression many have of minorities. 

There are many gas stations, but only the ones with many tanks are operating for the most part. So, that leaves the old stations with only two pumps. These men turn these into car washing stations. Sometimes, there are a dozen cars parked about, waiting for a wash. Of course, the owners hire other people, too. 

There is a Hispanic couple who unload several tables and load them down with items to sell. Most days, there are power tools in the box. Some days, the produce person sets up in that one space. I am not sure what brand tools are on the tables, but nothing appears dirty or used. Every time we pass, I silently and aloud hope they have good sales and much success. I don't know the family story, but the couple have two very small children. 

I don't know if the Hispanic people are employed elsewhere and have found a way to boost their income. Maybe they are displaced by covid. I just don't know. It would be extremely rude to stop and ask. If I were interested in purchasing power tools, maybe I could glean a bit of information. But, it would involve too much walking for me to stop out of curiosity, even if I were willing. 

Save your breath if you want to accuse me of racism for mentioning the ethnicity of the entrepreneurs. 

Last night, we went to bed too late. But, as I lay down I became aware of a sound, loud enough to catch my attention. It was a pulsating high sound. It was my ear--tinnitis. Now, I have tinnitus every hour, every minute of every day and never before has it been this bothersome or bothersome at all. My tinnitus is just a low, white noise. One doctor had his prescription pad out but I told him it is not bothersome, more like comforting. 

But, this is awful. I could not sleep until 6 am this morning. When I awoke and sat up, I almost choked on phlegm (tmi). Since then, my head is congested. And, my hands shake as I try to hold or grasp anything. I am wobbly walking, too. I hit the door frame hard and slopped milk all over me. I never do that. I cannot take pseudoephedrine because it will raise my heart rate and know nothing else to take for all this congestion. The best I can do is to try to get this under control before I have a situation where I need an antibiotic. 

Tomorrow, I will call the doctor who comes to a clinic and ask her what to take. In the meantime, I am drinking Campbell's Chicken Broth and taking Hall's Mentholyptus cough drops. Both help to clear my head. 

Have you noticed instances of entrepreneurism  during this time of diminished jobs? Have they turned racial perceptions on their heads? Do you have tinnitus that is debilitating? What do you do for it? 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Blue Skies, Attitude, Free Wood, Groceries, Stocking Up

 Does a beautiful day make you as happy as it does me? I feel very light and carefree. Any problem seems like it can be easily solved. At least, I feel like I have the will, stamina, desire to take on whatever I must do to accomplish my goals. The lack of sunshine adversely affects my attitude. 

How about you?

Today, the sky was almost clear of clouds and the clear blue sky gave way to clear and darker blue skies. We went to Cullman where I had  a good day. I picked up some woodwork from my carpenter. My friend, James, gave me wood for chair bottoms. I have nice cedar boards for bird houses and more 2x6 boards for another project that the carpenter will hew for me. James is building a house and I am welcome to any scraps of wood that I want. 

At a store I found a sale of Suddenly Salad--5 for $5. I bought 6. Last year, I bought enough for one box each month.  But, I have not been eating it that often. Cheese has not been on sale forever! Today, I felt lucky to find Kraft Chunk Medium Cheddar for $2.99. I only bought one, hoping for a better sale later on. 

I spent $9. 

I think I broke a record today--5 hours in the car and in and out for chores, and I did not have to go to the bathroom! I hope this is not a bad thing right now. My feet are not as swollen as they usually are when we spend any time in the car.  Could the exercise be paying off?

Dinner tonight--meatballs, Suddenly Salad, green beans, and carrots. Tommy said that since we were having SS, we only needed one other vegetable. HUH? He said he thinks of pasta salad as a vegetable, so we only need either carrots or green beans. Suddenly Salad is  "bread" to me. We had a bit of lettuce and tomato on our Whopper Jr. at lunch. Suddenly Salad does not have enough vegetables to make even one helping for one person, and we leave the peas out since I cannot eat them. 

Okay, I need to get Tommy at least one of the 4 pounds of carrots in the refrigerator and a carrot peeler. I need to get 128 meatballs on one tray and into the oven. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Groceries This Week

 We made a quick trip out to pay a bill, get gas, and buy groceries. 

bread at bread store 2 loaves @ $1.19/each

deli fried chicken breast $2.69

grape tomatoes $2

Greek pasta salad $2.20

5 bananas $1.26

red delicious apple $1.13

broccoli $2.50

2 gal distilled water each $1.29

Diet Cokes Caffeine Free $6.19

Total was $20.82

Part of this was lunch in the park. We shared the chicken breast because they are huge. I bought the least package of Greek pasta salad. It was full of spinach, feta, and olive oil with the penne pasta. We shared that, too. I bought the tomatoes for the salad and for home. We drank water we had with us. We both figured this all healthier than fast food places and cheaper. I never eat the skin or breading. 

This was my day. I really must wash my hair this evening! 

Dinner will be the rest of the baked chicken breast, broccoli, tomatoes, and cheese in a casserole. 

Yesterday, I upped my exercise a bit and did two minutes twice and one minute after that.  I am incredibly tired and my heart is doing flip flops. I have no intentions of sitting or lying down, necessarily. But, dinner will be easy and I can wash my hair and exercise. 

Yesterday, some places in Birmingham received over 7" of rain. One city in the area had 9"!  It seemed we had torrents all day, but not so heavy. The lightning was truly frightening at times! 

If you are in this area, how much rain did you get? What are your plans for Mother's Day?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Amazon Deliveries and The Smell of Coffee

Dinner Tuesday night was baked chicken, cole slaw and tomatoes. Wednesday night will be cole slaw and green beans with bbq chicken.  I love knowing dinner is cooked when I awake in the morning!

Amazon delivered several things Tuesday. One was a bag for under my walker. But, Tommy saw it and thought it was for him. He was so happy.  So, I gave it to him. When I examined the new bag and then the old, torn up one, I realized why the old one tore up--the material was cheap. 

He paid $150. + for the walker, so it should have had a sturdier bag underneath. My walker was free from a childhood friend of his who goes to his church. It had a metal basket that is not conducive to folding.  Now that I know this bag seems to be of good quality, I will buy one for my walker. 

We now have a coffee bean grinder. I ground one of the three bags I found reduced and filled a wide-mouth quart canning jar to the top so it had to be shaken down and pressed down. So, that is in the dark of the cabinet for when he finishes the last bit of his present can of coffee. Two other items came, but that is for later. 

Coffee smells so delicious but does not live up to expectations when I have tasted it.  I know I did smell it every day of my life for twenty years. Daddy never missed his coffee in the morning and girls at college drank coffee, too. The smell of coffee makes me very hungry. I don't know if it is just the smell of coffee or the association with having breakfast with a coffee smell growing up. Does anyone else love the smell of coffee but not the taste?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Small Economies

Buying Soft Soap is not something I am willing to do often. Sure, I can get it for $1 apiece. But, I like free soap. I refuse to buy the refills. So, today, I used Suave Essential Sun-Ripened Strawberry Shampoo to refill my small pump bottle for Soft Soap. It has strawberry extract and Vitamin E. It really smells good and washed my hands nicely. This is the pump soap I keep at the kitchen sink to wash my hands. Dawn is there, also, in case I have touched meat or my hands are greasy. The bottle of Suave was free, so I wash my hands for free! And, it smells delicious. 

Both pair of my very old black pants needed mending. One pair had a run in the back on the left side about six inches below my waist, and the other pair was coming apart at the back center seam. Plus, one had a small hole in the front of the leg. Now, both pair are no longer holey. 

I had no needles when I moved here. I asked Tommy if he had a needle for hand sewing. He brought me a cute little tin with sewing supplies. His mother last used them 57 years ago. The needles were sharp and smooth with no burrs or rust. So, I did not need to buy a needle. 

When I bought vine-ripened tomatoes on the vine, I cut one for dinner. I did eat half of it. It was so awful, I had no intention of eating anymore of it. Tommy ate the other half the next day.  He did not like it, either. Monday, I took the other two tomatoes on the vine back to Publix and got a refund on all three since I had my receipt.  They were $1.85. So, that went back into my pocket. 

The bread with October 5 date molded, so that went back and I did not have to throw it away and lose money. We still had more than a half of the loaf left. 

A neighbor mowed the yard because Tommy cannot. That is a huge economy!

Drying clothes in the house saves money, so I do. Until I get a dryer rack, Towels and such do need the dryer. I save where I can. 

This next item is saving me from eating soybean oil and it saves money. I have a 3.58 ounce bottle of Alessi olive oil that may or may not be good olive oil. I have read in the past that Alessi had sold adulterated olive oil and passed it off as virgin. 

I like Kraft Italian dressing, but I brought home Kraft Zesty Italian. Well, there is too much zest for me. So, I had about three inches left of olive oil in this tiny bottle. I managed to get out the bottom part of the zesty dressing and added it to the olive oil. Now, I can have just a little zest and much less soybean and canola oil.  So, it is a little economy. 

We are under a tornado watch until 8 pm tonight. Since it is after noon, maybe I should change from my nightgown and into real clothing. This is a threadbare white cotton, knit gown, so it would be like a fully body wet tshirt if I were out in a ditch. 

Okay, time to cook dinner. Do you count small economies and are happy for the savings.

Monday, May 3, 2021

May Groceries

 Today is the last day of the Publix ad, so I picked up a few sales.

4 lbs carrots @$0.79/lb. , so $3.16

3 59 oz cartons a2milk, 3/$10

1 carton grape tomatoes, 2/$4

2 6 -oz cartons ice cream for eating in the park. 4/$5, so $2.50

1 big pot $23.99

I spent ~$42.

We went to the park to sit, enjoy the trees, sun, wind, outdoors and watched kids preparing to play--all ages  baseball and tee ball. We did sit in the car with the windows partially down, not at a table. So, that was our outing today. 

Last night, I did not sleep a wink. Today, I did limit myself and slept only 4 hours. I am still a bit tired. Tonight, bedtime will be early. 

A cousin in Tupelo, MS had no damage as the tornado missed his house. Last week, another close relative had a 22-yr-old son die. I was so sorry for the father's loss, especially since they have to wait for an autopsy. 

Dinner tonight is hotdogs (no buns), slaw, tomatoes, beans/snaps leftovers. These hotdogs are supposed to be good for you. Consequently, they are not as delicious. 

The pot I have is too small to boil enough potatoes for potato salad, so I just snatched this one and bought it. I like that it has a vent hole in the top of the glass lid. Most do nowadays. 

Ice cream from the store is much cheaper than going to buy a cone and just as satisfying. One day, I bought a chicken breast from Publix and we shared that. I really prefer chicken to ice cream as a snack. There was nothing for a sandwich here except for the hotdogs. 

Now, we are going to wash dishes before dinner....sigh. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Commotion Friday

 Friday morning, I lay down for one hour, just to rest my back. Then, Friday afternoon, I was tired after only getting four hours sleep Thursday night. I lay down a little after 5 pm and told him to wake me at 7 pm. I fully expected to sleep. 

Well, less than an hour later, I heard a big noise. I ran out and he said he dropped what he was holding--a paper plate with the leavings of three oranges he had eaten. So, I still have not asked him what made the big noise.  I just went back to bed! 

About 30 minutes later, I heard lots of noises, seemingly coming from the kitchen. I went in there and he had knocked a coke off the refrigerator shelf and it rolled about and something else. He had all the little crates (3) of cheese and such on the counter and was sorting them. Well, I got the coke from the floor and whatever else fell. 

He had emptied and sorted the whole refrigerator! It looked really good! But, I never got a nap or any more rest. So, that leaves me now, at 9 pm, reeling from exhaustion. At least dinner was easy. 

I took two deli rolls and halved them. I had thawed leftover pizza sauce still in the jar, almost. I thawed meatballs in the microwave. I put pizza sauce on the rolls rather heavily, sliced the meatballs in three pieces each, put those on the pizza sauce and topped it with mozarella cheese, sliced, not grated. Then, it went under the broiler. A salad of Italian blend greens and tomatoes and Italian dressing topped off the meal. I only ate one half of my roll and ate the toppings off the other half.  Ah, easy dinner. There is enough pizza sauce for another meal. 

He was really helpful but I needed sleep! Of course, I am not irritated, just exhausted. I don't think he did it on purpose. 

About a month ago, I spotted  a new rake in a tree on city property. I doubt anyone was coming back for it. And, it certainly was not city property. So, I struggled and extracted it from the tree. I doubt I was stealing or I would have left it. 

The children across the street liked the Easter eggs in the tree in front of Tommy's house, as I have said. Now, I am planning what to hang in the tree for May. Maybe I will hang blue stars and red and white ribbons. If we put it up the middle of May for Memorial Day, it can last until the 4th of July. 

Saturday, we went for my two things on the list--look for the Food Truck Corner activity and see if the church is having a yard sale. Nothing was happening on the corner and the church was having a yard sale. I could barely walk, so stayed about three minutes. I found another large purse for my Pink Purse Project and only paid $1. 

I managed to wash a few more dishes and Tommy dried. The lamp I bought to illuminate the dining room a bit was finally plugged in. It took both of us. And, I finally found one of the hundreds of bulbs, 60 watt, that I bought before the production was banned. I am not sure why the old bulbs were on sale, but I purchased them cheaply,  Westinghouse, 130V. 

Now, I am going to take a nap before dinner.  Since I had no nap due to Tommy's commotion, I slept little again on Friday night.

Doctors and a List

My allergist called me for my 1pm telemedicine visit. I had talked to him a week ago when he gave me the nose drops. He was astounded at my ...