Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wouldn't you know?

 My allergist office called me to tell me they had vaccines! So, I could have gotten the vaccine in an atmosphere and location where my allergist was present. I would have felt safer. But, I took a deep breath on Monday, and decided I would just go ahead with the opportunity I had at the time. 

The injection site is about the same as for an antibiotic injection, and a lot less painful than flu vaccine. Tommy's is painful, but he thinks it is because he uses muscles to push his walker and lift heavy things. 

Tuesday, I went to Publix  to buy four things. I came home with more and had spent $60.

*sausage patties bogo

*smoked ham center slice


white grapes

*Italian salad greens

*grape tomatoes

*celery $0.99

coleslaw mix


*2 lbs butter

*3 Grands! Buttermilk biscuits

*3 Philadelphia Cream Cheese 


*cranberry sauce 

Welch's Grape Juice


The sausage patties were on sale bogo and were cheaper than the roll. I am going to make and freeze sausage biscuits with Grands! for Tommy so he won't stop for one on the way out of town. I was shocked I spent $60, but have bought little the last two or three weeks. If grape juice and wine are good for the heart, I opt for the grape juice.

I have ammended the Easter We will have ham, slaw, green bean casserole, fruit salad, and sweet potatoes. If I add more, okay. It could all change! I bought the ham slice because it was on sale and we have not had ham in ages. Tommy won't eat deviled eggs, so I am going to take two boiled eggs and make deviled eggs for me. I will also color eggs. 

I was looking on my shelves and found a cannister of french fried onions. the best by date is Jan 21, so it is time and they still taste good. 

After having only about two hours sleep on Monday night, I did not take a nap on Tuesday. But, I went to bed at 10:30 and slept until 3:45. That is the best I have slept in ages. Of course, I took a leftover opiod from the tooth extraction. That is not the way to go, and I only have four left. sigh

Are you adding or subracting, generally reworking your menu for Easter? What will you eat on Easter? Is anyone else cooking for your meal?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


 Sunday night, I went to bed at 10:30,  a new for me when I am well. Then, I slept soundly until 3:30. Sleep did not come again. At 7:45 I got up and washed my hair and we were gone by 9:15. The cloudles, sunny day was very pleasant. 

We had to drive to Cullman to get our first Covid vaccine. I was giddy after it was over. My reaction to the relief from stress that is medical is to become giddy and ravenous.  This has happened before. 

I could not even feel the injection in my right arm. Tommy said it hurt. It has been almost twelve hours and I have a tiny spot that hurts like any injection. It is a nothing to me. 

Of course, the really bad reaction I had to a tetanus vaccine did not occur until 24 hours later. So, I suppose I will just wait and see. 

Now, at almost 10 pm, I am ready for bed. 

Tonight, Monday, I put 10 chicken legs in the crock pot. In a cooking bag I put 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and 10 filetted thighs and 1 leg. Yes, I cooked a few meals tonight and emptied three packages of meat. 

For dinner, I had half a breast and Tommy had 2 very tiny  filleted thighs.  He will only eat one thigh from now on. We had a salad of baby greens and grape tomatoes. 

The chicken cooked in the oven is done and frozen. Tuesday morning Tommy will take the meat off the 10 legs and I will freeze that.  Tomorrow, I think I will cook an oven full of sweet potatoes. 

Tuesday, my arm was itching during the night, so when I went to the bathroom, I took the bandaid off and looked at my arm. The only problem was a huge red place where one side of the bandaid was still stuck to my arm. It looks like I was branded. I AM ALLERGIC TO BANDAID TAPE! I knew that.   Plus, the nurse put the tape, not the pad, over the injection site. So, I have had no reaction to the Pfizer vaccine. I know not to allow a bandaid to remain on my skin!  Tommy said his arm is throbbing. It has been over 24 hours since the vaccine, so I hope these are the only signs we had it. I certainly don't call my bandaid burn a reaction at all. What were your reactions. 

I cannot believe after so many calls and websites, that I finally got an appointment so easily. So, I am off to Publix to get sale items--cream cheese, celery, salad greens. Somewhere, I will get grapes and slaw mix. Maybe Piggly Wiggly. I will look at ham, too. I don't want to be shopping later in the week due to crowds and shortages. There will be no other ads before Easter. 

Have you finished Easter shopping? 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter Egg Tree and Tulip Tree

Sunday, I managed to get the 24 eggs prepared with  jewelry wire through the eggs to suspend them from a smallish dogwood tree in Tommy's front yard. Next year, I will find something different to use to hang the eggs. Handling the jewelry wire and tying it was so difficult and my fingers hurt and my nails have little notches in them. Really, we needed about 100 eggs, but I thought two dozen would work. 

We took a ride on Sunday afternoon and I got one more 2x6 about two feet long for my cardinals and bluebirds to hang in a tree. There were so many dogwood trees in bloom, pink and white. Camellias are still in bloom. Azaleas were a riot of colors.  Many trees were just a pale green haze as the leaves arrive. It was a pretty drive. We saw chickens out in one yard. Usually they are confined. So, it was a pretty good drive even though it was only about 30 minutes. 

I checked my garden and found nothing like what I expected. The cabbage were not cabbage but something about two feet high! I was disappointed. But, it was all safe under the white cloth. Nothing had been killed by frost or freeze. 

Friday, we were watching TV storm coverage. I looked up to see a reporter standing in front of a tulip tree as Tommy said, "Look at that tree!" I replied, "Tulip tree." So, we watched closely to see the same segment again. He said it looked like pink insulation in the tree. It was! It was crazy how so much pink insulation was stuck on many limbs, just tiny puffs of pink, just like a tulip tree. Usually, there are large chunks of pink insulation, not little puffs. 

Sunday morning, I awoke at 4 am, I think, after going to bed about 12:30 pm. I got my laptop and read some. Then, when it cut off because the power was used up, I put it away, and tried to sleep. Around 7 am The wind and rain hit the side of the house where I am. The roof, it appeared, started creaking. I thought it was going to lift off. I rushed down the hall and the TV came on just as I reached the living room door. Tommy had heard things falling on the front porch and wanted to see radar and if there was weather on TV. 

When we took our drive on Sunday, as we came into the driveway, I saw my huge chicken on the porch and the largest planter had fallen over. That was what Tommy heard when he turned on the TV. Just now, Sunday, I heard that there was damage near my former home. Tommy said that was the same system we heard this morning. 

Sunday, I managed to get 128 meatballs on a cookie sheet, cooked them, and put them in the freezer. Well, we did eat some. So, less than 128 in the bag went into the freezer. 

Grocery sales this week interest me very much. I will get the loss leaders if they are something I use. I will make sure I get cole slaw early in the week since it seems to go quickly before a holiday. I think Easter will involve chicken, slaw, potato salad, and other things we like. If I don't get things prepared that I plan, Oh Well. There will be no stress. 

What are your food plans for Easter? Easter Egg Hunts? I have a golden wrapped chocolate bunny for Tommy and four chocolate carrots in orange foil paper. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Crow Lamp and My New "Toolbox"

First, I could not copy the picture of the bird lamp. Just search for "crow lamp" One sits on the table. the other is on the wall. I found it on Amazon. It is alternately called a crow or raven on the site.


Since my toolbox is gone, I have suffered from the lack of tools. The tools in the box included  a hammer Daddy gave me when I married in 1966.  I had looked for a real toolbox but the one I found was too heavy. Today, I changed the lack of a toolbox for a green Publix tote bag, the small $0.99 one.  It works. I have no idea why this paragraph is the way it is. ???

I only have two tiny screwdrivers in it so far. Oh, and a reel of wire. I have a short, stubby screwdriver and a hammer somewhere, and a wirecutter. So, as they are found, they will go into my "toolbox."

Sarturday, I only slept until 5:30. I have started going to bed earlier and still can only sleep a few hours. So, at 7:45 I woke Tommy from a sound sleep and asked him to get up and go out. He did. We took back items worth about $50. I found wire for hanging the Easter eggs from the tree. We did not find shoes for him. So, he told me to order them from Amazon. 

We each had one Krystal since I wanted no more. We went to Publix where I found my "tool box." Of course, I needed a nap. Dinner was leftovers--cabbage soup for both of us and he had a baked chicken leg. I had half an apple with most of peeling gone. 

I barely heated my soup since potatoes cooled and barely reheated have a less deleterious effect for diabetics. Every bit helps. 

Saturday night, I went to be a little after midnight and woke at 4 am and could not sleep. This still requires me to take a nap. I have gone to bed early for me, three days in a row, and I sleep four hours, awake, and cannot go back to sleep.

How about that crow lamp? Do you have something to keep tools in that is not a toolbox but it serves the purpose? 


Friday, March 26, 2021


Friday was a hard day. I had nothing hard to do, but I was in the car for six hours doing it.  My feet were then so swollen I could barely walk for the pain. 

We went to Cullman where I got my mail. There was nothing exciting there. Three items I needed and only one was junk mail. Usually, it is the other way around. 

We went by my place. I could have sworn the heap of the dog pen I used for my chickens was still there. But, the friend who wanted it said he got it. I was going to get a guy who picks up appliances and stuff to get it. He sells the metal. Anyway, I see a heap of something back there in my yard. 

Since we needed to get back here for another appointment, we just got a small BK meal. He ate his while I went to a grocery. I ate mine as we came south again. 


One huge sandwich sized tomato

7.5 oz can salmon (short one)

powdered cheddar cheese sauce

store brand iodized salt

Knorr Recipe Secret 

Poultry Seasoning  $0.33

Hormel Roast Beef 

2 7-oz Ronco Spaghetti

I was out of salmon. I need to find a good sale.  The tomato was huge and beautiful weighing .86 lb. I have not had this powdered cheese sauce in years.  Knorr will be used to duplicate a boxed mix that I will tell you about when I make it, successful or not.  I never buy poultry seasoning, but the price was right.  The can of Hormel is for an emergency when I cannot cook. Or, when we are avoiding going out when I don't feel like cooking. I bought two 7 oz. packages of Ronco spaghetti and used a $0.55 coupon.  Balance on groceries was $13.87.  I suppose I could have done without everything I bought. 

I reconnected with four people I have not talked to lately. I called my attorney friend and got her attorney husband. We talked a bit and then I called her at home. She and I talked more. Then, I called a friend who owns WHAT'S ON SECOND,  a shop in downtown Birmingham. I was calling about another friend with dementia and could not reach Rachel. He said that she was there and she could tell me about the friend. So, I talked with Rachel. 

After talking and reconnection with four friends and finding out about the fifth friend, I felt refreshed. It was a strange feeling having talked to all of them in one afternoon. These are people I regularly hung out with, all of us together plus other folk. And, I have been to all their homes. The woman with dementia, a professor, is no longer recognizing anyone. So, that is a bit sad. Her husband succumbed to vascular dementia. Oh, the attorney couple is moving to Fairhope. So, they will be gone from our lives. 

Backing up a bit, we had devastating storms and tornadoes on Thursday here in Alabama. We lost cable and internet. Thankfully, nothing was even near us. But, south of Birmingham, lives were lost. We listened to the weather on radio for six hours. Reports were that one tornado was on the ground for 100 miles. Another report was that the path was 180 miles, not always on the ground. It was very scary. 

Now, I need to lie down as my back hurts and my feet are swelling again and I am exhausted.  Later, I am going to make a pie using a Diamond pecan pie crust and a sugar-free chocolate pudding. I found these pie crusts on sale for half price at Publix after Christmas. I hope it is good. 

Did you have bad weather Thursday? Have you ever used a pecan pie crust? 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Breast Lump and Cleaning Person

 Wednesday night

The woman to clean called and is coming at noon on Thursday to clean. Of course, we are getting ready for her, not cleaning but moving things around--returns in car, all the dirty clothes not in hamper are put there, general straightening. So, it is just less cluttered around here. 

Today, my nap was until 4 and I wanted to stay until 5, but once he left me alone, I decided to get up 20 minutes later. It seems like I did absolutely nothing. I was sitting here at almost 7 pm telling Tommy I did not feel like cooking, and, moreover, I did not want to cook. 

He reminded me we had chopped chicken left, something I thought he had eaten. And, he reminded me of vegetables and wasn't there a chunk of chicken. Then, having been reminded, we had the two chicken leftovers, green beans, and salad. Neither of us could find the tomatoes or remember if they were eaten. So, that was dinner with a bit of ice cream for me. Milk and applesauce will be my evening snack. I have my square of 85% chocolate. Did I say I have lost a pound a day for four days now.

We watched Resident Alien tonight. I love that show. Next week is the season finale. Maybe I can see a rerun of the first episode and another I missed. 

About 20 years ago, a routine mammogram found a spot, a lump that I thought was just a place did hurt a bit and that I could not feel. I was told "let's watch it." That made me nervous. It started hurting and I could feel it.  Then, when the doctor wanted a biopsy, the surgeon couldn't find it. I was prepped for surgery, sedated and so groggy they had to take me in a wheelchair to get another mammogram. They had to help me off the bed and into chair and hoped I would not fall out. Well, back in for a mammogram, they found the lump was gone! I was sent home to sleep off the sedation. Now, it is time for another mammogram.

Funny thing--when the surgeon asked me to show him the lump, I could not get my hand to work or even to touch my breast. The arm and hand were useless. That irritated everyone. ??? 

Then, slowly the excruciating pain and lump returned. This was in the area between breast and underarm, edge of breast. Last year, I was supposed to have mammogram to see why the lymph node was inflamed. Then, covid happened. 

Since the advent of vaccines for covid 19, I am making appointments for things I delayed. Well, the lump is not there and there is no constant pain. I was pondering why this would happen. I now wonder if the large doses of Vitamin D have had a healing effect on the node. My tests showed D was way too low. I need to discuss this with the breast doctor. Yes, she is just a breast doctor! I never knew there was any such thing.  ???

I give Tommy choices--does he want to do something or just have the cleaner, Kim, do it. There are things neither of us can do. He scrubbed the sink as I related. Now, he is scouring a Corningware casserole. So far, he has spent over 30 minutes, time he will not have to pay someone else. I can scrub, but standing to do so is excruciating. I have to lean all over the sink just not to fall. The stovetop is all Kim's! lol 

The new vacuum cleaner was used by me for less than five minutes, so she will have a new machine to use. She called to say she could come Thursday and see if I had cleaning products. I do but can buy whatever else I need before she comes next week.  She won't be here until noon on Thursday, but we are doing what we can tonight. Thursday, I will sleep as long as I can. If I get sleep enough to get up earlier than noon, I am going to try cooking up all that chicken and freezing it. 


I slept from 2 am to 5:30 am and could not get back to sleep. sigh So, at 7 am or so I brought in my laptop and tried to read news. At 9:30 I finally got up. Around 10:30 Kim called and cancelled because of the weather. I fully expected this as tornado warnings are being issued. So, that is that. 

Today, I finally started the cabbage soup. The recipe I saw called for pasta and spices I don't have. So, this will be what I like and have. .. carrots 2 cups, potatoes 2 medium, 1 onion roughly cut, as much chopped cabbage as I can get in the crock Salt and pepper seem like enough to me. I have Polish or some kind of sausages, but I don't want it in the soup. So, they will be on the side if Tommy wants them. I don't. Anything else? 

In preparation for storms, I always try to have dishes washed and laundry done. The dishes are half way through the one-hour cycle.  I did not get black clothes done, but I will be okay there. There is plenty of food that does not need cooking. We have flashlights. I only worry about the freezer and food. 

Have you had any experience with a lump in your breast? Have you made cabbage soup? What do you put in the soup?  

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Burned Eggs

Continuing from Monday...

Monday, I had a coupon for a free Mayfield Product.  I chose Extreme Moosetracks at $6.29. If you don't know, this is ice cream with chunks of gooey chocolate throughout. In order to make it a more healthy treat, I sliced a banana over it in the bowl.  I try!

Tommy hasn't cleaned the sink in last two weeks or so. I tried to get him to clean it last week, but he had You know how it should and could gleam. Well, he did not wash off the Barkeeper's Friend and the faucet and handle looked gross. I showed him so he can do it right next time. Plus, he denies he did whatever. 

Tuesday, as soon as I posted, Tommy went in and did a magnificent job scouring the stainless steel sink. The faucet and handle are mirrors. He went in and showed me how he lifted up the coffeepot and another thing and cleaned under them. He explained that he used a dishcloth to get the powder off the sink and faucet. Great! He is so funny like this. 

He also took my a load to the washing machine. That means I have things to hang and things to fold. ugh!

After we went on Tuesday to pick up his meds at the pharmacy window, I got the ice cream and wanted to look for wood. I found some where a guy is adding a room or porch to his house. I only got four very short pieces, enough to make three birds since it is 2x6 instead of 2x4. I will go back another day since it is only about 4 blocks from here. 

I have four heads of cabbage that were a good price. I really need to use them up. I think I might make cabbage soup. That means I need to get the carrots in the crockpot since they take the longest to cook. I may take a nap and put the potatoes in later, then the chopped cabbage.  But, I took a nap.

When I awoke four hours later, I smelled something. I had left six eggs in a pot to boil. Well, those are in the trash. Tommy did not notice eggs boiling for four whole hours! I have more eggs, but I sure hate to lose food!


Today, I am going to show him how to polish His parents used silverplate for everyday. I found a silverchest he didn't know was there. The silverplate needs polishing. lolol

Okay, it is Wednesday, and I have five more eggs boiling. Januuary 6, I bought four dozen jumbo eggs for fifty cents each dozen. I five in a pot boiling and another three in the carton. I wish I had bought more. These stand up in a bowl of water, so they need to be eaten. After breakfast of two eggs, I will use the other two eggs for egg salad or just to eat. 

So, I ate 5.5 dozen eggs in eleven weeks.  I think I dropped some, burned those on Tuesday and lost a boiled one for so long I threw it out.  That probably makes 4.5 dozen in eleven weeks. 

Since I sent back the elliptical machine and the pedal machine, I have no way of getting exercise. Walking the hall and kitchen is good, but I can only last three minutes. Today, I decided to try something new. My friend was prescribed and exercise before her knee surgery. I decided to try it. It is a killer. I sit on Tommy's walker and "march." I didn't last long and my thighs were burning. But, I will try to do a bit more each day. 

It is not yet 10 am and I am exhausted and want a freshly boiled egg. For the last four days, I have lost one pound each day. The main thing I have done is not to eat much after dinner. Okay, that egg was delicious with a smidgen of butter melting on top.

Finally, just now, I got an appointment for Tommy and I to get a covid vaccine. I think. Then, I had to cancel eye doctor. I have an appointment to check eyes and another at the same time for a medical eye exam because of something on edge of eye. This is the thing the doctor said was a sty, but who knows? It just became very hard. So, I will solve this mystery.

It is another beautiful day and warm...70F. 

One time, I put eggs on to boil in a Corningware pot. I lay down to watch TV and woke about 2 am. I went to bed and awoke the next morning to eggs on the ceiling and all over the walls! When I replace the vent hood years later, there were still bits of eggs in it even though I cleaned it. 

Have you ever boiled eggs so long they exploded? 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Monday Busyness

 It was a beautiful day with blue skies, large clouds, sun, and a breeze. I was determined to go to Cullman since I put it off three times in the last week due to no sleep. 

Well, Sunday night, I did not sleep a minute! But, I went anyway. It was exhausting! However, I came home and was in bed by 4:30. It was a late nap, but I was back in bed by midnight. 

My PO box was stuffed full, as usual. I forgot to take a tote bag and had to pick out the mail a letter or two at a time, take to table and go back for another two envelopes. If it weren't for junk mail, my box would be almost empty. I did get a letter saying my stimulus is on the way. 

My yard has still not been mown. I am not quite sure what it takes to get someone to mow. A friend said he would mow at Thanksgiving and is still making excuses. grrr The privet hedge is trying to set up a stand in the front yard. My tulips and daffodils are beautiful in the front yard and the back yard is full of daffodils. 

We went to KFC and bought three dinners. Tommy's Cullman cousin who has treated him to Bright Star meals for years met us at the lake in the city. (Bright Star is a famous Greek restaurant in Birmingham.) As you know, I love KFC a lot. Even though it was 70 degrees out and sunny, the wind was blowing off the lake which affected my gravy. I should have eaten it first because it was just a cold glob of potatoes and gravy after a bit, rather tasteless and not comforting at all. 

We sat there for two hours, eating, talking, and laughing. When we were ready to leave, his cousin brought out a box of masks and told us to take two or three. We  took two apiece. His wife had made many and sent them for us to choose our own. 

I talked to a business about cutting my birds. I tried to go into Lowe's but the electric carts were all being used. I forgot to go to the one grocery I wanted to go into. We went to Walgreen's because there was something she needed to check. 

On the way home I told Tommy he could have hotdog, chili, and either strawberries or grape tomatoes, or both. I went to bed and left him to fend for himself. When I awoke at 8:30, he had slept a bit and had not eaten. So, we had a hotdog naked with only condiments. 

Since I have had trouble with reflux, I have very pointedly tried not to eat much after dinner or too late. I also avoid some foods. In the last three days, I have lost a pound or more each day. There is no need to lecture me on eating. You will only annoy me. With gastroparesis, I am supposed to eat six of seven small meals a day. With diabetes, I cannot fast. 

Monday was a good day full of sun and conversation and KFC. Have you had a good week so far? Sunshine? Conversation? 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

A Crick in the Neck

 No sleep Saturday night and a hard nap on Sunday left me with a crick in my neck. We went for a ride with a mission--find scraps of 2x4s for the bluebirds. We found no scraps. 

I went to the junk pile where I found my treasure, and there was not a scrap of sawdust left! There will be other construction around. 

Every time Tommy accelerated, I cried out in pain, just a little whine sometimes. Turning corners and breaking had less painful results. I could barely turn my head to right or left. Dodging the sun by turning my head made my neck hurt. As you can see, this was not a fun ride on top of being unfruitful. I was such a whiney baby! 

When we go to Cullman, I can go to a lumber yard to have the birds cut. Remember the bluebirds? I am going to add the crown part to make them into cardinals, too. I think I can sell these. Maybe on pinterest?

A trip to Publix netted me 6 half-gallons of a2milk for $20 since it was on sale 3/$10. The "use by" date is in May, so these will be good forever. This is the best deal I can get on milk. Plus, this is not even a half gallon, just 59 ounces! I hate that, really hate it. 

Since we have fresh carrots, potatoes, onions, butternut squash, Romaine, apples, oranges, bananas, and strawberries, I cannot think of anything else we need and there is no produce on sale to tempt me. Plus, I have frozen fruits and vegetables, I am content. Oh, I have canned produce and fruit, too. Life is good. 

Do you feel a bit cheated when you buy a formerly half gallon that now only have 59 ounces instead of 64? Of course, they state the ounces so a person cannot cry "foul." 

When did you last have a crick in your neck?

The sun shone brightly today and it was dry and warm enough, mid-60s. Tomorrow will be even warmer  and still dry. 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Oh Lordy!

 You can be one, too. 

You get the title and land in Scotland (1 ft x 1ft) for just a bit. GIVE SOMEONE A TITLE for a birthday gift.  Click on the red letters and find a unique gift for anyone. There is a link inside the article.

Thoughts? Would you consider this for a gift for someone? Would you like it for yourself?


Your Ladyship,


Friday, March 19, 2021

Just Damage; Easter Plans

Wednesday, we did not leave the house. It was rainy all day, so no drive or picking up meds, just staying home. Plus, there was a tornado watch from about 3 pm until 2 or 3 am over the whole area. Then, individual warnings were issued with the attendant polygons. Or, something like that. I had no sleep the night before, so I took a good looong nap. Tommy said the tornado sirens went off a couple of times and he was afraid they would wake me. No fear, I was out for good. 

We did not wear our St. Patrick's Day pins for each other, so he put them back in the six pack I found for 50 cents. Dinner was not St. Pat Day food. I baked chicken with potatoes and carrots, all sprinkled with Italian seasoning. Plus, I cooked the cabbage on the stove. We thought it was delicious. 

St Patrick was born in Scotland to Roman parents, so Italian seasoning is not off at all. He was Italian, not Irish. 

As for myself, I was so happy to have chicken breasts again. It has been about two weeks, and I miss it. More chicken is thawing so I can cook more on at least Saturday. 

As it turns out, there few injuries or loss of life from the day of tornadoes, thankfully. I think there were 27 tornado warnings, but the powers be have not sorted it out as to how many were multiple sightings of individual tornadoes.  There was an incredible amount of home damage for an EF1 tornado. 

UPDATE: In five states, there was only one death and it was in Mississippi. 

My few Easter items are coming out.  I have already bought Tommy his chocolate Easter bunny wrapped in gold foil. He allows me to have an ear so neither of us will be eating so much. It really makes him happy. He says it reminds him of his childhood Easters.

Have you started putting out Easter stuff? Or, are you still in the planning stage? What are your customary Easter treats? I really don't do much decorating.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

CC Charges and Asphalt Shopping

 Tommy pays off his monthly charges on his two credit card bills every month and never has interest charges. Monday night, he was figuring something, writing down numbers as he consulted another piece of paper. When I asked him what he was figuring, he said he was just checking things. I asked if he ever determined what he spent on various categories. He had not. 

Later, he told me the various amounts for different designations, none of which I don't remember. He was not happy with the amount he spent on eating/takeout. Hmmm. 

He said he had never figured out what he spent on categories before. 

We took a ride on Tuesday after the rain and just before dusk. Hueytown is in decline. It is really sad. There are large, old homes that will be razed one day. I saw a pile of trash out in the street in front of one house being rehabbed and told Tommy to drive by slowly. He did and I asked him to circle the block so I could look at one item. Then, I asked him to get out and help me. I sort of dragged it to the back of the Rogue. He rearranged his walker in the back seat and took mine from the back and put it on top of his walker with me getting boxes out of the way. 

He lifted the piece into the rear and the trunk barely closed. He was very amenable to all I asked. 

Once in the car with car slowly driving away, I commented how wonderful the item was. He yelled, "What in the HELL are you going to do with that? Where are you going to put it? My house is full!" 

"Oh, it will fit. I need it." You will like it when I clean it up." He immediately calmed down and said, "Oh."  It was like he made his obligatory objection and it was over. 

This is going to take a very strong man to get it out of the car and into the house. No, I am not going to tell you what it is. But, I am going to figure out how to put a picture on here now!

Oh, this junk pile was not on the yard, not on the sidewalk, not on the curb. It was out in the asphalt road in the street. I love this kind of shopping! I may sell my treasure.

Do you go through each month and figure out the categories of spending and how much you spent? I know some sell things you find. What is your best find?

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Dog Tags

Tommy and I were talking and one thing led to another. It was an interesting journey, but I won't go there. At any rate, he mentioned dog tags and I asked him if he ever had dog tags. I remember wanting them and having them, a fad I supposed from this distance.  He said all the kids were given dog tags by the school during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. He was in the third grade and I was a junior in high school. I should remember this if we were given dog tags. Does anyone else remember being given dog tags during this time? Do you know anyone who was given dog tags by the school? Did you get dog tags for this crisis?

Okay, I read all about the dog tags in 1962 on the internet. But, I have no recollection of being given one. Did you?

The last comment on yesterday's post was asking if I rented Tommy out. He laughed. And, I just found out he thinks Parmesan cheese stinks. That is a shock! I am still smiling over his new job of organizing refrigerators. I could set up a route and he could go from refrigerator to refrigerator, organizing refrigerators for people. He does not clean, but he is a great organizer. I appreciate that.

Shingles just won't let up. There is a numbish area from ear to corner of mouth.  And, there is a numb place on my cheekbone, high near my eye. And, I have started to drool a bit! This is not good. Mayo clinic site about shingles connects this with Bell's Palsy somehow.  It is not an all out drool, just excessive moisture in the left corner of my mouth. This numbness and tendency to drool a bit has been going on for a couple of months and seems more frequent. 

The PhD nurse called and now I have an appointment with a neurologist. Will this never end? 

I am now scheduling Tommy for organizing refrigerators. Who's next? Who remembers dog tags for the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Monday, March 15, 2021

National Napping Day

 Today is National Napping Day. However, today, Monday, I did not do my part, just rested. How about you? Did you nap today? Like me, did you skip the nap? 

Yes, my ear is causing hiccups. Touching the inside is like a trigger for hiccups! Thanks, Kim.  Thanks to my allergist. 

Sunday dinner: salad and chicken. He had chopped chicken and I had a piece of a chicken breast. I love the freezer for proteins! 

The day included a rest and a nap, as usual. I spent a lot of time just picking up and putting things where they belong. I did not finish, so that will continue. 

Tommy does a really good job keeping things organized in the refrigerator. Then, he tells me where things are that I have searched high and low to find. He also makes sure the older stuff is on top or in front. Today, he found the other package of grape tomatoes and told me he put them on top of the two new ones. How great is that kind of help? 

Tomorrow, he is going to do laundry for me, and will probably do it before I get up. So, I made sure everything is in the laundry hamper. 

Monday--laundry done. I still am off-balance. It comes and goes. Plus, I cannot get up the slope to the carport from the driveway without severe pain in my back. So, he does it. 

The rain and lack of sun has me feeling nappy, but it did not come. What did you get accomplished today? 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Friday, better; Saturday, best

 On Friday I got two little Jiffy peat pot seed starting Greenhouse Kits. I say "little" kits because I did not get the one with 72 peat pellets. I need to have something I can handle. So, two 25-pellet kits. 

One pellet kit will have flowers and one will have food plants. I won't buy any seeds, just use the ones from last year. Last year, I bought herbs. This year, I will grow them from seed. 

I also bought two travel pillows for the car. When I go into the dentist/eye doctor, I have to ask for something to go behind my back. From now on, I will have my own back support. We actually need a pillow for our heads sometimes in the car. He often takes a nap when I am in the store forever.  Nowadays, though, I don't go often or stay long. 

A Swiffer cost me about $13. Taking a plan from others, I will never buy the pads. I have all sorts of cloth to use. Tommy has a mop that looks like an industrial mop. It is the largest I have ever seen in a home, appearing as large as the ones used in school hallways. It is a regular round shaped mop, not a wide one. It would be so heavy to push! Wringing it out would be impossible for me. It sits in front of the refrigerator, but I am going to move it out to the utility room. 

A few weeks ago, I had plans to make a strawberry poke cake. I got the cake mix, brought it to the den to read the directions. About three or more times a week, I once again get it out. Tonight, I was looking at the cake mix when Tommy laughed and asked when I was going to make the cake because he had seen me with the box, just reading it. 

It was warm a few weeks ago and I was feeling well. Then, it got cold and I was suffering from shingles. So, there was little interest in baking, cooling, poking, pouring, frosting, and finding a place for it in the refrigerator. I think Saturday will be the day. 

And, I have not read the box directions so many times. I have been looking and contemplating. 

A yard sale on Saturday yielded a Monopoly game (1961 copyright) for $1 with four pieces--scottie, racecar, shoe, and tophat. The money, houses, and hotels and cards were all mixed up. So, Tommy  straightened it all out so we can play. If it weren't for the tape used to hold the lid on, this would be in pristine condition. The tape pulled pieces of the box loose. 

 Remember the embroidered and appliqued table cloth I bought for $1 last Fall? I found 12 matching napkinsthat match, $2 for the twelve. And, I got a purse for my Pink Purse Charity--$2 for a large Nine West purse that looks like it was barely used. The woman remembered me and my purse I was filling, so she insisted I take two tubes of hand lotion. I also got a dresser scarf with an embroidered edge for $2. 

Also, there were four Battenburg lace pillow cases, the kind of sham with envelope closing on the back.  YAY! I like this kind of stuff. It is pretty. I am not a person for tailored pillows. I spent $12. I will sell some of this and make at least what I spent, probably more. 

Saturday, we had a Reuben for $3 at Arby's with a coupon. I had the sauerkraut on the side. I put a 1/4" shred on each bite. I cannot eat sauerkraut because of allergies. It was delicious. It is also a beautiful, sunny day. 

Altogether, it has been a good Saturday. And, it early afternoon. The rest of the day will be filled--a nap, dinner of salad with chicken, emptying dishwasher and filling it again. 

Now, Inherit the Wind is on. Then, I took a nap instead of watching ITW. Dinner--spaghetti and meatballs, salad.

Friday, March 12, 2021

No Energy

 Wednesday was a not-so-good day. I slept little the night before, rested in bed once during the day and then napped. I ate a pb, MW, banana sandwich around 11 am. Dinner was baked chicken, salad with Italian mix, tomatoes, and carrots. Later I had a Coke and chocolate ice cream float. Then an apple. We went for a short drive and that was all I did besides use laptop and watch TV.

My energy is at the bottom. I have no new thoughts about anything. My only goal is to get to a doctor. 

Thursday, I had a long rest in bed and then a long nap in the afternoon. Once again, dinner was baked chicken and a salad. Dinner was delicious. We packaged the pedal exercise machine for a return pickup on Friday morning. That is my one accomplishment for the day! 

Oh, I did get up in the middle of the night and started cutting on my hair. What a mess I made of my hair.

Friday, Tommy finished cutting the length on my hair. I have not looked to see the result. I had cut the bangs and around my face and the length of the sides. 

Several days ago, I injured my foot and can barely put my weight on my heel on the right foot. I was limping and started making both feet hurt. So, I have gone back to putting my weight on the right foot/heel. I started wearing my sandals in the house and it seems like it hurts less since the shoe sole is thick. 

After reading on the internet, I realized my allergist might be the best doctor to treat the ear shingles. So, I called him this week and he called today. After hearing my story of a horrid reaction to tetanus vaccine when I was twenty and the fact my two-year-old daughter had the same reaction three years later, he decided that my vaccine would be best administered in his office, what I thought, too. I don't know how we got sidetracked. 

Then, I told him the story of months long problems that have been diagnosed as shingles of the ear. He prescribed an antiviral for me. So, I have it and cannot decide if I wait for a symptom or just take it now. In a bit I will call pharmacy. Of course, the ear started hurting one day after I finished the antibiotics. I worry what is wrong with my ear. 

I mentioned someone told me about ears and hiccuping. He said that ear problems could cause hiccups. 

On Saturday we are rising at 6 am to get to a store for a return so we won't be amongst people with something we might catch. Okay, let's see if that happens. It was my idea, but I am not sure how I will feel about it at 6 am. 

Update on the haircut. I washed it and let it dry. It may not be a good haircut, but it looks 100% better. 

For Friday dinner I am going to put potato wedges in the Concord spices and olive oil along with carrots, onions, grape tomatoes, and meatballs. I cannot wait to have dinner. Oh, the meatballs will just go in the pan but not in the olive oil and spices. I might even put the tomatoes in the pan for only the last 15 minutes. 

It just occurred to me that I was dealing with three things at once last year--shingles in ear, abscessed last upper molar on same side, and an ear infection. Seriously, I was in bad shape at that time. And, the shingles was at least a six-month ordeal last year. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

No Nap Tuesday and Garden Thoughts

 Tuesday is a red-letter day. I still feel awful and did not sleep well, but not once have a felt the need for a nap. Of course, I have done nothing, either. 

In a few minutes I will start dinner. We are having more of the chicken quarters that I served last night along with Brussels sprouts, and potatoes baked with the Concord herb mix.  I think I will have a salad--Italian mix with tomatoes.  I had no more frozen Brussels sprouts. I had thrown in lots of baby carrots in the oil and herb mixture. So, It is chicken, potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. 

Since being tired is my only symptom, I went to Publix for 2 bogo grape tomatoes, one 3/$10 salad mix, $0.99 for 1 lb baby carrots and bought two bags, coffee for Tommy, and ice cream because it was there and bogo. I only got one ice cream and two tomatoes. Oh, we went to the bread store, too.  

When we arrived home, I was not totally exhausted like I usually am, not even tired at all. 

I had had to cancel dentist appointment and cleaning this week, missed getting mail last week, and other appointments. We are rescheduling lunch in the park with Tommy's cousin and my other appointments. 

Tommy's appointment is in April and 50 miles away. My doctor has not gotten confirmation of when he is getting Moderna, but still expects to get the shipment. ???

We are returning to the general decluttering and cleaning around here. There is nothing around here but fun and games. We have the box of clothes hangers still, waiting to donate to a person or group.  

Kim from Out My Window suggested the hiccups were related to shingles. According to, yes, hiccups is related to shingles! As a matter of fact, every last symptom I have can be related to shingles! 

If I can handle the activity, I will be cutting my hair and Tommy's today. But, I may need a nap before noon. My phone was on all night and two calls woke me. I hate the sound of the phone when I am asleep or trying to go to sleep.

Wednesday will definitely be a nap day. 

How are your garden preps going? Mine are still in my head but I need to check the cabbage growing and get out my seeds.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

My Mother's Birthday

March 8 is my mother's bithday. That was Monday, and I did not forget. She would have been 100 this year if she had lived this long. 

Tommy was busy on Monday, while I stayed in the bed most of the day. He washed four loads of clothes, three of mine and one of his, dried my clothes that needed drying, and brought in the other clothes I wanted to dry inside. He went through a lot of his belongings and threw away lots. 

He made himself a salad while I managed to heat the cooked chicken for his dinner.  

On Sunday, I asked him to find his own dinner. He went to refrigerator and came back with a huge plate of food. He found a box of romaine and one of spinach, the grape tomatoes, dressing, cheese, and rolls. I heated some meatballs and insisted he have some. I was quite surprised when he told me he stacked all the salad items in one stack so it would be easier for me to find. 

He has gone about the house, keeping things as nice/neat as they were and even improving a few places. Plus, he gets anything I need. If he thinks I need something, he volunteers to get it. I have forgotten what else he has done today. Some things I did not see him do, but he told me. 

After he cleaned the stainless steel sink, he showed me how he cleaned the counter behind it. He did only wipe it with a paper towel, so it needs actually using at least 

My ear is getting one little sore that is visible. Before, places hurt, but nothing was visible. My outer ear hurts. There are tingly places on one section of my scalp, my scalp seems swollen in the same places, It feels like there are sores on outside of my ear. And, the little swollen place inside my ear canal is swollen once again. I suppose that I will go back to the ENT. I hope this does not get worse. 

I looked through both purses for Tommy's cc, and it was nowhere. Finally, I asked Tommy if he looked in my bag we carry to the car. He looked and his cc was in there. I suppose I let it slip when I was holding it. So, mystery solved. 

The person who will clean called to see if I wanted her and when and how I was feeling. She seems like the nicest person I have talked with about cleaning. 

He is very willing to help do cleaning chores that he and I can do. I made the statement that everything we clean is something he does not have to pay to be cleaned. I think that made him think! 

I have been hiccupping for weeks now, several sessions each day, like a dozen episodes that last about ten minutes, sometimes longer, sometimes not. 

Typing is tiring me.

Daylight Savings Time will make me so happy! Are you looking forward to DST? 

All the above was written Monday night, so today, Tuesday, I am a tiny bit better since the pain in my ear is gone. 

Monday, March 8, 2021


 I found out another friend died from her obituary. Sad. I was looking for something else and recognized her name. For the last few months I had meant to call and catch up. Don't wait if you are thinking of someone. 

Last night, I was unable to sleep, so it is 10 am, and I am going to eat and go to bed about noon. In the meantime, there are things to do:

Tommy washed my black pants, so I must hang them and get together another two loads. Hopefully, he will not be too tired since he has a load in for himself. 

This week, we are expecting 5 days with 0% chance of rain. So planting chores are here.

We need to get plant pots ready for spring. Last fall, my allergies were too bad. I might even get some little seed greenhouses for starting seeds. 

There are several of Tommy's blankets that he said he has not washed in years, nor has he used them. They are just on the floor. Since he won't have to go out in cold or heat or rain, he will not mind washing them, I am sure. 

I need to help look for one of his cc since I may have put it in my purse in the car. He has searched the car. He often hands it to me after he uses it for meds or something at another window. Maybe I just put it in my purse absentmindly. 

There are phone calls to make to doctor, friends. Maybe I will call a couple of relatives. 

All this will not happen today, but I can start. There is nothing monumental waiting for me to accomplishment, just little things I can do "later." You know how that goes. 

I think the shingles are back and have been for about two weeks. Only now, I think they can be seen. So, I suppose that means another visit to the doctor. UGH

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Sand Shortage


I hear there is a sand shortage?

Click the red words above to read about the sand shortage.

I felt awful on Saturday, ate a pb, MW, and banana sandwich, Whopper for dinner, and watched a movie on TVand took meds. I dragged myself to kitchen and washed Pyrex plastic lids and Tommy dried. That was my day. My ear quit hurting. Hopefully, I will feel better Sunday.

Did you know there a sand shortage?

Friday Night

 This feeling of malaise is getting me down. The only symptom is an earache. But, I am back to two naps a day. The moment I put my head to the pillow, I am sound asleep.

But. life goes on. Saturday night, we had baked sliced wedges with the Concord seasoning, about 25 cents. Then, green beans and meatballs. I think Tommy put bbq sauce on his meatballs.  It is not original, but we did not go out for food. But, Tommy really liked the potatoes. 

I told Tommy he had to help, so he did and came and got his plate, then my dipping sauce. Other little things that I needed he was willing to do. Then, I desperately needed to load the dishwasher, so he came in and handed dishes over to a dishtowel so I only had to load them. Otherwise, I would have to walk back and forth, all the way to the stove. I got everything, a lot, into the dishwasher except for an aluminum pie pan. Maybe if I rearranged it all, I could. But, I could barely stand because of pain in back. 

This dishwasher is so large and roomy that I could put two large colanders in it along with a pot and lots of other large items. 

Now, he is scouring out the stainless steel sink and all that entails with Barkeeper's Friend. I have told him that what we can do, we don't have to pay someone to do. He is all for that. Scouring the sink is something he can do. He also knows he can scour but not  

Yep, that is our Friday night. And, we don't care! I was too busy all day taking naps. 

Things I forgot to mention: I had bought a cheap set of plastic measuring cups. They are plastic and the measures wore off. Usually, I can tell the measure, but sometimes not. So, I bought a too expensive set of stainless steel. I like them because the handle is a loop and can be hooked onto a spike in the dishwasher and not be knocked over and filled with water.  I have no idea what I did with the utility knife and purchased a new one. I left three behind at my house, so now I have two. 

I have been wanting Tommy to get rid of the mesh poofs in his shower since it has been ten years since he has used one. Also, there is the little spiky thing to sit soap on inside a soap dish so the soap won't drown in water drippings. He was adamant that I not wash it. Oh, and he wanted the poofs. 

On Wednesday, I mentioned once again that I ought to wash the plastic soap rest and two other plastic things in the shower, that the dishwasher would get them clean. He said, "Why not just throw them away?" Sooo, I tossed the two puffs. Two of the plastic things in the shower were actually one broken thing that is a suction cup. I did throw that away. Of course, I forgot to put the soap rest into the dishwasher as I planned. Things get better around here bit by bit. 

Amazingly, he just called me to inspect the sink. It shines so it appears to be new.  I told him that in the morning we are going to work on all these lids for the pyrex. He was agreeable and always has been about drying lids. I really hate to put them in the dishwasher. 

He is resting and then going to eat strawberries. I told him to eat the rest of them. There must be two cups left and another two cups of the juice. I thawed a gallon bag to make poke cake, but I have not had the energy. He can be so peaceable!  He ate strawberry yogurt with strawberries and a little of the juice. 

It is Saturday, and the ear is killing me. On and off yesterday the tinnutis ramped up. It went from white noise to crickets in my ear. Really, it sounded just like a cricket or two was in my ear. 

My shamrock hanging on the door frightens me. The first time it blew around, It sounded like someone was trying to get in. Plus, I could see the rounded top and thought it was someone's head. I know what it is now, but it still startles me! 

As soon as Gunsmoke goes off, we are checking to see if a church is having a yard sale.  They should start again since it is so warm and dry right now. And, it going to be in the 70s next week.

I think I will have a can of chicken broth right now. It is after noon, but I have not eaten yet.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Ball Canning Jars are Back

 For the last three weeks, it appears that Ball canning jars are back on the shelves. I don't need any, but some of you do. There were lids and rings, too. While I am not sure how long they will be abundant, maybe you should get supplies now before the rush during the late summer. 

Thursday, Tommy came to wake me at 9 am to go to Cullman and to picnic with his cousin. Well, the cousin cancelled because he had trouble sleeping the night before. Tommy said that I told him, "Just go away because I need more sleep." Well, I awoke at 12:30 as he was getting his lunch. 

I felt awful. One of my meds needed refilling, so I was suffering from the lack. It took me a couple of hours to start feeling normal/well. 

Milk was gone after I ate lunch. I needed an otc. I managed to spend a lot of money, but everything was a necessity. I had a $12 coupon for candy, so I was not buying a $3.98 bag. I did find a bag for $12.49 and bought that. It cost me $0.49 + tax, so about $1.50 for candy. A woman I see all the time was the recipient of candy two times, so now she asks where is her candy. I will give her some for a few weeks. There were 100 pieces. 

Tommy washed and dried my laundry and I discovered 6 things that needed to go into a skimpy load. That's annoying. But, I had just gotten out of bed. 

We missed Resident Alien and I am annoyed. Tommy does not know what happened that he did not find it. 

Tommy reported a bee was on a dandelion, so at least we will have one bee to gather pollen and pollinate the vegetables I will grow. I love all the signs of spring and the coming summer season. Hopefuly, other bees find their way to my house.

The tulips are done and flowers cut. Now, I will leave the tulip greenery until it fades away so there will be stored food for tulips another time. Since the tulips grew in water, I am not sure how much food they will store. Got any suggestions? 

Need canning jars?

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Vick's Vaporub

 I am a heavy user of Vick's Vaporub. I discovered it is a great itch reliever. So, it is applied to itchy places on my legs. I can scratch until I am bruised and bloody. Plus, it works to soften elbow skin. Unless I lean on a counter or cart, my elbows stay soft and creamy looking. But, I lean on the counter too often lately. And, I really don't care if I smell like Vick's! 

I discovered it was good for mosquito and flea bites, making them less itchy. Vick's even keep mosquitoes away. So, I could smear it all over me to stop mosquitoes from landing. But, I don't. I just dab it in a few places on legs and arms to create an aura around me. 

Do you use Vick's Vaporub? For what? Have you ever used it for an itch?

By the way, for those of you who think I am taking over his life and meddling in Tommy's business, remember this. 

He was standing in four inches of water when he showered when I came here. The water did not drain from the tub between showers. There was always two inches when he went to take another shower. He said it was his business. Well, it was until the commode overflowed and black nastiness came up into the bathtub. That cost a plumber visit, about $800 and two men hours of working. 

Because he would not get it clear to the road, it overflowed AGAIN and I had to clean up the bathroom floor. The first time, I had been here maybe two months, and he screamed and yelled that my long hair stopped up the sewer. The plumber said it was a bad plug forty years in the making! When a shower/tub would not drain, it is a problem that he refused to acknowledge. Plus, the kitchen sink took an hour to drain. I did try to unclog everything with him yelling at me! So, there is the other reason I did not wash dishes.

He does nothing to maintain his home. The only things he will do have me as a catalyst. He did not even wash dishes! Three windows are bare! I will fix that.

Wednesday night, we had a can of Roast Beef and Gravy, cooked potatoes, tomatoes. I could not face cooking.

Thursday, we are going on a picnic with his cousin who is going stir crazy. He travelled for business before he retired and is very gregarious, so none of the isolation is sitting well with him. The forecast is for 70, so it should be a pretty day. KFC is on the menu, so I will really enjoy the picnic.  Cousin called. Picnic cancelled. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A Rock to the Windshield

 We were driving along I-65, heading north, minding our own business when I saw it coming. The rock was about the size of a golf ball but rough and not round. It was huge and at the angle it was coming, I was going to get hit if it came through the windshield. It left a big ding and me shook up. 

We are not sure if it was thrown up by the truck tire or fell off the truck. But, the ding joins another two we have collected. And, Tommy won't have it repaired. grrr He said it shook him up, too. 

One day, he was waiting for me while I was in the hospital. When I came out, he was very agitated, wanting to know if I knew when the whole windshield cracked because of several dings present. It must have cracked while he was sitting, waiting for me. It was spectacularly cracked all across the windshield like a lightning strike. It had had two dings waiting to grow and grow it did. He did have it replaced the next day. I was afraid it would collapse into a million pieces on his drive home. 

Do you get many rock dings? Do you get them on certain roads or situations?

I did not sleep well Monday night. Well, I woke at 5:30 am and could not go back to sleep. I stayed up after Tommy awoke for about 3 hours and took a long nap. 

However, I did manage to accomplish a few things. I had put dishes in the dishwasher Monday night, including some new wide-mouth quart jars. They are new but bought last year. Tuesday, they were clean and dry, so I am using them for canisters for bulk items--sugar, powdered sugar, oatmeal. I had meant to put flour in one, but forgot and put oatmeal in it. So, now I need to wash one for flour. I rarely use powdered sugar, so not sure why I put it out. 

For the last few days, I have mentioned I wanted to wash the nasty ashtray by Tommy's chair. Well, he said it was emptied of trash, so I could take it. I did. It is almost clean.There are no nasty big black places. Now, there is just a smidgen of gray. It still smells. I think a soak in vinegar and baking soda will complete the job. 

Slowly, the counters appear less cluttered. 

The tulips are spent. That was two weeks of pleasure. Hopefully, I can grow tulips in a pot with these bulbs. 

I heated chicken thigh and cabbage for Tommy and made Suddenly Salad and grape tomatoes. I just had SS, tomatoes, and cabbage.  I think I have chicken breast cooked somewhere for tomorrow. 

So, rock dings on the windshield stories?

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Resident Alien

 Two new series are on tv. One is a keeper. The other we don't like. If you have not seen Resident Alien, you are missing a hilarious story of an alien sent here to kill everyone on earth. I won't go into the rest of the plot. It is a comedy on syfy. The other is Debris on NBC. Tommy does not like it and I don't think I will either! Debris from a space ship falls to earth, all I know. 

I passed on dinner, having only meatballs and one piece of 76% cacao. Maybe some strawberries. Oh, I had one bite of carrot and one bite of cabbage. 

Monday, I may have overdone the pedalling. So, today, I will dial the time back to five minutes. I just need rest now.

Have you seen Resident Alien? Debris?

Monday, March 1, 2021

Pedalling Away!

 Yesterday, Sunday, when I got to the electric cart, I found a shiny penny on the electric cart, right on the platform where my feet go. Yay!

It appears I am getting better as I am back to not sleeping at night. I did take a long nap today. 

This morning, I was awake a little after 5 am and got up when Tommy did at 8 am. Immediately, I dragged the pedals where I could sit and pedal. I have tried for 5 minutes and did not make it most days because I felt so ill. Today, I just kept going and pedalled for 10 minutes with no ill effects. The contraption bumps so that I am going to return it for another. The monitor on the front does not work, either. 

Remember the nasty ashtray? I had told Tommy to clean out the bits he puts in there and put it in front of the dishwasher.  He puts tiny bits of trash in it. Today, he said it is cleaned out so it can be washed. So, that big deal has been accomplished. At least it won't stink now. 

We still have carrots and cabbage, so that with a chicken thigh for Tommy and tuna salad for me will be dinner. 

I no longer have fever, congestion, ear ache, sore throat, or cough. I am not completely recovered, but not so ill. Mostly, I am exhausted. My fever had subsided before I went out to store. So, no worry. 

Oh, the shingles returned. It never really went away. This makes about ten months! Thankfully, it is a light case. 

Doctors and a List

My allergist called me for my 1pm telemedicine visit. I had talked to him a week ago when he gave me the nose drops. He was astounded at my ...