Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Chairs Gone; Shelves Moved; Food Shared

 I awoke on Tuesday morning feeling awful with a slight temperature. However, I was determined to get the shelves in place. I laid around after getting up at 10 am and going back to bed from 11 am until after 2 pm. ugh

Wednesday, I have an appointment to have teeth cleaned but I am not really sure if I can make it or hold my mouth open! So, I suppose I will cancel once again. Allergies are killing me. 

Before Tommy's show came on at 3 pm Tuesday, I told him that at 4 pm we were going to remove food off of and around his chairs and move them outside to street. Then, we would put the shelves in place and do nothing else. He was all for that. 

I told Tommy that the next shelves I buy will be plastic ones! He strongly agreed. 

While he was moving the first two chairs out to the road, I removed the other two from behind the table. I used my torn rotator cuffs and injured back more than I should. The last chair I hoisted and sort of threw it across piles of food on the It landed on food. Tommy was shocked I could do that. Of course, I had to lie down for an hour. And, I still hurt1

Then, I assembled dinner--used small casserole where I had stored leftover squash and onions, chopped two fresh tomatoes and put that on top, put in chopped chicken cooked over the weekend, put cheese on top and put in the oven. It was delicious, one dish and low in carbs and fat. 

About 10:15, I took a picture of the chairs on the curb. It was so cold out--57F. Summer weather will return for a bit.

Wednesday morning, I heard something outside that seemed like the chairs were being taken. I came into the living room and saw two of the chairs were gone. I was baffled. He pointed out that someone was coming back for the other two. In five minutes I heard the vehicle again. So, all four are gone. YAY! I hated for them to go to a thrift store when someone could use them. 

Now, I am watching the debate and yelling at the TV! 

I called yesterday and a application for absentee ballot is being sent to both of us. We both enjoy the voting in person process, but physical limitations and covid19 have convinced us both to vote by mail/absentee ballot. 

In the last week, we went to a food bank where I got 3 lbs. bs chicken breast and a package chicken legs and thighs. At the one where I can choose and do so over the phone, I could get a specific number of items. Finally, I said could I have what was left for me in green beans. So, I got five cans of green beans. I also got 2 3-pound bags of chicken breasts, the kind frozen with thin layer of ice and separate and not frozen in a lump. I received two 5lb-bags of potatoes, 2 5-lb bags of apples, 2 5-lb bags of pears, 2 1-lb bags of baby carrots, a box of bars I like, can of corn, can of peas, a dozen expensive eggs, and we cannot remember what else. 

Not feeling well has its consequences. Sunday night, the eggs I put in the refrigerator shifted and slid out on the floor, spilling the whole dozen. I threw away four before I realized I could have saved two of those. One of those burst all over the floor. I saved 8 eggs. However, 4 had a dent. So, I washed 4 eggs and put them back in the refrigerator. I took the four dented ones and broke them and scrambled them about 1 am. Yuck, I was tired. So, I actually saved 8 out of the 12 eggs. 

The one that broke on the floor still had the yolk intact. I retreated to wait and clean it up. Well, the yolk broke finally. I had to clean it up about 2 am. That was so hard. From now on when I have to put eggs on top of bags of apple in the refrigerator, I am using a rubber band to keep it closed. At least, if the carton slides out, the eggs will be contained. 

What we did not like or was too much of the food given us, we loaded it up and took it to poor area of town and gave it all away to one person on Tuesday. She seemed appreciative. We were appreciative that we did not have to waste it. 

I had to cancel my Wednesday dentist appointment for about the fifth time. My gums are sore from lack of teeth cleaning! About two months ago, I was willing to buy a new toothbrush since I could not get in to the tooth cleaning and receive a new one. However, GUM brand is hard to find. I was willing to order from the internet, but there were too many kinds to choose the one he wants me to use, that he gives me. I called and asked could I buy a toothbrush from the office. I was told to come by and get a new one anytime I needed one. The woman brought it to the car. So, a small economy. 

So, more food is gone and we only have to organize what is here. Some of each thing will stay in the kitchen. The rest will be stored in the bedroom. 

At noon today, I was just too ill to even smear pb on bread. We went to Arby's and had a Reuben sandwich. Anne in the Kitchen mentioned a coupon and he had it. I asked for the sauerkraut "on the side" since I only eat a few strings on the sandwich. Less than a tablespoon was used. I brought the little container home and put it in a freezer bag for Tommy to eat with a hot dog some day. So, another small economy. I guess sauerkraut freezes well. ???

I asked him if he enjoyed the sandwich. He said that is was good and something different. He craves something different more than I do. 

Then, we loaded up four 5-lb. bags of potatoes, another bag with onions and apples and found a very nice man to take them. He put them in the car with his father and said he was "going right home to cook some potatoes." 

Next hurdle? Figuring what to cook for dinner and actually cooking it.

Do you or your person in your house crave something different, or are you the one wanting something different to eat. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Book and Catch Up on Other Things, New Thoughts

 *A wonderful blog follower sent me a chicken book and a fringed throw that is from Alabama. It has all sorts of seed companies' ads on it. Beautiful! Thanks. Note coming later.

*I love the air fryer. It is just a pain for me to wash. I told Sam I would post about it. We need a dishwasher! So, yes, it is wonderful. 

*I also still love and use the ice cream freezer. The two freezer bowls take up a lot of room in the freezer, so I may take them out when the big freezer needs more room for food. Actually, I will just take one out until I need the room both use. 

*Sunday night, I took 3 gallons of frozen water from the freezer to gain room. They were on the counter, but I decided to put them in the sink in case one leaked. Good thing I did so. Tommy found a puddle in the floor and one milk jug only had a third of the water still in it. I have no idea how the puddle came to be. 

*My indestructible Samsung Rugby flip phone broke when I dropped it. Bummer.

*Ten spools of thread came Monday and four black are on the way. They are beautiful. I suppose you have to be a sewer to think thread is beautiful. I will put these in a plastic shoebox to keep them dust-free and beautiful. Dust is death for a serger. Well, not really, but it gums things up and must be cleaned from the innards of the machine. 

NOW, I can thread my serger. THEN, I can sew. A pair of black pants is the first thing I will make. Everyday pants are next. I may just get a pattern since my back is not up to standing and drafting a pattern. Maybe I will just cut apart a pair of pants I have. I can sew them back together like new. 

*When we were in Cullman this past weekend, Tommy said we should go and find two more electric flyswatters at Lowe's. Funny man. Now, we both have one at our chairs and he loves whipping it out and zapping these gnats/fruit flies, whatever they are. He is even letting me put a Command Hook on the end of a top cabinet to hold the kitchen swatter. 

*I keep mentioning how we HAVE to get a light for over the dining table. He used to yell or object. Now, he says nothing. Maybe I can find a cheap one at Restore. The kitchen has no light either, just the stove light and the highest fluorescent light over the sink where nothing beyond the sink is illuminated, none of the counter. 

*My nails were splitting off in layers, so I quit putting nail polish on them. Now, I am breaking them off at a record rate. So, I cut all my nails incredibly short. Hopefully, they will recover before December and I can wear pretty polish again. 

*Funny conversation here. I could not really see any gray in my hair and forgot to look carefully when in front of bathroom mirror. I asked Tommy as he walked by how much gray he could see in my part as I held my hair flat on top. He said there was just a bit that was white but that there was some that was not white, just a bit dark, and that it would "probably turn gray soon. "

I laughed so hard and had to explain that was the last time I put color on, that I made all of it darker by putting color to the ends each time like I am not supposed to do.  I have no idea how he thinks hair goes gray, turns gray or what hair color does. He actually does know how hair grows out gray, but it must have alluded him at that moment. Okay, it was cute funny. 

*My latest tomato plant did not do well. It had many blossoms and more appeared. However, none ever dropped off or made tomatoes, not even tiny ones. Now that it is cooler, I suppose it is doomed. What happened? No pollinators? That was a waste of money and hope. 

*My positive attitude about the virus has flagged a bit since I have been rushing toward my October and yearly illness. However, I feel more hopeful every day as my temperature goes down a few degrees each day. I think I need to employ the three inhalers and see if that helps me stay well. Falling leaves send me further into illness. Is it any wonder I am not thrilled with fall? 

*I bought the cheap in the mouth electronic thermometer, but the little pieces to slip on it are an expense. I am not even sure if it is accurate. Then, we bought the Omron touchless thermometer. Both have one flaw. 

The case for the first is clear-as-glass hard plastic. The round cover for the touchless is not clear and not so hard but still can see through it. I know either case/cover will become invisible easily or if on the floor. So, I took nail polish and made marks on both pieces of the case and coated the round cover of the touchless. Now, they are visible. Do you ever use nail polish to mark things for whatever reason? 

*Tuesday, I am making tomato, yellow squash, yellow onion,  chicken casserole and cheese. It will be yummy and so nice and warm. Monday night--no casserole, just the foods. I made the peach dump cake/cobbler on Sunday night and had the rest on Monday.

How is your day going? It is getting cooler here? 

Monday, September 28, 2020

That was so hard! Bananas!

 Sunday--Tommy had to go pick up meds from the pharmacy window. I told him on the way back that we were putting the shelves together. He agreed.

Because it is almost pitch dark in the area where it needed to be put together and used, we had to assemble it in the living room and carry it to the kitchen! 

There were numerous parts we did not need, so we were confused for a bit. No, we were confused for a long time! Of course, the number for customer service was not open on Sunday. Finally, I declared we would use the parts that I thought we needed. There was no  place for the other parts. 

Amazingly, neither of us injured ourselves or each other handling the heavy parts and four 6-foot legs! I did considering hurting him when he did not attach pieces the correct way. The whole unit is 6-foot tall and holds 1350 lbs. It is 3 foot wide and 16 inches deep.    

Thankfully, it is done. Two people in our condition should not be assembling things this heavy and large. Lesson learned. It would have been worth money to have this done for us. 

I am glad I have leftovers of chicken and vegetables! If I live for another hour, I might make a peach cobbler. The peaches are commercially canned but will be delicious. This is a dump cake in a 9'x13' dish. 

That was so hard! But, I can get the mess of food off the tables, chairs, floors and off boxes. Do you ever have to do something that is just beyond your physical abilities and only realize it too late? 

I wanted to get the $.99/lb grapes, both the red he likes and green I like. The green were not fit to buy. I think I bought 3 pounds of the red, so they will last a long time. 

Bananas were reduced to $.1/bag. I think there are 20 bananas in the ten pounds in the bag. Today, I have to mash them and freeze. This will probably be all I buy to freeze. 

It is about noon on Monday, and I still hurt. I asked Tommy just now if he wants to put his old chairs out as we empty food from them. He said, "Might as well." YAY! I will do this one more hard thing today. 

I am still hurting and asked Tommy if assembling the shelf unit hurt him. "No." Me?...sigh

Since I bought tomatoes and squash Saturday at the Farmer's Market, both are on the menu today. BLT and squash and onions sound about right. I suppose this is the end of fresh tomatoes and squash. This summer has seemed so short. 

But, pecans will be at the market soon.

Have you tackled a task that was beyond your physical ability and only realized it too late? Will you get to eat one last BLT?


Sunday, September 27, 2020

My Baby is 45 Today

Happy Birthday! It is hard to believe my baby is so 

She was so cute and funny. One day, when she was two, I was lifting her or helping her into the highchair for dinner. She said, as she saw the salmon croquettes, "Mmm, cookies for dinner." 

When she was three, I heard the dog yelp and she came indoors as I started to see what was the problem. She had her smug look on her face and hair about her mouth. I asked her what happened to Puppy. "I bit Puppy."  That dog never bit anyone, but I was surprised she did not nip back. She never could tell me why she bit our dog. 

She is  first grade teacher now. 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Toxic Positivity

 I read an article that speaks to all of us. READ HERE

REALLY, I did not post this to address any police situation! 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Recipe--Black Bean Brownies and a Colander

 Black Bean Brownies

350 degrees, 30 minutes

2 ripe bananas, mashed
1 can black beans, drained (mashed, whirred to pulp, whatever)
1/4 cup cocoa
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup instant oats (I used the whole grain Quaker oats)

Mix, use 8x8 or 9x9 inch pan, lightly greased with butter, Pam, or Crisco. Drain the beans.

The first time I made these, I was too lazy to put the beans in the blender or use a potato masher. I just gave more than few hopeful mashes of the fork and let them be.

When I tasted the baked brownies, the beans had the chocolate flavor infused into the half mashed beans. I knew there were no chocolate chips in the brownie, but the half-crushed beans tasted like chocolate chips and had the texture of chocolate chips. No matter how often I told myself I was eating beans, they still tasted like chocolate chips.

Since this calls for two bananas my mashed, frozen bananas might be used for Black Bean Brownies. Each bag has four partial bananas and equals about one cup. So,  I suppose that could be two bananas. 

I think I will use swerve next time I make this. 

Yes, I know I have posted this before, but it was years ago. 

It is 70F at noon. It will warm again before long, thankfully. I am not into cold weather! It is still sandal weather for me. 

My temperature is less each day, but I have this horrible tiredness that puts me back in bed to rest every few hours.  I continue to treat allergies so that maybe October will not require antibiotics. 

I have made a decision. The colander I own has holes only in the center of the bottom. About two inches up the sides are holes again. It is sooo difficult to drain anything without standing right there and shifting the contents and shaking to arrange the liquid so it will drain. The only thing I have found is a cheap $1 colander at Piggly Wiggly. Well, I do find other more expensive plastic colanders. So, I will go with the cheap one even if it poisons me. 

I don't need a colander often, but it makes me irritable even thinking about using one. I have pasta on for Suddenly Salad and the thought of jiggling pasta is annoying. I had six colanders before, and I miss them, especially the one I bought in 1966.

Holes are very important for a colander. They are the only reason for a colander. Otherwise, I could use a bowl or pot. 

Do you have a favorite colander? Now, I don't mean a wire sieve. I had one of those, too. Does your colander have holes all over the bottom and sides? 

Have you ever made Black Bean Brownies?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Ball Canning Jars at Piggly Wiggly and Other Stuff

 It was a mistake. There were no Roma tomatoes for $0.99/lb. anywhere. I thought they were at the Pig, so went. Instead, I got a dozen Ball 4 oz. jars. Bananas were $0.24/lb., reduced,  and I got 1.955 lbs., so I spent $0.47 on five bananas. I will mash four and freeze. Once again, I will eat one for breakfast. I still have three greenish ones and a speckled banana, all  bought at store prices, whatever that price is. Mashing done. One more cup of frozen mashed banana is in the freezer. 

I found another item to compare--another brand of Roast Beef with Gravy. 

$4.31 Hormel Roast Beef with Gravy

$3.40 Armour Roast Beef with Gravy

$2.90 Harvest Creek Roast Beef with Gravy

While I have never heard of Harvest Creek, I bought a can to give it a try. The very best is Hormel and it is from Brazil. I think their standards for beef are higher than our standards. Anyone heard of Harvest Creek? We will try it in a few days, as I have had too much beef lately. 

Wednesday night, I sort of wanted KFC but settled for hotdogs and chili without beans and some vegetable from a can. While I was looking for the hotdogs in the refrigerator, I found a meatloaf in the little pan where I cooked it. So, dinner was a very tiny bit of meatloaf and most of a can of green beans. Tommy only eats a bit of green beans. After dinner I told him to eat fruit, too. He did with no complaint. 

By the way, my Piggly Wiggly had about 30 boxes of Ball jars but no lids or rings at all. I use the tiny 4 oz. Ball jars for all sorts of things. They are great for tiny leftover amounts. I use them in the freezer for partial cans of stuff I did not use. I may make tiny meatloaves and bake them in the jars. That way I would not have to rebuy plastic freezer bags. We would need two for our meal, but that is okay. 

About 15 years ago, I grew Cayenne peppers and made hot pepper jelly and some mild. I sold the 4 oz. jars for $4.50 with a 50 cent refund when I got the jars back. I offered the buy back on the jars when people said it was too expensive. I sold dozens of jars and never had anyone want a jar fee back. Canning is hard and I am not giving away my produce, sugar, jars, and time. 

Wednesday, I ordered 19 spools of thread for the serger. I ordered 4 black, 4 white, 3 each in different shades of pink, 1 red, and 6 colors I do not remember at the moment. A $49 order has free shipping. I should have ordered needles, too. With 3000 yards on each spool, I will probably never run out of the black and white. 

I just had a thought! I put food in the freezer on a  baking sheet if I am quick freezing lots of produce to shove in a freezer bag. I have been using a paper plate when I have a pint of bananas to flatten to freeze. Just now, I was putting the Styrofoam "tray" the bananas were on with another Styrofoam tray headed to Publix for recycling. It occurred to me the clean tray could be used to put the flattened bag of bananas into the freezer. I can just store the tray in the freezer when I am not actively freezing something. 

Reduced bananas are always on Styrofoam trays. I refuse to buy other produce items on Styrofoam! 

Have you ever heard of Harvest Creek canned food? Anyone found Ball lids and rings in stores?

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

New Books, Curb Shopping, Food Deals

 We went to the free book place and, as I said, we took 8 of Tommy's books. I think we got 21. The next time we go, we will return as many books as we got in the two trips. I wanted to get books before they were exposed to rain or just damp air. As before, some books have never even been opened.

We cruised a bit, not much. This area has fraternity and sorority houses besides grand old homes used for student apartments. I saw a pile of junk and we stopped. I scored a tiny ironing board, the kind you put on the counter to use. Then, a sheet caught my eye. It was clean, new and MINE. There was a tiny rip near the top hem where it looked like the sheet might have been caught in a tug of war. It may be turned into curtains. It is going into the washing machine. 

I knew we would both have low blood sugar if we did not take something to eat. So, I asked him to grab crackers and juice. He got two of both, not what I meant but okay. 

So, it was my idea to wash the chairs early in the day, but I wanted books, and we left. At 4:30 or maybe before, he got up to wash chairs. About halfway through, I asked him if he would like these chairs instead of his dining chair. The answer was an emphatic YES. 

My plans that he did not dispute--take off seats and have new ones cut, get new padding, upholster with fabric he likes and maybe get it laminated, put slides on the bottoms of the wooden legs. My kitchen chairs were never used on carpet, so I put the carpeted slides on the bottom. His chair will be on carpet, so I will put the smooth glides on his chair legs. These are the things on a nail that is nailed in the bottom of the chair leg. I asked him if he wanted the chairs painted or like they they are--wood. There is hope! 

He got so much dust on him and nasty water. So, he is covered in dust that looked like the residue of sanding seams. The white stuff was not paint, mostly sheet rock mud since it was thick in places. All but two or three specks did come off. I took a fingernail and scraped off some tiny immovable specks. My emery board will take care of the other few. It took a little over two hours. He is in the shower.

These chairs are very sturdy. There are two stretchers on the front and both sides with only one stretcher across the back. The original papers were still stapled to the bottoms of the chair. There is no zip code  on the address which were officially implemented in 1963 but in use some places during WWII. I am going to research the company and find out when these were made. If made in 1962, the chairs are 58 years old. I sat on one of the chairs and they are large enough for my ample bottom that they were comfortable. 

Dinner Tuesday night--either we go buy something or have a hotdog with chili with no beans and cheese and the leftover mashed potatoes from last night and whatever is in the other three containers. He said the hotdogs and leftovers would be okay. I think I need KFC.

I cannot list books now since I need to put hotdogs in the microwave. Okay, Tommy had hot dogs and bread and chili without beans, mashed potatoes, and cantaloupe. I had cheese and no bread, no cantaloupe. Good enough!

Ronco Pasta--In the last batch of coupons that are thrown in the little pink bags, I found Ronco coupons--75 cents off two packages. Well, I have six coupons and can only find two. I will find them. I went to the Pig and found no Ronco spaghetti, just vermicelli and thin spaghetti. I cannot stand either. 

But, Ronco Rotini was there. I bought two bags for $1.54 each. The 75 cent coupon doubled. So, rotini was $3.04-$1.50 doubled coupon=$1.54 or $0.77 for each bag of rotini. That will be four servings or two meals, less than 20 cents per serving for this ingredient. 

I will save the 5 coupons left to try to buy at the Pig when they have more Ronco spaghetti. 

Bananas--1.825 lbs. bananas reduced to $0.29/lb and I have 5 bananas for $0.53. These have bumps and bruises, I am sure. But, you never can tell. I will mash and freeze at least one cup of these and eat the rest, probably just one. Okay....There was exactly one cup of mashed banana from four of the five bananas. This morning, Wednesday, I ate the other for breakfast in a sandwich. 

Speaking of Piggly Wiggly, I tried their cheese because it was cheap. It was fine, not quite as tasty as Kraft, but not like some other cheeses I have tried. So, I am sold when I cannot find Kraft cheap enough. 

That was Tuesday--free books, Ronco coupons used, curb shopping, bananas cheap. 

Wednesday morning I awoke after five hours sleep and finally got up because I was hot. I feel better, but not well by any means--lower temperature but not gone, less pain, less congestion. Now, it is Wednesday afternoon and after a four-hour nap, I feel even better, but not completely well. 

How was your bargain hunting or finding lately? Any sales? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Monday This and That

Last week, there were no batteries to use in the blood pressure cuff. Last week, we got batteries for the electric flyswatter and forgot about the medical device! Monday night, I loaded up the batteries and took my blood pressure--110/73. I think it was so high because I struggled with the cuff and put it on wrong. After sitting still for a bit, I will try again. 

The doctor wanted me to take my blood pressure when my heart is acting up. Now, I need to get an oximeter. Speaking of medical things, I dutifully put on my oxygen generator nose things and slept all night. When I got up for good the next morning, I had not turned on the generator! 

Monday, Tommy and I both needed to mail a letter, so about 6 pm, we headed out for a drive, too. The drive was cut short  because it was getting dark. I will not be happy when DST stops. 

Washing the chairs is the only thing on the agenda for Tuesday. It is the absolute last day since there will be rain on Wednesday.  I was adamant and Tommy agreed.

We tried the Armour Roast Beef and it was as good as the Hormel. It seemed like less meat, but maybe less fat. ??? I think I will go ahead and open the Hormel so the taste/fat tests will be close together. Tommy peeled and diced a 2 lb. potato and I opened a can of green beans. It was a delicious dinner. And, there is enough for another meal of mashed potatoes. Seriously, the potato was the largest I have ever seen and weighed at least two pounds.

When the pink paper came last Monday, there were two 75 cents-off coupons. I got a second set of coupons and wish I had gotten another set or two from driveways or  streets that never use them. 

Several times a week, one of our phones or a credit card or mail falls between the console and seats. It is so frustrating. It is also impossible for me to get my hand in there. It hurts. Tommy has larger hands but can force his hand in the crack. When we went to get his oil changed, he used it. Minutes later, I bought a light for his turn signal. Then, I used the card for my oil change. We went one other place in his car, he wanted to use it again. But, he could not find it. So, he used another card. We looked everywhere for his card. 

As he was looking in my car, he saw trash and cleaned out my car completely! He said he did not notice the trash under my seat when he cleaned the floor for my mats. He went out and cleaned my car of trash so it no longer has trash anywhere! 

The first thing he said, even before I walked away as he was looking in my car, "Oh, I see a quarter." When he came in, I asked him how much money he found, he said 36 cents--a quarter, two nickels, and a penny. So, he found money this time. He is going to put it in his change container in the car. We both use from it all the time.

Then, he searched his vehicle for the card and dropped his phone between his seat and the console. Much later, I noticed lots blood on his arm and paper from a Kleenex or napkin stuck to it. He had a three-inch gash on his arm. Ramming his hand between the seat and console had cut him and caused a wound that bled profusely and still has a large scab on it almost a week later. He used napkin and packing tape but would not allow me to bandage it. 

Last Fall, I wanted to get a foam thing that protects pipes from freezing to put between each of our seats and the console. He was furious, yelling at me. Later, in the winter I bought one piece. He was furious again. Well, after he was cut so badly last week, I suggested we find it and I would put it in place. He knew exactly where it was in the back of the Rogue and got it out for me without me asking. It works very well. I have no idea why he is so resistant! 

He thanked me for putting the barrier in, and we have not dropped anything down there since.  The piece of foam was cut and used for two pieces in his car with a piece left over that I can use in my car. 

All the pool noodles were gone from stores when I bought the pipe insulation. Those would have worked just as well and were on sale after Labor Day.

It is 10 pm and the temperature is 60F. I may need to break out a sweater! Can Fall weather be here for good? I doubt it. Summer is not really gone around here. I am still wearing sleeveless clothing. 

Tuesday now. We are going to the free book place and taking eight of Tommy's books to leave. I did not ask him. He just got busy removing books. I kept one. You are not going to believe what I kept.


No, I have not lost my mind. 

But, I am getting sick--slight fever, sore throat, full head, body/muscle aches that are unimaginable. And, my toe hurts! I am ramping up for October, the month I am usually ill. So, allergy meds, aspirin, Vicks Vaporub, and Campbell's chicken broth are my life after we go to the free book place. I dare not wait longer since it is going to rain. 

Do you have someone resistant that comes around eventually? Do you have anything between seat and console to keep things from sliding down?

Monday, September 21, 2020

More Accomplished

 Sunday afternoon, Tommy got up without my mentioning the sweet potatoes and took them all outside and sorted the good from the bad. Now, we can buy another 40 lbs. I am going to cook the remaining dozen sweet potatoes. I have cooked chicken, so this oven full will not be hard for me to do. 

Tommy always has joined in with my recycling. But, when I came here, he did not want to recycle cans. I mentioned yesterday that we have too many bags of plastic bags and we should throw out the old bags of bags. He reacted with alarm, saying he wanted to recycle them at a store that recycles bags. What a shock. So, we will do that today. We need to get out to go somewhere as it keeps us feeling less cooped up. 

Okay, we went to Publix with kitchen garbage bags full of bags and an employee took them in. Wow, the place here has more room.

Hopefully, the chairs will get washed. I am not too hopeful, though. No, chairs are for Monday. He is cutting coupons and I am listing books.

I mentioned I wanted to go to the "take a book; leave a book" store outside a store in Southside. He asked if I wanted to go now. So, we went. Unopened books have a spine without signs of opening and they are stiff. You know the feeling. 

I know I took 13 and left 0, but it is a long way to this place, a 40 mile trip. I will return 13 books or more when I go there again.  

I  chose 13 books~~ N denotes never opened, so obviously new and never read. 

N To Engineer is Human--role of failure in successful design

N Born To Rock--heavy drinkers and thinkers

Dog Years--Mark Doty

The People's Almanac

N ABCs of Bridge

Literature: Today's Young Adults--how to teach it, not what I thought but useful.

N How to Be a Bridesmaid...just to see what they say. pristine dustcover.

For Her Own Good--150 years of the experts' advice to women by Barbara Ehenreich  I read this before and it's gone.

Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet

A Discovery of Witches--I thought this was about witches through the years. I think it is a novel, but the back cover says it is a book about books. I will look it up and see. Okay, it is a novel so I probably will not read it.

Midnight Song by Henry James--I love anything he wrote. Correction: This is "Henry James' Midnight Song", not what I thought. It is a fin-de-siecle mystery set in Vienna. It might be good after all. 

In Praise of Play by Robert E. Neale This sounds good, research, I think.

N Everything, Everthing "soon to be a motion picture" Why, yes it was a movie. Pristine dustcover

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince--hardback Surely, this was read only once. First American Edition

When I picked out a book from this outdoor, exposed-to-the weather bookcase, I opened it, put my nose in and breathed deeply. Ten of these books have the same faint odor of a woman's house. None have even the slightest whiff of mustiness. I wanted to go here before it rains because I sort of figured someone would put out books in this week of dry weather and humidity.  Actually, all these books look so great that I think they threw out the old ones that had gotten wet with rain blowing. 

From the condition of all these books and the subjects, I believe the whole lot belonged to a professor and a maybe a bibliophile. The subjects spoke of erudition. There were about 500 new (not wet and musty) books replacing the mess I found last time I was there. 

Okay, it is Monday and almost 4 pm. It looks like no chair washing will happen today...sigh.

I love Hormel Canned Roast Beef. But, Armour Canned Roast Beef is about $1.50 cheaper, so I bought two cans, one to try now and one to save in stockpile. Tonight, we will try the Armour brand with potatoes or sweet potatoes and two other vegetables. I will let you know. 

What do you recycle? Do you have to take it to a recycling place or does it get picked up at your curb? Do you have a free book place? 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

How My Mask Is Affecting My Face

 Obviously, I do not wear a mask for long periods of time, just when I go into a store or talk to someone outside the car window. However, the mask is not kind to my skin. 

Like most masks, mine has a metal strip to conform to my nose/face. I did get a second type of mask that had a metal strip that barely bent and would not bend around my nose near the tip or side. So, I only wore masks with the better metal strip. 

When I put on the mask, I press the metal strip around my nose right at the place just before the nose flares a bit. It makes a very snug fit and very little air get in or out around the edges of the mask. 

However, the place where nose is narrower just before the flare is being hurt. I use my dominant hand and my index finger must be very powerful. I developed a place that hurt and was red. This went on for few weeks. Then, the red went away and it felt like a scab developed as the skin had a little thick place on it. 

I was worried that it could be a skin cancer. But, I was not concerned enough to go to the dermatologist since it had recently been red and painful. Plus, now the thick place (scab?) seems smaller. 

Plus, my jawline is very rough. sort of like it needs to be exfoliated every day. The mask does fit here. 

Maybe it is the type fabric in the blue faced and white-lined surgical-like mask. I wonder if a cloth mask would be less rough on my skin. The feel is okay for me. 

Can you tell any difference in your face since wearing a mask? 


Saturday, September 19, 2020

Plans That Did Not Happen

But, then some happened.

I had several acquisitions and plans that were for my birthday week that did not happen but are still in our plans. Since I wrote this, some have happened.

* BBQ at Top Hat. They were closed on Mon and Tues when we went up last. Tommy was really looking forward to this. We will go some Wednesday or Thursday.

*Going to Colony, town established as backlash to racism (I have been told.) in the county. We were going there when we went to Top Hat. We may do this at the same time.

* Electric flyswatter was not for my birthday. I just intended to get it last week and forgot when I went to Lowe's. Lots of produce comes with flying things. Plus, Tommy has to hold the door open so long that flies and mosquitoes are coming in. DONE

 * Sedum Joy. Mine was stolen by backyard neighbors. I had had it for at least 30 years. And, the pot was nice. I am not going to buy a new pot yet as I will try to get a used one from the side of the This time of year, the sedum would have been pink. Haven't looked lately.

* Chips and dip. Ruffles are my favorite chips. I had two free coupons for $4.29 each for two different Lay's items. I got Ruffles for me and Fritos for Tommy. I used a tiny package of Velveeta cheese as dip. the package came out of mac n cheese with whole wheat pasta, and I cannot stand whole wheat pasta. Okay, we finally opened those after the week was over. DONE

* The floormats are still not installed. But, we need to take it to a vacuum for cars, first. The floor is not very dirty, but I hate to put the mats down on the dirt that is there, grinding it in the carpet. When I bought the car, there was a mat on the driver's side that was flimsier than a kitchen dishwashing glove. Then, when I took it to a shop, they put down paper over that. So, I have managed to have two thin means of protection. Both were light enough I could shake them out.  I keep forgetting about taking it to the vacuum. I suppose I will wait for a dry day for this chore. DONE

Saturday, today, I had other plans--wash residue from around windows from pollen and mold. That will not happen. Tommy needs to take all the sweet potatoes that are left from last fall. We do have losses but still they are worth the price I pay. Plus, he will wash the found chairs so I can get them out of the weather. There are spider webs underneath and sheetrock dust everywhere else. I still have dishes, cooking, and freezing to keep me busy. 

There was no bucket here, so I went to Dollar Tree to buy one. Maybe I can score a free 3 gallon bucket soon. At DT. I bought the two-pack of square brownie/cake pans. Brownies are going to be my go-to gift of food from now on. 

There are other plans. 

Chair washing is postponed to Sunday. Today, we took three bags of food to store parking lot and gave them to one woman. 

I still need to vacuum under the mats I finally put down.

Saturday, Tommy could do more, but I soon gave out. Well, I could have done more, but that would have caused me such pain tomorrow, so I held off and quit. If I am too exhausted, I won't be able to sleep like last night and then have to take a nap. 

Do you ever plan a little and it is too much for you to do? 

Friday, September 18, 2020

The Art of Magic

Did you know there are "magic" stamps? A friend sent me a birthday card with two forever stamps titled The Art of Magic. When I bought stamps a few weeks ago, these were not presented as choices. Are you aware of these stamps? Or, maybe they are only sold in California.

I bought  a box of 12 Sympathy Cards for $1.88 so that Tommy would have a sympathy card for the family of the man across the street who died.  At 16 cents per card it's is certainly the best price I have seen for cards anywhere. Okay, cards from yard sales are cheaper. 

Thursday afternoon, I only chopped an onion and put it in the freezer. I took the meatloaf from the freezer that I just put in there Wednesday night. I did NOT feel like cooking. I did slice 4 zucchini and a portion of an onion and put it in a pot with a bit of water and more olive oil and some garlic. I think Tommy ate 3/4 of the zucchinis. He loves how I cook zucchini. I had diced several potatoes and forgot to put them on. Later, I put them in the zucchini pot and cooked them. Tommy thought they were delicious!  The olive oil with zucchini, onion, garlic taste were different. So, small meatloaf, zucchini, potatoes.

We took turns zapping fruit flies/gnats. The sound of them zapping is so satisfying. You can slowly move the electric flyswatter through the air and pop things you cannot see. I think I got a mosquito, too. I tried this on flies several years ago, but I might have gotten one fly. 

On Thursday, Tommy's mailbox held three pieces of mail. All three were for me. Today, Friday, one piece for me, one piece of mail for him. 

Thursday, the skies were the most beautiful blue. There was not a sign of any haze from fires like there was the other day. 

We were out for two hours and saw three bad, multiple car wrecks. 

Thursday night, Tommy told me he was going to get his oil changed on Friday. I said I would go too and what time. I grunted when he said 9 am. I told him to get me up and I would be ready at 9 am. He kept questioning me as to what time to wake me--9 am. 

I got 7 hours sleep! Two nights in a row I slept. When he woke me at at 9, I got up and was ready to go in four minutes. I combed my hair in the car and carried a banana and glass of milk with me. Later, he said I threw off the cover the minute he spoke to me instead of waiting 15 minutes or him having to wake me again in 15 minutes. 

He had his oil changed. We went to Auto Zone and got a bulb for his turn signal. Then, we took the bulb back and they changed that. We came home and got my car and had the oil changed in it, too. Whew!

This afternoon, we have a project--check all old fruit/veggies and depending on what needs to be done, either throw it away or take it and give it away. Then, we both are going to prepare fruit/vegetables and freeze it. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Busy Thursday and Free Chairs

 Today we went to a food box giveaway and got two boxes. Inside each box were 2 lbs of baby carrots. 4 zucchini, 4 yellow onions, 5 lbs. russet potatoes, 5 lbs, apples, 5 lbs pears, and two huge and very fresh bell peppers. 

Tommy will cut the carrots and I will blanch, pack, and freeze. I will cut and freeze the bell peppers and the zucchini. So, that will be the rest of the day. 

On Wednesday night I was planning to bake two packages of chicken. However, when I looked in the refrigerator, I had thawed a package of hamburger meat and a package of chicken. I took the easy way out and made hamburgers. Then I made two small meat loaves from the rest of the ground beef. One is in the freezer and the other is dinner tonight with zucchini and something else. 

We needed an electric flyswatter for the clouds of fruit flies. I went to one big box store and could not get to where they were. The assistant manager said he had never heard of them and refused to have anyone look for them in the jumble. I said, "Well, do you want me to just leave the store without anyone helping me?" He said, "Yes, just leave the store." So, I did. 

We drove to Lowe's and just parked, waiting for any employee to come out. One guy did and I told him I could not walk around the store and search and the electric carts were broken. I asked him if he could find three for us. He came back with one. Then, he took the Lowe's card, took it inside, and brought it and batteries we also asked for before he went in. 

He came out and my back thanked him. 

I discovered a trap for flies and fruit flies, even mosquitoes. I have been doing this for several years. Take any container and put apple cider vinegar in it. Put a drop of Dawn in the vinegar, no need to stir. Flying insects are attracted and are killed, drowned or killed by the Dawn. The concoction is non-toxic. 

Between the electric flyswatter and the vinegar/Dawn trap, I expect to be free of flying critters shortly. Flies like this, too. As we left today, a fly came in because Tommy needs the door open for so long. 

Best of all, we found free chairs. The ladder back chairs were on the trash heap of a home being remodeled. Tommy stopped and I asked about the chairs. Yes, they are being thrown away and do you want them. Well, yes I do. 

Two men quickly came out when I told them I could not get them into the car. We could only carry two and asked them to save the other two and not let anyone get them. Oh, could you put them in when we come back? 

We rushed home, about a half mile, I dragged the chairs out. We went right back and waited about ten minutes for the two guys to come out and help again. So, we had four chairs in the driveway. They are too filthy (spider webs underneath and remodeling dust on top) to sit on and try. Tommy put them in the carport where the rain cannot get to them. He will take a bucket of soapy water and clean them for me. 

Someone has used vinyl to reupholster them, not a very good job. I can do lots better. These are very old and a good quality chair. They are plain and can be painted if I don't like them wood colored. 

I will order two more electric flyswatters shortly. Tommy said we needed one for me and one for him and one for the kitchen. Now, if Tommy wants multiples of something, then we need multiples. 

Last night, I got a 7.5 hours sleep. It has been a good day. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


 The effects of hurricane Sally so far have been minimal even though the weather forecast had rain at 100%. However, the local city forecast for Hueytown showed no rain, just a cloud. So far, maybe a sprinkle. 

We had thought about meeting friends in Cullman after we all got our take out lunch. They offered to sit on their porch and eat. This is the couple we eat with at the lake under a pavilion when we pick up a lunch. Today was spaghetti day. It would have included a nice salad. It would be nice to visit, but the chance of rain and maybe storms was too great. The clouds and rain bands are swirling up that way, so need to set off and encounter a storm. 

I had 11 tiny bags of baby carrots, the kind in kids lunches or box lunches,  a total of 1 lb in the 11 bags. Tommy cut them all into chunks and they are in the sink in ice water and another batch just went into boiling water to blanch, and he is working on a 1 lb bag. Those he is cutting into coins. So, this is a production line. These will be good in soup this winter. That makes 10 pint bags with almost 2 cups each this afternoon.

Tuesday, I bought bananas because I was out. Right there in the produce department was a dozen or so reduced packages of bananas at a quarter a pound. I now have 37 cents worth of 5 bananas to mash. Actually, these are nice enough for me to eat. I will mash these and freeze. This will be another 1 cup of mashed bananas in the freezer. 

Even though I got a heaping cup from five bananas last week, I bought four bananas this week and got a bag with 1 cup and another with 3/4 cup. These bananas were so firm and free of blemishes and rot that they went further than the more ripe bananas.  I will put enough bananas in the bag with little so that it is one cup, also. 

I ran out of pint freezer bags and we had to go get more. I only needed three to finish the bananas and carrots. When I went to Publix, they had none. A guy who works there told me they cannot get canning jars, so people were switching to freezing. At the Pig, there was a whole shelf full of pint bags. I got two just in case they are going to be scarce. That is only 40 bags. If I had not found any bags, I would have frozen in half-pint jars. 

Now, I have two packages of chicken to put into a cooking bag for dinner and for freezing and for another meal tomorrow. 

Still, it is only sprinkling here. It was 69F here at 5 pm, and the rain with sprinkling and ac in the stores made me very chilly. Of course, when I dried out, I felt warmer. 

Maybe I will cut and freeze red onions this evening. 

Is anyone finding freezer bags scarce? There were very few on the shelves here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Let me try again

 Okay Here is the link to grandson singing. I have no idea how I could paste my own blog into a link. Okay, this works. He is guy on right that sings first.

HERE are the lyrics and an idea of the genesis of the song. I had never heard this song until I heard him singing it. Maybe you have.

Monday Doings and Grandson Singing

Since it will most likely be very rainy this week, we went to Cullman to get my mail and go to notary public at my bank. There were other things I needed to do. 

It was a beautiful day, lots of fluffy clouds and sunshine. On the way home, we got about four dozen big splats of rain, nothing else--no darkness, no wind, still pretty.

I went to one grocery store that always has buggies of reduced items. No, I had already gotten what they offered. However, I did get more pimiento. I have wanted peanut oil but was not ready to commit to a gallon. So, I purchased a 24 oz. bottle. Then, I put my name and Tommy's name in for a drawing for a new washing machine. I hope one of us wins.  This is the store where I won $100 worth of groceries for 2018 Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Since I needed the services of a notary public, I called my bank and had to get an appointment. They were agreeable to having the notary come out to me in the car.  So, that was easy peasy. 

Do you use peanut oil? Do you like it? Ever use LOUANNA Peanut Oil?

When we came home, I was sooo tired and did not want to cook dinner. I found a KFC thigh in the freezer and a meal of Italian Beef with cilantro-lime white rice and black beans. We divided the frozen dinner and he had the chicken thigh and a huge amount of red grapes. 

I still had dishes to wash from the night before. ugh

Someone reminded me of this incident with my son and mother. I left him with her and told her to make sure he eats some meat and fruits and vegetables with every meal. When I came back, I asked her if he had eaten well. And, did he eat meat, fruits, and vegetables. My mother changed to a very high voice and said he only wanted to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I said you mean for lunch every day? No, he wanted it more than that. Oh, for breakfast? Well, he would not eat any other food. You mean he ate it for all three meals??? Yes, and for a snack. 

Had my mother lost her mind? By the way, he had never had peanut butter ever before. So, for seven days he had not eaten one other thing than pbj sandwich! She created a monster. So, I had to buy pb, something I did not want to do. Okay, so I suppose I did not have to buy it, but he asked for it incessantly and I just got it. 

Here is a video of my grandson singing at MCLA. He is the guy just to the right of center and sings first. Watch here. I think he has a great voice. My daughter said he was singing in tune and in time when he was two-years-old. She is a wonderful singer, too.

I have been told my picture did not show on my blog post yesterday. I can see it on my blog and I can see it on . Look for my blog on her blog roll. If you do not read her blog, give it a look. It's one of my favorite blogs. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Picture of Me


This is the day my second cousin I have never met came to visit me. He told me he wanted to take a picture and to step there. I had not completely turned around when he took my picture. I was struggling to get turned around. My pants are wrapped around my legs! I have my camera and mask in my hand. We had never seen each other until he was ready to leave. He left about one minute after this picture. We both wore masks in the house, and took off the masks to take each other's picture.

The back half of my second cousin's fifth wheel is behind me. 

The outfit is one of the Rafaella outfits I got after losing all my clothing. I am not crazy about my arms showing so as this outfit is cut back in the sleeves. Do you think some fluttery sleeves would improve the looks of the outfit? I bought a pair of pants cheaply in the same fabric to cut sleeves.  Sleeves would hide my fat arms. What do you think?

A woman I barely knew bought me four or five pairs of pants and 6 or 7 blouses at Belk's. None of the pants fit. Only one blouse fit and it was too sheer. So, I was able to get three Rafaella outfits. Otherwise, I would have nothing nice to wear anywhere. I was going to wear this to my reunion, but since Tommy wanted me to wear the black and white striped one, I did. He said it looked better. 

The blouse is cut at an angle in the front and the top is a bit flared, accommodating my This is me with not one speck of makeup. I have worn no makeup since March. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

It Came a Day Early

Tommy was closing the door after going outside and said, "Your delivery is here." Be still my heart. The Juki serger was supposed to be delivered by Monday afternoon, so this is a wonderful surprise. But, I was not prepared with a place to sit it. Never mind. I am thrilled. 

It is a Juki MO-80CB. I think that is the model. It has cover stitch, lock stitch, and a bunch of other features. 

This model was $799, marked down to $440. As I ordered, I asked the woman if there was any special or coupon or code. She said she could give me 10% off for Labor Day. So, it was $396. I had saved $392 and had the $4 in cash. Tommy let me use his card and I put the amount in his bank. Works for me. I had gotten a refund that put this over the top. Well, to the top. 

I was told it would be threaded so I could pull the threads through. It is not!  Okay, it is. the threads are white and in a little groove.

Now, when I get some fabric, I can sew. Black pants are first. 

Do you have a serger? Do you sew?

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Brownies and Ice Cream, Death, and a Decision

 Friday, we went to one of the food pickups and came home with an enormous amount of food. They told us we could have as many boxes as we wanted. We said two, and the woman said you can have more, take more. So, we took four and she offered more. There is so much I need to work up. 

We got: six more butternut squashes, apples, plums, baby carrots like lunch size bags, red onions, baking potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers.

Also on Friday I purchased a blood pressure cuff, a touchless thermometer, and a 72" set of shelves--3 ft. wide.  I need the shelves for food in the kitchen. Food is all over floor, chairs, and table! I did not want to put it together last night, so we will do that today, Saturday. We both learned how to use the thermometer and practiced last night. He was pleased with his

Last week, I saw red light out the door window one night. There was an ambulance across the street and a fire truck. I assumed the guy across the street who had developed lung cancer was going to hospital unless he had already died. 

Thursday night, there were several extra and never-before-seen cars there. I told Tommy he must have died. He poo-pooed that idea as I insisted. Well, Friday, Tommy talked to a woman from across the street and he did die! I thought the woman was the wife. No, she was the sister moved in to care for the guy. His wife died two years ago. Tommy was shocked as he had not heard about it. 

That is how disconnected he is from a man he has known for 25 years, a man who has faithfully mowed his yard or paid someone to mow his yard, a man who gave him his ramp and paid his men to install it for Tommy. I wonder how hurt the guy was that Tommy never acknowledged his wife died. I have a sympathy card for Tommy to give to them.

This guy has mown Tommy's yard for ten or more years, or had his employees mow Tommy's yard. 

At Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, I had bought 2/$1 8x8 inch disposable brownie pans, so I took one of the $0.98 Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie and made brownies. Tommy took them over. The guy's three daughters and their small children were there, plus other people from distant states. So, it was not much, but I am sure the brownies will be eaten! 

After baking brownies for them, I had still to bake brownies for my birthday. I decided Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix and a pint of ice cream were just what I needed. I ate waaaaay too much. We had to run to a Shell station to get the ice cream. 

After breakfast every day or many days, I get so tired and lethargic that I go to bed and sleep several hours. I have decided this is my blood sugar dropping and not good for me. Soooo, a decision. From now on, after I eat I will take a walk. Today, I was going to walk in the street with my walker and Tommy watching me in case I have a spill or someone runs me down. Then, I changed my mind. He set his stopwatch for me to walk in the house. 

I planned to walk for five minutes but made it to 3:30. I was just too winded to go farther. I was walking quickly down the hall and back around to the kitchen and to the stove. That is 25 steps. I will try for another 5 minutes in a bit, maybe only the 1:30 that I did not get done this time. Okay, I walked another 1:30 and was exhausted. I had to lie down because back and foot hurt so. But, I did not just fade away as before. 

One of the relatives of the man who died came and mowed Tommy's yard this afternoon. I think I will bake another pan of brownies for them. I am going to take two packages of brownie mix, put it in the other 8x8 pan and make brownies to take across the street. I think I will send some of this produce, too.  I hate to expect grieving people to cook their own food, but I cannot. They can haul it off to their own home if they don't want to cook now. 

It is 4:30 and 90F. Summer likes to linger here in the South. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Time Out

 Today is my birthday. I cannot believe I am 74. That's old.

How This Post Started and When.

 Friday, I just got up from a morning nap since I slept little last night. I did not even try to sleep until just before 4 am. I went right to sleep and woke hot at 7:30. So, by 9:30, I was down for a nap. Now, it is just after noon, and after lunch I feel the need for another nap. 

Since there is light from my new lamp, I can now read. Last night, I read more of my current book. It was such a pleasant thing to do that I was relaxed for sleeping. Reading does NOT make me sleepy. Reading wakes me. So, I suppose the pleasure and easing of tensions helped me to sleep. Either way, melatonin was not helping me at all. I just took half the dose of liquid melatonin hours before I finally turned off the light. 

Today, is my birthday and I have few plans. I know I will continue to process something for the freezer. Plus, I will make a pan of brownies and pick up chicken for dinner. I love Zaxby's and KFC. I keep vacillating, but I think KFC is winning. I considered other places to pick up food. However, KFC is never a surprise. 

I suppose not cooking dinner will give me more time and energy to freeze more. 

I stopped by the hand-was place yesterday. A regular wash is $15,  a bargain. However, he wants to pressure wash my car with a degreaser to rid it of the pollen around the windows. I am not sure that I want the seals around the windows power-washed. And, is degreaser the thing to use? So, that will wait. The purse I bought is not suitable at all, too tiny. 

I am trusting my sewing machine will be great because those two things are not working out. 

What do you used on pollen and mold that forms around windows. This car was parked for a year under an oak tree and in humid conditions. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

More in the Freezer and Other Stuff

 3 racer-back tank tops--$1 each, two black and one bright pink. I like them. They fit with a flare at the bottom so they can fit the top and hips, too. I only have one top to color my hair, and it was in the wash last time I needed it. Now, I have two more or I can also wear these under a blouse in the winter if it is really, really cold.

Wednesday, we finally got out and mailed two letters. I took something back to Publix and bought green grapes. I didn't realize I bought organic, but I did and am okay with it, I guess. We ate a few. Then, I took two pounds and froze them on a tray for transfer later to a freezer bag, about one quart. Two or three of these will be a treat some winter night when I am wanting something and nothing looks or sounds good and I do not want to go out and get anything even if I knew what I wanted. The rest I am going to make into a fruit salad, one of my favorite things. Tommy won't like my fruit salad because it has bananas, but it is my birthday and he has lots of oranges. 

Luck is the residue of design.

The people next door have 3 large dogs. The Great Dane had 11 puppies; at birth 3 died. They did not know she was pregnant and had no signs until less than 24 hours before she gave birth. The puppies were 5 weeks old when I saw them the day before the neighbors moved. I asked to see one and the wife brought one over while her husband was helping Tommy to jump off the car. 

Those were the largest puppies I have ever seen. I declined to hold it when she held it out, saying I was much sensitive to dogs. Besides, the puppies had fleas. I had seen the big dogs scratching, more and more each day. Cute diversion. I have seen full grown dogs smaller than these puppies. The father is a Great Dane, too, so they are hoping to sell them. 

An onion larger than a softball is in the freezer. I sliced it and cut the onion in quarters. It filled a quart bag. This will be a good size slice for cooking with squash. I still have a dozen onions, but I have to do this slowly. 

a2milk was on sale for $3.99, so I bought five half-gallons. I do the best I can. Some of the cartons have a date the middle of October. 

We took some non-perishable food I was given that we will not eat and took it to a parking lot. There we offered it to a woman who could use it. 

My ears hurt, behind my ears. The mask strap, the oxygen tube, and glasses irritate the back of my ears. They are in pain behind lots of time. It is disgusting, but there is oozing behind my ear. And, my ear drum hurts. Plus, I have a growth or swelling or something next to my eardrum. Woe is me. THEN, last night I slept on my ear with it bent!

Walgreen's spent $0.41 to send me a check for $0.21. I wonder why I got a check at all. 

Tommy bought me a cheap purse that I wanted. I brought it out and showed him what he bought me. It is flat, tiny, and white with flowers. It zips all the way around the top of the two sections. I have a tiny pink one that is really flat, but if want to carry coupons AND use them, it is too tight. There is no need for me to carry anything but a card, phone, and coupons into most stores. I told him it was for my birthday. He thinks he got off at $ It had been $10. Of course, it is plastic but will fit over my head and arm to carry it with the least pain anywhere. 

Now, I must blanche and freeze carrots.

It was cloudy here this morning but now the sun is blazing. It feels hotter than 85F because there is not a breath of wind. 

What is the weather like at your place today? Any bargains?

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Frozen Food and Doctor Appointment

And, I lost another post !!!! 

Tuesday night, I mashed the 34 cents worth of bananas, five bananas, and got a heaped up measuring cup of bananas in a bag in the freezer. I cleaned and cut into strips four Bell peppers and froze them on a pan in the freezer and dumped them into a bag. The four peppers were 94 cents. Even though the peppers were reduced, they were not wrinkly, just  few blemishes that happened during growth and picking. 

Wednesday, I had an telephone appointment with a cardiologist. On Monday, I received a call from someone wanting another telephone appointment at the same time. I was trying to explain I had another call scheduled at the same time. The guy was a little confused. Finally, I realized he was from the cardiologist, not the research team for my garden. The guy needed a bit of information and said a nurse practitioner would call me on Wednesday and then the doctor would talk with me, somewhere between 11 am and 12 noon. 

At 8:15 on Wednesday morning, the middle of the night, the phone rang. I had forgotten to turn it off. It was the guy calling to see if I were ready to receive the call. Yes, I am and why are you calling so early for 11 am appointment? To see if you are ready. I pointed out he woke me!

At 10 am I received a call from someone who took a history and meds information. And, to see if I was ready for the 11 am call. 

Finally, exhausted, I lay down about 12:30, figuring they knew how to wake me. I awoke at 2:15 pm, went to the bathroom and tried to rest more. A little before 3 pm, I received a call from someone who wanted to know if I was ready for the call and how much did I weigh and did I take my blood pressure. Well, no, since i don't have a blood pressure cuff. 

The nurse practitioner got on the phone and we talk for a long time. It seemed we went over everything I had told all the other people. Finally, she told me the doctor would come on the line.

He has a very slight accent, but the volume was keeping me from understanding. After the second sentence I said to him, "I cannot understand you. You need to speak up, louder." He started laughing really hard. I asked him what was so funny. He said, "You are very direct. You make me think I am talking to my mother." And, he continued to laugh hard. I said, "I am your mother." He laughed even harder. But, he did speak up for the whole conversation, not needing prompting to keep speaking loud enough. 

I shared my anxieties about being in the hospital for a procedure and this one in particular. He said, "We will make sure it is a happy experience." I said, "Are you giving me prizes or something? Happy experience?" He started laughing again. "Yes, we will give you prizes!" After a bit more conversation, we were through. 

The nurse practitioner came back on the phone. Someone will call me for an appointment for sometime in the future--4-6 weeks! 

So, that is that. I wait for a summons to torture.

I had things planned for today, and nothing was done! My car was going to get its hand washing. We were going to go to Tommy's bank so I could write him a check to pay for the sewing machine. Well, I wrote him a check and we mailed it--my idea. That involved a trip to PO, less than a mile away instead of going all the way downtown to his credit union. Somehow, the credit union branches don't have night deposit slots.

A birthday treat--`Alouette Spinach and Artichoke Dip and crackers. Tommy does not like it, so it is all mine.  It takes the edge off of not getting the car washed. 

I wanted to go to a medical supply place to get a package of two reachers, one short and one long. His broke and he struggles to drag things and shove things with a cane. There are things I need to make this a celebratory day, too. Oh well, it gets dark too early to be out this time of the day. 

Tonight, we will have slaw, beans, chicken, and I think I will cooks squash in olive oil with onions. He loves that and so do I.  

How did your day go? Anything fabulous to eat? Great deals? How was the weather?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Butternut Squash, Peppers, Bananas

 Today, four butternut squash came my way! Nice! Plus, we got a gallon of milk and two artisan, round loaves of bread. There was a box of four custard-filled long johns that may be my dinner. 

There was other stuff I will give away, stuff we don't eat. Tommy wants to keep the pop tarts and another sweet, but I may throw it in the trash, all naked of it packaging. 

Today, I found my favorite olive oil, Pompeian, on sale. I quit buying it because they switched from glass to plastic bottles. The bottle I bought today will be the next one I use, that I keep on the shelf instead of putting it in the freezer. It was a bogo at Publix.

At Piggly Wiggly, I bought produce from a grocery cart, all reduced.  Four largish Bell Peppers were $0.94. They are not perfect, but they don't have rotting holes like some did. All are sealed in plastic, so it is hard to tell. I will freeze. Tommy loves cooked Bell peppers. Me? Not so much, but I love things seasoned with peppers. If chopped small enough and cooked to a mush, I will allow they in my 

Five or six bananas were $0.34. These are destined for smoothies, black-bean brownies, or banana bread. Of course, they can replace oil in other baked goods. The peppers and bananas were sealed in plastic on a tray, so no inspecting individual items. However, I could see holes and rotten places inside some of the packages of peppers. 

Bananas, butternut squash, and peppers--not bad for one day, free or sooo cheap.     

This was not a fall. It was a sway and a slide. But, it hurt me. I felt tippy, no vertigo, just swayed to one side. I caught myself on a glass table with both hands and I was afraid I might put my hand through the glass. Now, I was off-balance and things were happenings--1) I was turning a heavy crystal bowl over on the table; My antique lamp that is pot metal and milk glass was sliding away and was going to fall behind the table; 3) as I slid down, my thigh scraped against the corner of the box with a printer in it. Only #3 was painful. This happened on Friday. Today, I have a bruise over 12 inches x 5 inches long on my thigh. It gets bluer every day! 

Now, I was on my knees and could not get up. Tommy put both hands on my hip bones and pulled me up to one foot. He pulled on just the side where my knee was still on the floor and pulled me until I could get that foot on the floor.  Whew. 

I am going to a physical therapist to get exercises to strengthen me so I can rise from my knees! 

I found something I could not find for a while and finally forgot about--Fresh Success (Concord) Roasted Potato Seasoning Mix. There is about 3 Tbsp. mix in the package, but I only use a Tsp., so the package lasts longer and it is tasty. Each package was $1+ 10%= $1.10 at Piggly Wiggly and $0.99 at Publix. I will buy several of these to put away for future use aka stockpiling. There are other varieties for other fruits and vegetables.  Has anyone tried this product? 

Monday, September 7, 2020

Labor Day--Update New Serger

 Last week, I had no sleep and it was early in the morning, just after midnight. My hair was beyond filthy. I felt horrible. So, I decided I would cut my hair. After taking about 3/4 or less off the sides, I grabbed the back and cut a good 3" chunk out of my hair. Yes, it showed. But, I left it. After coloring my hair and, of course, washing it, the gap barely 

Yes, today is still my birthday week. Tommy paid for floor mats I picked out from Auto Zone. I would like to vacuum the floor in the front seat before I put them down. The hand-wash guy was closed, so we went to one in Bessemer, and it was closed. 

I decided cheesecake was the thing to have along with bbq chicken, slaw, beans, tomatoes, zucchini. So, I got the kind that is Jello No Bake Cheesecake. It will do. 

Last night/this morning, I started on the book by Mary Trump. I should finish it Wednesday as I will not be able to read any tomorrow. 

Just now, as Tommy was watching me and talking to me, I tried to drink from a water bottle as I was taking pills. I am not sure if I even got the bottle to my mouth before I dumped it down my chin and chest. Linda<-----pay attention! Okay, he said I did not have the bottle to my mouth as I turned away to pay attention to him. 

A new Juki serger is on the way to me. details later.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday and Visit with Friend with Dementia

I managed to erase a whole post. ugh

This morning I awoke with almost enough sleep. But, I was feverish and had a hot knot in the side of my neck. So, I felt worse by the minute and went back for a four-hour nap. When I awoke, I asked to go somewhere. 

Tommy has mentioned where he lived growing up. Today, I wanted to go. So, we drove there, just a bit away and he showed me around the place. He went to Hemphill School through the eighth grade. He walked all seven blocks no matter the weather--heat, ice, pouring rain, or thunder and lightening. Maybe that is why he is so impervious to the weather and just does what he must. 

It was a nice little outing. On the way back, I stopped and got another bag of panties, 6 pair, and three tension rods for the bedroom where the food is and the adjoining bathroom which has no window covering. My plans are to take the floral sheets and make curtains for both. So, three windows will cost less than $10 to cover. All that price is in the tension rods. I suppose I will sew them by hand since I have no sewing machine. But, the header is done since I can use the hem for the rod.  

New floor mats for my car and a hand wash for it were on my list of things to do today, but those did not happen. Tomorrow. 

I have not been able to reach a friend for months. The last time I saw her was in January. I have tried to call and no one answers. One reason I worry is because her husband is in Nashville at a hospital for a psychiatric problem. She is quickly losing her memory because of shrinkage of part of her brain. Even though I have known her since 1975, I have never been to her home as we were just friends through our children's shared activities for a few years. 

However, for the last ten years or so, we have attended one of the monthly dinners at one of the churches. We have renewed the friendship on a personal basis again. Through the intervening years, we had great conversations every time we met up. 

Finally, I had the presence of mind to get her address from the internet and went to her home. While we were sitting in the driveway, I called her and she was home! She asked me to come in, but I told her we did not want to come in, just talk. So, she told me to wait and she would come out. Tommy and I put on our masks and she kept her distance. 

It turns out she was home for only a few days. Her daughter had brought her down and was coming back to take her to Smith Lake and then back to Nashville. 

At least, now, I can write her. However, she has no idea who I am. 

Into the conversation she asked me, "Now, how do we know each other?" I reminded her of the swim team and my children's names. She told me her children's names. Of course, I reminded her of the church dinners and she "remembered" both. 

It was a bittersweet meeting, but now I know. Of course, when I write I will put in the letter something about the children's activities and our later meetings and the dinners every time I write.

Right now, she knows her children's names, their spouses, and her grandchildren. I know that will pass eventually. But, she has plenty of people to care for her.

Tonight, I have opened a huge can of pork and will put Dreamland BBQ sauce on it and we will have whatever leftovers are in the refrigerator. I am throwing out the pork as it is too fatty.

Tomorrow's plans--floor mats, hand wash for car, and whatever I After all, it is my birthday week.

What did you do this weekend or are you going to do tomorrow? 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Celebration Has Begun

I am interrupting the regularly scheduled program to tell you I feel better than I have in a month. I quit taking anything to help me sleep except for liquid melatonin. Plus, the antibiotic is working! I no longer feel too tired to walk to the kitchen! 

From today until next Friday, I am celebrating my September 11th birthday. My daughter does this. Can I get away with it? 

I started Friday. For weeks I have felt crummy and put off things I wanted to do for myself. Friday, Tommy got the next door neighbor to help start my car with the new jumper cable bought over a week ago. I can do this, but my hands are not the best at doing things requiring strength for squeezing the metal part. Tommy can do it all by himself, but if anything came loose from the battery poles, he would have to step up over a foot to carport or go a long way to get to where the carport is level with grass. 

The guy actually did have to go up and down three times. Tommy was in his car and would need to get his walker out to fix the cable. Between the three of us, we got it done. lol...I only started my car. 

Of course, the car needed to be driven, and if it would not start because the battery was dead permanently, I would need a new battery. Auto Zone lady said it was at 40%, to drive it more; I did.

Then, I drove it through the drive-through car wash. It is unnerving! So much noise, so dark, and Tommy is telling me what to do. Hands off wheel, foot off pedals, and car in neutral--that's a lot to remember when the car is rolling and I want to keep it from running away! 

Every fiber in my body wants to put my hands on the wheel, put a foot on a pedal, and put the car in drive. Car wash actions on the signs are so unnatural after a lifetime of learning what to do. It all feels so out of control! 

On Friday I got things for my fun thing today. I bought tulips and daffodils to plant in a container for my front porch. I plant them together and in the spring the daffodils and purplish tulips are spectacular growing together. 

That is my Saturday fun--clean car and flowers planted. Oh, we are going to the hand wash guy to have him clean it better. These guys use a closed service station to set up their car wash and they get out and handwash the car. I think it is very clever and enterprising. The gas station looks ancient and probably had two pumps, like the ones when I was a child. The guys have a bucket, rag, and hose. How simple.

We will go a bit later and buy floor mats. This car, used when I purchased it, did not have floor mats. I never could afford them before, and Tommy may still purchase these for me.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Dollar Tree Purchases

 When I went there, I had two things I was going to get. 

1) Original Dawn. It was not there, but I got a tiny (7 fl. oz.) bottle of the same stuff that is in the huge bottle that I don't like.  I will use the small, easier-to-handle bottle, and refill it from the huge one if I cannot find the original. 

2) I wanted another one of the tiny crates to put Dromedary Pimiento jars into. I got three instead of one. It looks like one can hold all the pimiento jars and the cans of tomato paste. 

3) Small wire basket about 8"x6" and 5" high. It now has my nail stuff in it. 

4) Muffin pan--all mine are in the dump. It is quite heavy to be so cheap. We will see if it holds up. Now, I need muffin papers. I will only buy the papers on sale. 

5) Pack of two brownie pans. I will get a good one somewhere, some day.

6) Five pack of the sticks you dip in the cheese that is included. No idea what they are. They are for Tommy snacks in the car. I think they are nasty.

7) Three little stick-on LED lights, sort of like hockey pucks only about 3" wide. They light up the counters very well. Now, I won't have to go find a flashlight to look for things on the kitchen counter! At $1 each, I love them. 

8) Designer eyeglass case. Ha, cheap plastic! I got it to keep the pb crackers in in my bag so they will not get crushed. 

9) Betty Crocker storage containers, red top, 3 sizes--4 two-cup containers, two 5.4 cups containers, 2 3.79 cup containers. The last is sort of long and flat. I won't store food in them, just things in packages. I am so enamored of glass containers, I just don't use plastic. Of course, that could all change. 

10) A garment bag that might fit a child's hanger and a small garment. Okay, learned that lesson. I can use it as a bag to store sweaters or something. Maybe a blanket.

11) Box of Glad Snack Bags--29 in the box and I am not sure if this is a good deal.  I suspect not.

Okay that is 17 items x $1, so it appears I have left off two items. I will find whatever they are.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

7 Things

Light Accents Torchiere Floor Lamp with Reading Light, Black

 1--A small economy--In the past when I wanted pimiento and cheese but did not want to make much, I used about a third of the tiny size of pimiento.  A month later, I would discover fuzzy pimiento in the refrigerator. So, this time I popped the tiny jar into the freezer door. I have not tested the pimiento to determine if this is all working out for me. I have full confidence I will have saved the leftover pimiento in a usable form. I know there is a chance the jar could break, but it is extremely thick glass and the jar is not full. If this did not work, I will let you know. 

2--Missing nightgowns--I had put the hamper with my dirty clothes in the kitchen for Tommy to take out and wash. When he brought the clothes back in, there were no nightgowns like I knew were in there. I took two at one time and dropped them in. I made him go out and get the towels and washcloths out of the dryer so I could see he made a mistake. Nope, no nightgowns. 

So, now I have a mystery. Two and possibly three missing nightgowns are a mystery since they are not in my bedroom or anywhere in the house.  ???

3--Floor lamp--There is now enough light for me to read. However, I cannot turn off the topmost light. So, I tip it towards Tommy and he turns if off and I tip it back up. It is not ideal, but I am happy with my $11 purchase. The light, lower of the two, that bends any direction, is the perfect lamp,especially with the upper light bouncing off the ceiling. The picture is the best I could find. It is six feet tall. 

4--Dollar Tree visit--so easy to spend money there! I will tell you about it later. It is a good thing I did not feel like walking! Only two things were on my list. 

5)--Nightgown mystery partially solved--Tommy went out to the trash can at my insistence and found one nightgown, the old threadbare one, in the trash along with a washcloth and two pair of panties. What is wrong with me? Tomorrow, he going to get the bottom bag out of the can. I will go out and help him! Really, I had the laundry ready and put it next to kitchen trash and just dropped dirty clothing into the wrong container. Last week, I put two pieces of trash into my laundry and Tommy came in laughing. 

6)--Why Tommy washes my clothes--I do not want to fall off the side of the carport, about 18 inches or more. Sometimes, it is dark and scary. I willingly carry his dinner or snacks to his chair everyday and multiple times a day, so I am not burdening Believe me, I put in more steps for him than he does for laundry, and laundry is not an everyday thing.

7--New style mask--I am going to make one to securely cover only my nose when I have my teeth cleaned. It will be lined and have ear elastic. Covid19 enters mouth and nose, but more readily the nose--what I read. Maybe I will wear swim goggles on my eyes. I have my gloves and always carry a small throw to cover my feet. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Post Office Post

 My friend, John, shared a PO story. His mother would write a postcard and mail it the morning for a penny. It would be delivered to her sister who lived on the other side of the county. The postman would deliver it and wait for the sister to write a reply on a postcard. Then, the postcard was delivered to John's mother.

Mail was delivered twice a day back then. I don't remember mail being delivered twice a day. Tommy says he does and he is much younger than I. Do you remember mail being delivered twice a day?

Ready for some Southern Gothic writing? No, it is not scary, it's funny.  It is about the PO. Tell me how hard you laughed. 

No one read the story???

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Easy Cooking and Phone Calls

Okay, this is dinner the easy way. I had a potato that was a two-pounder. I am not kidding! So, I washed it, gave it to Tommy to dice. I told him uniform cubes, but he does not listen. So, I have them on the stove for him. 

I have had the meat planned, but I waited until 6:30 pm to take it from the freezer. The next trick is an old trick of mine. I put my new cast iron skillet on the stove with about a half inch of water. Then, I put in the slab of hamburger frozen still. The meat will thaw as the water boils. Then, the water will be boiled away, and I can brown the meat. This will be crumbled hamburgers on a bun. 

Thanks to the freezer, there are hamburger buns in there. There are tomatoes and potatoes and leftover green beans. So, that is dinner on Monday night. The remainder of the meat will be frozen for a future meal or meals. I can put a bit in the jarred pasta. Or, on a cheeseburger pizza. 

Before I freeze it I will pour boiling water over it to rinse off the remainder of the fat, well, as much as possible.

The hamburger is 75/25, fatty. This method of cooking will remove more of the fat than anything but maybe grilling. I was given this meat, so not complaining. I will use the lesser percentage of fat hamburger for things like meatloaf. I buy very lean ground beef for meatloaf. 

I decided I was going to freeze a leftover meal or two from each meat I cook. This helps me to not want a hamburger or to eat out. I still can eat several days from one cooking event if I cook chicken. Tommy is always ready for a trip to Burger King! 

(Dinner has been eaten and I forgot to add onions to the meat!) I will add some before I freeze it. Okay, did not add onion. I will. There is one cup of cooked ground beef in a freezer bag. That will work out just fine for one meal as an addition to something easy.

Sunday night, I slept one hour after going to bed early. So, Monday I was up from 2:30 on Tuesday morning. That called for a nap today, but I had Tommy wake me instead of just letting me sleep. However, I have accomplished much today. 

Today, I made a telephone appointment with cardiologist who will put the stint in. I called and got a number for an attorney for another matter. Life is so complicated.

Now, I have a list of phone calls I need to make in the morning. It seems that everything that is so clear the night before is lost by morning. I remember calls I need to make about 4 pm in the afternoon. Is this what getting old is all about? Can I even think enough to get a PhD? 

Do you ever put water in a skillet and cook ground meat in the water to thaw it? This was the least energy intensive way to thaw it. No, I never thaw in the microwave. 

Blood All over the Floor

 Every time I watch Gunsmoke, someone is usually shot. Of course, no one bleeds much, if at all. But, we know differently. I often wonder ho...