Friday, July 31, 2020

Nest of Phones and Scammed

Finally my flip phone came on Friday, and I have it up and working.   I borrowed the money from Tommy and ordered it. Making a phone call was a nightmare.

All my doctors and contacts were on the old phone. I needed his landline or cell phone to call. Actually, i can call from the old phone, i just cannot hear what the person on the other end is saying. 

So, I would find the number from my contacts, write it down, and use one of his phones to make the call. Plus, I had to remember his cell number to give the person on the other end of the call. Sometimes, I would give his landline number. At one point, i had all three phones in a little nest of a blanket right beside me. It was a nightmare experience. 

Now, i have the money in the bank to pay Tommy back. But, I will have to travel a bit to get it in his hands. My debit/cc has been cancelled and i must wait for it to come. 

I usually call the bank on Monday to check my balance. Imagine how upset I was to find I was overdrawn and had two NSFs taken out of my balance. I knew I did not do this. As it turns out, somehow someone used my information and charged my bank for something I did not order, causing that and another to generate two $38 NSF fees. I had to borrow money from Tommy to fix that. Actually, I could have waited, but another NSF could have been generated. 

At no point did I have a negative balance. I had $2+ in the bank which I dared not touch. Bank officials assured me they would flag my account and even if there were a negative  balance, my account would stay open.  I covered everything the day it happened. 

THEN, I received an email from the same entity who got my money. Needless to say, I will not be opening any email from them.  This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I have recovered part of the money and one NSF fee. Hopefully, I will come out even on this. I just don't know how this happened and if someone else can do this again. 

Have you ever had anyone scam you by using your bank account?

Thursday, July 30, 2020


Hopefully, blogger will get this all figured out. All day, well part of the day, I tried to type a new post. Nooo! I repeatedly clicked on New Post on the front page of my blog. Finally, this last time the "New Post" on the Post page showed up. It is after midnight, and I am tired.

Wednesday, Tommy had two Chicken Italian Sausages and a salad of sliced yellow squash, whole cucumber, baby carrots with Italian dressing and half a cantaloupe. 

Thursday, for dinner he had a lamb chop and potato cooked with it and half a cantaloupe. I had carrots, onion, bell pepper to put in but forgot it. My brain! There are two more lamb chops so I will not have to cook again soon. Well, i will not have to put food in the oven.

Wednesday and Thursday night, I had baked chicken tenders and vegetables and fruits i do not remember except for half a dozen plums. 

Tommy woke me at 8 am this morning like I asked. Ten seconds later, the doctor called me. I could barely talk, something I have explained to her and she finally heard my voice when it is not there. We had a good talk. This woman listens to me. So, i have new tests and new prescription for statin. The last two statins made me hurt all over.  Plus, she called in two refills that I did not have to remind her to do.

Thursday, we got another vegetable box and one for our neighbor who mows our lawn. There were plums, the kind that are small and reddish. I love those things and stuffed myself. There was a 1 lb. bag of baby carrots, 3 lb. bag of apples, 5 lb. bag of oranges, 5 lb. bag of potatoes, a few zucchini, and a few cucumbers, 2 lb. bag of plums, 3 lb. bag of pears, head of celery, huge package of tortillas. 

Once a day, I carry a few things to the bedroom for storage. This is slow going, but better than leaving it in the dining area. I may have Tommy bring his walker with a box in it, load up the box, and have him push it to the room for me. 

Today, Tommy washed a pot for me, stainless steel that had stuff stuck in it. Then, on his own he got the other one and washed it too, getting the scorch on the bottom of the pan. THEN, he scrubbed one half of the sink. He is stronger than I am, can stand without pain, and his fingers do not hurt from the pressure of scrubbing.  Thanks to his efforts and Barkeeper's Friend, all the stainless steel is gleaming. 

We will eat well and I can freeze some food.  There were no tomatoes, so I will buy those from a farmer's market. 

Thursday was a good day. How was yours?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

No Doctor Again! Money in the Mail

I took from the freezer a package of five Italian Chicken Sausages. Tommy only eats two at a time and  I won't touch them. So, Monday noon and night, he had two sausages. Tuesday, I was going to give him the last one and vegetables. Well, I did not realize I had two packages and had thawed out the last one after wondering why I had not gotten it out.

So, I informed him he could eat sausages on Wednesday, too. He was okay with that. Monday night, I just had vegetables, and now I have forgotten what I had.

Tuesday night dinner for Tommy: two chicken Italian sausages, big helping of steamed zucchini, half a cantaloupe. I had baked chicken tender, big helping of steamed zucchini. I cannot stand cantaloupe! Later, I will eat an apple. We did not have the vegetables we should, but we will remedy that tomorrow when I feel more like cooking or slicing.

Tuesday, we drove another 75 miles, 150 round trip to the same doctor who was closed last week. AND, the office was closed today, too. I was so upset and discouraged. AND, there are other offices in northern AL, and no one answers any phone. No one has called me back after I left messages. Wednesday, I will wake up ready to wage war! But, I will be nice.

Last week, the woman who talked to me told me they had left messages with all patients to call back and reschedule the appointment. NOPE! Not last week nor this week. I did receive a voicemail reminding me of the date and time of my appointment. AND, it is saved so I can forward it to them if I can figure out how to forward a voicemail.

The rest of the cantaloupe needs slicing and storing. I need chocolate. Maybe I will go to a walk in clinic here tomorrow.

I am so weak and in pain that I feel like I might die, but I know I won't get that 

The mail yielded a check for $15 in payment for participation in the garden research project. Since the overdraft problem, I decided to just get the cash. Then, holding dirty cash made me uneasy. 

Okay, it is Wednesday now and the day has been spent waiting for phone calls. Do you ever feel like you wait for too many people to return calls? 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Organizing on the Cheap

Several months ago, i found a few things at a garage sale. Actually, this is in the country in front of a community center right on the road. I have found many great things here as other years every Friday and Saturday there are always many people with their wares displayed.

Frigidaire Fridge and Pantry Bins are $39.99 for 9 bins. I bought 9 bins for $1 each, so $9. But, I think i paid $5 for all I have used two and now have gotten out the rest to use at different places in the house.

What a bargain!

These are 12.75" x 4.25" x 4", perfect.  I am using one for sharp knives on the counter. At this point, they are not useful for the refrigerator or the freezer. But, I might find a use for them there yet.

When I first moved here, Tommy showed me where he had put some boxes he was storing for me. In one room was a great dresser--brown furniture to some. Well, I love brown furniture. He said it was a piece of junk when I was exclaiming how pretty it was. So, I asked him if I could have it. YES! The dresser belonged to his boarder. She became ill and her family removed items. But, they left the dresser.

The room was always cold during the winter and now, hot during the summer. Since we had to open the door and ac vent, it is now comfortable to go in there. Actually, it is frigid in this room. I wish this were my bedroom.

Today, I cleaned the filthy top of the dresser. It is in horrible shape, but I can fix that and put a dresser scarf on it someday. The dresser is five feet long and taller than most. I have started carrying things back there so this room and specifically this dresser can store food and HBA products. This development will help with storage. I suppose there will be rows of cans on top.

The dresser has four drawers across the top and two rows of two drawers below the four at the top. Plus, it is solid wood with dove-tailed drawers. As an organizational tool, it is perfect.

Plus, I had Tommy store a set of shelves I had for a classroom. Right now, the whole thing is disassembled with the four tall parts and the five shelves on the floor. I bought bolts are something to put it back together. Tommy and I, together, probably cannot assemble it again.

So, now there are three new tools to use to organize.

Do you get excited when you have free or cheap things to organize you house? Tell me about something great or cheap or both that helps you organize, if you will.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Pizza from Tortillas, Cokes

Tortillas, cheese--had these. So, I bought a jar of pizza sauce. I browned the tortillas more than I meant to brown them. I used half the jar on two pizzas. The 8 oz of Mozzarella was used, also. So, I only had $2 or less invested in these 4 pizzas.

I had no mushrooms, or black olives for me and no pepperoni for him. He hates mushrooms and black olives and I am allergic to pepperoni. Since we like these, I will prepare for next time. We had two each pizza tortillas.  I can cook some of the roll of sausage I have in the freezer. We missed that because it was not thawed.

We will have these pizzas again. I just don't like the cost of Mozzarella or the pizza sauce. We can use cheddar if necessary, and I should make the pizza sauce. I will freeze the tortillas now. 

I have about three bags of oranges. Since I am not supposed to have the fiber, I will have to juice them. I juiced one and definitely need a juicer to do this right. I see the electric juicers and do not want one. I see the little things you hold in one hand and ream into the other hand holding the orange. Nope, don't want it. It would hurt both hands to use it. 

What I really want is one of the antique glass ones. They work so well. Three went into the dump! And, I am not paying the cost and shipping  one from ebay.

The juice was delicious!

Coke is not canning Regular Coke Caffeine Free because of the aluminum can shortage. Bummer. I decided the caffeine was making me have a very fast heartbeat. And, then I was given medicine to slow my heartbeat. Bummer on no more Caffeine Free Coke for me. I have one occasionally.

I never worried about the can shortage or suspected anything could happen to my Coke Caffeine Free. No, silly me worried about canned food and olive oil.  I am quite sure the beer companies are getting their share of cans. If bananas are in short supply, I am sunk.

Coke in cans can be substituted for Coke in bottles, but there are no Regular Coke Caffeine Free on the shelves, either. 

Another Saturday happy thing--I picked up and paid for two Rada knives I had ordered. I also dropped off donation to a clothes closet. I only had one thing. The other stuff was Tommy's. Yes, donating is a happy thing.

Are you finding things absent that you need or want? Okay, no one needs to tell me I don't need Cokes!

Monday now.
I am finally putting ice trays in Tommy's freezer. I bought four when i came here but maybe it was two because that is all i can find. Tommy's trays were on the floor and filthy. I put them in to soak and he washed them and the box for dumping them. I am going to use my blue trays and he can use the white ones and the box. I do not think he has clean hands, so he can mess around in his own ice. 

Finally--ICE! I have missed it. 

Do you like lots of ice? Any ice? Have you found your favorite soft drink or beer is not on the shelf?  

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday, Sleep, and Pizza

Saturday was a great day but tiring. I napped for about an hour and thought I had napped longer. When midnight arrived, I told Tommy we were going to sleep. He was snoozing, He gladly turned off the tv. If he had wanted to stay up longer, he would just lower the volume.

I don't control bedtime or when the TV goes off, but if I am ready to sleep, he turns off the TV. I have to wake him to tell to turn off the TV. He would prefer to go to bed much earlier. However, he has for years just turned off the TV in the middle of the night, mid nap. A few nights, he has been wide awake until 3 am, laughing at whatever is on and talking to me.

I slept until 4:30 m and had as much sleep as I usually do! I took a sip of water which caused reflux, so I could not lie down again for a bit. I spent 30 minutes trying to read on my laptop.  Finally, I was able to sleep at 5 am. I woke again for good at 11:45 am.

The pain I feel from the moment I get out of bed was almost gone. Maybe I can get enough sleep to keep the pain low.

The swelling in my feet is negligible, but I can feel them swelling more. So, I had better wash dishes while I can.  I need an ottoman for my legs. Mine was thrown out. I watched the guys and they told me I could not have it. ???

The squash casserole was pretty bad. I have no idea what I did wrong, but I will try again in a few days as Tommy sliced enough squash. Maybe I will just cook squash with onions.

Today, I must get the bulbs in dirt! Everything needs watering.  

Other plans include sorting a bit in the bedroom he allowed to be opened. I plan to get a serger and put it in there so I can sew. Plus, I will clean off the dresser in there that he gave me! I am so happy. The first thing I will sew are curtains for the two windows.  Right now, the only thing in there are boxes he has stored for me and the dresser his renter left. 

I will probably sleep better, since sewing relaxes me. Plus, I will have something to do other than cook and wash 

Dinner on Saturday night: -pre-roasted chicken strips, cucumber for Tommy, leftover squash casserole. We had something else but I cannot remember what it was. 

Right now, we are watching "Arsenic and Old Lace." Sooo, funny!

It is still 91F at 6 pm, hot and humid. What did you do outdoors today? Or, did you be stay inside because of weather?

I think I will make a pizza with tortillas for dinner/supper as was suggested by someone. 

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Happy Saturday

Cabbage Rabbit Planter, Garden Statue, Rabbit Statue, Garden Rabbit Statue, Concrete Rabbit, Concrete Statue, Lawn Decor, Planter, Rabbits

We awoke very early and left the house in 30 minutes. The sky was brilliant with sun and blue skies with a few beautiful clouds.

Tommy really likes going anywhere in the morning because he can get a sausage biscuit and senior coffee. I am going to try and make some for the freezer only to be eaten when we are going somewhere. So, we got that this morning.

I wanted to get bulbs from the Naked Ladies or Resurrection Lilies that were blooming in my yard.  I called my friend down the street to see if she would get them, digging in the dirt.  I was having trouble walking and was afraid I would fall down.

She got most of the bulbs up, brought them to car. I offered her three bulbs. She said she was coming back because there were more, she thought.

When I asked her, she was not dressed. We were at Publix and told her we were coming back as she told me to come get a gallon of blueberries. She offered me a "stone bunny" that I have admired. I was sort of stunned. She said she wanted someone to have it that loved it as much as she did. WOW!

My bunny has a cabbage in which to plant flowers. I have no idea why the bunny is up above with the lilies!

She had gotten old fashioned roses from my wall and had them growing up from the ground to her deck. She was really happy with the roses.

I felt horrible today. I burned my arm last night, got little sleep and just did not feel well. So, all this made me happy--bunny planter, a gallon of strawberries and a quart of blueberries. And, my bulbs were rescued.  The strawberries she gave me were washed and ready to use as were the blueberries. We arrived home about noon, and have to go to the store. Then, I need to plant the bulbs and take a nap.

Do you remember the cooking bag that had the bottom fall out while I had food in it? Well, it did. I received a coupon for $4 to apply to another box of bags. I was told I would get a replacement coupon. I certainly hope $4 covers the replacement. If not, I will call again. But, I can get more cooking bags now. Okay, the $4 coupon bought the $3.69 cooking bags. All is well. 

This was certainly a pleasant day so far. But, it will be better when I can get in the bed for a  nap!

What pleasant things have happened to you today or any day?

Friday, July 24, 2020

Freezing Plans and Bread

Olive oil is a food I love. In order to have a good supply, I plan to buy it and freeze it in the bottle. I will not buy large economical bottles. I will buy smaller sizes. That way, it will stay fresh and not become rancid even when it comes out of the freezer. I don't use a lot at a time or every day. But, when I want it, I want it and do not want to have to find it or purchase it.

I am planning for the covid19 to become worse and for more food shortages. I am not trying to be an alarmist, but a realist.

Right now, I have two packages of tortillas, something we rarely eat. They were cheap.  By freezing them between waxed paper, I can get out a few at a time. 

Lots of "I" sentences in this post! But, these are my thoughts and plans.

Thursday night, I thawed chicken thighs, cooked zucchini in olive oil and garlic, and heated left-over carrots, potatoes, and Bell pepper. Tommy is supremely happy. He sliced the zucchini for me. I love to have leftovers. I had a can of tuna/celery with lettuce and tomato. Oh, and some carrots.

The celery is flash freezing on a broiler pan and Bell pepper is on a paper plate in the freezer. Soon, i will dump them into bags for the freezer. The stumps of the celery heads are in a plate with a bit of water. 

The celery and peppers stayed in the freezer over night Thursday, longer than they should. But, they are in freezer bags. I have enough. There is also some chopped in the refrigerator for another tuna salad next week. 

We have made two trips to the bread store and found no bread like I like and can eat. So, the third trip we made was in desperation. Having to drive 10 miles, i think, makes bread expensive when you find none. Today, I went in even though I could see the shelves where the bread I want is displayed. I was going to get Wonder Bread (yuck). However, I saw the woman who works there sitting in the office. 

I asked her if kids being home, or lower bread production, or hoarding caused the bread shelves to always be bare. She said the breadmen were not bringing it back from the stores. I asked specifically when my brand might be there. She said to wait a second because she thought she had some. I asked for eight loaves. She said she had five, so I took those--did not grumble and was grateful! Four loaves are in the freezer. 

Four loaves are in the two 2-gallon bags that I stored in the freezer after I used the bread stored in them. So, this is not intended to be a stocking up long term deal. I just hate going that many miles for one loaf or two loaves of bread. When I had a freezer, I would buy $7 worth to get the extra bread that came with that purchase. 

Tonight, i am going to make a squash casserole. Tommy will chop the squash after I wash it. I have not had it in several years. There is more than enough, so I will freeze some squash, too. 

The store still had Suddenly Salad for $1, so I purchased another 12 boxes. Remember, this will be eaten instead of bread and only one box a month. We are set for 24 months. 

I was going to buy olive oil, but all the bottles were plastic. I want glass bottles. 

Tonight, dinner for Tommy is another chicken thigh, squash casserole, and leftover zucchini, maybe a salad of cucumber and tomato. I will not have meat, i suppose. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Too Tired

I am too tired to type or think. It was a good day, just tiring. It's about 4 pm and I need to prepare four heads of celery for the freezer. I wish my dehydrator were here.  I will not need to buy celery all winter. 

After preparing the celery, I have four Bell pepper to prepare for the freezer. Unless I go crazy eating Bell Peppers, I will not need to buy any this winter since I have several already stored. I use it for flavor in dishes. Tommy will eat it from the dish I make. I will eat it if it is chopped in tiny pieces and cooked. 

We have been opening one jar of spaghetti sauce every two weeks. It lasts for two meals. After opening the last jar, I need to find more on sale. I have the pasta! 

I must have slept wrong because my knee will barely hold me. I have things to do and cannot be so immobile! Mostly, I keep moving in extreme pain. 

My a2milk is on sale at Publix--2 half gallons for $7, so I need to get that as it is a savings of $2 per gallon. Plus, Cokes are a good deal at Dollar General. See? I have things to do. 

Since I got the air fryer, I have not felt like standing to wash it and cook in it. So, like it or not, hurt or not, tonight, I will wash it. My first thing to cook may be lamb chops and carrots for Tommy. I will have a can of tuna with lettuce and tomato. I hate lamb. 

I heard that one tactic for the corona virus extermination is to shut down everything for four to six weeks. If that is what it takes, I am willing. What are your thoughts on this means of squashing the virus?

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Mosquito Pants and Bargains

a person standing posing for the camera: Outsmart those slick skeeters.
Mesh mosquito pants 

I could make these for less than $12. All I need is net or tulle. I think tulle would be better since the holes are smaller. 

Today, I went on a stock up trip to another store. Suddenly Salad is $1 at Walmart. I only got 12 boxes and should have gotten twice that many.  I will forgo bread for two days to have Suddenly Salad. I got ALL laundry detergent bogo and used a coupon, too, at Publix.. 

I found Stove Top Stuffing in a 2-pack for $2.98, not the best price, but better than usual. I only bought one double box. If this is all I get, I am set for the holidays. 

Paper plates, bowls, and cups were regular price but were scarcer than hen's teeth. I now have one more pack of Northern tp--48 rolls--in purple package. 

Thankfully, Elmer's glue was 2/$1, so I have one small bottle. I now have a tiny electric alarm clock with a battery backup. It will go in the bedroom--$10.  I have needed Elmer's glue. 

Miracle Whip was $3.90 in one store, absent in the second, and bogo in Publix. So, I bought two MW at $3.25/each in Publix.  

It was hot out! It is 93F at 3 pm. Now, I must return phone calls.

Could you use mosquito pants? Maybe even a shirt or veil on a hat? I have no idea why this is marketed to men. ???

What bargains have you found? 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Round Trip--150 Miles

Tommy drove me 150 miles round trip to go to a doctor, and she was sick and the joint was closed! We waited for an hour and a half before reaching someone who told me i was notified she was ill and not there today. ??? So, we drove home having done nothing at all.

I did not remember it was the pick up lunch day. Tommy did, so we drove there before the appointment and got lunch--hamburger, hotdog, generous portion of lettuce and tomatoes, teeny bag of chips, cookies, condiments. Tommy wants none of the lettuce and tomato, so i will make a salad for me tomorrow.

We arrived here at 4 pm, I napped from 5:50 until 7 and heated chicken thigh, carrots, potatoes for Tommy. I had carrots. Since I forgot to take my banana with me this morning, I will eat it later.

So. that is my life and I am exhausted. One of my very necessary medications makes me hurt all over.  I hurt too much to walk into Belk's or a grocery store. I did find out one fact that will make my life a lot less stressful for the next two weeks.

And, some of my bulbs are blooming in my yard. That made me happy. Now, I hope no one gets them before I can dig them next week.

Do you carry some of your bulbs with you when you move? (I am not moving, just trying to rescue them. Remember, people steal things from my yard.) What plants/bulbs have you taken with you?

Monday, July 20, 2020

No Sleep and Doctor Appointment

I slept two hours last night. Then, I was disturbed by a call I had to make and was returned. Tommy is going to have dinner earlier than he likes. Or, he can let it sit and reheat It is 5:30 and he should have dinner by 6 pm.

Today, he had to go to his six-month checkup. I drove since he could not have anything. The car was so hot. We arrived ten minutes before his appointment and we sat for another 30 minutes. Then, i had to sit there for another 45 minutes. I ran the ac because it was very hot at 9 am! And, they refused to allow me to come inside to use the bathroom.

My garden is dying. Never grow food in front of solid brick house with brick porch that is about 3 ft. high and is brick, too, and where the sun sets on the front porch. Of course, the eggplant are thriving! gag.

When the mail arrived. there was a beautiful floral package. My friend from CA sent me three packages of foam rollers. Remember, the ones she sent earlier did not make it out of the house and the ones i bought fall apart! Now, I can have a bit of fluff, bend, or curl instead of stick straight hair. I love getting things in the mail.

I made a ten-minute shopping trip for two stock up items. Of course, both were chocolate. I will hide this.

Dinner tonight is pasta and canned spaghetti sauce, garlic bread, and cucumber/tomato salad.

I have Cherokee Purple tomatoes that Tommy says he will not eat. Yes, he will. He was freaked out by the yellow tomatoes and ate them.

Okay, too tired to type.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Baby and Little Child in Masks, in the Car

Tommy often tells me interesting things that happen while he is waiting in the car for me to venture into a store. Some days, he tells me about the cloud formations.  Sometimes, he tells me about bird shenanigans and we sit and watch.

He told me about a little boy about three- or four-years-old. The child was standing outside the car with his mask on, waiting for his mother who was getting something out of the car. The little boy had a mask on which he slowly moved upward on his face until it was over his eyes. Then, he slowly turned his head side to side as though to be sure he could see nothing now. Well, I thought it was so funny.

As i went into the store, i saw a mother in a mask carrying a baby about eight- or nine-months old, a tiny baby, not a toddler. The baby had on a mask and was not worried by it. He left it alone instead of pulling it off. I think his mother practiced and praised him. I was impressed. Officials say not to put a mask on a baby, but I think this was a situation where the mother was present and in control and would not let the baby suffocate.

Tommy stays busy in the car. He sorts things in the console, putting in new inserts with coupons, taking out the expired ones. I have a huge bag from Publix that I carry to the car when we leave the house. It has bottles of water, oj crackers, mail I should have left in the house, and so many things it is hard to describe....scissors, face cream, huge cannister of wipes.

He goes though the bag and finds things that need to be taken care of. By the way, I gave him permission to look in my bag, so he is not just plundering my stuff. He also finds grocery ads that have expired. He is helpful not annoying when he gets in this bag. I am always grateful.

Often he takes my mail or free magazines and reads. He read the Athens college catalog and was recounting historical facts. He never opens bank statements, but opens junk mail and reads the pitch.

Other days, he eats the pb crackers i have opened or a bottle of oj where I took one sip. Sometimes, he listens to sports talk radio which i hate.

Have you seen babies wearing masks? Do you have someone who can amuse him or herself in the car without being bored or exasperated by the wait?

Saturday, July 18, 2020

So, You Think It's Hot? Stock Up Trip

On Friday evening it was 90F at 8 pm...yes, at night. Okay, if you want to be tedious, at 7:55 the temp went down to 89F.

I waited here all Friday afternoon for the new Bringer of Oxygen. He never came, so I called the original company and told them the problems. They gave me the name of two other suppliers.

Dinner Friday night: bbq chicken breast, baked potato, cucumber/tomato with salad dressing. Tommy had watermelon. I ate my watermelon last night.  I have cucumbers that he needs to eat and I will put some in the refrigerator with vinegar. He said I slice his salad cucumbers too thick, so he gets to slice the cucumbers for his salad now! I have trouble slicing things thinly. 

Entertainment on Friday night: How Green was my Valley and The Grapes of Wrath. I have read the last.  The ending of the book is soooo different than the movie. Did you read the GOW? 

I have to go to Publix early Saturday morning since I ran out of milk tonight. Bummer! Yes, I am writing on Friday night.

Okay, it was after 2 pm before I went to the grocery. I did a bit of stocking up, too. Tommy spent over $100, and I still did not get all I need or want. 

 stock-up items

* Northern Bath Tissue
* Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup
* Reynold's Wrap
* 4 Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter
*1 lb. Ronco Spaghetti
* 2 Betty Crocker brownie pouches
* 1 lb black beans
* 1 lb. blackeyed peas
* 2  bottles Kraft Italian salad dressing
* 1 bottle Kraft Ranch salad dressing
* 8 gallons of vinegar

non stock-up

* 4 1/2 gallons a2milk
* 1 qt strawberries
*  Swerve
2 Kellogg's Red Berries Special K

This is not all I had on my list of needed items for stocking up. I went to two stores, and decided to get more another day. The soups are for holiday dishes.  We don't eat a lot of salad dressing and both of us can switch to mayo or Miracle Whip. The vinegar is for laundry, cleaning, dish washing. The guy loading it into the vehicle asked how I used so much vinegar.  

Meat is not a problem right now. I bought the bottle of Dawn last September. So, I need more. Although they are not necessary, I do want several boxes of Suddenly Salad and Stovetop Stuffing. However, those will have to be on sale for me to buy them, I think. 

AHHH, I forgot bananas! 

Friday, July 17, 2020

This and That

Remember when I was losing weight. Well, I was not. Finally, after such great weight loss, I asked Tommy how his weight was fairing. He had not weighed that week. I asked him to weigh and tell me if it seemed the scales were off. He did not get on the scales, he just adjusted the scales--just moved them.

When the freezer was installed, we had to find a new spot for the scales. Since it cannot be placed on carpet, that left little room for it to go. I put it in front of the refrigerator and on the wall to the right of the refrigerator. It is not at all in the way since the door opens on the left. I had accidentally put the scales on the heat register just a bit. So, once it was placed properly, I have no longer lost all that weight. Bummer, right?

Since my oxygen maker/concentrator cannot be in the room with me, it is in the bedroom directly across the hall. Luckily, both doors are opposite one another and at the very end of the hall. The heat register had to be opened. So, that room is now cool. And, surprise, surprise, my room is cooler rather thant,  stuffy and like an oven.

Better yet, since the room has to be open and climate regulated, I can sew in there. Hopefully, we can get the head in the cabinet.

Yesterday, I was given a dozen peaches. I love peaches fresh and raw, but I may bake something or put them in ice cream.

Wednesday, I canceled my teeth cleaning appointment because I was coughing and had lots of congestion. Even if they did not mind me feeling so ill, I would have continually choked and would have had to cough. My teeth feel like they need to be cleaned!

I hate waking up feeling ill, or coughing, or sneezing and have a moment of OH NO! We both have intermittent coughing and sneezing sessions, but within an hour, there is nothing going on. But, people might be leery of us coming into an office. 

Right now, I am going to Tommy's vehicle and washing windows inside and out with vinegar. I can barely see out of the windows.

The first thing I am going to cook in the air fryer is potatoes.

I am reading Mary trump's book--Too Much and Never Enough.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Keto Cookie and Air Fryer

I was given a Birch Benders Cookie a la Cup. It is in a cup like Kraft Mac and Cheese. Directions are to stir in 2 T water, microwave for one minute. It worked.  This was chocolate chip, not like I have eaten but not bad at all. Have you had one of these? Tommy and I each ate half. It was okay. Not good.

As we left to go to Cullman today to meet with an attorney, the FedEx guy showed up with the air fryer. I brought in the house and took the box out of the packing box and left. 

When we got home, it was waiting. I have  a million questions. Can i put frozen food in the fryer? 

For dinner we had frozen pieces of seasoned turkey and coleslaw, a bowl with cucumber and tomatoes with dressing, and some of the baby carrots that I cooked and froze. All this meal required was the microwave! 

Tommy is very very happy we have this air fryer. He said it would be great to have food that did not all taste the same. HE is the one who does not want the chicken cooked any other way. But, today, he was almost ecstatic. 

It is almost 7:30 pm and I need to go and water garden.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Tax Day and Sort of Stocking Up

I t is July 15, and I am sitting quietly so Tommy can do his taxes. When I came into the living room, he was working.  The TV is off. 

Through the open front door, I can see the ramp. Yesterday, a sparrow was sitting on the railing. This was the first bird to land on the railing since I put out the rubber snake. I sat here talking sweet to the bird about how that snake was going to bite him and eat him. Of course, through the door he paid me no mind. 

There has been no bird poop on the chair or table in front of the porch, on the porch or anywhere else. This has been a good way to keep poop off everything even without the initial benefit of protecting the tomatoes and such. I still change the location of the snake slightly every day. 

The second oxygen generator was stinking-out-of-the-box! So, the company has sent me to someone else that has different ones to supply me. I had to sign an AMA saying I requested the removal.  I wrote a tome on the page explaining that it was useless in my house and for my condition since I only need it at night. Since I cannot use it, I have been at risk of having a heart attack or stroke when my oxygen level drops and this has not been a device I can use at night. So. there! 

I called the manufacturer and was told it was a coating put on the wires and that I should leave it running for 24 hours so it could burn off. That is unacceptable! Now, a different company is bringing me an oxygen concentrator. 

By 11:30, I was exhausted from the ordeal. I told Tommy I was going to lie down and to wake me in about an hour or so. Well, I awoke at 3:30!!! He said I sounded so tired when I left the room that he thought he would let me sleep. He had finished his taxes and got two stamps from me. We mailed his taxes and delivered two bills he needed to pay. 

A Piggly Wiggly ad was lying where I sit. So, we went to the Pig and I used the coupon to buy $25 and save $5.  Boneless pork loins were $1.78/lb, marked down from $7.78/lb. And, of course, the meat cutters were gone, so I will have to cut it. Right now, it is in the freezer. I will let it get firm enough to cut and cut it myself. 

Edit: There were carts of PW hamburger buns and hot dog buns for quarter each. I only bought one of each.

Some items were stock-up. Most were. I rarely find one bar of Dove, so I bought one more bar. I have never seen Dr. Bronner's bar soap, so I bought one. Unfortunately, I bought almond scented, and I hate almond flavor and scents. I have not seen Camay bath soap in ages. So, one of those came home with me. Dishcloths were $0.90 for two. I bought two sets even though they say to wash in cold water. Who washes dish cloths in cold water? Armour no beans chili was cheap but I only bought one can.   

Grape Kool Aid looked good, so I will use Swerve in it. There were only two 6-packs of Minute Maid OJ, so i got those. I actually planned to get five, but this is okay. When I started buying it, there was always plenty. Now, I can only find one or two packs. I suppose children being home is the reason they go faster. Or, does the store get less? Either way, I am managing to find enough.   

Mayfield pints of ice cream were $1.25, so I got Tommy vanilla, and I got butter pecan. We started eating in the car and put them away so he could Yes, I can make ice cream at home. Oh well. 

I bought Zeigler hot dogs and bologna. We do eat these, but not often. They go in the freezer since we had hotdogs on the 4th. 

As I looked at the receipt, I was puzzled as I kept seeing "60 or better" line after line and a negative amount. I suppose I went on a day when Seniors get a discount. I will have to remember that since I saved $1.69 by going today. Between that and the $5 coupon, the receipt was $6.69 less. Plus, everything there was substantially less than at other stores. The Senior Discount is 5% on Wednesday. 

However, The Pig is a "cost plus 10%" store. That 10% charge was -$3.56. Subtract that amount from +$6.69 leaves a savings of +$3.13. Okay. Good deal.

Did you get your taxes done by today or earlier? I am glad I was out of his way so he would not get grumpy at me for anything. I did not speak a word in order to keep the best work atmosphere for him to work. 

Do you shop at Piggly Wiggly? Do you remember older relatives who used Camay or Cashmere Bouquet bath soap? 

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Maybe Auburn gave me an ichiban eggplant plant. I just set the little pot inside a huge pot, planning on giving it away or murdering it. The roots grew out of the little three inch pot and into the 15" pot. So, i will leave it. It has had beautiful lavender flowers. Today, I found an eggplant ready to cut. There is no way I will eat this. I am going to saute it in olive oil with salt and pepper and put it in Tommy' salad. He is an adventurous eater. I am not. Although, he refused to eat sardines with me last night.

His dinner will be a salad-- tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, baby carrots cut lengthwise in four pieces, and roast chicken thigh, all with Italian dressing. He followed his salad with a peach and a keto cookie. This meal will be so easy!

This the fourth oxygen generator I have had in a month. The last two were new out of the box and they smell! So, I am going to call the manufacturer. Does anyone have an oxygen generator and does it smell. It is like that tiny scent when you use a new curling iron, hair dryer, or other appliance. It stays and gets much worse and never burns off.

I got up Tuesday morning and was getting ready to go to a doctor's appointment when it occurred to me I had not gotten a call or text confirming I had an appointment and was I coming. So, I called and have an appointment at the end of September. Why did they cancel today's appointment and move it to September?  For a patient with a heart condition?

We decided to go anyway and kept calling another doctor about getting an appointment there or a dental appointment. That didn't happen. Obviously, no one is canceling appointments.

At least, I was able to return the clothing to Belk and have those clothes off my account. I  made a quick trip into Publix so we would not have to stop here. We ate at the lake. A lone mother duck had three baby ducks that were the size of a golf ball. All the other ducks had  babies in the spring. Is it normal to have ducklings so late?

Monday, July 13, 2020

I Ordered It

Belk's keeps in touch with me, bless their souls! I get some very enticing emails from them, multiples every day. I ordered a Nu-Wave air fryer. My total price is $61.95. The original cost was something like $139, reduced to $69 minus $10 Belk reward, free shipping, and my price is soooo much lower--$61.95.

Since the huge microwave is gone from the counter, I can use the air fryer in the space left there. Although I will probably not store it there.

Since I never fry anything, this will be a different kind of food around here. 

I hope this is a good one for me. And, hopefully it will do what I expect it to do and more. So, now I must wait for delivery.  Does anyone have one like this or have an opinion?

My squash are about through having died in the heat of the front porch. It has been a long, slow death. I only paid a quarter for each plant. And, the eggplant given to me has decided to bloom. I suppose I will keep watering it and give the fruit to someone else--maybe the guy next door.

The grape tomato plant on the porch has one tiny tomato. I cannot wait to eat grape tomatoes.

My cousin who was here with his wife arrived in an enormous motorhome pulled by his truck. He said they planned to travel for two years. Their only son and his family live in their home. At the end of two years they will sell their home to their son or move back in themselves. It is all up in the air as to what will happen at the end of two years with several plans possible. South Carolina is their home base where they will go back often before they head out West. 

Today, Monday, it is going to be in the 90s. We are headed out in the heat. I worry about Tommy sitting in the car and getting so hot. He will not drink water unless he gets thirsty, a dangerous practice anytime, especially with diabetes and in this heat. 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sewing, Reunion, Death, Garden, Microwave

Urspo sent me a package of fabric for masks. I have the interior, the filtering part. I decided against using any of the pads for under babies or incontinent people. Some of it tears easily, so i doubt it will hold up in the wash.

Since I don't have a sewing machine to use, I can use needle and thread. I bought new thread. The needles Tommy's mothers last used 57 years ago appear to be good. I hate I have no iron or ironing board. Tommy said he had never owned an iron or ironing board and has never ironed anything. I am amazed.

On Friday I received a call from a second cousin from Indiana. He is coming here Sunday morning from Montgomery. They are traveling and pulling a 25 foot motor home, or whatever you call them, a fifth wheel. So, I called his uncle who is my cousin and talked a bit and received family pictures in email.

I called my step-sister who does not sound well at all. She told me one of her brothers, my step-brother had died last week. I have seen none of them in over 50 years. He lives on the West coast, so since she lives in the South and is in poor health, she did not attend the funeral. I was sad for her. 

Saturday, we went to back yard and watered 3 of the four boxes. Last week, I planted two Better Boy tomato plants. They were leggy, about a foot tall. So, I pinched off all leaves except the top three. I left sad little leaves above the ground and the long stem stretched out and buried. Saturday, they were over a foot tall and looked happy. 

In another box I transplanted two red bell pepper plants and two plants that I do not recognize. I suppose I will have to do a little research on those. In the third box I planted a green Bell pepper plant. Since  was exhausted after that, we came in. I always wait until the sun is behind the house. The one week I worked about 3 pm in the sun, it took a few days to recover. 

Tommy loves red or green bell peppers. I have some in the freezer because even though I won't eat them, they are a good seasoning, along with onions and celery--Holy Trinity. 

The neighbor came and removed the microwave. When he left, I frantically cleaned underneath. It was so filthy. I commented to Tommy that fact. He said he had never cleaned under it since he set it there in 1980 and he was not surprised. Gross. Finally, I squirted Dawn on the counter I had made wet but could not get clean. Well, I was trying to get the layer off. After lots of Dawn, it was clean as a whistle in about one minute. 

Tommy commented that he could take the item from the microwave and set it on the counter. His was so deep it covered the counter front to back. His microwave had no light inside. Mine does, so I won't have to get a flashlight to see the food to judge if it is done or bubbly or whatever. 

My microwave is tiny. There is a foot of extra counter toward the sink and in front of the microwave. Tommy is glad to have the smaller one and the room on the counter. 


My cousin said he would call when he was almost here. I saw a pickup slowing down and saw it was towing a huge domicile. So, he was here. 

He came to the door and immediately told me I looked just like his Aunt Linda. After he took his dog for a walk and scoped out where he could turn around, we visited for about and hour. 

This cousin, really a second cousin, looks identical to my grandfather! He said he looked just like his father, also. His wife commented it was all in the eyes. That is what everyone in our family says. 

Once, I went to a funeral and saw a young woman with three children. I could tell she was my relative because of her eyes. I could be in a strange town and see a relative from my father's side and recognize the person by the eyes. 

He showed me pictures on his phone of his aunts and uncles, all my cousins. I have never met any of them. Well, when I was a young child, I may have seen them.  And, I showed him one relative, a cousin, who has his own FB entry. 

I had brownies, watermelon, Diet Pepsi, Coke, and water but they wanted none of it. They are visiting a friend of his near my town north of here. I think they are going for lunch. 

We all wore masks. Tommy and I were not going to eat so we could keep our masks own. David and I took our masks off outdoors so we could take pictures of each other. All in all, it was a good little family reunion. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

I'm sneaky

In my house, I had some sort of timepiece in every room. Here, Tommy was one small clock radio by his chair. It faces the corner and cannot be seen by me.

I mentioned getting a clock for the wall in the living room and was forbidden to purchase any sort of clock. He does not want nail holes in his wall, ruining the paint and wall.

Consequently, i have to ask him dozens of time each day the time. I might be waiting on something in the oven or just wonder how long until a favorite movie comes on. Knowing the time is important sometimes. At other times I just wonder what time it is getting to be.

Back in February, I bought a clock for the wall. He is so volatile when he perceives he is being crossed about minor things that I just now got it out. I put a battery in it and hid it where he cannot see it from his chair.

I planned to put it out when he went to the bathroom. It has been in here by the TV for over 24 hours. I have not mentioned it nor has he.

The clock is just leaning against the wall. I bought a Command hook, but cannot find it. There is a box on a table next to the TV. It is on its way to another room, but I put the clock on it, leaning against the wall. When i move the box, I will not be able to see the clock since it will be too low.

There are four walls in One is over the love seat where i sit. If I put the clock there, i will have to stand up to see it. If I put it on the wall opposite the TV, it will still be difficult to see. If I put it on the wall opposite me, it will be easier to see. If I place it on the same wall as the TV, it will be perfect.

There is a clock on the wall above my head, behind the love seat. The clock is a train clock that someone gave him, but it has a train whistle that sounds every 30 minutes. He will not remove it because there is a two inch hole in the wall that was here when he bought the house in 1980! He paid his brother to paint the wall, but the left the hole. sigh  The train clock is the only thing on the walls in the whole house!

If i am cooking in the kitchen, I must walk to the living room and ask him what time it is. There is a nail that was here when he moved here. I will put a clock in there, too, this next month.

I am absolutely positive he will only "allow" the clock on the two walls that are impossible for me to look at. Yeah. We will see.

WWIII may break out when I pull out the Command Hook. He is convinced it will ruin the wall.

He paid for the clock, unbeknownst to him and the Command Hook. So, it will be left when I leave.

He is not so bad. He sincerely thanked me the other day for doing things around here he cannot do. He even told me i could not have a clock plugged into the wall in the bedroom where I sleep!!!

Much ado and stress about a clock? I think so, too.

Friday, July 10, 2020

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

I just erased the whole post. Can Blogger fix that little problem like it fixed the problem with accidentally posting? @#$%&

Why is it so difficult to add a mask to this list? Exactly which Constitutional right are we abridging  with the wearing of a mask?  (rhetorical) Women are not allowed to go without coverings above the waist. And, I am okay with this for my part. However, somewhere deep inside of me, I have always thought this was patently unfair.

Tommy mentioned the signs that are the title of this post. And, I have been thinking about it.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Small Things/Small Economy

I know this is silly, but I received a small gift from Arm and Hammer for Earth Day. The post card is embedded with seeds. I am instructed to put it on soil and cover with thin layer of soil and water daily. I received this Tuesday and am still tickled pink. Now, I will have a pot with colorful annual and perennial wildflowers. Did anyone else receive this? I think I had to request it.

Tommy asked me if the plant he was looking at was a bell pepper. Well, I did not see which plant. However, I knew there were two Sweet peppers, so, I said it was. Tommy said it was a perfectly round thing on the plant. The next day, I could not see a pepper where he was standing when he asked, so I asked him and he showed me. The pepper was on the front of the plant that I could not see from where I was looking. It's actually a red pepper, still green. Now, I look at it all the time It is no larger than a quarter, but it thrills me. It is for him since I hate red, green, or orange peppers. This will be for a salad or something that he will eat.

I was looking for my debit card in my purse and found a penny. I was surprised because I had no idea there were coins in my purse. I do have a container of coins in the house, but nowhere near or in my purse. It felt funny to hold a coin.

Looking for something under a sofa cushion, I found one Christmas Kiss. YUM! There is nothing better than surprise chocolate, amiright?

I got rid of a bunch of small things--fireants. Bait works.

Tommy said to me that he was wrong and I was right.  Whew! That was a first-time admission. Every time I get upset and then find out I am wrong or I tell him the wrong turn or something, I tell him I was wrong and sorry that I told him wrong. Well, every time I say I am wrong and sorry, I point out that there is no shame in being wrong, but that a person can at least say so when the person has insisted he/she is right. So, he did it once and maybe it will become a habit. But, once will do.

A bit of insurance to go into the freezer--Today, I froze the first milk jug to go inside in case there is a power disruption. Sure, it is a huge jug, but small security until I add more jugs. Tommy was new to this concept.

If I disappear, it is not me. From the wall to my laptop, there are four pieces to connect to use the laptop. The two tiny pieces have disappeared and I sit in one place and use it. I may have to go buy new ones. Ugh, so this small thing caused a problem. 

Thanks, Kylie.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

I would never say that!

I was in a store the last week of June and asked for help. The young man helped me and asked me if there was anything else I needed. I asked where something was in the store, and he showed me despite my objections, saying I only needed the aisle number.

Then, he asked again if I needed anything else. I said, "Oh, no. I was looking for colored forks, but I cannot find any."

Even though he was wearing a mask, I could tell he was stunned by his changed body language and voice. "What are you looking for?" "Colored forks." He repeated something that was muffled by the mask and still looked stunned. His body language had changed. "Colored forks." He still was not responding. "I am looking for colored forks. I cannot use the black ones. I am using them to stick up in my garden so the pointy end keep cats from using the dirt for a bathroom."

His body language changed and he said, "Oh, I see." At that moment I realized he had heard "forks" as "folks."

Can you even imagine? I was properly horrified!

EDIT: I should have said he was black and half the people in the store were black.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Monday at Sam's Club and Microwave

Saturday morning, I awoke feeling horrible--body aches, sweaty all over, sore throat, chest congestion, head congestion, phlegm in throat, eyes hurt. I just hurt. Within a few hours, I felt a smidgen better, not much.

Sunday, I felt much better. Monday, I awoke having had a lot of sleep and felt better. Then, we went to Sam's Club, and I seemed to have a relapse. My three hour nap stretched to four and then five. Still, I felt horrible. And, the joints in my fingers started hurting, something that has never happened before.

This is the first time Tommy has been in a store to buy anything since the first of March. Other times, he has gone to bathroom in a store and come right out.

He always puts his mask on properly. Not this time. He had the mask covering the tip of his nose. He refused to put it on properly or pinch it so it fit. Well, this may be the last time he goes in anywhere. He likes to have public fights and was refusing to fit his mask even though others had theirs on properly.

I looked up and his mask was dangling on one ear. When I cautioned to put it back, he turned and yelled that the guy at the pharmacy could not hear him. "He can't hear me!" Well, if you yelled like that, he could!  He loves loud public displays of nastiness toward me!

He loudly told me it was his business if he got sick and none of mine. I reminded him that it could kill me and it was my business. I don't know why he gets like this sometimes! Other than that little hissy fit, he has been agreeable and nice all day, not fractious at all. 

(Okay, it is Tuesday and we were going to stop and ask something in a line. He had his mask up under his glasses so far, just like he usually does. He is not aware of the conversation on Monday. Heaven help us both!)

We got his pens needles for his insulin, box of forks, box of spoons, and Claritin for me. Then, we beat it out of there. He was willing to let me get stuff, asking me what else we needed and did I want anything. I just wanted him to quit breathing around the mask! 

Since I have been here, the size of Tommy's microwave has awed me. It is huge. He bought it in 1980 when he bought this house. I figured it was due to give up the ghost. Well, today, it did.  about 3 months ago, I said we could just use mine if his broke. He exploded and yelled at me. 

Tonight, I was going to pop popcorn in a bowl in the microwave for him to try to get him to give up the popcorn bags he likes to pop. After 10 minutes, the little container of butter I was melting was just a bit soft. The popcorn had managed to pop one tiny kernel, and it was hard after so much time in the low heat.

Of course, Tommy did not believe me and had to come try it himself. Finally, he gave up. He asked about my microwave. At my house, I asked the guy to put it in my trunk. It has lived there since last August. So, tomorrow it comes in and lives here. It will give me so much more room on the counter and lighten up the place since his huge one is black and my small one is white. 

The forty-year-old microwave died today.

I thought I would save the bad news for tomorrow--I think the one eye, at least, on the stove is dying. We can just switch out the coil with another eye. Easy fix, but he will not believe me.

Does anyone know of a 40-yr-old working microwave? 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful, Talented, Older Daughter

Fifty years ago in 1970 I gave birth to a 6 pound little girl. I had gained 50 pounds and cried when I heard she weighed so little. But, the weight fell off once again, just like it did when I gave birth two years earlier to an 8 lb. 9 oz. boy, and later when I gave birth to a 6 lb 9 ounce girl.

This tiny infant is now fifty-years-old and still a treasure, a beauty, and so smart. Now, I am the parent of two fifty-somethings with another close behind in age.


Okay, I feel terrible, so this is all today.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Fireworks--4th Continued

Saturday night, the 4th, was quite until 8 pm. Then, the neighborhood awoke. Firecrackers popped sporadically. Finally, I heard such a boom. I ran to the door and went out on the ramp in my nightgown. I stood and waited for the next one since individuals never shoot off the big ones close together.

Then, a firework show worthy of a big-town display hovered overhead until it poofed and disappeared. This went on for five minutes as I could see the operators in a church parking lot several doors down, walking to and fro with flashlights.

Finally, the sky exploded with a dizzying array of all types of explosions. Most were the two-stage type. One even went up and had three different displays. Plus, these fireworks did not go off one at a time. There were always at least two in the air, sometimes three at  any one time.

I have seen individuals have the same fireworks, but never the capability to shoot them off at the same time and in such rapid succession.

This was as good as Thunder on the Mountain, just shorter. Of course, I was choking on gunpowder or something in the air.

Lunch on the 5th was chicken sandwich and fruit. Dinner on the 5th will be hotdogs, baked beans, corn on the cob that I forgot last night, and coleslaw. 

This afternoon, I wanted to get in the car to just get out of the house. I found a big box store almost empty and an electric cart in the parking lot. $150 later and having used $20 in coupons, I had a stock up done. I have more coupons to use, but the product was not there. 

Now, to water plants. 

How has the Day After been for you? Or, the 4th?

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Oh, This Ice Cream is Seriously Delicious!

Of course, I did not follow the directions or amounts. I used the whole quart of strawberries, cut into small pieces, then used the pastry blender on them for about 4 licks, and put them into a measuring cup. There was a tad over 1 1/2 cups, so I used them all. 

After I crushed the strawberries a bit, I put 1/8 cup sugar in them to further macerate and liquify the sugar. Then, I refrigerated them for about an hour. The recipe called for 2/3 cup sugar. I used 1/3 cup Swerve. Thanks, Anne!

The recipe was for whole milk and heavy cream for a total of 2 1/2 cups of milk. I only used 2 cups of my 2% a2milk. Since there were a bit more strawberries, I did not want to use too much total in the freezer. 

I could not find any vanilla in the kitchen, so decided to use vanilla beans. They were hard and dried out, so scraping beans was not possible. I cut one bean in 1" lengths and put those in the milk and strawberries. They did not soak, just went in about 5 minutes after being cut. 

The directions were not hard, just not the way one would put ingredients in the freezer. You put in dasher thing and the lid, TURN ON MACHINE,  and THEN  pour the ingredients through the lid after the motor is going. 

When all this was done, I rushed back to see the time and figure when it should turn off. After a few minutes, I heard a strange whine, so I rushed back in to see if it was okay. The machine was still running and the ice cream was rising. 

It was okay, and after 8 minutes, I had ice cream. 

I am not sure why, but the ice cream was coming out of the top. So, it was messy taking it apart to move the bowl and dish it up. 

Before the next time, I will soak these vanilla beans in something. Then, I will get vodka to make  some vanilla extract. 

Next time, I will put strawberries in a blender to make them less solid. It will be better since the strawberry pieces were frozen. And, I will use less strawberries. The Swerve was good, no aftertaste. I can also use even less sugar, using half the amount of Swerve that I used. 

I could have ice cream every day. However, I usually have a glass of milk later in the day with cereal, as chocolate milk, just to drink. From now on, starting tonight, I will not have milk at night if I have ice cream. 

Oh, this is still Friday night, the 3rd. Tomorrow, I may make banana. Tommy hates banana but is okay with me having banana ice cream. However, I will not eat as much as I ate tonight. 

Friday, we had baked chicken from the freezer, sweet potato I baked yesterday, and coleslaw.  We are eating well after a few nights of iffy 

Who has bought one of these Cuisinart ice cream makers this week? Who has one of the old-fashioned crank kind? If I could crank one, I would have one instead of this electric one. 

Maybe I will make blueberry ice cream next after the peach I have in mind. 

After ice cream, I taped the flag that comes in the Times to the inside of the front storm door. So, the place is decorated. 

4th of July

We had hotdogs, baked beans, coleslaw. I did not make ice cream again. Friday night I had a rough night. Not sure why. But, I took a two-hour nap. Now, we are watching Boston Pops. 

Friday, July 3, 2020

Mask Material

Of course, I knew there was plenty of cooked meat. I got out what I thought was a portion with breast. No, then I thought it was a bag with some breast. No, it was a thigh and leg. That was discouraging. Finally, I got out a portion that looks like a half a turkey breast. No, but while thawing it, it appears to be something with breast piece, leg, and thigh. Since it don't have it completely thawed, I suppose I will see.

At any rate, I was able to have meat for dinner on Thursday night and a sandwich for both of us on Friday for lunch. Tonight will be poultry, baked sweet potato, and coleslaw.

While I was looking on the cooked meat shelf, I paid more attention to what was there. There are seven packages of thighs. Some have two thighs; some only have one. Tommy knows he will have a thigh for seven days in a row along with vegetables. He is happy with that as he just wants food cooked by me.

I am slow making the ice cream, but tonight is a definite plan to make it.

I have a new mask plan since I don't have remnants of anything to make a mask. Tommy must have about 50 button up shirts, mostly plaid. He was irritated when I asked him about them when I first came here. Finally, about two months ago, I asked him again because he also has drawers of t-shirts. He had a cousin whose weight changed, forgot whether it was a loss or gain, but the cousin gave him all his shirts.

Last night, he said I could use some of the plaid, woven-fabric shirts for a mask for him. It will be nice and masculine. I may make the first one by hand.

Another thing I will use is the pads for people who are incontinent. I was given a stack of these and really have no use for them. I took one apart. If the blue non-woven part will hold back a pool of pee, surely it will contain viral drops no matter how small. The  mask will be four layers.

For the moment, mask fabric problems are solved. The search is not over, but is not as pressing.

~~~~~off to chop strawberries.....

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Haircut and Fabric

Thursday evening, we went to the yard and I cut Tommy's hair. This is a man whose usual haircut has most of the hair about 1/4" to 1/2" long, except for right on the top. Well, I cut 3 inches from his hair.

I cut the length from the bottom all around and he sighed and said he was cooler already. He said he had been so hot lately. Hair on his neck is so uncomfortable. Thankfully, my hair has grown to where it is not on my neck. But, I am not getting it cut. 

I hold the hair and cut, dropping lumps of hair. I know I should hold the hair and cut it, but after cutting, I`````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` throw down the hair. Unfortunately, I managed to cut it at the bottom of the ramp, right where we will step in it going to and from the house and car. This ought to be fun after walking it into the house.

His hair is a light gray and fine. As I cut it and dropped the clumps, it looked like soft kitten hair. He did not think so. 

He always swore I would never cut his hair. Now, he welcomes it. Are you cutting anyone's hair due to the virus? Your own?

Today, I bought the fabric that is reported the best for masks--polyester spandex chiffon. I have a bit of fabric to use for the outer mask. I have some of the pads that were given to me that are for use under a bedridden person to catch urine. No, I was not given these because I am incontinent. At any rate, if they will hold a puddle, surely they will stop something smaller. Now that I have all the materials, I need to make masks by hand or get the machine up and running. 

Dinner on Wednesday was chicken breast and mixed vegetables for Tommy. I ate the chicken and something. I try not to eat canned vegetables, but that is what they are for, so they won't hurt us to eat once in a while. There was tomato that Tommy refuses to eat. He says they are too soft. So, I will blanch and peel and put in some sort of sauce. Spaghetti?

Maybe one of the squash plants is dying. I am not sure why. Remember, the squash plants were maybe four inches high and cost a quarter apiece.

Tonight, part of a turkey breast from last year, sweet potato, and broccoli are on the menu.  

Does anyone know of a fabric store anywhere near Birmingham besides Walmart or Joann's? I may have to go far away to buy fabric since this Joann's does not want to help me.

I Think I Stole This

After I brought scissors like I wanted, it appears I did not. The blades are serrated. I did not want serrated blades. So, I searched for the receipt to exchange them. I searched everywhere I could imagine. And, then I tried some more places.

On the receipt every purchase was something in the bag--fabric and elastic. Except the scissors were in the bag and not on the receipt. Finally, I decided that I put the material on the debit card and then put the scissors on the debit card. That would be two transactions.

So, there would be two entries for that business. No, I checked and had the guy at the bank check again. I can only figure I never paid for the scissors. But, maybe I had $50 in cash on me. That is possible but highly improbable.

By the way, the woman who took the scissors down for me told me they were not serrated. I knew the difference and did not make this mistake on my own. I took her word for it--my mistake. Plus, I did not put things into the bag, the female cashier did. Furthermore, the scissors were in a separate bag!

There was a man in front of me in line. He was talking and sort of being in the way. He picked up my fabric and put it on the counter because I was having trouble with it. (I could do it but the fabric was sliding and unfolding.) Then, when things were rung up, I realized the scissors were not included and he handed the woman the scissors. Now, I wonder if she was distracted and just put them in a separate bag. Did he pay for them, being nice, like paying for the order of the car behind?

I may never know. But, they are not on my debit card and I have no receipt. However, the cashier did handle them and put them in a separate bag. I am quite sure I did not bag them myself, but I have no evidence that I purchased them.

After rethinking all this, thinking in detail, I remember this guy being out in front of the register for at least three customers before me. I thought he was a manager. Then, I did not know what he was doing as I got to the register. He talked a lot to the cashier. I think he may have distracted her. Or, there is the thought I could have paid in cash. But, where is the receipt?

Have you ever had a mystery like this involving a purchase?

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

My First Harvest! Shopping

Tuesday, after planting the two tomatoes, we came back to water the plants on the porch. I have two squash plants in large pots. One fell off the porch a while ago, and the other was heading the same way as none of the plant was in the pot, just hanging straight down in front of the porch. Well, the roots were hanging on. 

Tommy came around and held the plant up while I pulled the pot back. So, the squash plant rests on bricks. Since I don't think the hot bricks will be good for the plant or squash on the plant, I have a new plan.

Before I forget, Tommy said the first squash was sort of ready but still small. I had him break it off. He was going to pull it. The squash was 5 1/4 inches long. I cooked it for our dinner and we halved it along with a chicken breast. Tommy had mixed vegetables with his squash and chicken. I have to say that was one of the best squash I have ever had. So, that one little squash was my first harvest. I dislike large squash, so only another inch of growth would have been tolerated.

The new plan--I got two shelves from a plastic shelf unit from the side of the road where I got three pots and the nice table. I am going to put those under the squash plant part that is sitting on brick. That way it will be less hot. The little squash and the rest of the plant will not sit in water on the porch. I knew I could use that shelf for something!

Wednesday, today, I decided it was time to shop for this week as everyone got their ss check and the 4th is Saturday. Publix was crowded. The Pig was not. 

Choc chip cookies in tiny cup $1.25
Coleslaw $1.99
Cool Whip $2.11
Frozen Broccoli $1.95
Weber Garlic/Herb Seasoning $2.39
Swerve $6.99
Natrol Melatonin $4.10
Stevia Extract $9.49 
Bananas $0.81
Strawberries qt $3.33
2 Wheat Thins 2 for $5.00
something for $6.99
2 a2milk @ $4.49

Little cookies were for the car. Cool Chip is for the eventual poke cake. I still need a pan. Frozen broccoli is for a recipe that calls for broccoli. The Weber seasoning will be a good change for Tommy. I can cut the melatonin in half, so instead of saving half price, this will be a quarter of the price. I DID NOT MEAN TO BUY THE STEVIA EXTRACT! The guy took it out of the basket where I put it to compare it and I did not see I bought it. These strawberries are for ice cream. I just love Wheat Thins, but only when they are on sale. 

I bought the Swerve after reading Anne in the Kitchen talking about using it. 

At the Pig:

coleslaw $0.97
Kool Aid $0.16
3-pack corn $4 exorbitant!
Zeigler original hot dogs $2.50
Hershey's Triple Chocolate Cake $0.99
Stage Plank $0.24

I got Kool Aid to use Swerve in it. I love Kool Aid. I like the old Zeigler's hot dogs with the poisonous red coloring, so had to get those. I found something new and just had to try it, just not today--Hershey's Triple Chocolate Cakes. It appears to be a cupcake with filling and icing. 

The same coleslaw at both places at different prices. I decided to get another at the Pig. I will go back and get another couple of packages and cook it for use later in soups and beans. 

For the 4th of July, we will have hotdogs on buns, coleslaw, corn on the cob, and baked beans and peach ice cream. There may be other stuff, but I don't know what. I have five dying peaches that I am going to salvage tonight and cut up really small for peach ice cream.

Tonight, I will make ice cream. Since no add-in can be larger than a chocolate chip, Tommy is in charge of slicing and dicing strawberries as soon as I wash and cap them. 

Have you found good bargains before the Fourth? Is your menu set? Who else has bought a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker?

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