Saturday, October 31, 2020

Three Things Today

Today, I wanted to get up early and get started early. I had Tommy wake me at 9 am, and I got up and 9:30 and was ready to go at 10 am. Tommy is not accustomed to me feeling like going out that So, he was rushing to put on pants. We had three places to go.

First, I needed to get some essential oils and rat poison. The other stuff only kills rats and mice, not everything that eats the poison or the mouse.  Animals cannot stand orange smell. So, I am going to take caps from water bottles, stuff a cotton ball into it and soak with orange essential oil that has other scents-- sweet orange, Spearmint, lavender, Ylang Ylang. Okay, I smelled it and it is strong! 

Last night, with a new potato and more of the Ratx, nothing came and ate. I am so disappointed. We will have to get someone to stuff steel wool into the hole. I have heard it does not work because things will just gnaw through the steel wool. 

Second, we needed more cups. I did get those and hope Tommy will soon consider the cost and agree to a dishwasher. I can hope. 

While there, I passed the Halloween dish towels. They were fifty cents each, so I got ten, just like I did last year. We use these freely. He asks for one when he is eating anything drippy. The way he has to lean back in his chair, not able to sit up fully, he drops stuff. So, this works, is cheap, and now we have more. While I was there, I got two potholders. For $0.50 each, they are a deal. 

I use these to put on the counter to drain dishes and another to dry dishes. They are handy. I got the towels and dish towels that are just fall themed and not bat or witch pictures. These even have mushrooms so a little retro looking. I don't think they are pretty, just clean and utilitarian. 

Third, we wanted to go to a newly opened food box giveaway. The other two have closed. These boxes are getting better! Thankfully, there are no goodies. The salty chopped chicken and the hotdogs are the only things I don't like receiving. Well, I love hotdogs and do not need them. 

A woman came to the car and volunteered we could have four boxes. She must have noticed our hesitancy and immediately told us to get it and give to neighbors. So, we got four and gave a whole one to young single mother in the neighborhood, the one whose father died. Total from 3 boxes we kept~~

  • 3 one-lb chunks of sharp white cheddar cheese with bacon  
  • 15 lbs potatoes
  • 9 lbs apples
  • 9 lbs onion red and white
  • 3 tubs plain yogurt, 32 oz.
  • 3 three-lbs bags chopped chicken
  • 3 two-pound packages of bun-length hotdogs
  • 3 overgrown cucumbers
  •  6 tubs cottage cheese, 32 oz.
  • 3 gallons milk  
I doubt I want the sharp cheese, but I will try it. Tommy loves it. I didn't know he likes plain yogurt or cottage cheese, but he does, as do I. I will freeze the chicken in 2 cup portions. The hotdogs are in the freezer in bags containing 6 hotdogs each. They lie flat with only 6 hotdogs and will make three meals per bag. We may have enough hotdogs to last a year, eating them sparingly. He has all the milk in the small refrogerator freezer.

There is too much salt in the chopped chicken, so I am going to try washing it off or cooking it and discarding the water. It is not healthy at all. 

We have a box of food to take and give to someone in a parking lot. When the Auburn game is over, we will go. I need a nap but need to freeze the chicken. 

We have two tiny gift bags of candy and soap bubbles for the children across the street and that will be our Halloween! 


Friday, October 30, 2020

A Surprise

Wednesday dinner--bbq chicken legs and rest of potato carrot soup

Thursday dinner--meatloaf and cole slaw

Another meal of chicken legs is in the freezer. A meal of meatloaf and coleslaw waits for Friday night along with broccoli. 

The wind was very fierce Thursday afternoon as we left for a trip to store. The storm is over here, but I still needed batteries. I had on a sleeveless blouse and almost regretted it because of the strong, cold wind. The cold front came through with a fury. 

I had a surprise call today. The office of my new gastroenterologist called me and said all the blood tests  were okay or something positive. The last gastro would let me go through two office visits without mentioning the test results. Even when I asked, somehow he never told me. The office people resented me calling and asking. 

Blood was drawn for two other doctors, so I will call for those results if I don't hear from them on Friday. I go to a lab with orders from several doctors so that I will reduce the times I have to go through having blood drawn. My veins are not so apparent and I have been told they roll away so a needle going in is almost impossible. 

We are going to order larger, stronger flashlights while I still have Amazon Prime. There are a few things I need that are impossible to find in stores. Hopefully, I can find original Dawn. 

Okay, two surprises. Bad surprise first.

Tommy gets up earlier than I do, so he had me come to the kitchen to show me something. In a corner of the kitchen counter was a pile of potatoes. He shown the light on them and they had been gnawed on and were very old. I tell you I cannot see for lack of light in there!!! Who could not see six very large potatoes? He figured there was a rat in the kitchen.

But, we doubted that since there was no evidence of droppings. ANYWHERE! I shoved the potatoes back, especially the one that was partway into a hole the size of a quarter. The other thing we went for on Thursday was rat poison. I put down a square of tp and put a dozen little pellets on it. Friday morning, the pellets were gone.

The pest control guy came in spraying and I had to yell at him to make him stop. He asked me why he was there, then, if I did not want him to spray. This man was filthy. He had on the nastiest mask that did not cover his nose. GAH!

 He concluded it was not rats, maybe squirrel or a chipmunk. He would put out bait around the kitchen and see if they got it and maybe they would die. He walked around the house to see if he could find where they are getting in. 

When he came in he said he could not help us because we had so much stuff down, and he gestured to the living room. He said he could not help us and left. We can put out bait. I think someone needs to find where they are coming in, but that is not happening. We still have another pest control scheduled for 4 pm. So, we will see. 

While the guy was looking around in the cabinets near the half-eaten potatoes, we could not see droppings. But, I did see something. A LARGE, LOVELY, RED COLANDER!!!

After he left I showed it to Tommy and asked him why he told me he did not have a colander. He said it was not his and he had never seen it. He thinks it belongs to his boarder who cooked and was allowed to store her cooking things in the cabinets. 

This is huge, red, heavy metal. There are not a lot of holes in it either! At least it is pretty while it drives me nuts not draining. I think it is the heaviest colander I have ever picked up. But, it is pretty and free.

She has not lived here for about 12 years. She needed a place to rent that was cheap. One of Tommy's friends asked him to rent to her. She became ill with liver disease, then finally had to be moved elsewhere by her children when she had liver cancer. Her boyfriend and her sons moved her things out while she was not able to come and help. 

That is how I got the heavy dresser, all wood, with dovetailed drawers. The heavy glass bowl Tommy gave to me was something she left with 12-yr-old potpourri. So, add a colander if he does not want it. 

Now, we are left to figure out what is coming in. 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

ZETA and Candy

 The forecast left me nervous. The weather forecasters predicted massive power outages in our area. The prediction was that it would be so massive we could lose power for days while workers restored power. That worried me when thinking about the freezer full of food, the refrigerator with milk, and the freezer over the refrigerator with frozen milk and meat. 

My plan--never open refrigerator or freezer. I was afraid Tommy would want to reach in and get his milk and reach back in and put it away. I can control me, but was afraid he would not cooperate. I told him if we needed milk, we could go buy some! He looked miserable. I am sure he did not want to spend money on milk if we had five gallons in the house. 

Luckily, for us the wind was never more than a stiff breeze. And, the rain was minimal. I know that others have lost electricity. And, I hate they have losses. Now, with the news on, it appears other areas close by were heavily damaged with trees down and power loss. Okay, maybe 500K people in AL are without power. , . just not us at the moment. 

At home, I had several ways to cook or heat food without electricity. Here, we have none. I had a gas grill, and  a few little one-time-use "grills," plus, I know how to make a fire and not burn the neighborhood down. 

While wondering aloud what we would do if we had no electricity, what to occupy ourselves, he had one idea. Since no windows or curtains are to be opened, it would be dark in here, too dark to read. He said we could just get in the car and drive around. There has to be a plan for 12 hours, at least! He has no board games, and it would be too dark in here to play cards or games. I decided I would go sit in my car and read. There would be light and the driver's seat is supremely comfortable. 

Well, no problems, just a little worry about what would happen. 

At home and before a storm, I made sure all the dishes were washed and all laundry washed and dried and put away. I would remove, fold, or turn lawn furniture over and drag it next to the rock wall. I pulled the trash can into a corner. All flashlights were checked and batteries in my boom box. I had a few of the flashlights to plug into outlets. The light would come on if electricity were lost. 

Here, we have two or three of the little $1 flashlights I bought after moving here. I bought a cheap headlamp that he really The news has shown me places nearby that are a mess with trees down and lines twisted.

On to a sweeter subject--candy. In this bag are three similar minis--Three Musketeers, Milky Way, and Snickers. Oh, there is Milky Way Midnight. As much as I like dark chocolate, I really dislike the Midnight! I know that one of the three has crunched up nuts and I do not like it. However, I can never remember which I don't like. Now, I know. I don't like Snickers. Well, I will eat it, but there is no joy in eating Snickers. Three Musketeers is what I like. I never knew that. 

I usually only eat chocolate where chocolate is the major, if not only, part, no caramel or such. 

Were you affected by Zeta? Which of those candies do you like? Yes, I know it is not highbrow candy. Play with these candies.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hanging in There!

 This baby possum fell off its mother. The black cat had kittens so took in the baby possum. Now, the cat cannot understand why the possum hangs on to her all the time. The possum was still furless when found.

Is that cute or what?

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Tommy's Birthday, New Furniture, This and That

 Tommy's Birthday is coming up and I am confused. I want to get him a nose hair trimmer. Is it better to get a battery operated one or a manual? I looked to Amazon and I have no idea. Help! Pros and cons of both, please. 

At Publix, I was given a cloth, reusable bag. It is the rectangular, flat kind, not one that stands up. But, it is washable, I think. 

Monday, I found Halo's for the first time this year. They are not very good. 

When the commode overflowed, I put four large, thick towels in the water when I got it stopped and then into the tub. Tommy later put his rug from in front of the sink onto the shower bar in the shower. Later he took it out and hung it on the ramp railing. I mentioned washing it. He said it needed to be thrown out. I thought it was a flat, brown rug. No, it has a squished down pile and is not brown, just filthy. . . this is why I never go without shoes. 

He has two recliners, both given to him. The current one is rickety because of his struggles to get out and falling into it. The one he does not use is beige and in a corner. I keep telling him the one he sits in sound like it is going to fall down. Today, I asked him if he really thinks he needs to keep the beige one or get rid of it. He said he thinks it needs to go. Miracle of Miracles--I think I see new furniture in the future and more space where someone can vacuum. He said the beige chair is so uncomfortable and hard he cannot sit in it. 

Does your lipstick ever run? I had a young friend whose lips looked like a 90-year-old woman's because of the bleeding lipstick. She was using lipstick gotten from estate sales, probably never worn, just old.  Old lipstick bleeds even on young lips. So, throw it out. 

I playfully suggested to Tommy that we could take the Halo's and paint pumpkin faces on them. No, not doing it. But, a thought. 

Today, Tuesday, we went to Cullman for lab tests. I was about to faint from hunger, but the phlebotomist was great and found a vein the first time, so the experience was not so bad. 

We went out in the country to the Hunny Hut for Honey. I bought two pints for $8 each. I could have had a quart for $15, but who wants to handle a quart of honey? Not me. Each pint is 22 oz. honey, so that is almost 3 lbs of honey. This will last me a long time. 

I went to my bank and had my absentee ballot notarized, Tommy's also. They know me so the notary public was willing to come outside. It was the bank manager. Then, I had to go and have a copy made of my driver's license at another business. I left a dollar bill on the counter in order to make the pain  Now, to mail it. 

Tommy likes to drive around and look at Halloween decorations, so we did a bit of that, too. 

It's only 4 pm., but it has already been a hard and busy day. 

Do you ever ride around to see Halloween decorations? Are you voting early or with absentee ballot?

Monday, October 26, 2020

Fish in AirFryer? New Doctor and Cranberries

Sunday dinner: casserole of chicken, soup, brown rice, broccoli, with cheese on top. It was delicious. 

Tommy always is watching tv and not helping to wash dishes until I am desperate. He never refuses, just says okay and starts watching something else. I will not nag or yell at him. I keep saying we need a dishwasher who is not named Linda. I finally told him he may have to wash dishes alone! 

While dinner was in the oven, I told him we had to go and wash dishes so I would have something to store the leftovers. We do not argue and talk in low tones. So, not a big blowup or loudness. It is almost midnight and still he sits!

At one am, I told him I was going to wash dishes that he could dry. Still, he did not come. Finally, he said I should be more definite telling him....geeee!

I asked how he would like different nights for a designated kind of meal--casserole night, pizza night, crockpot night, beef night, etc. He laughed and said that would be like Big Bang's Chinese night and pizza night. 

The more I think about it, the less I like the idea of designated nights. I really prefer leftover night. But, I still don't want to cook to make

Monday, I met my new gastroenterologist, the one I have only talked with once. I like him and have no idea what he looks like. His picture on the internet does not seem to match his masked, real person self. 

I bought more broccoli to put into the last night's leftover casserole. I have a bag of slaw given to us. If it is good, we will have slaw. I bought some coleslaw with carrots, so either way, we will have slaw. 

Maybe I will not get  a pumpkin this year. We have lots of decorations. I cannot handle even a small pumpkin, and I cannot use a knife well enough to cut the tough skin. PLUS, the biggest thing is that I don't have chickens with whom to share. They loved pumpkins.  So, no pumpkin, just ghosts in the 

Today, I saw the first Ocean Spray fresh cranberries and paid a premium price-$2/package. I will have some, at least, if cranberries become scarce. I like to dehydrate cranberries for eating out of hand. Plus, when I make Stovetop Stuffing, I add dried cranberries and have no need for opening, buying or cooking them in a separate dish. Hopefully, I can find cranberries cheaper. I do not like Craisins because of added ingredients like oil and sugar.

For Wednesday night, I am considering having fish cooked in the air fryer and hope it works. Has anyone cooked fish in an air fryer? This is fish frozen with a skim of ice on each individual pieces. Was it good? Any caveats for me? 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

I Do Not Love CVS, Cleaning Service

I knew I have some sort of credit at CVS and Walgreen's, so Saturday I thought I would use this credit to buy candy. After I went to the machine to get coupons at CVS, I sat in the car and looked them over, taking inside the ones I might use. Well, that was a bust. I will have to check the emails I keep getting from these two.

After I picked out the item for the coupon use, I still had to buy more to be at the $$ amount for the coupon. I ended up buying even more. The one thing I don't regret is finally getting something for roots, hair roots. I am not even going to mention what all I bought because I am not. 

This is why I never use many of the coupons at the drugstores. AND, I did not have other coupons to stack. It seemed it was once easier to get a bargain. Plus, bent over the cart is rough and I hurt. And, they only had $12 bags of candy and higher. I left those.

I know the strategy to use. It was not working Saturday!

Thankfully, the candy bags were smaller at Publix

Saturday, after we got home, I suppose I went into the kitchen a dozen times or more putting the final hanging shelves up and putting food on the shelves. Three minutes is my limit for standing and working. We can both tell it is getting better in the dining room and kitchen, less cluttered and more organized. Now, I just need light so I won't have to use a flashlight in there! 

I have said for months that we need someone to clean. Yesterday, I made the call while Tommy listened and Tommy participated by adding to what I said, just in the background. He thinks getting it all clean and then someone every two weeks will be necessary. I agreed. Whew! Of course, he knows he is paying for it. 

If I were able, I would clean.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

All Dry Now, Candy, Football

 Today, it was very rainy all day. Stupidly, we went to Cullman. Somehow, I thought the end of the rain was through here, but it had just started.  We could barely see the cars ahead of us that had their lights on. One guy never did turn on the lights on his black car, so I thought we were going to run into him. We drove with the emergency blinker on all the way, as did others. 

The trip ws sort of a bust in some ways.  We went to the food bank where I get to choose. They had my bag ready when we drove up. I gave my friend coupons and clothes. Friend said they could not store more in clothes closet a few months ago, so I asked if she could give the clothing to people who were standing there. 

She told me one of Tommy's shirts was claimed the minute she carried it in. Good deal. I would rather it go to them than to donate it elsewhere. Of course, if I had things that would bring money, I would sell 

I forgot the bank is now closed on Saturday--Bummer! I had a boxful of mail, so good I got that from PO. 

At Publix, I found what I had been searching for--pizza crust mix. They had Martha White for $1. Remember, Great Value was $0.52.  Since I really hate Great Value food, I had rather pay for Martha White Pizza Crust Mix. 

We want candy! We will have candy! We saw a mixed bag with Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Three Musketeers, but it was on TV. The woman finally found it for me. So, we have 153 pieces of chocolate. I doubt we will have kids come on Halloween. The little girl down the street will get a small bag of candy and three little bottles of bubbles. 

Other than that, we will try to stay away from an excess of candy. We ate two of the little squares when we got them. Later, one piece fell out of the bag, I think. At any rate, one was not in the bag, so I ate it. Right now, it is all tied up in the Publix bag so hard that the bag will needed to be cut away or ripped open. I am up to the job of ripping plastic, but this will slow me down. 

When we came home, I sat and watched the Auburn game with Tommy. Well, I was in the same room. Football is soooo complicated! 

Finally, about 3:30, I went off for  nap. He was to wake me at 5:30. When I heard him, I got up. But, it was almost 7:30. He said he called me and I told him to leave me alone. I remember nothing. 

So, nothing much happened Saturday. I am very slowly getting the storage shelves up and running and food on the unit. 

Have you bought your Halloween candy yet? Do you understand the fine points of football, really understand? Really? 

Friday, October 23, 2020


  • (I have no idea how this bullet got here or haow to get rid of it!) Thursday night, after dark we took a spin around the neighborhood to  see other Halloween decorations. It turns out the we had the second best display and lights. Now, we realize that we have four tiny blinking lights on four stakes with a witch and jack o lantern. So, our display is not so spectacular.  The white ghosts in the trees look better at night than in the day. 

For Thursday night dinner Tommy had another two cups of the soup with lots of meat and vegetables. I had a small can of chicken breast with sweet relish and MW. I also had a can of asparagus. Tommy does not like asparagus. I only like it right out of the can--no heating. One more soup serving awaits. He said to freeze it. 

Thursday, I bought another two sets of the shelves that hang from a shelf. This will expand the running feet available for food and will reduce the headroom for food. There is no use having a shelf with room above soup cans and no way to use it. I don't like to stack pop top cans on each other. I am afraid of a lid failure. And, there is no way to adjust the space between shelves. Plus, cans can slide where there is no back to the shelves or sides. The hanging shelves have back and side.

As I left the bank yesterday, I saw a box of masks. I asked the guy if I could have a mask. He said I could and I got into the car with two in my hand. I did not mean to get two when I asked for one. I have managed to NOT buy masks, so far. I only take one, usually. I wash masks! If I want two, I ask for two. This is the first time I have gotten more than one. But, I saw a woman taking a handful. 

Friday,we picked up two boxes of food. Here is the two added together for the tally.

  • 2 gal. milk
  • 6 lbs cheese slices
  • 2 quart of Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt
  • 2 pack of hot dogs
  • 6  lbs. chopped chicken
  • 2 quarts whole eggs
  • dozen loose apples
  • 10  lbs. potatoes 
  • 4 huge yellow onions
  • huge bag of raw spinach
  • bag of Romaine
  • 2 loaves of expensive loaf bread  
  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 2 lbs. chicken filets
I bought a couple of tomatoes so we can have salad for dinner

Okay, one place slung in two of those boxes, so in actuality, we got three boxes. There are too many things not good for us--processed cheese, hot dogs, sugar in yogurt. I may give some of this away rather than freezing it. Okay, I gave a away both quarts of eggs and Tommy kept the third gallon of milk. 

We took a whole box, plus 2 quarts eggs, and minus milk to Piggly Wiggly and gave it away to a woman leaving her car to shop. She was thrilled! So, that felt good to pass it on. I hope it helped her to save money or buy other things. 

Now, before I start dinner, I am going to bag and freeze the chopped chicken breast and divide the cheese and freeze it. Hotdogs and milk are in freezer. It's 5 pm. Dinner will be salad with chopped chicken. Tommy reminded me of salad, so YAY!

The hanging shelves are working out for making the set of shelves more useful by filling in the high space on each shelf. I got all of those in place. Tommy will go through the rest of the Halloween stuff and see what there is to put out. 

So Halloween It is 83F at 5 pm.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dentist, Voting, Ghosts, Vaccine, Ballot

 At the dentist on Wednesday, the hygienist asked me to swish a liquid for at least 30 seconds. It tasted like mouthwash. Tonight, I was reading an ARTICLE that was discussing the efficacy of using mouthwash to reduce the viral load of covid19. So, I will be swishing with mouthwash every day and most likely after I come in contact, no matter how close or distanced, with anyone who is not Tommy. Interesting? 

Okay, so that was just debunked, so no need for forty people to tell

On Wednesday, my absentee ballot arrived. Oh MY Gosh! It is so complicated. Not the ballot, but the paperwork that goes with it. But, I will tackle it once I am rested. Okay, it is Thursday and I am relatively rested. I will go online to learn about the options on the back of the ballot.

I brought out the rest of the Halloween decorations where Tommy could reach them. I asked him to bring in certain things to hang. He came back and told me there was a bag of six ghosts. Obviously, I overlooked those. Soooo, I spent the next thirty minutes gettng them ready to hang. They are long, white plastic bags that need to be stuffed, have head tied off, and a hanger attached. We opted to stuff with plastic bags instead of paper. He is now out in the yard decorating the tree in the front yard. 

There is a pumpkin to hang. I suggested his hanging it on the ramp railing. He had a better idea--hang it on the small shepherd's hook. I was bemoaning the fact we would have to go out and turn off the lights on one decoration--4 stakes. He said he was thinking about sticking them in my flower/veg pots. So, he is actively participating and thinking about the decorating the yard before I comment on anything. 

We both needed this distraction. The $3 spent last fall was well-spent. Friday, I spent another $3, the last I will spend. 

Speaking of distractions--he needed a food distraction. Last week, I bought two packages of Hot Pockets, one for each week, just something different for him. I wasn't crazy about them. When we do get a burger, he always pays and it is his idea 90% of the time. I know he is going to eat this stuff, but I am trying to reduce the cost. 

Friday, we both had a flu vaccine at Publix, collected our $10 gift card, and spent it--buy2get1 Dasani Water, two a2milk half gallons for $4.59/each, bananas. I did get bowtie pasta. So, we were out $5 for the haul. 

We did fill out our absentee ballots. Since I need to renew my driver's license, I am afraid to make a copy of the expired dl and send it in. That means I will have my picture made with covid hair. GAH! It is a fright, so straight. I will have it to remember this time forever. Then, we have to get them in the mail asap. 

I am in the Halloween mood. With my black and white outfit, I am wearing my silver-black bracelet and a huge spider ring with purple stones. I feel spooky 

Last night, Tommy said there was a bag full of ghosts. So, we stuffed ghosts and he has decorated the yard. It looks quite festive. I had him drive by and come back around the block and pass the house again so I could see it over and over. 

It was funny this evening when our arms starting hurting from the vaccine. I had mine in the right arm. I reached to the right and felt a twinge of pain. At just that moment Tommy said his arm had just started hurting. So, I suppose the vaccine does not hurt when you can complain to the person giving shots. We just whined a bit to each other. 

Okay, I have to go and slave heating this 2-cup container of soup for Tommy.  What are your plans so far for Halloween decorating or celebrating? 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Beautiful Wednesday and Paying Bills

It is so beautiful outside and 84F at 4 pm! Lots of white fluffy clouds are in one area of the sky. The rest of the sky has large and small fluffy clouds but plenty of blue sky. I wish I could save a bit of blue sky and bright sun for this winter!

Last week when we took a burger to the lake in the city to eat lunch, the lake and park were closed for maintenance. Same today. They are probably putting up the Halloween lights. We picked up our to-go lunches and our friends followed us to the lake. Well, we decided to go to the park near my house. 

We did and lunch was so pleasant with our friends. We were in the shade and there was a light breeze. The whole experience was perfect since there were no flies.

Today, the lunch was soup and salad and commercial cookies. Tommy and I had water we had in the car. 

She and I both had doctor appointments. Mine was x-rays at the dentist, so I got that done. I am dropping my dental insurance, I think. I have paid $42 dollars/month for 13 months and this is my first visit except for cleaning last week or whenever it was. I think I can deposit money in an account just for dental visits. It appears there is no coverage for crowns! So, that money won't disappear into thin air. 

I was going to pay off one bill with my windfall. However, there is no interest on this debt. So, I am going to pay off my cc that has little on it, but a bit of interest.  

Tommy said he did not mind having soup and salad again. We received four lunches, so he has three left since I cann't eat it with peas in it. I will have a salad with tuna. 

The light will be gone soon, so I want to take a few Halloween items out to display. Tommy can put the things any way he wants to display things in the tree out front. 

I love coming home knowing dinner is ready. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


 We got an early start Tuesday and were gone from here by 11 am to get things on my list. I decided to return a call I had gotten, a message to return the call. Well, it was from Huntsville, needing me to come up. I said I would come up next week as I had plans to day and Wednesday and the rain would be too much to drive in later this week. As it turns out, she needed me to come this week.

Tommy was pumping gas, so I had to wait until he got back to the car by holding onto the luggage rack and slowly making his way. I asked him if we could go to Huntsville right now. He said okay. We grabbed a burger, fry, coke combo--Whopper Jr. We did stop at the park and eat. 

It took us 2.5 hours from the time we decided to go and a little longer on the way back due to a stop I needed to make. 

The car is now paid off by me with the check I cashed from the accident in 2018, the one where I was hit by the 15 passenger van. I got little for my pain and ptsd in cars and the loss and replacement of my car.

Whew! And, he is happy. I went into my bank, paid off the car loan he got, and got him a cashier's check for what he had paid and for other money for things lately. 

Then, I had to stop by another attorney's office and sign papers there. Whew! 

I knew he needed something for the ride home. So, we got a DQ special--two 2-finger specials for $4. I told him that was his protein for tonight. Right now, water is boiling for pasta. There is a partial bottle of spaghetti sauce that I will not embellish, just use straight from the jar. 

It was a long day. I still needed to go to the store, so we did and got home at 7:15 tonight. 

Isn't it such a good feeling to have an ordeal behind and pay off a big debt?

Monday, October 19, 2020

Amazon Return and Plumbing

 All my purchases from Amazon were in good shape except for the seal on one of the three-section glass storage dishes. It appeared someone had shoved the lid on and bent the seal over. It looked like the seal had recovered, but it still looked funny. I called today to see if I could return just one of the three bowls. the guy said to keep it and would I accept a $10 credit on Amazon. Sure, I will. 

So, that is settled. Now, I need to call about the broken corner on the dehydrator. sigh, always something. 

When I unwrapped the glass dishes, Tommy was passing by. I offered one of the dishes, he took it, he admired it and complimented it and said how nice it was and how handy it would be. I can put enough chicken in one of the two small sides, two sweet potatoes in the large part, and another vegetable in the other small division. Then, it can go in the freezer for another day. This meal would be for both of us--two servings in one container. 

I was telling Tommy about blogs that show the blogger cooking and freezing 40 or more meals in one day. If I had about 37 more of these glass storage containers, we would be doing the same thing. That would be nice to have meals every day without all the hassle. Do you ever cook and inordinate number of meals in one day in order to cook meal for a month or so?

We finished the rotisserie chicken last night along with a tiny breast from last week. He had taken all the meat off the rotisserie chicken, so he had half of that with bbq and slaw. I put bbq on the chopped/pulled breast and ate lots of slaw. 

Lunch will be hotdog and slaw. The rest of the packages of hotdogs are in the freezer, so I won't be tempted. I have to watch me when hotdogs are around. 

Well, the plumber is coming and going and in and out. Tommy found that the washer was overflowing when the water would not drain. I am so glad at this moment that it drained into the driveway! Imagine if it were in the house.

Plumber is gone and so is $675 from Tommy. Sigh. . . There was a blockage in the sewage line. Before he left, I asked him how much a new faucet on the outside faucet would cost--$200. So, Tommy was very agreeable to have that done. I did not push my luck and ask about the back faucet where my garden is located. 

Now, I am off to shop for things we need that did not get done yesterday when we were waiting for a call from the plumber. 

A man was bragging about his 8 children who were all lawyers. People knew he had 9 children and asked what the ninth child did. He said he was the most successful child who put his siblings through law school. Child # 9 was a plumber. 

Many of these cheap Halloween decorations call for batteries, so we need those. Hopefully, they will not get wet and ruin the batteries. Now, I am off to shop for things we need that did not get done yesterday when we were waiting for a call from the plumber. We only had time for one store, the closest, Publix. 

I was exhausted after the plumber visit today and had to rest but ending up napping. Do plumber visits, impending visits, and the bill exhaust you? 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Why I Refuse to Read Beowulf and the Disaster

 Okay, first of all, I have read Beowulf twice before. I will not read this copy/translation of Beowulf that I bought at Ollie's for $2.99. 

I read the Introduction, all 16 pages, as any good reader does  and started the story . That was pages 1-104. Then was Notes-pages 105-237. THEN, there came the glossary of Proper Names,  pages 239-249. Sorry, but I am not in the mood. I will get a fully translated copy with the pertinent information in footnotes. 

 Well, I don't mind looking up an occasional word that is written in Old English. However, the first page must have had ten items  to look up in the back of the book. I checked and it was exactly ten!

When I discovered that half the book was definitions, I called it quits. That is just too much flipping back and forth for me right now. Or, maybe ever! If I were assigned this book as a textbook, I would read an easier (better or more translation) version to get the story and then read this one. 

I am not looking for the easy way out when I read. But, this is just too much for a fun read. The original text is written in Old English/Anglo Saxon. I need the definition of most all the words. The Canterbury Tales was written in Middle English, and I can/could slog my way through the original without the help of a dictionary, although it does help for perfect understanding. 

This translation was written in the 19th century, so the language is very different anyway and really okay. But, throw in Old English into 19th century writing, and I am very tired of the efforts I will have to expend before I even get past the first page.

I got books and I got a light and chose the wrong book! 

So, now I feel obligated to get a fully translated version of Beowulf. Have you read Beowulf? What will cause you to give up on a book other than the fact you cannot stand it, or it is boring?

Saturday night, I was going to bed about 2 am, carrying the clothes I forgot to hang to dry. So, I put a nightgown on a hanger and headed from the bedroom into the hall. I heard water trickling like the shower was barely running. I hung up the nightgown and opened the bathroom door that was shut so it was just a crack.  As I went to the shower and was passing the commode, I still heard the trickle but it was coming from the side, the commode. 

Water was pouring over the top of the porcelain. I bent to the cutoff and could not turn it. It has been there since 1965. So, I frantically took the back off the tank. The flap was stuck in an open/up position. I put the flap back into position. When the water went down, I tried to flush to see if it would drain now. Nope!

Of course, Tommy had to pee and was heading outdoors, but I told him to pee in the commode. Then, I had to pee so many times all day Sunday. Then, I had a solid situation and no place else to go. I accidentally put tp in 3 times. The rest I remembered to not put in. 

Tommy headed back to the recliner and I tried to sleep. Then, I decided the soaked towels might ruin the tiles/grout. Soooo, I got back up and put those in the bathtub. Tommy put the soaked run in the shower sometime in the night. 

When I got up, Tommy had tried to reach a plumber. Then, I had him call again. Then, I told him to try one more time. He found a different number, a cell phone, and he called that.

Then, he went out to hang the soppy towels on his ramp. He somehow did NOT get the phone in the I had him call again. I thought maybe the guy had tried to call and got a busy number. The plumber called right back and cannot come until 9 am. He told us to just do what we had to in the commode.

It has been a long day!

Have you ever faced a reading that you did not want to finish? Have you ever read Beowulf?

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Almost Free Halloween Decorations on Friday and Football

 In November 2019, I bought a huge duffle bag of what I assumed were Halloween items. I just unzipped it and saw a safety green jack o lantern. Well, today, we took the duffel bag outdoors and took everything out. It was a treasure trove of Halloween stuff for $3!

Safety green jack-o-lantern for trick or treat

orange jack-o-lantern that plugs

very bat girl dress, size 3-5

mask with beating heart on tube...yikes

three-pumpkin plaque to hang on door...hung now

Happy Halloween banner written in blood

Jason hockey mask

4 yard stakes with lights

Dracula cape--large

hanging skeleton with white drape/skirt 

hanging pumpkin head with black drape/skirt

tombstone still in package

6 hanging ghosts

hanging inflatable pumpkin with streamers

cute pumpkin tin box--9"x9"


dried up Degree deodorant--thrown out, naturally

bubbly Christmas light--waiting to see if it works

Most of these items were still sealed in their packages or had price tags on them. I doubt if we will make anything else and we certainly won't buy anything! I will let Tommy put things up as he seems to enjoy it. 


That makes 15 usable Halloween items and one for Christmas. Each item was $0.19. The adorable tin is the only thing I mig

Tommy has been watching the Auburn game on TV. Later, he will watch the Alabama game...sigh. I never complain or sigh. This will dominate for several months.  

Some days, Tommy is anxious to please me with TV shows. He gives me my choice instead of turning on what he wants. THEN, the next day or the next weekend, he announces matter-of-factly that he is watching whatever football I think he is setting me up for his watching without me objecting or needing to go somewhere. Funny! Do you have someone who becomes very easy to get your way so he can watch a game? 

How are your decorating efforts coming along? Have you bought Halloween costumes or decorations at yard sales? 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Thursday and Friday--Food Work

Thursday afternoon, we spent 30 minutes dating, sorting, putting food on shelves, and moving the rest toward the bedroom storage. Now, I know exactly how many of which soup variety I have. The cans with 2022 are not in the kitchen unless it is the only can of that variety that I have. 

Then, I had Tommy cut two 1-lb. bags of baby carrots into coins for potato soup. He peeled and diced potatoes after I washed the potatoes. Two cans of Campbell's chicken broth were added.  

I have a bag of kale to add to the soup when it is almost done. Five minutes will work to cook it. Oh, and cheese. We will have chopped chicken in it or on the plate.  I have homemade applesauce to eat after dinner. 

I need to water my mum, tomato plant and kale plants. There are still dishes to wash!  UGH! He will cut the stems off the baby kale. Normally, this would not be necessary, but I am supposed to cut back on fiber. 

Friday, we got a food box, but they gave us two. No asking. I am including both lists in one.

  • 6 lbs. chopped chicken breast
  • 6 lbs. sliced cheese
  • 10 lbs. potatoes
  • 2 quarts of whole eggs
  • 2 quart of Yoplait strawberry yogurt
  • 2 gal. milk
  • 20 loose apples
  • 4 lbs. onions
  • 10 lbs. potatoes
  • 4  bakery--hot dog buns, hoagie buns, sourdough English muffins
  • 2 pkgs. hot dogs
The cheese and chicken are in the freezer, divided into packages. Hot dogs are in freezer. Potatoes and onions are in the dark. The milk is in freezer. I prefer plain yogurt, but strawberry is okay. 

We gave a box to give to young, single neighbor--2 quart container of whole eggs, some apples, bag of potatoes and onions from another week. Like I said, they will eat this faster than we will, plus, there is another adult in the house. This is the house where the father died. 

Amazon box came this morning. I love the glasses for fit. I am so happy with large bottle of Natrol Melatonin, and the boom box gets the station for Christmas songs after Thanksgiving until New Year's Day. 

Now, we are going to clean off the skinny shelf in the freezer and put chicken chops out flat on a huge cookie sheet, and I will chop onions for freezer or dehydrator.  Then, I need to wash dishes, finish potato soup, and color my hair. 

We are getting behind on Halloween decorations! It's still nice and warm, at least in the 70s today. Is it freezing yet at your house? Tonight, a frost is possible. Still, we are not using heat.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Amazon Prime Day--Saving $100

For the last week or so I have seen that by applying and being accepted for an Amazon card, the recipient would receive a $100 gift card. I applied and received a gift card. The result was I paid $9.43 for an order of $109.43.

As I have stated before, I was tired of hunting down the melatonin I use. It was non-existent. So, I turned to Amazon. I really hate not to support brick and mortar stores, but I did. 

Natrol Melatonin, 2 oz., liquid, 1 mg was around $7. 
Natrol Melatonin, 8 oz, liquid, 2.5 mg was $9.99. 

I only take half the 1 mg dosage, so I will take 1/4 the dosage of the dosage of the of the bottle I am ordering. And, I will have four times the liquid. 

The comparison was astounding. I only use half the dosage, so I can take 1/4 the dosage in the larger bottle. There are three empty bottles with a dropper, so I will just decant the larger bottle  into the smaller ones. Now, I just need a really tiny funnel to decant into the smaller bottles. And, I know just where to get that.

Cutting onions was the bane of my existence a month or so ago. Cutting up one large onion caused me to tear and rub my eyes, leaving me with eye pain for two weeks. I have about 2 dozen onions to cut, so I bought a pair of swim goggles. The do not fit my face, so I am taking them back. Instead, I found onion goggles for $20.95.  Hopefully, these fit.

Several weeks ago, I found a product that seemed to fit the bill for my needs. These storage containers, hopefully, will work for freezing meals. They are glass and have three compartments and a silicone seal to keep foods from leaking from one compartment to another. $23.99

The last item I ordered was a boom box. Tommy has nothing on which to play music, and I refuse to go through this Christmas season without music! At the price of $46.99, I hope it works to provide a good experience.  Any Christmas music when you have none is great.

By the way, each of the four items was reduced, also. So, it was an even better savings.

I will not be using the credit card again, ever. 

After "shopping" at Amazon for three days, I got this order in just under the wire. I am still very excited about all I am getting for less than $10. I browsed the bargains advertised and found nothing interesting. Did you shop Prime Day? What great bargain did you purchase? Did you get the $100 for getting the Amazon Credit Card? 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Picture of Me? Anne, Flu Vaccine

I suppose I finally put up a picture on the last post since one person said he could see it. I was still turning around, in motion, when my cousin snapped the picture last July.

That is one of the outfits I got after losing all my clothes. I am planning on putting short, fullish sleeves in it to hide my fat arms. What do you think of putting in short sleeves?

Today, I put on the pants I wore for 30 minutes to cut Tommy's hair. I discovered the whole pants are full of short, silver hairs! the little tufts of hair all over the yard look like little mice. 

We are planning on making ghosts tonight. It was 85F today, so nice. 

We are planning an outdoor meeting with friends for next Tuesday. It's exciting to plan this lunch. One of the churches with free lunches is planning to start back. We will not go there unless we can take lunch with us. 

My one goal for the next week is to stay well enough to take a flu shot. I hear you cannot be taking an antibiotic or have taken one lately, and you cannot be sick with anything. That is hard for me in October, but I am doing my best. Have you had your flu shot yet? If you get the shot at Publix, you get a $10 gift card. So, I suppose that will be $20 worth of free groceries next week. Do you get a perk for getting your shot?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Halloween Right Now and Hair Cutting


Can you see a picture?

Monday night, I tossed Tommy a very small (6 inches tall) butternut squash and a Sharpie. I asked him to draw a face of his choosing for a Halloween decoration. His expression told me he was enjoying this activity. Later, I told him we were going to put out one thing each day for Halloween. That makes 17 more decorations to put out. No, not buying 17 items. 

Tommy said I should get a piece of white cloth, drape it over something and he could make a face like a ghost. Wow! He is getting into this decorating. The man just needs a nudge to do things. He just never thinks up things. Tonight, he did. He is looking forward to Halloween decorations. WOW! 

Teasing him, "we will make turkeys out of pinecones for Thanksgiving." 

Tuesday, I found a lemon pepper cooked chicken for $2.84. Now, I know what we are having for dinner. I paid $8 for a pair of reduced swim goggles in the hope that I can chop all these onions I have. Okay, those goggles hurt. And, I just found onion goggles on Amazon.  They fit like glasses. 

I cut Tommy's hair with the new clippers. There were no directions with those colored clipper attachments, so I just started. It was so easy to get his sideburns right, trim around the ears, everything. He likes the vibrations on his neck and There is only one little place too long, but I will use my haircutting scissors on that. Once the clippers are cleaned and oiled, I don't want to use them the same day. 

We did it outdoors with a light breeze. We both had hair all over us! It was fun when my nerves finally settled and I figured out I was not making him bald. I always cut my husband's, son's and daughters'  hair, but I used my sewing scissors.

Are you decorating or planning for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas yet? 

Monday, October 12, 2020

Pecans, Melatonin

 This is the time of the year I eagerly await a new crop of pecans. Just now, I found two sandwich bags of pecans from last year. I did not freeze them in a timely manner, so I was afraid I froze rancid pecans. I did not. From the time I was seven- until I was eighteen-years-old we lived in two different places where we had many pecan trees. I was in heaven. 

Now, pecans are my favorite nuts. If a recipe calls for another nut, I use pecans. I eat them for a snack. My favorite snack is dehydrated bananas, pecans, and chocolate chips. I place in my mouth a little stack with the dried banana on the bottom, a pecan on top of that, and one chocolate chip. It is a labor-intensive snack, but it does limit my chocolate consumption. I actually count out a dozen banana pieces, 12 pecan halves, and 12 chocolate chips. Soon, I will have banana chips from the new dehydrator. 

I needed Tommy to help me unload part of the freezer so the bread could sit flat. Things slide around. That was since Thursday. Well, I finally stuck the 2-gallon bag on top of things. If the bread is not flat on the bottom, not my problem. I can eat it. 

He needs to wash his hair so I can cut it. The instructions said dirty hair caused clogging in the clippers. Tommy says they do not wash hair in barbershops. huh? 

I am now out of liquid Natrol Melatonin. It is not available anywhere. So, I may get it from Amazon. I have been exploring having it delivered regularly. The price is incredible, so cheap. Several other things I buy regularly that are not food may get added to this monthly or every two-month delivery. Some bloggers report their satisfaction with this arrangement. 

Tommy got the same meal for himself Sunday night that he ate Saturday night--chicken chops, salad, tomatoes, and carrots. Somehow, he hit the plastic container against his walker and spilled it all over the floor. I cleaned it up so he would not have to lie prone on the kitchen floor. Accidents happen and he felt really bad about it. So, the salad greens went into the trash. 

Hopefully, my body pain and feeling like I am going to die is a reaction to the antibiotic I am taking. Even though I can accomplish things, I am falling behind. It was 75F at noon today, so nice weather helps me to feel much better. It is supposed to be 85F so that will work for me. 

Since I am out of bananas and milk, I must go to the grocery. At this point, I need Tommy to go in, but cannot trust his keeping on the mask. He lowers it to talk to people. I don't think we need anything else today. I KNOW we need nothing else!

edit: We needed eggs but I forgot and made a second trip...aaah. 

By the way, if you take melatonin, what brand do you like? Are you one of the people who get nightmares from melatonin? 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Amazon Deliveries

 Saturday, my first ever Amazon box was delivered to me. Thursday night, I ordered two items, iron and hair clippers. Tommy said it was Friday. Either way, they came early Saturday afternoon. Then, later Saturday afternoon, he went to the laundry room on the carport and inside the carport in front of my car was the third item--dehydrator. 

The clippers are charging so I can give him a haircut Sunday. OMG, I need Clipper OIL only to oil the blades! Okay, I remembered I had a bottle of Machine Oil here. There are no instructions about how to use the clippers. Obviously, a person is supposed to know how to cut hair. Hopefully, a video exists to help me.

The iron is beautiful and so heavy--3.3 lbs. Sewing well is practically impossible without an iron. It is white and the shiniest stainless steel ever. I can actually use the sole plate for a mirror. There is no distortion of my face. Amazing. 

For a 1966 wedding shower I received two irons. One was a steam iron and the other was a dry iron. The woman who gave me the dry iron told me it was a heavier iron and that I would not have to push so hard to use it. The woman who gave me the steam iron said I would not have to use a Coke bottle with a sprinkler in it anymore.

I kept the dry iron and loved it and used it often.  I made all my clothes and most of the girls' clothes. 

When the dry iron was broken by a kid visiting in my house, I got a steam iron and hated every time I used it. Even when I used it dry, I hated the hole marks left on the fabric. A damp wash cloth, a flick of water on fabric, or a spray bottle serve my purposes. 

This iron weighs 3.3 lbs., a lot for my abilities. But, I will manage, especially since I have not ironed in years and specialize in wearing clothes that do not need ironing... lol. 

I cannot get to my Excalibur Dehydrator in the storage unit. So, I bought one I can handle. It is white, has thermostat and timer. It only has five trays, but with great effort, I can handle it. Once it is in place, there is no need to move it. My other is black and nine trays. I really hated the black hulk it was. So, eventually, I may sell it. Maybe I will this smaller, white one. I will pay Tommy for this one. 

Saturday was like Christmas around here. Actually, it was better than Christmas. 

I sat all day Saturday. I felt awful! Around 7:15 pm, I told Tommy if he wanted dinner, we needed to go buy it or he could find something in the refrigerator. He immediately said he would have the two salad mixes. I reminded him where the tomatoes were. He also got baby carrots. I told him he could put chopped chicken on his salad or heat it and put bbq sauce on it. Soon he went off to the kitchen and came back with his food. This is the first dinner he has "prepared" himself. 

He seemed satisfied with his dinner! I had none. 

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Freezing, Friend Found, Yard Sale, Weather, Covid

 Friday, Tommy showed me a yellow dandelion. The yard thinks it is spring. I am going to pick dandelion greens from other plants I saw. That will be a salad or part of a salad. 

I called the police department in Huntsville. They did a welfare check on Charlie and called me back. They got no response when they went to his home. The officer asked me if he had property on the other side of town. I told her he had about forty houses. She spelled his name wrong and asked me if that was right. She said he had called numerous times about problems. Yes, that would be my friend. People steal things like the sink and water heater when they move out of his rental properties. 

She had a different phone number and would not give it to me. She said she would call and call me back. A few minutes later he called and said, "I am not dead." He had gotten a new cell provider and could not carry his phone to the new provider. His home phone is not disconnected. He said he was pissed because he had been paying the bill. If his home phone had worked, he would have returned my call and would have given me his new cell number. So, I have it in my phone now. Whew! 

Three pounds of processed cheese are divided into six  bags. Five of them are in a larger bag, and the loose one is for Tommy to use. The other six little packages of cheese from the second 3-lb. bag are in the freezer. I realize this will not work for slices on a sandwich, but it can be sliced to use. It would just mold in the refrigerator since it will be months before we can use it all. I used gloves to handle the cheese as touching cheese is one thing that causes it to mold...eew. 

Likewise, the chicken chops are in little bags and in the freezer. I think it must have been previously frozen. Hopefully, it will not hurt us to refreeze it, thaw and eat. The four pound packages of unsalted butter are in the freezer. With what butter I have in the freezer already there will be no need to buy more. 

The four pounds of cheese are unsalted. I never use or buy unsalted butter. I can use 1/4 tsp of salt with each stick used in a recipe. Then, it will be the same as salted butter. 

Yesterday, I started researching and "collecting" recipes for my holiday favorites, and "editing" them where they are the ones I used for years. I cannot print at the moment, so I read the recipe to Tommy. He never minds writing things for me. It was easy to find a pumpkin bread that works since I eliminated all the ones that called for "pumpkin spice." eeew

I found a very large, pretty, scalloped  glass bowl at a yard sale last week. Plus, I found an ancient colander that is much like mine I had for over 50 years. This one is nasty, but is salvageable. It cost me nothing. The kid did not add it to the cost of the bowl, so both cost me $1 instead of $1.50. We were too far gone to give them the two quarters difference I owed. 

Last Sunday we passed sign after sign advertising yard sales for the Friday and Saturday before. So, we determined we would go out today looking for yard sales. Of course, this weather will prevent sales. 

So far, today, the bad weather is nowhere near us. Tornado watches are far enough south that they are no concern to us. Even the rain is just a bit. the clouds are allowing the sunshine through at times. So, not so bad, just conditions I don't want to be outdoors or on the roads. When I was younger, nothing deterred Are you experiencing Delta caused  conditions at your house?

On Friday I talked to a woman who works at a business I have frequented. She had covid19. So, this is the first person I have actually known who was a victim. 

Do you use unsalted butter? Often? I have never used a recipe that called for it. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Food, Friend

 The food boxes were not available last week. Milk was the main thing we missed. This week, there were boxes given out. We were given two boxes. The list below is the total for two boxes. So DO NOT DOUBLE the amounts listed. Some boxes have two of an item while the other will have only one.

  • two gallons milk
  • 3 personal watermelons
  • 5 single apples
  • 4 lbs onions
  • 10 lbs potatoes
  • 2 1-quart boxes of liquid whole eggs
  • 4 1-lb. blocks unsalted butter
  • 6 lbs. processed cheese slices
  • 2 pkgs. hotdogs
  • 6 lbs. chopped, cooked, chicken breasts 
  • 6 lbs. frozen Pollack 
  • one large onion
  • 2 cans black beans
  • 2 cans cream style corn
  • mixed spring salad 
  • baby kale both in salad boxes
We gave a single mother the eggs, a bag of apples and potatoes from last time, can of black beans, 2 cans cream style corn and a huge onion. The bags are still good  but there are two adults and two children to feed. They will go quickly. 

The three pound packages of cheese are going to be divided into six bags each so they will not fall out of the cellophane bags or be handled excessively. I am not crazy about the health effects of processed cheese, but Tommy likes it. 

The chicken breast chops will be divided and frozen. One pound of hotdogs is in the freezer now. I am freezing all the salted butter in foil, wrapped and folded to be airtight. One gallon of milk is in the freezer. 

The other boxes were 20 lbs. These were 30 lbs. Except for the hotdogs and cheese, these boxes were better. 

I finally decided there must be a better way to make a list than the double spaces between lines. So, I went to the three little dots to the top left of the blog, and above it, clicked and got additional menus choices. It looks better!

My new medication needs a PA, physicians authorization, or I can pay $2300.00. ugh

Now, I have to get these foods divided and into the freezer. I wish I could afford enough glass containers to freeze them in glass. The four pounds of butter will be frozen in aluminum foil. 

Plus, we need to spend 30 minutes getting food organized in the kitchen. I can tell you right now, I have an abundance of Campbell's Cream of somethings. Of course, some of it may be the chicken broth that is medicine for me. 

Remember I bought a dozen pink roses at Publix about six weeks ago? They stayed pretty for quite a while. But, they were getting crunchy and the leaves were making a mess. Last night, Tommy brought the kitchen trash so I could lift the vase and bouquet into the bag and discard the roses. Well, the leaves fell right off. I decided to save the now dry and beautiful roses. I need to trim the stems and find something else into which to place the dried flowers. I have roses that will probably last the winter!

Thankfully, I cooked chicken Wednesday, green bean casserole last night and have salad/tomatoes to round it off tonight. Or, maybe I will bake sweet potatoes. Or, maybe something else. 

I cannot find a friend who I fear is terribly ill or dead. If you read my other blog, his picture was in "Jamming with Sasquatch." He is hairy and insisted on learning to make jam in shorts only. Well, I was getting none of the potentially hairy jam or burning myself, so I sat and watched as he followed my instructions. His home phone is disconnected and his cell is just a busy signal. He has money and is very good with paying things on time. He lives with his cell, so no excuse for the busy signal. I am worried sick. 

So far, we have only gotten a spritz of rain, barely sprinkles. Hopefully, our luck will hold the same for tomorrow when rain and wind are predicted. How is the weather at your place? Are you putting up any food this week?


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Wasted Food, This and That, Amazon

 I was putting the three new Miracle Whips into deep Ooops! I already had three. This would be no problem except for the fact I cannot eat them before they go wonky. I am sure they won't kill me, but they are not tasty. I will give one away one of these days. I am still in the process of seeing how long it takes me to finish off one 30 ounce jar. 

Slowly but surely, everything will be put where it goes. 

The applications to receive a absentee ballot are ready to mail today.  This will be a first for both of us. Do you cast an absentee/mail-in ballot? 

Since both of my good printed outfits are rather skimpy around the shoulders, I have started the alteration process. I took the little belt from the black and white outfit off the pants. This is just a self-fabric tie belt in loops. When I get it taken apart, I will cut it in four pieces and use two on each shoulder. I think it will not be so bare and more to my liking. The resulting addition of a sleeve will be nothing more than a ruffle that at least extends over my shoulder. not off it. I have seem quite a few "sleeves" that are nothing more than a short ruffle sort of sticking out, not really hanging down on the shoulder. 

Wednesday night, I was trying to order something on Amazon. It was taking so long that I did not get dinner cooked before the debate. I forgot to put carrots and potatoes and celery and onions in with the chicken. I rushed and cut up potatoes for potato salad. When I tried to drain the potatoes, I dropped all the potatoes in the sink. I was so mad and discouraged. I stomped back into the living room on the verge of tears. I was sooo hungry. 

Amazon--I am finally ordering the dry iron I need. A gift card sent by a follower helped. I hate a steam iron, especially for pressing things I sew. Tommy is buying a pair of clippers for me to cut his hair. It has colored attachments for each length of hair it cuts.  It seems you cannot accidentally cut hair too short. I hope it is all I think. Have you used one like this?

Thursday, another food sorting session was only 30 minutes by plan. I cannot keep bending and picking things up and hurting my back and spending 3 days in pain. We quit even though we were on a roll. Tommy assured me I got a lot done. He took a box down the hall for me to transfer into bedroom storage. It feels good to have a plan for 30 minutes each day. This will occur at 2 pm every day. 

Today, the doorbell rang. It has never rung before. It looks broken, but still works. I received something I did not mean to order! I had put and Epson flatbed scanner in some list on Amazon. When I made a purchase, it was not there. When I checked a few days later, it was in my order! So, I owe Tommy. 

This scanner will transfer slide, negatives and film, besides photos. I don't know organized it will make me, but I won't lose more pictures like I did when my house went to the dump. I will store a cd with the pictures on it in a safe place. I have boxes of slides! 

These scanners were out of stock in June. I suppose people were spending their free time scanning photos. Have you spent time scanning and storing photos or organizing?

I am going to take a nap. I slept well last night and am getting over the infection. Temperature is normal, at least. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

It Looks Like I Am Going to be Forced to Meal Plan

 Okay, maybe it is only lunch plan. Twice this week, Tommy has said when presented with lunch options, "Oh, good, something different."

He fended for himself all the time before I arrived. Often as not, he went out to get a hamburger. So, I think he is feeling like he has few choices. Remember, I have said he eagerly agrees to go out and get a burger, and he agrees to a burger when I feel he needs food. 

Yesterday, I gave him a can of vegetarian soup, and he was thrilled. Since he does not need Campbell's soup every day, I talked to him about a plan to keep variety in his lunches. When I was finished, I asked him what else would be good. "Maybe more chicken." So, he wants chicken sandwiches. That can be done easily. 

I am going to roast chicken, probably thighs and legs, and let him take it off the bone. It will be in a bowl with a snap lid and he can help himself for lunch. He seems to like this idea. 

Really, I hate to see him wanting food and eating something he does not want all the time. But, until things change in his ability to get to the refrigerator, I won't be making lunch regularly for him. I do make the grilled cheese for him, but he does not know how to cook. 

I know I know--grilled cheese is not cooking. 


peanut butter sandwich, fruit

can of soup (low sodium), fruit

chicken (two lunches), fruit

cheese and bread, and fruit (maybe it will be grilled)

eat out

leftovers, fruit

We have plenty of fruit, so he has agreed to keep eating fruit when it is fresh. I told him where in the cabinet that I put canned fruit for him. But, as long as we have fresh fruit, we both agreed we would eat fresh. I do love a bowl of pineapple with Miracle Whip mixed in. Lettuce is good with MW and pineapple.

What am I planning for lunch for me? I will have grilled cheese when I make one for him. I am content to eat the same thing every day for lunch. I will keep more chicken for grazing. I just pull off a piece and nibble on it. 

Meal Planning for main meals is still not possible for We could have more leftovers for lunch, but we will see what makes him happy.

He has NOT complained, just become so happy and exclaimed, "Something different" like when I offered him soup. 

This is still not really "meal planning" but just what  is necessary.

Do you have to plan for lunch  other than leftovers or simple sandwich?

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Big Breaths

 Today, I went to doctor and dentist. I have antibiotic for illness. My gums were very irritated! I love the slick feeling of clean teeth. 

The doctor said she wanted to look in my ears, so I turned my head to one side and then the other. She said now let me look in your nose. I dutifully turned my head up and wondered why she hesitated. "Take your mask down." With trepidation I pulled the mask from my nose and quickly put it back over my nose. Now, let me look in your mouth. Again, I tipped my head back. I opened my mouth. "Take your mask down." Rats, I cannot get the hang of this. 

She listened to my chest then reached to my back. I started laughing uncontrollably, trying to breath like I knew she wanted me to do. That resulted in a lot of gasping and stifled laughing. When she finally walked away, I asked her what she said...take big breaths. I could have sworn she did not, what I heard was "big breasts." I assured her I knew she was not talking to me. Well, I made the doctor laugh. 

Yes, this is affecting my hearing. 

The dental hygienist was wrapped head to toe. So was the dentist. In my county the hospital only had 4 covid19 patients and none were on ventilators. That makes me feel a bit better about uncovering my mouth and nose. 

I found a five pound bag of cornmeal for $0.49. I got only one since I don't use a lot of cornmeal. I should have gotten two more. But, at home I looked at the use by date--Oct 3 2020. Rats. Well, it is going into the freezer once I give it a sniff and taste. I feel quite confident it is fine unless stored in a hot warehouse for a long time. When this store has such a great bargain, a person must wonder why and check the date. 

Jello No-Bake Pumpkin Style Dessert came home with me. I showed it to Tommy and he noted "style." Dinner tonight was canned roast beef and gravy and green beans. Tommy had some green grapes. Maybe I will make the Jello Pumpkin "style" dessert tonight. Yes, I will. 

Update: I did make the Jello No-Bake Pumpkin Style Dessert, and it was delicious. I won't buy it again, but we enjoyed it.

Does it make you a bit apprehensive to go to doctor or dentist? 

Monday, October 5, 2020

This and That and That's a Good Boy

* I found the beautiful pink purse #1, perfect in every way and told you about it. But, when I go shopping, I need something to hold cards, phone, and coupons just when I go into the store. Usually, I have pockets for my phone, and the tiny purse, I wear-- a really tiny. cheap crossbody purse #2 won't hold the flip phone and keys. 

Sooo, I found a cheap purse #3 that is the exact color of my beautiful pink purse. It is small purse that will hold my phone and keys. It was $11.97 but when it was rung up, it was $7. That was a nice surprise. 

I am afraid my large, beautiful pink purse will be stolen with all my worldly goods I carry in it. This tiny one might be yanked off my neck, but I won't lose so much. 

* When appliances have been delivered in the past, I have been aware that they were bolted to boards, sort of a base. Maybe you know what I mean. I went out to the truck to get a look at my freezer and saw it was sitting on something that looked like plastic skids. When I asked the guys what the plastic was, they assured me that they would removed those. I had them leave them on the freezer. Since it sits on carpet, I thought it might help it not to be overheated. I worry about things.

*  When we went to the park to eat our Reuben, we drove through the park, looking at the houses backed up to the park. I wanted to see the beehives again. 

A man came up behind our car as we were still eating. It scared me and I locked my door. It turns out he was just an old man taking a walk. A few minutes later, a dog walked up to our car and a bit beyond. He had a rope tied to him, just a rope about 12 feet long tied in a knot to his collar. He found what looked like a pork chop bone and attacked it, chewing and wagging his tail.

Then, I noticed the man has crossed the road in the park and stood waiting, looking at the dog and calling him. The dog was busy with the bone and finally got a piece of it caught in his mouth as he broke it. He began clawing at his mouth and finally dislodged the bone. I know clawing at his mouth did not help at all. It was all sort of frightening. 

The dog paid no attention the man calling, so after about five minutes, the man came and got the rope. I told him about the bone having  been stuck in his mouth. So, he said the dog eats all bones and this happens. 

We drove about the park and he was approaching us on the way home. We stopped and talked with the guy. It turns out the dog had chewed up his leash and the guy got the rope from his shed. He said the dog's name was Pancho and he was only seven-months-old. Pleasant man, sweet dog, and nice conversation. 

* The white plastic shelves I bought Sunday were so easy to put together. I could not push the legs into the shelves, but Tommy did it easily. Then, I leaned on the unit to seat the legs. And, I can carry them myself. They are 32" tall, 12 inches deep, and 20" wide. They are not pretty, but will do the job of holding the cases of water. They are an improvement over the kitchen chair that holds them now.

* I taped the edges of one short-sided box and put it on the big shelf unit. It looks better than a cardboard box. Now, I have three more sitting here waiting on me to tape.  The dark blue tape with constellations in gold is pretty. It works for now.

* As I came from the store, Tommy drove up to the curb and I drove the electric cart behind the car to unload stuff. Two very nice men came up as they were going into the store. They offered to help and I let them, thanking them profusely. As they left, I had to tell them that the guy driving could not walk at all, that he was not lazy. I didn't have much, but I was barely able to stand up to load things into the car. Nice people are everywhere, thankfully. 

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Curtains and More Bargains

 The sheet I found when curb shopping has had the stains treated and washed in cold water. The sheet is white as snow. By the way, the sheet looked like a new sheet that got a slight stain on it when I found it. It is destined for two curtains in the bedroom Tommy is letting me use for sewing. I think I can also get a curtain for the half bath off that room. The window is bare. Three free curtains is a good price for curtains. I can sew. So, I should figure out how much money I save and apply that to cost of sewing machine and see how long it takes to save the price of the machine. 

You may remember I bought 1.5 yards of white satin-back crepe to throw over me in the car so the sun does not shine on me. Maybe not, but with the shiny side out, the sun is reflected. Well, Tommy managed to spill my coke on it. So, it was washed too without stain treatment and came out equally as white as the sheet. 

Miracle Whip was $2.50, so I bought 3 jars. I should go back and get more since that is about half the price it normally is. One package of Frozen Mac n Cheese was fifty cents, then it rang up for 98 cents. grrr  I found a vegetable brush for all the potatoes I have to scrub and peel. I have not had one since I moved here. AND, I found slotted serving spoons and got two for $1.50 each. 

I never eat corn on the cob. I have to cut it off by standing a half cob and using a knife to cut it off for eating. Now, corn fresh out of a boiling pot of water is hot, too hot for holding. I always used a corn cob holder, the kind that sticks into the corn, to hold the hot corn. Today, I found a set of two that stick into each other for $1. Now, I don't have to pay $5 for a whole set of plastic holders. Small/tiny bins that were $2/2 were now $1/2. So, I splurged and spent $1. My corn cob holders went to the dump. 

Instead of buying bins to put on the set of shelves, I am using boxes, flats and corrugated box top. I found a dark blue Duct tape with constellations. It will put that on the sides to hide the box and I can buy what fits exactly when I find it. No hurry.

Okay, it is 7:30 pm and dinner is late. The rest of the jar of spaghetti with the rest of the ground beef over toast or pasta will be dinner along with a salad. 

Have you ever made curtains from sheets or not-curtain material? Do you remake curtains?

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Saturday--found a coupon

 The lost Ronco coupon  (2 cut out together) was in my purse, just hiding from me. And, Piggly Wiggly had the spaghetti I wanted in stock. I had two coupons that were for $0.75 off two Ronco pasta products. I came away with four 1-lb. packages of Ronco Spaghetti. Add 10% for store costs.

Minus 2 doubled $.75 coupons and I spent $1.07 for a pound of my favorite spaghetti as opposed to $1.82. Ronco spaghetti was going fast everywhere because of the coupons. Maybe I could have found it a few cents cheaper elsewhere, but only the Pig doubles coupons. Elsewhere was probably out of Ronco! And, I did not want to drive around, searching. 

I replaced/bought the three $.98 package of brownies that I took across the street when the father died. I decided to buy a cheap blueberry brownie mix to use with real blueberries. I should make myself some mixes to use when I am too tired to measure and mix instead of a commercial mix. sigh  

There was a time that I never used a mix for anything! I don't know if I have the energy to go back. 

On Friday, my temperature went from 100.8F to 96.5F. I still feel miserable now on Saturday morning. And, I am coughing a bit when I choke on whatever. 

Plans for Saturday carried over from Friday--

freeze 5 lbs tomatoes

rewash sheet from curb with more stain remover Done

plant kale starts

caramelize onions Done

put some food on shelves Done...just a bit

I decided I will use cardboard flats from food to hold cans/bottles on the shelves. I will glue or tape something pretty, some sort of paper or fabric to the edge that shows. It will work and is cheap until I find the perfect item instead of buying just anything. 

It is 2 pm and almost nothing has been done today, and I got up before 8 am. Tommy took my clothes out to the washing machine and then brought in the ones to hang and put the others in the dryer. I don't feel well, but it seems like I might be over the worst even though I am still very tired. 

He had for lunch low-sodium Campbell's soup given to us. He said he was going to have a half sandwich. He put peanut butter on a piece of bread. He told me he might eat a mustard sandwich. yuck I will have a can of tuna and a bit of MW.  

The food boxes have ended. There is some problem with the programs. One other place gave us two bags. One had chicken breasts and and two cans of Campbell's soup. The other had a baking hen and two cans of soup. So, I suppose all the fresh vegetables and fruit are no more for a while. Okay, no complaints here. 

We went for a drive to get out, about 45 minutes. Today is a beautiful cloudless, blue-sky day. Okay, saw one cloud, finally.

Tommy is watching Georgia Auburn and I am thawing ground beef in iron skillet full of boiling water. I have no idea what we will And, it 6:51. Remember, he likes dinner at 7:30. That does not happen often and certainly not tonight.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Canning Jars and Grocery Shopping

 I had found canning jars, about 30 dozen the Pig and went there to buy more. THEN, I did not buy any. When I went to Publix, there were two dozen. I got one. I did find something in Publix to help with the lid shortage. 

From Masontops, I bought a box of storage lids at Publix. These are not like the previous storage lids that Ball sold. The old ones did not have a waterproof or airtight seal in the lid. Plus, they broke the two times I dropped a jar with a storage lid on it. 

They are good for freezing, storage, refrigeration, just not processing in heat. The silicone seal will come out of the lid for washing.  Check They are expensive. They are four in a box. $7.99

I found certain Campbell's Cream of soups on sale at 4 for $7. I got four. 

White grapes 2.15 lbs. x $1.89/lb. so, $4.06. And, I will freeze a few of these, too. 

4 half gallons a2milk x $4.49 each

bananas $0.43

Maxwell House Coffee--Tommy has it now, so I have no idea. But, it was $6.69- $1.50= $5.19.

Smucker's pb $3.72

Baby Kale Mix $3.34 This is for the potato soup.

Romaine $3.32 for salads going forward.

12 Ball Canning Jars, quarts $13.99

1 Hunt's tomato paste $0.87

large box Wheat Thins. I had a coupon for $4.29, but they were on sale and $3.50 and the coupon covered it. This will be our December

At another store, I found 

3/4 inch elastic like I put in my waistbands. $2.28

6  kale starts $3.47

BIC razor, did not mean to get delicate, ugh 20 for $4.97. I use the cheap ones.     

Nesquik chocolate $7.38

Hair color $6.97

package of 6 Minute Maid OJ $3.46 Medical supplies

100 count paper plates $4.94 It seems paper plates I buy are never there, so I get them before I run out.

Large spaghetti sauce that I don't remember $1.48

1 washcloth $1.14...only one pink one left

1 gal milk for Tommy  $2.70


I bought 5 lbs. Roma tomatoes for soup this winter when I process and put in freezer. $4.96 

Usually, I use two quarts I have canned or one quart with store bought tomatoes. I just cannot wait. I hope I have Summer Savory to put into the soup. Otherwise, I will buy some. Oh, I will go back and buy 5 pounds as long as they are this price and freeze them. 


Today, we will blanch, peel, core and freeze. Yes, Tommy is helping. I wonder how many quarts this will make. I love fresh, home canned tomatoes for winter soup with vegetables and browned ground beef. 

Earlier today, I started coughing, choking over congestion. I was not sure if I were getting worse or if things were just turning loose. So, I am getting better or 

Friday 5:30

I just received my application for an absentee ballot. It is a very low-key looking letter. I would never suspect it has anything to do with the election. I suppose that is the plan.

Ugh! We went to grocery again. That will be for tomorrow.

Gopher II for Tommy. I got two of them as I need one occasionally. He must get down on the floor and looks like he is doing a plank. I feel so sorry for him and rush to pick up things from the floor for him. So, this will help him.

I forgot about the tomatoes to freeze, so maybe he will help me. Otherwise, tomorrow will do whether he helps me or not. He said he would help, but about 5 pm, he thinks the day is 

Have you found good deals this week? 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Domestication; Long Day

Wednesday lunch was a Reuben from Arby's. One sandwich is more than ample for two people. But, Tommy wanted a whole one. Okay.

On Wednesday, I lay down and made some phone calls in the afternoon. And, after an hour got up. But, I did not want to cook and didn't want to get anything out. I just wanted to go back and lie down.

Finally, I took a pack of chicken tenders from the freezer and let them sit out while I spent almost an hour washing dishes. I asked Tommy to come to the kitchen, spread a towel on the counter and had him spread one on my chair sitting by the sink and gave him a dish towel to dry. I put the washed dishes on the towel on the counter and he dried them and put them on the towel on the chair. He did it without attitude. Good for him. AND, he got everything dry. 

Funny thing--When I just had to sit down because of back pain and left the kitchen with a few things unwashed and even more not dried, he came to living room, too. I asked him if he finished. He had not. I asked why not. If he were hurting, I was not going to say anything. No, he did not know why he quit, and went back and finished. I was chuckling inside because he was quite a worker until I stopped. Funny man.

He is fascinated by how I cleaned the cast iron skillet. I heated it and then put water in it and boiled it while I scraped out cooked-on hamburger. It did boil dry as I intended. Eventually, I used a paper towel to get burned stuff out. 

Peanut oil, just a bit, and chicken tenders went into the pan and cooked on low and then higher. We had from a food pickup two trays of vegetables and dip. We had eaten most of one. He got broccoli, grape tomatoes, sugar peas and raspberry dressing. He ate that while the chicken cooked. I took a smallish potato and peeled it and sliced it in rounds and put in with the chicken. 

Do you remember how he pushed back at Raspberry Dressing? Well, he got a bottle from ones on the table and has been using it. ??? 

And, this clenches it! I think he is becoming domesticated! He grabbed the plastic bag I keep ads in and in the pink shopping bag. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was just checking the sale ads to see if there was anything he wanted. WHAT? 

He actually does know what I need to buy this time. We were discussing going to grocery today. So, he told me where Dasani was on sale and cheaper than the other ad I was perusing. He did the math. 

Remember? He would not allow a clock in here. I got one and propped it on a table and he said nothing. Last night, I asked him if he would help me decide where over the TV to hang the clock. He said he thought it would look better over the table where it is sitting. So, it is over the table. He wasted a lot of emotion over having a clock. Now, I never have to ask him the time. Sometimes, he has asked me since flowers were in front of it one time so he could not see most of the clock. It still rolls a bit where 10 or 11 is at the 12 position and it is confusing. No more. 

Thursday morning, I have a mission no matter how I feel. I will tell you later. If I feel well enough, we will make the rounds with the ads and our list. Okay, there were about 30 packages of a dozen Ball jars and I did not get even one. Then, on Thursday, Publix had two left. I forgot to get one and then had to make another trip in the same day. ugh

These shelves have no little edges to keep things from sliding off, so I have a plan--all food will be in something like a basket or bin. I have plenty of flats from food, but I want no corrugated boxes...well, unless I cover them with fabric or paint them. I don't want cans toppling. Example: only a few of the cans of tuna will be in the kitchen. The rest and great majority will be in the bedroom. It is a plan. 

Wednesday, I still felt ill and on Thursday was just tired and still running a bit of a temp. By 4 pm on Thursday, we were home and I am barely able to form a sentence. 

I carried in one small, light load of groceries and went back for another. Tommy made three trips into the house and I told him to leaves the jars in there and bring them in later. He did not argue. Sometimes, he says he will/can do it now. 

Doctors and a List

My allergist called me for my 1pm telemedicine visit. I had talked to him a week ago when he gave me the nose drops. He was astounded at my ...