Thursday, April 30, 2020

Freebies and Stuff

Stuff first--

I am so ill. Coughing, sneezing, nose running, aching all over, difficulty breathing, a bit feverish. Cannot taste things. Just allergies.

Dinner on Wednesday night was turkey wings (given to me), baked sweet potato, steamed broccoli. I forgot and thought I had turkey Thankfully, Tommy eats wings. Dinner was so easy to make. Since I don't like wings, I had tuna salad--two boiled eggs, MW, sweet relish. It was sort of short cut tuna salad. Plus, I had the sweet potato and broccoli later.


1--When I go into the PO, wearing gloves, I peruse mail left on tables. Our PO has several spacious tables spaced throughout the area for PO boxes. Once a month, I find a glossy trade publication for recycling--RECYCLING. I get this and read a little, expanding my knowledge.

There are often catalogues. I pick them up and keep them for a bit and then recycle. I pick up all the coupon inserts, too.

2--Last week, there in the PO was an O magazine by Oprah Winfrey. It has a heavenly scent inside that I probably cannot afford. The woman who subscribed had ripped off her address before she left it. I think it is nice to leave a magazine if you do not want it instead of putting it in the recycling bin by each table. magazine has been a pleasant diversion. I did soak it with Lysol.

3--At The Pig I asked for something to disinfect my cart. The guy handed me a little hand sanitizer sealed individually. The display said "three per person." So, I got my three on the way out of the store.

4--The pink plastic bag with coupons is now being thrown again. It has a section of the paper, so often interesting reading. Tommy read the whole thing today. Several newspaper inserts of coupons yielded great coupons without having to buy a newspaper. Plus, I mailed the rest of the coupons to a friend who is head of food bank. I cut them out, trimming them well so they were all covered by one stamp on the envelope.

These are all insignificant, but they were free and a diversion.

What freebies have you gotten lately?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

More Meat

Tuesday, at Publix and in my quest for chicken breasts, I found washcloths 4 for $2.99, reduced from $6.99. I got the only white pack. At home I realized it is cream or something, just an icky pale yellow. Oh well. these are only for pee. Then I read these were to be washed in cold water only. No, they will be washed in hot water. What do you think will happen to them? Will they fall apart? Who washes wash clothes in cold water?

I found a pack of chicken tenders for $5/lb. It was the only package left. At the second store, I found more chicken tenders, a large package and too expensive. Then, I found a large pack of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts for $4.98/lb. Okay, three stores, and I am done.

Not done because I have enough. I am done because no more will go into the freezer! I think I have enough chicken to last for several months. I can look at my list, but I feel so ill today. Allergies can make me ill. I spent more for chicken than I like to spend, but neither of us are worrying about the cost right now.

Hormel Chicken Breast in a 10 oz. can was about $2.09, forgot exactly. I explained to Tommy. This will work in dressing, in chicken salad for a sandwich, pasta salad, and other concoctions so we will have protein. I have three of these.

If I could find Possum sardines, I would get those for protein. We have about 20 cans of Tuna and two of salmon. There is one huge jar of Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter. I did not buy this lately; we have had it. I do this about $3 at a time each week.

So, this is the end of the protein search. I do like meat, so until it is gone, I will continue to eat it, maybe just less per meal.

I stopped into a Lowe's to look at their picnic tables, and found reduced plants. I picked out four that were not reduced to $1 like I thought. The guy told me I could have them for $1, though. I now have two crook neck squash plants, one curly parsley plant, and one yellow Gerbera Daisy. I left them overnight, sitting in a pan of water, so I need to go out today, Wednesday, and save them from

What are you doing today? Planting, sowing? Making masks? Cleaning?


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Buying Meat

Before I get to the meat, Monday did not go as planned. We had BLTs for dinner, and I did not get the turkey legs baked. No big deal. I can do it later tonight. Tuesday, I had planned to go to Cullman but changed my mind.

Monday, I went to Home Depot, my first time ever. I found flowers seeds--pink wave petunias. I am thrilled. I had to stand in line to get in. There were not many people in the store.

Last fall, I bought two yellow mums for the porch. I never took the pots with dead flowers off the porch. About three months ago, I saw little green bits and thought some wayward seed had landed and taken sprout. No, the mums came back in one pot. So, now I will plant mum seeds for this fall and try to overwinter them on purpose.

Tuesday, we had BLT salad--bacon, lettuces, and tomato and dressing. I usually include 1/2 piece of bread for each of us, cut in small pieces for a carb, but forgot.

Now, for the meat.

I have ground beef, ground pork, and chicken. There are two cooked turkey breasts. I don't have much pork or beef in chunks. And, this is okay with me. I will only buy chicken breasts from here on out. Poultry is what matters to me. Today, Monday, I made my first foray in my search for BSCB.

It was late, so not much was left. I found one package of chicken tenders for $2.68/lb, $4 worth. That is not the best price, but it was there. Tuesday, the search is on.

Oh, there are no freezers to be had. I only want a small upright since I cannot get things from a chest freezer. I have yet to convince Tommy. But, give me time.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday Doings and Plans and Plans Not Done

The basil recovered without any help from me. Whew! When I repotted the herbs, the basil had a rope of roots a half inch thick around the bottom of the pot. Undecided what to do with it, I explained it to Tommy and ripped off the whole root mass around the bottom of the pot. Now, Tommy knows what "root-bound" means and what it looks like. I think it took a long time for the plant to recover from all the damage I did. Hopefully, it will be strong going forward.

It is hard to wait so long for the new scales. Last week, I stopped into a doctor's office in Cullman and weighed myself. Well, i called and asked. There was not a soul in the waiting room or in any of the exam rooms. So, I felt safe. Surprisingly, I had only gained a pound since the first of the year. I suppose I just feel fatter. I have gained in the last six months. So, now I need to reverse that.

I went into this virus with one canister of Lysol wipes. Then, i found them bogo at Publix. A store sold me another cannister from the office where they kept them to protect canisters from people who would buy them all. So, out of four canisters, I have used two and am on my third. The last is orange scented, so I dread using it. It smells like Tang!

Okay, I caved. I bought a Pill Planner. Now, I have pills in a plastic case. Since I added three pills last week, and two the month before, it is time to get me organized. My planner has a week and four times each day. Honestly, it is a relief. Finding and opening each bottle was such a pain. I keep all the pill bottles in a zippered case, but they never were easy to find. I do not actually have many pills. Does this make me old?

Today, I have to go out and spray bug killer on the kale since it is curled up, cringing from bug bites. And, I want to take my car to the carwash where they pull the car through. I need to color my hair. Turkey legs are waiting to go into the oven. Maybe I will bake sweet potatoes.

It is 6 pm and all I have done is take my car to the carwash. It certainly looks nice after being covered with yellow pollen for the last month. I still need to go kill bugs on kale and pick lettuce. Well, I went for a drive and to Home Depot.

What are your plans for today? Okay, it is late, so what did you plan and do or plan and not do.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Decisions Based on Covid19

Tonight, after hearing more about meat shortages, I will take actions. Tomorrow, I will take the sponge cake, breads, anything not meat from the tiny freezer over the refrigerator. We will eat or dispose of them, making more room for chicken. Today, I gave away food at the store where the poorest people shop. I will buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Plus, I will buy more canned meat--chicken and beef.

Yes, I did stock up on chicken before. But, now I need to do more.

Week before last, as we went to Cullman, I was disgusted by my haircut, bangs specifically. The first store I went into was a grocery store that has a $1 aisle. I found a pair of children's scissors and bought them. In the car, I gathered up my bangs and held onto the ends and cut above the ends I was holding. Perfect? NO. Almost right? No! Happy? Blissfully so.

Yes, I did cut my bangs before the present virus. But, once in a while I did have it all cut and evened up.

I have my garden with cabbage, kale, red lettuce, and Romaine. Also 3 herbs. I did sow carrots. Now, I am saving clamshell containers for lettuces, planning to plant one each week. I suppose i will have to purchase a drill to get holes in the new garbage can so i can plant potatoes. I have not decided what else, but i am planting more food--squash, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic and onions.

Yes, I was set to have this garden before the virus, but now I am more interested than ever in having more food.

When I exited the PO, I saw something red. Tommy thought I dropped something. But, i bent over to pull up the wild strawberry. Maybe i can grow these in the edges of pots. I love them, but so did the ground suqirrels/chipmunks, and other things in my yard. Eventually, there were no more! I think these will spread. I will plant regular strawberries, too.

Yes, I always ate the wild strawberries, but now I want them to spread down here.

Yes, I am going to make masks. I may wear them in the spring and fall after all this is over. My allergies might be less. idk

Other than staying at home, what decisions have you made since Covid19 concerns took over?

Saturday, April 25, 2020

A Dress, A Skirt

Printed Reversible Knit Dress

Remember, I could buy these clothes because a woman picked out clothing at Belk's and not one piece fit me! I took them back and got a gift card for other merchandise. So, I could choose and I did. I got the floral pants and top, black and white top and pants, and a black top and pants to match.

The Rafaella above is a dress is of the same fabric as one of the three outfits I got on sale last fall--blouse and pants. I did not get a dress.  However, even though the top is sleeveless and has armholes that are cut back, the style of the top is not the same as the style of the dress pictured above. This outfit has full legs that I love. They are very long, palazzo pants. Tommy really hates the wild print on blouse and pants. He likes for me to wear either a black top or black pants with the wild, tropical print. I like it worn together!

All three can be mixed and matched. I like that!

The Rafaella skirt below was very cheap and has waited for this spring to wear since I think I bought it in December. The only problem is that I have to shave my legs to wear this skirt. It was $3, I think. Maybe not.

In Cullman today, we drove up 31, parallel to 65 and saw the damage from the tornado on 31. It was east of the damage on 65.  One building was destroyed. I think that is what we saw across highway 31 and thrown into trees.

Okay, I cannot get the skirt and picture together because, I just cannot.

My mail is no longer being sent to PO. I have no idea what they are doing with it. When I talked to PO, it was all my fault. But, since I did everything the way they told me to do it. I am not buying that. I hate problems like this where no one accepts blame. They said they throw mail that away!

We took a chicken sandwich and a halo and water and ate at the lake.

I found sanitizer made in Alabama, 80% alcohol, $5.95 + tax. It is just a liquid to spray, not something with 8 ounces. Tommy has quarts of 91% alcohol. I doubt he spent that much for a two-pack of the 91%.

When we got home, a lawn service was working on the yard. It looks great after a weed eater neatens it up. The guy across the street owns a lawn service and has his men mow several yards on this block. Several people are incapable of working on the yard, including Tommy.
Printed Knit Skirt

Friday, April 24, 2020

Scales and Chairs

Scales I purchased with gift from a blogger. Of course, after saying this style would help him get onto the scales, and I purchased them, he informed me he would rarely use them. Well, I think he will since he needs to keep his weight down and it is up a bit. I don't know why he is like this!

This site offered me free shipping if I used their site to order things on their site. Plus, I could get 5% back from purchases from other sites. Catch? It will cost me $14.95 with first month free trial. I marked my calendar when a month is up. I will cancel.

We need chairs for the yard, front and back. Maybe Lowe's will have them on sale for Mother's Day. He told me upfront he would not sit in them if I bought them. ??? Remember I had three benches, 4 chairs, and two swings in my yard so I could sit without walking too far?

And, I had three round tables and a picnic table. One table was where I sat with my chickens. The other was for potting plants and cutting vegetables.  The other was for eating in one side of my yard on the opposite side of the picnic table.  Yes, I have that much trouble walking and standing.

It is a long and arduous way into his backyard. The steps down to the carport from the house are treacherous, so I go out the front and up the carport to fight my way past those steps. ugh It would be nice if we could sit outside after going down his ramp in front. But, I need to sit to spell myself while gardening.

Where do you have tables and chairs in your yard? Or benches?

Thursday, April 23, 2020

On a Roll with Pennies|Ham|Basil

On Tuesday, I found money.  As I was unplugging an electric cart in Lowe's, I spied a penny. Since it was on the other side of the cart but still behind, I went to the other side of the cart. As I reached to get it, I saw another on the floor and up against the wall. It was in the crevice made by the concrete wall and concrete floor in a sort of crumbling place. I picked around until I screwed up my nail and the polish. Both were cleaned thoroughly will Lysol Wipes. Later, I found that nail broken and peeling off. Well, I had two cents. 

When Tommy got out to pump $1.59 gas, I told him to watch out for money on the ground and I would get out and pick it up. As I gazed toward the sun and shaded my eyes, the unmistakable glint of a shiny penny caught my eye. So, I got out and picked it up and walked around the car and pump, hoping for more. I needed the exercise. 

On Tuesday I found 3 cents. Yay me! With these 2 pennies, this makes 5 pennies this year.

Today, Thursday, we went to Cullman for several things and went to food bank and to take out dinner--spaghetti, garlic bread, slices strawberries and pound cake. Unlike usual, we did not have to get out  of the car. I got a huge package of turkey legs, five pounds of Red Delicious Apples, chicken nugget things and a dozen eggs and 2 rolls of toilet paper, among other items. Some things are still in the car and will be given away.

It has been hard to eat up this half ham with just the two of us and my not wanting to freeze the rest. I do not want to cook beans with the ham bone, either. I suppose I will freeze the rest. But, I do not want to. Plus, I think ham is something I should avoid an excess of for my heart.

Okay, I decided I will freeze it in little foil packets, enough for Tommy a meal or sandwich. Then, I will put all the packets in a freezer bag. That way, he can find it and access it. He is also going to use the knife and get ham all over his That was an easy solution. That was possibly the most tender ham I have ever eaten.

Once I repotted the basil, it has looked poorly. It seems to have never recovered. That was several days ago and it is still droopy. I suspect it has been attacked by some insect. Always something!

Happy Dance for three pennies!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Tommy in a Facemask

On Tuesday I was headed into Publix. Tommy had to go to the bathroom, but so did I. I could not find another face mask, so we were going to have to share one. He said he would just use a tshirt. I had asked him to put a couple of his hundred old tshirts in the car in case we needed a rag.

The tshirt was not in bad shape, just horrible dingy. He did not try to figure out how to put it on straight. He just picked it from the floor in the back seat and wrapped it crazily around his face and tied it. I laughed hard at the sight he was. I suppose he had about six or more layers over his mouth and nose. I was happy to see he was protected.

I left a Lysol Wipe on the console so he could grab it and use it before he got back into the car or touched anything. He is careful about 99% of the time.

Last week, I asked him why he had so many tshirts and button shirts. I knew he was not a person who bought a lot of clothing. He said his cousin gained weight and gave him the shirts. Now, I know. One day a few months ago, he said he ought to give them away. I have a better idea--cut napkins from them! He would use them and consider them a good thing. I can hem them. Since I have no fabric, I can use them for facemasks.

While in Cullman, we went to my friend's junk store. She was not there as she had fallen out of her chair twice in one day. So, I am not sure what is the problem. Hopefully, she will not catch Covid19. But, her face is "messed up" as her son told me. Never fear, I was not going inside.

Do you have an unusual face covering? Or, have you seen any?

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

An Outfit

Rafaella Printed Knit Tank

Printed Knit Tank
This is one of the two Rafaella outfits I bought the end of last summer on sale at Belk's. I was going to wear the other outfit to my reunion, but Tommy hates it and wanted me to wear this one to my end of September class 55th high school reunion.

Thankfully, summer lasted here for a long time znd spring stated early. I last wore this in October with a black cardigan. The legs are wide. It has been a long time since I wore a top with armholes cut back so far like this. But, my arms are not too

Today, we went to Cullman where I replaced some of the chicken for $1.59/lb. BBQ sauce was on sale--got two. I found children's fluoride mouthwash on sale for half price, so got that even though it is bubblegum flavor. At least I won't have to swallow. I found a 4 oz. bottle of Pompeian Olive Oil. Rats, i don't think it is virgin. Oh, well, I wanted the bottle to decant a larger bottle over time.

Since I did not go back to Publix for another two cartons of a2milk on Friday as I planned, I ran out of milk last night. There was no milk or banana for my breakfast. I bought three cartons today. I put it in a cooler in the back of the Rogue. One carton was just sitting in the back, but I will drink it first. No problem!

Triscuits--$0.99 for Tommy
1 Gerber Chicken and Gravy  baby food @$0.29 for me
Mouthwash for me

I feel this post is disjointed!

I bought a single roll of 2-ply TP and bought it to see what was the quality. It is 4X 4.25 " and 550 embossed rolls. If I cannot use it, Tommy can. I wondered if it was like the Scott.  There was about ten feet on the shelves, and maybe hundreds on each shelf. It was quite amazing. This store is not going to run out of tissue. Have you ever seen this tissue in the mint green paper package, on roll, with darker green print?

So, I am exhausted and must get the chicken on for dinner. Today was a beautiful spring day with fluffy clouds and a breeze that was strong at times. I hope you had pretty weather today.

How do you like my outfit?

Scroll waaay down to see comments.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Thunderstorms and Wasted Food

About 4:00 pm on Sunday, yesterday, I took out chicken breasts, a family pack to cook for dinner and coming days. By 5 pm, I had chicken in the crockpot and chicken and carrots in the oven. At almost exactly 5 pm, I had finished with computer and pushed the button to turn it off. At the moment I pressed the button to turn off my computer. When I pressed the button, the house electricity went off with a bang.

The only flashlights in this house are two $1 ones that I bought after I moved here, and I could not find mine! Of course, the chicken had just gotten hot. Power company said it would be on by 7 pm. I wanted out of this house. We left as we were. I wanted a small burger since I did not dare open the refrigerator. Good thing I had something and especially Tommy.

The men were working at the corner and we watched for a bit. We came home at 7 pm when they left. The lights to the house were on. As I was halfway out of the car, I noticed the house was dark. So, we left again. The guy at the corner in the power company pickup said it went off as soon as it was restored. It would be 8 pm before they could have it on again. He had sent them off to another outage before they had seen ours went off again. ugh

At 8 pm, they had our electricity on again. As I was getting out of the car, there were three horrendously loud pops and fireworks like the Fourth, all emanating from the top of a power pole near our house.  Yes, I gave out a little scream, three times. AND, I peed in my pants!!! I continued inside and changed my panties but could not find pants in the dark since I had not brought the flashlight in.

It turned out the fireworks were not right here, just showing behind power poles. Seriously, the electric sparks came out, spraying in all directions just like fireworks.

I went back to the car with wet pants and a thick towel to cover his seat. YUCK!!!  By this time I was a nervous wreck. It sounded like bombs being dropped. Tommy said that was coming from the TVA power lines near his house. Well, I had enough and we left the house again.

Since I desperately wanted candy by this time, he took me to CVS where I purchased two candy bars. Chocolate has never tasted so good.

When we came back at 9 pm, the electricity was on. But, it kept going off, over and over, maybe 10 times. The chicken in the oven was in a glass pan and was fully heated when we left, so we ate the chicken and carrots, along with the zucchini on top of the stove.

He insists that the electricity only went off twice, not the ten times I say it went off. He said it flickered. No, it was

The 4 huge breasts in the crockpot were just brought to about 100 degrees and then just sat from 5 to 9. So, I went ahead and cooked it and will give it to the neighbors three dogs. At my house I could have fired up the grill. He has never owned a grill.

We only ate part of one breast between us last night. The rest of that breast is waiting for us along with the second breast I cooked. One breast furnished three meals. So, to extrapolate that, the three wasted breasts would have furnished us with 10 meals ( 5 for two of us), more than a week's worth of protein.  The dogs will eat well if their owners will allow them to have it.

No, I did nothing more on the list of things to do for yesterday! I did bathe and now must wash my hair, at least.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

What I Am Doing Today

Several people are listing things to do that day. So, I figured I would, too.

Red x means it is done.

1--keeping an eye on the weather
2--put a load in washer and get it in before it rains x
3--wash some dishes x
4--organize food a  bit x
5--brush teeth twice
6--floss often
7--take med then x
8--then eat breakfast 
9--cook family pack of chicken breasts x
10--freeze most of cooked chicken breasts 
11--pick salad x
12--wash salad
13--look in trash for lost Victoza pen x
14--take out trash
15--wash hair
17--blog x
18--read blogs and news 
19--call pharmacy x
20--hang wet clothes inside
21--fold other dried clothes
22--read book for 30 minutes
23--remove/reapply nail polish
24--watch tv x
26--sow carrots
27--cook zucchini
28--start  to clean bedroom
29--gather another load of laundry x
30--find flashlight/insert batteries

It is only 4 pm, so I have time to finish this up today. My hands are shaking and chest hurts. Tommy threw one holy fit and threw the huge remote at me and started cussing up a blue streak. It got worse and he threatened to bash me in the head. Then, he got really angry because he said I was trying to be so righteous by taking everything he could throw at me, meaning nastiness. I told him I was just trying not to get so stressed I had a heart attack. That was an hour ago and my chest is tight and hands are shaking.

But, dinner of chicken and carrots are in the oven. More chicken is in the crock pot. Zucchini is next. The storms are closer and we are still checking radar. 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Missing Vitamin and Tornadoes Forecast

When I first started taking melatonin, I used Natrol brand with B6 added. It seems over the years that the melatonin did not help me sleep as much as in the beginning. When I casually looked at the front of the bottle last week, I was shocked to see there was no B6 anymore.

After purchasing and taking a B6 every night with the melatonin, I have slept well. I wonder how long I have been taking melatonin that did not include the B6 vitamin. Without the vitamin, I had to take twice as much melatonin and then it took half or all night to go to sleep.

Hopefully, this new addition will allow me to fall asleep more easily from now on. B6 enhances chances of sleep.

Last weekend there were tornadoes with no deaths in Alabama but 30 deaths elsewhere in the South. This weekend the forecast is for more bad weather and tornadoes. GREAT! The chances here for tornadoes are slim, but Sunday is supposed to be bad, less bad right here.

When we went to Cullman, a mere 50 miles north, we saw damage on both sides of I-65 for about a mile, with trees snapped. Then, right before we got to the exit we took, there was another small area on both sides with more trees snapped.

I only worry that my garden will be damaged by hail. South of here, the weather will be worse. At least it is very warm. Hopefully, the basil, oregano, and rosemary will not blow off the porch since I transplanted them into really large, ugly pots from the junk pile. The pots they came in blew off unless I brought them in.

Today, I picked kale, red lettuce and Romaine for a salad. We are having spaghetti tonight as it is about all I can handle--just pour it out of the jar onto boiled pasta. Tommy is breaking up the salad greens for himself, drying them, too.

Tommy took red lettuce and Romaine to our neighbor next door. He mows our yard and picked up years of limbs and sticks. All the neighbors around here help Tommy with the yard and garbage. We will take some to the neighbor who is going to give us alligator meat he grills. He is the person who brings tommy's empty can back to the house.

I was only outside for about an hour and not active all the time. I have to go sit in the car when I am exhausted since there are NO chairs or steps to sit on. His ramp is over the steps.

Since I love spaghetti, dinner will please me. I went out and picked all three herbs. I dare not put basil in Tommy's bowl of spaghetti as he hates it will a

If you take melatonin, have you noticed it no longer has B6 in the tablets? Is it warm where you are and do you have a prediction of bad weather this weekend?

Friday, April 17, 2020

Turkey Breast and Grilled Alligator

When I went into Cullman and asked about the turkey breasts, the person in the meat dept. said it did not come in. I called when back down here and was told they did not know what I was talking about, that they did not carry anything like that. So, I called back and the person up front said it was a deli item.

I did not argue but I knew better. Why would they advertise a gravy packet and say it was fully processed?

So, I went in today and asked up front, showing the manager the ad. He led me right to it in what he called a "dump bin." I got two, about $13 worth. When I got home, it would not fit in the freezer! I had to take out the loaf of bread. I am not happy, but it will be okay.

I also remembered to get the frozen lemon juice I keep forgetting and a box of ice cream sandwiches just because.

The reason we were out was that I needed more potting mix from Lowe's. That place is bursting at the seams with people. Not only did I get the potting mix, I found my favorite flower--wave petunias. Well, these are not my favorite flower, just the one I like for pots that hang.

Since I saw the neighbor out who has four children, I offered to tutor them. Actually, I caught the mother who was very pleased. Then, the father came out and she went in. He said that the teaching children was her Okay. Hopefully, they will let me help them in math or English.

This neighbor grills out all the time. He told us today that he grills anything. He told us how he grills alligator tail and will bring us some next time. Okaaaay….  He is the first person I have know who grill or even eat alligator tail or alligator anything. He said he grilled wild hog the other day.

Have you had alligator?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

I Forgot to Tell You--Turkey Breast Sale

Turkey breasts are $0.99/lb., fully cooked, with gravy. It said it has the wings, too. I think that is strange. I will get a couple of breasts this week. This ad is good until next Tuesday, April, 21st.

When I went to the Publix in Cullman today, the breasts had not come in. The one down here did not have any yesterday. I wonder if they give rain checks. ???

A friend gave me a very generous gift and said to get Tommy something, too. I am getting a $9 pair of Haggar khaki pants. Plus, I asked him if he could get on bathroom scales. No, he could not. The only way he can get on scales at the doctor's offices is because they have grab bars for him to pull on and hold onto.

I asked him if he could hold onto the refrigerator. He said that would work. The scales I am getting have the vertical pole-like thing with a display up about 46" so he does not have to bend over. Well, he cannot anyway. I think it is a lighted display. If you know of one that would work, I have not ordered this yet.

Gas is $1.45 here.

Today, we went to Cullman. The bank only has windows open, no lobby. Not another soul was in the PO. I called County agent at his home as he is not in his office. I talked to city guy who was locked in building. When I went to junk store, my friend I talked from about 10'+ from each other, and I did not get out of the car. I went into two grocery stores and found nothing I wanted. The Medical Supply Company where I had to pick up a medical device did not let me in. I got out of the car so she would not be invading our car space. The private nursery where I wanted to go does not answer so I can get blueberry plants for our area.

I paid $1.59/lb. for boneless, skinless, chicken breasts, buying three packages for a total of about ten pounds.

Since I slept two hours Wednesday night, I was not sorry to stay in the car so much and start home early.

Today is what Spring is all about--Sun all day, low humidity, bright Sun and good companion.  We went to the lake to eat and saw five children, all under about six-years-old. One was roller skating, one was on a bike, another on a skateboard, and one on a tiny skate board, and another had a scooter. Tagging along behind were two young women, one pushing a stroller. Ducks were playing in the water and air.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Spoiled Milk

Do you ever have spoiled milk? I did when I bought Wal-Mart milk. Now that I buy the a2milk from Publix, milk lasts forever. Right now I am in the middle of a half-gallon of milk dated March 15. It is still really sweet. There is no sign of any off flavor.


Walmart leaves their shipments of milk sitting out in the store in the aisle for hours. Sometimes, the milk is starting to sweat. One milk producer told me they stock their ice cream and milk and do not leave it to the store. So, now you know.

Walmart has started carrying a2milk, but I will not be buying it at WM. I will stick with Publix. Today, a2milk was on sale, $7 for 2 half gallons. That is not much of a saving off regular price, but I like it.

Today, I bought two half-gallons. Saturday, I will buy two more, and Monday or Tuesday, I will buy enough cartons to make 6 cartons in the refrigerator. That way, I usually can drink cheaper milk until the next sale. I do anything to keep from paying $4.49 for a half gallon.

While getting the sale milk, I got Tommy a bag of apples. It is so funny he never knew the names of apples, now he tells me what variety he wants--Gala or Pink Lady. LOL Before, he said, "small, hard apples." I have made a point of telling what I got him.

2 half gal milk $7
apples, 2lb $3.99-$1= $2.99
4 zucchini in pack $3.99-$1=$2.99
white chocolate bunny-$2 reduced from $7
4 bananas
2 Snap Ware 2-cup glass storage--1/3 off Still a good deal Small rectangles.

That's for today folks. How long will your milk last in the refrigerator?

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday Tidbits

Okay, the pink plastic bag was thrown today. And, there are no coupon inserts. I hate that. But, the Publix ad was there even though there is nothing I want. There are plenty of things on sale.

The Aldi ad held nothing of interest to me. blueberries are more expensive there than at Publix.

Walmart has closed their garden center, so there is no way to buy bedding plants or garden things. Yet, they are selling hair color and other stuff that will not keep you healthy or alive.

I had plans for today, but it appears I will get nothing done. So, my expectations for me has fallen. I will plant carrot seeds for carrots that are only about 3" long--Ferry-Morse' Petite Sweet Little Finger. Hopefully, it will be good and grow more value than the $1.78 price for the seed pack. Eventually, I want to grow enough carrots for cooking and freezing for winter.

My concrete planter will be home to mounding petunia plants I have. I plan to put some in the backyard, too.  A six-pack cost $1, and I got a pack of white and one of pale pink. I like those two together.

Seeds for Roma Tomatoes will be started tonight in plastic cups and soil mix. So, that is three things in the ground this evening. It is almost 6 pm here and the sun is still very bright, not near setting.

Somewhere on the internet, I saw a picture of a person who had made a face shield from a hard plastic container from greens or cookies. Well, it is that hard plastic type. I think that is very clever and useful. She had it somehow attached to a strap around her head. That might work for some of you.

Tonight, I am making the green bean casserole. Since I mixed the peas and snaps with green beans, there is a large portion of that left. I am going to put it in the casserole instead of just leaving it in the refrigerator. Ham and fruit salad will be on the menu, also.

A chicken breast that needs to be used will form the basis of Family Circle Hot Chicken Salad, along with the rest of the potato chips. Fruit salad will round out the menu.

How are you re-imagining Easter food? What have you planted or germinated? What do you plan to plant or germinate?

Monday, April 13, 2020

Things That Are Different This Week and Easter

The pink plastic bag with store ads and the coupon inserts was not thrown in the driveway this week. Bummer. I wonder if the inserts are still in the newspaper. I will call the paper to see. Anne, did you get your pink plastic bag?

Publix publishes three paper items with deals and coupons. Only the large newsprint ad is in the store now. This is the paper with BOGOs. That's good. So, there are no other deals or coupons.

A small store in Cullman has no more ads and no deals. Bummer again! They had good buys.

I received an email from Belk's for buy one men's item and get three free. (B1G3) What?! I waited until the next day and it was gone. For $28 I could get four pair of pants for Tommy.  I think they were $60 pants, maybe $58. But, the deal is gone. $7 men's pants are a great buy. A customer service person said the deal might come back.

While shopping for Campbell's soup, I came across something that stymied me and sort of still does. I found Cream of Mushroom Soup and Campbell's Mushroom Cooking Soup. Well, I cook with some of the "Cream of" soups. I read the labels. It seems that there are more actual vegetable in the "cooking soup."  Mushroom Cooking Soup has 1 1/2 cups of vegetables--mushroom and broccoli. Plus, there are many more spices in it.

Did you know there is a Cream of Bacon Soup? That's news to me.

Northern toilet paper is back at Publix. They seem to have a tp delivered every day, just a different brand. The brand de jour is abundant with the other brands down to one or two packs or not at all.  I did not buy more. Monday, even more Northern tp showed up at Publix.

Tommy has quit his outbursts right before bedtime. This has helped me to sleep well each night. I had a calm talk with him. I did not say goodnight for two nights in a row. He changed.

I no longer fear the test for my heart, the cath. I did some research on Saturday. I found a minimally invasive procedure--Siemens multipoint 64 slice CT Scanner--Super Scanner with non-invasive 3-D images of the heart and blood vessels. Have you heard of this? Had experience? My stress level has dropped significantly!

With people dying, especially old people with other health problems like us, Tommy will not take it seriously. He got out to pump gas and handled car handle, steering wheel, keys and credit card, yelled about the Lysol Wipe I handed him, dibbled it on his hands and threw it with attitude on the dashboard and told me, "You worry too much." Okay, I worry about him, but he cannot worry about me. great. I may kill him yet.  So, this week, he has given up being cautious. Great, just great!!!

Easter was low-key and lazy. I had plans for the dinner, but they were changed. Possibilities included spiral-cut ham, slaw, green bean casserole, field peas and snaps, potato salad. I could not find the French fries in kitchen, so none of that. The potato salad was just too labor intensive, and Tommy cannot stand potato salad.

So, I ended up heating the ham, green beans, and the peas and snaps. That ended up being two of the same bean! I found the French fries package just at dinnertime but did not make it. I had made vanilla pudding with pineapple in it because Tommy does not like bananas. Then, we had his chocolate bunny later that night.

I have potato salad on my mind, ingredients for green bean casserole, and a fruit salad for me. But, the day after Easter, Monday, we had the ham, and cole slaw. Plus, I put green beans in with the field peas and snaps and heated that for us. It was a replay of Easter, but we certainly do not care.

How have things changed in your life from last week to this week?

Sunday, April 12, 2020

"Lipstick Effect" and the Economy

When an economy enters troubled waters, this does not spell bad news for all categories. “Affordable luxury”, for example, tends to perform well in a recessionary environment. This trend became known as the “lipstick effect”, a term coined by Leonard Lauder, Chairman of Estée Lauder, at the beginning of 2001 when he observed that lipstick sales tend to be inversely correlated to economic health. While lipstick sales did not withstand the recent recession, there is some evidence that the “affordable luxury” effect is still present, but manifesting itself in
different categories over time. Nail polish, for instance, could be considered the new “lipstick”, but the “lipstick of choice” varies with time and geography.


So, I was not far off when I felt it necessary to buy extra hair color since the UK has had the "lipstick effect" for hair color.

People cannot afford luxuries like vacations and new cars, so they turn to something "affordable" to spend their money and feel buoyed instead of feeling the lack of luxury. These items they turn to are not cheap but less than a vacation.

Walmart reports  hair color buying is in panic stage. No, I did not cause this or contribute. If salons are closed, women will turn to boxes from the drugstore or Walmart.

Also, backed by research is the notion that women turned to lipstick as a way to be more "acceptable." If jobs are disappearing, maybe a woman feels wearing lipstick will insure her economic health. I have a book devoted to makeup in a woman's world. If she needs security maybe her access to a man to support her will be enhanced by the wearing of lipstick.

Now, nail polish has replaced lipstick as the affordable luxury in the US.

Once, long ago, when I was very poor, discouraged and had only $5 to my name, I experienced this effect first hand in the midst of looking for a job. It was Friday night. I went to the store and bought a lipstick and a magazine. By Monday I was back on track in my life.  I was not looking for a mate, but I did need a job. The lipstick was the only lipstick I had as the only other tube I owned was gone down beyond the top of the tube.

This is a very interesting article, worth the time to read, based on statistics with charts to break up the reading of texts.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Stock Up On Sales

Will children get to have Easter Egg Hunts? I worry some will not. So many parents depend on community events for their children.

I managed to get another good night of solid sleep. Well, I only got up to go to the bathroom five times and went right back to sleep each time. The trauma of this last week has been so stressful that I suppose I am catching up.

Today, right after I awoke and ate breakfast, I was walking very quickly back and forth to bedroom and back to kitchen. All of a sudden in the bedroom, I started seeing double. It was so scary that I called Tommy.  It lasted about 15 minutes.

I would go to ER, but the fear of contracting Covid19 keeps me here.

At Publix, there were good stock-up sales. You know how Easter brings out good bargains. There were other bargains that I did not take advantage. Since I am no longer buying salad, I was not tempted, and we have plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Dole Pineapple 5 @ 4 for $5
Cream of Soups 10 for  $10 I bought 8
    no cream of celery
Wheat Thins Hint of Salt  2 for $5

handful of very expensive white grapes!
small vanilla pudding
two jalapeno peppers

Really, the Dole and Campbell's soups were only things I got for stock-up, but there was other stuff at good prices, but not anything I ever buy. The Wheat Thins are low salt variety, Hint of Salt, still frivolity. Then, I got a package of low-fat, sugar-free vanilla pudding for whatever it costs. Tommy hates banana pudding, so that is out. He likes pineapple, so I will put that in pudding for him. He prefers not to have vanilla wafers. The jalapenos are for my homemade bug spray that is non-toxic;  I can make it in a blender.

At Publix, I saw many iterations of homemade masks. There was an elderly woman without a mask in a wheel chair being pushed by her equally elderly and frail-looking husband, also unmasked. I wanted to tell them to leave and I would shop for them. She was at the meat counter while her husband held things up or pointed and told her what it was. I suppose they came out to get Easter food. It was sad.

For Easter I will thaw the cooked ham, make green bean casserole, potato salad, vanilla pudding for him, and fruit salad (banana, apple, grapes, MW) for me.  I might cook field peas and make Cole slaw. It depends on how I feel.

The forecast for storms looms over us. At least, all my clothes are clean if we lose electricity. Hopefully, we will not get tornadoes or the large hail predicted. Tommy's car and my garden are vulnerable. My car is in the carport, so I could receive limited damage or none.

Added to post--Saturday evening while it was still light, we went to one of the small, sort of crummy stores where people with less money go to shop in Bessemer. In the trunk was a box with a dozen or more cans of food, a three pound bag of brown rice, and a box of Publix bakery Easter cookies and a single banana muffin that was packed in a single little container. There were cans of corn, peas,tomato sauce, butterbeans, and things I cannot remember. Oh, I did put back into the box two cans of green beans because I thought people might like my favorite vegetable.

I told Tommy to go over to the woman putting up her cart in the corral. I rolled down the window and told her I had food in the trunk I was not going to use and would she take it. She said she would, so Tommy pulled over to the trunk of her car. As she got the box, I said I hoped it was stuff she would eat. She said, "I sho will!" So, stuff out of the trunk that we did not have to carry. And, she looked like she might just use it or have enough people around to use it.

Are you in the path of destructive storms? What are you having for Easter? Will your children get to have an Easter Egg Hunt?

Friday, April 10, 2020

Thursday and Friday

We had to be in Cullman at 9 am on Thursday. ugh So, we left here at 7 am. Of course, he had to have a sausage and biscuit and coffee. okay. It is a huge habit, but I say nothing  because I do not want his blood sugar dropping. Then, he announced he had to get gas! That could have been done the day before. So, I have to question him about gas from now on! GAH

I packed a lunch--chicken sandwiches and a halo. He also had orange juice and pb crackers for the wait. I was in the hospital for about 1.5 hours. He had eaten the crackers and oj when I returned. We went to the lake in town to eat lunch. It was a glorious day and the setting was perfect.

Last week, I wanted a chocolate ice cream cone from DQ. They do not have chocolate! So, on Thursday we stopped at the DQ in Cullman and found they had chocolate. We told the manager who gave us our cone that the one we went  had no chocolate. She said she had heard that there were only four DQs in AL that carried chocolate ice cream. What?

We won't have another cone until the price comes down to $1 for a cone. The only thing we bought at the grocery store was Duncan Hines cake mixes.

I have not handled paper money in over a month. I have one place I pay cash because they charge me over three dollars to use my card. I am right there in the town, so it pays to make payments with cash.

When I took the money from the bank Thursday, I did not touch it...well, just the ends to count it in the bank envelope. I wiped the envelope with a Lysol Wipe and got it just wet and nasty. So, I pulled the bills out and held them with a wipe. I told the lady that the wetness was only a Lysol Wipe. She said they had been wiping down everything all day. The whole building had only four people working as opposed to their usual twenty or so. She was inside, just pushing out a window for people to place payment.

I take advantage of paying on the phone or online every chance I get, which is always, except for the one bill I paid today.

The grocery store was stocked with tp. There were few people there. There were no wipes, hand sanitizer or Dial Soft Soap.

Friday, I called my car insurance company and found out a 15% refund will be applied back to the credit card used to pay my insurance. This will be once for April and once for May. YAY! This is because of the coronavirus and lack of driving. The same will happen with Tommy's insurance.

Today, I not only watered my garden, I put poison on the back and front of each leaf. This chore was back pain intensive. This poison supplied to me is supposed to not be dangerous. Why was there a caution to wash hands if you got it on your hands? Today, I am getting the hot peppers I need for my own non-toxic bug spray.

I wanted to get a couple of hot peppers and forgot why I wanted to go to Publix! Shoot! I told Tommy I did not need to go to Publix when were out. I went to Dollar General to look for elastic.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

I Am Gutted

When we pulled into my driveway today, I was gutted to see my picnic table has now been stolen! I sat there too hurt to cry. I felt hollow inside. I work and scrimp and have nice things. Then, renters who will never work for what I had, steal it. And, I cannot afford to even buy a chair to sit in the yard.

I had just come from an MRI of my heart and had bad news on that front. It seems too hard to even live. They had a stack of masks and gloves that a patient could have. I got a mask and a pair of gloves. All the patients were allowed inside, but none of the people who brought them were allowed to enter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Running out of salad dressing for salads is not something I really worry about. But, I did pass by a bogo and did not even think about buying it. Bottled dressing is not enough to worry about these days.

However, when I saw a bottle of salad dressing, his favorite, Italian dressing, I realized my favorite, Ranch and his Italian were almost gone. I would just use Miracle Whip on mine. Last year, I bought a new product that we had not used--Heinz MAYOMUST saucy sauce. Yes, it is a mixture of mayo and mustard. It was reduced.

When I mentioned we were both almost out of our favorite salad dressing, he said he could use mayonnaise or even mustard. Mustard on a salad??? He assured me he would like it, so I remembered the Heinz MAYOMUST.

Have you ever tasted this? Do you like it? Since I like Miracle Whip and Mustard on hotdogs and in cole slaw, I might be able to use this on either. However, it has the feel of mayo on my tongue, so I probably will not use this often. However, I will not buy more bottles of dressings unless I find them at less than retail price.

Monday night, I seemed to sleep well. I awoke before 7 am on Tuesday,  just lay there until about 9 am. Monday night before, he was setting his clock to watch sci-fi movies at 6:15 am Tuesday. I just lay there to avoid Finally, at 10 am, the last one was over. I did watch the last 15 minutes of THE THING. ugh

I did nothing except read blogs and finally eat lunch. About 1 pm I was exhausted. My nap lasted until 5:30. I was shocked. This is allergy season, so I am exhausted, sneeze, and cough. I can even have an elevated temp. Anyone around me would think I have Covid19. I don't but can imagine being chased from the grocery, with rolls of tp thrown at me like I was a pariah.

Dinner on Wednesday night will be redone leftovers. Since there was lots of "soup" liquids left with some meat, few beans, and little kale, and no carrots, I am remaking it. I am putting in almost as much kale as was in the original batch. I will add more of the ham to Tommy's part. I have two wedges of potato left from another meal. One wedge will go in Tommy's beans and I will eat the other. I think I fished out all the carrots. So, in order to keep from boiling the soup for a long time, I will either leave out more carrots or boil them separately and add them to the soup.

I just do not want more of that ham...yuck. I think slices of ham were trimmed or the trimming from a whole ham was sliced into strips. It's just too fatty for my mouth feel, taste, or health.

Gotta go, getting ready for 7-9 pm Modern Family!


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bugs in the Garden and Grocery Shopping and Clothesline and John Prine Died

On Monday, I went out and picked enough Romaine for two meals since it should rain today. There were little worms everywhere and tiny clusters of tiny eggs. I brought it all in and picked off and squashed the clusters of eggs, worms, and bugs. Then, I put it in basin of water and vinegar. We left to go to Publix and Piggly Wiggly.

I left it in the sink and when I came back I realized the Romaine had been soaking all that time. Of course, it hurt nothing. Lots of once-live things were floating about. I let Tommy dry and break up his own while I brought in a bowl of diced tomato.

At Publix Beef Steak tomatoes were $4.99/lb. !!! I bought 3 tomatoes for $6.30 . We will eat a half tomato for the next three days. We will survive. Chicken on top will make  delicious salad.

How on earth did I spend $54?

Raspberry Egg $0.50
2 Wheat Thins $5/2
Boneless, skinless chicken breast $11.83 (small package w/three breasts, but huge ones)
Ruffles, Party Size--$2.64, a promotion
Beefsteak tomatoes, $3.99/lb, three tomatoes !!! $6.30 I am horrified
Domino' Granulated Sugar, 4 lb bags x 2, $2 each
Kraft Grated Parmesan, 2 for $6, bought 2
Milk Chocolate Lindt Easter Bunny $3.50 for Tommy
Easter Bunny plate, $3.50 for me
2 lbs Butter, $6 for 2 1-pound packages

Saved $14.64
Total Spent $54.20

We ate the raspberry egg in the car. The chicken and tomatoes were an exorbitant price in my book. One Easter, I bought Tommy a chocolate bunny for Easter and he was so happy, smiling and just overjoyed. I asked if that were his favorite candy. He said that he always got a chocolate bunny in his Easter basket when he was a child. So, he will be glad to see that.

Everything except for the chicken was marked down, pr bpgp. There were so few packs of any kind of chicken that I felt lucky to get that.  Eventually, I only cook with cheaply bought food. The cheap Ruffles caught my attention, my favorite chips. I eat Kraft Parmesan on spaghetti, pasta and olive oil, and salad. I have not had either of the first two for weeks. But, I eat a lot of Parmesan when I eat it.

Then, we went to Piggly Wiggly to get two gallons of vinegar for $1.74 each.

The guy next door was mowing Tommy's yard, so that made me extremely happy on Monday.  I think I will give them enough Romaine for a salad.

I walked all the way back to the clothes line. The line is rusty wire. I will get the wire covered in green plastic unless someone has a better idea. Anyone? I like hanging out clothes. At my house not one soul saw my dozen pair of huge panties on the line. Here they will unless I wash sheets and hang those on two lines around my panties.

When I grew up, Mama taught me to hang panties on inside lines. Did your mother teach you that? Do you hang your panties in plain sight or hide them?

I really spent a lot this week, but I did not have to buy Romaine or any greens for salads because I picked what would be the equivalent of about $10 in Romaine and kale and red lettuce. Of course, I never buy that much, so this will be a treat.

What do you use, type of material, do you use for your clothesline?

AND, John Prine died. Tommy has never heard of him! And, when I played "Paradise," he said he never listened to THAT kind of music. I cried.

Monday, April 6, 2020

My New Favorite Thing to Eat

No, not chocolate

I may have mentioned I was going to cook soup with Great Northern Beans. I did. I cooked the Great Northern Beans and added kale from my garden along with carrots and ham.

Great Northern Beans
highly seasoned ham (or ham and spices)

I added no seasoning to this concoction. The ham that was given to me was very spicy and fatty. So, I thought the spice in the ham would be sufficient for the whole pot of soup. It was. But, heating the ham in a skillet and mashing it in a towel did not remove the fattiness, just some grease.

The carrots were two of the little single serving packages we got at the dinner handed through the car window. I cut them in 1/2 inch pieces.

The kale came from my garden. Even though I picked a whole grocery bag full, there could have been more for my liking.

I have always gagged at the thought of bean soup even though I like beans. Tommy loved the soup! So, even though it was technically too warm for soup, this was wonderful.

Now, I grew up eating beans because Daddy had to have them at meals. No matter what else we had that was delicious, hearty, and healthful, we had beans. Now, we kids ate them the first meal, but after that he was often the only one having them with the next meal. and the net Since he grew up poor and one of twelve kids during the Depression, I suppose beans were eaten every day if they could get them. I liked beans but not every day. However, only after about thirty years did I love beans.

Who would have guessed that Great Northern Beans, carrots, kale, and ham would be so delicious? Not I. Even though I have never read a recipe for bean soup, I think I guesses well.

From now on I will raise an abundance of kale and carrots, well, at least the kale.

While I was picking kale, I looked down at a familiar sight. Was that Romaine I saw? Well, yes it was. I did not remember or realize I had Romaine in my garden. So ditzy. Tommy laughed. I am so excited. Today I will go buy tomatoes and we will have salads with Romaine, red lettuce, and tomatoes. I have boiled eggs for mine and Tommy can have the ham.

This Auburn garden project is such a happy experience. I did get to pick out my vegetables to grow.

Do you make bean soup? What goes into yours?

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Chocolate Brownie Waffles

No negative comments! I know!

Saturday night, I made something I had planned for a couple of weeks. No, it is not conducive to losing weight. I asked Tommy if he wanted it before I went ahead.

I used my tiny $10 waffle iron to make waffles from a brownie mix. I saw this on the internet. Directions were to use  a boxed full-sized fudge brownie mix. I had gotten Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix 13" x 9' size and just did not get around to making the brownie waffles.

In the meantime, I found the pouch fudge brownies I wanted. This worked just fine.
I used Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix in a pouch. For us this small amount it just right.

Basically, the instructions were to add an extra egg. The box already called for two eggs. The pouch only called for one egg, so i added another making two eggs in the pouch and the water and oil called for. Use PAM! I only used it on the first brownie waffle and not for the following ones. I regret that decision.

I used a 1/4 cup measuring cup for the initial waffle. It was delicious. However, I switched to a 1/3 cup measuring cup and the amount was just right. I used a fork to dip the mix into the measuring cup. Dipping the cup into the mixture did not work. Don't do it. Using a spoon was not getting it for me. I used a plastic spoon.

I think I made five chocolate brownie waffles. We halved each as they came from the waffle maker. I used a plastic fork to raise up one edge because I burned myself on a hot waffle! I did not want to use a metal fork and ruin the finish of the surface that was nonstick.

The waffle maker is a DASH Mini Maker Waffle, making a four inch brownie waffle.


We can eat well all day and then when the sun goes down, a few hours later, snacks are on my mind. Usually, a dozen chocolate chips works just fine. But, these brownie waffles had been on my mind. We just ate them out of hand. I could see a smear of cream cheese or a sprinkle of confectioner's sugar. What would you eat on chocolate waffles?

On the internet are all sorts of hacks for cookies from cake mixes and such things. Have you made cookies from a cake mix or used a mix to make a different food?

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Butter, Dinner, Weight

Since I mentioned to Tommy on Thursday that it looks like he is gaining a lot of weight, he has absolutely quit snacking! Please do not think I was being critical of him. He did not. He ate crackers and peanut butter once in two days. For lunch, he had cheese and an apple. I figure in one month I will see a change in his girth.

I have NOT in any way tried to monitor his intake as to kind or quantity.

Now, I need to be as diligent and pay attention and adjust food I eat.

I need to get a refund and am afraid of handling money. So, I will take a plastic bag with me and have the cashier put the money in the bag. Then, I can bring the money home and clean it with a Lysol Wipe and let it sit for a week before I touch it again.

Yesterday was the day I should have watered my garden. I was too beat by the time I was going to water the reservoirs. Today, when I went out to water, I was shocked to see three of the boxes were fine. the fourth, the one holding cabbage and kale plants needed water badly. The cabbages and kale were very wilted. I have to do better than this.

Tommy's metal shed is falling down. That is fine with me, but it has electricity to it. The box inside will have to be removed safely.  Otherwise, I would help it fall. And, he is okay with it falling as it is dangerous, leaky and an eyesore. I just want the concrete pad for table with umbrella and chairs.

I have been doing things, basically piddling, but accomplishing things like decluttering in various places around the house. I washed a load with new panties and nightgown, plus various other things to wash.

A decision to leave the butter out of the refrigerator was necessary to avoid the consumption of too much butter. I rarely use the butter, but when I made a grilled cheese sandwich, I could not avoid larger chunks/slices than I needed or wanted. You know how hard it is to spread cold butter on any kind of bread!

Since I bought glass storage dishes from Publix with snap lock lids, I pressed one of them into service for butter. I can leave it on the counter and not fear bugs getting into it while it still is warm enough to spread easily. The dish is about 7" x 7" and a bit larger than I need. But, it seals and works.

I have seen huge rolls in the grocery stores of what is called Roll Butter.  As of yet, I have not determined if this is cheaper than pound boxes. Have you ever seen or heard of this?

We have a bottle of mayo in the refrigerator, the kind that sits upside down and the squirt end always has mayo ready to dispense. Tommy had never heard of using mayo instead of butter. So, I made his grilled cheese sandwich with the mayo. He declared it okay and said he could not have told the difference if I had not told him.

While I have no intentions of making my sandwich with mayo, it is good to know I can use it if butter runs low. I have thought this for a long time, not just in the time of Covid19. Do you ever use mayo for grilling your sandwich?

We only went outdoors for laundry, watering, and mailbox. There is a Modern Family Marathon which is on from noon to midnight, or something like that. We love it, so watch.

Tonight, we will have leftover chicken breast, potato wedges baked in the drippings of the chicken pan with carrots and Bell pepper wedges and a piece of celery.  Tommy gets the bell pepper and I love seasoning with Bell pepper not eating the Bell pepper or celery.

I have a recipe about how to used a box mix of brownies to make waffle brownies. I might make that tonight and freeze the extra brownies. They sound really delicious.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Thursday, Census, Weight; Friday, the Curve, shopping

I slept soundly and awoke on Thursday morning feeling well, really well. This does not happen often, so I was thrilled. In two hours, about 10 am, I felt drained. So, I went back to bed for a nap. It never occurred. I got back up and tried again at 3 pm. The guy next door started hammering. He nailed for a minute, shut down the noise for fifteen minutes and started nailing again. . over. . .  and. . . over. Then, someone was honking as they drove around--back and forth. . I just got up and forgot about sleeping!

Something on the TV reminded me of the Census and pointed out it could done online. So, I volunteered to submit Tommy's online. He readily accepted my help. It was soooo easy. I figured that since it was government, it would be convoluted. Nope. Easy peasy. We are counted.

Since the Beanie Babies were staring me in the face, I packed those and several other things and taped them up, stored them. When I get around to selling them, I can bring them back out of the room and unpack them.

Yes, Thursday was slow. However, I did things that needed doing--a load of laundry. He put them in as we left to get in the car, and got them in after dark. I went out at dusk to pick lettuce, but could not see, so I came back in. I need a light out there. The cabbage plants are so close together. I wonder if that is okay. But, the woman who supervised said it was okay when we were planting.

I had a little talk with Tommy. I feared to broach the subject--his weight. He had a spare tire around his waist. Now, he is fat from chest down. It has no relation to his looks, and he knows I feel that way. He had gained 6 lbs when he went for a checkup two months ago and was not happy.

His response--He said I gave him too much food for meals I bring to him. Since I fix his plate and bring it to him, I don't want to be stingy. But, he told me to quit bringing him so much. So, now it is up to me. We both need to eat less junk food.

So, since I felt so horrible Thursday, we got Domino's pizza. I know. I know. We can have vegetables later instead of more carbs. I love Domino's pizza. Okay, it is later, five hours later and neither of us has wanted a bite of anything!

On Friday, I woke without ever getting even a wink of sleep. So, I have been like a  zombie today, but I needed to go out because I do not know when all will be shut down. Northern toilet paper is back, along with other brands. I used my 50 cent coupon and got 48 rolls. Two more hair color boxes were needed. I think the bottom will drop out of this and hair color will not be on the list of things going to stores. Well, how could I face the day alone here without looking like myself?

Another nightgown and some panties were needed by me to keep from doing such small laundry loads so often. I did find elastic to redo my bracelet but none for my pants.

I got a few things that will run out--Pam, Glad wrap, peanut butter, bananas, Halos, kitchen garbage bags, two half gallons a2milk and other stuff. All was on sale or had a coupon. Well, the bananas and Halos were expensive, as usual and no coupons. And, the sacker made sure she put the bananas and Halos on the bottom with the rest on top. This frosted my so that I called the manager before I got out of the parking lot!

We left here about 11 am and returned home at 3 pm. I took chicken sandwich for Tommy and just chicken for me. He also had pb crackers and oj. We did eat what I took and did not eat even a small burger. I had water.

One obnoxious woman, about 30 or younger, was talking on her phone in Publix, entertaining us all with her conversation...NOT. She finally said, "Well, I have to get out of this place; it is a madhouse, and NOBODY is flattening the curve. I wanted to bop here, well at least point out she did not have mask, gloves, or sanitary wipes.

I thought about listing the large Beanie Babies on the internet, but decided not to do so, as it might be a bad time to sell them.  What do you think?

So, I am sitting here all loopy from no sleep. I will go to garden and then go to sleep. Or, maybe I will just take that nap.

Just now: Alabama is under a shelter in place order.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Stuff and Beanie Babies

Dinner on Wednesday--filet of chicken cooked with potato wedges, both seasoned with a generous sprinkling of McCormick's Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple Seasoning, and green beans heated in the microwave. This was easy and quick. AND, delicious. There is more chicken for another night or two.

I think this seasoning was what I sent to kylie in Australia. The bottle is fast becoming too low, so it will go on a list of items to buy. However, it is not a necessity.

Plus, I did not realize I also thawed boneless, skinless chicken breasts. ugh So, there are those to cook before I even finish the filets. I will immediately freeze all but one of those breasts.

Wednesday, I tried to find a book to read. Libraries are not open and neither are bookstores. Now, this has become sad. Tuesday, I tried to go into an independent bookstore with used books as well as new. I was greeted by a huge Akita trying to break the glass door down to get to me. I could not get away fast enough

Walmart has plenty of toilet paper, or did I say that? Everybody is sewing since I can find no elastic for the pants I cut from the jumpsuit.

I could find no playing cards and Tommy will not play the UNO I brought home.

The gardening project sent me a packet of seeds so I can enjoy the fruit in one month. Beets--yuck. I do not want to eat them or even cook them for Tommy. He wants them. Now, I have to figure out how to cook them. sigh

Forgot to tell you--I went into Publix with my canister of Lysol Wipes. A woman came and asked where I found them. She was so disappointed when I told her I brought them with me.

Bargains--Campbell's mushroom soup 10 cans for $10. I bought four for green bean casserole some day. French Fried Onions--bogo. I just bought two.

Wednesday, it was 67F and felt wonderful with low humidity.

I was looking through a box of stuff, something from my house that was in the trunk of my car, I suppose. I found one Halloween potholder. Yes, it is in service now. Then, i found a bag of Beanie Babies. You remember those? There were several of the size given out at McD. I was suprised to find another four that were full-sized.  While I am positive I did not buy these, I haven't the slightest clue how they got into my car:


I bought a few of the Happy Meals with the Beanie Babies, not many, maybe a dozen over a long period of time. Most of them were given to kids who came to my house.

Do you ever find something in your home that baffles you as to the origin? I do know you have good stories. Did you ever buy Beanie Babies from McD or anywhere?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A First for Me and Hard Target

I had a first for me--telephone appointment. And, it was my first appointment ever with new doctor. He preferred a video call, but did not tell me I could use a computer. The woman who called asked me about a Smart phone, which is not activated yet. It was different. And, Medicare will pay for it.

 When I went to the doctor about two weeks ago, he responded to my query about D helping to fight covid19 by telling me it was true and he was going to make me a "hard target." The 50,000 IU will hopefully work.  My D level was shockingly low! Tommy has taken the same dose for years. 

Tommy has not been in a store or anywhere for three weeks, maybe more. Well, he defiantly went to church. And, he said he was not going to stop going to church. Then, after my sarcastic remarks after church closings that he was going anyway, he finally changed his mind. I asked him why. He said listening to the news convinced him. 

I go into the store with a mask and gloves on and my container of Lysol disinfectant wipes. The doctor I saw last week said the kind of mask I have works for the virus. So, I am good and feel I will not contract covid19 or anything. However, i am not complacent. 

We went out to the backyard to check my garden. Everything is standing up nicely, no wilting. The watering is all into a tube on the side of the box. A reservoir holds it and it soaks into the soil. Tommy managed to fight his way past the backdoor steps.

I have cabbages, broccoli, kale, red lettuce.  I need to get out there and get the carrot seeds in the ground. We have eaten three salads. I picked kale today to put in bean soup.

Two clamshells with bakery products are waiting on the kitchen counter to start a different lettuce. They have a top, so will be a little greenhouse. Hopefully, with the six lettuce plants outside and the two clamshells inside, I will have lettuce every day.

Have you had an appointment by phone or computer instead of going to a doctor in the time of Covid19? How did it work out for you? Do you take a massive dose of Vitamin D2?

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