Tuesday, October 19, 2021


And, I am exhausted. Got any tips as to how to get a better experience having blood drawn? I took hot water bottle for arm, slung arms, slapped my arm, and tried to drink lots of water. Any other tips?  
Not eating until noon, and being awake for so long beforehand is exhausting. So, tonight, dinner will be taco casserole I froze in the glass 7"x7" glass pan. There is other food cooked, but half of the little pan works for me. Tommy can have any food that he wants. I doubt he will want more. I may eat an apple or applesauce. 

Once again, I slept well, but only 7 hours. And, the wool blanket is wonderful as it does not make me hot. Tommy will not even feel it as he says he cannot stand wool. Even as a child, I loved my mother's green, scratchy, wool, army blanket from WWII. 

Tuesday was a brilliant day, warm day, about 75F. It could not have been a prettier day and pleasant. Of course, I wore sandals and the black and white striped outfit. It was not too cool for what I wore. 

Now, I must go spend time standing in front of the microwave! That is exhausting. 

Tommy is so funny. He emptied the bathroom trash which has tp in it, since I won't flush it. I have no idea whether he does or not. He said he "even sprayed it with Lysol because the can stinks". So funny. He was upset when I mentioned washing out the outdoor garbage can. He wailed, "Why would I do that?" Since he prefers to throw things in the can without a bag or without tying the bag, I told him it would smell like a dumpster soon, stink to high heaven, draw flies and rats. I notice he has been more careful how he throws things in it. I think I treat the kitchen trash can in sanitary ways he has never, ever considered. 

I have to slave over the microwave now. 


  1. Do you have septic issues? Perhaps change to a more biodegradable toilet tissue. We use it at the lake. Costs more, but cheaper than plumber calls or digging s new septic more frequently.

    1. SAM,
      I think it is a dogwood tree with roots in the septic line to road. He had to have the line cleaned out to the tune of $800. He was yelling that it was my long hair that stopped it up. I told the plumber who told Tommy that it was 40 years of stuff going down the drain. After he paid another $800 six months later, he is so careful about what goes down the sink! I don't know how the biodegradable tp will be on my bottom. He throws his tp in the toilet, but he uses a roll of tp for my eight rolls. I put a cup of salt in the commode some nights even though he forbade me to do so...lol.

    2. So you don't have a septic system--you have sewer hookup. And it's your sewer connection from the house to the street that's getting clogged with tree roots? Have you considered calling in a company that deals specifically with that problem, such as Roto-Rooter?

    3. Also, I did a little Googling and salt is not the best way to kill/prevent roots. Apparently copper sulfate is the way to go. It's available at Walmart or Home Depot.

    4. Sue,
      I never said we have a sewer. salt is what I have. Maybe I will get some of the other.

    5. I was only trying to figure out what sort of system you had--septic or sewer--because you are mixing up the terminology. You said you had a septic line to the road. What you have is a sewer line (hookup) to the road (sewer outlet). If you had a septic system, it would not have a line to the public sewer system because a septic system is self-contained.
      And as far as the salt, of course you use what you have. I was just letting you know there was more effective stuff, seeing as the sewer line is still problematic.
      Growing up, we were forced to put used toilet paper in the wastebasket because my father was too cheap to get the darned septic pumped. But that was also a time when people didn't think it should EVER have to be pumped. Nowadays it's routinely done ever 2 or 3 years.

    6. Sue,
      Actually, I did and misspoke. I really don't know if it is still a problem; I am just wary since he won't believe me when I say the sink is draining slower than usual. So, I try to take precautions and will look for the other. He should be a renter, not a homeowner.

      I hope never to have a septic tank! But, if I did, I would try to treat it right.

  2. You can get a bidet to add to your toilet at Home Depot for $40. Best thing ever!! Very little tp needed ever again!

  3. I am curious, what will the cup of salt do?

    1. Lisa,
      The salt kills the tiny roots that invade the line and cause tp and other things to form a clog.

  4. You need to hire a roto rooter with a blade tipped sewer snake to clear the lines. The blade will chew through the roots. The service should also have a camera to see all the way down the line and be able to go through stubborn areas several times, until roots are gone. Then hire someone to cut the trees that are causing the roots to invade your sewer line so it doesn't happen again. We paid under $500. several years ago to have the camera/ blade job done after too many weekend emergency sewer clean out calls at $150. a pop. Not a problem since. It is one thing to put urine contaminated tissue in a waste basket but if you're also putting poopy paper in you are asking for trouble. All poop needs to go away now.
    If you can stand more of my unsolicited advice, please stand back from the microwave. see attached story. Take care of yourself!


  5. Rita,
    He refuses to hire roto rooter. He refuses to have the tree cut even though it broke and grows out sideways. I used a roll of tp in two days. I am going to put it in the waste basket in the bathroom.
    I will read the article later. Thanks.

  6. I have a septic system. We use Ridx once a month, I do drain cleaner once a month in the sinks, tub and wheelchair shower, we both have long hair.

    My son has sewer and for years had issues with tree roots. You need a MAINLINE cleaning not just sewer cleaning. Mainline cleaners CUT the tree roots. BUT if it's not been done, he might need to have the city come out and check THEIR line to his as it might be their line is what is causing you the problem (Son 2 had this issue also)
    TP does not cause the plugs unless you are using half roll at a flush aka MY GRANDSON.

  7. We place close to all TP in the trash can. While we have not had any serious plumbing problems I want to make sure we don't! I empty the trash can daily if not more often.

    We had a company use a camera to look at the lines. What they proposed was going to require buckets of money and heavy equipment. I had the feeling they were trying to up-sell me. I had called them out to clean the line from the kitchen sink to the main line.

    In my previous marriage we had a septic system. When it failed (It was 50 years old) We had a gigantic Sewage Pit (open bottomed cesspit as opposed to a cesspool which is closed on the bottom.)

    1. Janet,
      Same here. It is taken out often. I see no problem with it.

      I love those cameras in the sewer lines. Well, they had to make more money!

      In my whole life, we have never had a septic system.


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