Sunday, October 17, 2021

No Cooking for Two Days and Eating Well, Gunshot, Pansies

 Friday, about 2:30, we went to the Greek Festival and ordered food. It was $46 well spent. Silly us went to the park to eat. We ate so late that we needed no dinner, just fruit and cereal. Then, on Saturday, Tommy had part of my meat, rice, and grape leaves for lunch. Saturday night, he had the rest of his meat and rice. Later, when I had cooked something, we both had chicken and Brussel's sprouts, he had his meat; I had chicken breast, Brussel's sprouts, and grape leaves. We ate well. The chicken and Brussel's sprouts were from a one meal dish. It would have been $7 if we had bought it. 

Tomorrow, I will write about the Greek Festival. 

The spaghetti recipe may be coming back as I sat with a pen and paper and tried to recall it. I think I almost have it complete. When I get it right, I will freeze it in pint jars. It will be a memory. It will be cheaper. It won't be in a metal jar! Okay, I think I have remembered it. I had a pen and notebook in my lap or lying beside me. I looked at what I had written and things came to me one item at a time. Can you believe garlic was the last thing I remembered?

When I got out of the car at the bread store, my eyes were drawn to a cut in Tommy's right front tire. It was a cut in a circle about the size of a nickel. And, I could get my thumbnail down into the cut for quite a way. Tommy took it to a tire place. The guy did not want to see the cut because he said the tires were too bald to repair. Their shop would not work on it. 

Tommy thinks I worry too much and pay attention to things not worth worrying about. And, he always lets his tires become bald before he replaces them! But, Monday, he is buying new tires. 

We were sitting waiting at a drive-up pharmacy window when I heard a noise and Tommy asked me if I heart the gunshot. Well, no, it did not sound like a gunshot. It sounded like maybe a pebble had been dropped. That was spooky.  

The pansies and mums were not doing well until the weather cooled off on Saturday. I was worried since neither plant has a problem, usually. They are not finicky as far as I know. The poor pansies were drooping and not blooming well. Now, there is a profusion of pansy blooms. I saw a variety called "Old Fashioned" that were light and medium pink, maybe a darker pink, too. I think that is the name. I want more of that variety. Have you seen or heard of the pink ones?

Tommy stalled all week and we waited a week between emptying the dishwasher and reloading it. Friday, late, I told him to come help. He did. Today, we emptied the dishwasher and put things away. I immediately loaded the only two dirty items into the dishwasher! YAY! 

Do you know someone who lets their tires get bald before getting new ones? 


  1. A good eating day is always a good day!
    I don't thinkI know anyone who drives on bald tyres but then, annual roadworth inspections will usually fail a car when the tyres are getting down a bit.

    1. kylie,
      There are no inspections in Alabama that i know. When I lived in Memphis, we had to have an annual inspections. Anything goes in Alabama.

  2. I hope you guys will be able to get your tires replaced. Here in Missouri, we always get quite a bit of rain in the fall.

    One time I had some sort of a dish made by a co worker's wife for an office potluck that had what tasted like ground beef wrapped in grape leaves from their own back yard. They were delicious. I didn't recognize all of the seasonings she used but they were sure delicious. I could have eaten cooked grape leaves by themselves, they were so good.

    1. susie,
      October is or driest month. We have an appointment at 11 am, so it will happen.

      I always meant to use my grape leaves to wrap rice, meat, and seasonings. Now, I no longer have grapes or leaves.

  3. Long ago I knew a lot of people that let their tires get bald. These days not so much. Thankfully most people now seem to be more aware of safety requirements.

    1. Joyful,
      This is Alabama and I would imagine a great percentage of cars on the road have balding tires. Of course, some places have cars with good tires and others are mostly bald.


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