Thursday, May 26, 2022

Aloha Kona Pineapple and Grocery Deals


I believe I have Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Pineapple. I could be wrong.  Susie and Sue identified it last post as a Calibrachoa  without seeing it, just from my description. I looked it up and found this picture above. I like them. So pretty and bright. 

Wednesday, I went shopping but was still exhausted from the "event" so just shopped at Publix. Thursday, I went to Piggly Wiggly and needed a stop at Publix. 

The Pig:

Pepsi --Tommy b2g2, bought 4

zucchini--forgot what I paid but not on sale

Graham Crackers--Nabisco Originals, one box

Breyer's Chocolate--one-half gallon or what passes for a former half-gallon

Stuffed Marshmallow--Had to try them. Never again.

Piggly Wiggly:

Daisy Sour Cream

2 lbs carrots--$1.78


Kraft Medium Cheese--$3.53, big mistake

2 bags Kraft Cole Slaw--$1.12 each

The pork butt roast had more fat than I had ever seen on a piece of meat, so I left them at The Pig. On the way home, we stopped at Publix and I got two pork roasts there, much less fatty. Kraft cheese was bogo there, so two for $4.49, making each $2.25. 

When we got home, I put one pork roast in the crock pot and it will probably stay there until Friday morning, maybe not. The other is in the refrigerator until I can slice it in half and freeze. Or, maybe I will cook it and freeze. I have not decided. I bought 5 beautiful ears of corn 5/$2. I have called this Peaches and Cream, so I don't know if their name of bi-color is the same corn. Do you know?

I have been dizzy since about 3 pm. I think I forgot to take shot for diabetes. I was dizzy in the kitchen, lurched about and my left knee moved wrong, gave out and hurt. So, Tommy got to put the roast in the crockpot and bring me a glass of milk. Well, it was in the pot but I had him cut off the huge layer from the bottom. Do you cut that off? At The Pig there was two inches on each roast. The marbling was horrendous. 

Thursday evening, my mentor in the gardening program called and apologized for not coming over to speak to me. I had been embarrassed I had not gone speak to her. I think we were hurrying off to get the goodies. She won a hanging flowerpot, too. And, she managed to snag other plants and bags of soil, amongst other items. 

Okay, I think Peaches and Cream Corn is a bi-color variety. 

After the "event," I found a 13 lb box of books from a friend. Tomorrow, I will tell you about that.

I asked Tommy if he wanted our Memorial Day meal then or just eat it until then. He said to wait. I mentioned the pork roast and bbq the meat, cole slaw, and corn on the cob. He was so happy and said that sounds like enough. It is settled. If I can find the can of pork and beans, I may surprise him with baked means. I make really good baked beans. I only keep one can of pork and beans on the shelf as it is not something I make for myself. 


  1. Susie AND Sue identified your flowers yesterday. Million Bells will need periodic dead-heading to keep the blooms abundant.

    I do not remove the fat cap from a pork butt/shoulder. I oven-roast it in an aluminum pan, with a sheet of foil crinkled into a coil for the butt to sit on. I tightly cover the pan with foil and roast at 275, with fat cap up so the fat bathes the meat during roasting.

    After roasting/resting, I remove the fat cap and all internal marbled fat--shredding the meat as I go--because it's easier to de-fat while the butt is warm. I refrigerate the meat and the pan of juices. The next day I discard the fat from the meat juice and use the juice to moisten the meat during reheating.

    I have noticed that pork butts/shoulders seem to have more fat on them lately. I think butchers are leaving the extra fat on meat so as to make a little more money.

    1. Sue,
      Ah, you did. I thought so, but got to susie and quit looking. I will faithfully deadhead.
      Thanks for the hints. Maybe I will cook the second one the same way.
      I think there must have been over an inch of fat on the first ones I found. And, there was more marbling than meat. Stores want the profit. But, I can shop around.
      Thanks for the flower id and the cooking tips.

  2. Are those in the petunia family? I have horrible luck with petunias

    1. I am not sure, but they certainly look like petunias, don't they? I love pink wave petunias, but they need lots of watering. I have had good luck with those and the white ones.

  3. Every Saturday I proudly use my red PW bag at Alberstons. No one else has one.


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