Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Muggy + This and That

 Wednesday was soooo hot and humid--muggy! It was cool in the house and in Publix, but going outdoors from both places was rough. The muggy air just envelopes a person, fills the lungs. I went to a Big Box, too. Tommy sits in the car with the ac on and reads the newspapers or listens to sports or news. 

The temperature was about 90F, 8F degrees less than the last few days. Yet, the suffering was worse because of the humidity. I am not the only one thinking so. Everyone at both stores was agonizing about the humidity. Do you often have high humidity with heat which exacerbates discomfort?

We got a few sprinkles this afternoon, so Tommy does not have to water the flowers. He is grateful for a reprieve. He had to carry in lots from the car from shopping, so he needed a reprieve from dragging a hose. 

We hired someone to mow the yard and weed eat--$70. I think it is outrageous, but Tommy was just fine with it. This guy works for a landscaping company, and he does this after work. He will never come before 4 pm since he works until 3 pm. Tommy wants mowing twice a month, but I think once a month would suffice. He has St Augustine and wants it mowed to a nub! Poor grass! The guy mows in the neighborhood, so we see how he does and good job and is regular. 

We wanted hamburger buns for the weekend. However, the prices were so high, about twice as much for the cheap brands as before. We don't need bread, so going to the bread store is not something we were willing to do. 

Since my skin is so dry and whitish looking, I decided it was dry, a condition I have never faced in my skin. The bottles to squirt were too heavy for me, but I got one anyway. I will leave it on the table and never lift it. I also bought several small tubes from the travel selection to see which one is best for my skin. Also, I can carry a small tube in the car but not 18 oz pump bottle. I have had hand lotion go rancid in the heat of summer when left in the car, so there will be no car lotion. 

We had to pack and carry my large and heavy bottle of shampoo and his large and heavy shaving lotion this past weekend, also a huge tube of toothpaste. I always find a tube almost empty to carry. But, I said nothing, just used his toothpaste and left my brand home. I bought him a travel size shaving lotions and bought a little bottle to decant shampoo for me. We will probably not stay in a motel for ages, but this will work when we do. We need to plan fewer bags and less weight. When I went to Atlanta for a week for job training, I carried a bag (train case) that was about 6"x6"x10" that carried all I needed. My bag for clothing was a carryon that was not filled at all, very light. My shoes and train case were also in with clothing and I only used half the room available. 

I bought Gold Bond ultimate diabetics dry skin relief. I anticipate only having to use this on the backs of my arms from elbow to wrist and my condition is not severe. The little tube is Jergens ultra healing repairs and heals extra dry skin. Tommy says he does not need it, but his skin is mostly white with chunks of skin floating. It looks like arm dandruff. And, he scratches his arms. The 18 oz pump should last me for ten years! I also bought Queen Helene cocoa intense moisture. What do you use?

What do you use for diabetic or dry skin?

Watermelon was on our mind, so I bought a bogo dish/clamshell of cut watermelon, only $2. It was not great, but okay. I may have the cleaner carry a watermelon in in a week or two and cut it for us one day. We will buy it just before she arrives, She can use my walker to bring it in, the bag under the seat. She has a client for whom she works 7am to 7 pm, so I suppose she does lots of things. I will feel her out about things before I burden her. 

I hope to bake cupcakes with strawberry frosting with sprinkles for the kids next door. They yell and wave every time they see us. They seem to be such good children. I wish I could say the same about the dogs and adults who let the dogs bark. I never made the cupcakes I planned to before. 

Tuesday night we stayed up until almost 3 am watching TV. I awoke hot and suffocating at 6:30, trying to sleep. At 7:30 am, I got up to use my laptop in the living room. I think I went to bed at 9 am and slept until 12:30 pm. I had a wild and crazy dream that is mostly gone.  Yes, the dogs were barking. 

Tonight, we had taco soup/casserole leftovers for dinner, easy peasy. The rest was frozen. We will both have a snack later. I will have an apple, at least. 

Even at a lower temperature, does the humidity bother you?

What kind of moisturizer do you use on dry skin, like your arms?

Do you make a point to pack toothpaste in small size or a tube almost gone? And, do you purposefully try to cut down on weight in bags even for a small trip, one night and not far away? 


  1. Yes, the humidity makes it worse. The yard guy seems a little expensive to me, The question is how much does the lawn grow. If you are watering daily, it might need to be cut at two weeks or depending on the ran, I used to pay 35.00 for a service, usually every two weeks. That was years ago so I know it has gone up. My son does it now every two weeks. I do not pay him but sometimes depending on his schedule I will take him out for a late lunch. (he showers here after the yard work,)

    As far as the lotion question goes, I am not stuck on any one brand. I buy what ever is the best buy but the trick is to make sure you use it everyday, not just when it bothers you. Also use a mild soap like ivory or dove it your skin is sensitive.

    I am lucky that I can still get a watermelon into the house and cut it on my own. I don't like that precut stuff, too expensive. I get it in cut it half and scoop out the flesh into a large tupperware bowl I have.
    I put if in the fridge and I am good to go for the week. I can just pop the lid to the bowl and remove what I want in to a dish without having to lift it again.

    I always keep those little travel size bottles, rinse them out and I can fill them with my own stuff when I need. Toothpaste, I use a little plastic salas dressing container, squirt what I think I will need into that, close and ready to go.
    Have a great thursday!
    I am sorry that you had such a bad experience at La Quinta. We used them a lot in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area when my husband was having cancer treatment. They were great and the rooms and bathrooms were very nice. It may have been that they were used to having people there in the area for medical treatments.

    1. Texas,
      We don't water the lawn at all, just flowers in pots on the porch and ramp. It is excessively long right now. So, this is what we need right now. We may get someone else, not sure.
      I had a friend mow my yard 30 years ago, I picked him up in the country, he mowed, he bathed at my house, then I made him dinner, and played Rummicube afterwards. And, no, we were not in the least interested in each other. But, he was very good company. The arrangement was actually a good deal for both of us.
      I use Dove exclusively and have since I was 18. My dermatologist praised me for using it as it is the best.
      Lifting and holding onto a watermelon is Well, my back won't let me. Good for you, still being able.
      Of course, I had those bottles at my house! I have some sample-size toothpaste, but did not bother to ask Tommy as I knew he would object.
      La Quinta was a great disappointment! But, I am glad to know it was good for you under the circumstances. It was very disheartening for us.

  2. Most hotels provide soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion - no need to carry all of that with you for only one night. My husband uses shaving cream (King of Shaves) that comes in a small tube - lightweight for traveling and doesn't leave a rust ring in the bathroom like a can of shaving cream.

    1. Bobbie,
      I would never use those items not knowing if my allergies would act up! I use what I use because I know they are safe for me. One night would set me back. Being in agony and sneezing and itching and scratching was not something I needed for this critical and important occasion. Plus, I am not going through trying to convince Tommy to change what he uses. He did not bring soap or underwear, so he used my Dove rather than the motel soap and used a spray of Lysol or something from my bag to deodorize his underwear.

      We discussed his shaving cream several years ago. He is adamant. I bought a dozen cans of what he wants from Amazon, same with razors.

  3. I like the vaseline spray on moisturizer because it soaks into the skin real fast. I hate having greasy feeling stuff on me, I'd just as soon have dandruff on my arms and legs. I also have issues with most of the scents in the moisturizers. I hate smelling like coconut all day, or some kind of chemical flower scent. I tried that crepe cream by gold bond the other day and I didn't like the way it was hard to wash away in the shower and then it made the tub floor a little slick. I won't use it again. I'll just have to be full of crepe---crepe skin that is. That is what spending a million hours in the sun from toddlerhood on until my mid 60s when my bad knees put a stop to that did to me. My Mom had crepey skin, too, but my dad worked outside all summer long usually and never got crepey skin. But he did skin cancer, that surgery was able to take care of.

    1. susie,
      Thanks. I will try the vaseline spray on moisturizer. I hated the greasy feel of the cocoa butter. Tommy refused to even try it because of the smell. He wiped the little sample away as he hated I didn't mind the smell so much. Well, I won't try the crepe lotion, either.
      My father spent hours in the sun and was just dark and leathery. Mama could not get in the sun without sleeves and was fair complected. I think I went from having his skin to having hers. He had skin cancer, too.

      Thanks. It helps to hear these things.


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