Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tommy Finally Felt It!

 I awoke hot and came into the living room at about 7 am. Then, I went back at 8 am and stayed there until 10 am, I When I got up it was freezing in the living room, so I check the thermostat, set on 67F, I exclaimed to Tommy. 

He said when he went to the bathroom, he could feel the heat as he got to the bathroom. So, he bumped the thermostat down to 67F. When I tell him I can feel heat in the bedroom, he always poo poos it because he cannot feel it down the hall. So, he felt it! Of course, he sleeps in front of an ac vent and often in a hoodie with two blankets. 

I wish I could sleep under an ac vent! My room ac could be aimed anywhere I pleased. If I had my way, he could set the thermostat high and I would have an ac in the room with me. 

Not only can I not stand the heat, it is stifling in the bedroom.

So, at least he can feel it. Or, just now admitted it. I feel vindicated or at least hot with reason. 

The grass needs mowing, but St. Augustine Grass looks so lush and does not look so shaggy. I like the mower blade at 4 ". Weeds are the only thing that spoil its look and there are not many of those. 

I am still sick about the decision that will cost women's lives. 

Right now, my treat for lunch will be a grilled cheese sandwich. I say "treat" because I rarely have one as it is so hard to stand for that long! 

What do you have seldom, so call it a treat? Oh, I have fancier, more complicated treats, depending on the occasion. 

I will be back tomorrow night


  1. It is funny that even if you have central A/C some rooms are hotter than other. Tommy does not realize this since he sleeps in the living room, must be the cool room in the house. If he felt it he should understand that some places in the house don't cool. How miserable you must be. It is that way at my house too! I don't understand it. My house sits east/west. I don't get that hot Texas sun coming in thru the windows. I always keep the drapes closed and I have a coupe of very large trees that shade the house I also run fans during the day in the room that I am in.

    Would Tommy be open to having a window unit? You might be able to find a used one or a free one on craigslist or Facebook in your area. I never thought he would try generic cheerios, but he came around,
    I have chosen the bedroom that stays cooler, we sleep better if we are cool. Have you thought about a small window A/C unit only to be run at night? I have one that was gifted from a friend when he bought a bigger unit. I have not had to install it my bedroom. I do have an fan by my bed. I use it year round, it helps me sleep better, the white noise of it and it also keeps the air moving I think I should have my son put in the guest room they use when they are here.

    I don't like to stand in the kitchen either. I have started marking down the time of most things I cook. I can set my little kitchen alarm, when it goes off, time to go check. Makes it a lot easier!

    1. Texas,
      That is why he put the ac on 67 as he knows I get up in the morning because of the heat. I let my bed and bedding cool off and go back to bed and sleep. I do complain every

      He has never minded eating generic cereal. I am the one who thinks most of it is gross. But, I rarely eat cereal.

      The sun comes up on the side of the house where I sleep, cuts across the end of the house and sets on the front bedroom windows. That end of the house is hot at midnight.

      I have mentioned a tiny ac for the bedroom would keep me cool and use less ac than the whole house ac. He screams and yells. However, I just keep mentioning things until he warms to it, like the dishwasher and freezer.

      If I can help it, I will never get a used ac again. I did that when that was all I could afford. I had cigarette smoke and cat hair to contend with.

    2. Texas, continued...
      Plus, I got one that really did not blow. When I could afford a new one, I fared better. I get a really tiny and cheap one for the bedroom.

      I bought a kitchen timer because I either could not remember the time or because I wanted a warning from the living room. I can barely hear it ding and would forget to bring it to the living room. I gave up on that idea. Now, I need to get one that dings louder! ....and, maybe wear it around my neck.

      The microwave is not audible in the living room, either. But, I can hear the gurgling of the coffeepot! Tommy hears none of it.

  2. Our AC runs continuously from about May to mid September. We do set it kind of high--78 daytime and 77 night time-- and supplement with fans so we don't end up with a $500 electric bill during the summer!

    1. COL,
      That is warm to keep the ac. I would die even with fans. Your electric energy must be high.

  3. A treat for me is eating something that has no nutritional value but tasty to eat.

  4. Lobster rolls are a treat. And they are very expensive. But I have one once a year, because they are so delicious. I like them Connecticut style, warm chunks of lobster on a toasted split roll with melted butter. Having them Maine style (cold with mayo) takes away from the flavor, IMO. It'd be like eating a Kobe steak drowned in ketchup. I also won't eat lobster mac 'n' cheese. The lobster deserves better than that!

    How is Tommy liking the nice, clean bathroom? Does his house have more than 1? If so, is he planning on having the other one deep-cleaned, too?

    The closer your room and vents are to the air conditioning unit, the colder your room will be. There's not much you can do about it, other than insulating the pipes. Or getting a small window unit, like Texas mentioned. Keep wearing Tommy down, Linda!

    1. Sue,
      I have never had a lobster roll. Maybe some day.

      He likes it and does want her to come back and get the grout clean. There is a half bath that might take 30 minutes to clean. Yes, he is going to have her clean the whole house.

      Tommy sleeps as far away from the unit as possible. I do sleep closer, but like I said, the sun rises and sets on the bedroom in which I sleep.

      I just mention how miserable i am and what he needs. I don't look at it as wearing him down, just desensitizing him to the idea. Maybe like a vaccine.

  5. We usually keep the air cinditioner set at 79 or 80, but on 100 degree days we have to set it at 78 to even keep it at 80 in the living room or if I am running the oven. The air vent is high up on the wall right across from my chair in the living room and I cannot stand either cold or hot air blowing out of that vent. It drops cold air right onto my knees which get stiff from it and at my face wich dries out my eyes, and makes my nose run. I put one of those magnetic vent covers partially over it, so I can use my reacher/grabber and move the vent cover if I need to when the day is 100 degrees and the sun is pounding down on the front of our southwest facing house. We used to have a big giant spruce tree that shaded the bedroom side of the house, but it got old and rotted and had to be cut down, so our ront yard is like an
    oven. I would love to have a tree that would shade our living room window and the driveway side of the house, but that is where our sewer pipe for the house is underground and tree roots would block it up. It is usually too warm in here for visitors so we turn it colder if we have company coming, but my husband doesn't like it too cold on him either so he just wears cargo shorts and usually no shirt. In the day I wear my long shorts and a thin cotton sleeveless tee in the day, and at night one of my cool feeling thin nylon nightgowns. And I cover up with a lightweight baby crib sheet to sleep in my recliner so the air conditioner doesn't chill me. We keep it around the same temperature in here in winter, but I always feel cold in here so I dress warm, because the house is drafty.

    When we bought this house in 1978 there was a big awning over our front window. We were young and dumb and couldn't wait to take that down. That awning really controlled the heat that comes in our big picture window. Too bad we were too young and dumb to realize that before we took it down.

    Bar b cued pork steaks cooked out on the grill is a treat that we rarely have and they are so good. I had grilled shark pieces at a restaurant 5 years ago and I have wanted to go back there again all of this time, becaue they were so delicious, but we haven't done it. And I consider a meal of fried chicken livers and fried okra a real treat. My husband thinks that is gross. And fake crab meat california roll sushi is a treat to me. But don't go near my sushi with any raw salmon, all I can visualize is fish parasites when people speak of eating raw salmon. I know the salmon is supposed to be frozen to a certain temp to kill parasites, but a few years ago my friend had bought some salmon at the grocery store to cook. The next day she went to prepare it and tiny white worms were on the fish, waving their little heads and tails around. She couldn't believe her eyes and took a phone video of it and sent it to me.

    Have a beautiful day.

    1. susie,
      Getting the air off me is a goal of mine. I no longer love the ac on my skin. I have never like hot air blowing on me, at least not in my face!

      I can wear a summer gown summer and winter or around the house I wear leggings and a tee. I will add a sweatshirt or jacket if I am really feeling chilled.

      My house got warmer when I had to have a hollow hickory tree cut. It is too bad we don't learn before we make mistakes. It is too bad you cannot get another awning, the metal kind, I presume.

      Tommy would like the fried okra. I am not much for seafood of any kind. The fish full of worms just confirms why I don't like seafood! Ugh!

  6. Yum, I love grilled cheese sandwiches. I’m glad Tommy finally felt the heat. And I hope you stay nice and cool today.

    1. Belinda,
      Grilled cheese is the best. Some people want to make it complicated, but cheese and bread are all I want. We have been cool in the ac!

  7. Time for women to stop using abortion as birth control and take responsibility for getting on some birth control or just say no. Do you feel no empathy for the millions of babies aborted? I don't even know what to say.

    1. Lana,
      You only assume that women use abortion as birth control! My mother had five children using birth control every time. Women are not the only responsible party and often have no choice. I feel empathy for the whole situation! No one said abortion is good. Abortion is going to happen! I just want it to be safe and legal.

    2. I do not assume. It is fact. Sorry to say I am done here. This is just sickening.

    3. Lana,
      Quote your sources if it is a fact.

    4. You shouldn't say anything, because it's not your body and not your decision. Mind your own business and let God sort things out in the end.

    5. Sue,
      To whom did you address that comment?

    6. Sorry, it was Lana to whom I directed my last comment.

    7. Sue,
      Thanks. I was surprised when I thought you were talking to me. Then, I reread and thought you were referring to her.

  8. Kim,
    We could bond over a grilled cheese sandwich!


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