Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Baked Beans and Animal Control

Maybe once a year we have had baked beans, but always from a can. I knew I had a can of pork and beans, so I told Tommy if he would get it out, I would make him baked beans for the 4th. He got it out the next day. So, I made him my version of baked beans. He really liked them. 

I really have an aversion to pork and beans that people heat for a meal. I only like them right out of the can, room temperature. That is the way I ate them at home. However, we never had pork and beans with a meal. I think it might have been with a sandwich as lunch. I think that is how Daddy ate them. Of course, with dinner he wanted his Great Northern Beans piping hot. 

Dinner on the 4th was the ribs, slaw, and baked beans for Tommy. He had about a cup full of blueberries later, and I had a beautiful plum. 

We heard lots of fireworks but saw few. Bummer. We drove down the street to neighbors who had something happening. The husband had shot off some loud and big stuff. She had something flickering. We asked her what it was called. Strobe light. She said it was something safe for children. So, kids can get the light without the boom or anything flying about. The mother had the very small kids in the back of the SUV and the older, about seven, outside the car. 

Late on the 4th, Tommy peeled potatoes and scraped carrots. I finished them up, cutting and putting into a cooking bag--potatoes, carrots, zucchini, onions and squash. He did not want any of the vegetables since he had dinner. So, that will be for him to eat this week along with slaw and baked beans. He seems to enjoy having food to eat and in what combination he wants. Works for me since I don't have to have a discussion every night or cook things every night. 

Early Tuesday morning, we were sitting and watching TV. We were waiting on the cleaner. Someone knocked on the door about 30 minutes before she was due. Well, what a shock as no one knocks on the door, it seems. I asked who it was as I tried to arise. It was a man. I asked who it was as I looked out the fanlight. It was Animal Control. 

He had not been next door. This shocked me as I thought the peace had been achieved by his visit. No. He will leave a hangtag on their door today. If it keeps happening, we can call back and he will sit down the street and listen. I doubt he can catch the dog barking for longer than 10 minutes continuously. So, my only recourse is to get it on video, showing the dog and house. per AC. Great!

It seems they must care about the dogs, at least, since they shut them up when I rapped on the window. Regardless of whether they bark for ten minutes or not, Tommy will continue to go over there. Oh, the guy asked what time of day the dogs barked. I told him from 5:15 am to after 10 pm were times when I had heard the dogs barking. 

The Animal Control guy cannot be reached directly. A call to the police number gets me a menu that helps me to reach him and gets an email sent to him. So, that is how it stands! I feel lucky he came so soon.

Tonight, I am making a blueberry cobbler with the gallon of blueberries we have. I wish we had vanilla ice cream! 

It looks as though Tommy is getting lucky with a shower coming so he won't have to water the flowers. But, he still must go out and get my quilt for my chair from the dryer. 


  1. You had me at 'blueberry cobbler!' Have a wonderful day.

    1. Liberty,
      LOL...me too. Thanks. Have a great day without cobbler.


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