Thursday, September 29, 2022

New Shoes, Concussion, and TMI

My friend is nauseous and dizzy after her being shoved down by the child and realizes these are signs of concussion. She cannot afford the ER. And, she still won't let the daycare take care of it because she does not want to start trouble. !!! I have called her multiple times to check in. And, so has another friend who finally realized something was wrong because her car was home. We don't want her dog to eat her. 

Tommy and I finally had our appointments with the podiatrist. I was really frightened and told her why, saying, "I suppose you are going to touch my feet?" She had no trouble removing most of both large toe nails. Ick! I only had fungal infection on my big toe. She cut the other toenails and they look so I could only hack at them. I was good for her. She rubbed something on my feet and said they looked fine, did not need But, she did one little place. I could stand for my feet to be rubbed with the oil/lotion every day. 

Tommy had toenails about 1 1/4 inch (1.5 ") long. My doctor removed one from his toe that got caught on his pants, ripped loose and bled and hung. It was the only good nail he had left today since it grew out. We both tried to cut his nails and could not. The doctor could. 

We both got a prescription for shoes for which Medicare will reimburse us. We both wanted to try on shoes. If you go to a drugstore which is what they recommend, the nurse measures your feet, shoes are ordered and paid for by Medicare. When you pick up the shoes, the shoes cannot be exchanged. 

My big toes have had fungal infection, but the new big toenails coming in have no fungus. It never spread to other toes. I cured it with Vicks Vaporub. I have probably smelled like Vicks but I am old and don't care! 

We went SAS (San Antonio Shoe) store and he got shoes, loved them and wore them home. Mine had to be ordered in my size. They will be delivered to the store and we will go pick them up. My shoes cover my feet but have little vents in the top, not what I wanted, but I suppose they will do for snow and rain. I really only want to wear my sandals.

Tommy's shoes he wore every day had huge holes in the bottom and he was exposing his feet to doctor's office floors, asphalt in parking lots, grass in yard and other places. It is a wonder he has not cut his feet or picked up a disease. 

He bought some WM Crocs to wear to the doctor when he did not want them to see his feet touching surfaces. But, that was just a month ago. NOW, he still insists on wearing the holey shoes everyday  and save the good shoes. He refuses to wear the croc knockoffs in the yard because he does not want stuff getting on his feet from the little holes. But, it is okay to walk in the rain and grass. Some logic. 

But, for three years he has ranted and raved when I mentioned going to SAS for shoes because they are expensive.  Ha Finally, he was willing to pay the price before he found out he could get them for free. 

I mentioned to the doctor about my feet being sweaty and she told me to use a spray-on antiperspirant deodorant, forgot the name. So, when I call and find the name, I will spray my feet so they don't sweat or stink. Has anyone heard of this? 

Two weeks ago, I received Swiss cheese at the food giveaway. This week, I got a box of deli ham. So, I had to have rye bread. At the store I was going to buy rye but found rye pumpernickel and remembered I love that. So, I added tangy brown mustard to my rye pumpernickel ham Swiss cheese and was in heaven. THEN, I realized I had had more than a day's ration of sodium. Tommy is not enamored of my choices, so I suppose I will need to freeze some of the bread. Tomorrow, I will add tomato and lettuce to my sandwich. 

The other day, I was saying Rafaella over and over to someone on the phone. When I got off the phone, there were ads on the internet for Rafaella and an email from them. Spooky! 

We went to a church that serves/sells food on the lawn every day of the week. The doctor's office was nearby. We did not like any of their dozen choices, so we decided to come home and have a sandwich of ham and deli roll. 

Today, the skies were blue and cloudless. And, then we watch the weather in Florida.  ugh  At 7 pm, we left to go a block to friend's house to give her food. I was wearing a summer dress, tiny sleeves, knee-length, and loose and billowy. I was cold! The cold air went up the dress to my collarbones. It was like being naked. Tomorrow, I will go the Target for only the third time in my life and look for black leggings. 

This post is disjointed but I don't feel like editing tonight. 

Tonight, he had chicken with bbq sauce, English peas, and sliced tomato. I will have chicken breasts, tomato, Romaine, and green beans. 

Edit: I purchased a paint by number for Christmas for Tommy to paint. This is enrichment for keeping his brain active and we will have a pretty Christmas picture for the wall. Now, I just have to get the wrinkles out for him to start. 

Do you have weather from Ian? 


  1. I hope your friend re-thinks her situation. It's unfortunate that people don't always do whats good for them.
    For so many years I saw the podiatrist for wound care and debriding, it feels so decadent now when they simply cut my nails and buff a little dead skin off. I love my podiatrist.
    New shoes will be nice!

    1. kylie,
      She is adamant that she won't sue. However, if they don't give her her $3K bonus, she will be pushed to do something, I think.
      Thankfully, I don't need wound care! Yes, it must seem like pampering to get feet just taken care of and not healed.
      Hopefully, the shoes will fit since they had to order my size.

  2. Well done for continuing to check up on your friend - and how shameful is it that she can't afford to go to the ER!!!!! As for feet, my chiropodist is a very handsome youngish black man (from Benin I think). Now that is my idea of heaven - having my feet massaged by a gorgeous young man!

    1. Treaders,
      We usually talk too much but not twice a day. So, now I am upping the times per day and making sure I do call every day. Mine is a black woman who was very gentle with my feet. It made me feel nervous. I suppose I was cautious of having someone in complete control of my foot. I know that is silly, but that is the way it was. I relaxed more the longer I was there.

  3. YES to antiperspirant on the feet! You don't need a specific brand, you just need any spray-on version (not roller, not gel!). Spray the undersides of your toes after showering and you will eliminate stinky feet. They will stay dry and stank-free, and won't ruin your shoes. If you don't shower every day make sure you give your toes a quick spritz in the morning before you put your shoes on.

    Sadly, spraying antiperspirant will not help already-stanky shoes, but it will prevent new shoes from developing the stank. If you have stanky shoes that can be washed, I highly recommend soaking them for 24 hours in Nature's Miracle for Cats, and then washing as usual. It's a powerful cleaner for cat urine--and it works a charm at getting rid of the stink in sneakers.

    I was at the deli tonight and purchased prepackaged cheese, ham, and potato salad at half price! I have never seen the "Grab & Go" selections on sale before. I had an awesome sandwich for dinner and then repackaged everything. I wrap my deli goods in wax paper (instead of that plastic sheet they use), and then wrap a 1/2 sheet of paper towel around the wax paper, to absorb any extra moisture. Because moisture is what molds cheese and spoils deli meats.

    1. My feet do get washed, just in a little tub. I never heard that about antiperspirant before. My shoes are leather and cannot be washed. I have never heard of sandals stinking, but they get that way.
      That is pretty good for deli food to be reduced. Half price is always a good deal. Enjoy your sandwiches.


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