Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pineberry and Free KFC For You



                                                              Pineberry - Wikipedia

We purchased a container of these. They are delicious and pricey. 

Until March 12, KFC will give away a free 6-piece bucket of chicken when you order on the app the first time.  The article said "this week," But according to another article, it will last longer.

Today, I bought a few things, foodstuffs, more exactly snack stuffs. I told you I had bought the  Ghirardelli bag of dark chocolate raspberry that I wanted. It was turned over to Tommy to protect it from my maurading ways. Well, I don't kill people, just chocolate, and I don't steal things except hidden chocolates that are paid for and are rightfully mine. 

I bought two of the tiny bags of chips that are 2/$0.98 to use on top of the Hot Chicken Salad I love. I meant to get a tiny bag of the kind Tommy likes. The amount of chips I use is about 1/10  of what the recipe states. But, I don't need a half inch of crushed chips on top of the dish. Then, I was bad and  bought a bag of Lindor's Irresistibly Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles. Tommy hates dark chocolate. I told Tommy as I went into Publix not to eat anything in the other bag which held the chips. 

Before I went into second store, he said in a quiet voice, "Is there anything in these bags I can eat?" I really felt bad. In Publix I bought him some sort of corn chip, Fritos, I his request, and a Valentine box of candy.  He seemed happy with the chips and has not seen the heart box. I also bought two jars of peanuts, thinking he was out and two jars of of peanut butter, both bogo.  So, he has snacks. 

Before I went in Publix, I leaned toward him puckered up and said thanks for the flowers. He leaned to me, but we could not lean far enough to kiss, so I just wrapped my hand around his head and pulled us together. He sits lower in the car than I do, so I kissed him at the top of his forehead. We had a good laugh over silly kissing. 

Celery was around $1.19 last week and $3.98 this week. But, I need it. Kraft Medium Cheddar Chunk, 8 ounces. However, I found 16 ounces for $5.48, so I was happy. 

Each day, I work on my list, but add to it each day, so I just copy the remaining calls and other items on the list. I love a list because I don't have to look up numbers or remember who to call or what to do. Tommy was looking it and questioning what some things meant. I just put a word or two to remind me. 

I may need a new computer! I hate that. 

We are having chicken breast cooked with broccoli and goat cheese. It should be delicious. We have baked vegetables and the slaw left over, so plenty to choose from and eat. 

The temperature was 73F when we went out at 2 pm, very warm, sunny, and pleasant. My temperature has finally fallen to normal, so I am feeling better and can enjoy living. Tommy no longer has to get me everything. I do believe I was keeping him healthy since he walked so much getting stuff for 

Today was a good day here. How about your day? Have you priced celery? It must be a Valentine favorite. 


  1. That is good to know about the KFC. It sounds warm there, which is so much nicer than that bitter cold we had last week. I am over cold weather. I’ve not tried the pie berries, they look very good.

    1. Belinda,
      Read the rules for the free bucket as I did not state all. You and daughter can each get a bucket. I am over cold weather, too. Of course, bad weather and down to fifties is the prediction for tonight and tomorrow!
      I love Pineberries, but they are expensive, so this may be all we buy, just to try them.

  2. That was good that you got some snacks for Tommy. Let's face it, we are all cranky if we do not have the snacks we like available. Good to have the healthy option but everyone must goes against the rules once in awhile.

    I went to the pharmacy today to pick up my medicine. I got 7.00 in extra bucks, I will not tell a fib, I walked around looking at everything that was on sale or clearance. The best thing I could come up with was a box of chocolate covered cherries(I did not have any at Christmas) a pack of snack size Reeses and Almond Joys. So the candy drawer has been refilled. Mind you I had just baked a white cake with chocolate chip yesterday, oh well. I am good for sweets for a while.

    One of our local groceries has cheese, shredded or block 8oz for 1.25 a piece, I will pick up the block to go in the freezer. Also going to get steak, ground beef and shrimp on special for the freezer. Asparagus for $/99 lb. I wish I liked avocado for 1.33 for a bag of seven. If my DIL still live here I would get them.

    KFC, used to love them but the one close by, the quality has gone down really bad. I know have a place even closer, at a better price so if I have a chicken craving without the energy to do it, I go there. They have great chicken, more sides to choose from and the grandson loves it. Win Win

    Have a great evening and I am so happy you are feeling better!!

    1. Texas,
      I replied to an email you sent me that I did not see for two weeks.
      Tommy always gets a snack. This is the first time ever I bought a snack he was forbidden to eat, but it was for a recipe. He chose not to eat the dark chocolate truffle. So, I treat him well. However, he rarely wants a big bag of Fritos, only twice, that I remember.
      I cannot have a candy drawer. My Extra bucks are always wasted as I never go in pharmacy.
      Kraft is the only brand I buy as I am contually disapointed by other cheese. My problem, I suppose.
      KFC is getting hard to deal with, so we quit going more time for a bucket of chicken. Or, maybe not.

  3. Yes, I got your reply a couple of days ago but I have been feeling bad of late. It was about metformin, I did have that problem the first couple of days. I also started a new muscle relaxer for the pinched nerves in my neck and migraines. It had the opposite effect so everything is okay in that department.

    Man, I hate to waste free money. I would send Tommy in to grab something or I noticed today, there were shelfs behind the register at the front for pick up orders that had lots of bags sitting there. I have not researched it but maybe they have something on the website you could use to spend those extra bucks.

    I prefer Kraft cheese as well but for a good buy I will by other brands to be used in recipes. If I an just having a piece of cheese and crackers I prefer Kraft sharp cheddar.

    Sorry you do not have an alternative to KFC. I have read that Publix has good fried chicken. I think I have read you buy that on occasion so it must be good. I just wish we could figure out the secret to the KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. I agree, it is so good when you don't feel well.

    1. Texas,
      I thought maybe you gave up on a reply.
      Maybe I will have Tommy just go in and buy anything from now on.
      See, I prefer medium but sharp will do. I can even tell the difference in recipes. Tommy will eat any cheese I won't, so that helps.

      KFC is just so unique and wonderful. There is no alternative. However, I do love Publix fried chicken. I am trying to stay away from fried foods. But, occassionally I do have some chicken. Mostly, I bake chicken at home.
      I just eat the gravy with a spoon to make me

  4. Ooh, thanks for the KFC tip, Linda! I might just give it a try tomorrow. I love KFC chicken...

    I have never had a pineberry but they look interesting and sound delicious.

    I had a busy day of decluttering and cooking (Thai panang chicken with steamed and roasted veggies and rice). Doesn't ever seem like I get anywhere. One pile gets whittled down, another one pops up. It's like trying to slay a Hydra. Less bloody, but no less exasperating and fruitless! LOL

    1. Sue,]You are welcome. Let me know how it works for you. The pineberry is sweet and good.

      Slaying a Hydra is a good analogy. I stay busy but can only still do a bit. It shows amid the chaos.


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