Tuesday, March 28, 2023


 Yes, I am very ill.


  1. OMG I think you should go to the hospital!

  2. I am thinking the same. I will have to call an ambulance.

  3. I think you should call for an ambulance, if you haven't already done so.
    Thinking of you.

    All the best Jan

  4. Please go to the hospital, almost 106 is WAY too high

  5. Fever down to 101.1, but still feel awful. I have meds and now need more inhalers. Today, I had oatmeal and half cup of milk. Then, a Publix chicken breast and real Coke. Then pimiento and cheese sandwich and some more of the real coke, half a banana, and half an apple, two saltines. a bit of chocolate frosting. Temp goes up and down, but never so high as first time, and no lower than 101.1.
    I think I must have deleted about four comments, and I don't know why. TEmp started going down soon after the high temp at night. I would have called an ambulance. Tommy did want to call an ambulance.

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better, but in the future, a fever over 105 is a medical emergency in adults - and over 106 can cause organ damage or worse. Hopefully your thermometer wasn't completely accurate, which often happens as well



 I do not have a uti! But, I do have an antibiotic. This ailment must be a sinus infection. Did I say that Tommy took the specimen to my doc...