Wednesday, March 22, 2023

A Camera Up My Nose

 It is true. My ENT put a long instrument up my nose that stretched the end of my nose as he put it far up in my nostril. I was totally unaware of what was happening. When we were in the car, Tommy said he could see the camera view as the doctor looked inside my nose far up past everything I have never seen or felt. He said it was like going through a jungle. Well, obviously there is hair in my nose as it should be. 

Because I have been getting ill, one sinus infection after the other, each requiring another antibiotic, I went back to my ENT. I have to sing his praises. I love this man, love in a pure, affectionate way that is engendered by his ability to listen, respond, and treat me. 

One statement in particular has secured his place in my list of doctors that are superb. Since my left ear hurt me for over a year, it is a particular sore spot the way doctors have treated this problem. Yesterday, once again, I ventured to say to a doctor, "Does sleeping on my left side cause my left ear to hurt?" Well, it was something like that. He said that it was the reason my left ear hurt and went on the explain why. Don't ask me exactly what he said. But, it has something to do with the blood going there, causing congestion because old blood vessels don't respond as they did when a young person slept in the same position. Basically, I am old! 

I have had doctors thinly veil their amusement at my silly unmedical explanation of my problem. I have been made to feel unaware of my body. Sure, I may have silly notions about what is happening in my body, but doctors don't need to be so transparent in their disdain of my thoughts. Now, I have had doctors openly snicker and explain to me the problem. They, however, did not seem to be mean about their amusement. The attitude of many doctors is intended to silence a person in order for the doctor to be the authority. Well, they are the authority, but that does not mean the patient might be onto something. 

When the doctor agreed that lying on my left side was why I was having trouble with my ear hurting, I told him that other doctors had disagreed with my assessment. He said, "Well, some doctors don't know what they are talking about." This exchange relieved me of a burden. And, no, I cannot sleep on my right side. 

About half the time, I leave the doctor actually a bit depressed at the level of care. However, I have curated my physicians until now, I receive better care. I suppose it is a bit like finding a garage or mechanic. 

Right now, I am choking and can barely breathe because of the congestion in my head. He gave me a sinus rinse kit. Now, I am waiting for a compounding pharmacy to send me antibiotic in a capsule to put in this with distilled water to use. 

My primary physician I lately left had a strange solution. My left foot and leg were swollen. He leaned close to me and asked me if I could wiggle my foot a bit to relieve the congestion. That was bizarre since this is not just from sitting on an airplane or sitting at all. Besides, the calf muscles need to be involved for the body pump to work. 

While he was looking in my throat and feeling my throat, I mentioned my thyroid problem and said I needed to get an ultrasound. He volunteered to schedule the ultrasound right at this facility. That is now in my day planner. 

I know you have had experience with medical professionals who were less than they should have been. Share here, if you please. Have you ever had a camera up your nose to examine you? 


  1. I had the one that looks kind of like a piece of spaghetti when I was in the emergency room recently. They looked from my nose down my throat to see if the swelling in my throat was getting better. I got to see the whole process and could visibly see the trachea was not as compressed as it had been when I saw the CT scans

    1. Anne,
      Now, I am envious that I did not get to see my innards! That is so neat! Thanks for sharing.



 I do not have a uti! But, I do have an antibiotic. This ailment must be a sinus infection. Did I say that Tommy took the specimen to my doc...