Monday, October 21, 2019

Computer down

Saturday my computer had a virus or something. I was too tired to do anything about it. Besides, it was game night at the church.

Sunday, I had an even scarier experience with Tommy and his low blood sugar! I will talk about that next time I post. He was driving crazy and at home trying to hurt me, screaming obscenities.


  1. I think it might be time to report Tommy for dangerous driving. He could injure someone innocent. He clearly should not be driving. It also sounds like you should be moving out.

  2. I hope you have a cell phone so you can call for help. Stay safe sweetie. But get him some help.

    1. Chef,
      I have a cell. I am trying to keep us both safe and will get help for him.

  3. Mercy sakes! Please post ASAP to tell us you are OK

  4. Linda, his diabetes might have complications that can't be fixed by eating/drinking something.... he might have something else going on which is affecting his blood sugar, or he might have what is known as "brittle diabetes" which is not common, but it does involve these wild blood sugar swings. OR, it could be that his medication needs to be managed, and he needs to test his blood sugar more often, and eat at very regular intervals.

    If he has type 2, it can evolve into type 1. Or, you can have both at once. OR, there could be something else going on (high blood pressure?)

    Either way, this needs a much closer look by a skilled endocrinologist. The blood sugar swings can do damage to every organ in his body.

    Things like "diet" sodas can really wreak havoc on blood sugar levels, as can not getting enough exercise, taking meds at the wrong time, not drinking enough water, and paying attention to the glycemic index (and not eating too many carbs) are all critical. It could be that with his much better eating, daily, with you cooking, ... has thrown off his whole system.

    Depending on how he ate before -- good food with you, but then, brought leftovers home, and erratic eating -- he might have spaced out his eating every few hours during the day, instead of a 'lunch' and 'dinner'.

    It's not only what he eats, it is when he eats, how often he eats, and keeping in mind the overall glycemic index, too. well I suspect this is a function of HOW MUCH he eats coupled with larger meals, at longer intervals. His dietary times/amounts/frequency has changed. You always talk about going somewhere and eating.... and it's possible he used to eat small portions all day, instead of a big lunch.

    It doesn't take much to mess with the balance.

    Times/frequency/amounts changing means that his medication stops being an adequate amount of medication. It is possible that with you around he is eating more every sitting -- and not getting enough medication to balance it.

    FYI. I would really urge him to see his doctor, and start monitoring his blood sugar way more, until he gets a handle on it. Keeping a diet journal -- times, what would also help pinpoint what is going on.

    He should NOT pooh-pooh this because it could be causing damage to every organ in his body. He doesn't want to drop dead of a stroke...

  5. Meetsy, I have told him almost every last thing you have said. But, he "knows what he is doing." He does not monitor his blood sugar at all. I have to say I am hungry to keep him eating, so we stop for one small burger. He eats better with me here than before because he has access to more proper food.

  6. Meetsy, you have made all great points, but he could of had some of these issues without her knowing. She just started living with him the last few months and before that I think he lived an hour away. It could just be Linda, is aware more now because she lives with him and sounds like she is trying to help someone that doesn’t want it. (I could be wrong) Diabeties is scary and like you said he should be monitored a little more until it’s under control. (He May just be unaware of how bad it is.) Maybe video record him on your phone, so he can see when he is back to himself?? And see how crazy he is acting and maybe that will make him want to get help.

    1. JJ,
      Thanks. I was not aware of how bad it was. I did call for welfare check a few times when talking to him over the phone he made no sense or said, "what" over and over. Someone stole my Android, but that is a good idea. He is so horrified when I tell him the vulgar and mean things he says to me. He believes me. But, he is paranoid and combative when not himself. Tomorrow will be the last day of worrying because I am going to see he gets help. Tonight, he ate a ton of Halloween candy...grrr. I ate some but quit when I felt my blood sugar rising and ate protein and drank lots of water. My blood sugar came right down. It was not really high but heading there.


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