Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Laptop Problem

 Last week, my laptop screen displayed a message that power was low. So, I found the connection that was loose and pushed it back into place. This happens all the time. Then, three minutes later I got a message that the system was locking. 

Nothing I could do, including waiting, could induce my laptop to respond. So, I left it alone, hoping that if I ignored the laptop, it would get lonely and respond next time. No, not so. The next morning when I awoke, I knew I had to spend money. But, lo and behold, one last disheartened attempt was successful and Pavilion sprang to life. 

Then, the same thing happened Monday night, only it did not come alive like before. I hoped the problem was in the cord, not in the laptop. I had tried everything I knew on Monday night, including multiple attempts to determine that the cord was getting electricity. 

At Office Max their cord worked. So, I needed a new charger cord. That set me back $65 after tax. Since the OM had no HP cords, I bought Targus. It seems to work just fine and I saved money by not holding out for HP. Well, I am told HP would be more expensive.

Okay, I just checked on Amazon and it seems they are a third or less of what I paid. I am insecure about choosing a new cord and just hate to return this one to OM to save money--$40. I am conflicted. 


  1. I would be conflicted as well. You KNOW this one works, the one you currently own. The unknown is whether or not the one from Amazon fits and works. Do you take a chance? It seems like an expensive risk. I'm all for saving money, but I also want something that works.

    Glad you're back.

    1. I found one that is exactly the same at about half the cost. So, I just now ordered it. I will keep this one until I try the other. So, I read your comment about one minute afterward. It is $30 in my pocket if it is same. Thanks for your reply. I really do value it.

    2. For the last few years I have ordered all my computer components through Amazon. The one thing you have to look out for when ordering a power cord is does it come with the plug from the "power box "to the wall. The section that plugs into the laptop including the power cube is normally the one that causes the most problems. I once drove from San Diego to my sister's home east of San Francisco only to discover that I had left the power chord at at home 400 miles away. I looked on line and discovered that Walmart had a universal cord that came with an assortment of tips. I ordered it and it was ready to be picked up in about an hour.

    3. Janet,
      I am getting the whole cord and tips. There were pictures of what I was getting. Thank goodness you could get a cord so quickly. I would be horrified if I drove 400 miles without having a cord for m laptop.


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