Friday, June 11, 2021


 Since it had been three days since I had done my "marching" exercise, I resumed them Thursday.  I marched 1:30 and then another 3:30 later for a solid 5 minutes. I folded clothes--dozen+ dishtowels and a few dishcloths, hand towels and washcloths. I hung panties and two nightgowns. I emptied the dishwasher which took me all day. I took no nap but lay down for an hour and a half while I talked to a friend. 

Tommy went into Publix for me and took a list. He bought all I wanted, some sales, and milk. Still no 2% of the a2milk. He mildly complained about a line.   

My knees do not hurt at all now. Enough rest and the knees are okay for a while. 

I really hate to have to try so hard to convince doctors I do have something wrong with me! Just as I thought after receiving a report from ultrasound, I do have a nodule behind the surviving half of my thyroid! I really don't want to follow the recommendation to let it stay for a year and then have another ultrasound. Would you? It will become cancerous if it is not now.  Well, that is my fear.

Okay, Friday morning here, and I have not slept a wink.  My feet were not cold. I did not get up every fifteen minutes to go to the bathroom. I was not hungry. But a toe hurt all night. 

Oh, I have lost five pounds. Yay me! 

The friend with whom I talked for so long last night said he had lost 65 lbs. during his store closing. Now that he is at work again with the store open, he has gained back 10 lbs. He goes out to lunch everyday. I encouraged him to pack a healthy lunch like he was having at home.  I think he will. 

Today, we are going to cook two packages of ground beef and decide what to do with it: freeze it in small packages, or cook several dishes and freeze those for quick meals with a salad or a can of vegetables. Tommy said he would tend the meat, chopping it and stirring, and not letting it burn. When the meat is in the pot, I will move several packages of chicken to the refrigerator to thaw. 

Okay, I slept most of Friday. I feel terrible and Tommy is not cooperating with things. Well, he did let me sleep undisturbed, so that is great. He wants pizza since the kitchen is a wreck and I told him I don't want to clean and cook. PBJ would be fine with me except we have no B or I am reeling and need my inhaler, so I had better go get it. 

All in all, it was a good day. He is going to cook and chop the ground beef later. It does not need to sit another day. 


  1. That nodule would concern me too. Can you get a second opinion? A year is a long time to just let it be there.

    1. Ann,
      I have been through this once and pushed the surgery through because insurance was running out about 20 years ago. I will call physician and arrange for the surgery to go forward.

  2. I agree second opinion is in order. Wait and see a year?

    1. SAM,
      Not my idea of good health care...right, wait? NO.

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss! Glad you managed to get some sleep. I get cranky when I don't sleep enough.

    1. Ms Goose,
      It appears I have kept it off, too. I get cranky without sleep, too.

  4. this sounds mostly good.
    You are not the first patient, alas, I've heard trying to get their GPs to listen to them they have something wrong with them.

    1. Urspo,
      The tests show the problem, and I had nothing to do with reading the results. I don't know why it should be watched!


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