Saturday, June 12, 2021



The ground beef has been chopped and cooked. Tommy did a great job of chopping it very finely. I cooked part of it for dinner with leftovers for another meal. I froze about  third of it. And, I put another third in the refrigerator for another meal. I figure we will have six meals, three for each of us or more out of each third, from 2.5 lbs of beef. I thought each package held more. It was separated into thirds with each package giving us four to six meals. 

Tommy was looking forward to meat loaf, but I had cooked all the meat, so I put out another package which should get us a total of four meals, two each. 

I am officially declaring Hamburger Helper nasty! I made the cheeseburger box and hated it. And, why does it need two cups of milk? So, no more. 

Maybe I have covid. Tomorrow, if I feel so awful, I will be going to have a covid test. The antibiotic and prednisone are helping but not much. No, I am going no matter how I feel. This is bad. 

About what the doctor said about the thyroid ultrasound--the recommendation to wait a year for another ultrasound came from the doctor who read the ultrasound. He is not the doctor who sent me for the test. The doctor who sent me did so after I expressed concern that another lump was in my neck. It hurts. So, he said, "Do you want me to order an ultrasound?" When I agreed, he immediately ordered it. I have every assurance in my head that he will see this nodule is removed. I can feel it when I swallow. 

At last, the rain is letting up. I have spray painting to do outdoors, so I have been in a snit to get outdoors. Well, maybe I will feel like going out. I want to walk and just end up in bed. It was a pretty, peaceful day in the park today. 


  1. HH is nasty. I come from the midwest that has heaps of HH-like hot dishes better than they make. If you want some I can send you a few.

    1. Urspo,
      That would be great. Thanks. Tommy is eating the leftovers of HH for lunch today.

  2. Oh I do hope it isn't covid, but better to get to the bottom of it I guess. And also good luck with the ultrasound. Oh you have been put through the wringer lately!

    1. Treaders,
      Thanks. I really don't think it is covid. Yes, it seems I am wrong out right now.


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