Saturday, June 19, 2021

Two guys and two car problems

 The battery on my car had died since I never drive it. Then, when I wanted to drive it, I could not. This frustrated me. We have a battery cable, but I did not think the two of us could handle it. I know he can do it, but often there is often a need to go back and forth from one car to the other if something slips off the post. My hands might not be strong enough. Side posts are so hard for me. The carport is about 18 inches above the level of the yard.  It would make his life too tough to have to go down to the driveway and around the yard to his car and/or back! 

Some days, it is just too hot or too wet or Then, I was ill. There are neighbors but for various reasons, they cannot help. Tommy is loathe to call a service and so am I. Finally, he asked me about my roadside service. I called and within 45 minutes, my car was running. Why did it take us so long to think of this?!

The guy came and had a big case, a charger, I suppose. All of a sudden, he started screaming. This was quite a shock to my system, let me tell you. I am quite sure this black man could be heard down the block. Then, he started screaming into the phone again. Finally, he unplugged his case and was leaving. He asked me for my id, so Tommy went to get my purse. 

In the meantime, I told him nicely that he should not be using the phone and making such a racket arguing while with a customer and on the job. He said it was his daughter, that her dance teacher was going to charge him $10/10 minutes as he was late picking her up. The second call was from the dance teacher. He was very rough with the teacher. He was explaining all this to me, telling me had to get to Eastlake to pick her up. This was 8:15 and he said he picked her up every night at 9 pm, so he could not figure out the deal. Whew! He left without getting my id, so I don't know the outcome of his reporting the job he did. 

After the car was jumped off, we needed to drive it. One tire really needed air, so we set out to find air. There is a station with air that we could not work because Tommy cannot bend far enough and I could not stay bent down long enough. So, we wondered if maybe Auto Zone had air. When we got there, a guy was coming out  and I asked him if he knew if they had air. He said they did not. He told us to go the service station and he would put air in the tire. 

I was going to use my debit card but there was a problem, so Tommy kept yelling he had change. I went back and he dumped lots of change but only three quarters into my hand. Well, I knew the machine would not take anything but quarters, but he kept insisting, so I just threw all but the quarters into the seat.  I asked him to get a dollar from my purse and he did. The guy kept saying he would pay and went to his car. So, we only needed another quarter after he found four quarters. 

He was so nice. He and his friend with the quarter both worked on putting air in the tire. He assured me it only had 43 pounds now, but he would put more. I explained it only needed 32 pounds, so his friend took over and let some out. Whew! Nice guys, so nice. I really felt bad neither one would take the dollar I offered to repay them. 

That was last night, so if the rain quits, I will see if I still have a charge. I need to drive it more often. 

It is rainy here in Alabama and one tornado hit far from here this morning. Hopefully, there will only be rain from here on out. It was in the low 70s all day today, rather shocking temperature. 

There are four beautiful bell peppers here, so they would be put in the meatloaf tonight. But, yesterday, I thawed diced peppers thinking it was diced chicken. So, Tommy had bell pepper in his salad yesterday. thankfully, I had also thawed a whole chicken thigh. I need to thaw more ground beef and make stuffed peppers. He also loves it when I use peppers, onion, garlic and other vegetables cooked in olive oil and just served as a vegetable dish, along with whatever meat I serve. 

Tommy is not a father but since he was a chickie daddy, I always get him something small and make a fuss. His gift has not arrived even though it was supposed to be delivered here today. bummer


  1. Use a permanent marker on your frozen foods with the date and what the item is. Makes a world of a difference. 😊

    1. Alice, I always do and did in this case, but I just got something lumpy out. Tommy opened it to find diced peppers. It was dark in his freezer over the refrigerator, so I did not take it to the light over the sink to read the label. Plus, I was going to bed and in a hurry.

  2. Replies
    1. Urspo,
      When I had chickens, I was chickie mama and I told him he was chickie daddy. lol


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