Thursday, June 17, 2021

Stressful Situation that Became Calming

Wednesday night, I slept a whole two hours. Maybe I slept another four hours, but when I awoke at 8:30, I knew I should stay up as I had things to do. 

I was stressed to the max because the doctor's office I was visiting refused to get me from the curb. Last time, I had to ask a stranger to get me pushed inside. Then, I had to ask another stranger to push me to elevator, then another to get me into the elevator and to doctor's office. In the meantime, no medical personnel would help me. 

This was so humiliating, making me feel unloved, uncared for and just hopeless. 

I cancelled an appointment a couple of weeks ago since I did not want to sit in the rain in a wheelchair and hope someone would help me. 

The building that houses the doctor's offices is a bank, I think. They will bring a wheelchair to the curb and leave me to fend for myself. 

After the doctor treated me and was about to leave the room, I told him there was one more thing. He was soooo nice! I told him I really liked him as a person and a kind doctor, but I could not come to him again because of lack of access. He immediately said he would allow someone to help me. I was one breath away from asking him to recommend another doctor. 

Tommy had used canes to get to me in the wheelchair. I hold his canes. He struggled to push me. I had him come into the doctor with me. The doctor looked at him. I told the doctor Tommy could not take one step without help, unlike me. I also told him about my spine problem, telling him I needed help for any distance. 

Because of hand injuries and torn rotator cuffs, I cannot wheel myself anywhere. 

The doctor was so sympathetic to both of us. He told me to call and someone would help me next time. When I told him the person at the desk had refused to come down and push me, saying they were not allowed. The wheelchair they brought me was for a very huge person and the woman had trouble getting it into the room and especially out of the exam room. He had a nurse push me back down. I had Tommy start down since he is slower than a wheelchair. He is also slower than me pushing a walker. 

I cannot walk far even with a walker! He can walk far with two canes or a walker. I  can walk farther than you might imagine if I can sit often. But, going to a doctor is often not possible without help. 

All in all, it turned out to be a pleasant and fruitful visit. I was going because of the bump in my ear that is way down near the eardrum, but not on it. The doctor I saw on Monday told me it had a little white top to it. He could not see that top but said he suspected it was a sebaceous gland. He can do nothing short of surgery, but is trying to make it go away. I have some sort of drops to put on a cotton ball and put that on the bump. 

This sebaceous gland wants to be a virulent problem. I wonder why it comes and goes. I also wonder if the Vit D3 is helping it stay fairly small. We discussed that. He thinks maybe that is so or at least is a possibility. He was shocked I was taking a 50,000 units dose twice a week. Me, too. 

Thursday started out so stressful and ended on a calming note, thankfully! I had a two-hour nap and managed to heat hotdogs and chili sauce, no beans, and make slaw. So, we are fed. This meal was planned last week, but I was in no shape to even stir slaw. 

Oh, I looked at Tommy as he sat down in the exam room. He had on permanently stained and torn pants with a huge grease stain on the shirt. One of the stains on the khakis was some sort of glob of tomato sauce. I was horrified. I made sure they knew I did not know of this. He kept saying he thought he was going to sit in the car the whole time. GAAA! Let's clean up, anyway. 


  1. That's good you mentioned needing the help to the doctor. He probably had no idea what was going on with what his front desk staff were doing/saying.

  2. One,
    Exactly! The women working for him were suddenly accommodating. He was busy helping to open the doors for nurses to get out, not like many doctors who disappear from the hall after treating me.

  3. I think you did the right thing mentioning that to the doctor - and surely it wouldn't hurt anyone to push a wheelchair a few feet!!! My goodness, what is the world coming to. I had to laugh about Tommy's attire though. My dad would go out like that and if my mom's looks could kill .....!

    1. Treaders,
      I only mentioned it to him so he would know why I wanted him to recommend someone else and in a hospital setting where wheeling a person is the rule or at least offered. I told him after we left that even though he did not know he was going in, to wear clean clothing. Only a trip to the grocery store where he intends to sit in the car is that clothing acceptable. Well, if he want to go in like that, okay, but I will not be with him. MEN!

  4. Have you thought of getting a rollator with the seat. I know it was a wonderful thing to have with Mom. She could walk a bit then sit, or if she was really tired we could push it while she sat

    1. Anne,
      I have a rollator given to me by one of Tommy's childhood friends. I use it occasionally, but I cannot walk far with it because of pain in my back. The distance is too far to walk a bit and sit until I can get back up and go again. I don't want to spend an hour getting into the doctor office! Besides, I would give out and still have no one to push me. Tommy just cannot. The rollator says not to sit and move it. So, I don't need the thing collapsing on me. I never use it at home and can also manage in a restaurant or someone's home without it.

      Thanks for trying to

      I really need a four-wheel electric cart to ride in. But, neither Tommy nor I can lift one of those. And, a vehicle would have to be equipped with a lift. Believe me, I have explored all the options out there, I think.

  5. I am currently shopping for a transport wheelchair for John. These chairs are lightweight and do not have a wheel for the sitting person to use when maneuvering. It is for an assistant to easily push the person and is easier to lift in and out of the car. Our insurance has provided a regular wheelchair but it is so hard to lift in and out of my car.

    1. Janet,
      I never knew they were lighter. I will look into that. Currently, Tommy can lift my wheelchair, but he says it is heavy. I do need foot rests for my feet as it hurts my back to let feet hang or try to hold them up. Thanks.


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