Thursday, July 29, 2021

Apps Added and More

 I met my friend, R, and she immediately said, "Here, let me show you." That was the right thing to  do--teach me. But, I put a stop to that. First of all, It is very hard when both people try to see a phone screen; second, I was mentally exhausted just thinking about the chore ahead; third, moving into position to see was really rough on my back! 

We were sitting in Barnes and Nobles near a window and the window and overhead light reflections on the phone. Mentally and physically exhausted because Tommy ate nothing but carbs and I had been afraid of his driving all the way there, maybe 20 miles. I think the chairs were uncomfortable on purpose so people would eat and leave. 

Water was my choice; Tommy left with coffee; I think Rachel got iced tea to go. Tommy had cereal and milk for breakfast and cheese and bread before we left. I ate two scrambled eggs with cheese and a glass of milk. I had planned to meet R at noon, but to get something else into him, we stopped and got a $1 burger with meat, cheese, and bacon. No veggies for us. I don't know what else to do. Fast food is the only thing he will eat when "full." Not even the pb crackers entices him sometimes. 

The most important I did was relegate a small notebook to computer and phone info, including all passwords. It is a small and very colorful day planner from 2019. Now, I have all the apps and passwords, model of my phone,  passwords and other pertinent information. I do have some of this information written in too many different places!

I put onto my Android: 






I have to get Venmo, which she could not find. I have not tried, yet. 

She tried to find a case for my phone, but she could not find one. I had my laptop there, but she hates the pad and I forgot my portable mouse at home. I will try again to find a case since I now have the model of my phone in the book instead on a scrap of paper where the AT&T person wrote it and gave it to me. 

I also have a new email address which is rather stressful for It will not replace my present addresses. 

Oh, R warned me all bloggers will make money selling my information, the reason they want me to read and comment. Well, I must be doing something wrong since I have never made a red cent off any of you! Is this something people actually do? She warned me how bloggers were spreading all my personal information all over the internet and to companies, that my email would blow up with people trying to sell me stuff. Well, that happens, anyway. 

Security is of paramount interest to her. Yet, she still uses the internet.

And, no, I am not giving up my flip phone! The only reason I have the Android is to use for stores and to look up a number or address while we are in the car. Also, it can be used for a hotspot for my laptop. Now, I must figure out how to do that.  The phone only cost me $50. 

That was my day. After three hours of sleep and 2.5 hours with her, I came home and slept from 3:30 until 9 pm. 

Right now, I need to get out my phone and try to put a receipt into one of these programs. So, slugmama, got any clues as to how these work other than just trying. Clues? Tips? Which is best? Most useful?

Do you use your phone for these programs/apps? 


  1. I need to look into Venmo too.

  2. A few years ago I got an email from Google/Blogger that my website was getting enough views that I could monetize, so I did. It's very very little income, LOL. About a dollar a day, haha.It's never been my intent to blog for money, but since I'm blogging every day I figured I might as well get a little out of it. I'm sure there are ways I could increase it, but I've just never taken the time or had the interest to figure out it all out.

    1. One,
      Thanks for that info. I think I got one of those emails once and ignored it. But, just to be clear, you don't "sell" my information? Thanks for the answer. I don't know what kind of blogs she has heard about.

    2. Not that I know of am I selling your info. There are a couple ads placed on my blog. From the amount of traffic my blog gets, or if someone clicks on an ad, I earn revenue, is how I understand it works. Google adsense pays out when you get to $100, so usually about every 3 months I get around $100 or a little more.

    3. When I was having some sort of trouble with my blog, the service I pay for was going to help me. When I asked the guy what he did, he said he put an ad blocker on my computer. I never see an ad on your blog. I really did not want him to put on an ad blocker, but he did.

  3. I have never heard of any of them; fascinating to read about them.

    1. Urspo,
      I still have not figured out how to use even one of the apps.


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