Sunday, July 25, 2021

New Neighbors

At first, we had two hummingbirds, both tiny brown birds. When we could see three, all three were little brown birds. Then, a hummer with a white neckband, then a hummer with a full white head and neckband. Then, one of them showed a green back. Finally, one had a red chest and then another with a redder chest marking. 

How many hummingbirds are coming here? It seems there are at least four "couples." I think I need more feeders! And, I don't have a flower in the whole yard! 

The first two hummers were exciting and boring. We saw the PBS special on hummers. Can you imagine the thrill of a highly colored hummer on a 50" screen. And, we could practically reach out and touch these three foot hummers! 

But, we were still thrilled with our little brown hummers. The one with white was a thrill, then the red-breasted one, the ruby-throated hummer was exciting, so exciting. We are easily thrilled! 

I think I need more feeders. How many do you have?

Today is the day I am finally getting a week's worth of work done. Still, I am behind. But, I got the dishwasher emptied, which took less than three minutes since I have just used dishes from it as I needed it. Mail has stacked up and I am working it down. Tommy washed clothes for me one day and I managed to hang all the wet stuff and still have many items to fold and put away. 

Saturday night into Sunday morning, I slept well. I awoke and it was 2:30 pm. I stumbled to the living room, sat and watched what Tommy had on TV. Finally, I looked at the clock and saw it was 1 pm. I went back to the bedroom and my clock said 1 pm. It appears the Kleenex I sort of tossed at the table landed covering the first number on the clock, making 12:30 appear to be 2:30. This is twice I have done this. Even with the mistake, I did sleep over 8 hours. This is the second night this week I have slept over 8 hours, so I hope this continues. I might have slept 7.5 hours, but still...  Have you ever accidentally covered your clock?

Okay, laptop is going to die unless I find the power plug that goes into the laptop power port. .


  1. Those are a lot of hummingbirds! Have you started naming them yet?Aren't they fun to watch.

    1. susie,
      I thought it was a lot, too. Well, we have called them names, but not real names. So, maybe we will just do that.

  2. I have three hummingbird feeders. One, hand blown glass one, and two red, plastic ones. They hang on metal poles which stick in the ground, or in a planter. I have the glass and one plastic one in the front flower garden, and a plastic one on a pole which is stuck in a pot of petunias on the back patio. The front flower garden was planted with honeybees in mind--loads of flowers which attract pollinators. It's fun to see the hummingbirds in the flowers instead of the feeders. Yesterday, one hovered right above my foot as I sat on the front porch!
    I always turn my clock over. I can't stand the light from it.

    1. Meg B,
      It all sounds very nice for you and the hummers! I hear they will often land on people, so maybe yours will land on you someday.

      My brother did not like the clock light. Like I told him, I sleep with my eyes closed and don't see it. Okay, just being a smarty here. I have my own method of not seeing clock.

  3. I have two bird feeders but no hummingbird feeders. Someone stole my feeder. Ugh. Glad you got your laundry washed. Hopefully you will get it folded and put away before long. I just finished folding mine this morning but still have to put it away.

    1. Belinda,
      I wondered if someone might steal the hummingbird feeders. Hope not. It is too bad yours was stolen! I still have one more bit of clothes to fold. All I folded before is put away. Have a great day!

  4. I was going to tell you that the hummingbird with the red breast is called a ruby-throated hummingbird, but I see that you knew that.

    We don’t have any feeders this year but I still see cardinals, robins, black-headed cowbirds and others in our back yard near the wooded area that divides from the neighbors up the hill. Yesterday I was thrilled to see a female scarlet tanager. Where we used to live we would see lots of goldfinches, eastern bluebirds. And even an indigo bunting once.

    1. rhymes,
      We love birds, especially the hummingbirds.


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