Saturday, July 31, 2021

Nothing Much Saturday--This and That

Today, we saw a clip of a 98-yr-old nurse who was retiring. Tommy commented that she could get around better than either of us could.  So true! 

Okay, I have a new doctor. Hopefully, some of the issues I have will be resolved. I am not giving up my specialists, except the endocrinologist, possibly. My legs and feet are hurting from the swelling. Plus, inside my mouth I have fat inner cheeks and too much tongue. There has got to be a reason, or a fix. 

Plus, I am becoming ill again. This is happening every two weeks. Last night, I could not sleep, slept a bit toward morning, awoke at almost noon, and went back to bed by 2 pm and slept until 6 pm. I didn't even eat breakfast or lunch.

Remember the night I got up in the middle of the night and ate? Well, that has not happened since then. It is not that I don't eat, I don't even awake hungry. 

Since I saw a pizza commercial two days ago and told Tommy I only wanted pizza because I saw it, he said we could get one. So, without a bite in my stomach all night and day, I had Dominos pizza about 7:30 this evening. Even after eating half of a large pizza, I felt like I had eaten nothing. It was a good feeling. I was not at all hungry once I finished. Now, I am drinking lots of water.

We needed two things from the grocery. Once again, I did not have the energy to go into the store, so Tommy went in, thankfully. He had to call me from inside and kept on his mask. Whew! I suppose he is taking the renewed risks seriously. Before, he pulled down his mask in the store to talk on the phone. No more. 

Last week, I had cooked lots of chicken breast. I mentioned to Tommy the ways we could use it. I mentioned I thought maybe I would cook Stovetop Stuffing with chicken, dried cranberries and green beans in it. However, I said it would be too much bread. He became very animated and said I could cook chicken and rice since I had plenty of cream of chicken, cream of mushroom soups, rice and all the chicken. I was amused that he could name off what went into a recipe. We had neither dishes.  But, he looked so happy when he talked about the chicken and rice casserole. Even though the chicken in the recipe is raw, I can still make it for him, but with brown rice. 

Last night, we had BBQ chicken, chopped, green beans, and slaw with cubed tomatoes from the Farmer's Market. I think that will be dinner tomorrow night, too. The slaw is made, so easy peasy dinner.

This next week, I have some very important doctor's appointments. I dread the week in a way, but the rain will be much less, so the week will be rather pleasant and hot. And, the doctor's appointments may solve some problems, so I really look forward to those.  

Even with hospitalizations rising, few people are wearing masks in stores! Aaaagh! 


  1. I'm frustrated at the rise in cases again. I hope your medical week will yield answers and solutions.

    1. SAM,
      I am beyond frustrated! I am quite sure I will find some relief this week!

  2. All docs is quacks
    Keep you masks on - always

  3. I think it's hilarious that Tommy could name the ingredients for a dish he has never made!
    I hope you feel better soon and keep us updated about next weeks appointments.

    1. kylie,
      I was dying inside, wanting to laugh. He could cook if he would. But, he would just go buy dinner. I will keep you posted.


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