Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday Groceries and Low-key Day and Recycling

 Sunday, and I feel much better. Today, we have done nothing at all. I lay down and took a nap. We did go out for a bit while I bought  groceries. 

BSCB is buy one get one free. I got two huge packages, but they charged me half of each price. Weird. 

3 packages of Jimmy Dean sausage patties. Since I have bought these, Tommy has not wanted to stop at Hardee's once when we are going out early.

3 bananas because I have two at home. 

2 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios, large boxes. He bought the smaller size one day and paid 8 cents more per ounce. He said he did not see any larger boxes. 

I have a blueberry muffin mix that I may fill full of fresh blueberries. We are having BBQ chicken, slaw, and tomatoes for dinner, so the carb count is down for dinner. 

Today was clear and mostly sunny, some clouds. Next week is a lot less rainy than the last four weeks. I am tired of rain! 

One day, Tommy came in the house talking about a strange scent. It was basil and not strange at all to me. A few days later, I came to the front door and was unlocking it when I looked around for something rotting on the porch. Tommy said it was the garbage can. He refuses to tie up bags or bag something messy, just tossing it in. I told him the can would soon smell like a dumpster. So, it does. He did use the can of Lysol I left near the door for him to spray in the can. From what he said, he did spray it well. He has started tying up garbage bags and smaller bags now. He thinks I am too bossy until his way causes a problem! 

I have not seen many flies around the door and only one in the house this calendar year. If I do see any more, I will spray Clorox in the trash can. Flies hate Clorox. 

Other than going to two doctor appointments and going to check my mail, I have two things I want to accomplish. I cannot find a place to recycle plastic bottles. I need to figure out how to use the apps I had R put on my phone! 

Several weeks ago I was complaining to Tommy about this city not having a recycling bin for each home. I want to recycle his Pepsi cans and tuna cans and water bottles. There is no place close by I know of to take them. I can take plastic bags, foam containers, and paper to Publix.

I continued to talk about it. Finally, he yelled, "That is what I pay taxes for--to take off all that stuff."  Oh well! I continue my search for recycling places. I have three garbage bags of water bottles, and soon neither of us will want them in the way. Okay, just now, he told me does get a separate bill for sanitation aka garbage. 

We are watching History of Sitcoms on CNN. Tonight is about race. Have you watched any of the History of Sitcoms episodes? 


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better. I don't like a stinky garbage can either and wash mine out for that reason. Lysol and Clorox are good options there too.

    1. Belinda,
      When we were talking about not putting in things without a bag, I mentioned it would have to be washed less. He said he has never washed out the garbage can, EVER. Wow. He also said he has never washed out an indoor trash can. And, I believe it. I mentioned I needed to wash out the hamper and his reaction--What for?

      The next time the trash is picked up, I am going to pour a bit of Clorox in the can and add water. He can empty it. I know he will not wash it, so that will have to do. Lysol may repel flies, too. Not sure.

      I am feeling much better! Thank you.

  2. Love you blog and your adventures. I lost my blog in all this kerfuffle with blogger changes. I really do need to get it up and going again.

    1. Glorious,
      How on earth did you lose your blog? Thank you.


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