Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Doctors and a List

My allergist called me for my 1pm telemedicine visit. I had talked to him a week ago when he gave me the nose drops. He was astounded at my reaction, calling it a "dramatic reaction"--my sleeping so much. So, he is sending in something else. I love experimenting with new meds. NOT! And, now the pharmacist has not received it two hours later and I want to get it while I am out. When I checked at 5 pm, it was in. So, now I need to try it out. I love being a guinea pig. NOT!

At the dermatologist, I had some of the same places frozen. Cryo hurts! Then, he froze others, too. I asked about the peroxide treatment. He sort of poo pooed the treatment and said he never got into that. He said it is rarely done now. I may still get some 40% hydrogen peroxide and try it at home. 

He said I have no sun damage on my hands, arms, or face. However, the seborrheic keratosis is caused by the sun. But, he refers to it as SK. So, I am not sure what is going on. I have an appointment in one month. Hopefully, I can remember to show him the spot on my lip and another thing or two.  Yes, I need to write it down.

I was beat by 5 pm on Monday since I had only slept one hour on Sunday night. Plus, I spent two hours sitting in the car before someone was found to wheel me inside the doctor's office. At about 5:45 pm on Monday, I told Tommy I was going to bed and to call me about 8 pm. I could not sleep a wink because I was so stressed. I got up at 7 pm and did not go to bed until 1 am. 

Before I went to bed, I gave him a list  a list of food to eat, his choice--chopped chicken or slices of huge breast, salad, half the tomato we had, maybe something else. When I got up at 7 pm, he had his dinner--salad with tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, chopped chicken. I had sliced chicken, half a tomato, leftover green beans, and a bit of pasta with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. We basically ate the ends of things. There was no more salad for me. So, except for the chicken breast, there is nothing left of what we had for dinner. He never complains about these dinners and is glad to see we eat all of everything. 

On the way to the doctor I found five voicemails from Sunday night and early Monday morning. One was a reminder from a new doctor about confirming appointment for Tuesday and another from same doctor about Tommy's appointment at the same doctor. We have appointments at the same time to save a trip to the office. 

Then, there was a voicemail about not coming to the appointment because the doctor would not be in, that we should call back in December to make an appointment. Tommy had the identical message. I suppose they sent his message to me because I made both appointments. 

I cannot imagine the circumstances that would change a doctor's practice and presence within a few hours unless he caught covid. Now, I am wondering about waiting for an appointment or finding a new doctor. This was going to be our first appointment for each of us with this specialist. 

So, Tuesday, we were home and the allergist called, nothing else. At 6:30, I could not keep my eyes open and went to bed. He called me at 8 pm. I could have killed him. But, I got up and thawed/heated the meat loaf and opened a can of green beans and a can of corn. I could not cook. So, that was dinner. 

I had a list of things to do on Tuesday, and got one call made, not much of the list. Well, the list will be here tomorrow.

Halloween decorations are appearing outdoors. Nice. I will at least wait until October mine out. I saved the little plastic bags that were ghost decorations Tommy hung in the tree. I had bought them in a huge duffel bag of stuff--$3. AND, we are reusing. And, I need a mum, still. 


  1. All docs is quacks
    Our decorations go up gradually leading to 31 Oct.

  2. Some folks do seem to put their Halloween decorations up quite early.
    We will wait a while ...

    All the best Jan

    1. Jan,
      I am itching to put them up, but will wait until October.

  3. Derms will pooh-pooh any treatment they don't feel like administering. My derm (who does the Eskata peroxide treatment) evaded my questions about skin peels for YEARS. Why? Well I eventually learned from his cosmeceutical sales rep (friend of a friend) that he "didn't want to be bothered" doing skin peels! Not that they weren't effective--he just couldn't be bothered to get training in how to use them. Humph!
    Please don't mess with 40% peroxide on your own! That stuff is really dangerous in unskilled hands.

    1. Sue,
      I see. He certainly was against any discussion. He said, "I never got into that" like it was a silly fad. Tommy would have to do this to my back and he is messy! So, I will forget about that. Thanks.


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