Thursday, September 16, 2021

Frozen Corn, Allergies, More Decluttering

 Tuesday, I cooked all twelve ears of corn and cut the kernels off the cob. I cut from two ears and froze those in a snack bag. I kept it up until I had five packages frozen for us, half a package apiece, so one ear apiece. We ate none of it that night. On Wednesday, I did not feel like cooking so we had what was in the refrigerator. The sixth bag of corn was eaten. Tommy had a salad with dressing, sliced cucumbers on top and chopped chicken. I had two hotdogs and too much chili. Ooops, forgot the cheese. I had something else but cannot remember what. The chili was going to be too much for my gastric system, so I only ate a bit of it and saved the rest for him.

No more patterns were sorted. 

I took my first dose of the med, snorted, for my congestion. Maybe I am imagining it, but it seems my congestion is less and my ears hurt less. Hopefully, October will not be too rough for me, no antibiotics. 

On Wednesday, I discovered I am being overcharged by providers! Medicare helped me to determine this. Now, I have to straighten it out. If they do not refund money and quit charging me, Medicare will take hold of them and beat them about the ears. I would prefer they be put in stocks.

And, another reward program has not been giving me what I was due, even though I pointed it out before. I had to call corporate to get it straight. 

Wednesday was a dreary day, no sun at all. But, somehow, it did not affect my mood. There was a smattering of rain where we are. 

I have some boxed-from-the-factory chicken equipment that my friend from Cullman is going to get when he comes down to clean Tommy's gutters. He was eager because he had five ducks and now has two. So, he said this will give them a better chance of survival. That will be one huge box out of the dining room. YAY! I have no idea why Tommy put it in the dining room, but that is where I found it. 

I slept about nine hours today, waking at 1:30 this afternoon. I had to talk to Amazon, one of those long conversation. I got something straightened out there, too. 

My ear is definitely better and I have no pain! It feels a little stuffed up, but nose is no longer running day and night. My allergist is the best. 

Tonight, we are having preformed burgers, really thick ones, cooked in the oven with mushroom soup mix over them and a bit of water. I will have a salad with tomatoes. Tommy will have cucumbers on top along with tomatoes. 

I need to make refrigerator pickles for him since we have so many they will get mushy if they are not used. 

At the grocery, I bought another basil plant since the last two bolted. I could not bend over to pink off the tops with the last one. Tommy thinks basil stinks, so I didn't ask him to pinch it. I hope this one lasts thought the winter.

There is another soldering project in the works. I feel really happy knowing that I have five meals of corn in the freezer!

What kind of projects do you have planned, started, or finished?


  1. I’m glad your ear is better and you’re in no pain from it. That’s great that you got the corn in the freezer. You will enjoy it come winter time.

    1. Belinda,
      Thank you! It is great to be without constant pain. I wiil enjoy the corn and having a vegetable ready to eat.

  2. I recently pickled too - turnips.

    1. Urspo,
      So, how were they? I don't eat turnips, so not a draw for me. I cannot because of allergies eat pickled anything.


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