Saturday, September 18, 2021

Surprise Item Shopping

 Despite gloomy weather some days, and rain drizzling for hours, there has been beautiful sunshine on those same days. We do sit in the park for about 30 minutes to an hour each day. The hummingbirds are still here, delighting us with their antics. We have a large shepherd's hook and a smaller one I bought at a yard sale for $3. Actually, it was a trade. 

It has been so much fun to see one of the smallest hummers sitting on the small hook. Tommy said he sits there because the diameter of the larger hook is too large for the little feet. I suppose that is correct. 

I haves spent many hours tired and sleeping Friday and Saturday. I don't know why, but I have suspicions. If I am right, I will tell you. Nothing has happened, good or bad, to report or complain about. 

I am still reading at night, but have decided my present book is too heavy to hold up in bed. So, it may become a book to read at night when I don't care for what is on the TV. Maybe I need to read paperbacks in bed? 

Only three boxes of patterns have been sorted, and there are at least that many to do. Since no one has indicated she might like a pattern through the mail, I may have to get rid of them locally. There is a church that has a yard sale when weather is permitting. My friend at a country church says no one in the church sews. That stumps me! Tommy suggested calling and donating them somewhere. I will just have to get over the fact that most envelope patterns will just be emptied, dismantled, and be destroyed! 

For dinner Friday night, I cooked two preformed patties and put the rest of the packet of onion sauce on it, and we had vegetable of some Saturday night, I used a package of precooked  browned ground beef (93/7). This package had been defatted by pouring boiling water over it while in a colander. 

I had a really cheap name brand Taco kit. So, I used that and had to buy tomatoes and green onions. It was sooooo good. I even had lettuce to go on it.  The meat seasoning and the taco sauce was so hot I only used a bit. But, Tommy used more. I just threw away the rest of the seasonings. 

I can tell it is getting cooler because one of those huge outside roaches made it into the house. Last year, I serendipitously sprayed the porch and the front door and never saw another one. I did the same today. Now, tomorrow, I must do the back door. I hate those critters! 

The crocheting is not coming along well at all. I need to get lighter colors so I can see what I am doing! Or, I can crochet outside. 

When I went to a big box store, the cashier threw my bags into my electric cart. When we go home, I was shocked to find a bag with a smoked turkey tail. Now, you know I did not buy that or steal I put it in the freezer to give away. I know the store will not put it back in stock. Plus, I struggle to even find an electric cart. If it were disposable plates or a can of food, I would return them. 

Since I sent my dil's birthday card late, thinking it was the following month, I did get that mailed in time this year. I have heard there is a planned slowdown of mail delivery. Have you heard that? So, her card has two weeks to arrive from the day I mailed it.

Have you ever gotten home with items you did not purchase? What did you do with the item>


  1. One time I got home with a sack of someone else's groceries. I called the store and told them. I imagine someone else was complaining about not getting their stuff. I told them I was elderly, it was raining, and I lived 15 miles from the store. If they wanted them back, they could come and get them. They told me to keep them. It was stuff I normally didn't use but I think I did use them up.

    1. Carole,
      That is amazing that you got a whole sack of someone else's groceries. I agree with you on their coming and getting it. I won't be using the turkey tail, smoked or not. It is too bad we both did not get things we used all the time. thanks for that story.

  2. I must have done so, but as I cannot remember it was very long ago.

  3. I think dumping fat down your drain is probably not good for the pipes. If I need to defat hamburger, I tilt the cooking pan on an iron trivet next to a burner and push the meat up to the raised side. The fat drains down to the lower side and I can soak it up with newspaper wrapped in a paper towel. I use the newspaper inside the paper towel so I don't waste too many paper towels but still soak up the grease.

    1. Sue,
      I don't run the water with fat down the drain! Nope. I drain the fat and water into a bowl or pie pan. That gets more fat out of the meat than just soaking it with newspaper and paper towel. It all goes in the trash.

    2. Oh! I didn't even think about doing it the way you explained. It all makes sense now!

    3. I may not get there quickly, but I mostly get there eventually. :^) :^)


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