Friday, September 24, 2021


 Thursday,  at 5 pm I decided that I wanted to get a mum. I am not crazy about the yellow, orange or red. I wanted a pink mum, but this looks like it will be pale pinkish purple. That will work. Friday, I will put it in my huge wire chicken. The chicken needs a coat of paint, maybe later. I forgot to get a small plant for my concrete rabbit. Hopefully, I can get a pumpkin or pumpkins this weekend.

Okay, my ear problem is TMJ, according to my diagnosis. I thought and thought about what could be the matter. Then, I read lots. 

My new nose drop has loosened up the ear congestion, and swelling, and kept the pain away. Wednesday night, when I was barely in the bed, I heard grasshoppers, thousands of them. I heard Tommy in the hall and asked him about the grasshopper sound in my bedroom. He came to my door, listened, assured me there were no grasshoppers to be heard in my room. I thought they were outside my window. Nope! However, Thursday morning I was awakened by a horn sound in my ear and a momentary rushing sound of air. Weird, but I could not get back to sleep. My ear or TMJ induced ear problems are driving me nuts. 

I now have an appointment with my oral surgeon. We will see. It is not until November, so I hope I can hold on with the tinnitus. Tinnitus has been constant for years, but it was white noise and soothing at night. Maybe it is time to stop it. 

Today, Friday is a beautiful day. The skies are so blue and the ruby-throated hummingbirds are enjoying the feeders. We do have a few things to do outdoors and one place to go. this will be a good day for doing outdoors or driving anywhere. 

Of course, I took a nap. I didn't want to get up because of the nasty crowded kitchen counters. I have about a 12" square place to mix, cut, or whatever. Dishes were in both sides of the sink and on that little space. Tommy just procrastinates about helping me with the dishes. Next time when dishes need emptying from the dishwasher, we will do it during Jeopardy, the show he will not miss. If he complains, I will tell him this will be dish time from now on if he cannot do it earlier. Okay, that would be mean, so I will warn him--now or during Jeopardy. That will get him on his feet. It took us less than 15 minutes! 

I had a meal kit--$16.99! I did not pay that. It was chicken, frozen, had asparagus, basmati rice, apricots, onions, yellow squash, harissa sauce.  I am making it my way instead of by directions. It should be good when finished. It was not thawed or cooked. I thought I should heat it, but it was raw. So, it will be good. I think the harissa sauce will be too hot, so I will use something else to season it.

I left out the harissa sauce. We tasted it and I thought it was too hot and Tommy said it did not taste good. I also left out the apricots and we ate those out of hand. I did put in the squash and onions. Leftover green beans went into the mix along with Campbell's low sodium Cream of Mushroom soup. It was delicious and eventually had enough vegetables for two servings even though this was supposed to be two servings of vegetables, too.

Since I must be out early Saturday morning, I need to dig out a sweater. I won't be needing a sweater any other day for at least the next two weeks, so it will be sleeveless tops for me. 

Have you ever had tinnitus? What did it sound like? This has been going on for years but just now got bothersome. Do you have grasshoppers, sirens, white noise. Is it bothersome?


  1. I have had tinnnitus for several years. I don’t think it has anything to do with TMJ, it is just part of the aging of the body. My tinnitus sounds like a huge swarm of cicadas!locusts (not grasshoppers) are in the room or like a lot is electrical current buzzing in the walls. Sometimes simply swallowing will alleviate some of it. Mine is definitely not white noise.

    1. rhymes,
      It does have something to do with TMJ sometimes. There are several reasons. White noise here for 30 years.

  2. I do not understand the appeal of those "meal kits". They cost so much for the amount of food that you receive. And like you I find there are never enough fresh vegetables that we like to eat. Meal planning is the way!

    1. Just,
      If I had to pay an exorbitant price, I would not have fixed it. Fresh veggies were definitely short, why I added a few. But, now I know that yellow squash and onions taste good in rice, I can use those in meals with less rice.

  3. I have TMJ, and it's really painful at times. Mostly when I'm stressed, I grind my teeth at night. That leads to daytime tension headaches, and a lot of jaw aches. I'm picking up a nightguard from the dentist next week that's supposed to help with the teeth grinding.

    I hope you're able to find a good solution to the tinnitus!

    1. HP,
      Bruxism is one bad habit I don't have. This all started with the abscessed tooth pain and stayed with me for 11 months now. When the oral surgeon extracted the upper molar, I was left with click-click and even more pain. I took three or more rounds of meds before I was sure it was not an infection hurting me.

  4. Are you grinding your teeth at night this can cause sounds?


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