Saturday, November 27, 2021

Saturday Replay and New Quest

 Tonight, we finished all the leftovers except for the turkey and the two cranberry dishes. So, that is it? No, I cannot find the turkey breast half I froze. Where did it slide in the freezer? I suppose that on Sunday, we will search.

Early Saturday morning, we were up and out of here. We went to Cullman to collect mail and search for my pecan man. The mail was stuffed, about half of it junk. Tommy had trouble getting it out of the tiny box. I doubt the size of the PO boxes has changed since their inception when the Pony Express delivered mail for a penny  a page. I just made up that last sentence, no facts involved. We went to my lot, I went to Publix to shop and go to bathroom, went to another store and bought nothing at either store. So, they were quick trips. I took cans to my friend who collects them for a mutual friend who has a $5000 bill coming up for her water or sewage or something. We just gave them to her daughter and left. And, I could not find my pecan man. 

Pecans--my quest this year, fresh and affordable. 

After buying a Whopper, we headed home. The Iron Bowl was at 2:30, so we were not wasting time anywhere even though I needed to return something to Belk's. I did not sleep a wink all night, so I had no energy, anyway!

Alas, Auburn lost the Iron Bowl! 

Before the Iron Bowl began, we unloaded the car, I spray-painted the mum a bright red which did not appear anything but dull rust. I suppose I need to do that again. 

So, now we are watching something Christmassy and Chevy Chase. 

How was your Saturday? Now, I need to inspire Tommy to fluff the wreath I bought for the front door!  What are your plans for Saturday night and Sunday? 


  1. I picked up two bags of local Pecans right before Thanksgiving. They are 1 pound bags for 10.00 each. The price has been the same for years. Hope you find some soon. Pecans are my favorite!!

    1. Lori,
      Several years ago, I bought quart bags or something like that size of shelled pecans for $10. I have no idea about the weight. The last two years, I have not been able to find the guy. He is usually at the Farmer's Market, but since I am not there, I miss him. I am determined.

      As I sit in my dentist's chair each visit, I can see out the window into a field and a pecan tree. There are no pecans gracing the tree this year. So, this may be a problem.

  2. The local fresh pecans sound wonderful
    Do you then roast them, or buy them freshly roasted? Maybe you use raw?

    1. SAM,
      Your question perplexes me. In the South there are pecans. We sit and shell them and eat them immediately or save them for a pie or other recipe or eating later. I have never considered roasting a pecan. They are not like peanuts that are raw or roasted. Sometimes, people add sugar and spices and cook them in a skillet or in the oven. But, that is not how we usually eat pecans. Mama pushed them into the top of fudge so there would be one pecan half on each square. We add them to cookies, cakes, and other recipes. NO ONE considers whether they should be roasted first. Last year, someone commented on hating raw pecans. We do not cure the pecans in the shell or hope they dry soon. We just eat them. I put them in any recipe that calls for any other nut. I lived with pecan trees in the back of ten acres for over ten years. I hope this clears it up for you.

    2. SAM,
      Someone last year commented about eating raw pecans. I would never eat a pecan that is in the little plastic bag on a hook in the grocery store. They taste bad, are hard, and might be rancid. And, they are shriveled and look awful. Pecans kept around too long in the shell will go rancid, too. I freeze mine.

    3. Sam, I guess pecans must be like walnuts--ready to go right out of the shell. Although I toasted both walnuts and pecans many a time for cookies or cakes. Gives 'em a nice, toasty flavor and aroma.
      I have never sampled a fresh-from-the-shell pecan. Gotta put that one on my bucket list.

    4. Sue,
      I knew that walnuts were good to eat out of the shell, but I never eat them anymore.

  3. My entire weekend was spent reorganizing, decluttering and putting up my minimal Christmas decorations. Clutter gets on my nerves but most of mine is papers I have to go through carefully so I can shred and discard. I made a good start. Have a great week.

    1. Joyful,
      Obviously clutter does not bother me enough. I do have lots of paper clutter I should attack. Good job!


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